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CHAPTER 37 Our honeymoon

CHAPTER 37 Our honeymoon destination is a far away Indian Ocean islandnation, Mauritius. A lovely place with beautiful beaches, oceankissed gentle breeze. I wanted to be at a place away from the jostling and maddening crowd of New York, where no one knows who we are and to which religion we belong. Of course, our faces tell all, that we are from the subcontinent, a modern Indian couple with dollar power. We checked in at a five-star hotel on the beach. The setting is fabulous – an ideal for honeymooning couple, irrespective of the mood of romancing which, even otherwise, varies from time to time and from one couple to another. As usual, my early morning starts with yoga, the life-line of my existence. This is what keeps me going, howsoever lofty might be waves of my life. At the end of one and a half hour of my pranayama and yoga asanas, I am at peace with myself as well as with serene surroundings. Life then flows at its own natural pace. Sh-Sh-Sh! Did I talk about my first night? NoNo. Not yet! The Night is still 12 hours away. Why waste time in imagination. Every young girl has her own fantasies and romantic concepts. So are mine. This is one area where Priests, Moulvis and Pandits do not creep in. 131

Every romantic and honeymooning couple is left to their fantasies and exploits. Ancient India has its own world famous Kamasutra. Sometimes I wonder how come a spiritual India could have such a treatise on Sex? How come some of our famous ancient temples could artistically depict sex postures so candidly? I have no rational explanation to such questions. This could be a very fascinating area for in-depth study. Not that this has not been done in ancient scriptures and modern literature. Still, I find the whole exercise somewhat intriguing. One philosophical theory is: Kamasutra teaches you self-control before you get into deeper quest for spiritual power and salvation. To be honest with you, I have no right answer. As a newlywedded person, I am surely fascinated by the range and dimensions of these sex postures. These have cast a spell on a number of Western authors who have written a number of pictorial books. I would be dishonest if I do not admit that I am too fascinated. This is my strictly personal matter. I do not share my inner thoughts and fantasies even with my husband. A Hindu girl is supposed to be sober and modest when it comes to sex matters. Of course, time is changing. Life and sound bites on the silver screen and on TV have changed everything, even in private walls of bedrooms. 132

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