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Southern View: May 29, 2018

Southern View: May 29,

TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2018 Locally Owned Stinky sites No action needed on Bromley’s smells Pump station completed $12 million wastewater scheme now in operation June 29 - July 1 EXHIBITORS BOOK NOW Page 3 Page 5 CHALLENGE: Hebe Hopa (above) tackles the mud head on. Left – Hollie Parker jumps from the scaffolding. Right – Eve Solodi climbs through the obstacle course. PHOTOS: GORDON TRIGG Pupils show true grit ST ANNE’S Catholic School produced an unconventional cross-country event, using an obstacle course which involved ducking, diving and getting muddy. The Grit Challenge was the idea of a parent who works for a scaffolding company and involved a technical run including two crossings, jumping a fence, tunnels, poles, large barrels and several mud-based obstacles. The pupils climbed up a four-level scaffolding feature and jumped off into matting. Principal Dallas Wichman said the challenge was put together to promote the school’s attitude of grit. “To persist when things get difficult and give things a go which we know is a big determiner of success in life.” “The event was amazing and brings so many families rather than the traditional ‘running around the park’-style cross-country which we know is dead boring.” He said the pupils loved the course. “They loved getting really high on the scaffolding obstacle and dropping off onto our high jump mat.” 021 914 565 Rapaki not spared in ECan’s bus cuts rethink • By Julia Evans PUBLIC OUTCRY has caused a rethink over plans to cut bus routes around the city. But the 535 Eastgate to Lyttelton and Rapaki still remains on the chopping block. Environment Canterbury staff prepared an “alternative option” to the proposal in its draft Long Term Plan that would axe the six lowest performing bus routes following “overwhelming” public opposition, a spokeswoman said. Those routes included the 535 and the 145 Westmorland to Eastgate. The solution is a modification of the six routes proposed to be disestablished – with frequency changes, the combining of two routes, extension and re-routing of others. But as part of the proposal, there would not be a service travelling down Linwood Ave, through Ferrymead and Mt Pleasant. •Turn to page 7 BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored... Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service. Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS High-tech Cleaning We clean and repair all types of blinds – Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands, Romans and Pleated – with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Temperature Controlled Drying Re-oiling & Rejuvenating Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman Same Day Pick Up & Drop Off We offer a same-day, pick up and drop off service for most types of blinds. Bookings are required. Convenient Location Drop blinds into us by 9am, at 330 Cashel Street (near the Fitzgerald end), and collect them at the end of the day. New Blind Sales Priced from $30 Roller Blinds cleaned from as little as $20 per blind Ph 377 0770, 330 Cashel St, Christchurch SCAN QR code for Info > WE ARE OPEN Mon - Fri 8.00am to 5.00pm STANDARD DRINKS only $6 32 allen Street • World class DJ’s • Lighting & visual effects • Cage dancers & aerial acts • VIP booths 9pm-3am Fri & Sat only Follow us on Facebook