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Andreas Clark

CEO, Wine Australia

I think we will look back at Vinexpo Hong

Kong and say “this was a pivotal moment”

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A selection of some of the most outstanding

stands at this year’s show

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Simon Nash MW

Director of MN Consultancy

I encourage all the people I work with and

know in New Zealand to come here, because

this is where things are happening. See page 13


Richard Barnes


Vinexpo Daily

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As attendees of Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 busily re-sort

the countless business cards gathered at the event, and

linger over the exceptional experiences they had at the

show, planning has already begun for the next edition

Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019, followed by Paris 2020!

Vinexpo Bordeaux is the profession’s foremost meeting

place, next year taking place from 13 to 16 May

2019 at the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre. At the request

of buyers, Vinexpo brought the date of the world-famous

event forward by 1 month, while keeping it a resolutely

spring fixture. The event will retain its lively format over

the four days punctuated by meetings, discoveries and

networking opportunities among the major players in

the sector from all over the world.

Meanwhile, the Group continues to grow with the launch

of Vinexpo Paris. The first Paris exhibition will take place

13-15 January 2020 at the Paris Convention Centre

(Porte de Versailles). There are some major advantages

to holding an international wine and spirits exhibition

in the French capital: its attractiveness, its accessibility

and its impartiality. Running the show in January also

means Vinexpo Paris will be the very first event in the

agenda, and will therefore optimise sales potential.

After its success in Asia and the launch of Vinexpo New

York, Vinexpo Paris will target buyers from across the

world and especially Europe which still consumes over

60% of the world’s wine.

It’s all cause for celebration. We can hear the corks

popping already!



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+10% Chinese Attendance,

Record Appearance for Australia

Vinexpo Hong Kong says “cheers” to a highly

successful 20 th anniversary edition

Vinexpo Hong Kong cemented its position and reputation as

Asia-Pacific’s most important, must-attend trade event for industry

professionals over its three-day show held at the Hong

Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 29–31.

The trade-only event is

internationally recognised for

the quality of its exhibitors and

the depth, range and diversity

of its exhibition programme,

and as expected, the 20th

anniversary edition surpassed

all expectations with a strong

international presence and a

higher attendance of visitors

from Mainland China, up

10% compared to 2016,

reflecting the country’s

remarkable growth in wine


Overall, exhibitors increased

to an unprecedented 1,465

representing 30 countries,

this included 305 new

exhibitors. In addition, there

were 62 exhibitors from 11

countries in the WOW! -

World of Organic Wines -

zone and this year’s Country

of Honour, Australia, made its

biggest ever appearance at

an international trade show,

with 225 wine brands.

China was also well

represented with 27 exhibitors

including the official state

wine organisation, Great

Wall / Chateau Sungold.

Meanwhile, overall visitor

figures were up 2% on 2016

and represented a wide crosssection

of Asian markets with

Mainland Chinese visitors

in pole position, followed in

turn by Hong Kong, Taiwan,

South Korea and Australia

reinforcing the show’s

position as the wine hub of


South-East Asia’s dynamic

market followed with

increased representation

from Singapore, Thailand,

Vietnam, Malaysia, and The


Andreas Clark, Chief

Executive of Wine Australia

commented: “Vinexpo Kong

Kong is an excellent platform

to meet and build on our

existing relationships with

importers from all over Asia-

Pacific and to connect with

influential trade professionals,

create leads and break into

new markets.”

Once again, Vinexpo’s

Academy reinforced the

show’s reputation as the

global trade event with

an unrivalled programme

including 50 Master Classes,

seminars, conferences and

tastings conducted by worldrenowned

wine experts and

aficionados for the benefit of


The One to Wine Meetings,

a new initiative encouraging

trade interaction and

networking was an integral

part of the Hong Kong

event this year, building on

its introduction in 2016.

Deemed a great success with

1,609 scheduled business

meetings taking place during

the show, the meetings

enabled tailor-made business

appointments between

exhibitors and specificallytargeted

trade executives.



Commenting at the close of the show, Vinexpo

CEO, Guillaume Deglise, said: “The ability of

Vinexpo to meet exhibitors’ business objectives

by bringing visiting professionals together is

second to none. That’s why we continue to attract

such a wide variety of countries and why key

professionals in the industry consider this a mustattend


Once again, a highlight of the Vinexpo Academy

was The China Market Conference, with a panel

of leading professionals and experts presenting

an insightful overview. This year’s focus was

on the exponential growth of e-commerce and

its importance to the millennial generation as it

relates to the future of wine consumption in China.

Another highlight of the 20 th anniversary show

was a dedicated Grenache Day, only the second

for a grape variety as part of the Asia show.

Vinexpo selected top wineries from around the

world to create further awareness of this noble

international grape.

Australia as the Country of Honour created

continuous excitement throughout the show with

26 Masterclasses of their own and as hosts of the

signature networking event, The Blend.

© Phil Labeguerie - Vinexpo




NEXT STOPS: New York March 2019–Bordeaux

May 2019–Paris January 2020

Next year, following on from a successful

inaugural 2018 show, New York shows again

in March; Vinexpo celebrates its new start date

in Bordeaux from May 13-16 with a refreshed

programme of unique B2B events to explore

and learn about the latest trends, innovations

and new directions being taken in the industry,

and a repeat of 2017’s four-day format friendly

to overseas and long-distance visitors and


Vinexpo Bordeaux expects some 40,000

international visitors from all five continents.

Following that is Vinexpo Paris at the start of the

year in 2020: a first for Vinexpo, a first for the

industry – as Vinexpo continues to lead the way

in international wine and spirits exhibitions for

trade professionals

The fully-subscribed China Market

Conference at Vinexpo Hong Kong featured

a distinguished line-up of industry experts

comprising moderator Don St Pierre, CEO

of Vinfolio; and panelists Master of Wine

Sarah Heller; Alberto Fernandez, Managing

Partner of Torres China; Mike Hu, President of

the FMCG Business Unit of Alibaba’s Tmall;

and Tommy Keeling, Head of Asia Pacific

Research at IWSR.

Changes in the structure of the wine industry

in China have seen the previous dominance

of a handful of large and established brands

such as Margaux, Concha y Toro, Penfold’s

and Torres gradually making way for smaller

brands, much like the trends seen in the

fashion and beauty industries, the panelists


Alberto Fernandez of Torres said that while

wine producers previously relied heavily

on a single importer to represent them,

now wholesalers were often going to wine

producers directly, changing the nature of the

market significantly. However, some concerns

were expressed that this has made it harder to

build brand equity in the China wine market.

“There is definitely interest among Chinese

consumers to explore new brands that fit with

their lifestyle, but wine producers need to invest

in providing more content and engaging with

wine influencers and key opinion leaders to

create interest in their brands,” said Tmall’s

Mike Hu




The Wine Wizards of Oz

Australian winemakers demonstrate their magic at Vinexpo 2018

The magic of Australian wines and the mysteries of the nation’s littler-known regions

were all revealed to a highly admiring pack of Asian and global buyers at Vinexpo

2018. Not only was Australia the Country of Honour, it played its role to a tee, with

master classes, conferences, tastings and of course the “Blend” evening, which added

a little entertainment to the more serious side of the business. While there were far too

many exhibitors to give justice to all in one article, we asked just a few how the show

went for them…


Malcolm Paul Davies,

Export Manager – APAC and Emerging Markets

We’ve been meeting with a number of important

distributors every day. We’ve had people

come up that I wasn’t expecting to see, which I am

hoping will do very well for us in our business. Initially,

I just thought it was just about having a presence and

showcasing our wines, but this has actually worked

out to be much more than that. It’s a big set-up. There

are a lot of Australians and Australian wine in the

room, and the response from customers and distributors

coming through has been very positive, and the

networking session – the Blend – was pretty amazing!


Zachary Tom Keelan,

Director, Winemaker, Crayon Control

It’s my first time in Hong Kong, and for me, it’s

been a bit of an educational tour to be honest.

I came in eyes wide open, with no huge expectations

of what was going to be the outcome, but I have learnt

so much in the past three days in terms of what the

market is, what they want, pricing, and labelling. Especially

labelling in fact – it’s incredible the amount of

attention to detail that some of the customers have on

labels. The show has been a success. I have a suitcase

full of business cards, and it will take a good

week or two when I get back to Adelaide to go

contact all these people. And now I am an expert on

WeChat, which is fantastic!



Nicole Samodol, Principal

We have had two master classes through

Vinexpo and also had the regional bar so it

has given us an opportunity to introduce them to the

Orange region, and explain why it’s different to

other regions, with the cool climate and high altitude

delivering elegant, lovely textured wines. Feedback

has been very positive, with great engagement. The

show has been a big success.



Ryan G Hale, Director

It’s all about Sinful 8: bringing out a

new brand to the Asian markets from the

Riverina area – basically from the wine to the

bottle to the label – everything has been done

with no expenses spared. Reaction has been

fantastic. Everyone I talked to knew I was here,

and this was my first Vinexpo. It’s been great.

Everyone has at least stopped by and taken

photos. Wine Australia has done a fantastic



Denise Tranter,

Director (and husband Jason)

We sell a lot of bulk wine, we do about seven million litres a year, but we are

getting into buyer’s own brands of bottled stock from McLaren Vale and Barossa,

and predominantly Coonawarra and the Limestone Coast, from entry-level right through to

high end. We know that for the China market, labelling is extremely important, and we

are working with John Jewell for this. He has a good handle on the latest and greatest

labels and that’s a great help. The show has been very busy. We’ve made a lot of

contacts, and I think you’ve just got to keep coming back every year and keep at it.




St Hugo Showcases

Several New-to-

Market Releases at

Vinexpo Hong Kong

Fresh from the

Barossa Valley

Innovations from Jacob’s Creek

@ Vinexpo Hong Kong

Jacob’s Creek launched their latest innovation

from the revolutionary Double

Barrel range, as well as unveiling the

“Le Petit Rosé” wine at Vinexpo Hong

Kong, in a first for the Asia market.

The world’s first Chardonnay to be

aged in Scotch whisky barrels was

launched as part of the Double Barrel

range joining the Cabernet Sauvignon

and Shiraz. Both the reds and whites

go through two types of barrel treatment,

hence the name Double Barrel.

Jacob’s Creek has just released the

2017 Double Barrel Chardonnay. To

make Double Barrel Chardonnay, the

juice is split in halves. The first half is

fermented in whisky barrels, and then

matured in wine barrels. The second

half is fermented in wine barrels, and

then finished in whisky barrels. This

provides two very different flavour

profiles, which are then blended together

to create an exceptional palate

which is both unique and unexpected.

Matured in wine barrels, the red wines

are finished in aged whisky barrels for

a richer, deeper and smoother finish.

The 2015 Double Barrel Cabernet

Sauvignon and 2016 Double Barrel

Shiraz are finished in aged Irish and

Scotch whisky barrels respectively.

Jacob’s Creek also introducing its Le

Petit Rosé wine at Vinexpo Hong Kong.

Launched in Australia in late 2016, it

quickly became the nation’s number

one Rosé wine, a position it still holds.

Le Petit Rosé is made from Australian

grapes (Pinot Noir, Grenache, Mataro)

by Australian winemakers, but reflects

the style most common in Provence,

France. It captures the elegant and

savoury style of French Rosé, with the

freshness and purity of Australian fruit

Barossa Valley based St Hugo

launched its first-ever white wines –

a Riesling and Chardonnay on the

Asian market at Vinexpo Hong Kong.

The Chardonnay had just been released

in Australia, while the Riesling

was released in late 2017. Vinexpo

Hong Kong is the launchpad for these

wines in Asia.

The 2017 Eden Valley Riesling has

had outstanding success. Last month

it was awarded “Master” status, just

one of five wines to receive the accolade,

at the grape variety’s peak competition,

the 2017 Global Riesling

Masters. At the Barossa Wine Show

2017 it received the Trophy for Best

2017 Riesling and Trophy for Most

Outstanding Barossa White Wine.

Further to this, it’s received gold

medals at the Barossa Wine Show

2017, Royal Melbourne Wine Awards

2017 and National Wine Show of

Australia 2017.

These white wines build on the legacy

of St Hugo of crafting wines of power

and elegance, which all began with

the 1980 St Hugo Coonawarra Cabernet

Sauvignon. This flagship wine,

and its following vintages, has gone

onto win more than 1,000 awards,

including 30 trophies and 170 gold


Another new range was introduced

at Vinexpo Hong Kong – the Private

Collection, which are fine wines from

specially-selected vineyards. These

wines have, up until now, been available

only through St Hugo’s home

in the Barossa Valley and selected

travel retail. Available to taste were

the 2013 St Hugo Private Collection

Barossa Marananga Shiraz, 2013 St

Hugo Private Collection Eden Valley

Shiraz, and 2012 St Hugo Private

Collection Coonawarra Cabernet


Chief Winemaker Daniel Swincer

was present at Vinexpo Hong Kong to

talk about these new releases, alongside

other classic fine wines from the



Located 60 km from Adelaide, the

famous Barossa wine region has a

long history of making full-bodied reds,

fortified and robust white wines.

As well as its 70+ wineries, the Barossa

is home to award-winning restaurants,

stone churches and heritage buildings,

in a uniquely Australian landscape of

gum trees and vineyards. The Barossa’s

winemaking and grape growing

heritage dates back to 1842, when the

first vines were planted by European

immigrants. Today the region is home

to sixth-generation winemakers who

work with some of the world’s oldest

vines, as well as a dynamic community

of artisan food producers



Vinexpo Explorer Heads

for Sonoma – a Foretaste

Exclusive Interview - Caroline Shaw - Executive

Vice President, Jackson Family Wines &

President, Sonoma County Vintners Association




WiM Association

In the United States, Sonoma County continues to be the leader in sustainable

wine production - to grow and make high quality grapes and wine. We asked

Caroline Shaw - Executive Vice President, Jackson Family Wines & President,

Sonoma County Vintners Association to tell us more…

These sustainable vineyard and winery

practices conserve water and energy,

maintain healthy soil, protect air and water

quality, enhance relations with employees

and communities, preserve local ecosystems

and wildlife habitat, and improve the

economic vitality of vineyards and wineries.

The end result is the highest quality of wines

that are better for our planet. Right now,

one of our biggest initiatives is for Sonoma

County to be the first 100 percent sustainable

wine growing region in the United States by


What do you feel will be the key results of

the Vinexpo Explorer coming to Sonoma?

First and foremost, every participant attending

Vinexpo Explorer Sonoma County will leave

as a Sonoma County Ambassador. The

programme we have planned will leave them

wanting to come back. They will also return

home and share the stories of this beautiful

region and its wines.

Second, business will be conducted and

contracts will be signed. The explorer

programme will grow Sonoma County’s

export market, because wineries of all sizes

and varietals will have the opportunity to

engage one on one with buyers from key

markets around the world.

Lastly, hosting an influential group like

Vinexpo and its participants elevates the

awareness of “Brand Sonoma County”.

I think this is especially important after the

wildfires last October where vineyards acted

Caroline Shaw

Executive Vice President,

Jackson Family Wines & President,

Sonoma County Vintners Association

as natural firebreaks. The world will learn we

are open for business and ready to showcase

to the quality of our wines.

How are export markets evolving for

Sonoma wines?

Export markets are becoming more and

more important to Sonoma wineries. Global

premiumization is on the rise, and Sonoma

wines are well positioned to take advantage

of this increase in demand because of the

quality wines we produce and the numerous

varietals in the region. While Sonoma County

is mostly known for the high-end production of

Chardonnay (29%) and Pinot Noir (18%), we

also produce premium Cabernet Sauvignon

(22%), Merlot (14%), Zinfandel (9%) and

Sauvignon Blanc (4%).

We continue to see strong growth in key

regions like Canada, the EU member

countries, Hong Kong, Japan, China, South

Korea, and Mexico. Vinexpo Explorer will

help us increase sales these markets as well

as new areas.

Do you feel Sonoma is well known enough

on the international wine stage?

We wish more people knew about Sonoma

County and its high-quality wines. This is one

of the important goals of Vinexpo Explorer.

In 2017, 380 million litres of wine were

exported from the United States. 97% of that

wine was from California, yet many buyers

still do not sell California wine or even know

where Sonoma County is on a map


Enjoy, Understand

and Savour…

in Moderation

The WiM Association manages the global Wine in Moderation

Programme, coordinating the adaptation to local needs and

cultural diversity. We asked association president George

Sandeman to tell us more.

Wine in Moderation started in

2008 as a social responsibility

commitment by the international

wine community to answer the

challenge set by the health

community to reduce alcohol

related harm.

The Wine in Moderation not-forprofit

association has developed

since then to be a recognised

reference of the wine sector’s

work to show that moderate

wine consumption can be a

part of a healthy lifestyle when

combined with a balanced

diet and exercise. Recognised

as a good practice in alcohol

and health policy by National,

European and International

Authorities, the challenge of Wine

in Moderation has been to evolve

from a policy commitment to an

international movement which

creates a sustainable wine culture

and encourages well-being and

healthy lifestyles.

The programme continues to

gain momentum and has been

established as the reference

in Sustainability and Social

Responsibility within the worldwide

wine business. Reaching our 10th

anniversary, we are extremely

happy to see that what started as the

vision of few leading personalities,

is now a well-respected and

credible programme synonymous

with social responsibility and


What does your partnership with

Vinexpo mean, and what are the

goals of the partnership?

Vinexpo is an international

brand specializing in creating

and developing major wine

trade events worldwide. As an

ambassador of international

business trends and of the cultural

values of wines, we believe the

partnership with Vinexpo will grow

the Wine in Moderation-Art de

Vivre message globally



Wines from Moldova:

Crafted for You to Enjoy

The wines of Moldova in Eastern Europe are becoming ever more

successful. Rooted in its astonishingly rich history, but equally fresh

and modern, “Wine of Moldova” continues its success path on

international markets, surprising consumers with new generation

wines. Especially blends of international and indigenous grape

offer a true expression of Moldovan terroir and a response to the

increased interest of wine lovers in discovering new tastes and


“Wine of Moldova” is the direct and

tangible result of Republic of Moldova

reforming its wine sector, focusing on

quality and performance. In 2013,

the National Office for Vine and Wine

(ONVV) was established, and ever

since, it has been the organisation’s

0 solemn duty to implement several of

programmes aiming to support market

diversification and export growth

of quality wines. With a system

based on the EU model of protected

geographical indications, covering

the Four growing areas of “Valul lui

Traian”, “Stefan Voda”, “Codru”

and “Divin”, Moldova has evolved

impressively well in upgrading the

quality of wines during the past

five years. As strong proofs of the

achieved results stand 239 medals

received in 2017 by Moldovan

wines at the most renowned and

prestigious international wine contests

such as: Decanter World Wine

Awards, Mundus Vini, Concours

Mondial du Bruxelles, International

Wine Challenge, etc.

The national wine brand became

a quality sign legally enforced by

the National Office for Vine and

Wine and is displayed on products

which pass rigorous quality control,

providing guarantees and building

up credibility of consumers in bearing


Due to the largest density of vineyards

in the world, Moldova is able to

propose wines for the most demanding

consumer both from international and

indigenous varieties such as Viorica,

Rara Neagra, Feteasca Neagra,

Feteasca Alba, and Feteasca

Regala. But the most expressive and

unique are the blends through which

Moldovan winemakers utter their

skills and expertise, expressing the

character of Moldovan terroir.

Moldova’s millennial heritage of

winemaking began around 3,000

BC, and the first vines were recorded

there around 7,000 years BC.

Throughout its history, wine and vine

have been deeply enrooted in the

culture, myths, folklore and legends of

Moldova. Even the map of the modern

Republic of Moldova is shaped like a

bunch of grapes! The white stork, the

protagonist of many local legends,

is the symbol of the Moldovan wine

industry, as well as the symbol of the

continuous revival of Moldova. That is

why a redesigned image was chosen

to represent the reborn wine industry

of Moldova and introduced into a

newly created national wine brand -

“Wine of Moldova. A Legend alive”.

Guided by the main brand’s

statement - “Our wine has been

crafted by generations of winemakers

in the largest cellars in the world,

appreciated by consumers in both

east and west and supported by

Legends that everyone can embrace”

- Wine of Moldova continues to

conquer the big wine world.

Moldovan wine is now sold in 63

countries, mostly in European Union

markets, registering a steady increase

over the last 5 years



Austrian Gold Award

Medal Winner at Vinexpo

Hong Kong 2018

Ludwig Holzer, Sales Director of Winzer

Krems EG, Austria was all smiles at

Vinexpo Hong Kong, with his company’s

product, Kremser Wachtberg Grüner

Veltliner DAC Reserve 2016, Kremstal,

Niederösterreich, Austria, having just

won the 2018 Decanter World Wine

Awards Gold Medal.

“Grüner Veltliner is the pride of Austria.

It’s our indigenous unique grape, and

it’s 50% of our production”, says Holzer,

adding, “Reaction here at Vinexpo

Hong Kong has been really good.

Much better than I expected to be

honest, because we always thought that

dry, fruity white wines would be quite

difficult to place in this market, but we

have had a lot of interest, especially

from restaurants. Sommeliers have been

very interested, as there are a number of

Austrians coming to this area”

Ludwig Holzer

Sales Director, Winzer Krems EG



In the hot climes of South East

Asia, many people over the years

had become used to putting ice

in Champagne to keep it chilled.

While some saw this as sacrilege,

Champagne Pommery decided, ‘If

you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” and

designed a Champagne specially

for drinking on the rocks. Originally

launched in Asia at Vinexpo Hong

Kong 2016, distribution is growing

constantly, and the cool coloured

product display is particularly eyecatching.

A company spokesperson

told us, “This Champagne is ideal

for climates like this, for consumption

outdoors on a terrace, for relaxed,

glamourous and fun moments, but it

is, above all, a Champagne elaborated specifically for this.

It corresponds to a trend in consumption, and thus could be

seen as quite avant-garde”. Pommery already innovated

with its nomadic “Pop” Champagne, and this new edition

appears to be hitting another sweet spot



The top five grands crus classés of Sauternes in

1855, announced at Vinexpo Hong Kong that

they had joined forces for the creation of an

oenological dream: revealing in one bottle one

of the great terroirs of Sauternes, the terroir of


Châteaux Sigalas Rabaud, Rayne Vigneau,

Lafaurie Peyraguey, la Tour Blanche, and Rabaud

Promis announced the world premiere.

Endowed with 5 different personalities, their

diversity and singularity compose a unique

wine: the 5+. This wine is produced in extremely

limited quantities from the 2016 vintage. It will be

available in the autumn of 2018 and distributed

by the “place de Bordeaux”.

The 5+ is the continuity of a strong dynamic

between these 5 Châteaux. Their agreement has

led to a joint “market launch in primeurs” since

the 2016 vintage and the successful launch of the

“5 Stars Sauternes” case in February 2018

First Appearance for Great

Wall at Vinexpo Hong Kong

China’s Great Wall wine exhibited

for the first time at Vinexpo Hong

Kong this year, on an area of 113

square metres.

With five strategic sub-brands and

16 products in total, forming the

Great Wall wine range, their team

underlined the oriental charm

of “China’s Great Wall and red

national wine”. Visitors were

able to taste wines from the Great

Wall wine Shacheng Huaizhuo

Basin Production Region, Changli

Jieshishan Production Region,

Penglai Coastal Wine Region,

Ningxia Helanshan Eastern Foothills

Production Region and Xinjiang

Tianshan Production Region –

constituting the five strategic

products of the group.

Great Wall wine boasts a high-level

of product quality and rich oriental

culture connotation. The company’s

aim at Vinexpo was to boost

domestic wine internationalisation,

letting visitors and exhibitors from

different countries and regions

know more about the characteristics

of Chinese wine, and to taste some

excellent vintages



Jérôme Durand

Director General, Cognac Larsen

Hong Kong a Strategic

Hub for Larsen

Successful launch for new Cognac Larsen

Products at Vinexpo Hong Kong

Jérôme Durand, Director General, of

Cognac Larsen reports a highly successful

Vinexpo 2018 edition. Larsen

launched two new Cognacs at Vinexpo

Hong Kong. Larsen VSOP Reserve

and Larsen XO Reserve have been

created especially for the Asian market

and follow Larsen’s new long-term

exclusive partnership with Asiaeuro,

signed in December 2017.

Asiaeuro is now distributing the entire Larsen

range in China and Hong Kong, Macau,

Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“The feedback has been very good. We

have made very good contacts”, says

Durand, adding, “Vinexpo Hong Kong is

the most important fair in Asia for Cognac

Larsen. We had two objectives here. The first

one was to continue to build our network,

which is doing quite well, due to qualitative

people all around the fair. Secondly, it was

to activate and animate our clients and

end-consumers, and for that it is also quite

interesting to have the high quality of the

population in this area.”

The Larsen MD says Hong Kong is a

hub for all of Asia for his company. “We

are meeting mainly our Chinese clients,

which is the second biggest market in the

world for Cognacs with more 4-million

cases and really, really dynamic last

year - +38% for the shipments from Cognac,

so it’s clearly booming again, and it’s a

strategic market for us. It’s essential for us to

support our clients and their end-customers by

being here.”

The Larsen VSOP Reserve, and Larsen

XO Reserve are exclusive for Asia, both in

blends and packaging. Larsen XO Reserve

is a blend of eaux-de-vie from mainly the Fins

Bois and Petite Champagne Crus. Robert

Andrieux, Master Blender at Larsen, has used

40 different eaux-de-vies, the youngest 10

years-old and the oldest between 20 and

30 years-old. Long barrel-ageing gives the

Cognac a deep, amber colour, while the

palate is a complex layering of ripe fruit,

prunes, nuts, toasted cocoa beans, liquorice

and moka. The mouthfeel is soft and silky and

the finish is long and aromatic.

“Asia is strategic for us and the house clearly

has a role to play here,” continues Durand.

“Our strategy today consists of presenting two

new Cognacs – Larsen VSOP Reserve and

Larsen XO Reserve – developed specifically

for Asia. We have the ambition to become

one of the most dynamic players after the big

3: Hennessy, Martell, Rémy Martin. Asiaeuro

is a great partner that has skill and experience

in brand-building and distribution. We are in

the initial stages of our partnership, but we

want to invest significantly to accompany the

strong potential growth. We are very excited

about future Larsen projects that are in the

pipeline with Asiaeuro”




The “Seasons” case from the

cognac house AE Dor consists

of four different cognacs that try

to capture the taste of the four


It comprises the following:

Printemps (Spring): A young,

vibrant cognac that’s uniquely

floral, with notes of lilac and

almonds. The finish brings with it

delicious notes of violets.

Ete (Summer): A young,

expressive Cognac that shines

with an unexpected depth of

quality. Fruity, fresh, and floral

with aromas of apricot, peach,

plum, and orange.


Automne (Autumn): A Cognac

that’s been aged for 4-5

years, proving delightfully warm,

with notes of cinnamon, vanilla,

ginger, and caramel.

Hiver (Winter): Golden in colour,

aged for 4-5 years, it’s well named,

offering the taster spicy aromas

of coffee, grilled hazelnuts, and


The four seasons reflect the passion

of this celebrated producer for the

extraordinary. Each bottle is 20cl

in size and the set is presented in

an elegant black gift box

LVO Cognac from Deau was first launched a couple of years ago at

the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, and the bottle was definitely

one of the stars of the show.

Packaged in a luxurious decanter designed by the Parisian jeweller

Arthus Bertrand, it is layered with gold leaf, it is a blend of the

finest, oldest Grande Champagne eaux-de-vies from the cellars of

the house of Deau



Fontanafredda Named

“European Winery of the


Gerard Bertrand

Announces New Successes

in Asia-Pacific

Vinexpo Hong-Kong has been a unique

occasion to discover and taste the

emblematic wines from Gerard Bertrand’s

family Estates. Record attendance was

recorded for the most recognised winemaker

of the Languedoc Roussillon region in the

South of France.

The high point this year was a double

accolade Master at the Global Pinot Noir

Masters 2018 and at the Global Rosé

Masters 2018 by an impressive judging

panel of Masters of Wine, and Masters of

the Drinks Business.

Global Pinot Noir Masters 2018 was

awarded to L’Aigle Royal 2016, rated

97/100, and Global Rose Masters 2018

was awarded to Chateau La Sauvageonne

La Villa 2017, noted 97/100, best rosé

in the world for the second year in a row.

Showcased at the Vinexpo Hong-Kong,

premium wines from the biodynamic

estates, including the iconic Clos d’Ora

AOP Minervois-La-Liviniere, the reference

Domaine de Cigalus IGP Aude Hauterive,

the Grands Vins including the emblematic

Château l’Hospitalet AOP La Clape,

produced and aged at the flagship estate

of Gerard Bertrand’s group.

Presented in an exclusive Asian preview is

“Diving Into Hampton Water”, the premium

rosé conceived by Gerard Bertrand in

collaboration with the icon of the American

rock world, Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse



In March 2008, Jean-Jacques Godet (of the

House of Godet) and a crew of ten broke

all records by landing a small yacht on

the continent of Antarctica, the smallest yacht

ever to achieve such a feat. To celebrate the

achievement, Antarctica was launched onto

the world market, produced 100% from Folle

Blanche grapes, with aging over 7 years.

The leading Piedmontese winery Fontanafredda was present at Vinexpo Hong Kong

along with other companies of the Italian Signature Wines Academy, with cause for


In 2018, Fontanafredda celebrates its 160th Anniversary and also recognition

as “European Winery of the Year” by the influential American magazine, Wine

Enthusiast. Each year, the magazine awards this title to companies that have left their

mark in the wine world for their innovative vision and for their significant achievements.

But that’s not all: thanks to an investment of more than €2m, 2018 will also be the

first harvest with the official certification of Organic Agriculture for Fontanafredda.

This means that in the vineyards, the company has returned to simple agricultural

procedures like working the soil and on the vigour of the plant, using natural fertilisers,

green manuring, and reinserting the vine into its natural system so as to eliminate the

use of chemicals

Roberto Bruno,

Managing Director,

and Sylvia Eisentraut,

Export Director,




It is often said that more than

anywhere else, labelling

plays an essential role in the

Chinese wine market. John

Jewell of John Jewell Design

has a finger on the pulse of

the market, so we asked him

what’s trending.

“Incredibly important for millennial

buyers, the Crazy Craft designs

are the leader in the UK, China

and Australia at the moment.

The key buyers are going to

be females, 32-36 years old.

It’s very unusual here, the wine

marketers, being traditional,

often don’t understand this, but

the buyers do. And people who

have been here at the show for

three days are starting to realise

that this is what they want. The

other trending style is just a flash

of colour – an image on the

front, with no text whatsoever.

If you don’t have a label in that

range, people think you’re old

fashioned. Typographic labels

and high finishes on good quality

paper stock are also trending

around the world”

In 1870, Folle Blanche grapes were all but

wiped out by Phylloxera, but thanks to careful

cultivation some survived, and the Godet

family now claim to be the biggest owners of

cultivated Folle Blanche grapes in the world.

Godet have developed a unique filtration

and distilling process which leaves the cognac

pure and clear. This, of course, has brought in

a whole new customer base of spirit drinkers


新 闻

香 槟 加 冰 ... 没 问 题 !

在 东 南 亚 炎 热 的 气 候 下 , 多

年 来 人 们 习 惯 在 香 槟 中 加 入

冰 块 , 以 保 持 其 冰 镇 状 态 。 虽

然 有 些 人 认 为 这 是 对 香 槟 的 亵

渎 , 但 伯 瑞 香 槟 (Champagne

Pommery) 却 决 定 “ 如 果 阻 止

不 了 他 们 , 就 加 入 他 们 ”, 并

设 计 了 一 款 专 门 加 冰 饮 用 的

香 槟 。 这 款 香 槟 的 首 次 推 出

在 是 亚 洲 的 Vinexpo 2016, 此

后 其 销 售 量 不 断 增 加 , 其 色 彩

炫 酷 的 产 品 设 计 也 格 外 引 人 注

目 。 该 公 司 的 一 名 发 言 人 告 诉

我 们 :“ 这 款 香 槟 非 常 适 合 这

样 的 气 候 。 你 可 以 在 室 外 露 台

上 饮 用 它 , 享 受 各 种 轻 松 、 有

趣 和 使 人 陶 醉 的 时 刻 , 但 最 重

要 的 是 , 这 款 香 槟 就 是 专 门 为

此 精 心 制 作 的 。 它 顺 应 了 消 费

趋 势 , 因 此 被 认 为 是 相 当 前 卫

的 。” 伯 瑞 还 大 胆 创 新 推 出 了

其 伯 瑞 POP 香 槟 系 列 , 而 他 们

这 款 新 设 计 正 好 击 中 了 消 费 趋

势 的 另 一 个 红 心 点 。

© Phil Labeguerie

长 城 首 次 亮 相 Vinexpo

Hong Kong

五 大 索 泰 尔 讷 葡 萄

酒 汇 于 一 瓶

1855 年 被 列 级 的 索 泰 尔 讷 五

大 酒 庄 在 本 次 Vinexpo Hong

Kong 展 会 中 宣 布 他 们 将 联

手 打 造 一 个 酿 酒 梦 : 在 一 瓶

酒 中 展 现 索 泰 尔 讷 区 和 博 姆

区 的 风 土 。

斯 格 拉 哈 宝 酒 庄 (Château

Sigalas Rabaud)、 唯 侬

酒 庄 (Château de Rayne

Vigneau)、 拉 佛 瑞 佩 拉

酒 庄 (Château Lafaurie-

Peyraguey)、 白 塔 酒

庄 (Château La Tour

Blanche) 和 哈 宝 普 诺 酒 庄

(Château Rabaud-Promis)

共 同 宣 布 了 他 们 的 全 球 首

推 。

Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey

拥 有 着 5 种 不 同 的 特 性 , 他

们 的 多 样 性 和 独 特 性 打 造 了

这 款 独 特 的 葡 萄 酒 :5+。 这

款 葡 萄 酒 中 2016 年 份 之 后 的

产 量 非 常 有 限 。 它 将 在 2018

年 秋 季 正 式 上 市 , 并 在 波

尔 多 红 酒 交 易 机 制 “Place de

Bordeaux” 下 发 行 销 售 。

这 款 5+ 葡 萄 酒 将 是 5 个 酒 庄

之 间 强 劲 又 有 活 力 的 延 续 。

从 2016 年 开 始 , 他 们 达 成 的

协 议 迎 来 了 一 个 联 合 “ 新 兴

市 场 发 布 ”, 在 2018 年 2 月 又

成 功 推 出 了 “5 星 索 泰 尔 讷 ”。

中 国 长 城 葡 萄 酒 首 次 亮 相 于 Vinexpo Hong

Kong, 展 台 面 积 占 地 113 平 方 米 。

凭 借 5 个 子 品 牌 策 略 以 及 组 成 长 城 葡 萄 酒 系

列 的 16 个 产 品 , 他 们 的 团 队 彰 显 了 “ 中 国 长

城 和 红 色 国 酒 ” 的 东 方 魅 力 。 展 会 参 观 者 们

品 尝 到 了 许 多 不 同 的 长 城 葡 萄 酒 , 它 们 分

别 来 自 沙 城 怀 涿 盆 地 、 昌 黎 县 碣 石 山 、 蓬

莱 、 宁 夏 贺 兰 山 东 部 山 麓 和 新 疆 天 山 产 区

- 构 成 了 该 集 团 的 五 大 战 略 产 品 。

长 城 葡 萄 酒 积 极 展 示 了 其 具 有 高 水 平 的 产

品 质 量 和 其 丰 富 的 东 方 文 化 内 涵 。 他 们 本

次 参 展 Vinexpo 的 目 标 是 促 进 国 内 葡 萄 酒 国

际 化 , 让 不 同 国 家 和 地 区 的 参 观 者 和 参 展

商 们 更 多 地 了 解 中 国 葡 萄 酒 的 特 色 , 品 尝

其 中 出 色 的 代 表 酒 。

Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018 中 奥

地 利 金 奖 获 得 者

奥 地 利 公 司 Winzer Krems EG 销 售 总 监

Ludwig Holzer 带 着 其 公 司 的 产 品 在 Vinexpo

Hong Kong 笑 逐 颜 开 。 他 所 带 的 这 款 酒 来

自 奥 地 利 Niederösterreich 地 区 DAC 产 区 克

雷 姆 斯 谷 (Kremstal), 名 为 :Kremser

Wachtberg Grüner Veltliner DAC Reserve

2016, 它 刚 刚 在 2018 年 Decanter 世 界 葡 萄 酒

大 赛 上 获 得 金 奖 。

“ 绿 维 特 利 纳 (Grüner Veltliner) 是 奥 地 利

的 骄 傲 。 它 是 我 们 本 土 独 特 的 葡 萄 , 占 了

我 们 产 量 的 50%”,Holzer 表 示 , 他 还 补 充

说 到 :“ 在 Vinexpo Hong Kong 的 反 响 非 常

好 。 老 实 说 , 比 我 预 期 的 好 很 多 。 我 们 一

直 以 为 不 甜 的 、 果 味 的 白 葡 萄 酒 很 难 在 这

个 市 场 上 销 售 , 但 我 们 居 然 得 到 了 很 多 的

关 注 , 这 些 关 注 大 多 来 自 各 大 餐 厅 。 随 着

现 在 大 批 的 奥 地 利 人 来 到 这 儿 , 侍 酒 师 也

受 到 了 非 常 多 的 关 注 ”。

Ludwig Holzer

Sales Director, Winzer Krems EG



Mike Hu,

President, FMCG BU, Tmall, Alibaba group

and Stuart Barclay,

General Manager, Marketing, Wine Australia

Wine Australia Signs Chinese E-commerce

MoU with Alibaba

During Vinexpo 2018, Wine Australia

and Alibaba signed a Memorandum

of Understanding (MoU) to better

showcase Australian wine via Tmall.

The MoU complements Wine Australia’s

investment in China’s e-commerce sector

as part of the Australian Government’s

AU$50 million Export and Regional

Wine Support Package. Australia’s

Country of Honour role is one of

the major activities supported by the

package that aims to further drive

demand for Australian wine and to

build premium cues and consumer


Assistant Minister for Agriculture and

Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston,

said this strategic partnership is an

important and significant development

for the Australian wine sector: “With the

changing face of online retail in China,

it’s critical for our wineries to significantly

improve their online presence, and to

do so in the right way.”

Wine Australia Chief Executive Andreas

Clark said the signing of this MoU

recognised the strong engagement

of Chinese consumers in online

retail and their growing interest in

Australian wine. “Working with Tmall

will significantly enhance the ultimate

consumer engagement. By partnering

with Tmall, we can collaborate on

many aspects and activities that further

promote genuine Australian wine and

do so in a way that supports the integrity

of the brands.”

“It’s also an opportunity to educate

Alibaba staff about the quality and

diversity of Australia’s premium wines

through education and awareness

development”, he added



The future of retail revealed by

Alibaba at Vinexpo Hong Kong

For wine producers from around the world, the

Chinese market represents new opportunities

with great potential. But the question always

remains as to how to enter the market. At

Vinexpo Hong Kong, Alibaba demonstrated the

most up-to-the-minute techniques for reaching

the end consumer, including the “store of the


China is systematically and rapidly doing

away with paper money and coins, and

people in major Chinese cities are using their

smartphones to pay for just about everything —

to pay rent, buy groceries, and even donate to

charity. Even buskers playing on the streets of a

number of Chinese cities have put up boards

with QR codes, so that passers-by can easily

transfer them tips directly. is China’s premier online branded

shopping platform and the most visited businessto-consumer

(B2C) online retail website in

China. Today, Tmall is leveraging the power

of big data to achieve integration between

offline stores, merchandise, logistics and

payment tools with the ultimate aim of elevating

efficiency and overall consumer experience.

Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group said,

“New retail reimagines the relationship between

consumers, merchandise and retail space by

leveraging mobile Internet and big data. It will

upend the traditional manufacturing and supply

chain, the connection between merchant and

consumer, as well as the overall consumer

experience. Businesses will increasingly

embrace big data and new innovations to

better identify, reach, analyse and serve their

customers, and their digital transformation will

be empowered by Alibaba’s ecosystem.”

The Tmall system works by scanning labels at a

distance in order to calculate the total amount to

be paid, the store “recognises” the client, and

automatically debits his or her Alipay account

as they step outside.

In Tmall, an increasing number of flagship

stores of this kind are emerging each year.

Also interacting with all of Alibaba’s retail

venues, Tmall also cooperates with offline

hypermarkets. No matter where consumers are,

they can always access product information,

purchase goods, place orders online, and get

fast delivery.

It’s all powered by Alibaba’s data platform,

which integrates big data and the largest cloud

computing technologies to provide business

empowerment for overseas businesses. New

retail business elements are enhanced, including

traffic flow, products and logistics, enabling the

accurate identification of consumers and direct




The Kiwi Connection @ Vinexpo

Simon Nash MW, Director of MN Consultancy, gives his thoughts and

opinions on this year’s Vinexpo Hong Kong

Simon Nash is not your normal kind of wine writer. His articles appear

in Wine NZ magazine – New Zealand’s premium quarterly independent

wine journal, but he also judges wines as a Master of Wine. We asked

him what his key tasks were at Vinexpo Hong Kong.

I came up to Vinexpo Hong Kong

partly to report back to our readers in

New Zealand as to what’s going on,

especially in the Asia region, and there

is no other window like this. I do a lot of

work in the trade in New Zealand, and

I keep wondering why are there not a

lot more people from New Zealand in

the retail channels and also distributors,

importers and so on, coming to Vinexpo

Hong Kong. It’s a unique once every

two-year window. I am a huge fan of

the show.

The other half of what you do is

commercial. Tell us a little more about


I do quite a bit of matchmaking between

producers and importers from around the

world. It goes both ways – either New

Zealand out to the world, or other brands

into New Zealand.

that’s not quite where the Chinese market

is at. They still stay safe with red wines,

but you won’t see too many Chinese men

drinking Rosé now… But they will, once

Rosé gets more critical acclaim in its own

right here.

What do you like most about this


I regularly go to Vinexpo Hong Kong and

also Vinexpo Bordeaux, and I find the

Bordeaux event is more oriented towards

even versus the last one two years ago.

There are more and more routes into

the market being developed, we don’t

need bricks and mortar, obviously. But it’s

gone beyond that; it’s wine clubs, and

all kinds of other routes to the market,

and I think that’s where this show is really

cutting edge. That’s why I encourage all

the people I work with and know in New

Zealand to come here, because this is

where things are happening. It’s just

happening so fast.

Thoughts on Vinexpo Daily?

It’s great. I love it. I’ve got my three

copies – day one, day two, day three,

and I just think it’s brilliant










What have your thoughts been about

this show?

The ongoing growth of interest by China

in the world of wine is the most important

factor of course. At the last show, China

was just huge, but at this show we can

see a deepening of the understanding.

I think that’s what is coming through

with me. More and more of the Asian

attendees I’m seeing here are beyond

the point of “This is red and this is

white, or who are you?”, and now it’s

“I know this brand, and I like it, but I

wonder what the new vintage is like?”.

It’s very encouraging for the future.

The attendance at the workshops and

master classes is incredible. People were

queuing down the corridors to get into

them. I think that’s phenomenal.

Rosés still have a way to go here


Indeed. Neither do people here know

sparkling wine very well, if you think

about it. In the third issue of Vinexpo

Daily, you talked about Provence Rosés

selling like crazy. I think you have to

have the confidence in your palate to

understand Rosé and really get it, and

the traditional channel, with a brand, an

importer, who has a retailer, and it gets

to the consumer. Here at Vinexpo Hong

Kong I love the dynamic, with Alibaba

showing their future retail concept,

and all the discussions on developing

new channels to the market. There are

so many ways into the Asian markets,

and they’re so much more tech-savvy,

and I believe that’s a key differentiating

factor that makes this show so exciting,

Simon Nash MW

Director of MN Consultancy



Andreas Clark

CEO, Wine Australia

Powering the Drive to Market

Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark – on Vinexpo Hong Kong

and the impact of the show on future wine exports

Wine Australia CEO Andreas

Clark was smiling on the last day

of Vinexpo Hong Kong… with

good reason. The show had been

a massive success for Australia’s

wine growers. We asked him how

he felt about the event.

It’s been fantastic. I have been talking to

as many of our exhibitors as possible –

they are the litmus test to me – and the

feedback they have been giving me is

great. They’ve been busy with quality

trade coming through and really strong

connections. So that all points to some

very positive commercial outcomes for

them. At the end of the day, our role

at Wine Australia is to put on a great

event, a great stand, which we think

we’ve done. It looked fantastic – a strong

presence, a strong statement… make sure

they are well looked after and get quality

customers through so they can generate

commercial leads and follow through on

them. The feedback has been extremely

positive. There has been a buzz and a

common chatter around the halls that

Australia has done particularly well this

year and really leveraged the Country of

Honour status at the show.

The Asian buyers have been able to

discover regions they didn’t know

existed as well…

Absolutely. This is the key thing for

us – these key markets to continue to

either disrupt and confuse about what

Australian wine is, or to open up new

horizons for people. The Australian

wine story is rich and it’s deep. It’s

many regions. We have the well-known

regions, such as the Barossa, Margaret

River, McLaren Vale, and the Yarra, but

we have 65 regions, with a number of

different varieties and styles of wines,

and we are continuing to evolve that

message and get that understanding

around the Australian wine story. It’s very

exciting. It’s like unpeeling the onion and

finding the new layers to what Australian

wines are all about.

Was there a particular goal of coming

to this event?

Not as such. You can never tie a

particular activity like this to any particular

commercial outcomes. These things take

time to come to fruition. The fundamental

goal of being here was to send a strong

message around the importance of this

region to Australia. We are grateful for

the opportunity to be here. We know that

no-one owes us a living. We’ve got to

continue to work hard to pursue them, so

we wanted to come here en-masse and

really have a strong showing, and we

have achieved that.

Obviously, the government has been

very supportive as well…

Indeed, we have had some additional

funding from the government, and

that has enabled us to hone in on

what we think are the two key growth

opportunities for Australian wine exports.

China is one and the US as well, and

we will be pushing hard into the US

market in coming years, too. Obviously,

additional funding enables you to do

things in a different way and to really

have an impact, and we have been able

to demonstrate that here over the past

few days.

How important has this show been for

Australia as a platform to bounce into

the next phase?

I think we will look back over the coming

few years and see this as a fundamental

opportunity to step up and to continue

to rise and to nurture the opportunity in

China. It has had a head-turning effect,

and this was what we wanted. And it’s a

bit of a watershed moment, given where

we are. It’s a strong signal of intent and

preparedness and enthusiasm to engage

with the region. I think we will look back

at Vinexpo Hong Kong and say “this was

a pivotal moment”














Australia’s largest-ever showcase of 159

exhibitors representing over 35 wine regions

was headlining Vinexpo Hong Kong 2018.

With a five-fold increase in floor space for

Australian wine compared to Vinexpo Hong

Kong 2016, this year’s record presence was

being complemented with a series of 26

masterclasses conducted by some of the top

experts in Australian wine.



The German pavilion presented more than

29 producers of German wines or

representatives of German wineries.

The German Wine Institute (Wines of

Germany) ran a degustation booth in the

German pavilion. The widely respected

speakers Rebecca Leung, Stephen Brook,

Sarah Heller MW and Fongyee Walker MW

also presented 12 master classes at the booth.



On the occasion of the 50 th Anniversary

of Valpolicella appellation, the consortium

introduced show-goers to all the Valpolicella

Wines with a specific focus on the unique,

exclusive and traditional “appassimento”

method. Guests of the masterclass “building

luxury through Amarone della Valpolicella and

Valpolicella Ripasso” had the chance of tasting

some of the most representatives wines from

different valleys of the beautiful Valpolicella






In just one generation, GCF Group, founded

by Joseph Helfrich in 1979, has become

a major stakeholder in Alsace, Jura, Diois,

Languedoc, the region of Bordeaux, Val de

Loire and now in Burgundy. Today they are the

leading privately-owned winemaker in France.

With over 2,800 team members, the Les

Grands Chais de France (GCF) Group clocked

up a turnover of €1,089bn in 2017, 80% of

which was exported to over 173 countries.

This confirms their rank as the leading French

exporter of wine and spirits.


InVivo Wine Asia is a key player not only

in wine business but also in services and

distribution, with a sales team of 26 staff, all

based in the region. Asia is a key development

zone for their activities, with three different


• doubling sales over the next 5 years;

• developing key brands and portfolio;

• and integrating some distribution platforms

and developing strong relationships with key

partners in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan,

Hong Kong as well as Singapore and




With a magnificent stand at Vinexpo Hong

Kong 2018, Champagne Louis Roederer

showcased a remarkable vintage: Cristal


At Louis Roederer, the appearance of

new vintages gently marks the life of the

Champagne House but does not transform it.

However, the unveiling of Cristal 2008 at the

Palais de Tokyo in Paris opened a new chapter

in the fascinating life of this flagship cuvée.





Hong Kong

© Wooloomooloo

Wooloomooloo Prime

© Niccolo Hotels

The Murray




Situated adjacent to Hong Kong Park and the Peak

Tramway, The Murray, Hong Kong opened its facilities,

restaurants and bars progressively from January of

this year. As one of eight historic landmarks under the

Conserving Central initiative introduced by the Hong

Kong government in 2013, The Murray is an inspiring

piece of architecture holding almost 50 years of history,

and a landmark building located in the heart of the

city in Central, Hong Kong. A high-profile preservation

project converted into a luxury hotel by Foster +

Partners, The Murray is celebrated as a pioneering

example of sustainability. The Murray also presents

over 1,900 square metres of exclusive meeting and

event spaces designed for luxury, fashion, art, wedding

and corporate occasions.

The Murray

22 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong

Tel. +852 3141 8888

Gough’s on Gough



Gough Street is a storied locale that has borne witness to

much of the modern history of Hong Kong, and has long been

a unique point of confluence for an exotic blend of eastern

and western culture. Designer Timothy Oulton has been

present on Gough Street in Hong Kong since its inception,

setting out to create inspiring interior experiences anchored

in the values of authentic handcraftsmanship and materials,

daring creativity and an ethos of hosting. The overall

designs of Gough’s on Gough, as well as all fixtures and

furnishings, have been fabricated in the same workshops

that Timothy Oulton uses in the creation of its distinctive

furniture collections, all with the intention of providing an

inspiring backdrop for the guests’ experiences. The dining

room and Moonstone bar are generously appointed, using

authentic handcrafted materials and finishes that convey a

heady ambience. And the menu, conceived by chef Arron

Rhodes, is anchored in a strong modern British cooking

philosophy, while exploring an elemental Asian purism as

well as other international influences.

Gough’s on Gough

15 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong

Tel. +852 2473 9066




For drinks with clients, colleagues or friends at the end

of the day, the rooftop bar above the Wooloomooloo

steakhouse on Hennessy Road – ten minutes’ walk

from the convention centre, is absolutely breathtaking.

Housed on the 31 st floor, the restaurant’s cool

and contemporary dining room is fitted with full-length

windows that frame the magnificent cityscape.

But the biggest draw is the spacious open-air rooftop

terrace, a haven for “after show” drinks with wraparound

views of bustling Wan Chai and beyond. Drop

by for a drink or book out the venue for an event to

remember. The rooftop can house around 100 people

(mostly standing) on 120 sq m floor space.

The Wooloomooloo Rooftop Bar

31/F & Rooftop - The Hennessy

256 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Reservations: +852 2893 6960

Whatsapp: +852 9258 6522



The Hong Kong Space Museum reopened to the public

on April 25 after over two years of major renovations

costing around US$4m.

The exterior, notably the distinctive dome that makes it

a Tsim Sha Tsui landmark, is still the same. However,

the interior has been extensively refurbished, and the

displays have been enhanced, with a large number of

interactive displays and a number of brand new exhibits.

The unique egg-shaped dome makes the 8,000-squaremetre

museum one of the most famous landmarks in

Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Space Museum

10 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui


Hong Kong Space Museum


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