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2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

Buck Goud night furends.

Buck Goud night furends. Danks fur da fun an music. Sleep wells. Wormhole Bistro Shad comes runnin tu Cweamy ans gibs him's pecial buddy da hooge huggie ans dem da rest ob da family gibs awl da dragons ans fank mews fur makie da day eben mur peical too buddys Lisa Bober Mmmm - looks great, thank you very much! Good night Buck Goud da night Auntie Lisa. Sleep wells. Wormhole Bistro Mew habs da gud nite wiff sweet dreamies Auntie Lisa Edna Fitzgerald Gentle dreams dear friends. A wonderful evening Buck Goud night Auntie Edna. Hugs to mew an awl da purrtectors. Wormhole Bistro Nitey nites tu mew Auntie Edna ans da wunnerfuls The Purrtectors of DragonHold too The Dragon Gang Forest Elves - Lullaby From a Distant Land【Original Song】 YOUTUBE.COM

The Dragon Gang The Dragon's Lullaby - Original Song - Tales of the Wovlen YOUTUBE.COM Wormhole Bistro WOWZERS fank mews sew muchie our buddys da The Dragon Gang Buck Y---A---W---N. Danks The Dragon Gang. Iz guess wez bettur get goin tou. Night eberypawdy. See mew tummorrows. (She hugs and smooches Shad and hugs everyone) Iz is awl pakked an weady to goes. Gweat pawty eberypawdies. Nitey nite. (Over to the wormhole they go paw in paw-------Whoosh-------They are gone) Janie Gove chocolately cheesecake shamrock pots mint white hot chocolate and a rainbow pudding please Wormhole Bistro The chocolate cheesecake, shamrock pots, mint white hot chocolate, and rainbow pudding for you Madam Janie Kathleen Dell Goodnight and sweet dreams, everyone. Those Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecakes look awfully good. Have a wonderful night. Love and hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Wormhole Bistro YAWN! Nitey nite Auntie Kathleen

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