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The heartbeat of the community<br />

O<br />


April 6 — 19, 2023 | Since 1986<br />

Locations in Dr. Phillips<br />

and Winter Garden.<br />

Huntington<br />

Learning Center<br />

Getting Students Back<br />

on Track for Success


APRIL 9 | 11 A.M.–4:30 P.M.<br />

$58.95 *<br />

per adult<br />

(prepaid reservation)<br />

$24.95 *<br />

per child, 4–12<br />

(3 and under free)<br />

More Than 60 Dishes | Complimentary Champagne & Mimosas | Free Self-Parking<br />

RosenCentre.com/Easter | 407.996.3969 | 9840 International Drive<br />

*Not inclusive of tax and service charge. Walk-ins welcome based on availability and for an additional charge.

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SOUTHWEST SPOTLIGHT.....................................................................6<br />

Young Author Is Going Places<br />

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COMMUNITY AWARENESS.................................................................7<br />

Italian-Americans Unite in Community<br />

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE.....................................................................8<br />

Huntington Learning Center<br />

SUMMER KIDS CALENDER...................................................................9<br />

SCHOOL NEWS...............................................................................14<br />

IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD...............................................................17<br />

COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD.........................................................20<br />

SCHOOL NEWS SEEN......................................................................22<br />

Panther Lake Elementary School<br />


Rick V. Martin<br />


Yvette Martin<br />

April 6, 2023<br />

Volume XXXV<strong>II</strong>, No. 11<br />


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Leona Braun<br />

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Windermere, FL 34786<br />

407-351-1573<br />

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Some students like geography, and<br />

then there are students who want others<br />

to appreciate the joys of geography<br />

as much as they do. That would<br />

describe the recently published author<br />

of Kobe's World Adventure,<br />

Windermere<br />

School student Kaylan Patel.<br />

A two-time Florida<br />

Geography Bee champion,<br />

Kaylan felt the need to give<br />

youth in Central Florida the<br />

opportunity to love geography<br />

as much as he does.<br />

“The book basically takes<br />

the kids on a little tour of the<br />

country with some fun facts<br />

but some geography facts,<br />

as well, for them to learn,”<br />

the 16-year-old high school<br />

junior said. “Considering I<br />

used to compete, I wanted<br />

to do something with geography,<br />

and I thought the best<br />

way to do that [at] another<br />

level would be to write a geography<br />

book for kids.”<br />

Preparatory<br />

Kobe’s World Adventure revolves<br />

around the character<br />


Young Author Is Going Places<br />

Taking Geography to the Next Level<br />

by Blair Parke<br />

Windermere Preparatory School student Kaylan Patel<br />

publishes Kobe's World Adventure.<br />

Kobe and his family traveling<br />

the U.S., visiting<br />

some known landmarks<br />

in each state, and learning<br />

something new connected<br />

with the states.<br />

The book is written for<br />

elementary-age children,<br />

and, after publishing the<br />

book, Kaylan decided<br />

he wanted to share his<br />

book by reading and<br />

later gifting it to area<br />

elementary schools. He<br />

most recently read the<br />

book at Hungerford<br />

Elemen tary School<br />

during the past summer,<br />

an experience he will<br />

treasure.<br />

“When I was reading to them, they<br />

were really engaged and asking<br />

questions, enjoying the book and excited<br />

to get the book,” said Kaylan,<br />

who also has read to children at a<br />

Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida<br />

and an intensive care unit in an<br />

AdventHealth hospital.<br />

Kaylan and his parents started<br />

their own 501(c)3 foundation —<br />

Lending Hand Global Foundation<br />

— and plan to partner with A Gift<br />

for Teaching to include Kaylan’s<br />

book with boxes of supplies to<br />

Title 1 teachers in Central Florida.<br />

The foundation also plans to sponsor<br />

more book, clothing and food<br />

drives.<br />

As he looks to the future, Kaylan<br />

already is planning to write more<br />

Kobe’s World Adventure books for<br />

all the world’s continents, anything<br />

to give students the opportunity to<br />

learn and love geography.<br />

“I want to spread knowledge to as<br />

many people as I can,” he said.<br />

For more information, visit www.lendinghandg<br />

lobalfoundation.com. ª<br />


7345 W. Sand Lake Rd. Ste 301<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

321-204-8237<br />

www.flwellnessmd.com<br />

• Mayo Clinic trained and double board-certified M.D. in Interventional<br />

Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation<br />

• Voted and featured in Best Doctors in Orlando Magazine<br />

• Fluent in Spanish<br />

Services offered:<br />

• High-quality Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and image-guided<br />

injections for chronic injuries and arthritis<br />

• PRP for male and female hair restoration<br />

• Worker’s compensation, auto accidents and Slip and falls<br />

• Botox® injections for Migraines and aesthetics<br />

• Joint and spinal injections under X-ray and ultrasound guidance<br />

• Evaluation and non-opioid treatment of pain disorders<br />

• Specialized tests for muscle and nerve problems (EMG/NCS)<br />

All Together Now<br />

June 3 - July 29<br />

In-person and virtual events for kids of all ages<br />

Fun - Educational - Free

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 7<br />



Italian-Americans<br />

Unite in Community<br />

Unico Civic Group Is Established in Central Florida<br />

by Leona Braun<br />

Have you heard of Dr. Anthony<br />

P. Vastola of Waterbury,<br />

Connecticut? Do you know what he<br />

has to do with the Italian-American<br />

community in the Greater Orlando<br />

area?<br />

Dr. Vastola was born in 1889 in<br />

San Valentino, Italy. When he was<br />

6, his family immigrated to New<br />

Haven, Connecticut. He graduated<br />

from Yale University and Fordham<br />

Medical School as a physician and<br />

surgeon. When his request to join<br />

a local service organization was<br />

turned down because of his ethnic<br />

background, he conceived the idea<br />

of a civic group with members of<br />

Italian heritage.<br />

In October 1922, a group of 15<br />

men met in Dr. Vastola’s home to organize<br />

just such a group patterned<br />

after other civic organizations. It<br />

was a fulfillment of his dream to<br />

unite men of Italian heritage in an<br />

organization to perform charitable,<br />

patriotic and educational deeds.<br />

This was the birth of Unico — its<br />

name taken from the Italian language<br />

to indicate that the group<br />

was “unique.” Soon, word spread<br />

about the organization, and chapters<br />

began to spring up around the<br />

country.<br />

Windermere residents Joe<br />

and Jeana Scalo also had a<br />

dream to establish a chapter of<br />

Unico. They both grew up in Italian<br />

families in upstate New York.<br />

“I hid my Italian heritage from the<br />

bullies, especially in high school,”<br />

Jeana said. “I did not grow up with<br />

extended family support like Joe<br />

did.”<br />

The Scalos moved to Florida in<br />

1983 when Joe landed a job at a<br />

Tampa law firm. This led to a job in<br />

the Orlando area in 1988, where<br />

they settled to raise a family. The<br />

couple has four daughters and one<br />

son. During a family trip to Italy in<br />

2019, when Joe visited his grandfather’s<br />

home, he became inspired to<br />

preserve and pass on his heritage.<br />

“It was shortly thereafter that<br />

we started our effort to establish<br />

a chapter in Orlando as a means<br />

of promoting and embracing our<br />

Italian-American heritage and culture,”<br />

Jeana said.<br />

During the COVID-19 pandemic<br />

in 2020, little happened toward<br />

building a Central Florida chapter.<br />

After the pandemic, however,<br />

the work began to organize and<br />

publicize. The Orlando chapter of<br />

Unico received its charter March<br />

27, 2022, creating the 100th chapter<br />

in the USA in the 100-yearold<br />

organization. Another dream<br />

realized.<br />

Today, the Greater Orlando<br />

chapter of Unico is presided over<br />

by Joe, president, and Jeana, assistant<br />

vice president; and they<br />

want to hear from others of Italian-<br />

American heritage in the area.<br />

One of its most important activities<br />

involves fundraising for college<br />

scholarships in all areas of study.<br />

In 2022, local Unico awarded 20<br />

scholarships totaling $98,250 to<br />

graduating high school seniors.<br />

The members also have fun<br />

events. Four times per year, a couple<br />

in the group hosts a heritage<br />

dinner that features foods from their<br />

ancestors’ region of Italy. They also<br />

sold raffles to win a trip to Italy.<br />

The winner was drawn at the club’s<br />

anniversary celebration last month.<br />

If you are of Italian heritage,<br />

want to make friends with those<br />

who share your customs, and desire<br />

to be a positive influence<br />

in the community, Unico is your<br />

service/social club. Jeana and<br />

Joe are waiting for your email at<br />

joescalo324@gmail.com. ª

8 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Huntington Learning Center<br />

Getting Students Back on Track for Success<br />

Huntington Learning Center<br />

has established itself as a trusted<br />

learning environment for students in<br />

the Dr. Phillips, Windermere and<br />

now Winter Garden areas. In the<br />

spring of 2022, the center opened a<br />

second location in Winter Garden<br />

to better serve families in that area.<br />

In today’s academic environment,<br />

students are facing more challenges<br />

than ever before, but Huntington<br />

Learning Center is prepared and<br />

equipped to help.<br />

Executive Director Aziz Kabani<br />

explained the problem facing students<br />

is they have been trying to play<br />

catch up each year since COVID-19.<br />

“We’re still dealing with the effects<br />

of COVID-19, and we’re seeing issues<br />

arise because of that learning loss,”<br />

Kabani said.<br />

Students are already at a disadvantage<br />

going into a new school year.<br />

There is a known learning regression<br />

that happens every summer. When<br />

parents take into consideration the<br />

challenges that schools have faced<br />

during the past couple of years, children<br />

aren’t retaining the information<br />

they’re learning as well and are struggling<br />

as a result.<br />

Staying One Step Ahead<br />

Huntington Learning Center is committed<br />

to helping students, not just<br />

get back on track, but continue to<br />

progress.<br />

“Our goal is to always have students<br />

working one grade level<br />

ahead,” Kabani said. “We identify<br />

where their skill level is and build all<br />

the way up.”<br />

Huntington Learning Center does<br />

this through thorough evaluation of<br />

what each student needs and oneon-one<br />

instruction customized to each<br />

child. It also offers a virtual option for<br />

those who aren’t comfortable coming<br />

to the center in person. Virtual<br />

students get the exact same learning<br />

experience online, as well as access<br />

to the same 3,000 pieces of curriculum<br />

that is available in the center.<br />

Whether it’s reading, writing or math,<br />

the teachers are able to continue oneon-one<br />

instruction online at no extra<br />

charge.<br />

“The first thing we do is give the<br />

student an assessment to see exactly<br />

where they fall with their skill level,”<br />

Kabani said. “Our goal is to be able<br />

to identify any setback or any gaps<br />

in their foundational skills. From there,<br />

we develop a program for each individual<br />

child. There are no two students<br />

in our program that are working<br />

on the same curriculum. It’s all based<br />

on specific needs.”<br />

The dedication to each child’s success<br />

and willingness to go above and<br />

beyond are what truly set Huntington<br />

Learning Center apart. The teachers<br />

work in partnership with parents and<br />

schools. They have progress meetings<br />

with the child’s parents every few<br />

weeks, so they are informed of what<br />

skills their child is working on and how<br />

he or she is progressing. They may<br />

reach out to the student’s teachers at<br />

school to collaborate on the best way<br />

to help the student progress, and they<br />

are happy to attend IEP or 504 meetings<br />

to advocate for the student.<br />

All teachers at Huntington<br />

Learning Center are required to hold<br />


a minimum four-year degree and<br />

must be trained specifically in the<br />

subject matter they are teaching. The<br />

center has been helping students for<br />

more than 20 years and is accredited<br />

by the Middle States Association.<br />

It is also accredited as a private<br />

school by the Florida Department of<br />

Education.<br />

With the largest SAT program in<br />

the state, their average test score increases<br />

are impressive. A Huntington<br />

student’s SAT test score will on average<br />

increase by 250 points or more,<br />

and their ACT test score will on average<br />

increase by 6 points.<br />

“For some people, it’s the difference<br />

between even going to college<br />

and not going to college,” Kabani<br />

said.<br />

Huntington Day School<br />

In an effort to enhance learning<br />

even further, Huntington Learning<br />

Center opened the Huntington<br />

Day School in 2020. The small,<br />

private school accepts K-4 students.<br />

It is accredited by the Florida<br />

Department of Education, and it mirrors<br />

Orange County Public Schools’<br />

calendar and hours for parents’ convenience.<br />

Many parents will also be<br />

happy to learn that Huntington Day<br />

School is exempt from requiring third<br />

and fourth graders to take the FSA.<br />

Building Confidence<br />

in Academics<br />

Confidence-building is a key element<br />

in helping students excel. All<br />

the teachers at Huntington Learning<br />

Center aim to encourage the students<br />

and boost their confidence.<br />

Parents who come to Huntington<br />

Learning Center are often in a contentious<br />

relationship with their kids.<br />

They feel frustrated and discouraged<br />

at having to fight over homework every<br />

night and not being able to help.<br />

And, the kids are doing what Kabani<br />

calls delayed avoidance. They want<br />

to do everything else except their<br />

homework, because it’s hard. They<br />

want to save the hardest thing for<br />

last, and then it doesn’t get done.<br />

“We want to let students know that<br />

they can do the work,” Kabani said.<br />

“The biggest complaint we get from<br />

the parents is, ‘I cannot sit with my<br />

child and do homework. My daughter<br />

and I get into a fight every single<br />

night about doing this, because it’s<br />

too hard for her, and she doesn’t<br />

want to listen to me.’ When we’re<br />

able to build these skills, the student<br />

is able to work independently, and<br />

it changes the whole relationship<br />

between the parent and the child,<br />

because they’re able to get back<br />

to being Mom and Dad and the<br />

child instead of the teacher and the<br />

student.”<br />

After studying at Huntington<br />

Learning Center, the same children<br />

who struggled to read when they<br />

started at the center are now reading<br />

two or three grade levels ahead.<br />

And, they like it, because they’ve<br />

become good at it. Huntington<br />

Learning Center builds those skills,<br />

and the confidence to tackle learning<br />

challenges and excel at them.<br />

For more information, call 407-290-1111 or<br />

visit huntingtonhelps.com/center/dr-phillips or<br />

huntingtonhelps.com/center/winter-garden-fl. ª

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 9<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Kids</strong><br />

C a lendar<br />

It’s never too early<br />

to plan for the summer!<br />

If you’re seeking<br />

kid-friendly activities to<br />

keep your children entertained,<br />

active and out of<br />

trouble, then look no further.<br />

Southwest Orlando<br />

Bulletin’s second 2023<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>Kids</strong> <strong>Calendar</strong><br />

provides great ideas to<br />

get you started!<br />

Footworks<br />

Dance<br />

Studio offers<br />

summer<br />

programs for<br />

all ages.<br />

DANCE CAMPS at Footworks Dance<br />

Studio, 1201 Winter Garden Vineland<br />

Road, Winter Garden; 407-877-2260;<br />

www.footworksdancestudio.com, offer summer<br />

programs for all ages. Camps begin June<br />

12, and the five-week summer class program<br />

is June 12-July 28. Classes include ballet, hiphop,<br />

musical theater/jazz, acro, aerial silks,<br />

Shining Star combo class, Twinkle Star combo<br />

class, stretch and conditioning, rotations<br />

and improvisation, Wee Hop & Tumble, and<br />

Mommy & Me.<br />


10 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

SUMMER 2023<br />


June 26th – July 21st<br />

Camp Gan Israel is a summer camp dedicated to enriching the lives of<br />

children from diverse Jewish backgrounds and affiliations, through a<br />

stimulating camping experience. Campers are infused with a deep sense<br />

of pride in their Jewish heritage, and love for the land of Israel. We put<br />

great focus on child safety and program quality. We offer a variety of<br />

“Funshops” to suit each camper’s interest and talent.<br />

Lake Cypress <strong>Summer</strong> Camp attendees have a multitude of activities to keep them<br />

engaged.<br />

LAKE CYPRESS SUMMER CAMP at Windermere Preparatory<br />

School, 6189 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Windermere; 407-905-7737;<br />

camp.windermereprep.com, offers a program where campers choose their<br />

own adventure! Each week boasts a different theme and includes on-campus<br />

field trips, lots of specialty camp rooms, swimming, sports, dance, martial arts,<br />

inflatables and more. Dates run June 5-July 28. Choose any weeks you want!<br />

Camp days are 9 a.m.-3 p.m. for $299, or extended day is 7:45 a.m.-5:45<br />

p.m. for $389.<br />

The Orange County Library System hosts <strong>Summer</strong> at Your Library for all ages.<br />

LIBRARY SUMMER FUN takes place through Orange County Library<br />

System’s <strong>Summer</strong> at Your Library, 407-835-7323, ocls.info/summer.<br />

Fun, educational and free programs and activities are available for all ages.<br />

The website is live, so you can browse what the library has in store, and registration<br />

begins May 1. <strong>Summer</strong> at Your Library takes place June 3-July 29.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 11<br />

Orlando Area Rowing Society camp participants improve their strength and fitness<br />

while having fun on the water.<br />

ROWING SUMMER CAMPS with Orlando Area Rowing<br />

Society, 2457 Maguire Road, Windermere; oarsrowing.com/summer;<br />

info@oarsrowing.com. OARS holds an Open Boathouse event in May. Try<br />

a new sport and learn to row this summer. Weekly camps are available<br />

for middle and high school students of all fitness levels. No experience<br />

required!<br />



International Baccalaureate Diploma & Certificate Program<br />

Collaborations with MIT, The Juilliard School, and UNICEF<br />

100% College Acceptance & Enrollment Rate<br />

Award winning Fine Arts programs<br />

Over 21 Athletic programs for Grade 6 - 12<br />


(407) 905-7737 info@windermereprep.com windermereprep.com<br />



Young<br />

people are<br />

introduced<br />

to the<br />

world of<br />

aeronautics<br />

through<br />

Vision of<br />

Flight’s<br />

summer<br />

camps.<br />

Weekly camps for middle and high school students<br />

of all fitness levels. No experience required!<br />

STEM AVIATION SUMMER CAMPS at Vision of Flight are unlike<br />

any other summer camps in Central Florida. Geared toward ages 10-18,<br />

two camps include four exciting days of youth empowerment through realworld<br />

aviation experiences such as ground school basics, VR interactive flight<br />


OarsRowing.com/<strong>Summer</strong><br />



12 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


simulation, drones, special guest speakers, instructional flights and more.<br />

Camp Session Alpha is July 10-13, and Camp Session Bravo is July 24-27.<br />

For more information, call 407-719-0912 or email info@visionofflight.org. To<br />

register, visit visionofflight.org/vision-of-flight-youth-aviation-summer-camp.<br />


are held at The First<br />

Academy, 2667<br />

Bruton Blvd., Orlando.<br />

Royal <strong>Summer</strong> at TFA<br />

is for all students<br />

in Central Florida,<br />

from preschoolers<br />

to rising 12th graders.<br />

Camps include<br />

all-day and half-day<br />

opportunities from<br />

June 5-July 28. Royal<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> camps have<br />

engaging offerings,<br />

including academics,<br />

sports, the arts, STEM<br />

Royal <strong>Summer</strong> at The First Academy offers all-day and<br />

part-time camp opportunities.<br />

learning and additional summer fun! For more information or to register, visit<br />

thefirstacademy.org/summercamps.<br />

16 TH ANNUAL<br />




FRIDAY, APRIL 28 | 6:30 PM<br />

Southwest Branch | 7255 Della Drive Orlando, FL 32819<br />

The 16th Annual Southwest Author Series returns - presented in partnership with The Rotary<br />

Club of Dr. Phillips. New York Times bestselling author Jane Green will speak and sign copies of<br />

her books. The event is free and light refreshments will be served.<br />

<br />

Campers enjoy a variety of outdoor activities at Gan Israel Day Camp.<br />

SUMMER CAMPS at Gan Israel Day Camp, 407-354-3660,<br />

www.ilovegi.com, take place on 27 beautiful acres that are dedicated to enriching<br />

the lives of children from diverse Jewish backgrounds and affiliations<br />

through stimulating camp experiences. Activities include sports, swimming,<br />

archery, a ropes course, watersports, art and specialty fun shops. Camp Gan<br />

Israel is part of the largest, fastest-growing network of day camps, enjoying<br />

a reputation as a trendsetter in Jewish camping with innovative ideas and<br />

creative programs. CGI is accredited by the American Camp Association.<br />

Camp sessions are June 26-July 21 from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Extended care<br />

is available.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 13<br />

Windermere Preparatory School gives its campers hands-on tennis experience.<br />

SUMMER TENNIS AND CAMPS at Windermere<br />

Preparatory School and its tri-sport tennis/golf/<br />

swim at West Orange Country Club, 3300 West<br />

Orange Country Club Drive, Winter Garden, begin<br />

May 29. The program includes fun, games and activities<br />

while keeping cool, as well as a lifeguard-supervised<br />

swimming pool cool-off! The cost is $325 per person<br />

for five days from 9 a.m.-noon. Lessons/junior programs<br />

continue throughout the summer with top tennis professionals<br />

on staff. For more information or electronic registration,<br />

visit www.orlandotennisacademy.com or email<br />

info@orlandotennisacademy.com. ª<br />

www.facebook.com/<br />

southwestorlandobulletin<br />

• Ground School Basics<br />

• VR Interactive Flight Simulation<br />

Camp Itinerary:<br />

• Drones / UAV Build and Test Fly<br />

• Special Guest Speakers<br />

For more info: (407) 719-0912 • info@visionofflight.org<br />

Register Today! VisionofFlight.org<br />

SUMMER<br />

CAMP<br />

Ages 10-18<br />


ALPHA Session: July 10th - 13th<br />

Bravo Session: July 24th - 27th<br />

(9 AM - 3 PM Daily)<br />

• Instruction Flight<br />

(Real Flight Time)

14 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Q Bay Lake Elementary<br />

Bay Lake Elementary fourth grader<br />

Danny Huang won Florida Art<br />

Education Association’s<br />

2023 Youth Art Flag Design<br />

competition with his colorful<br />

drawing, Keep the Earth<br />

Clean and Rivers Evergreen.<br />

He is the first Orange<br />

County Public Schools student<br />

to be selected for this<br />

honor. His artwork is part of<br />

a flag that will be displayed<br />

at the 2023 National Art<br />

Education Association conference<br />

in San Antonio this<br />

month.<br />

Q Bay Meadows<br />

Elementary<br />

Bay Meadows Elementary<br />

held its Book-a-Neer<br />

Book Fair: Where Books<br />

Are a Treasure. The fair’s theme was<br />

“Pirates,” and it was held for the K5<br />

class. It was coordinated by Julie<br />

Gifford, media specialist, and<br />

Start early June<br />


Beginners and High<br />

Performance<br />

coupled with a Muffins With Mom<br />

Parent Teacher Association event for<br />

the entire school. The events raised<br />

$18,000.<br />


Jessica Sprague’s second grade class at Bay Meadows Elementary attends the<br />

school’s Book-a-Neer Book Fair: Where Books Are a Treasure.<br />

Start early June<br />

For all your summer tennis requirements at<br />

For all your summer tennis requirements at<br />

Windermere Prep School and West Orange Country Club.<br />

dermere Prep School and West Orange Country Club.<br />

407 928 6666<br />

(407) 928-6666<br />

OrlandoTennisAcademy.com<br />

info@orlandotennisacademy.com<br />

6189 Winter Garden-Vineland Rd, Windermere<br />

West Orange Country Club<br />

3300 W Orange Country Club Dr, Winter Garden<br />

354455-1<br />


Beginners For and High all your summer tennis requirements<br />

Performance at Windermere Prep School and<br />

West Orange Country Club.<br />

Top Coaches on the Courts All <strong>Summer</strong><br />

#1 Tennis Facility in Southwest Orlando<br />

Children of All Ages and Abilities<br />

407 928 6666<br />

Bethany Gano,<br />

author of Lulu the<br />

Beaver, visited Bay<br />

Meadows Elementary<br />

for an author’s visit.<br />

Her book was a<br />

compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

gold medal winner of the 2022<br />

President’s Award for children’s<br />

book illustration from the Florida<br />

Authors and Publishers Association.<br />

Bethany visited the kindergarten and<br />

first grade classes to share her book<br />

and talk about her career as an author<br />

and illustrator.<br />

Q Panther Lake Elementary<br />

Panther Lake Elementary Principal Christine Szymanski<br />

(left) congratulates Stephanie Xenias (center) and Katie<br />

Schwartz on being named as the school’s support person<br />

of the year and teacher of the year, respectively.<br />

During the Orange<br />

County Public<br />

Schools Stellar<br />

Awards, Panther<br />

Lake Elementary<br />

ho nored its support<br />

person of the year<br />

and teacher of the<br />

year. This year’s<br />

recipients were<br />

Guillermo J. Nazario, D.C.

Stephanie Xenias, support person<br />

of the year, and Katie Schwartz,<br />

teacher of the year.<br />

Panther Lake Elementary held a<br />

Night at the Wax Museum event.<br />

officer at Panther Lake Elementary,<br />

goes out of his way to ensure the<br />

campus is safe while building<br />

positive relationships with all students.<br />

His efforts were recently<br />

recognized on National School<br />

Resource Officer Appreciation<br />

Day.<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 15<br />

20% OFF<br />



FOR RESERVATIONS CALL: 407-352-1607<br />


Wednesday – Sunday: 5:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.<br />

(last seating)<br />


Wednesday – Sunday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.<br />

(last order)<br />

Panther Lake Elementary students get into character for the school’s Night at the Wax<br />

Museum event.<br />

Students were tasked with choosing<br />

an influential person to research<br />

and then presenting his or her<br />

accomplishments.<br />

Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy<br />

Singletary, school resource<br />

Q Lakeview Middle<br />

Orange County Public Schools<br />

surpasses the state percentage of<br />

students enrolled in arts courses.<br />

As a result of its commitment to<br />

support visual and performing arts<br />

education, OCPS students participate<br />

in local, state and national<br />


Valid daily only at Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. Excludes<br />

holidays and alcoholic beverages. Not valid with any other<br />

discount.<br />

Located at Rosen Inn<br />

6327 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819<br />

On National SRO Appreciation Day, Panther Lake Elementary Principal Christine<br />

Szymanski recognizes Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy Singletary for his valuable work as<br />

school resource officer.<br />


16 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


performances and exhibitions.<br />

Congrats to Lakeview Middle<br />

eighth-grader Yuxin Cai, whose<br />

self-portrait graphite drawing will<br />

be displayed in the state capitol in<br />

Tallahassee through May 5.<br />

Q Dr. Phillips High<br />

Q Olympia High<br />

Olympia High’s AeroMagic Flyers<br />

team was recognized for winning<br />

2022 and 2023 Real World<br />

Design Challenge State Champion<br />

Governor’s awards. This year, the<br />

teens designed a nearly 50-page<br />

notebook on an electric-cargo plane<br />

called the E-B Five. The annual<br />

STEM competition provides high<br />

Dr. Phillips High Principal Jackie Ramsay (fifth from right) receives a check from Rotary<br />

Club of Dr. Phillips Foundation representatives (l. to r.) Alan Fickett, Terry Taggart,<br />

Lyndi Heckman, Rudy Tapia, Michael Hanley, Bethany Stone, Rich Maladecki,<br />

Mary Ellen Kerber and Mark Ramey, club president.<br />

school students with an opportunity<br />

to work on real-world engineering<br />

challenges in a team environment.<br />

The AeroMagic Flyers are now moving<br />

on to the next level in the virtual<br />

world championship this month under<br />

the direction of math teacher<br />

John Raulerson. Real World<br />

Design Challenge State Champion<br />

Governor’s Award winners for 2022<br />

were seniors Genesis Becerra,<br />

Martine Belizar and Mariah<br />

Langford (East Ridge High), and<br />

sophomore Jannat Bhuiyan.<br />

Real World Design Challenge<br />

State Champion Governor’s Award<br />

winners for 2023 were seniors<br />

Carolina Sakamoto Coraini<br />

and Maria Luiza Franco, juniors<br />

Rhea Gupta and Justin<br />

McMorrow, and freshman<br />

Kimberly McMorrow.<br />

Q Et Al<br />

Orange County Public Schools<br />

held a groundbreaking ceremony<br />

for the new Orange Technical<br />

College — West Campus. The<br />

115,604-square-foot facility will be<br />

the future home of students focusing<br />

on career training programs like<br />

building construction technology,<br />

HVAC, electricity, cosmetology and<br />

more. This campus also will help students<br />

in becoming an apprentice,<br />

earning their GED, learning English<br />

and expanding their industry-based<br />

skills. The groundbreaking event featured<br />

OCPS Deputy Superintendent<br />

Michael Armbruster, Associate<br />

Superintendent for Career and<br />

Technical Education Melanie<br />

Stefanowicz, and Orange County<br />

School Board members Melissa<br />

Byrd and Pam Gould. They sported<br />

hard hats with shovels in hand<br />

to break ground for the future OTC-<br />

West Campus.<br />

Although we try to ensure that all information<br />

presented above is the most current, correct and<br />

dependable available, we do rely on others for<br />

the source of our news. Therefore, the Southwest<br />

Orlando Bulletin and Cornerstone Publishing &<br />

Multi-Media LLC cannot be held responsible for the<br />

validity of the information presented here, nor does<br />

mentioning it constitute an endorsement. School<br />

News is welcome and may be mailed to P.O.<br />

Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786; or emailed to<br />

Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />

32 nd ANNUAL<br />


DEADLINE: APRIL 12, 2023<br />

Email entries to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com;<br />

or mail to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786.<br />

For more information, call 407-351-1573, option 4.

Q Dr. Phillips<br />

West Orange Chamber of<br />

Commerce ambassadors held<br />

a ribbon-cutting ceremony for<br />

MYlounge Orlando in Dr. Phillips.<br />

WOCC builds partnerships, strong<br />

businesses and commitment to the<br />

community by serving as the leading<br />

business advocate in Central<br />


Florida, facilitating opportunity to<br />

nearly 1,000 member businesses.<br />

For more information about<br />

WOCC, call 407-656-1304 or visit<br />

wochamber.com.<br />

Q Oakland<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 17<br />

compiled by Lauren Salinero<br />

Steve Koontz resigned as<br />

Oakland’s town manager effective<br />

April 1. The Oakland Town<br />

Commission named Jack Butler,<br />

previously the assistant town manager,<br />

interim town manager effective<br />

April 2 while the commission searches<br />

for a permanent replacement.<br />

Q Ocoee<br />

Vierge (virgin), a new book by<br />

Ocoee resident Gerlande Louis<br />

Jeune, was released by Dorrance<br />

Publishing Co. Inc. The book of poetry<br />

is a meditation of moments encapsulated<br />

through pictures and words.<br />

Gerlande is a Haitian American<br />

poet, artist, designer, photographer<br />

and author. She was born in Haiti<br />

and moved to America at the age of<br />

4. She has a long-standing love of<br />

art in all forms and considers herself<br />

a creative.<br />

West Orange Chamber of Commerce ambassadors celebrate the opening of MYlounge Orlando in Dr. Phillips.<br />

photo courtesy of WOCC<br />

Q Windermere<br />

Dawn Koffarnus of Windermere<br />

was recently promoted to<br />

chief health systems and financial<br />


Dr.Emilia<br />

Godoy-Rapport<br />

401 Main Street, Suite A,<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

407.909.1097<br />



18 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


Windermere<br />

resident Dawn<br />

Koffarnus<br />

is promoted<br />

to chief health<br />

systems and<br />

financial officer<br />

at Second<br />

Harvest Food<br />

Bank of Central<br />

Florida Inc.<br />

officer at Second Harvest Food<br />

Bank of Central Florida Inc. She is<br />

instrumental in the organization’s<br />

day-to-day operations, overseeing<br />

several departments, including the<br />

grants office and technology team.<br />

In addition to her existing fiduciary<br />

planning and managing responsibilities<br />

as the nonprofit’s CFO, Dawn<br />

has an added focus of leading the<br />

food bank’s Health & Hunger work.<br />

She has meticulously led the organization<br />

through major growth and<br />

change. She also was influential<br />

in helping Second Harvest launch<br />

several social entrepreneurship revenue<br />

streams, including a full-service<br />

catering business, retail food product<br />

line, and prepared meal contracts.<br />

A three-person team from<br />

Windermere recently took home a trophy<br />

and $90,000 from Jersey Mike’s<br />

Subs’ National G13 Sub-Making<br />

Competition. To the booming<br />

voice of legendary ring announcer<br />

Michael Buffer and a cheering<br />

crowd of nearly 3,000, Victoria<br />

Cortese, Chris Morrone and<br />

Dakota Thompson sliced, sprinkled<br />

and wrapped their way to<br />

sub-making victory. They competed<br />

against five other finalist teams<br />

from throughout the country. The<br />

trio works with franchise owners<br />

Peter Cancro (second from left), Jersey Mike’s founder and CEO, and Tatiana Cancro<br />

(far right) present Windermere residents (l. to r.) Chris Morrone (wrapper), Dakota<br />

Thompson (slicer) and Victoria Cortese (sprinkler) with $30,000 each for winning the<br />

company’s G-13 Sub-Making Competition.<br />

Jennifer and Frank Bergren<br />

and Rob Woods at the Jersey<br />

Mike’s located on Old Brick Road<br />

in Windermere. Collectively, the<br />

team has nine years of experience<br />

working at the restaurant. Each team<br />

member received $30,000.<br />

Windermere resident Kala<br />

Banham secured a spot on<br />

Season 23 of The Voice by singing<br />

Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell.<br />

She chose Team Niall. As a firstgeneration<br />

American, Kala wouldn’t<br />

be where she is today without her<br />

Australian roots and Filipino culture.<br />

At large family gatherings, Kala’s<br />

lola (grandmother) would ask her<br />

to sing for everyone, rewarding her<br />

granddaughter with $5 following<br />

each performance. That upbringing<br />

eventually led Kala to pursue music<br />

wherever she could — singing in<br />

her high school jazz band, leading<br />

worship in church, and joining<br />

a competitive collegiate a cappella<br />


Q Winter Garden<br />

U.S. Navy photo by seaman Andrea Wilson<br />

Winter Garden resident and U.S. Navy<br />

seaman Alondra Alsina Delgado tips<br />

her newly earned command ball cap.<br />

U.S. Navy seaman Alondra<br />

Alsina Delgado of Winter<br />

Garden, assigned to the USS<br />

Constitution, earned her basic interpretive<br />

historian qualification<br />

and received a command ball cap.<br />

USS Constitution is the world’s oldest<br />

commissioned warship afloat,<br />

and it played a crucial role in the<br />

Barbary Wars and the War of 1812,<br />

actively defending sea lanes from<br />

1797 to 1855. During normal operations,<br />

active-duty sailors stationed<br />

aboard the ship provide free tours<br />

and offer public visitation to more<br />

than 600,000 people a year. The<br />

goal is to support the ship’s mission<br />

of promoting the Navy’s history and<br />

maritime heritage and raise awareness<br />

of the importance of a sustained<br />

naval presence.<br />

Q Et Al<br />

Skal International Orlando — the<br />

only international organization bringing<br />

together sectors of the travel and<br />

tourism industry while networking,<br />

conducting business and helping<br />

communities locally, nationally and<br />

internationally — officially installed<br />

its slate of officers for 2023. Among<br />

them are Southwest residents Frank<br />

Fry of Winter Garden, president;<br />

Jesse Martinez of Ocoee, vice<br />

president; and Jeff Swirsky of<br />

Winter Garden, secretary.<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 19<br />

Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips President Marc<br />

Ramey (left) receives an award from Rotary District<br />

Gov. Andres Goyanes.<br />

The 47th annual Cleveland<br />

International Film Festival welcomed<br />

home Cleveland-born filmmaker<br />

Todd Thompson, now a<br />

Southwest Orlando resident, with a<br />

sneak peek of his much-anticipated,<br />

feature-length documentary<br />

film, Pre Fab. Based on<br />

the book of the same name by<br />

musician Colin Hanton and coauthor<br />

Colin Hall, custodian of<br />

John Lennon’s childhood home,<br />

Pre Fab is considered to be the<br />

last Beatles story about how it<br />

all began. An earlier, rough-cut<br />

version of Pre Fab sold out two<br />

screens at last year’s Florida<br />

Film Festival. It was the second<br />

time Todd and his team broke<br />

Florida Film Festival records,<br />

selling out multiple theaters for<br />

an opening night film — the first<br />

being in 2019 when screening<br />

his documentary, Woman In<br />

Motion.<br />

Although we try to ensure that all information<br />

presented above is the most current, correct<br />

and dependable available, we do rely on others<br />

for the source of our news. Therefore, the Southwest<br />

Orlando Bulletin and Cornerstone Publishing &<br />

Multi-Media LLC cannot be held responsible for<br />

the validity of the information presented here, nor<br />

does mentioning it constitute an endorsement. In<br />

Your Neighborhood news is welcome and may be<br />

mailed to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786;<br />

or emailed to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />






We<br />

deliver<br />

Please pardon our mess while we are making<br />

improvements to our facilities and building new offices.<br />

Make sure to keep an eye out for our new product lines<br />

coming soon in Spring of 2023!<br />

Ask how to win a free potted plant as a token of our appreciation<br />

321-947-2541<br />

Imperial Outdoor Living, LLC

20 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

n Charities/Fundraisers<br />

April 15 — Over The Edge<br />

Hyatt Regency Orlando, 9801 International Drive, Orlando,<br />

hosts Over the Edge, presented by Avalon Roofing Solutions.<br />

Participants rappel down the side of HRO’s 32-story building<br />

to raise funds for Give <strong>Kids</strong> The World. Cost: A nonrefundable<br />

$50 to register. A fundraising page is created<br />

for each participant, who must raise a minimum of $1,000<br />

by April 10, 2023. For more information or to register, visit<br />

give.gktw.org/event/over-the-edge-2023/e394243.<br />

April 22 — Benefit Wine Tasting<br />

The Mini Cooper Showroom, 350 S. Lake Destiny Drive,<br />

Orlando, hosts Dunhill Companies & Fields Auto Group’s<br />

13th annual Benefit Wine Tasting, including a champagne<br />

reception, unlimited hors d’oeuvres, dinner, a variety of<br />

wines, live music, door prizes, a raffle, silent auction and<br />

more. Time: 7-10 p.m. Cost: $100, benefiting Variety, the<br />

Children’s Charity of Florida and all the special-needs children<br />

it serves. Sponsorships are available. For more information,<br />

call 407-992-4000, email winetasting@dunhill.net or visit<br />

www.varietyflorida.org.<br />

April 23-29 — Winter Park Paint Out<br />

The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens, 633 Osceola<br />

Ave., Winter Park, hosts the 15th annual Winter Park Paint<br />

Out, during which 24 professionally acclaimed plein air artists<br />

paint on the property and around town. Attendees are invited<br />

to attend free painting demonstrations. All artwork created<br />

during the week is available for purchase with a portion of<br />

the proceeds benefiting the museum. Event times vary, and<br />

admission is free. For more information, visit polasek.org.<br />

April 29 — Paws For Peace Walk<br />

Blue Jacket Park, 2501 General Rees Ave., Orlando, hosts<br />

the 12th annual Paws for Peace Walk, a family-friendly event<br />

that includes a short walk, music, free pet-friendly activities, a<br />

silent auction, vendors, mystery bags for purchase, pet yoga<br />

and more. This year’s theme is “Four Paws, Two Feet: One<br />

Team.” Sporty costumes for pets and people are encouraged.<br />

Registration is required. Time: 8-9 a.m. for registration, 9-11 a.m.<br />

for walk. Cost: $35 for adults, includes T-shirt; free for children<br />

10-younger, does not include a T-shirt. Dog and Cat Mystery<br />

Bags are $25. Proceeds benefit the Paws for Peace Kennel at<br />

Harbor House of Central Florida. For more information, visit<br />

www.classy.org/event/paws-for-peace-walk-2023/e460347.<br />

May 6 — Make ‘M Smile<br />

Downtown Orlando’s Lake Eola Park hosts Nathaniel’s Hope’s<br />

21st annual Make ‘m Smile, a party celebrating kids and<br />

adults with special needs (VIPs). Activities include family<br />

entertainment, bounce houses, characters, petting zoos, food,<br />

games, resource exhibitors and more. Volunteers and sponsors<br />


are needed. Time: 8 a.m.-1:30 p.m. For more information,<br />

email info@nathanielshope.org or visit nathanielshope.org.<br />

May 13 — Spring Festival, Plant Sale &<br />

Art Stroll<br />

Historic Nehrling Gardens, 2267 Hempel Ave., Gotha, hosts<br />

its Spring Festival, Plant Sale & Art Stroll, including Floridafriendly<br />

plants for sale, educational talks, children’s activities,<br />

garden vendors, a raffle, local artists painting on-site, a food<br />

truck and live entertainment. Time: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Admission is<br />

free. Proceeds benefit Nehrling Gardens, which relies entirely<br />

on fundraising to sustain operations. For more information, visit<br />

nehrlinggardens.org.<br />

May 20 — Give <strong>Kids</strong> The World Gala<br />

Mardi Gras World in New Orleans hosts the Give <strong>Kids</strong> The<br />

World Gala, an elegant evening celebrating the magic and<br />

mystique of one of America’s most vibrant cities, including<br />

Cajun, Creole and Southern delicacies in a grand Southern<br />

mansion; soulful jazz; larger-than-life props and Mardi Gras<br />

floats; an auction; dancing and more. Reservation names are<br />

needed by May 6. Cost: $300. For more information or to purchase<br />

tickets, visit give.gktw.org/event/gala-2023/e462318.<br />

n Children’s/Teen<br />

Programs<br />

Ongoing — In-Person Storytimes<br />

Winter Garden Library, 805 E. Plant St., Winter Garden,<br />

hosts the following in-person storytimes for children: Storybook<br />

Fun for preschoolers is Fridays at 10:15 a.m., Toddler Time<br />

is Fridays at 10:45 a.m., and Tiny Tales for babies up to 18<br />

months is Fridays at 11:15 a.m. For more information, call<br />

407-835-7323 or visit www.ocls.info.<br />

n Class/Program<br />

April 11 — Zoom Child Support & Family<br />

Law Webinar<br />

The Orange County Clerk of Courts presents the Legal Matters —<br />

Child Support & Family Law Webinar, a free legal forum. Featured<br />

topics include an overview of the roles and services of the clerk’s<br />

office and the Department of Revenue, a judge’s perspective and<br />

Nurse Practitioners:<br />

Esther Pelissier, ARPN-BC<br />

Irene Gan, PMHNP<br />

Raykha Crag-Chaderton, PMHNP-BC<br />

Nadine Massillon, ARPN<br />

Therapists:<br />

Michael Kellogg, LMHC, ATR-BC<br />

Randie Morillo, LCSW, ACSW<br />

Amy Singleton, LMHC<br />

Brooke Parker, LMHC<br />

Cristal Daniel, LMHC<br />

Nadine Massillon<br />

Esther Pelissier<br />

a Q&A interactive panel. Registration is required. Time: 6-8 p.m.<br />

For more information or to RSVP, visit www.myorangeclerk.com.<br />

n Events/Performances<br />

Through May 31 — World War <strong>II</strong> And<br />

West Orange County Exhibit<br />

The Winter Garden Heritage Museum, 1 N. Main St., Winter<br />

Garden, hosts World War <strong>II</strong> and West Orange County, an<br />

exhibit that depicts how Winter Garden and west Orange<br />

County contributed to the war effort by supplying military personnel<br />

and healthful citrus products. The exhibit features objects,<br />

archived letters and photographs. Time: Tuesdays-Saturdays<br />

from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. For more information, visit wghf.org.<br />

April 13 — Best Fest “The Taste Of<br />

West Orange”<br />

Bill Breeze Park at Starke Lake, 125 N. Lakeshore Drive, Ocoee,<br />

hosts West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Best Fest, “The Taste<br />

of West Orange,” including samplings of a variety of beers, wine<br />

and spirits along with many delicious food offerings from more<br />

than 50 vendors. Time: 5:30-8:30 p.m. Cost: $45 in advance.<br />

For more information, visit wochamber.com/event/best-fest.<br />

April 22 & 23 — Mary Poppins<br />

Performances<br />

Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater at Dr. Phillips Center for the<br />

Performing Arts, 445 S. Magnolia Ave., Orlando, hosts<br />

CFCArts Youth Theatre’s performances of Mary Poppins,<br />

the Broadway musical. Time: Saturday at 7 p.m. and<br />

Sunday at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Ticket prices start at $20.<br />

For more information, call 407-937-1800, ext. 701; email<br />

boxoffice@cfcarts.com; or visit cfcarts.com.<br />

April 28 — Southwest Author Series<br />

The Southwest Library at Dr. Phillips, 7255 Della Drive,<br />

Orlando, hosts the 16th annual Southwest Author Series,<br />

presented in partnership with the Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips<br />

and featuring Jane Green, author of 21 books. Registration is<br />

encouraged as seating is limited. Time: 7-9 p.m. Doors open<br />

at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free, and light refreshments are<br />

served. For more information or to RSVP, call 407-835-7323<br />

or visit attend.ocls.info/event/7959304.<br />

n Miscellaneous<br />

compiled by Lisa Sagers<br />

April 9 — Easter Brunch Buffet<br />

Rosen Centre Orlando, 9840 International Drive, Orlando,<br />

offers an Easter Brunch Buffet, including more than 60 dishes,<br />

complimentary champagne and mimosas, and free self-parking.<br />

Time: 11 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Cost: Prepaid reservation prices<br />

are $58.95, adults; $24.95, children 4-12. Prices do not<br />

include tax and service charge. Walk-ins welcome based on<br />

availability and for an additional charge. For more information<br />

or to RSVP, call 407-996-3969 or visit rosencentre.com/easter.<br />

April 27 — Food Truck Connection<br />

MetroWest Golf Club, 2100 S. Hiawassee Road, Orlando,<br />

hosts the MetroWest Food Truck Connection, including<br />

food, fun and music. Time: fourth Thursday of every<br />

month from 5:30-8:30 p.m. For more information, visit<br />

www.metrowestcommunity.com.<br />

May 14 — Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet<br />

Rosen Centre Orlando, 9840 International Drive, Orlando, offers<br />

a Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet, including more than 60 dishes,<br />

unlimited champagne and mimosas, and free self-parking. Time:<br />

11 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Cost: Prepaid reservations are $58.95, adults;<br />

$24.95, children 4-12; free for children 3-younger. Prices do not<br />

include tax and service charge. Walk-ins are based on availability<br />

and for an additional charge. For more information or to<br />

RSVP, call 407-996-3969 or visit rosencentre.com/mothersday.<br />

n Networking/Clubs<br />

Ongoing — Members Wanted<br />

The West Orange Women seeks females of all ages to join its<br />

group for fun, friendship and philanthropy. Annual dues are<br />

$25. For more information, email Alice Bergeson, westorange<br />

women@gmail.com; or visit www.westorangewomen.com.<br />

Ongoing — West Orange Republican<br />

Women, Federated Luncheon<br />

Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge, 9000 Bay Hill Blvd.,<br />

Orlando, hosts a monthly general meeting/luncheon of the West<br />

Orange Republican Women, Federated, including stimulating speakers.<br />

For more information, email info@worwf.org or visit worwf.org.<br />

April 11, 18 & 25 — Virtual<br />

Toastmasters Meetings<br />

Windermere Toastmasters Club No. 4662754 holds Zoom<br />

meetings. Attendees learn to develop their oral communication<br />

and leadership skills in a supportive and positive learning<br />

environment. Time: Tuesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. For more<br />

information or to request online Zoom meeting details, visit<br />

www.4662754.toastmastersclubs.org and click “Contact Us.”<br />

April 12, 19 & 26 — Virtual<br />

Toastmasters Meetings<br />

The Turnpike Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings. Time:<br />

Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. For more information or to<br />

register for a virtual meeting, visit 2362.toastmastersclubs.<br />

org and click “Contact Us” at least one day before the event.<br />

April 13, 20 & 27 — Virtual Thursday<br />

Morning Men’s Group<br />

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church hosts a men’s online group<br />

with the Rev. Jad. Time: Thursdays at 7:45 a.m. via Zoom.<br />

For more information or to register, call 407-876-4991 or<br />

visit st.lukes.org/adults.<br />

April 13, 20 & 27 — Virtual<br />

Toastmasters Meetings<br />

The Vista Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings. Time: Thursdays<br />

from 7-8:30 p.m. For more information, email vistatoastmasters.<br />

zoom@gmail.com or visit www.vistatoastmasters.org.<br />

n Support Groups<br />

Ongoing — Hope For Hurting Parents<br />

Support Group Meetings<br />

The Parish Life Center at Holy Family Catholic Church, 5125 S.<br />

Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, hosts Hope for Hurting Parents<br />

support group meetings for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,<br />

etc., who have children of any age who struggle with mental<br />

health issues, self-harm, eating disorders, substance abuse, gender<br />

confusion, suicidal thoughts and more. Time: first and third<br />

Monday of each month from 6-8 p.m. For more information,<br />

email Beth Denhof, bethdenhof@msn.com, or call her at 407-399-<br />

5872; or email Kelly Muscaro, kkmuscaro@aol.com, or call her

at 407-963-5277. For more information, including resources and<br />

book recommendations, visit www.hopeforhurtingparents.com.<br />

Ongoing — Virtual GriefShare Support<br />

Group Meetings<br />

Healing Waters Faith Ministries hosts virtual grief support<br />

group meetings for anyone hurting after the death of a spouse,<br />

child, family member, friend or pet. Time: Mondays from 6:30-<br />

8:30 p.m. Cost: Meetings are free; workbook is $20 plus shipping.<br />

For more information, call 407-704-7011. To register,<br />

email healingwatersfaithministries@gmail.com.<br />

April 11 & 25 — Mental Health Support<br />

Group Meetings<br />

The second floor of Building B at St. Luke’s United Methodist<br />

Church, 4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, hosts free<br />

connection and family support group meetings for individuals<br />

affected by mental illness. The connection support group<br />

meets in Room B-204, and families meet in Room B-206. The<br />

90-minute meeting is peer-led and helps participants connect<br />

with each other, learn from each other’s experiences, share<br />

coping strategies and offer each other encouragement and<br />

understanding. Time: the second and fourth Tuesday of each<br />

month at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call 407-253-1900,<br />

email information@namigo.org or visit www.namigo.org.<br />

April 11 & May 9 — Virtual Support<br />

Group Meetings For Caregivers<br />

The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Resource Center sponsors a<br />

free support group meeting for caregivers in the Suite 281<br />

Conference Room (next to the south elevators on the second<br />

floor) at Health Central Hospital, 10000 W. Colonial Drive,<br />

Ocoee. Time: second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. For more<br />

information, call 407-843-1910 or visit www.adrccares.org.<br />

April 18 & May 2 — Virtual Teen Grief<br />

Support Group Meetings<br />

The Cornerstone Hospice Bereavement Team holds virtual<br />

teen grief support group meetings for teens 12-17 struggling<br />

with the loss of a loved one or feeling anxious, upset<br />

or confused because of the pandemic. Groups are free<br />

and open to the public. Registration is required. Time: first<br />

and third Tuesday of each month from 5-6 p.m. For more<br />

information or to register, call 866-742-6655 or visit www.<br />

cornerstonehospice.org.<br />

April 19 & May 3 — Virtual Teen Talks<br />

Support Group Meetings<br />

The Cornerstone Hospice Bereavement Team holds virtual teen<br />

talks support group meetings for youth 12-17. Groups are free<br />

and open to the public. Registration is required. Time: first and<br />

third Wednesday of each month from 3:30-4:30 p.m. For more<br />

information or to register, call 866-742-6655 or visit www.<br />

cornerstonehospice.org.<br />

n Volunteers Needed<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

My Brother’s Keeper seeks volunteers — especially adult men<br />

(18-older) of color — who can serve as positive role models<br />

and mentor boys and young men of color. For more information,<br />

email Grace, gdearden@vcifl.org, at Volunteers for<br />

Community Impact.<br />

Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are welcome. Please<br />

send information six weeks before the event to P.O. Box 851,<br />

Windermere, FL 34787; call 407-351-1573, option 5; or email<br />

Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x April 6 — 19, 2023 x 21<br />



JUNE 12TH - JULY 28TH<br />

Classes Offered:

22 x April 6 — 19, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

School News<br />

SEEN<br />

The Panther Lake Elementary School community<br />

enjoyed several accomplishments and events this<br />

semester. Faculty and staff members congratulated<br />

January and February Principal Award student<br />

recipients. Kindergartners also celebrated the 100th<br />

day of school, and three students participated in the<br />

Orange County Public Schools All-County Music<br />

Series. Congratulations to Kamila Mujica De Jesus,<br />

Aria Piedrahita and Nehir Ela Yavas. <br />

▲ Students celebrate the 100th day of school.<br />

▲ (L. to r.) Aria Piedrahita, Nehir Ela Yavas and<br />

Kamila Mujica De Jesus participate in the Orange<br />

County Public Schools All-County Music Series.<br />

▲ Congratulations to Panther Lake Elementary School’s January Principal Award winners.<br />

▲ Students celebrate the 100th day of school.<br />

▲ Students celebrate the 100th day of school.<br />

▲ Congratulations to Panther Lake Elementary School’s February Principal Award winners.

P.O. Box 851<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

FRIDAY | April 21, 2023 at 7:30 p.m.<br />

SUNDAY | April 23, 2023 at 2 p.m.<br />

(407) 839-0119 ext. 0<br />

www.DrPhillipsCenter.org<br />




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