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The Ego ContinuumSAMPLE

When a leader gets it

When a leader gets it wrong or doesn’t engage, that doesn’t label them as a shitty person. It does, however, through my wicked humour, label them as shitty leaders. This journey is about self-discovery into your behaviours; it’s about helping you create your how-to guide to help you adopt the right behaviours at the right time. Following this guide will help you become less of a shitty leader. Except if on the off-chance, you’re just a shitty person, well, that’s a different book and not covered here. So, now that you’re no longer offended, happy reading. 2 the ego continuum

introduction “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” — Tom Peters Of course, i would get the job; i worked for a recruitment agency, interviews were my life! This particular job I was applying for was at a company that used my recruitment agency to hire all their employees; I was normally the one directing interviews for them! I dressed up, walked in, and I was as cocky as one could be. People love confidence, right? I came with a presentation I had put together of how one should be leading a team of individuals. On every other slide of my slick PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint was cool back then, okay?) I had inspirational quotes. It was cheesy and overdone, and I was overconfident. I’m quite sure that the content in the PowerPoint was overkill; it was a lot of fluff, without much substance. I’m sure there were plenty of spelling mistakes. I am positive now that I made a fool of myself, but back then, I walked out of that interview thinking I had the job in the bag. Meanwhile, they were undoubtedly in the

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