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2018-03-17 Saeent Paddie's Daee

Buck Iz agwees Auntie

Buck Iz agwees Auntie Linda. Kathleen Dell Good morning to all of you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Can I please have the pancakes with butter and syrup and an orange juice? Buck (Zooms over) Top o' da mornin Auntie Kathleen. Happe St. Patrick's Day. Iz has fur mew da panikakes wiff da budder an maply syrup, an da glasz da orange juize. Kathleen Dell Thank you, Buck. Edna Fitzgerald Yummy.Good mornin friends please with a big cawfee I would love the twoll hash and eggs Buck (Zooms over) Top o' da mornin Auntie Edna an da goud mornin. mew da twoll hash an eggies wiff da large mug da hot koffee. Iz has fur Edna Fitzgerald Buck Thank you! Happy St Paddys day to everyone Buck Mew is bery welkom Auntie Edna. Wormhole Bistro Fank mews sew muchie Auntie Edna HoneyBun's Mews (pokes her head into the kitchen) Canz I haz a box of green pannycakes and bakum, and some mini chickie custard tarts, and a big bowl of whippie cream please and fank you. I wants to send it to da Bridge to my sisfurs PookPook and Trouble, and my brofur Casey. (She takes 3 green sparkling crinkle balls out of her backpack.) And please put deze in da box so I can send dem some fun toys too.

Buck (Zooms over) Top o' da mornin HoneyBun. Iz has fur mew da box da gween panikakes an bakons, sum da mini custard tarts, da big bowl da whippy cweams. Iz also added dem toys fur mew as well. Susan Siefers Thanks, Buck. (HoneyBun waves her thanks while she and Garcon move the box to the Rainbow Wormhole) I know my kitties at the Bridge will be so happy to get the treats. Buck Mew is ekstwemely welkoms HoneyBun. Iz noos dem will likies it tou. Gwen Hickford There's some squeaks and giggles outside the door then a flute starts playing The Irish Washerwoman and a little lepurrchaun with a washerwoman jump through into the dining room and jig their way all around to all the tables, with the lepurrchaun giving out gold covered chocolate coins to everyone. Following behind them are their blushing uncles in kelly green kilts. They scoot over to a table and take a seat while Mom and Auntie Pascale follow them. Auntie Pascale is playing the flute. Top o' the morning they call to everyone. The little ones, amid giggles take a seat as well then their jaws drop as Auntie Pascale plays another tune and their uncles get up, give a little bow and do an Irish dance too. When they finish, Muffin and Pumpkin bow again and take their seats. Pumpkin grins could we have six plates of the shamrock pancakes with lots of maple syrup and six large mugs of cocoa please. We need the energy now. Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Hai, furends! IMPURRSIF! Wow, dat hab be Susan Siefers I thought Jake and Snuffles were the dancers in your family, but Muffin and Pumpkin, you have set them a great example to follow. Gwen Hickford Pumpkin grins Thank you friends. You all knew the little ones could dance but we never let even them know that we could too. We've been practicing in secret. Wormhole Bistro WOWZERS KAZOWERS dat shurs was impurressive dancie Muffin, Pumpkin, Snuffles ans wittle Jake! Top ob da Day tu mew awl!

17/04/03: STEVENS REPORT - The Irish Times
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