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The Ego ContinuumSAMPLE

a necessity. You will

a necessity. You will develop a forward thinking approach to doing things differently that will have a lasting change. This will drive consistent behaviours that impact your staff to simply do what is right! Essential. Staff are sometimes promoted from within. This makes sense. You have the internal process information skills, experience, abilities and knowledge to move into a supervisory role. It’s a smart internal progression that creates advancement opportunities for your staff. However, in some instances, promotion into a supervisory role comes with different requirements. New leaders usually don’t have a clue how to be effective leaders. Just because you were a strong non-leader, doesn’t instantly make you a strong leader. The two have nothing in common, yet most employers set this as their benchmark. It offers no reasonable logic. It’s a setup for failure from Day One. Sure, I’ll concede. Some companies have apprentice programs. Some even have simple supervisory courses, but not to the level of engagement that would set someone up to succeed as an active leader should. It’s all extremely cookiecutter. Every action is the same for every staff member; nothing is individualised for them. You must do monthly one-on-ones. You must make sure you follow all aspects of performance management. Any programs that do exist are usually performance management related and can offer a negative tone. They basically teach you how to write someone up when you catch them doing something wrong, and not much else. They equip you only with the knowledge that you need to check to see if your staff are making their KPIs. They teach you that a ‘SMART’ goal is a clever mnemonic which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Okay, you’re ready for management now too. 10 the ego continuum

Companies typically invest in teaching the performance management principles, including objective setting, annual appraisals and skills matrices. In these trainings, effective feedback delivery is one element that is often missing. What does this even mean and why is it relevant? What about how to not take a cookie-cutter approach in how you deliver feedback? Has anyone ever shared how to engage in feedback based on the particular audience? How will you know why it is so important to build relationships? How well do you know how to inspire and motivate? Do you know what your staff want to do? Do you know how to do this while remaining professional? Are you aware of the type of leader you’re perceived to be? What do you leave behind when you engage your staff? All of this is what makes the relationship between you and your staff truly engaging. It’s the human element of effective leadership which we call ‘active leadership’. I’ve personally witnessed very few workplaces that deploy this. Instead, they create robotic leaders who don’t take their staff to the next level, and then wonder why behaviours and ultimately, the culture, never change. Active leadership from my lens is comprised of three components. Effective feedback delivery is an essential element. We will also delve into leadership brand and self-awareness— two powerful elements that will raise your leadership game to new levels when authentically engaged. The environment created in companies that churn out robotsounding leaders instead of active and engaging leaders can be anywhere from uninspiring to toxic. Some call centres, in particular, are known for having poor attrition rates—employees don’t stay, they don’t last, and it’s always just a job to pay the bills. When people are hired, it’s a bums-on-seats mentality. It feels like ‘hire those you can and sort them out later’. These companies, at some point, end up saturating their hiring market Introduction 11

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