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8 x March 15 — April 4, 2018 x CONTINUED FROM PAGE 6 the heat. Simmer for 30 minutes and strain. Follow a similar method for blue, substituting about 1 pound of roughly chopped red cabbage for the beets. Try blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, purple sweet potatoes, carrots or chopped greens, using approximately 2 cups of fruit or chopped veggies per quart of water. Soak the eggs until desired color is reached, which may take several hours to overnight for some colors. Experiment with vibrant juices, including pomegranate, grape, black cherry or cranberry juice, adding 1 tablespoon of vinegar per quart. Spices & Such For vivid gold eggs, heat 1 quart of water in a saucepan with 1 tablespoon each of vinegar and salt, and 6 tablespoons of turmeric. Simmer for a few minutes until dissolved. Substitute paprika or achiote chili powder for light orange or cinnamon for a subtle mahogany. Soak the eggs in the dye until the desired shade is reached, anywhere from minutes to overnight. Experiment with curry powder, spirulina, cocoa or activated charcoal for different hues. Soak eggs in coffee for milk-chocolate-colored eggs, or try black tea for a reddish-tan effect. Make It Fancy Take inspiration from Mother Nature by imprinting herb shapes onto the eggs by placing parsley, cilantro or rosemary leaves onto the sides of the egg and putting it into a portion of nylon panty hose to secure the herbs in place. Small flower blossoms or fern leaves work well, too. Remove the plant material after dyeing the egg to reveal a beautiful pattern. Another option for making designs is to use a white crayon or white beeswax candle to draw a pattern on the egg before dipping it in dye. When the eggs are finished, polish them with a little olive or vegetable oil to give them a lovely sheen. Decorative eggs make a beautiful, rustic centerpiece for your Easter celebration. Just remember, if you plan to eat the eggs, keep them refrigerated. ª

During a ceremonial ribbon-cutting of a new 19.5-acre park, county and school officials remembered the sacrifice made by Orange County Sheriff Deputy Jonathan Scott Pine, killed in the line of duty in southwest Orange County. The site was named in his honor. “Today isn’t a park opening, today’s a dedication,” said a tearful Teresa Jacobs, a Southwest resident and mayor of Orange County, calling the event a sacred occasion. “It is a dedication that we hope will keep alive the memory and the sacrifice and the honor and service and legacy of Deputy Scott Pine. He was an incredible dad, an incredible husband and an incredible hero.” The park, shared between Orange County and Orange County Public Schools, has a multipurpose field for recreational use. It also will serve as the new football stadium for Windermere High School. The combined park and school site was a compromise that helped pave the way for the high school to be built at its current location. x March 15 — April 4, 2018 x 9 NOTEWORTHY NEWS Keeping His Memory Alive Park Opens in Honor of Slain Officer The 19.5-acre Deputy Scott Pine Park opens with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting. by Debra Wood The Deputy Scott Pine Park was partly funded by $2.5 million of Mayor Jacobs’ Invest funds. Scott was killed in 2014 at the age of 34 when he chased car burglary suspect Benjamin Holtermann into the backyard of a house in Westminster Landing. The suspect, a convicted felon, fired three shots, killing Scott. Then he shot and killed himself. His accomplice, Erica Pugh, reached a plea deal with the state and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. “We will never forget,” Jacobs said. “One of the reasons we are dedicating this park is that at some point, we will not be here, and we do not want the memory of Deputy Scott Pine to ever parish. We do not want anybody to forget how very important law enforcement officers are.” Jacobs went on to talk about the daily sacrifices made by law enforcement individuals and their families. “You need to wake up in the morning and remember why we live in a CONTINUED ON PAGE 11 Let’s have a candid conversation about senior heart health. Join Brookdale Senior Living for a complimentary hearthealthy meal. Call (855) 556-1203, and let’s talk about keeping your heart healthy. Brookdale Ocoee Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 80 North Clarke Road Ocoee, Florida 34761 135408 SouthwestOrlandoBulletin CB © 2018 Brookdale Senior Living Inc. All rights reserved. BROOKDALE SENIOR LIVING and BRINGING NEW LIFE TO SENIOR LIVING are registered trademarks of Brookdale Senior Living Inc. Bringing New Life to Senior Living®