Global Reggae Charts - Issue #18 / November 2018


Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.




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This month we feature two of our voters. First we have

Misachael J. Solis, who is the director of a reggae webradio

station in Mexico called Cabina420 RADIO.

Global Reggae Charts: Please introduce yourself

and your radio show to our readers!

Misachael J. Solis: Hi, I‘m Misachael J. Solis from

Mexico City; I‘m the director of the radio station

Cabina420 RADIO, a station that has more than 30

radio programs and has radio shows from Argentina,

Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

GRC: What made you fall in love with reggae?

MJS: At an early age I felt a great attraction to

music. I took guitar lessons creating my first band at

the age of 16. Years later, I got involved with the DJ

culture, which I have continued until today, having

that musical restlessness and the constant search. It

came to my hands, rather, to my ears – music from

Marley – which opened the way for me to investigate

more about that cadenced sound, which created in

me an insatiable thirst to know more of that music

called reggae.

The way to balance my thoughts and ‘align my chakras’

is what makes reggae music a fundamental part

of my life.

GRC: Could you give a little insight into the

Mexican reggae scene?

The reggae scene in Mexico has grown exponentially

in recent years – it was long thought that in my

country there was not a reggae scene as such, now

that idea is totally false. There is a whole movement

that includes bands, DJs, soundsystems, media,

MCs, producers, promoters, and graphic artists that

make the reggae scene in Mexico be in constant, but

mainly healthy, growth.

GRC: How did you get into radio and what is your


MJS: My desire to know music and a natural interest

in technical issues related to music led me to

study Audio Engineering, concluding the race I was

invited to produce a radio program on FM called

“Sonic Fluid.” Many years after that project ended,

the record label Tropic-All Disco invited the Sound

Fire On System – a crew to which I belong – to produce

a radio program specializing in reggae music

that we call “Cabina420 Radio Show.” The station

Tropic-All disappeared and an Internet radio project

called „Rastamania Radio“ invited us to be part of its

programming; after a couple of years, Rastamania

disappeared giving way to the creation of “Cabina420

RADIO.” Always, my motivation is to spread

the reggae music, either as a DJ, broadcaster, or

programmer on the radio.

GRC: What spectrum of music do you play in your

show, and which artists have you found most inspiring


global reggae charts | issue 18 / nov 2018


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