Global Reggae Charts - Issue #19 / December 2018


Inside you can find the latest reggae album, single, and riddim charts based on votes by radio DJs and music directors from around the world.



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AM: Related, how did you know the time was right

to expand beyond the Reggae Rajahs brand?

This month we feature some business insights – on developing

multiple brands, reaching the right audience, and promoting

reggae far from Jamaica – courtesy of General Zooz,

a member of leading Indian reggae act the Reggae Rajahs.

Over the past few years, the Rajahs have created a hand-built

sound system and organized an increasingly-popular reggae


GZ: Well, I don’t really see it as expanding beyond

the Reggae Rajahs brand, but more as an extension

of the Reggae Rajahs brand. Reggae Rajahs started

as a group of reggae music lovers in India committed

to playing and spreading reggae around the country.

Both the sound system and Goa Sunsplash are tools

that enable us to further this mission.

Anderson Muth: You’re nearing your tenth anniversary

as the Reggae Rajahs, a journey that includes

touring abroad and domestically. Two projects – the

10,000 Lions Sound System and Goa Sunsplash festival

– both emerged in 2016, with the festival’s fourth

incarnation scheduled for the 12th and 13th of January,

2019. How did

you know the time

was right to create

a sound system and

develop a festival?

Which came first, and

what is the relationship

between the two?

AM: What are the advantages of having multiple

overlapping brands within India’s reggae market?

GZ: Well I guess the biggest advantage is that these

brands are helping us create our own scene. Clubs

and bars in India had a problem with roots reggae

General Zooz: Well,

both had been in

the works for a long

time. It so happened

that everything came

together in those few

months (late 2015/

early 2016) and we

were able to complete

building the sound

and host the first

edition of the festival

within days of each other. I would say 10,000 Lions

Sound System and Goa Sunsplash are intrinsically

linked. Both are community projects with a crossover

in terms of team members, and 10,000 Lions

has always had its own stage at Goa Sunsplash (in

2016 it was the only stage).

because it was too slow. Now, with 10,000 Lions

Sound System, the true power of roots music is

there for everyone to see, to the point where the

sound system now has a stage at one of the most

popular festivals in India, VH1 Supersonic. Venues

and festivals in India were not booking our reggae

global reggae charts | issue 19 / dec 2019


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