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FUBU's Birthday party

Lisa Fisher i have leaky

Lisa Fisher i have leaky eyes too bu!! Angel Girl me wuv yu n yur momma n I bees a lookin down on yu keepin a watch ::gently paw wipes FUBU's tears:: Spot The Seizure Cat These are for you My Darling Angel Girl FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Momma's CRYING LIKE A BABY!! Me can't get her to stop!! We LUBS Mew girly FUREVER!! Angel Girl OMC!!!!!!! SPOT!!!!!!! ::GASPS:: thank yu so much!!! dey bees gorgeous!!!!! ::sticks her nose in tha flowers n takes a long sniff:: oh my! dey smells so sweet n heavenly!!!! I wuvs yu so much ma hottie Spottie!!! I will put dem by ma wittle bed at Rainbow Bridge n yu know what? dey will lives furever and ever cuz nuffin dere ever dies Spot The Seizure Cat They will live furever and ever just like our Love for each other! Lucy Lu Cove awwww FUBU, there should be no crying today. It is your birthday!!! You are 16 and a wonderful day to celebrate. yet I also understand. mommie does the same thing when she sees Sammi da Bear. please give your momma a hug and gently wipe her tears and all will be ok. I luvs you both < Angel Girl yu so right ma sweet hubby

FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Angel Girl sweetheart, am so HAPPY to get to see Mew again!! Me misses Mew so, so, so, very, very, very much!!! Me knows will see Mew again one day!! Me LUBS Mew FUREVER GIRLY!!! Angel Girl one far away day, we will meet whisker ta whisker FUBU! until den yu live life ta tha fullest an yu n yur momma make lots n lots of memories!!!! FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Me will sweetheart, ALWAYS REMEMBER HOW MUCH ME LUBS MEW!!! Angel Girl i will never furget! Lucy Lu Cove FUBU!!!! one last dance before you leave? FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" SURE GIRLY!! Will Mew go home and spend the night with Me?? Lucy Lu Cove OMC!!!! Yes! I would luv too!!! Thank you for asking!! bag right here!! I have my little Johanna Duffek-Kowal (leans back, sips on her drink, watches and just smiles) Dawn Barela Awesome song!!

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