Global Reggae Charts - Issue #18 / November 2018


Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.

global reggae charts

featured voter

MJS: Wow! This question is good for a broad answer,

I will try to answer in a simple way; the spectrum

of music that is programmed on the station

and on their respective radio shows is mainly reggae,

but with all its variants. The slogan of the station

is “A Global Radio with Sounds of the Ghetto,”

so it allows us to spread all the music created from

the roots, music that comes from the town, from the

neighborhood, independent music, and also from

already established artists, but always keeping in

mind the roots.

In the case of Cabina420 RADIO, because it is a

station with origins in Latin America, we give a lot

of diffusion to projects from countries like Argentina,

Colombia, Chile, and Mexico to mention a few, in the

same way we give out to European projects because

in these countries there are many fans of reggae

music that is made in countries like Germany, Italy,

France, or Spain.

Lately, projects like Kabaka Pyramid, Dactah Chando,

Havana Meets Kingston, or City Kay – they surprised

me, when I heard that fusion and experimentation

of sounds of diverse origins, it keeps me very motivated.

One more is the new album New Generation

from Groundation, it sounds really cool!

short FACTS

Station: Cabina420 RADIO

Location: México, Colombia, Argentina

Host: Misachael J. Solis

MJS: When I think about voting, I do it for projects

that I have heard and I have liked, either because

of their sound because they mix different musical

styles, but mainly because of its freshness – for me,

what sounds cool is very important.

GRC: Thank you for your time!

MJS: Gracias por siempre!

GRC: As a voter on the Global Reggae Charts: what

is your criteria vote for a certain song or album?

Album Riddim Charts | top 5


Ending 30/09/2018

Contributing voters: 25

# LM 2M PK Mo Riddim Label

+ 1 - - 1 1 Peng Peng Riddim Boomrush

↑ 2 1 2 1 8 Yaad N Abraad Riddim Digi Killaz

+ 3 - - 3 1 Artibella Riddim VibesCorner

+ 4 - - 4 1 Old Jack Plug Riddim Giddimani

+ 5 - - 5 1 Ancient Kingdom Riddim Reality Chant

Peng Peng Riddim

Artibella Riddim


global reggae charts | issue 18 / nov 2018

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