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ET Australia Magazine Issue #2 February 2018

ET Australia’s annual student & community magazine.

BlueWave Living

BlueWave Living Employment Program Success We interviewed Fiona Lecren, Nurse Educator at BlueWave Living so she could give a little more insight into the benefits of running on-site Employment Programs. It’s not easy retaining entry level staff in aged care. With so many positions available to those who are qualified it has become an industry where employers consistently attempt large staff recruitment drives many times throughout the year knowing staff will move to other vacant jobs throughout the industry. III in Individual Support but BlueWave having a pool of students they can employ who already know their policies and processes. Fiona tell us a little bit about the background of BlueWave Living. Where are you located? How many beds do you currently have on site? How many staff are currently employed? Are there any unique activities BlueWave provide to residents? We opened our doors in 1989 in Woy Woy where BlueWave Living has been servicing the local community for 29 years providing comprehensive, quality residential aged care with a mix of High Care and Low Care accommodation. The community owned facility features 139 beds, which includes Hostel, Nursing Home and Dementia Specific Units. We employ over 100 staff and offer a comprehensive activities program that is offered to all residents. The program is very extensive and there are activities on every day. The team at BlueWave Living is also assisted by approximately 20 volunteers. Your organisation has been working with ET Australia now for a couple of years, how did you get involved with ET Australia? For many years, ET Australia has been the provider of choice for CHC30115 Certificate III in Individual Support trained staff for BlueWave Living. Due to the successful relationship, it was a natural fit for BlueWave to be a part of this innovative Employment Program. Why did you choose to open your doors to ET Australia students? We have always found that students from ET Australia have a very high standard of training and Mary Seeto, aged care trainer for ET Australia is an absolute pleasure to work with and engages staff to interact with students in a professional manner when on-site. Tell us what your experience has been with ET Australia students? For this program BlueWave Living and ET Australia conducted all the student interviews together. We found we had similar values in regards to what we are looking for in a student. Therefore the students chosen were of a high calibre. Tell us a little about ET Australia’s student quality? We have always found that students from ET Australia have a very high standard of training. ET Australia Trainer Mary Seeto with ex ET Australia student Audrey CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support students learning on-site at BlueWave Living BlueWave Living in Woy Woy are the exception. Partnering with ET Australia Training College since 2016 has given BlueWave the ability to hire and retain quality staff through ET Australia’s on-site Employment Program. Essentially in consultation with BlueWave, ET Australia organises the recruitment of students to be trained on site at BlueWave facilities with the outcome being students not only gaining their CHC33015 Certificate 18

Students learning how to use medical equipment Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with ET Australia? Why that particular word or phrase? Mutual co-operation. Both organisations have a similar value system and because there are benefits to both for having this on-site training program. Has working with ET Australia changed your thinking at all about the way your company may employ staff in the future? We feel very positive about the way this program is currently working at BlueWave. We always look to employ students from our Employment Programs especially considering they will already know our policies and procedures from day one of their employment. It’s been a great opportunity to run Employment Programs on site with ET Australia and has helped streamline our recruitment process. What specifically is your favourite part of working with ET Australia and why? My favourite part is seeing students gain confidence working directly with residents and staff from the first day they spend on the floor. This gives us direct feedback from staff members about the student’s performance and suitably for possible employment with BlueWave. Would you recommend ET Australia’s Employment Program to other aged care providers? If yes, why? We would definitely recommend ET Australia’s Employment Program to other aged care facilities and businesses in other industries who need a consistent flow of incoming staff. We believe it is an excellent, highly customisable and flexible way of finding reliable, well trained staff. We would definitely recommend ET Australia’s Employment Program to other aged care facilities and businesses The BlueWave Living team and ET Australia graduates 19