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Types of Camera Lenses

There are literally hundreds of lenses on the market now, what are the different types of lenses, what are they used for? This guide will walk you through -

5) Telephoto ▫ The

5) Telephoto ▫ The “bazooka” lens. Big and bulky. ▫ Capable of shooting things far far away. ▫ Normally used by nature and wildlife photographers who do not want to disturb the animals. ▫ Also sometimes used by sports photographers, because they cannot get too close to the action. 8

6) Macro ▫ Made to focus up close. ▫ Somewhat like a microscope. ▫ Used to take close up shots of insects, flowers and products. ▫ Opens up a new world of photography, otherwise invisible to the naked eye. 9

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