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“Oh, hungry Zaheer. I

“Oh, hungry Zaheer. I am too hungry”. I said smilingly, and added, “give me 15 minutes to get ready”. “Take 20 minutes. I shall also change,” Zaheer said. “Yes. Do change. Change is the spice of life,” I said. I could see some twinkle in my eyes. “Oh, no more philosophy, Priya. Come back to the ground. We are in New York. Its glitter has no place for philosophy. It is all glitter of dollars. Do not forget your credit cards, Priya”. “I forget nothing”. I rushed to my dressing table for change. 143

CHAPTER 41 Six months of married life have given me a new perspective of life. I am a thinking person, and I do it calmly without anyone noticing my churning process within. I owe this to my yoga power and meditation. Yoga teaches you how to remain calm, maintain poise and mental equilibrium whatever be the nature and intensity of turbulence around. Knowing this power of yoga, I never compromise on the daily schedule of at least 90 minutes for yoga and meditation. That makes your life sublime. I often feel that this is the most precious contribution of Ancient India to humanity from great Patanjali sage to present day gurus and swamis hovering around the country and the world with the message of Yoga. I know yoga apart, I have to think about the next step in my life. My visit to Saharanpur and my voluntary decision for “Nikah” are two uppermost thoughts in my mind. Life is a gamble. Play well. One learns a lot about one’s own ability to test nerves as well as your ability to overcome the stresses and strains of life. More than this, it unfolds before you human nature of various shades and hues, of various religious colours, of harmony and acrimony and what not. My objective is to see life in various situations and complexities. Perhaps, my life’s experiences would help me in my doctoral thesis. I am thinking on new lines. My work is not going to be a cutand-paste job on who said or wrote what. 144

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