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HEALTH ONE STOP DOCTORS Introducing Dr Anthony Cohn, Consultant Paediatrician at One Stop Doctors, with special interest in constipation (stool-withholding), bed-wetting, daytime wetting and soiling, and non-specific behavioural problems in children. Our One Stop Doctors private Clinic in Hertfordshire has a team of specialist Paediatricians and child health experts. To book an appointment or find a specialist please call 01442 331 900 or visit Dr Cohn, provides insights into constipation a common childhood condition, including its symptoms and treatment. Constipation affects 30% of children, primarily toddlers. It is the inability to have regular bowel movements, with stools often being dry, hard, difficult to pass and varying in size. Understanding how painful and distressing this can be for a child is important in understanding the impact constipation can have on a family. The longer a child withholds from going to the toilet, the more uncomfortable he becomes with increased griping abdominal pain, making it difficult for a child to focus and concentrate, very often impacting on behaviour. Dr Cohn says, “constipation can start at any age. What happens is at some point going to the loo becomes painful, uncomfortable and scary for a child and in-order-to escape this experience they will start holding on. As they hold on, the bigger, harder and scarier the problem becomes. When they finally have a movement and it hurts, this makes them want to hold on even more, thus creating a vicious cycle.” “We see two effects in children who are constipated, the first is a conscious fear of going to the toilet, but beyond that there is a subconscious habit of ‘holding on’ even if the child doesn’t want to. What we are effectively describing is a battle between the bowel, bottom and brain. Parents who are concerned can feel at ease knowing that there is usually no long-term physical damage for children with this condition.” “Sometimes, as a parent you may not recognise the signs, particularly if your child has regular soiling, which can lead you to think the child is desperate for the toilet, rather than withholding. Since, withholding is often an ingrained habit that must be overcome, treatment needs to be tailored to meet the needs of the individual child. Therefore, parents with concerns should always consult their doctor for advice and a long-term treatment plan.” “The objective of any treatment plan is to make regular bowel movement as easy and comfortable as possible for your child.” Encouraging your child to drink plenty of fluids – including water - will help to keep them regular The way to achieve this is a combination of: • Diet – fluid and fibre • Laxatives – only if prescribed by a doctor who will advise the right dose for your child It’s important to remember that treatment needs to be continued until they have ‘kicked the habit’ – sticking to the right treatment as prescribed by your doctor often sees a successful outcome. Now Available Statistics show that around 1 in every 100 people in the UK are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with more boys being diagnosed with the condition than girls. The One Stop Doctors team of neuro-developmental specialists are now offering a range of assessments with fixed prices for patients between 2 -18 years of age. Although, there is no “cure” for ASD, often families may need the support of a consultant and/or therapists to help reduce and manage some of the behaviours that present themselves in a child with ASD, such as sleep difficulties, eating difficulties, ADHD and anxiety. Price £1350 More information can be found online services/paediatrics/autism @onestopdoctors

Specialist Paediatrics At our Hertfordshire private medical Clinic Don’t wait for a diagnosis or a treatment solution for your child. At One Stop Doctors we have a team of experts in a wide range of children’s health conditions Cardiac • Neuro-developmental (including Autism and ADHD) Respiratory • Soiling & bedwetting • Crying babies • Paediatric scans Speech & Language Therapy • Physiotherapy • Allergy We’re open 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends 5 minutes from Junction 8 M1 10 minutes from Junction 21 M25 Ample free parking Pay monthly with 0% credit or use medical insurance Your care starts here 01442 331 900 Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7YU

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