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The Ego ContinuumSAMPLE

them feel comfortable

them feel comfortable enough to acknowledge and improve the behaviours that you’ve asked them to. With leadership branding and self-awareness, these components are more internalised for you, the learner. When authentically engaged, you will be accountable for your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions. This approach holds you to a higher standard, ensuring that when you’re emitting the behavioural outputs of a shitty leader, you can catch and fix them. We have only scratched the surface on this topic. 24 the ego continuum

active leadership Reflection Questions ›› How do you define active leadership? ›› How much time do you spend actively leading your teams today? ›› What reflections occurred during Jane the Inactive Leader? ›› Reflect on the term self-awareness and begin your authentic journey into this area – just reflect for now. ›› What are you going to start doing that will help your current or future team?

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