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Insulate Magazine Issue 14 - January 2018

Featuring exclusive articles, standing out from the crowd, NIA conference review, keeping everything moving and Review, Reflect and Reset the new year edition of insulation provides a kick start to 2018... BBA Leads the Way The UK’s leading certification body provides comprehensive Audit & Inspection services to leading companies in the construction industry. 14

The only independent insulation industry trade magazine As a recognised mark synonymous with quality products & installations, working with an institution like the BBA offers considerable benefits to manufacturers. Opportunities to improve business profiles are particularly sought after in an increasingly competitive market place, where new products and systems are cropping up all the time.And it’s not just about Increasing sales opportunities. It’s also about greater efficiency, with a reduction in costs that can lead to more rewards for hard-working staff and Improved staff motivation. Moreover, working with a USP partner that is a recognised brand is a sign that manufacturers are committed to raising and maintaining standards for their customers, resulting in an improved profile among both existing and potential clients. UKAS accredited and fully independent, BBA Audit & Inspection has over 50 years’ experience providing first class inspection & auditing services to organisations who are committed to maintaining the quality of products and installations to meet industry standards. The BBA business unit works in two main areas: construction products (factory and installation) carries out over 6000 inspections per year within the UK, while quality management systems carryies out over 2000 visits per year in over 50 countries worldwide. On the construction side, inspections cover the BBA’s own Competent Installer Scheme to supporting client initiatives and regulation schemes such as PAS 2030:2017. Products covered range from energy technical monitoring and insulation to high friction services. On the management systems side, the BBA offers the main three standards: ISO9001:2015, 14001:2015, 18001:2017 with EN1090 being high in number. Given the constant changes in regulations, BBA Audit & Inspection clearly plays a significant part in raising and maintaining standards across a variety of industries, to the benefit of clients, the industries they work in and ultimately the consumer. Moreover, at a time when a number of issues are coming to light as a result of badly performed or ill-advised insulation retrofits, these services are even more welcomed, not only by home dwellers and property owners, but in\ particular social housing organisations whose responsibilities are to look after housing stock, usually with limited budget constraints. It has perhaps never been more appropriate for organisations like the BBA to continue to dedicate time and resource to drive up standards, ensuring the quality and safety of products and workmanship in the construction industry, for the ultimate benefit of all our built surroundings, at work and at home, and all who inhabit them. 15