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<strong>The</strong> heartbeat of the community<br />

O<br />


January 19 — February 1, 2023 | Since 1986<br />

Cypress Landing residents gather<br />

for a Cypress Landing Monier Way<br />

Supper Club monthly dinner.

When you want it SOLD<br />

Darrell Nunnelley<br />

407-467-8069<br />

BROKER<br />

6 Beds * 6 Baths * Lake Olivia * <strong>The</strong>ater<br />

Pool* 2 Story Boathouse * Guest House<br />

1708 Woody Drive Windermere * Lake Down Access<br />

1311 Druid Road Maitland, Florida<br />

For Rent<br />

11051 Coniston Way<br />

Windermere * Lake Butler Sound<br />

501 Main Street * Windermere * Local Office<br />


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x 3

4 x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


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Choose the Correct Shoes for Your Workout<br />

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Goodless Dermatology<br />

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SOUTHWEST ORLANDO HOME & REAL ESTATE....................................9<br />

Trending Colors and Textures Inspire 2023 Home Design<br />

Impactful Home Design Trends for 2023<br />

Breathe New Life Into Your Home<br />

NEWS &BUSINESS BRIEFS................................................................13<br />

COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD ....................................................... 16<br />

SCHOOL NEWS SEEN .................................................................... 18<br />

Panther Lake Elementary School<br />


Rick V. Martin<br />

January 19, 2023<br />

Volume XXXVII, No. 6<br />


Yvette Martin<br />


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michelle<br />


<strong>The</strong> start of a new year inevitably<br />

motivates many people to start or<br />

restart their fitness journeys. Along<br />

with the expected sore muscles that<br />

accompany a new workout program,<br />

if you’re experiencing foot, ankle, hip<br />

or joint pain, the problem may not be<br />

with your workout. It might be your<br />

shoes. Choosing the right shoes for<br />

your type of workout is just as essential<br />

as any other equipment. <strong>The</strong>re are<br />

a variety to choose from, and one<br />

pair of shoes that is perfect for one<br />

workout may not be ideal or could<br />

even be harmful for another. Below<br />

is a look at different workouts and<br />

what to look for in the perfect shoe<br />

for each.<br />

As a general rule, when shopping<br />

for shoes, there should be a little wiggle<br />

room in the toe area. Your heels<br />

should feel secure in the shoes, not<br />

able to move around or slip out. <strong>The</strong><br />

sole should be nonskid, giving you<br />

traction to be able to change directions<br />

easily. Your feet swell throughout<br />

the day, so shop for shoes toward<br />

end of the day when your feet are at<br />

their largest. Try on several different<br />

pairs of shoes, and walk, jog or jump<br />

around in the store to get a feel for<br />

how they will perform. Just because<br />

a pair of shoes is expensive or a designer<br />

brand doesn’t mean they will<br />

be right for your feet.<br />

Running is one of the most common<br />

exercises. It provides a great cardiovascular<br />

workout and is something<br />

almost anyone can do, from beginner<br />

walkers to experienced marathoners.<br />

Running shoes are made<br />

for high-impact, forward movement.<br />

Look for shoes with comfortable arch<br />

support and a lot of cushion, which<br />

will absorb the impact of your foot<br />

repeatedly striking the ground and<br />

protect your joints to prevent injuries.<br />

All shoes will break down over time<br />

and become less effective. If you are<br />

experiencing foot pain or shin splints,<br />

it’s probably time to replace your running<br />

shoes.<br />

For studio fitness classes like Zumba<br />

or aerobics, look for shoes that have<br />

a flexible sole; are nonskid and shock<br />

absorbent; and offer lateral support<br />

for a lot of quick, sideways movements.<br />

While many people will use a<br />

running shoe for these indoor classes,<br />

the extra cushion on a running shoe<br />

can be very unstable for lateral movements<br />

and lead to injury. Training<br />

shoes are often a good fit for these<br />

types of workouts.<br />

Strength training and weightlifting<br />

don’t require as much movement as<br />

other activities, but your shoes need<br />

to provide stability, especially when<br />

lifting heavy weights. <strong>The</strong> cushion of<br />

a running shoe will make you unstable<br />

if trying to do heavy squats or dead<br />

lifts. Lifting shoes should have little to<br />

no compression, a firm heel support,<br />

and a higher heel-to-toe drop than<br />

training or running shoes. Many lifting<br />

shoes also have a mid-foot strap<br />

to secure your foot into place inside<br />

the shoe. When lifting heavy weights,<br />

it’s important that your foot not slip<br />

around in your shoe, so look for a<br />

snug fit.<br />

Cross-training or workouts that incorporate<br />

a variety of movements,<br />

such as CrossFit or HIIT classes that<br />

often combine weightlifting with highintensity<br />

functional movements, require<br />

shoes that can go from lifting to<br />

box jumps while maintaining the right<br />

support. Cross-training or training<br />

shoes are hybrid shoes that are made<br />

for a variety of movements. <strong>The</strong>y often<br />

have some cushioning, but not so<br />

much as to deter from weightlifting<br />

while providing stability and support<br />

for lateral and functional movements.<br />

<strong>The</strong>se are the best all-around shoes<br />

HOW TO ...<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x 5<br />

Choose the Correct<br />

Shoes for Your Workout<br />

Start the Year on the Right Foot<br />

by Lauren Salinero<br />

Wearing the right shoes for your workout<br />

is just as important as using the correct<br />

equipment.<br />

for different activities, but not specialized<br />

enough to be perfect for any one<br />

movement. If you are only doing running<br />

or lifting, it’s better to choose a<br />

pair of shoes that is made specifically<br />

for that movement. However, if you’re<br />

incorporating a variety of movements<br />

in your workout, a training shoe may<br />

be the best fit for you.<br />

Sports played on a court, such as<br />

basketball, tennis, pickleball and volleyball,<br />

require shoes that provide a<br />

lot of traction for quick lateral movements.<br />

Basketball shoes, in particular,<br />

come in a variety of styles that<br />

you should choose depending on the<br />

amount of stability you require. Hightop<br />

shoes wrap around the ankle, offering<br />

the most support. <strong>The</strong>y tend to<br />

be heavier than mid-tops or low-tops,<br />

but are more likely to prevent sprains<br />

or other injuries. Mid-tops come up to<br />

the ankle, giving some support but not<br />

as much as high-tops. <strong>The</strong>se are good<br />

all-around basketball shoes. Low-tops<br />

sit below the ankle, giving little to no<br />

ankle support. <strong>The</strong>se are for players<br />

who value speed over support.<br />

Many sports require specialty shoes<br />

that are designed specifically for that<br />

activity. Cycling shoes are either flatpedal<br />

shoes or clip-in shoes that connect<br />

directly to the pedal of your bike.<br />

Baseball and soccer shoes have studs<br />

or cleats on the bottom of the shoes<br />

to grip the ground while performing<br />

dynamic maneuvers.<br />

No matter which exercise you are<br />

performing, the most important element<br />

to finding the right shoe is fit<br />

and comfort. If the shoe isn’t comfortable<br />

when you try it on, it isn’t going<br />

to get any better. Everyone’s feet are<br />

different, including how each person<br />

walks and carries themselves. If possible,<br />

visit a specialized shoe store to<br />

determine the exact type of support<br />

needed for your feet. ª

6 x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Skin disorders vary greatly in<br />

symptoms and severity. <strong>The</strong>y can be<br />

painful or painless, permanent or<br />

temporary, minor or life-threatening.<br />

Most skin disorders, including acne,<br />

hives, blisters, rosacea and cold<br />

sores, are not serious in nature. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

can be treated with over-the-counter<br />

remedies. But, when treatments are<br />

not achieving the desired outcome,<br />

it’s time to make an appointment with<br />

a dermatology specialist provider,<br />

whose practice makes patient care<br />

the top priority.<br />

For more than 30 years, Dean<br />

Goodless, M.D., of Goodless<br />

Dermatology has managed thousands<br />

of cases of acne, psoriasis,<br />

eczema, skin cancer and other common<br />

skin conditions, as well as less<br />

common ones.<br />

“For things like suspicious moles<br />

or skin lesions, it’s best to come in<br />

as soon as possible,” Dr. Goodless<br />

said, “as these things really have<br />

no appropriate home remedies or<br />

treatments.”<br />

Dr. Goodless is a fellow of the<br />

American Academy of Dermatology<br />

and has practiced dermatology in the<br />

Greater Orlando area since 1997.<br />

His Dr. Phillips office in Suite 110 at<br />

Full service. Low costs.<br />

No tradeoffs.<br />

Michael Wytiaz, CFP ®<br />

Branch Leader<br />

4848 S. Apopka Vineland Road<br />

Suite 204<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-909-0485<br />

See schwab.com/pricing for additional information.<br />

© 2022 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”) Member SIPC. All rights reserved. (1121-1JG7) SCH9031-47 (12/22)<br />


Goodless Dermatology<br />

Skin Care From Those Who Care<br />

(L. to r.) Desiree Leigh, DNP, APRN; Dean Goodless, M.D.; Tami Santo, DNP, APRN;<br />

and Mildride Monize, MSN, APRN, DCNP, FNP-C, of Goodless Dermatology are<br />

ready to address any skin care need.<br />

Compromise is not an option.<br />

We believe that price should never be a<br />

barrier to pursuing your goals. That’s why<br />

there’s no cost to work with a Schwab<br />

Financial Consultant. That includes<br />

getting help with creating a personalized<br />

Schwab plan, receiving tailored product<br />

recommendations, and having direct access<br />

to our specialists.<br />

Get started at schwab.com/windermere<br />

8690 Point Cypress Drive offers general,<br />

surgical and cosmetic dermatology<br />

services to patients of any age<br />

— from newborns to seniors.<br />

Dr. Goodless graduated from the<br />

University of Miami Leonard M.<br />

Miller School of Medicine. He completed<br />

an internal medicine internship<br />

at the University of Florida and<br />

a second year of internal medicine<br />

residency at Mount Sinai Medical<br />

Center in Miami Beach. He subsequently<br />

attended the University of<br />

Miami, where he undertook a threeyear<br />

dermatology residency training<br />

program, serving as chief resident.<br />

<strong>The</strong> three-year dermatology residency<br />

after medical school at the<br />

University of Miami accomplishes<br />

many things.<br />

“It fills your internal database with<br />

a huge catalog of skin conditions,<br />

many of which you see several times<br />

a day and some you may only see<br />

once in your lifetime,” Dr. Goodless<br />

said. “But, you still need to recognize<br />

them when they show up in your<br />

clinic.<br />

“When I started medical school, I<br />

planned to go into family medicine,<br />

but I was so fascinated with dermatology,<br />

I decided to change specialties.<br />

Even after 30 years, I still<br />

encounter conditions I have never<br />

actually seen but only learned about<br />

in residency or in textbooks. With<br />

dermatology, we get to do a little bit<br />

of everything, treating patients from<br />

newborn to nursing home without<br />

any age restrictions.”<br />

Pediatric dermatology is a key<br />

area of specialization at Goodless<br />

Dermatology.<br />

“<strong>The</strong> challenge of children is that<br />

they assume everything is terribly<br />

painful, and their ability to cooperate<br />

is negligible,” Dr. Goodless said.<br />

“That being said, with gentle staff<br />

and a lot of reassurance, we are<br />

able to take good care of children<br />

even when they require biopsies or<br />

excisions. It is very important to be<br />

able to take care of little humans<br />

without unduly traumatizing them or<br />

instilling any sort of long-term fear of<br />

doctors.”<br />

Dr. Goodless recalled a young<br />

patient from whom he painlessly excised<br />

an arm lesion. Afterward, the<br />

patient exclaimed to his mother that<br />

he wanted to see Dr. Goodless for<br />

everything, even sore throats.<br />

“<strong>The</strong>re’s no happier feeling,” Dr.<br />

Goodless said.<br />

As a board-certified Mohs surgeon,<br />

Dr. Goodless not only detects<br />

and diagnoses skin cancers, he<br />

can treat them with Mohs surgery<br />

to ensure skin cancer is adequately<br />

excised.<br />

Dr. Goodless is a multitalented<br />

physician. He is one of the founding<br />

members of Dermasensa, a cosmeceutical<br />

skin care brand created<br />

and run by doctors. He has written a<br />

book about acne and another about<br />

psoriasis. Dr. Goodless also serves<br />

as an investigator on many Food and<br />

Drug Administration clinical trials.<br />

Goodless Dermatology also offers<br />

comprehensive treatment of atopic<br />

dermatitis, melanoma, plantar warts,<br />

psoriasis, rosacea, acne, alopecia<br />

areata and contact dermatitis. In<br />

addition, professional cosmetic skin<br />

care plans include procedures like<br />

customized facials, chemical peels,<br />

microdermabrasion, mircroneedling<br />

and injectable treatments.<br />

For more information about Goodless Dermatology,<br />

call 407-566-1616 or visit goodlessdermatology.com.<br />

Same-day appointments can be arranged. ª

n Cypress Landing<br />

A group of residents living in<br />

Cypress Landing cultivated a tradition<br />

of taking turns hosting a monthly<br />

dinner for neighbors on their street.<br />

A recent holiday dinner, featuring<br />

a potluck dinner, was co-hosted by<br />

Carlton Hudson and Wilson<br />

Johnson. In attendance were<br />

Jose and Kate Cotelo, George<br />

and Phyllis Hollins, Kerry and<br />

Cindy Lucas, Jose Moreira Jr.,<br />

Mariana Paixao, Fonzie and<br />

Kelly Relta, Bruce and Kate<br />

Roudebush, Olivia Roudebush,<br />

Chris and Anne Tsiokos, Garr<br />

and Elizabeth Williams, and<br />

Markis Zarate. <strong>The</strong>se individuals<br />

Residents of Cypress Landing gather at the home of Carlton Hudson and Wilson<br />

Johnson for a monthly dinner of the Cypress Landing Monier Way Supper Club.<br />


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x 7<br />

are a tight-knit group that supports<br />

one another and enjoys connecting<br />

with friends.<br />

n Dr. Phillips<br />

compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

During the holiday season, School<br />

of Music professor Jeffery Ames<br />

debuted his masterwork composition,<br />

Requiem for Colour, at Belmont’s<br />

Fisher Center for the Performing Arts.<br />

Also performing in Belmont’s oratorio<br />

in front of an audience of more<br />

than 1,200 people, was commercial<br />

music major Ashley Barber of Dr.<br />

Phillips.<br />

West Orange Chamber of<br />

Commerce hired Dr. Philllips<br />

resident Kristin Feigel as executive<br />

assistant and office manager.<br />

Kristin’s background is in hospitality,<br />

where she was an executive assistant.<br />

She worked at the Buena Vista<br />

Palace Resort & Spa for 22 years<br />

and Diamond Resorts for six years.<br />

n Oakland<br />

Dr. Phillips<br />

resident Kristin<br />

Feigel joins the<br />

West Orange<br />

Chamber of<br />

Commerce<br />

team as executive<br />

assistant and office<br />

manager.<br />

<strong>The</strong> town of Oakland will celebrate<br />

its 135th anniversary Jan. 28<br />

with Oakland Heritage Day, presented<br />

by Orlando Health in partnership<br />

with Healthy West Orange and<br />

Oakland Nature Preserve. <strong>The</strong><br />

time-honored festival — which takes<br />

place from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the community’s<br />

historic downtown — celebrates<br />

Oakland’s small-town charm,<br />



JAN. 28TH 3:00PM<br />


Tour the Campus with current Students<br />

and Teachers<br />

Hear from Faculty regarding curriculum<br />

and academic programs<br />

Learn why Windermere Prep is the #1<br />

Private School in Orlando!<br />

RSVP TO<br />


(407) 905-7737<br />

info@windermereprep.com<br />


8 x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


unique history, nature, wellness and<br />

the arts with a family-friendly day<br />

of live music, food trucks, fine arts<br />

and crafts, quality vendors, interactive<br />

kids activities and more. For a<br />

full list of festivities, visit oaklandfl.<br />

gov/999/community-events.<br />

n Winter Garden<br />

Cristina Collazo Lopez of<br />

Winter Garden was initiated into<br />

<strong>The</strong> Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi,<br />

the nation’s oldest, most selective, alldiscipline<br />

collegiate honor society.<br />

Cristina was initiated at Mississippi<br />

State University. She is among approximately<br />

25,000 students, faculty<br />

members, professional staff and<br />

alumni to be initiated into Phi Kappa<br />

Phi each year.<br />

n Et Al<br />

Kudos to the following Southwestarea<br />

residents on their recent<br />

graduations:<br />

• Jessica Chabot<br />

of MetroWest earned<br />

a Doctor of Chiropractic<br />

at National University of<br />

Health Sciences.<br />

• Jonathan Kim of<br />

MetroWest graduated<br />

from Wheaton College<br />

with a Bachelor of Science<br />

in applied health science.<br />

• Alex Mealey of<br />

Windermere earned<br />

a Bachelor of Science<br />

in aerospace engineering<br />

with highest honors<br />

at the Georgia Institute of<br />

Technology in Atlanta.<br />

Qualified astronaut<br />

Sharon Hagle spoke at<br />

a meeting of the Rotary<br />

Club of Lake Buena<br />

Vista, where she told the<br />

group about an important<br />

organization she founded.<br />

Her overview of SpaceKids Global’s<br />

mission explained key aspects of her<br />

Anthony Lightman, an Isleworth resident and<br />

president of the Rotary Club of Lake Buena Vista,<br />

welcomes qualified astronaut Sharon Hagle to speak at<br />

a recent meeting.<br />

challenging, multifaceted approach<br />

to inspiring boys and girls to pursue<br />

careers in the space industry. Sharon<br />

is a good example for children, having<br />

achieved astronaut status on a<br />

March 2022 flight of Blue Origin’s<br />

New Shepard spacecraft. She and<br />

her husband, Marc, plan to take a<br />

second trip into space this year.<br />

Southwest Orlando resident<br />

Brianna Clinton was recently initiated<br />

into the Florida State University<br />

Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa,<br />

the National Leadership Honor<br />

Society. <strong>The</strong> society welcomed 235<br />

new members from 11 universities<br />

in October 2022. Initiated students<br />

must be sophomores, juniors, seniors<br />

or graduate/professional students in<br />

the top 35% of their class, demonstrate<br />

leadership experience in at<br />

least one of five pillars, and embrace<br />

the ODK ideals. Fewer than 5% of<br />

students on a campus are invited to<br />

join each year.<br />

Mark Ramey, president of the Rotary<br />

Club of Dr. Phillips, welcomes Capt.<br />

Ken Chapman, area commander of <strong>The</strong><br />

Salvation Army, to a recent meeting.<br />

Southwest Orlando resident and<br />

Orange County Mayor Jerry<br />

Demings was sworn in for a second<br />

term. A ceremony was held at the<br />

Orange County Convention Center,<br />

during which Mayor Demings spoke<br />

about his focus for the next four<br />

years. Those priorities include affordable<br />

housing and transportation<br />

improvements.<br />

Although we try to ensure that all information presented<br />

above is the most current, correct and dependable<br />

available, we do rely on others for the source of<br />

our news. <strong>The</strong>refore, the<br />

Southwest Orlando Bulletin<br />

and <strong>Corner</strong>stone Publishing<br />

& Multi-Media LLC cannot<br />

be held responsible for the<br />

validity of the information<br />

presented here, nor does<br />

mentioning it constitute<br />

an endorsement. In Your<br />

Neighborhood news is<br />

welcome and may be<br />

mailed to P.O. Box 851,<br />

Windermere, FL 34786;<br />

or emailed to Lauren@<br />

kearneypublishing.com. ª

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate x January 2023 x 1<br />


Home & Real Estate<br />

Volume 3, Issue 10 — January 2023<br />

Breathe New<br />

Life Into Your<br />

Home<br />

Trending Colors<br />

and Textures<br />

Inspire 2023<br />

Home Design<br />

Impactful<br />

Home Design<br />

Trends for 2023<br />

A Product A Product of the of the<br />

Southwest Orlando Bulletin

2 x January 2023 x Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate<br />

Over the past year, architectural<br />

design saw a surge in nature-inspired<br />

earth tones such as calming shades<br />

of blue and green. Homeowners can<br />

expect this trend to continue into the<br />

coming months but with warmer,<br />

richer colors.<br />

This ongoing interest in warm neutrals<br />

with earthy undertones and<br />

pink and blush shades is likely to<br />

be increasingly popular in 2023 as<br />

homeowners become more adventurous<br />

with their color choices as a<br />

form of creative expression.<br />

Trending Colors<br />

Selecting the right colors for your<br />

home project is often influenced<br />

by both your personal preferences<br />

and the latest design trends. Some<br />

contemporary options to consider<br />

include:<br />

• Earth tones. Warmer, naturallooking<br />

earth tones are versatile,<br />

working seamlessly with just about<br />

any design or architectural style of<br />

home. Some trending hues include<br />

muted terra cotta, green, yellow and<br />

plum.<br />

Trending Colors and<br />

Textures Inspire 2023 Home Design<br />

Nature-inspired tones and materials are trending for 2023.<br />

• Warm neutrals. Although they’re<br />

not typically used as statement colors,<br />

warm neutrals bring a sense of<br />

comfort while also offering an inviting,<br />

blank canvas to let individuality<br />

flow freely. On-trend options include<br />






321-947-2541<br />

Imperial Outdoor Living, LLC<br />

shades of dark brown, caramel, tan<br />

or off-white.<br />

• Rich, dark colors. <strong>The</strong>se deep,<br />

saturated hues can make a house<br />

stand out and look more modern<br />

while still offering a nod to warmer<br />

hues. Chocolate brown, brick red or<br />

dark jade are popular choices for<br />

those who prefer rich hues.<br />

• Pink and blush shades. Various<br />

shades of pink, rose and blush will<br />

be increasingly popular choices<br />

for homeowners exuding a greater<br />

sense of self-expression. In home design,<br />

look for these colors to appear<br />

in coral, pink, red-orange, raspberry<br />

or blush tones.<br />

• Sweet pastels. <strong>The</strong>re are signs<br />

that homeowners are ready to bring<br />

colors back into their homes. Expect<br />

to see sweet pastel shades like soft<br />

pink, mint green and light purple in<br />

furniture, decor and accessories.<br />

Materials With Texture<br />

With warm neutrals and earth<br />

tones dominating the color palette,<br />

both interior and exterior design will<br />

depend heavily on texture to add<br />

definition. More design choices will<br />

move away from faux finishes and<br />

instead focus on natural and authentic<br />

looks, many of which can be<br />

achieved through brick and stone.<br />

Brick and stone give designers<br />

options for adding depth and<br />

dimension, integrating a play on<br />

light and shadows with a variety of<br />

textural elements.<br />

Brick carries a sense of tradition,<br />

character and timelessness while<br />

also serving as a popular choice<br />

for homeowners due to its design<br />

flexibility. Qualities such as lowmaintenance,<br />

resilience, durability,<br />

sustainability and beauty make brick<br />

an option that allows homeowners to<br />

balance function with appearance.<br />

Homeowners can find more than<br />

600 brick and stone products with<br />

Glen-Gery’s extensive product line<br />

that offers endless design possibilities<br />

and timeless beauty. From handmade<br />

to glazed bricks and everything in<br />

between, these building products<br />

come in a diverse array of colors,<br />

textures and sizes, making it easy to<br />

personalize living spaces with the latest<br />

design and color trends.<br />

Try a virtual design tool like Picture<br />

Perfect, which can help you visualize<br />

projects, or find other style inspiration<br />

at glengery.com.<br />

Bring Color With Brick<br />

Brick is often selected for its functional<br />

benefits, but it’s also an appealing<br />

building product due to its<br />

versatile color, texture and size combinations.<br />

Color can evoke a certain<br />

mood and assist in achieving a desired<br />

outcome. Often, architects and<br />

designers even incorporate multiple<br />

colors or create custom looks by using<br />

multiple brick colors and styles.<br />

To help homeowners hone in on<br />

the perfect look to match their vision<br />

for contemporary design and align<br />

with anticipated 2023 color trends,<br />

Glen-Gery will introduce its inaugural<br />

Brick Color of the Year, a program<br />

that showcases trending hues<br />

that lend well to trending aesthetics.<br />

Reflecting contemporary earthy,<br />

nature-inspired color trends, the Pitt<br />

Cafe Series consists of four soft, neutral-toned,<br />

versatile bricks, ranging<br />

from creamy white to earth tone and<br />

brown-gray with highly pronounced<br />

textural features. What’s more, the<br />

series can be used for both interior<br />

and exterior applications for modern<br />

or contemporary designs.<br />

Source: Glen-Gery<br />

(Family Features) ª

Think your space is ready for a<br />

new look in the new year, but don’t<br />

know where to start? A Delta Faucet<br />

product designer shared the timeless<br />

kitchen and bathroom trends<br />

she’s seeing in real customers’<br />

homes for a fresh look in 2023<br />

that will last for years to come.<br />

“<strong>The</strong>re are so many beautiful<br />

products on the market; homeowners<br />

should seek products<br />

that not only are beautiful, but<br />

also impactful,” said Maris<br />

Park Borris, Delta Faucet<br />

industrial designer. “Design<br />

should evoke emotion.<br />

Homeowners want to create<br />

new experiences in their spaces<br />

and are encouraged to do<br />

so now more than ever.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> top five home design<br />

trends for 2023 are leaning<br />

into the innovative, personal,<br />

unique and lasting. <strong>The</strong> country<br />

is no longer stuck at home,<br />

but we still see home as an extension<br />

of ourselves that represents<br />

who we are as people.<br />

To create your own new experiences<br />

in the home, here are<br />

five trend predictions for 2023<br />

to start incorporating in your own<br />

space.<br />

• Embrace natural tones and materials.<br />

Natural and organic materials<br />

bring an airiness to a room while<br />

also being timeless and long-lasting.<br />

Rather than bold, bright colors, natural<br />

warm tones will be popping up<br />

more and more in the kitchen and<br />

bathroom.<br />

“Natural materials are acting as<br />

showcase materials — from concrete<br />

to stones, woods, porcelain, tile and<br />

Natural tones and organic materials bring an<br />

airiness to the room.<br />

Impactful Home<br />

Design Trends for 2023<br />

crystal,” Park Borris said. “We are<br />

finding a lot of these natural materials<br />

are timeless in influencing mood<br />

and design.”<br />

• Create beautiful, gallery-like<br />

spaces. You love your things, so why<br />

not display them? <strong>The</strong> new year is<br />

ringing in luxe, gallery-like spaces.<br />

Think of a standalone tub as a statement<br />

piece or open shelving in a<br />

kitchen as a way to display your favorite<br />

items that normally would be<br />

hidden away.<br />

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate x January 2023 x 3<br />

“And allow luxury to go beyond<br />

aesthetics and create comfort for all<br />

your senses,” Park Borris said. “In<br />

2023, free yourself to make rooms<br />

experiential, not just functional.”<br />

• Make a statement (wall). A<br />

statement wall can completely shift<br />

the design of a room quite easily.<br />

A floral wall in the bathroom or a<br />

tropical print behind the sink can<br />

bring life and personality to the<br />

space.<br />

“Anything with patterns, either<br />

vintage-looking or modern, can<br />

shift design intent and complete a<br />

room,” Park Borris said. “I see a lot<br />

of mural wallpapers, too — they<br />

can be quite transformative and<br />

can really seal a design.”<br />

• Make your space work harder.<br />

You may not be in a position to upgrade<br />

to a larger space, but 2023<br />

trends bring more options to utilize<br />

what you have. Don’t see a kitchen<br />

as just a kitchen; maybe adding<br />

a small desk in an unused corner<br />

makes it a work-from-home kitchen.<br />

“A lot of people are not looking<br />

for more space, per se, but looking<br />

for better-organized spaces that<br />

work harder with split functionality,”<br />

Park Borris said. “We’ve expected<br />

so much of our homes recently, and<br />

that thought is not going away.”<br />

• Be authentic and break the<br />

rules. It’s your space — it should be<br />

a reflection of you. Throw design<br />

rules out the window and create a<br />

truly authentic space you love.<br />

“I believe people will continue to<br />

make their spaces their own,” Park<br />

Borris said. “<strong>The</strong>re aren’t as many<br />

rules of design as there used to<br />

be. I believe the things that evoke<br />

personal emotion will always be in<br />

style, and our spaces will evolve as<br />

our styles do.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> new year is bringing in many<br />

trends in home design. Whether it’s<br />

natural materials or a pop of pattern<br />

with a statement wall, authenticity<br />

will be key.<br />

(BPT) ª

12 x January 2023 x Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate<br />

Do you want a new look for your<br />

home? Perhaps you crave an update<br />

but you want to avoid the time<br />

and cost commitment of a complete<br />

renovation? You may be surprised<br />

how a few well-chosen elements can<br />

breathe new life into your home.<br />

Interior designers know that strategic<br />

updates can revitalize a space<br />

without extensive construction. <strong>The</strong><br />

key is to choose features with designs<br />

that speak to you. <strong>The</strong>se items<br />

must have provenance and presence<br />

to create an atmosphere the<br />

moment you enter the room.<br />

Curated Design<br />

<strong>The</strong> preferred design aesthetic of a<br />

room is highly personal, but all good<br />

design follows certain principles.<br />

Take cues from experienced designers<br />

who know that by selecting a few<br />

well-chosen products, you can create<br />

ambience that impacts an entire<br />

space. <strong>The</strong> design of the elements<br />

should be memorable and draw the<br />

eye without being overwhelming.<br />

For example, the Occasion<br />

Lighting Collection from Kohler is a<br />

We<br />

deliver<br />

Breathe New Life Into Your Home<br />

simple yet elegant way to transform<br />

any space. This collection of impeccable<br />

craft combines sculptural metal<br />

frames with light-capturing<br />

ribbed glass shades that draw<br />

inspiration from the transformative<br />

designs of the early<br />

1960s. This is a period of time<br />

when interiors were an intercontinental<br />

mix of bold color,<br />

tapestries, Japanese screens<br />

and other treasures to showcase<br />

the owner’s travels and<br />

interests.<br />

This unique collection is<br />

engineered with the same<br />

precision as that of fine jewelry<br />

making. <strong>The</strong> interplay<br />

between the faceted frames<br />

and the sparkling, multidimensional<br />

display of light as it<br />

cascades through the crystalribbed<br />

shades results in forms<br />

that are bold yet sensual with<br />

an undeniable presence.<br />

Strategic Updates<br />

Lighting is an accessible, highimpact<br />

way to transform a room<br />

A new lighting design can elevate a space without needing a full renovation.<br />

and stay on budget. Whether it’s<br />

an eye-catching chandelier, pretty<br />

pendants, perfectly placed sconces<br />

or functional and fashionable flushmount<br />

lighting elements, there’s<br />

something for every space.<br />

Beyond lighting, there are other<br />

strategies that can help you achieve<br />

an updated effect without taking on<br />

a renovation. Some other methods<br />

designers use to transform a room<br />

include thoughtfully selecting pieces<br />

such as a beautiful area rug, stunning<br />

wall art, graceful mirror or tabletop<br />

objet d’art.<br />

You can add sophistication, create<br />

visual tension and add dramatic impact<br />

through color or sculpted forms.<br />

Keep in mind, the provenance of the<br />

pieces selected can be anything from<br />

where each was found or made, the<br />

artist behind the design, the materials<br />

the piece is made from, or the craft<br />

employed to create the piece.<br />

Above all else, it’s important to<br />

be selective. An artful form that has<br />

meaning or a story behind it elevates<br />

and redefines a space, allowing you<br />

to achieve a lot of impact without<br />

spending a lot of money. Whether<br />

curating the family heirlooms of tomorrow<br />

or simply giving your home<br />

a refresh by purchasing a pivotal<br />

piece, products that make a statement<br />

can take your interior to a<br />

whole new level in design.<br />

(BPT) ª<br />

Please pardon our mess while we are making<br />

improvements to our facilities and building new offices.<br />

Make sure to keep an eye out for our new product lines<br />

coming soon in Spring of 2023!<br />

Ask how to win a free potted plant as a token of our appreciation<br />

Get Social With Us!<br />


Q Orlando Magic partners<br />

with Central Florida YMCA<br />

In its continuing commitment to<br />

local youth, Orlando Magic representatives<br />

announced a multiyear<br />

partnership with Central Florida<br />

YMCA. In celebration of the agreement,<br />

the Magic presented YMCA<br />

CEO Kevin Bolding with a jersey<br />

and autographed Magic basketball<br />

during halftime of a recent Magic vs.<br />

Wizards matchup.<br />

Under the agreement, Jr. Magic,<br />

the Magic’s youth sports league, will<br />

be offered at select YMCA locations<br />

locally. In addition, every athlete<br />

participating in non-basketball youth<br />

sports at a Central Florida YMCA,<br />

starting during the spring 2023 season,<br />

will receive a complimentary ticket<br />

to a Magic home game this regular<br />

season. <strong>The</strong> partnership also includes<br />

exclusive Magic opportunities for<br />

YMCA members, including special<br />

ticket offers, professional development<br />

opportunities for youth coaching<br />

staff/Jr. Magic league coaches,<br />

and a dedicated YMCA group night<br />


March 26 at the Magic's home game.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Magic will also participate in the<br />

YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day, a national<br />

initiative to improve the health and<br />

well-being of kids and families.<br />

For more information, visit<br />

ymcacf.org/programs/youthsports/<br />

basketball/.<br />

Q Winter Garden Goodwill<br />

manager recognized<br />

Goodwill Industries of<br />

Central Florida recognized seven<br />

outstanding leaders within the<br />

company at its GICF Leadership<br />

Conference 2022. Among them<br />

was Mark Mumley, manager at<br />

Goodwill’s Winter Garden location.<br />

Mumley received the Work<br />

Experience Champion Award.<br />

Many employees come to Goodwill<br />

with limited work experience, specifically<br />

in its unique industry of thrift<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x 13<br />

compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

retail. This creates a good opportunity<br />

to train these employees with<br />

skills that will help them both in their<br />

current positions at Goodwill and in<br />

any future endeavors they may experience.<br />

<strong>The</strong> most important part of<br />

training is a great trainer, someone<br />

who will ensure all tasks are completed,<br />

all questions are answered, and<br />

confidence is built in the trainee. <strong>The</strong><br />

Work Experience Champion Award<br />

recipients represent the “go-to” trainers<br />

for new employees.<br />

For more information, visit www.<br />

goodwillcfl.org.<br />

Q Toll Relief Program begins<br />

A new Toll Relief Program began<br />

in Florida at the beginning of this<br />

month. It provides credits to frequent<br />

commuters using toll roads across<br />

the state. <strong>The</strong> program automatically<br />

gives residents with 35 or more toll<br />

transactions per month a 50% credit<br />

to their accounts. <strong>The</strong>re is no need to<br />

apply for the toll relief, as credits will<br />

be applied automatically to each<br />

qualifying account. <strong>The</strong> program,<br />

proposed by Gov. Ron DeSantis<br />

and enacted by the Florida<br />

Legislature, will run through Dec. 31,<br />

2023. A map of included toll facilities<br />

and more information related to<br />

the program can be found online at<br />

floridasturnpike.com/tollrelief.<br />

Q Scholarships available for<br />

Celebration students<br />

Registration is open for<br />

Celebration Foundation scholarships<br />

to help local high school students<br />

advance their studies. Several<br />

scholarships are awarded annually<br />

to graduating seniors that live<br />

in Celebration and graduating seniors<br />

who attend Celebration High<br />

School. Art scholarships are also<br />

awarded to graduating seniors at<br />

Osceola County School For <strong>The</strong> Arts.<br />


FEBRUARY 3 | 7PM<br />



BOX OFFICE AT 407.351.LIVE<br />


14 x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


Successful applicants must demonstrate<br />

a high degree of volunteerism,<br />

have strong community/school involvement,<br />

and continue education<br />

at an accredited college or university.<br />

Registration is open through Jan. 31,<br />

2023. Interested applicants can learn<br />

more and apply through the Education<br />

Foundation of Osceola County at edfoundationosceola.awardspring.com.<br />


www.facebook.com/<br />

southwestorlandobulletin<br />

West Orange Chamber of<br />

Commerce representatives held<br />

a five-year anniversary celebration<br />

for TopGolf Orlando. WOCC builds<br />

partnerships, strong businesses and<br />

commitment to the community by<br />

serving as the leading business advocate<br />

in Central Florida, facilitating<br />

opportunity to nearly 1,000 member<br />

businesses. For more information<br />

about WOCC, call 407-656-1304<br />

or visit wochamber.com.<br />

photo courtesy of WOCC<br />

West Orange Chamber of Commerce ambassadors celebrate the fifth anniversary of<br />

TopGolf Orlando. ª<br />


7460 Docs Grove Circle<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-903-9360<br />

<strong>The</strong> services provided<br />

include treatment of:<br />

Disc Disease/Herniation<br />

Spinal Stenosis<br />

Cervical & Lumbar Radiculopathy<br />

Spondylolisthesis<br />

Spinal Fractures<br />

For the convenience of our<br />

patients we offer<br />

Magnetic Resonance Imaging<br />

At Spine & Brain Neurosurgery Center, it is our<br />

mission to offer the best in medical care by<br />

combining a team of specialized providers with the<br />

latest technologies to achieve the best outcomes and<br />

improve quality of life. We are committed to<br />

educating our patients about their choices, stand by<br />

them as they exhaust less-invasive options, and offer<br />

expert surgical care when it becomes necessary.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x 15<br />


Submit your purrr-fect pet photos for Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s 22nd<br />

annual pet photo album! Southwest Orlando's picture-perfect pets will<br />

be featured in our March 16 issue.<br />

All photos must be received by Feb. 22. Email photos to<br />

Lauren@kearneypublishing.com.<br />

All photos must be at least 200 KB in size.<br />

Please include name, pet’s name, address, neighborhood and phone<br />

number on entry. For more information, call 407-351-1573, option 4,<br />

or email Lauren@kearneypublishing.com.<br />

* Must be a Southwest resident to participate.<br />

Dogs • Cats • Birds • Reptiles • Rabbits • Fish • Rodents • Horses • Etc.

16 x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


compiled by Lisa Sagers<br />

Nurse Practitioners:<br />

Esther Pelissier, ARPN-BC<br />

Irene Gan, PMHNP<br />

Raykha Crag-Chaderton, PMHNP-BC<br />

Nadine Massillon, ARPN<br />

<strong>The</strong>rapists:<br />

Michael Kellogg, LMHC, ATR-BC<br />

Randie Morillo, LCSW, ACSW<br />

Amy Singleton, LMHC<br />

Brooke Parker, LMHC<br />

Cristal Daniel, LMHC<br />

Nadine Massillon<br />

Esther Pelissier<br />

n Charities/Fundraisers<br />

Feb. 9 — Walk A Mile In Her Shoes<br />

<strong>The</strong> 10th annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, during<br />

which men and women strap on stilettos (or blingy<br />

flip-flops or sneakers if preferred) and walk down<br />

Orange Avenue to show solidarity with survivors of<br />

domestic violence. Time: 5 p.m. for registration and<br />

various activities; the event formally kicks off on the<br />

steps of the Orange County Courthouse at 6 p.m. Cost:<br />

$35 to receive an event T-shirt; $25 without receiving<br />

a T-shirt, with proceeds benefiting Harbor House of<br />

Central Florida. For more information or to register, visit<br />

www.classy.org/event/walk-a-mile-in-her-shoes-2023/<br />

e457201.<br />

Feb. 25 — An Evening With Fabulous<br />

Friends<br />

Mennello Museum of American Art, 900 E. Princeton<br />

St., Orlando, hosts An Evening With Fabulous Friends,<br />

including art, music, dinner, a champagne toast and<br />

luxury auction with featured artist Donna Dowless’ <strong>The</strong><br />

Colors of Love. Time: 6-9 p.m. Cost: $275. Sponsorships<br />

are available. For more information or to purchase tickets,<br />

email mennello.museum@cityoforlando.net or visit<br />

mennellomuseum.charityproud.org/eventregistration/<br />

Index/10795.<br />

n Events/Performances<br />

Jan. 22 — Pets On <strong>The</strong> Promenade<br />

Promenade at Sunset Walk, 3251 Margaritaville<br />

Blvd., Kissimmee, hosts Pets on the Promenade,<br />

including pet portraits and yappy hours. Time: noon-<br />

4 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, visit<br />

sunsetwalk.com.<br />

Feb. 12 — Big Game Watch Party<br />

Promenade at Sunset Walk, 3251 Margaritaville Blvd.,<br />

Kissimmee, hosts the Big Game Watch Party, including<br />

outdoor seating, live music, a giant video wall and more.<br />

Time: 2 p.m. Kickoff is 6:30 p.m. Admission is free. For<br />

more information, visit sunsetwalk.com.<br />

n Networking/Clubs<br />

Ongoing — Members Wanted<br />

<strong>The</strong> West Orange Women seeks women of all ages to<br />

join its group for fun, friendship and philanthropy. Annual<br />

dues are $20. For more information, call Mary Borgan,<br />

407-929-3030; or visit www.westorangewomen.com.<br />

Jan. 24, 31 & Feb. 7 — Virtual<br />

Toastmasters Meetings<br />

Windermere Toastmasters Club No. 4662754 holds Zoom<br />

meetings. Attendees learn to develop their oral communication<br />

and leadership skills in a supportive and positive<br />

learning environment. Time: Tuesdays from 7-8:30 p.m.<br />

For more information or to request online Zoom meeting<br />

details, visit www.4662754.toastmastersclubs.org and<br />

click “Contact Us.”<br />

Jan. 25, Feb. 1, 8, 15 & 22 — Virtual<br />

Toastmasters Meetings<br />

<strong>The</strong> Turnpike Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings.<br />

Time: Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. For more<br />

information or to register for a virtual meeting, visit<br />

2362.toastmastersclubs.org and click “Contact Us” at<br />

least one day before the event.<br />

Jan. 26, Feb. 2, 9, 16 & 23 — Virtual<br />

Toastmasters Meetings<br />

<strong>The</strong> Vista Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings.<br />

Time: Thursdays from 7-8:30 p.m. For more information,<br />

email vistatoastmasters.zoom@gmail.com or visit<br />

www.vistatoastmasters.org.<br />

Jan. 26, Feb. 9 & 23 — Thursday<br />

Networking Group Meetings<br />

West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Thursday<br />

Networking Group meets at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA<br />

Family Center, 7000 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando. Time:<br />

second and fourth Thursday of each month from 8:30-<br />

9:30 a.m. For more information, email Jim Zeitschel,<br />

jim.zeitschel@primelending.com.<br />

Feb. 2 — Retired Educators Meeting<br />

Church on the Drive, 1914 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, hosts a<br />

meeting of the Orange County Retired Educators Association<br />

for its annual potluck birthday lunch, during which retirees<br />

turning 90 this year are celebrated. Attendees should bring<br />

their favorite potluck food to share. Anyone who has worked<br />

in education is welcome to attend, and masks are optional.<br />

Time: 11:30 a.m. For more information, call 407-843-6909.<br />

n Support Groups<br />

Feb. 2 & 7 — GriefShare Support Groups<br />

Begin<br />

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 4851 S. Apopka-<br />

Vineland Road, Orlando, hosts 13-week GriefShare support<br />

groups, beginning Feb. 2 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. for the<br />

online meeting or Feb. 7 from 10 a.m.-noon for the in-person<br />

meeting. <strong>The</strong> in-person meeting gathers in the Special Events<br />

Dining Room of Building C. All faiths are welcome. To<br />

register, visit st.lukes.org/griefshare. For more information,<br />

call 407-876-4991, ext. 262; or email care@st.lukes.org.<br />

Feb. 9 — Autism Spectrum Disorder<br />

Online Support Group<br />

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 4851 S. Apopka-<br />

Vineland Road, Orlando, hosts an autism spectrum disorder<br />

online support group for parents of children/teens on<br />

the autism spectrum. Participants share challenges, ideas,<br />

concerns, success stories and fellowship in a safe place. A<br />

trained facilitator leads the group each month. Time: 6:30-<br />

8 p.m. To get login information or for more information,<br />

call 407-876-4991, ext. 262; or email care@st.lukes.org.<br />

Feb. 12 — Coping With Caregiving<br />

Online Support Group<br />

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 4851 S. Apopka-<br />

Vineland Road, Orlando, hosts the Coping With Caregiving:<br />

Support for Caregivers free virtual meeting for anyone who

is caring for a spouse, parent or child with a long-term illness,<br />

age-related issues or special needs. Time: 3-4 p.m. To<br />

register, visit st.lukes.org/caregiving. For more information,<br />

call 407-876-4991, ext. 262; or email care@st.lukes.org.<br />

n Volunteer<br />

Opportunities<br />

Ongoing — Virtual Volunteers Needed<br />

RSVP seeks volunteers to help make masks for <strong>Corner</strong>stone<br />

Hospice & Palliative Care. For more information or if<br />

interested, call Tyler VanBuren, 630-335-3084; or email<br />

tvanburen@vcifl.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

<strong>The</strong> Foster Grandparent Program seeks limited-income<br />

volunteers 55-older to join in helping children in schools<br />

all around Central Florida. For more information, call 407-<br />

298-4180 or visit volunteersforcommunityimpact.org/wpcontent/uploads/2020/01/FGP-Info-Flyer-1-13-20.pdf.<br />

Ongoing — Pet Foster Homes Needed<br />

As part of its Pet Peace of Mind program, <strong>Corner</strong>stone<br />

Hospice seeks foster homes for pets left behind after their<br />

owners pass away. For more information or to receive an<br />

application to foster, email ppom@cshospice.org. For more<br />

information about hospice volunteer opportunities, call<br />

Sharon Smith, 404-290-1583; or email ssmith@vcifl.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers/Docents Needed<br />

Oakland Nature Preserve, 747 Machete Trail, Oakland,<br />

seeks adults interested in learning about the history,<br />

wildlife, plants and restoration efforts at ONP to volunteer<br />

at the preserve to greet visitors, help answer<br />

questions and lead a tour from time to time. Workdays<br />

are Mondays and/or Saturdays. For more information,<br />

email outreach@oaklandnaturepreserve.org or visit<br />

www.oaklandnaturepreserve.org/guide. To register<br />

online, visit oaklandnaturepreserve.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteer Veterans Needed<br />

<strong>Corner</strong>stone Hospice seeks volunteers who are veterans<br />

of America’s armed forces to honor patients who<br />

are veterans by visiting them in their homes, a facility<br />

or a hospital. <strong>Corner</strong>stone Hospice is a four-star<br />

level member of the We Honor Veterans program, a<br />

national initiative to provide veterans in hospice care<br />

with specialized services. All volunteers must participate<br />

in mandatory training that includes an overview<br />

of what is hospice care and how volunteers play an<br />

important role in caring for patients. For more information,<br />

call Olivia Davidson, 407-206-5060; or email<br />

odavidso@cshospice.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

<strong>The</strong> Mustard Seed of Central Florida, 12 Mustard<br />

Seed Lane, Orlando, seeks volunteers who can help<br />

with donation sorting, mattress recycling, warehouse<br />

maintenance, administrative work, special<br />

events or general maintenance. For more information,<br />

call 407-875-2040, ext. 110; or email<br />

jessi@mustardseedfla.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

<strong>The</strong> town of Oakland seeks volunteers to assist in<br />

various fun and fulfilling roles at <strong>The</strong> Healthy West<br />

Orange Arts and Heritage Center. Applicants must<br />

consent to a criminal background check. For more<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x 17<br />

information, call Pamela Stewart, 407-656-1117, ext.<br />

2112; email arts&heritage@oaklandfl.gov; or visit<br />

bit.ly/artsandheritagecenter.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

My Brother’s Keeper seeks volunteers — especially adult<br />

men (18-older) of color — who can serve as positive role<br />

models and mentor boys and young men of color. For<br />

more information, email Grace, gdearden@vcifl.org, at<br />

Volunteers for Community Impact.<br />

Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are<br />

welcome. Please send information six weeks<br />

before the event to P.O. Box 851, Windermere,<br />

FL 34787; call 407-351-1573, option 5; or email<br />

Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />



Delivered<br />

to your<br />

mailbox<br />

or inbox.<br />

407-351-1573<br />


18 x January 19 — February 1, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

School News<br />

SEEN<br />

<strong>The</strong> Panther Lake Elementary School family enjoyed several accomplishments and events last semester.<br />

Faculty members and staff congratulated November Principal Award students last month. <strong>The</strong> school held its first<br />

Teach-In, with extra thanks to special guests Samar Abdel-Jabber, David and Jamie Betz, Tim Billon,<br />

John Blonn, Catie Caicco, Championship Martial Arts, Crystal Geyer, Seann Graddy, Erinn<br />

Griggs, Snowden Hernandez-Burkhart, Jennifer Hodges, Heather Kalapodis, Ashley Kalinski,<br />

Valerie Lakemper, Krista McCracken, Josh Petrozziello, Giovanna Prete, Michael Rodriguez,<br />

Terri Ann Saunders, Jaclyn Smith, Sasha Strzesak, Michelle Sugarman and Jose Joel Torres.<br />

Students also raised money and awareness for the American Heart Association, participating in the Kids Heart<br />

Challenge. PLES raised an impressive $14,494 during the challenge.

Meet <strong>The</strong> Goodless Dermatology Team!<br />

Same day appointments available<br />

Treatments for Skin Cancer, Acne Psoriasis, Eczema.<br />

Offering Radiation <strong>The</strong>rapy (SRT)<br />

MOHs Surgery Phototherapy<br />

Same day appointments available<br />

407-566-1616 | www.goodlessdermatology.com

P.O. Box 851<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

You will LOVE your new windows<br />


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