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MAGMA Newsletter - Winter 2018 - ENG

PAGE 2 M A G M A ’ S C

PAGE 2 M A G M A ’ S C U L T U R A L C H O R D S S T A F F F E A T U R E SENATE OF CANADA AND CANADA 150 MEDALS MAGMA was thrilled to be recognized at the highest levels for our excellence in service and the critical role we play in the community. To celebrate Canada 150, the Federal Senate commissioned commemorative medals and pins to recognize outstanding contributions in the community. The awards were presented to "Canadians or permanent residents actively involved in their communities who, through generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work, make their hometowns, communities, regions, provinces, or territories a better place to live." Our executive director, Chantal Poirier, was awarded a medal for her leadership and positive direction, as was long-time board member and former MAGMA President Mike Timani. In addition, pioneering teacher Angela MacMichael was awarded a pin for her role not only as a popular and dedicated instructor, but also as someone who consistently takes on pilot projects and new initiatives to drive forward with assisting our newcomers to develop their language skills. We hope you will join us in congratulating them all on their success and recognition. MAGMA is lucky to have you all—thank you for all of your leadership and hard work!

PAGE 3 M A G M A ’ S C U L T U R A L C H O R D S M A G M A ’ S S A T E L L I T E O F F I C E RICHIBUCTO’S NEWEST FAMILIES WELCOMED BY MAGMA! We are excited to welcome our first clients to the new Kent County office in Richibucto! The Lagumbay family and Mr. Tolentino arrived on Monday December 11th. They were warmly greeted at the airport by our Settlement Counselor and their new employer. They’ve been busy settling in this week and are eager to start working at Imperial Manufacturing Group in Richibucto. The children were excited to see the snow left by our first snowfall of the season the previous Saturday but Mr. Tolentino is no stranger to Canadian winters having spent 4 years working in NB and PEI in the past. We wish them the best in settling into their new home here in Richibucto! And we’re just getting started! 35 years ago MAGMA was just like this—a tiny office and a couple of staff, however now we have over 70 employees and have become a key part of the local social and economic fabric. We look forward to being able to tell the same kind of story about our new office, fondly remembering this modest start as a key moment in the history of about Kent County.

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