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Albemarle Tradewinds August 2015 Web Final

August 2015

Northeast North Carolina

Northeast North Carolina Family History - The Internet... By: Irene Hampton - Well let’s say you didn’t make it to any graduations or weddings to pry information from relatives and the only family get together ended when your cousin started a food fight and no one is speaking to each for at least the remainder of the summer. It’s time to turn to that wonderful world of peaceful online genealogy. For those of you new to researching your family history, back in the old days we would spend hours cranking rolls of microfilm with sketchy handwriting hoping we didn’t miss the names of the family we were searching for. Or waiting for snail mail to arrive only to be disappointed that a hoped for document did not contain the information we sought. Today’s solution is an ever expanding number of websites that promise and often actually deliver such information instantaneously. My, times have changed! I will concentrate on the biggy, for profit one, in this column. You’ve probably seen the ads at some point for with the little green leaves trying to connect to a twig on your tree. Before I go any further I want to clarify a misunderstanding some have had and refused to believe me about this site. It is NOT owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) but was started by some members of that church and is privately owned and is for profit. Is it worth your money? Undoubtedly at some point it will be because of the resources that grow daily. Many public libraries, including the East Albemarle Regional Library System provide it for free WITHIN the library. This site also allows you to build your online pedigree chart but I warn you that your information becomes part of Ancestry’s website. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something to consider. Before you get too frustrated, here’s an assignment I would give my class about records on Go to the homepage and click on the third link from the left (Search) which brings up seven options. Go to the last (Card Catalog) and after choosing that, type North Carolina in the Title box. You’ll see that there are 196 records listed. Choose the third one down “North Carolina, Marriage Index, 1741-2004” and scroll down until you see a list of counties. Of interest to local readers, Perquimans marriage records available are patchy and end in 1850; Camden has gaps and ends in 1883 while Currituck and Pasquotank are well represented; Dare is totally absent. If you have tried searching for records from those areas and wondered why you can’t find someone’s record that should be there - it could be because it isn’t! Wherever possible, search “About” the record you are interested in to see IF it really does contain what you are searching for. Many titles do not give you more info but it pays to check. Ancestry recently added millions of Virginia vital records which is a huge blessing and worth the US subscription for that addition alone! You can add the documents you find to your online pedigree which makes the documentation I wrote about last month a snap. Next time I will talk about my favorite FREE website which IS provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but you can check it out before then at and start your online pedigree there, also with documenting capability, all free. Happy searching!! Nicole Howren Photography I first took up a small toy camera at the age 2. And from there my passion for photography only grew. At a young age I had a love for animals and nature, and my photography showed that. When I was around 8 years old ,I placed in my age group in the North Carolina Wildlife Magazine photo contest. It became my goal to only improve. By age 11, I won first place in my age group for that contest and was recognized in the adult category with another of my compositions. It is interesting to see my progression throughout the years in both my photography subjects and compositions, as well as the photos of me growing up with a camera in my hands. I never expected to progress towards portrait photography. My talents are now focused on street and organic portrait photography where I strive to capture people naturally and in elements of what they love. There is something special to me about people from different places. Hatteras for me is one of my favorite environments to shoot. This is because the vibe that Hatteras gives off. It’s hard to explain, but if you do live or stop in Hatteras and just talk to the people you will see what I’m saying. I grew up a lot in Hatteras and even took my first steps as a baby there. Editor’s Note: Nicole was the winner of our photo contest this month. When we first saw the picture of the surfer we just said “that’s it”. Great photos jump off the page and just grab you, and are timeless. Look to hear more about Nicole in the future as her work is outstanding. Check out her website at the bottom of this page and you will see what we mean. This year, I was the only photographer to place in two different categories in the national Jostens Photo by Nicole Howren Photography photo contest. In addition, I won first place in he North Carolina Scholastic contest for art photography. Now, I have been named an editor of my high schools art and literature magazine, The Repeater. In my eyes, the biggest accomplishment for me is running my own photography business at age 16. 26 Albemarle Tradewinds August 2015

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