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The heartbeat of the community<br />

O<br />


February 16 — March 1, 2023 | Since 1986<br />

The Healthy West Orange Wellness Park,<br />

located directly across from the Ocoee Police<br />

Department at 1320 S. Bluford Ave., is now open.

When you want it SOLD<br />

Darrell Nunnelley<br />

BROKER<br />

407-467-8069<br />

We Need Homes For Sale<br />

Qualified & Cash Buyers Come to Florida Every Day<br />

Prices Are Higher Per Sq Ft Than Ever<br />

Call For A Private & Confidential Evaluation<br />

Under Contract - Will Close in 30 Days<br />

Under Contract - Will Close in 23 Days<br />

Under Contract - Will Close in 5 Days<br />

501 Main Street * Windermere * Local Office<br />


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x 3

4 x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

E sTD. 1958<br />

Building a Foundation for Life Since 1958<br />

A Ministry of Winter Garden’s First Baptist<br />


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Step Up Your Skin Care Routine<br />

NEWS &BUSINESS BRIEFS .................................................................6<br />

SOUTHWEST ORLANDO HOME & REAL ESTATE ...................................7<br />

New Home Tech Trends and Innovations<br />

Do You Know Your Home’s HVAC System?<br />

SCHOOL NEWS ..............................................................................11<br />

COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD ........................................................13<br />


Rick V. Martin<br />

Where strong relationships foster learning and growth.<br />

A Niche Top-Rated Private Christian School<br />


RSVP at FoundationAcademy.net/RSVP<br />

Full service. Low costs.<br />

No tradeoffs.<br />

Michael Wytiaz, CFP ®<br />

Branch Leader<br />

4848 S. Apopka Vineland Road<br />

Suite 204<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-909-0485<br />

See schwab.com/pricing for additional information.<br />

MAR.<br />

4<br />

Compromise is not an option.<br />

We believe that price should never be a<br />

barrier to pursuing your goals. That’s why<br />

there’s no cost to work with a Schwab<br />

Financial Consultant. That includes<br />

getting help with creating a personalized<br />

Schwab plan, receiving tailored product<br />

recommendations, and having direct access<br />

to our specialists.<br />

Get started at schwab.com/windermere<br />

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February 16, 2023<br />

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michelle<br />


Having a good skin care routine<br />

is one of the most important factors<br />

in how age affects your image.<br />

Healthy, glowing skin gives a youthful<br />

appearance and can take years<br />

off your face. While it’s best to<br />

begin a good skin care regimen<br />

as early in life as possible, many<br />

of us don’t think about its importance<br />

until we start to notice lines,<br />

wrinkles, redness, puffiness and<br />

dry skin that can come with age.<br />

Whether you are just starting the<br />

habit of a skin care routine or are<br />

looking for ways to improve what<br />

you’re already doing, below are<br />

some tips to help step up your skin<br />

care routine:<br />

• Wash your face twice a day.<br />

You may have heard this lecture as<br />

a teenager, but parents everywhere<br />

had a point. Washing your face literally<br />

cleans away the pollutants<br />

that assault it throughout the day.<br />

At night, your skin is at its driest due<br />

to overnight water loss. Washing<br />

your face in the morning removes<br />

any buildup overnight and allows<br />

your face to replenish its moisture.<br />

• Exfoliate at least once a week.<br />

Skin cells are constantly in a state<br />

of shedding and rebuilding, which<br />

can leave dead skin cells sitting<br />

on your body. While those dead<br />

cells will fall off eventually, you<br />

can help speed the process and let<br />

the younger skin shine through by<br />

exfoliating at least once a week.<br />

When exfoliating, be sure to use<br />

gentle, circular motions. Scrubbing<br />

your skin too hard can cause more<br />

harm than good.<br />

• Use a toner directly after<br />

washing your face. Today’s toners<br />

aren’t what you might remember<br />

from a decade or more ago,<br />

the alcohol-based astringent that<br />

stung when it was applied. Current<br />

toners are typically water-based<br />

HOW TO ...<br />

Step Up Your Skin Care Routine<br />

Target Skin Concerns With Individual Products<br />

by Lauren Salinero<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x 5<br />

and are used after cleaning the<br />

face and before applying serums<br />

and moisturizers. Toners can address<br />

an array of skin concerns,<br />

from acne and oily skin to dry and<br />

wrinkled skin.<br />

• Target individual skin concerns<br />

next with a serum. Serums contain<br />

active ingredients that are applied<br />

directly to the skin, often only in<br />

the affected areas. While hydration<br />

and wrinkle-reducing serums<br />

are very common, serums can also<br />

address redness, dark spots and<br />

uneven skin tone. They can soothe<br />

sensitive skin and provide a protective<br />

shield from free radicals and<br />

damage. Give the serum a few<br />

minutes to fully soak into the skin<br />

before moving to the next step.<br />

• Keep skin hydrated with a moisturizer.<br />

Look for a moisturizer that<br />

contains ingredients like hyaluronic<br />

acid, glycerin and ceramides. It<br />

should feel lightweight and sink into<br />

the skin, not thick or sitting on top of<br />

the skin. As great as using a moisturizer<br />

can be, it shouldn’t be the primary<br />

source of hydration for your<br />

skin. The best way to keep your skin<br />

hydrated is to start from the inside<br />

out. The Institute of Medicine of the<br />

National Academies determined an<br />

adequately hydrated male drinks<br />

about 3.7 liters of water and an adequately<br />

hydrated female drinks<br />

about 2.7 liters of water each day.<br />

• Don’t forget that skin care<br />

doesn’t stop at the face. Be sure to<br />

exfoliate, clean and moisturize oftenoverlooked<br />

areas of the skin, such as<br />

the elbows, knees, hands and feet.<br />

Skin is the body’s largest organ. It<br />

protects the body from injury, infection,<br />

the elements and more. All of<br />

your skin deserves to be cared for,<br />

so take the time each day to maintain<br />

a routine to bring your skin’s natural<br />

beauty to the surface. ª

6 x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Q Healthy West Orange<br />

Wellness Park opens<br />

The city of Ocoee held a<br />

Valentine’s Day grand opening<br />

and ribbon-cutting ceremony for<br />

its new Healthy West Orange<br />

Wellness Park on Feb. 14. The<br />

park is located directly across from<br />

the Ocoee Police Department at<br />

1320 S. Bluford Ave.<br />

The Ocoee Community Redevelopment<br />

Agency (CRA) and the<br />

city partnered with the West<br />

Orange Healthcare District<br />

to turn two retention ponds into<br />

a park. In 2021, the CRA finalized<br />

the design with the goal of<br />

building a wellness destination for<br />

Ocoee residents to walk, run, bike<br />

and train. The 5-acre site includes<br />

a half-mile, 10-foot-wide, multipurpose<br />

trail around both ponds and<br />

four shaded wellness stations, two<br />

of which have suspension-fitness<br />

equipment for strength training. A<br />

shaded pavilion sits in the middle of<br />

the large pond, connected to both<br />

sides of the trail by a boardwalk.<br />

The boardwalk and seating areas<br />

offer a serene setting for relaxation.<br />

The park’s exercise equipment has<br />

QR codes that can connect users<br />

to a fitness app that tracks information,<br />

including steps and reps.<br />

Fitness stations have 10 pieces of<br />

equipment with 60 different strength<br />

and training exercises. The West<br />

Orange Healthcare District awarded<br />

the city’s CRA with a $2.25 million<br />

seed grant for the construction<br />

of Wellness Park. The total cost for<br />

building it was $2.95 million. Park<br />

hours are 7 a.m.-10 p.m.<br />

Q New rail system opens<br />

connectivity to Southwest<br />

Orlando<br />

Orlando’s Right Rail coalition and<br />

Universal Orlando Resort officials<br />

announced significant progress toward<br />

realizing the vision of commuter<br />

rail connectivity throughout<br />

Central Florida with the creation<br />

of the Shingle Creek Transit Utility<br />

Community Development District.<br />

The limited-purpose public entity<br />

will plan, finance, construct, operate,<br />


own and maintain a new Orange<br />

County Convention Center SunRail<br />

station, which advances a key priority<br />

for SunRail — the Sunshine<br />

Corridor Program. The program creates<br />

a commuter rail line between<br />

the Orlando International Airport<br />

and the Orange County Convention<br />

Center, expanding SunRail and connecting<br />

Central Florida communities<br />

across the region. When complete,<br />

it will provide important regional<br />

connectivity for residents, including<br />

more than 100,000 local workers<br />

in the International Drive area, and<br />

visitors, too. The corridor will also<br />

connect residents and visitors to<br />

Brightline, the privately run intercity<br />

rail line currently serving Miami, Fort<br />

Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and<br />

— coming this year — the Orlando<br />

International Airport.<br />

“We’ve known for years that connectivity<br />

between the airport and<br />

International Drive area will be essential<br />

to our entire region’s future,”<br />

said Maria Triscari, president of<br />

the International Drive Resort Area<br />

Chamber of Commerce, which<br />

sponsors Orlando’s Right Rail, a<br />

coalition that advocates for an inclusive,<br />

regional mass transit plan<br />

and supports the Sunshine Corridor<br />

Program. “This new station is great<br />

news for our entire community.”<br />

Q Pam Gould resigns from<br />

Shepherd’s Hope<br />

Southwest resident and District 4<br />

school board member Pam Gould<br />

resigned as CEO/president of<br />

Shepherd’s Hope. Her last day<br />

with the organization was Jan. 31.<br />

Founder Bill Barnes is serving as<br />

interim CEO while the Shepherd’s<br />

Hope board searches for a new<br />

president.<br />

“Pam Gould has decided to chart<br />

another path of service, which cannot<br />

be pursued while at Shepherd’s<br />

Hope,” said John Miller, board<br />

chair of the nonprofit. “Pam’s leadership<br />

has been instrumental to guiding<br />

compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

Shepherd’s Hope through the challenges<br />

the pandemic presented the<br />

last several years. On behalf of our<br />

board of directors, I thank Pam for<br />

her many contributions and wish her<br />

the very best in her next chapter of<br />

community service.”<br />


Ambassadors of West Orange<br />

Chamber of Commerce held a<br />

ribbon-cutting ceremony for Crisp &<br />

Green in Horizon West. WOCC<br />

builds partnerships, strong businesses<br />

and commitment to the community<br />

by serving as the leading<br />

business advocate in Central Florida,<br />

photo courtesy of WOCC<br />

West Orange Chamber of Commerce ambassadors celebrate the grand opening of<br />

Crisp & Green in Horizon West.<br />

Q Lighthouse Central Florida<br />

receives grants<br />

Lighthouse Central Florida, an<br />

Orlando-based nonprofit that provides<br />

vision rehabilitation services<br />

to individuals living with blindness<br />

and/or other visual impairments, received<br />

three major grants (totaling<br />

$130,000) to support general operations,<br />

update technological infrastructure<br />

and fund its children’s and adult<br />

programs. The grants were awarded<br />

by three separate groups — the<br />

Bainum Family Foundation, John R.<br />

and Ruth W. Gurtler Foundation, and<br />

the Universal Orlando Foundation.<br />

The funding allows Lighthouse to continue<br />

providing vital programming<br />

for children and adults, as well as enhance<br />

and upgrade its IT resources.<br />

For more information about the<br />

programs and services offered<br />

by Lighthouse Central Florida, including<br />

how to support them, visit<br />

www.lighthousecfl.org.<br />

facilitating opportunity to nearly<br />

1,000 member businesses. For more<br />

information about WOCC, call 407-<br />

656-1304 or visit wochamber.com.<br />

Some adults are at higher risk of<br />

developing Alzheimer’s disease; however,<br />

there are preventative steps that<br />

can be taken now to help preserve<br />

brain health. One way people can<br />

help take control of their brain health is<br />

by joining an Alzheimer’s clinical trial<br />

like the Ahead Study, which is a preventative<br />

trial that aims to get ahead of<br />

Alzheimer’s disease before symptoms<br />

are apparent. The Ahead Study is currently<br />

testing lecanemab, a newly approved<br />

Food and Drug Administration<br />

treatment, to see if it can possibly prevent<br />

Alzheimer’s disease. To speak to<br />

an expert about the importance of diversity<br />

in Alzheimer’s research, contact<br />

K2 Medical Research at 407-500-<br />

5252 or visit www.k2med.com. ª

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate x February 2023 x 1<br />


Home & Real Estate<br />

Volume 3, Issue 11 — February 2023<br />

Do You Know<br />

Your Home’s<br />

HVAC System?<br />

New<br />

Home Tech<br />

Trends and<br />

Innovations<br />

A Product A Product of the of the<br />

Southwest Orlando Bulletin

2 x February 2023 x Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate<br />

If you love being up to date on the<br />

latest home innovations, you can’t do<br />

better than the Consumer Electronics<br />

Show (CES) each January. Viewing<br />

the highlights from CES lets you explore<br />

the newest technology to entertain<br />

you and your family or make<br />

household chores much easier. For<br />

tech-savvy consumers and anyone<br />

seeking great new solutions in home<br />

technology, this year’s offerings do<br />

not disappoint.<br />

Here are four outstanding innovations<br />

from LG Electronics featured at<br />

CES 2023 that can enhance your<br />

home:<br />

Be Ahead of the Curve<br />

If you’ve never watched movies or<br />

played your favorite video games<br />

on a curved TV screen, this belongs<br />

on your list for 2023. With the new<br />

LG OLED Flex, you get the perfect<br />

combination for gaming, productivity<br />

and TV viewing that can switch<br />

from a flat to a curved screen at the<br />

push of a button. Viewing and gaming<br />

on a curved screen offers a more<br />

immersive experience, providing<br />

more depth and sharper visual contrast.<br />

You can sit back and enjoy 4K<br />

UHD video content through webOS,<br />

streaming services and TV Tuner; or<br />

lean into an epic video game with<br />

built-in streaming game services.<br />

This TV is also tilt and height adjustable,<br />

so you can set up the most<br />

comfortable space to enjoy your favorite<br />

content.<br />

Whether flat or curved, this TV’s<br />

built-in evo technology delivers the<br />

same exceptional picture quality<br />

and performance that have made<br />

LG OLED TVs so popular.<br />

New Home Tech<br />

Trends and Innovations<br />

The new LG UltraGear monitor is one of LG Electronic’s must-have home innovations of 2023.<br />

Get Your Serious Game Face On<br />

For the ultimate gaming monitor,<br />

the new LG UltraGear monitor<br />

is the world’s first OLED 240Hz<br />

gaming display. Available in 27<br />

and 45 inches, its ultrawide screen<br />

provides a rapid 0.1 millisecond<br />

gray-to-gray (GTG) response time,<br />

while the innovative OLED display<br />

provides outstanding picture quality<br />

and high contrast ratio to help gamers<br />

easily detect enemies in any<br />

gaming environment, even in the<br />

darkest scenes. The anti-glare coating<br />

minimizes screen reflections in<br />

dark environments, while its curvature<br />

maximizes immersion. The<br />

V-shape stand offers tilt, height and<br />

swivel adjustment to allow gamers<br />

to enjoy the large screen just as<br />

they want it.<br />

This UltraGear monitor’s large<br />

screen, high refresh rate and fast<br />

response time make it the perfect<br />

solution for gamers looking to experience<br />

next-generation games with<br />

cutting-edge equipment.<br />

Indulge Your Shoe Obsession<br />

If you love shoes but are guilty of<br />

leaving them in boxes in your closet,<br />

here’s your opportunity to show<br />

your shoes some love. The new LG<br />

Styler ShoeTower combines LG Styler<br />

ShoeCare and ShoeCase, creating<br />

a smart, convenient, dual shoe care<br />

and storage solution to clean and display<br />

your favorite footwear.<br />

ShoeCare meticulously sterilizes<br />

and deodorizes the interior and exterior<br />

of any shoe using LG’s unmatched<br />

steam technology. It features an intuitive<br />

2.4-inch touch LCD display, allowing<br />

you to select cleaning mode,<br />

operation process and more.<br />

The Styler ShoeCase is a welcome<br />

addition to any home with its modern,<br />

streamlined design. This new<br />

storage concept features a technologically<br />

enhanced design, ensuring<br />

the optimum humidity and temperature<br />

to keep your footwear looking its<br />

best. With a modular design that can<br />

be configured in various forms and<br />

transparent panels for easy viewing,<br />

Styler ShoeCase is a space-friendly<br />

solution for storing and showcasing<br />

your footwear.<br />

Through LG’s ThinQ app, the dual<br />

ShoeTower system can be controlled<br />

remotely via your smartphone, making<br />

it a truly innovative must-have,<br />

whether you’re a shoe lover or just<br />

need a shoe maintenance solution<br />

for the whole family.<br />

Reimagining Laundry<br />

For those seeking practical solutions<br />

to the problems presented by laundry<br />

appliances, especially in limited<br />

spaces, LG’s newest LG WashTower<br />

model is the answer. Offering a fullsize<br />

dryer above a full-size front-load<br />

washer, these machines provide increased<br />

capacity while lowering the<br />

height compared to existing 24-inch<br />

stacked washing machines and dryers<br />

— so you can clean more without<br />

sacrificing space. Unlike conventional<br />

stacked laundry pairs, LG’s exclusive<br />

center control panel is positioned in<br />

the middle of the unit, providing easier<br />

access to all functions to optimize your<br />

laundry experience. The washer’s<br />

AI DD technology provides optimal<br />

washing performance by detecting<br />

load size, fabric softness and soil level<br />

of clothes, adjusting the proper detergent<br />

amount based on soil level, and<br />

even reduces fabric damage by 10%<br />

when washing delicate items.<br />

Even better, vent installation is not<br />

required in the dryer, allowing for<br />

even more flexibility. Thanks to LG’s<br />

Dual Inverter HeatPump system, the<br />

dryer uses up to 50% less energy<br />

than other models and dries at lower<br />

temperatures to better protect your<br />

clothing.<br />

The unit is also compatible with<br />

LG’s ThinQ Care service, helping<br />

ensure optimal performance by<br />

providing usage alerts and maintenance<br />

tips through LG’s ThinQ app.<br />

Beginning next month, the unit will<br />

also be compatible with LG ThinQ<br />

UP, which provides regular downloadable<br />

updates to give users a personalized<br />

experience.<br />

Explore these and other great innovations<br />

for your home at lg.com.<br />

(BPT) ª

How well do you know your heating,<br />

ventilation and air conditioning,<br />

or HVAC, system? Like any product,<br />

you want to keep it in working order,<br />

and being HVAC savvy will help<br />

you keep this vital equipment working<br />

more efficiently regardless of the<br />

temperatures outside.<br />

Here are some important aspects of<br />

your HVAC system you should know:<br />

The Average Lifespan of HVAC<br />

Generally, with proper maintenance,<br />

most residential HVAC<br />

systems have a typical lifespan between<br />

10 to 20 years. For instance,<br />

an increase in dust on surfaces in<br />

your home could be a signal to replace<br />

the furnace filter, which should<br />

be done monthly for optimal performance.<br />

Loud noises from the HVAC<br />

or inconsistent room temperatures<br />

can also indicate the need for maintenance<br />

or an upgrade.<br />

Although an HVAC may continue<br />

to provide comfort during this time<br />

frame, the average homeowner may<br />

still seek to replace an HVAC system<br />

for a variety of reasons such as rising<br />

energy bills, which could also be<br />

a signal that the HVAC is not operating<br />

as efficiently as newer models.<br />

State-of-the-Art HVAC Technology<br />

While most people are familiar<br />

with central HVAC systems, some<br />

homeowners might not know about<br />

“mini-split” systems. A mini-split system<br />

— typically ductless — both heats<br />

and cools. There is an indoor and outdoor<br />

unit; the outdoor unit does most<br />

of the work while the indoor unit distributes<br />

the heating or cooling.<br />

Mini-split HVAC units with inverter<br />

technology like those from LG<br />

Electronics provide zoned heating or<br />

cooling where you need it, all while<br />

providing you with an opportunity to<br />

reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.<br />

This ductless system allows you to select<br />

comfort settings for each zone or<br />

room in your home and then control<br />

the temperature, volume and direction<br />

of airflow, all according to your<br />

preference. Energy Star-certified models<br />

are available and, in addition to<br />

being more eco-friendly than a traditional<br />

HVAC system, can help cut your<br />

cooling costs by up to 30%.<br />

Do You Know<br />

Your Home’s HVAC System?<br />

Keeping up with your HVAC system can improve heating and cooling costs.<br />

Know the SEER Rating<br />

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency<br />

Ratio (SEER) rating of your air conditioner<br />

is a measurement of the<br />

product’s cooling output in comparison<br />

to the total electric energy<br />

input. The SEER rating, which can<br />

range from 13 to more than 30,<br />

represents the heat pump cooling<br />

and air-conditioning efficiency.<br />

You’ll want to know the rating to<br />

help you understand the efficiency<br />

of your unit when it works at its<br />

maximum potential. In general, the<br />

higher the rating, the better. For example,<br />

your air conditioner should<br />

have a SEER rating of at least<br />

14.5 to qualify as an Energy Star<br />

product.<br />

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate x February 2023 x 3<br />

Benefits of Energy Star<br />

The gold standard for energy efficiency<br />

is Energy Star, a U.S. governmental-backed<br />

program that helps<br />

consumers and businesses easily<br />

identify products designed and built<br />

to meet above-average efficiency<br />

standards. Home products, including<br />

HVAC systems, which achieve a<br />

certain degree of energy efficiency<br />

while also meeting usability and<br />

convenience requirements, earn the<br />

rating. In fact, heating and cooling<br />

costs could be cut by up to 20% versus<br />

traditional HVAC products by using<br />

Energy Star-certified models.<br />

Keeping your heating, ventilation<br />

and HVAC equipment well-maintained<br />

can have a significant effect<br />

on your utility bills and will help you<br />

catch small issues before they snowball<br />

into financial burdens. Replace<br />

the air filter regularly, have a maintenance<br />

expert evaluate your system<br />

twice a year in the spring and fall,<br />

and report any concerns to your<br />

HVAC provider between planned<br />

visits. Ready to make the switch?<br />

Consider an LG HVAC unit by contacting<br />

a contractor to learn more<br />

about upgrading your system or installing<br />

a new unit.<br />

(BPT) ª

10 x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Meet The Goodless Dermatology Team!<br />

Same day appointments available<br />

Treatments for Skin Cancer, Acne Psoriasis, Eczema.<br />

Offering Radiation Therapy (SRT)<br />

MOHs Surgery Phototherapy<br />

Same day appointments available<br />

407-566-1616 | www.goodlessdermatology.com

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x 11<br />


Q Bay Meadows<br />

Elementary<br />

Students from Bay Meadows<br />

Elementary attended Super STEM<br />

Saturday at Apopka High last semester.<br />

They competed in eight<br />

events, placing sixth overall, which<br />

included five first-place wins. The students<br />

were coached by Miranda<br />

Fillenwarth and Lisa Porter.<br />

Q Panther Lake<br />

Elementary<br />

compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

Bay Meadows Elementary students place sixth overall at Super STEM Saturday.<br />

Fourth grader Sean Magno wins the<br />

Panther Lake Elementary Spelling Bee.<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />

southwestorlandobulletin<br />

Nurse Practitioners:<br />

Esther Pelissier, ARPN-BC<br />

Irene Gan, PMHNP<br />

Raykha Crag-Chaderton, PMHNP-BC<br />

Nadine Massillon, ARPN<br />

Therapists:<br />

Michael Kellogg, LMHC, ATR-BC<br />

Randie Morillo, LCSW, ACSW<br />

Amy Singleton, LMHC<br />

Brooke Parker, LMHC<br />

Cristal Daniel, LMHC<br />

Nadine Massillon<br />

Esther Pelissier

12 x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Panther Lake Elementary honors its December Principal Award winners.<br />

Q Dr. Phillips High<br />

(L. to r.) Analise Lzquierdo, Emily Bagnolati-<br />

Camargo, Ayanna Lisa Rodriquez Santiago,<br />

Demi Markland and Maggie Martell from Dr. Phillips<br />

High’s Visual and Performing Arts magnet program sing<br />

for members of The Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips.<br />

Q Et Al<br />

CareerSource Central Florida,<br />

Florida’s second largest regional<br />

workforce board, announced the<br />

opening of applications for its interactive<br />

and engaging Summer<br />

Youth Program. The program allows<br />

high school students (ages 15-19) to<br />

explore career paths, obtain specialized<br />

career training, and gain work<br />

experience with local businesses<br />

in Central Florida.<br />

It also offers three tracks<br />

dedicated to exploring participants’<br />

interests and helping<br />

them understand their<br />

options early in their career<br />

journeys: explore track, engage<br />

track and experience<br />

track. All participating students<br />

have a chance to earn<br />

a minimum of $1,200 while<br />

exploring, engaging and<br />

gaining job experience for<br />

the future. Young adults who<br />

reside in Orange, Osceola,<br />

Seminole, Lake and Sumter<br />

counties are encouraged to<br />

apply at careersourcecen<br />

tralflorida.com/summer-youth.<br />

Windermere resident and<br />

Windermere Preparatory<br />

School student Kaylan Patel<br />

recently published his first book,<br />

Kobe’s World Adventure, the first<br />

in a planned series of seven books.<br />

The state-level geography bee winner<br />

(2019 and 2020) plans for<br />

each book to cover a different continent.<br />

Kaylan visited Hungerford<br />

Elementary and donated his book<br />

to students who were studying U.S.<br />

geography. His book will also be included<br />

in A Gift for Teaching boxes<br />

for fourth grade teachers.<br />

The West Orange Foundation<br />

is accepting applications for<br />

The Danniel J. Petro Foundation<br />

Scholarships, its annual scholarship<br />

opportunity for area students.<br />

The scholarship fund, administered<br />

by West Orange Chamber of<br />

Commerce, was established to<br />

make it possible for eligible students<br />

from local high schools to further<br />

their education at Valencia College,<br />

Orange Technical College or the<br />

University of Central Florida. The foundation<br />

is able to fund the scholarships<br />

through the contributions of the Petro<br />

Family Foundation and Duke Energy.<br />

In order to qualify, eligible senior students<br />

must live in one of the following<br />

communities: Dr. Phillips, Gotha,<br />

Horizon West, Lake Avalon,<br />

MetroWest, Oakland, Ocoee,<br />

Orlo Vista, Pine Hills, Windermere<br />

or Winter Garden; attend a high<br />

school in one of those service areas;<br />

have a current GPA of 2.75 (weighted<br />

or unweighted); and apply to attend<br />

Valencia College, the University of<br />

Central Florida, or Orange Technical<br />

College. Applications can be found<br />

online at wochamber.com/west-or<br />

ange-foundation/#Danniel%20J.%<br />

20Petro%20Scholarship. Once completed,<br />

email applications to Artena<br />

Greene at agreene@wochamber.<br />

com by April 7, 2023, or mail to<br />

WOCC, Attn: DJP Scholarship, 12184<br />

W. Colonial Drive, Winter Garden, FL<br />

34787. If mailing, applications must<br />

be received by April 7, 2023, to be<br />

considered.<br />

In recognition of World Heart<br />

Day, Orange County Public Schools<br />

partnered with the American Heart<br />

Association to provide a countywide<br />

hands-only CPR training event, during<br />

which more than 33,000 students<br />

were taught. The life-saving<br />

instruction was led by the Orlando<br />

Fire Department, Orange County<br />

Fire Rescue, Ocoee Fire Department,<br />

Apopka Fire Department, Winter<br />

Garden Fire Rescue, and Winter<br />

Park Fire Rescue. Participating students<br />

actively trained in the process<br />

of providing the hands-only form<br />

of CPR. This includes checking for<br />

vitals; assessing the ABC’s (airway,<br />

breathing, circulation); and performing<br />

chest compressions until relieved<br />

by medical professionals. The knowledge<br />

students gained will not only<br />

benefit the OCPS family but the entire<br />

community.<br />

Applications are open for four<br />

$1,200 scholarships from the Florida<br />

Supervisors of Elections Association.<br />

Applicants must be registered Florida<br />

voters who have lived in the state for<br />

at least the preceding two years; be<br />

either a political science, public administration,<br />

business administration<br />

or journalism/mass communication<br />

major; be at least a junior in college;<br />

be enrolled or accepted as a full-time<br />

student in a senior college or university<br />

in Florida; and have a C average<br />

or above for the previous year. The<br />

deadline to apply for a scholarship<br />

is March 10, 2023, and applications<br />

are available online at www.<br />

ocfelections.gov/2023scholarship or<br />

can be picked up from the Orange<br />

County Supervisor of Elections office.<br />

Completed forms must be submitted<br />

to the elections office of the county<br />

in which the applicant is registered<br />

to vote. Each county will select one<br />

finalist to send to the FSE Scholarship<br />

Committee for consideration. For more<br />

information, call 407-836-8683.<br />

Although we try to ensure that all information<br />

presented above is the most current, correct and<br />

dependable available, we do rely on others for<br />

the source of our news. Therefore, the Southwest<br />

Orlando Bulletin and <strong>Corner</strong>stone Publishing &<br />

Multi-Media LLC cannot be held responsible for the<br />

validity of the information presented here, nor does<br />

mentioning it constitute an endorsement. School<br />

News is welcome and may be mailed to P.O.<br />

Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786; or emailed to<br />

Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª

n Charities/Fundraisers<br />

Feb. 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 —<br />

Lenten Fish Fries<br />

The Men of Holy Family presents the 27th annual Lenten<br />

Fish Fry, including family-style fried fish, french fries, green<br />

beans and coleslaw, at Holy Family Catholic Church,<br />

5125 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando. Dine-in<br />

and drive-thru meals are available. Time: 5:30-8 p.m.<br />

Cost: $13 for adults, $5 children 6-12, free for children<br />

5-younger. Children’s meals include mac ‘n’ cheese. For<br />

$2 more, get salad niçoise with in-house smoked salmon,<br />

fried shrimp or the weekly special (such as baked or grilled<br />

salmon with steamed vegetables). Appetizers, craft beers,<br />

wine, desserts and a 50/50 raffle are also available for<br />

purchase. Proceeds benefit HFCC. For more information,<br />

call 407-876-2211 or visit holyfamilyorlando.com.<br />

Feb. 25 — An Evening With Fabulous<br />

Friends<br />

Mennello Museum of American Art, 900 E. Princeton St.,<br />

Orlando, hosts An Evening With Fabulous Friends, including<br />

art, music, dinner, a champagne toast and luxury<br />

auction with featured artist Donna Dowless’ The Colors of<br />

Love. Time: 6-9 p.m. Cost: $275. Sponsorships are available.<br />

For more information or to purchase tickets, email<br />

mennello.museum@cityoforlando.net or visit mennellomu<br />

seum.charityproud.org/eventregistration/Index/10795.<br />

Feb. 26 — Season Gala<br />

The John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center, 812 E.<br />

Rollins St., Orlando, hosts Orlando Shakes’ 34th Season<br />

Gala, including, food, wine, live entertainment and more.<br />

Cocktail attire is requested. Time: 5 p.m. Cost: $300,<br />


benefiting the theater’s mission to produce bold professional<br />

theater, develop new plays and provide innovative<br />

educational experiences for all ages. For more information,<br />

call 407-447-1700 or visit www.orlandoshakes.org.<br />

March 3 — A Runway For Giving<br />

The Oceana Grand Ballroom at Loews Royal Pacific<br />

Resort, 6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando, hosts Morning<br />

Star Catholic School’s 60th annual fashion show, A<br />

Runway for Giving, including a silent auction, passed<br />

hors d’oeuvres and mimosas, a gourmet luncheon, a<br />

program and fashion show. Attire is daytime dressy — a<br />

jacket for the men (tie optional) and a dress or pantsuit for<br />

women. Time: 10:30 a.m. Cost: $250, benefiting MSCS<br />

for special-needs students. For more information, visit<br />

one.bidpal.net/fashionshow2023/welcome.<br />

March 11 — March For Meals St.<br />

Patrick’s 5K Run & Walk<br />

The Osceola Council on Aging Meals on Wheels program<br />

holds the March for Meals St. Patrick’s 5K Walk & Run<br />

sponsored by KUA at Kissimmee Lakefront Park (rain or<br />

shine), 201 Lakeview Drive, Kissimmee. Activities include a<br />

5K run/walk for individuals or teams, the largest and most<br />

spirited team competition, a free kids run, silent auction<br />

and more. Those who bring a nonperishable food item<br />

are entered into a special prize drawing. Participants are<br />

encouraged to wear the color green. Time: 6:30 a.m.<br />

for registration, 7:30 a.m. for the walk/run. Cost: $30<br />

before March 1, $35 for March 2-10, or $40 the day<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x 13<br />

of the event if not sold out. Early packet pickup is at the<br />

Kissimmee Civic Center, 201 E. Dakin Ave., Kissimmee,<br />

on March 10 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. To register online,<br />

visit runsignup.com/race/fl/kissimmee/marchformealsst<br />

patricks5krunwalkpresentedbykua.<br />

March 11 — More Than Pink Walk<br />

Susan G. Komen holds its More Than Pink Walk at Cranes<br />

Roost Park in Altamonte Springs. Time: The event opens<br />

at 7:30 a.m., opening ceremony is 9:30 a.m., and walk<br />

begins at 9:45 a.m. Proceeds benefit cutting-edge research<br />

and patient care services. For more information or to register<br />

for the event, visit www.komen.com/orlandowalk.<br />

March 24 — Legacy Classic Golf<br />

Tournament<br />

Foundation Academy’s 12th annual Legacy Classic Golf<br />

Tournament, including an online auction with a variety of<br />

stays and plays and experiences, takes place at Orange<br />

County National Golf Center, 16301 Phil Ritson Way,<br />

Winter Garden. Time: 7:30 a.m. for check-in and continental<br />

breakfast, 8 a.m. shotgun start, and 1 p.m. for<br />

lunch and award ceremony. Proceeds benefit FA’s athletics<br />

programs. For more information or to register a foursome,<br />

visit foundationacademy.net/golf.<br />

April 15 — Over The Edge<br />

compiled by Lisa Sagers<br />

Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive, Orlando,<br />

hosts Over the Edge, presented by Avalon Roofing Solutions.<br />

Participants rappel down the side of HRO’s 32-story building<br />

to raise funds for Give Kids The World. Cost: A nonrefundable<br />

$50 to register. A fundraising page is created<br />

for each participant, who must raise a minimum of $1,000<br />

by April 10, 2023. For more information or to register,<br />

visit give.gktw.org/event/over-the-edge-2023/e394243.<br />

n Classes/Programs<br />

Through April — Opera Classes<br />

The public is invited to Opera Orlando’s free Spring<br />

Masterclass Series, featuring two Italian opera specialists<br />

and an American prize-winning conductor. The three<br />

master classes are hosted at Broadway United Methodist<br />

Church, 406 E. Amelia St., Orlando, and feature Opera<br />

Orlando studio artists and other local singers. A brief<br />

reception with light refreshments and a chance to meet<br />

the artists follows each event. For more information<br />

or to register for a class, call 407-512-1900, email<br />

info@operaorlando.org or visit www.operaorlando.org.<br />

n Events/Performances<br />

March 8 — Celebrating Extraordinary<br />

Women<br />

Windermere Town Hall, 520 Main St., Windermere,<br />

hosts West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Celebrating<br />

Extraordinary Women with a panel of leading businesswomen<br />

as guest speakers. Time: 4-6 p.m. Cost: $36 in<br />

advance, $46 at the door. The nonmember rate is $56.<br />

For more information or to RSVP, visit wochamber.com/<br />

event/celebrating-extraordinary-women-4.<br />

401 Main Street, Suite A, Windermere, FL<br />

We<br />

deliver<br />

Windermere Center for<br />


Please pardon our mess while we are making<br />

improvements to our facilities and building new offices.<br />

Make sure to keep an eye out for our new product lines<br />

coming soon in Spring of 2023!<br />

Ask how to win a free potted plant as a token of our appreciation<br />

Emilia Godoy-Rapport, D.M.D.<br />

Always Friendly & Gentle<br />

Cosmetic and family dentistry<br />

www.windermeresmiles.com<br />

(407) 909-1097

14 x February 16 — March 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

April 13 — Best Fest “The Taste Of<br />

West Orange”<br />

Bill Breeze Park at Starke Lake, 125 N. Lakeshore Drive,<br />

Ocoee, hosts West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Best<br />

Fest, “The Taste of West Orange,” including samplings<br />

of a variety of beers, wine and spirits along with many<br />

delicious food offerings from more than 50 vendors. Time:<br />

5:30-8:30 p.m. Cost: $45 in advance. For more information,<br />

visit wochamber.com/event/best-fest.<br />

n Miscellaneous<br />

March 3 & 4 — Aladdin Jr. Auditions<br />

First Congregational Church of Winter Park, 225 S.<br />

Interlachen Ave., Winter Park, hosts CFCArts Youth Theatre’s<br />

auditions for Aladdin Jr. for students in pre-K-12th grade.<br />

Performances take place May 12 and May 13. Registration<br />

is required to audition. For more information, visit cfcarts.com.<br />

n Networking/Clubs<br />

Ongoing — Members Wanted<br />

The West Orange Women seeks women of all ages to<br />

join its group for fun, friendship and philanthropy. Annual<br />

dues are $20. For more information, call Mary Borgan,<br />

407-929-3030; or visit www.westorangewomen.com.<br />

Feb. 21, 28, March 7, 14, 21 & 28 —<br />

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings<br />

Windermere Toastmasters Club No. 4662754 holds Zoom<br />

meetings. Attendees learn to develop their oral communication<br />

and leadership skills in a supportive and positive learning<br />

environment. Time: Tuesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. For more<br />

information or to request online Zoom meeting details, visit<br />

www.4662754.toastmastersclubs.org and click “Contact Us.”<br />

Feb. 22, March 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 —<br />

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings<br />

The Turnpike Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings.<br />

Time: Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. For more<br />

information or to register for a virtual meeting, visit<br />

2362.toastmastersclubs.org and click “Contact Us” at<br />

least one day before the event.<br />

Feb. 23, March 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 —<br />

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings<br />

The Vista Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings.<br />

Time: Thursdays from 7-8:30 p.m. For more information,<br />

email vistatoastmasters.zoom@gmail.com or visit<br />

www.vistatoastmasters.org.<br />

Feb. 23, March 9 & 23 — Thursday<br />

Networking Group Meetings<br />

West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Thursday<br />

Networking Group meets at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA<br />

Family Center, 7000 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando. Time:<br />

second and fourth Thursday of each month from 8:30-<br />

9:30 a.m. For more information, email Jim Zeitschel,<br />

jim.zeitschel@primelending.com.<br />

March 2 — Retired Educators Meeting<br />

Church on the Drive, 1914 Edgewater Drive, Orlando,<br />

hosts a meeting of the Orange County Retired Educators<br />

Association, including Martie Salt, former WFTV news anchor<br />

and journalist, as guest speaker. Anyone who has worked in<br />

education is invited. Masks are optional, and refreshments<br />

are provided. Time: 10 a.m. for social time, 10:30 a.m.<br />

for the meeting. For more information, call 407-843-6909.<br />

n Support Groups<br />

Feb. 12 — Coping With Caregiving<br />

Online Support Group<br />

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 4851 S. Apopka-<br />

Vineland Road, Orlando, hosts the Coping With<br />

Caregiving: Support for Caregivers free virtual meeting<br />

for anyone who is caring for a spouse, parent or child<br />

with a long-term illness, age-related issues or special needs.<br />

Time: 3-4 p.m. To register, visit st.lukes.org/caregiving. For<br />

more information, call 407-876-4991, ext. 262; or email<br />

care@st.lukes.org.<br />

n Volunteer<br />

Opportunities<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

The Foster Grandparent Program seeks limited-income<br />

volunteers 55-older to join in helping children in schools<br />

all around Central Florida. For more information, call 407-<br />

298-4180 or visit volunteersforcommunityimpact.org/wpcontent/uploads/2020/01/FGP-Info-Flyer-1-13-20.pdf.<br />

Ongoing — Pet Foster Homes Needed<br />

As part of its Pet Peace of Mind program, <strong>Corner</strong>stone<br />

Hospice seeks foster homes for pets left behind after their<br />

owners pass away. For more information or to receive an<br />

application to foster, email ppom@cshospice.org. For more<br />

information about hospice volunteer opportunities, call<br />

Sharon Smith, 404-290-1583; or email ssmith@vcifl.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers/Docents Needed<br />

Oakland Nature Preserve, 747 Machete Trail, Oakland,<br />

seeks adults interested in learning about the history,<br />

wildlife, plants and restoration efforts at ONP to volunteer<br />

at the preserve to greet visitors, help answer<br />

questions and lead a tour from time to time. Workdays<br />

are Mondays and/or Saturdays. For more information,<br />

email outreach@oaklandnaturepreserve.org or visit<br />

www.oaklandnaturepreserve.org/guide. To register<br />

online, visit oaklandnaturepreserve.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

The town of Oakland seeks volunteers to assist in<br />

various fun and fulfilling roles at The Healthy West<br />

Orange Arts and Heritage Center. Applicants must<br />

consent to a criminal background check. For more<br />

information, call Pamela Stewart, 407-656-1117, ext.<br />

2112; email arts&heritage@oaklandfl.gov; or visit<br />

bit.ly/artsandheritagecenter.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

My Brother’s Keeper seeks volunteers — especially adult<br />

men (18-older) of color — who can serve as positive role<br />

models and mentor boys and young men of color. For<br />

more information, email Grace, gdearden@vcifl.org, at<br />

Volunteers for Community Impact.<br />

Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are welcome. Please<br />

send information six weeks before the event to P.O. Box 851,<br />

Windermere, FL 34787; call 407-351-1573, option 5; or email<br />

Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />


Submit your purrr-fect pet photos for Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 22nd<br />

annual pet photo album! Southwest Orlando's picture-perfect pets will<br />

be featured in our March 16 issue.<br />

All photos must be received by Feb. 22. Email photos to<br />

Lauren@kearneypublishing.com.<br />

All photos must be at least 200 KB in size.<br />

Please include name, pet’s name, address, neighborhood and phone<br />

number on entry. For more information, call 407-351-1573, option 4,<br />

or email Lauren@kearneypublishing.com.<br />

* Must be a Southwest resident to participate.<br />

Dogs • Cats • Birds • Reptiles • Rabbits • Fish • Rodents • Horses • Etc.



The Spa at Shingle Creek is bursting with a multitude of<br />

new massages, treatments and services. Each experience<br />

designed to pamper you from head to toe. So, take a<br />

break from your everyday and indulge in the soothing<br />

services that continue to make ours one of Orlando’s<br />

most celebrated spas.<br />

Celebrate Valentine’s Day all month<br />

long with one of our new treatments<br />

or massages. Book yours today!<br />


180 min. | $420 | Per Person<br />


Mined from the Himalayan Mountains, our 100% organic<br />

Himalayan salt is naturally infused with 84 minerals that help<br />

replenish the body. Combined with the heat and the skills of<br />

our therapists, this treatment increases blood circulation,<br />

reduces inflammation, and induces deep relaxation.<br />



This high-performance signature treatment, exclusive to<br />

The Spa and is meticulously customized to your skin’s needs.<br />


A relaxing manicure that indulges with tropical oils and scents,<br />

as well as a warm body butter wrap for your hands that leave<br />

your hands feeling refreshed.<br />


Sit back, relax and be pampered from soul to sole that begins with<br />

a ritual cleansing and concludes with polish of your choice.<br />

Manicure and pedicure both include a soak, cut and file, cuticle<br />

work, mask, butter, hot towel compress, and polish or buff.<br />

9939 UNIVERSAL BLVD. | ORLANDO, FL 32819<br />


P.O. Box 851<br />

Windermere, FL 34786

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