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The heartbeat of the community<br />

O<br />


May 18 — 31, 2023 | Since 1986<br />

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The RTR<br />

Army<br />

Ronald Ziolkowski, known as RTR,<br />

offers decades of expertise to his<br />

real estate clients.

When you want it SOLD<br />

Darrell Nunnelley<br />

BROKER<br />

407-467-8069<br />

For Sale<br />

1 Of A Kind Charming Home<br />

on a Large Lot * Oak Trees *<br />

Sea Wall * New Boathouse *<br />

Over 100 Feet Directly on<br />

Big Lake Butler<br />

610 W. 2nd Avenue in<br />

Downtown Windermere<br />

SOLD Above List Price* Windermere Downs<br />

For Sale * 11129 Lake Butler Blvd * Lake Access<br />

For Sale * 1311 Druid Maitland<br />

501 Main Street * Windermere * Local Office<br />


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 3

4 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Finally.<br />

A toll pass that blends<br />

into your windshield.<br />

Uni, the portable toll pass by E-PASS, is now available in<br />

black. With this sleek toll pass, you will enjoy nonstop toll<br />

travel in 19 states. Plus, you are eligible to save 50% with<br />

toll relief discounts on all toll roads in Florida.<br />


HOW TO .......................................................................................... 6<br />

Attract Bees to Your Garden<br />

IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ............................................................... 7<br />

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE ................................................................... 9<br />

The RTR Army/Ron Ziolkowski<br />


NEWS &BUSINESS BRIEFS ............................................................... 14<br />

COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD ........................................................ 17<br />

SOUTHWEST SERVICE DIRECTORY .................................................... 18<br />


Rick V. Martin<br />

GoWithUni.com<br />

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Yvette Martin<br />

May 18, 2023<br />

Volume XXXVII, No. 14<br />


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Blair Parke<br />

Nominate us as the “Best Garden Store” in Orlando<br />

Website: https://vote.orlandoweekly.com<br />

If we win we will have a big “Sale-a-bration”<br />

P.O. Box 851<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

407-351-1573<br />

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michelle<br />


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 5

6 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

You may have heard the phrase<br />

“save the bees” and seen it printed<br />

on coffee mugs, T-shirts, social media<br />

accounts and endless other avenues<br />

to spread a message. People's<br />

commitments to these tiny creatures<br />

is based on the huge impact bees<br />

have on the environment and the<br />

food industry. As pollinators, bees<br />

are vital components to fertilizing<br />

food crops. In fact, 1 out of every<br />

3 bites we take of food relies on<br />

pollination.<br />

While the bee population has lessened<br />

for decades, the world has seen<br />

an alarming decline in bee populations<br />

throughout the past few years.<br />

In 1973, the first bee species was<br />

listed as endangered — the rusty<br />

patched bumblebee. According to<br />

a study published earlier this year<br />

by Pennsylvania State University,<br />

researchers found that honey bee<br />

colony loss in the U.S. during the<br />

past five years is primarily related<br />

to the presence of parasitic mites,<br />

extreme weather events, nearby<br />

pesticides and challenges with overwintering.<br />

In one year alone, from<br />

HOW TO ...<br />

Attract Bees to Your Garden<br />

Get Your Yard Buzzing!<br />

by Lauren Gonsalves<br />

2019-20, one study reported a 43%<br />

colony loss in honeybees across the<br />

U.S. With the future of bees in such<br />

a precarious position, many wonder<br />

what they can do to help the bees<br />

in their struggle for survival. One<br />

simple thing we can do is make our<br />

homes more welcoming and beneficial<br />

to bees.<br />

Florida is home to more than 300<br />

species of bees. They are drawn to<br />

native plants and wildflowers. Follow<br />

these tips from the Florida Wildflower<br />

Foundation to attract bees to your<br />

garden:<br />

• Choose a sunny area with welldrained<br />

soil to plant flowers and fruit<br />

trees.<br />

• Plant 15 to 25 species of flowers<br />

of different sizes and shapes for diversity.<br />

Be sure to plant ones that bloom<br />

in different seasons, so bees have a<br />

food source throughout the year.<br />

• Plant five to seven of each species<br />

in clusters to increase visibility.<br />

Bees prefer the colors blue, purple,<br />

white and yellow.<br />

• Have nesting sites and open<br />

patches of sand for ground-nesting<br />

bees. Let hollow-stemmed plants remain<br />

during the winter, leave brush<br />

piles and use clumping grasses such<br />

as lovegrass, wiregrass and muhly<br />

grass for nesting sites.<br />

• Avoid using pesticides. If you<br />

must, use nontoxic, organic pesticides<br />

and repellents.<br />

• Add a small water feature such<br />

as a shallow bird bath from which<br />

bees can drink.<br />

Representatives of the Florida<br />

Department of Agriculture and<br />

Consumer Services Division of Plant<br />

Industries recommend the following<br />

plants for bees in Florida: butterfly<br />

milkweed, beggarticks, partridge<br />

pea, blue mistflower, Leavenworth’s<br />

tickseed, firewheel, blanket flower,<br />

Plant<br />

flowers of<br />

the same<br />

species<br />

and<br />

color in<br />

bunches<br />

for easy<br />

visibility<br />

to entice<br />

bees,<br />

such as<br />

a vibrant<br />

yellow.<br />

dune sunflower, dotted horsemint,<br />

spotted beebalm, manyflower<br />

beardtongue, narrowleaf silkgrass,<br />

black-eyed Susan, cabbage palm,<br />

tropical sage, anise-scented goldenrod<br />

and Walter’s viburnum. Other<br />

varieties that attract bees include<br />

coral honeysuckle, marigolds, lavender,<br />

purple coneflower, oleander<br />

and various fruit trees.<br />

Before attracting bees to your<br />

yard, make sure it is safe for you<br />

and your family. If someone in your<br />

home is allergic to bees, this may<br />

not be a route you want to choose.<br />

While most native bees are unaggressive<br />

and solitary — not hive<br />

bees — they can sting if threatened<br />

or provoked. ª<br />

Dr. Emilia<br />

Godoy-Rapport<br />

401 Main Street, Suite A,<br />

Windermere, FL 34786<br />

407.909.1097<br />


Nurse Practitioners:<br />

Esther Pelissier, ARPN-BC<br />

Irene Gan, PMHNP<br />

Raykha Crag-Chaderton, PMHNP-BC<br />

Nadine Massillon, ARPN<br />

Therapists:<br />

Michael Kellogg, LMHC, ATR-BC<br />

Randie Morillo, LCSW, ACSW<br />

Amy Singleton, LMHC<br />

Brooke Parker, LMHC<br />

Cristal Daniel, LMHC<br />

Nadine Massillon<br />

Esther Pelissier

Q Dr. Phillips<br />

Sophia Vitello, an alumna of<br />

The First Academy and a resident<br />

of Dr. Phillips, was nominated<br />

for Television Academy Foundation’s<br />

42nd College Television Awards,<br />

a national competition. The annual<br />

awards recognize and reward excellence<br />

in student-produced programs<br />

from colleges across the country.<br />

Sophia was nominated in the news<br />

category, and winners were announced<br />

April 1. While she was not<br />

named a winner, the nomination was<br />

a great achievement.<br />

Dr. Phillips resident and attorney<br />

Daniel Saathoff joined the firm<br />

of Winderweedle, Haines, Ward<br />

& Woodman P.A., working in the<br />

areas of corporate law and commercial<br />

real estate law. Daniel’s<br />

corporate practice focuses on helping<br />

businesses, including startups<br />

and small/medium-sized businesses,<br />

with matters ranging from mergers<br />


Dr. Phillips<br />

resident and<br />

attorney Daniel<br />

Saathoff joins<br />

the law firm of<br />

Winderweedle,<br />

Haines, Ward &<br />

Woodman P.A.<br />

and acquisitions to other general<br />

legal matters that arise on a dayto-day<br />

basis. His commercial real<br />

estate practice includes the negotiation<br />

and drafting of commercial<br />

leases.<br />

Dr. Phillips resident Shereen<br />

Kassam is premiering her one-woman<br />

comedy show, 1,001 Red Flags,<br />

at the Orlando Fringe<br />

Festival. Performances<br />

take place through May<br />

28 in the Renaissance<br />

Theatre Co. With relatable<br />

moments that will<br />

have audiences nodding<br />

in agreement and cringeworthy<br />

anecdotes that<br />

will have them laughing<br />

out loud, it is a show not<br />

to be missed.<br />

Q Windermere<br />

Windermere resident<br />

Vennia Francois, the<br />

first vice president of<br />

programs for the West<br />

Orange Republican<br />

Women, Federated,<br />

was appointed vice president<br />

of legislative affairs<br />

for the Central Florida<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 7<br />

compiled by Lauren Gonsalves<br />

Navy League. She advocates to<br />

Congress on behalf of members of<br />

the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps,<br />

U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Flag-<br />

Merchant Marine.<br />

Vennia Francois (left) of Windermere attends a gala<br />

with Southwest residents Matthew Robinson (right),<br />

president of the Central Florida Navy League, and his wife,<br />

Kira.<br />


DEBATE<br />

LIKE A<br />

LAKER<br />


International Baccalaureate<br />

Diploma & Certificate Program<br />

Collaborations with MIT, The<br />

Juilliard School, UNICEF, and IMG<br />

Academy<br />

Eleven National Merit Finalists<br />

(Class of '23)<br />

Top Honors at State for WPS<br />

Thespian Troupe<br />

State Runner-Up 3A FHSAA Boys<br />

Basketball Team<br />

National Qualifier in Forensics<br />

League<br />

(407) 905-7737<br />

windermereprep.com<br />


8 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


The University of Iowa Roy J.<br />

and Lucille A. Carver College of<br />

Medicine had 152 senior medical<br />

students participate in the National<br />

Residency Matching Program in<br />

2023. Mustafa Hashimi of<br />

Windermere was among the students<br />

celebrating. Mustafa matched<br />

with Surgery Florida Hospital in<br />

Orlando for postgraduate training in<br />

orthopedic surgery.<br />

Q Et Al<br />

Kudos to the following Southwestarea<br />

residents on their recent<br />

graduations:<br />

• Graduates of the Georgia<br />

Institute of Technology include<br />

Southwest resident Taylor<br />

Bartlinski; Ocoee resident<br />

Shelley Bess; Windermere<br />

residents Philippe Desrosiers,<br />

Justin Havas and Nicholas<br />

Witten; Winter Garden residents<br />

Taryn Edwards,<br />

James Spittler and<br />

Quentin Weber;<br />

MetroWest resident<br />

Steven Hasara; and<br />

Dr. Phillips residents<br />

Yue Hu and Weilin<br />

Wu.<br />

• Ching Ee Chin<br />

of Winter Garden<br />

earned a Bachelor of<br />

Science in psychology<br />

at Missouri State<br />

University.<br />

Rotary Club of<br />

Lake Buena Vista<br />

member Efrain Sora<br />

gave an informative<br />

and inspiring background<br />

presentation<br />

during a recent club<br />

meeting. Efrain became a refugee<br />

at age 7, when his mom and dad<br />

sent him from Cuba to an orphanage<br />

in the U.S. Years later, after his<br />

parents joined him here, Efrain had<br />

Anthony Lightman (left), president of the Rotary Club<br />

of Lake Buena Vista, congratulates member Efrain Sora<br />

on his background presentation.<br />

a meritorious career in the U.S. Air<br />

Force and went on to become a<br />

community leader in Florida and an<br />

influential, respected international<br />

entrepreneur. A local resident, he<br />

has received many and varied kudos<br />

for his lifelong accomplishments.<br />

Windermere resident Laura<br />

Hedgepeth of Florida International<br />

University and Winter Garden<br />

residents Titoluwani Laniyan of<br />

The University of Tampa and Geicel<br />

Rojas of Nova Southeastern<br />

University were initiated into The<br />

Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the<br />

nation’s oldest and most selective<br />

collegiate honor society for all academic<br />

disciplines. They are among<br />

approximately 25,000 students, faculty<br />

members, professional staff and<br />

alumni to be initiated into Phi Kappa<br />

Phi each year.<br />

Although we try to ensure that all information<br />

presented above is the most current, correct and<br />

dependable available, we do rely on others for<br />

the source of our news. Therefore, the Southwest<br />

Orlando Bulletin and Cornerstone Publishing &<br />

Multi-Media LLC cannot be held responsible for<br />

the validity of the information presented here, nor<br />

does mentioning it constitute an endorsement. In<br />

Your Neighborhood news is welcome and may be<br />

mailed to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786;<br />

or emailed to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />

To submit photos, email lauren@kearneypublishing.com<br />

Send us your favorite photo — old or new — of you and your dad. The best<br />

ones, as judged by our editorial staff, will win your dad the coveted title of<br />

That's My Dad Winner! Even if you don't win, your picture could appear as an<br />

honorable mention in the Southwest Orlando Bulletin. Don't delay! All photos<br />

must be received by May 24 for a chance to appear in our June 15 issue.<br />

Be sure to include your name, address, phone<br />

number, email address, your dad's name and<br />

your dad's neighborhood. Feel free to include<br />

any additional information about the photo. You<br />

and your dad must reside in Southwest Orlando.<br />

Professional photos will not be considered.<br />

Start early June<br />


Beginners and High<br />

Performance<br />

Start early June<br />

For all your summer tennis requirements at<br />

For all your summer tennis requirements at<br />

Windermere Prep School and West Orange Country Club.<br />

Windermere Prep School and West Orange Country Club.<br />

407 928 6666<br />

(407) 928-6666<br />

OrlandoTennisAcademy.com<br />

info@orlandotennisacademy.com<br />

6189 Winter Garden-Vineland Rd, Windermere<br />

West Orange Country Club<br />

3300 W Orange Country Club Dr, Winter Garden<br />

354455-1<br />


Beginners For and High all your summer tennis requirements<br />

Performance at Windermere Prep School and<br />

West Orange Country Club.<br />

Top Coaches on the Courts All Summer<br />

#1 Tennis Facility in Southwest Orlando<br />

Children of All Ages and Abilities<br />

407 928 6666<br />

2022 Winner

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 9<br />

Ronald Ziolkowski, known<br />

by most as RTR (Ron the <strong>Real</strong>tor),<br />

has been dominating the local real<br />

estate market for decades, one satisfied<br />

client at a time. With more<br />

than $750,000,000 in closed sales<br />

and always ranked in the top 10 in<br />

Orange County, Ron knows how to<br />

exceed his clients’ goals. That is the<br />

driving force for the RTR Army, the<br />

thousands of past and present clients<br />

Ron has worked for during his career.<br />

His base of operations is Re/Max<br />

Prime Properties in the heart of<br />

Winter Garden, a zip code Ron<br />

has sold more homes in than any<br />

<strong>Real</strong>tor on the planet throughout<br />

the past two decades. Re/Max is<br />

the largest real estate franchise in<br />

the world with offices in more than<br />

150 countries worldwide. Ron has<br />

earned the No. 1 individual Re/Max<br />

agent for Florida for the past six consecutive<br />

years. In addition, he was<br />

voted a Best of Southwest <strong>Real</strong>tor<br />

in Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s Best<br />

of Southwest for eight years, one of<br />

©JasonCannon/Cannonfirephoto.com<br />

Orlando magazine’s Hot 100 Elite<br />

<strong>Real</strong>tors for 17 consecutive years,<br />

and too many more awards to list.<br />

“I literally sprint the marathon every<br />

year, year in and year out,” Ron<br />

said. “The harder I work, the luckier<br />

I get. Every sale is someone’s hopes<br />

and dreams. That is what matters to<br />

me over anything else, exceeding the<br />

goals of those who entrust me with<br />

their largest and usually their most<br />

stressful transaction in their lives.”<br />

Ron’s work ethic and the relentless<br />

passion to deliver five-star service every<br />

time are what truly stand out. Ron<br />

has devoted half his life to exceeding<br />

his clients’ goals buying and selling<br />

real estate in Central Florida. He<br />

came to Orlando from his hometown<br />

of Buffalo, New York, in 1998 for a<br />

job offer that eventually did not come<br />

to fruition. He loved the area, stayed<br />

and learned the real estate business.<br />

It took him nine months to sell his first<br />

home.<br />

Ron does real estate his own unique<br />

way, giving direct and honest advice<br />

to his clients based on decades of<br />

experience. His knowledge, sales<br />

expertise, relationships and sound<br />

advice enable him to “play chess<br />

while everyone else is playing checkers<br />

on the same board.”<br />

“I love what I do,” he said. “I love<br />

that my clients become not only my<br />

neighbors, but my friends. I focus on<br />

one specific geographic area, [the]<br />

same area I call home and have<br />

raised my three children. I have devoted<br />

my entire 26-year career to<br />

Southwest Orlando, striving to become<br />

an expert and a household<br />

name in the industry.”<br />

What makes Ron so different from<br />

others is he does every aspect of<br />

each transaction himself. Nothing<br />

falls through the cracks because every<br />

step is handled by Ron. There<br />

is no team, no assistants, just Ron<br />

and the RTR Army. In a sea of mega<br />

teams, Ron’s clients only speak with<br />

Ron from start to finish. This personalized<br />

representation from one of the<br />

country’s top <strong>Real</strong>tors is unheard of<br />

at the volume that Ron does it.<br />

“I treat every transaction the same,<br />

no matter if it’s a townhouse or an<br />

estate. The seller of the townhome, in<br />

many cases, is relying on me to get<br />

that extra few grand for him more<br />

than that $2 million estate I have for<br />

sale,” Ron said. “My clients trust me<br />

to represent their interests and needs<br />

to the best of my ability, no matter<br />

the price point. I am not everyone’s<br />

<strong>Real</strong>tor, that is for sure, but those<br />

who I do represent get 100% of me,<br />

every time.”<br />

Consistently selling homes for record<br />

sales in record time, Ron spares<br />

no expense in marketing his sellers’<br />

homes globally at the very highest<br />

level.<br />

When asked, Ron said, “I give<br />

my $550,000 seller the same level<br />

of marketing most <strong>Real</strong>tors reserve<br />

for $2 million estates. I never have<br />

to advertise my personal business. It<br />

all comes from past clients’ warm referrals,<br />

so my marketing dollars are<br />

poured into the families that list and<br />

believe in me. It is the entire focus<br />

of my business, to sell that family’s<br />

home for maximum dollar in the<br />

shortest time frame.”<br />

Ron does not hesitate to give his<br />

wife, Kathy, a large amount of<br />

credit for his success. While Ron was<br />

tirelessly working, she raised their<br />

three children, all of whom attended<br />

Windermere Preparatory<br />

School. Owen is graduating this<br />

year, Evan is preparing to graduate<br />

from the University of Central Florida,<br />

and Kaitlyn is at the Savannah<br />

College of Art and Design. Married<br />

for 24 years, Ron and Kathy still never<br />

miss the chance to go to live rock<br />

concerts. Ron promises his phone is<br />

still on during the show.<br />

As the year continues, Ron sees<br />

that the housing market forecast will<br />

be different from recent years.<br />

“The real estate outlook from a<br />

year ago to now is very different,<br />

focusing more now on lack of inventory<br />

from homeowners not wanting<br />

to relinquish their very low interest<br />

rates,” he said. “It’s causing a housing<br />

shortage in the area, and there<br />

is still a huge influx of migration,<br />

and no one is leaving. It’s a housing<br />

shortage that I don’t see satisfied<br />

any time soon due to supply chain<br />

issues. Prices will remain strong in<br />

my forecast.”<br />

Even with the changing market,<br />

Ron will continue to crush it for the<br />

RTR Army, like he has done for well<br />

over two decades. Who is next?<br />

For more information, call 407-592-7653 or visit<br />

www.rtrsellshomes.com. ª<br />


10 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>Real</strong> <strong>Estate</strong>, Insurance<br />

& Financial <strong>Directory</strong><br />

The following key provides information regarding a<br />

real estate or insurance agent’s specialized training:<br />

ABR accredited buyer representative<br />

ARM associate in risk management<br />

CAM certified apartment manager<br />

CDPE certified distressed property expert<br />

CFS certified foreclosure specialist<br />

ChFC chartered financial consultant<br />

CIAS certified investor agent specialist<br />

CLHMS certified luxury home marketing specialist<br />

CLU chartered life underwriter<br />

CNE certified negotiation expert<br />

CPIA certified professional insurance agent<br />

CRP certified relocation professional<br />

CRS certified residential specialist<br />

CSP certified short sale professional<br />

e-Pro designation by the National Association of<br />

<strong>Real</strong>tors to indicate electronic training<br />

FMS Florida military specialist<br />

GRI graduate of the <strong>Real</strong>tor Institute<br />

IRES international real estate specialist<br />

LHMS luxury home marketing specialist<br />

MBA Master of Business Administration<br />

MLS Multiple Listing Service<br />

NASD National Association of Securities Dealers<br />

ORRA Orlando Regional <strong>Real</strong>tor Association<br />

PSA Pricing Strategy Advisor<br />

REO real estate owned<br />

RCS-D real estate collaboration specialist — divorce<br />

REPM real estate property management specialist<br />

SFR short sales and foreclosure resource<br />

SSRS short sale resolution specialist<br />

Thinking about your retirement?<br />

Let’s talk about retirement<br />

planning solutions and advice.<br />

Michael Wytiaz, CFP ®<br />

Branch Leader<br />

4848 S. Apopka Vineland Rd<br />

Suite 204<br />

Orlando, FL 32819<br />

407-909-0485<br />

Get started at schwab.com/windermere<br />

© 2023 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”) Member SIPC.<br />

All rights reserved. (1121-1JG7) SCH10645-78 (04/23)<br />

Get one-on-one help<br />

on your road to retirement.<br />

No matter where you are in your retirement planning,<br />

we can help you prepare to reach your goals. From<br />

personalized service and financial specialists to<br />

powerful planning tools that can help you stay on<br />

track, you’ll find it at Schwab. If you’re ready to stop<br />

working, we’re ready to get started. Whatever your<br />

retirement goals may be, our financial professionals<br />

can help you prepare. From personalized advice and<br />

financial specialists to powerful planning tools that<br />

help you stay on track, you’ll find it at Schwab.<br />

<strong>Real</strong>tors/<strong>Real</strong> <strong>Estate</strong> Agents<br />

Bobby Baldor, P.A., <strong>Real</strong>tor/Broker<br />

eXp <strong>Real</strong>ty Orlando/The Baldor Group<br />

6200 MetroWest Blvd., Suite 203, Orlando • 407-342-6980<br />

bobby@orlandoliving.com • www.orlandoliving.com<br />

Bobby Baldor is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Florida native with more<br />

than 19 years of combined, award-winning experience in real estate and<br />

mortgage lending in Central Florida. He is also a four-time eXp Icon Agent, a<br />

certified mentor and Diamond-Level Award top producer within the Orlando<br />

Regional <strong>Real</strong>tors Association. Bobby holds a Florida real estate broker’s license<br />

with designations as a graduate of the <strong>Real</strong>tor Institute, accredited buyer<br />

representative, certified short sale professional, a Florida military specialist,<br />

and one of few real estate collaboration specialists — divorce in Central<br />

Florida. He’s also been voted a Best of Southwest <strong>Real</strong>tor eight years in a row.<br />

Darrell Nunnelley, <strong>Real</strong>tor<br />

Vintage <strong>Real</strong>ty Group LLC<br />

501 Main St., Orlando • 407-467-8069<br />

darrellsells.com<br />

As a <strong>Real</strong>tor, contractor and property manager in Central Florida with<br />

more than 30 years of experience helping families buy, sell or renovate their<br />

primary homes, vacation homes or investment properties, Darrell Nunnelley<br />

has literally done everything related to real estate. With 1,000s of successful

transactions through the years, he consistently receives the trust and recommendations<br />

of past clients. Visit darrellsells.com for the latest local real estate<br />

listings and see why you should have Darrell help you with all of your real<br />

estate needs.<br />

Ronald Ziolkowski, P.A., <strong>Real</strong>tor<br />

Re/Max Prime Properties<br />

13848 Tilden Road, Winter Garden • 407-592-7653<br />

www.rtrsellshomes.com<br />

Ronald Ziolkowski, P.A., better known as RTR, has been a fixture in local<br />

real estate since 1998. In a sea of real estate teams, Ron personally handles<br />

every aspect of a client’s transaction and creates clients for life. Earning the<br />

No. 1 Re/Max <strong>Real</strong>tor in Florida for six consecutive years, Ron is celebrating<br />

his 23rd year with Re/Max. With closed sales totaling $750 million plus, he’s<br />

earned many awards, including being voted a Best of Southwest <strong>Real</strong>tor in<br />

Southwest Orlando Bulletin’s Best of Southwest for the past eight years and<br />

Orlando magazine’s Hot 100 <strong>Real</strong>tors for 16 consecutive years. Ron also has<br />

sold more homes in Winter Garden than any <strong>Real</strong>tor on the planet.<br />

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 11<br />

Insurance Agents<br />

Jim Brandt, President<br />

Sun Insurance Services Inc.<br />

7680 Universal Blvd., Suite 198, Orlando • 407-781-1602<br />

jim@suninsuranceservices.com<br />

www.suninsuranceservices.com<br />

Jim Brandt began his insurance career in 1980 as an adjuster after graduating<br />

from Louisiana State University. He and his wife, Dee, have lived in Dr.<br />

Phillips since 1991 and were familiar faces at Dr. Phillips Elementary School,<br />

Southwest Middle School, Dr. Phillips High School, the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA,<br />

and the Little League field while raising their three children. They founded Sun<br />

Insurance Services Inc. in 2003, which has consistently been voted a Best of<br />

Southwest insurance agency by Southwest Orlando Bulletin readers.<br />


Home<br />

Auto<br />

Business<br />

Only an independent insurance agency<br />

has what you want most:<br />

CHOICE<br />

Flood<br />

As an independent agency, we have freedom of choice,<br />

we are free to do what’s right for you.<br />

Umbrella<br />

Life<br />

Watercraft<br />

With access to many different providers, we have more<br />

options at our fingertips. We will shop your coverage with<br />

Florida’s most stable, prestigious insurance carriers to make<br />

sure you get the very best protection for you, your family and<br />

your business at the best value.<br />

The only one we answer to is you.<br />

Sun Insurance Services, Inc. • Jim & Dee Brandt, Owners<br />

407.781.1600 • www.suninsuranceservices.com • choices@suninsuranceservices.com

12 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


Kory Brown, Agent<br />

Sun Insurance Services Inc.<br />

7680 Universal Blvd., Suite 198, Orlando • 407-781-1605<br />

kory@suninsuranceservices.com<br />

www.suninsuranceservices.com<br />

Kory Brown has more than 15 years of experience writing all types of insurance,<br />

with a major focus on new home purchases. He partners with real estate<br />

agents, mortgage brokers and inspectors to ensure a smooth closing process.<br />

Kory was born in Illinois, but he has called Central Florida home for more than<br />

20 years. He has two children, both born and raised in this community, with<br />

his oldest proudly serving in the U.S. Navy.<br />

Frank Gonzalas, Agent<br />

Sun Insurance Services Inc.<br />

7680 Universal Blvd., Suite 198, Orlando • 407-781-1602<br />

frank@suninsuranceservices.com<br />

www.suninsuranceservices.com<br />

Frank Gonzalas specializes in all lines of personal insurance, including homeowners,<br />

auto, umbrella, flood, watercraft, motorcycle and life insurance. Born in<br />

Bayamón, Puerto Rico, Frank is fluent in Spanish and English. He lived in Brooklyn,<br />

New York, until his early teens, when his family moved to Winter Park. He and his<br />

wife, Jessica, have a son, Alexander, and a daughter, Amirah. Outside of work,<br />

Frank enjoys spending time with family; watching the New York Yankees and<br />

boxing; and reading books about entrepreneurship, real estate and motivation.<br />

Cinthia Lantigua, Agent<br />

Sun Insurance Services Inc.<br />

7680 Universal Blvd., Suite 198, Orlando • 407-781-1602<br />

cinthia@suninsuranceservices.com<br />

www.suninsuranceservices.com<br />

A native of the Dominican Republic, Cinthia Lantigua has been a Florida<br />

resident for 23 years. She began her career as a health insurance agent<br />

10 years ago, then transitioned into the property and casualty field, where<br />

she quickly learned the intricacies of Florida’s unique insurance industry. She<br />

loves the challenge of finding the right homeowners, auto, renters, flood and<br />

umbrella policy for every client. Her passion is to help protect her clients’ most<br />

valuable assets and to give them peace of mind.<br />

Mark Santo Domingo, Agent<br />

Sun Insurance Services Inc.<br />

7680 Universal Blvd., Suite 198, Orlando • 407-781-1608<br />

mark@suninsuranceservices.com<br />

www.suninsuranceservices.com<br />

A native of New York, Mark Santo Domingo is a personal lines agent with<br />

more than 35 years of experience. Mark originally came to Florida to play<br />

baseball for the University of Miami. He transferred to Temple University,<br />

where he continued to play while earning undergraduate and master’s degrees<br />

in risk management. Mark lives in Davenport and spends his free time<br />

with his son, Kevin.<br />

Donna Williams, Agent<br />

Sun Insurance Services Inc.<br />

7680 Universal Blvd., Suite 198, Orlando • 407-781-1610<br />

donna@suninsuranceservices.com<br />

www.suninsuranceservices.com<br />

Donna Williams has 25 years of experience selling homeowners, auto,<br />

flood, renters and umbrella insurance, and she serves customers throughout<br />

Florida. She works closely with real estate agents to make sure homebuyers<br />

have everything they need for a smooth closing process. Donna grew up in<br />

Queens, New York, and went to Andrew Jackson High School and Borough<br />

of Manhattan Community College. She serves as the vice president of her local<br />

American Legion Auxiliary.<br />

Financial<br />

Michael S. Wytiaz, CFP<br />

Charles Schwab<br />

4848 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Suite 204, Orlando<br />

407-909-0485 • www.schwab.com/windermere<br />

1600 Hancock Road, Suite D, Clermont • 352-404-5238<br />

www.schwab.com/clermont<br />

Michael S. Wytiaz, CFP, is a Charles Schwab franchisee, and he operates<br />

his own independent branches in Windermere and Clermont, where he<br />

partners with his clients to understand their goals, create personalized plans<br />

and provide investing guidance. Clients will understand where their money<br />

is invested and why, how their investments are performing, and how much<br />

it’s costing them. Plus, they’ll have access to Schwab’s portfolio management<br />

expertise, insights and specialists. It’s a modern approach to wealth management<br />

— so clients can take ownership of their financial lives. ª

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 13

14 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />

Q Leadership changes within<br />

WOCC<br />

After 21 years,<br />

MetroWest<br />

resident and<br />

West Orange<br />

Chamber of<br />

Commerce<br />

CEO/President<br />

Stina D’Uva<br />

announces her<br />

retirement.<br />

West Orange Chamber<br />

of Commerce CEO/President<br />

Stina D’Uva of MetroWest announced<br />

her retirement after 21<br />

years. WOCC aims to support<br />

businesses with networking events,<br />

educational programs and advocacy<br />

to improve the community.<br />

D’Uva’s efforts enabled WOCC<br />

to grow into one of the strongest,<br />

most respected chambers in<br />

Florida. She led the organization<br />

through different economies, personnel<br />

changes and a pandemic.<br />


Her leadership will be missed.<br />

WOCC members wish her and her<br />

husband, Nick, the best of luck<br />

and happiness in their future adventures.<br />

D’Uva will retire at the<br />

end of this year.<br />

The chamber also recently welcomed<br />

two new board members<br />

— Wendal Lowrey, program<br />

manager of business engagement<br />

at CareerSource Central Florida,<br />

and Jim Zeitschel Jr., branch<br />

manager of the Orlando team at<br />

PrimeLending, a national mortgage<br />

lender.<br />

For more information, visit<br />

wochamber.com.<br />

Q CFHLA awards grants and<br />

scholarships<br />

During its annual luncheon,<br />

Central Florida Hotel and<br />

Lodging Association (CFHLA),<br />

compiled by Lauren Gonsalves<br />

in partnership with the CFHLA<br />

Foundation and through the support<br />

of its members, announced<br />

that the organization has awarded<br />

more than $1,200,000 in hospitality<br />

student scholarships since<br />

2000.<br />

This includes another $129,000<br />

that was distributed to 57 college<br />

and high school students during<br />

this spring’s Gives Luncheon. In<br />

addition, CFHLA and the CFHLA<br />

Foundation awarded $79,500 in<br />

hospitality education and community<br />

grants to local educational<br />

institutions and organizations. Part<br />

of the luncheon’s program was the<br />

recognition of 89 CFHLA members,<br />

consisting of lodging and<br />

allied members, who took part in<br />

the association’s Adopt-A-School<br />

Partnership, supporting Central<br />

Florida public schools for the<br />

2022-23 academic year.<br />

The awards presented during<br />

the luncheon included the latest<br />

awarding of the Don and<br />

Lorraine Freeberg Foundation<br />

Scholarship. Recipients of this<br />

receive a $40,000 scholarship<br />

with a disbursement of $10,000<br />

throughout the course of four years<br />

and a paid internship opportunity<br />

at the Caribe Royale Orlando.<br />

This year’s recipient, Melanie<br />

Bezold, graduates from high<br />

school next week and will continue<br />

her education at the University<br />

of Central Florida Rosen College<br />

of Hospitality Management.<br />

Grant disbursements included<br />

$25,000 to the Dr. Phillips Center<br />

for the Performing Arts, year<br />

nine of 10 for $250,000 total;<br />

$5,000 to the Valencia College<br />

Foundation, year 10 of 10 for<br />

$50,000 total; and $10,000 to the<br />

UCF Rosen College of Hospitality<br />

Management, year two of two for<br />

$20,000 total. There were also<br />

four new grants this year.<br />


www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 15

16 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


In addition, CFHLA held a Cares<br />

Collection Drive prior to and during<br />

the event, with more than 42,000 donated<br />

items going to support Central<br />

Florida students in need throughout<br />

Orange, Osceola and Seminole<br />

counties.<br />

For more information, visit<br />

www.cfhla.org.<br />

Q Mayor Dyer holds annual<br />

summit<br />

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer<br />

hosted Orlando’s 18th annual<br />

Neighborhood & Community<br />

Summit. The full day of interactive<br />

networking and workshop sessions<br />

connected more than 350 residents<br />

and community leaders to encourage<br />

a stronger, more vibrant community.<br />

The event also honored volunteers<br />

and community organizations who<br />

excel in building better neighborhoods<br />

and strengthening the city.<br />

For more information, visit<br />

orlando.gov/summit.<br />


Ambassadors of West Orange<br />

Chamber of Commerce held a<br />

five-year anniversary celebration for<br />

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games.<br />

WOCC builds partnerships, strong<br />

businesses and commitment to the<br />

community by serving as the leading<br />

business advocate in Central<br />

Florida, facilitating opportunity to<br />

nearly 1,000 member businesses.<br />

For more information about<br />

WOCC, call 407-656-1304 or visit<br />

wochamber.com.<br />

The Orlando Health Emergency<br />

Room — Reunion<br />

Village celebrated its first anniversary<br />

by inviting the community to an<br />

on-site family-friendly event. Those<br />

in attendance partook in face painting,<br />

building balloon characters,<br />

yard games and free blood pressure<br />

screenings. An “ouchie” station<br />

was set up for children to bring<br />

their favorite stuffed animal in for a<br />

checkup. Kids also received a commemorative<br />

stuffed animal for attending.<br />

Nearly 500 people turned out<br />

for the event. For more information,<br />

visit www.orlandohealth.com. ª<br />

photo courtesy of WOCC<br />

West<br />

Orange<br />

Chamber of<br />

Commerce<br />

ambassadors<br />

celebrate<br />

the five-year<br />

anniversary<br />

of Andretti<br />

Indoor Karting<br />

& Games.<br />

7/6/2023<br />

7/6/2023<br />

See What We Can Do For You<br />

Call for a free consultation with our new tool to<br />

evaluate your bite and to simluate the outcome<br />

of Invisalign Clear Aligner therapy!

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x May 18 — 31, 2023 x 17<br />


n Charity/Fundraiser<br />

June 21 — 4.01K Race For Financial Fitness<br />

Harbor Park, 4990 New Broad St., Orlando, hosts Junior<br />

Achievement of Central Florida’s eighth annual 4.01K Race<br />

for Financial Fitness, including financial literacy-themed activities<br />

along the route. Time: 6 p.m. Sponsorships are available.<br />

For more information, email kbrown@jacentralfl.org. To register<br />

for the race, visit secure.qgiv.com/event/40ra2023.<br />

n Children’s Program<br />

June 3-July 29 — Summer At Your Library<br />

The Orange County Library System hosts its annual summer<br />

program — All Together Now: Kindness, Friendship and Unity.<br />

Programs, classes and events continue to be offered both in<br />

person and online. For more information or to register, call<br />

407-835-7323 or visit ocls.info/summer.<br />

n Class/Program<br />

May 25 — Professional History<br />

Presentation<br />

Heller Hall at the Winter Garden Heritage Foundation,<br />

21 E. Plant St., Winter Garden, hosts an interview with<br />

compiled by Lisa Sagers<br />

Joy Wallace Dickinson, who published Orlando Sentinel’s<br />

“Flashbacks” history column for many years. Time: 6:30<br />

p.m. Limited seating begins at 5:45 p.m. There is also<br />

a Facebook Live presentation. Attendance is free. To<br />

RSVP or for more information, call 407-656-3244 or<br />

visit wghf.org.<br />

n Events/Performances<br />

Through May 31 — World War II And<br />

West Orange County Exhibit<br />

The Winter Garden Heritage Museum, 1 N. Main St., Winter<br />

Garden, hosts World War II and West Orange County, an<br />

exhibit that depicts how Winter Garden and west Orange<br />

County contributed to the war effort by supplying military<br />

personnel and healthful citrus products. The exhibit features<br />

objects, archived letters and photographs. Time: Tuesdays-<br />

Saturdays from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. For more information, visit<br />

wghf.org.<br />

May 24 — State Of The City Address<br />

The public is invited to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s 2023<br />

State of the City Address at Harriett’s Orlando Ballet Centre,<br />

600 N. Lake Formosa Drive, Orlando. Time: 10:30 a.m.<br />

For those unable to attend, a live and encore presentation is<br />

available online at orlando.gov/soc.<br />







321-947-2541<br />

Imperial Outdoor Living, LLC

18 x May 18 — 31, 2023 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com<br />


July 2 — MusicWorks Independence Day<br />

Celebration<br />

MetroWest Golf Club, 2100 S. Hiawassee Road, Orlando,<br />

hosts the third annual MusicWorks Independence Day<br />

event, including a professional skydiving team, live music,<br />

fireworks, food trucks, rides, vendors and adult beverages<br />

for sale. Offsite parking only is available off Metrocenter<br />

Boulevard, where a shuttle service is provided. Attendees<br />

should bring chairs or blankets. Personal fireworks, coolers<br />

and pets are prohibited. Time: 4-10 p.m. Admission<br />

is free. For more information, call 407-601-5995 or visit<br />

www.metrowestcommunity.com.<br />

n Miscellaneous<br />

June 17, July 15, Aug. 19, Sept. 16,<br />

Oct. 21, Nov. 18 & Dec. 16 — Expanded<br />

Hours Offered<br />

The Ocoee branch of the Orange County Clerk of Courts,<br />

475 Story Road, Ocoee, opens select Saturdays for the same<br />

services offered weekdays. Appointments are also available<br />

for passports and marriage services. Time: 8 a.m.-noon. For<br />

more information, visit www.myorangeclerk.com.<br />

n Networking/Clubs<br />

Ongoing — Members Wanted<br />

The West Orange Women seeks women of all ages to join<br />

its group for fun, friendship and philanthropy. Annual dues<br />

are $25. For more information, contact Alice Bergeson,<br />

alicebergeson@westorangewomen@gmail.com; or visit<br />

www.westorangewomen.com.<br />

May 23 — Revive & Thrive<br />

West Orange Chamber of Commerce, 12184 W. Colonial<br />

Drive, Winter Garden, hosts Revive & Thrive. Time: every<br />

fourth Tuesday from 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Participation<br />

is complimentary. For more information or to register,<br />

email Chuck Wheeler, charles.wheeler@ucf.edu; or visit<br />

floridasbdc.org/request-for-consulting.<br />

May 23, 30, June 6, 13, 20 & 27 —<br />

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings<br />

Windermere Toastmasters Club No. 4662754 holds Zoom<br />

meetings. Attendees learn to develop their oral communication<br />

and leadership skills in a supportive and positive learning<br />

environment. Time: Tuesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. For more<br />

information or to request online Zoom meeting details, visit<br />

www.4662754.toastmastersclubs.org and click “Contact Us.”<br />

May 24, 31, June 7, 14, 21 & 28 —<br />

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings<br />

The Turnpike Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings. Time:<br />

Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. For more information or to<br />

register for a virtual meeting, visit 2362.toastmastersclubs.org<br />

and click “Contact Us” at least one day before the event.<br />

May 25, June 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 —<br />

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings<br />

The Vista Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings.<br />

Time: Thursdays from 7-8:30 p.m. For more information,<br />

email vistatoastmasters.zoom@gmail.com or visit<br />

www.vistatoastmasters.org.<br />

May 25, June 8 & 22 — Thursday<br />

Networking Group Meetings<br />

West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Thursday Networking<br />

Group meets at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA Family Center, 7000<br />

Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando. The group allows an opportunity for<br />

members to present information about their products, services<br />

and industry knowledge. Time: second and fourth Thursday<br />

of each month from 8:30-9:30 a.m. For more information,<br />

email Jim Zeitschel, jim.zeitschel@primelending.com.<br />

n Volunteer<br />

Opportunities<br />

Ongoing — Virtual Volunteers Needed<br />

RSVP seeks volunteers to help make masks for Cornerstone<br />

Hospice & Palliative Care. For more information or if<br />

interested, call Tyler VanBuren, 630-335-3084; or email<br />

tvanburen@vcifl.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

The Foster Grandparent Program seeks limited-income volunteers<br />

55-older to join in helping children in schools all<br />

around Central Florida. For more information, call 407-298-<br />

4180 or visit volunteersforcommunityimpact.org/wp-content/<br />

uploads/2020/01/FGP-Info-Flyer-1-13-20.pdf.<br />

Ongoing — Pet Foster Homes Needed<br />

As part of its Pet Peace of Mind program, Cornerstone<br />

Hospice seeks foster homes for pets left behind after their<br />

owners pass away. For more information or to receive<br />

an application to foster, email ppom@cshospice.org.<br />

For more information about hospice volunteer opportunities,<br />

call Sharon Smith, 404-290-1583; or email<br />

ssmith@vcifl.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers/Docents Needed<br />

Oakland Nature Preserve, 747 Machete Trail, Oakland,<br />

seeks adults interested in learning about the history,<br />

wildlife, plants and restoration efforts at ONP to volunteer<br />

at the preserve to greet visitors, help answer questions<br />

and lead a tour from time to time. Workdays are<br />

Mondays and/or Saturdays. For more information,<br />

email outreach@oaklandnaturepreserve.org or visit<br />

www.oaklandnaturepreserve.org/guide. To register online,<br />

visit oaklandnaturepreserve.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteer Veterans Needed<br />

Cornerstone Hospice seeks volunteers who are veterans of<br />

America’s armed forces to honor patients who are veterans by<br />

visiting them in their homes, a facility or a hospital. Cornerstone<br />

Hospice is a four-star level member of the We Honor Veterans<br />

program, a national initiative to provide veterans in hospice<br />

care with specialized services. All volunteers must participate<br />

in mandatory training that includes an overview of what is<br />

hospice care and how volunteers play an important role in<br />

caring for patients. For more information, call Olivia Davidson,<br />

407-206-5060; or email odavidso@cshospice.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, 12 Mustard Seed<br />

Lane, Orlando, seeks volunteers who can help with donation<br />

sorting, mattress recycling, warehouse maintenance, administrative<br />

work, special events or general maintenance. For<br />

more information, call 407-875-2040, ext. 110; or email<br />

jessi@mustardseedfla.org.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

The town of Oakland seeks volunteers to assist in various<br />

fun and fulfilling roles at The Healthy West Orange Arts and<br />

Heritage Center. Applicants must consent to a criminal background<br />

check. For more information, call Pamela Stewart, 407-<br />

656-1117, ext. 2112; email arts&heritage@oaklandfl.gov; or<br />

visit bit.ly/artsandheritagecenter.<br />

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed<br />

My Brother’s Keeper seeks volunteers — especially adult men<br />

(18-older) of color — who can serve as positive role models<br />

and mentor boys and young men of color. For more information,<br />

email Grace, gdearden@vcifl.org, at Volunteers for<br />

Community Impact.<br />

Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are welcome. Please<br />

send information six weeks before the event to P.O. Box 851,<br />

Windermere, FL 34787; call 407-351-1573, option 5; or email<br />

Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª<br />

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Your Full Service Digital Partner<br />

At Cornerstone Digital, we know the decision to<br />

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P.O. Box 851<br />

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be confident.<br />

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get access to care from an expert and compassionate clinical team for all of your healthcare<br />

needs — from emergency services to heart and vascular care to orthopedics and more — all<br />

close to home. Giving you more reasons to choose well. OrlandoHealth.com/DrPPhillipsHospital<br />

choose well.

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