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Festival del fi lm

Festival del fi lm Locarno, Lake Maggiore and Valleys Events. Top recurrent events. Thanks to its mild climate, Ticino has the longest open-air events’ season in Switzerland. It also offers a wide selection of year-round events. February Rabadan Carnival Bellinzona, historical center 6 days March Locarno Camellias Locarno, Camellia park 5 days April Historical Easter Processions Mendrisio, historical centre - Holy Thursday and Holy Friday 2 days May La Spada nella Rocca, medieval festival Bellinzona 2 days Open Wine Cellars Throughout Ticino 2 days June and July Estival Jazz, open-air music festival Lugano, Piazza Riforma and Mendrisio 5 days International Street Artists Festival Ascona 4 days Longlake Festival Lugano 1 month JazzAscona Ascona, waterfront and downtown 10 days Moon and Stars, open-air concerts Locarno, Piazza Grande 10 days NEW X-Cat Lugano 3 days August Festival del fi lm Locarno Locarno 11 days September Bacchica, harvest Festival Lugano 4 days PerBacco, harvest Festival Bellinzona 4 days Sagra dell'Uva, grape harvest festival Mendrisio 3 days October Autumn Festival, wine/gastronomy/harvest festival Lugano 3 days Chestnut and Autumn Festival Ascona 2 days December Christmas markets Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Mendrisio 2 months Locarno on Ice, ice-skating rink Locarno, Piazza Grande 1 month and a half Natale in Piazza, ice-skating rink Lugano, Piazza Riforma 1 month and a half 26