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I must say that Ancient

I must say that Ancient India was more candid and transparent about sex panoramas. Otherwise, these would not have become an open wall windows of some of our temples, say, Konark in Odisha. Coming back to my honeymoon with Zaheer, we made the most of our sojourn. Forget about Kamasutra. I never realized that a Pathan could be so ferocious on bed, as he is supposed to be on the battlefield. The only saving grace is that in the bedroom, the Pathans could be ferociously aggressive, but does not “kill” the person at the other end. The rest I would leave to your imagination and the level of your fantasy. I am not supposed to share with you those passionate moments. Publicly, I have to live up to my modest image as a Hindu girl as is generally depicted on the silver screen! One secret, however, I must share with future honeymooners: Speak not in words, but through lips and eyes. They are more potent than words! Also, remember words uttered in unguarded moments can spoil the honeymoon rhythm, with serious consequences in the days and nights ahead. So complex is Human Nature! 133

CHAPTER 38 Back to New York, our married life picked up the work momentum, slowly but smoothly. Work and fantasy don’t go together, not in New York where the pace of life hardly gives you a chance to pause and look back. Life’s signal is sharp and clear: look ahead and look forward. This is a matter of survival. Survive all must, but in a harmonious way. This is how Zaheer and I have adjusted our life beautifully without any trace of friction. This was possible simply because there was no thirdparty intervention in our life. Zaheer’s parents and relations were back in Saharanpur. Right now, I won’t recall my mother-in-law’s partying advice to me. I shall share with you later, at an opportune time. Right now, my priority is to pick up the threads from my research work. As for Zaheer, he was awfully busy with his work. He was working hard since his promotion was on the cards. So, he had no time to think and talk about small, small things of life. I like this. I too do not wish to get lost in small matters of life. I always believe in Think Big and Act Big. This is what makes life challenging and stimulating. Weeks passed by. Months rolled into years. Life, by and large, has a smooth sailing. More than half of my research on intercommunity relations was through. I was happy with the progress. But I cannot build castles of harmony on certain set theories. Inter-community relationship is a live issue. It could vary from one set of persons to another. It could change in assessment 134

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