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8 TH MARCH 2019





Susanne Donner

Product Manager Purchasing

Department, Tour Vital Touristik GmbH

“Networking with

established key suppliers

and possible business

partners is the most

important reason to join

ITB Berlin.” Read page 15

Ali Hassan Al Shaiba

Acting Executive Director,

Marketing and Communications,

Department of Culture and

Tourism, Abu Dhabi

“Abu Dhabi is a true melting

pot, and you can find cuisines

here from all over the world”

Read page 18

H.E. Khalid Jasim Al


Chairman, Sharjah Commerce &

Tourism Development Authority

“Many spas and resorts and

other key tourism projects

are now in the pipeline in


Read page 19



Deputy Head of

Durban Tourism

“Durban is still a


destination (…)”

Read page 34

Hall 2.1

Stands 111,112

Hall 5.2b / Stands 205, 205a

Think Equal, Build Smart,

Innovate for Change

ITB Berlin celebrates International Women’s Day

aiming for a gender-equal industry… and world

Hall 17

Stand 109

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, UN Under-Secretary-

General and Executive Director of UN Women put

it very eloquently when she stated, “Think Equal,

Build Smart, Innovate for Change”, as the key

message for this year’s International Women’s

Day. The theme puts innovation by women and

girls, for women and girls, at the heart of efforts

to achieve gender equality.

ITB Berlin this week is a global forum on these

issues, with a number of seminars, and today’s

Women’s Day Special Event in the Palais am


And who better to be the “face” of our front page

for this edition than World Travel and Tourism

Council President and CEO, Gloria Guevara

Manzo, who personifies the excellence of women

in “high positions” in the tourism industry. In our

exclusive interview (page 16), she brings us some

good news through the fact that around 50% of

those employed in jobs in travel and tourism

are women. But great inequalities still exist,

depending on region, when it comes to women in

management positions.

Gloria Guevara Manzo

President and CEO, World Travel and Tourism Council



With international tourist

arrivals up by 10% and 7%

respectively, the Middle East

and Africa led growth in the

world last year according to

UNWTO data. This trend is due

to continue in 2019 as many

countries have introduced

measures to simplify entry

formalities. Egypt is the “star

of the show”, with prospects

strong for 2020, and North

African hotspots Tunisia and

Morocco are also bouncing

back strongly. Read more,

from page 30.







Richard Barnes


ITB Berlin News


What is the solution?


Friday 8 th March 2019


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Middle East & 30


Where to Go in 37

A study by Norstat tabled at ITB Berlin

this year for Travelzoo and ITB indicates

that 69% of people questioned believe

that protecting the environment is the

most critical issue of our time. The

survey on overtourism was a collection

and analysis of data from 8,000 people in

eight countries.

Overtourism is increasingly dampening

the destination experience of

international tourists. However, the

specific tourist groups who perceive

overtourism particularly negatively, the

avoidance strategies they apply and the

destination measures they might accept

are all largely unexplored. This latest study

sheds light on the darkness for the first

time and provides destination managers

with important decision-making aids in

dealing with one of the biggest challenges

in international tourism – both today and

in the future.

Asked to identify the phenomena they

associate with mass tourism, respondents

mentioned environmental destruction

(52%), overcrowded beaches (48%), too

many other tourists (41%) and negative

repercussions for people living locally


The survey found that a significant

percentage of respondents were willing

to take steps to improve the situation:

they would pay more money for fewer

tourists in a destination, they’d change

their dates of travel and commit to

shopping and eating “local” if they knew

it would help.

The Travelzoo survey is the latest and

perhaps most pertinent “beacon” aiming

to lead the industry in the right direction.

Already last year when announcing data

from IPK, Rolf Freitag, the organisation’s

President, stated, “Overtourism is clearly

not good for nature, culture, locals

and tourists alike. However, global

tourism has not reached its limits. Many

destinations would be happy to see more

visitors, either throughout the year or in

the low season. So tourism does not have

a growth problem but rather a regional

and seasonal problem!”

It is clear that tourism must be a force

for good, in all senses, and that in many

places, while this is a challenge, it is not

insurmountable. ITB Berlin is shining the

light on just which direction should be

taken for a brighter future for the industry.


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ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019





couple in Ubud, Bali

International travel outperforming

economic growth

Presentation by IPK International at ITB Berlin 2019 names tourism

as a key driver of the global economy

In 2018, the number of outbound trips increased by 5.5%,

resulting in 1.4 billion international trips. Hence, once again

tourism is a key growth driver of the global economy, which

“only” grew by 3.7% in comparison. Growth is coming from

all regions worldwide, also from the mature markets Europe

and North America, but the strongest gains came from

Asian and Latin American markets. For 2019, considering a

slowing world economy, also a slightly lower growth rate is

expected for international travel. Overtourism could become

another growing problem for the tourism industry, with

more and more international travellers feeling the effect of

overcrowded destinations.

These findings are based on latest

results of IPK’s World Travel

Monitor, an annual survey analysing

the outbound travel behaviour in

more than 60 countries worldwide,

covering over 90% of the global

outbound demand.





Asia was the strongest source

region last year, with overall

7% more outbound trips. Latin

America followed with a plus of

6%, while there were 5% more

trips from North America and

Europe. Looking at the destination

regions, once again Asia but also

Europe were the global winners by

receiving 6% more international

trips each, while the Americas

were clearly below with a plus

of 3%. Regarding destination

countries, one of the biggest

changes was the stagnation

of trips to Spain in 2018, a

destination that boomed in the

recent past. On the other hand,

destinations that were avoided by

tourist in the past are recovering,

above all Turkey with 8.5 million

more visitors in 2018 compared

to 2017. Holidays once again

outperform business trips, due to

the continuous downward path of

traditional business trips, while

MICE trips continued on a growth

path. With international travellers

staying slightly longer and also

spending more when abroad, the

turnover of international trips

overall increased by 8%.



For the second year in a row,

IPK International measures the

perceptions of overtourism among

international travellers. While

residents in affected destinations

have been protesting for years,

also travellers are feeling more and

more impaired by the onslaught of

tourist in particularly sought-after

cities. IPK’s latest survey results

show that meanwhile more than

every tenth international traveller

was negatively affected by

overtourism. This is an increase of

30% over the last 12 months. Cities

strongly affected by overtourism

were Beijing, Mexico City, Venice

and Amsterdam, but also Istanbul

and Florence.

In particular, travellers from

Asia felt a lot more affected by

overtourism compared to e.g.

Europeans. Also, according to the

statistics, young travellers are a lot

more bothered by overcrowding

compared to older travellers.



Similar to figures from 2018, 38%

of international travellers currently

claim that political instability

and terror threats will have an

influence on their travel planning

for 2019. At that, travellers from

Asia feel a lot more impacted by

terror threats than travellers from

other continents. In terms of what

kind of influence terror threats will

have on the travel behaviour, the

great majority states that they will

choose only destinations, which

they perceive as “safe”. The safety

image of most destinations slightly

improved over the last 12 months

- also for Turkey, Israel and Egypt.


With predictions of the global

economic growth slowing down

in 2019, also the forecast for

international travel for this year

is slightly below the performance

of 2018. Overall, IPK International

anticipates global outbound trips

to increase by 4% in 2019. Asia-

Pacific remains leading with an

expected plus of 6%. Growth in the

Americas is forecasted to reach 5%,

while Europe with 3% is showing a

weakening trend compared to last


ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




ITB Berlin sees major push

for Visit Malaysia 2020

Visit Malaysia 2020 hopes to welcome a targeted 30

million international visitors to the country in 2020. “This

is a reasonable forecast,” Datuk Musa Yusof, General

Director of Tourism Malaysia said at an ITB Berlin press


for a continuation of the airline’s

programme in Q3 2019. Condor

will continue linking Kuala

Lumpur with Frankfurt with two

weekly services.

In Berlin this week Malaysia is

preparing for the launch of Visit

Malaysia 2020 and reaffirming the

commitment of Tourism Malaysia

and Malaysia Airports Bhd

(MAHB) to bring in more airlines

to improve connectivity from

Europe. According to Malaysia

Tourism General Director Datuk

Musa Yusof, Malaysia has been

attending ITB Berlin for 47 years

and “we have grown with the fair.

As ITB Berlin 2019 partner country,

our delegation is the biggest to

date with 166 participants.”

Western Europe remains an

important market, especially as

the market grew by 6.8% last

year, generating 900,000 tourist

arrivals. “From Germany, we

recorded a growth of 17.4%, one

of the best performances from

Western Europe. The creation

of a non-stop scheduled flight

from Frankfurt to Kuala Lumpur

with Condor contributed to that

performance,” Yusof said. “The

success of the route was better

than expected, with Condor’s load

factor reaching on average 90%,”

chairman of Tourism Malaysia,

Datuk Ahmad Shah Hussein

Tambakau said.

ITB Berlin saw the signing of a

further partnership of Tourism

Malaysia and MAHB with Condor

With Visit Malaysia 2020 set to

kick off next year, Yusof detailed the

government’s expectations: “We

are targeting 30 million tourists

and €21.6bn in tourist revenues

– a reasonable projection,” he

said, adding: “The country wants

to emphasise to Europe its ecotourism

and cultural activities. But

above all, we want to promote

authenticity as tourists today

want to experience rather than

just doing a simple circuit. We

will also continue to promote,

for example, home stays, which

enable visitors to experience local


Hall 26a / Stand 117

Datuk Ahmad Shah

Hussein Tambakau

Chairman, Tourism Malaysia

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019





platform launches at

ITB Berlin



State Secretary for Tourism,


A revolutionary interactive

planning tool, had

its world premiere unveiling in

Berlin with Mongolia Minister of

Environment and Tourism Namsrai

Tserenbat in attendance.

While Mongolia generates strong

images for most travellers with

iconic names such as Chingis Khan

or the Gobi Desert, few tourists

have a clear conception of the far

flung nation.

“It is time now to highlight

Mongolia’s extraordinary diversity

to a larger public,” explained

Namsrai Tserenbat during the

official presentation of its newest

online portal,

The concept behind the Mongolia

platform is to produce visitor

journeys by anticipating and

leveraging the desires of the

platform’s visitors. Thematic travel,

first time travellers, itineraries and

regional journeys are among some



Minister of Environment and

Tourism, Mongolia

of the possibilities offered by the

Mongolia platform.

Each story highlighted through will link to subcontent

chapters, providing

potential travellers a fully

interactive tool to design, create

and shape their own itineraries.

Interactive content is available

through a dynamic landing page

which will direct web visitors

through a “journey” based on

their status, needs and interests.

Particular emphasis has been

given to the first-time traveller

who represents the largest tourist

segment for Mongolia.

“With, our country

is embracing the needs of all

travellers curious to discover

Mongolia. We believe that our

platform will be a tool to drive

tourism growth,” added Tserenbat

Hall 26c / Stand 316

The Philippines’ new

tourism chief proposes

sustainable fun

The Philippines State Secretary

for Tourism, Bernadette Romulo-

Puyat, used her first visit to ITB Berlin

to say that the country still wants

tourists to have fun in the country

but also to respect and protect

the amazing natural and cultural

resources of the archipelago. “Our

campaign ‘It is more fun in the

Philippines’ is being renewed; but

we have added a new dimension

on sustainability. We want to tell

to both locals and tourists that, by

respecting our environment and

our natural resources, it will always

be more fun in the Philippines, “

she stressed.

Romulo-Puyat’s commitment

towards the protection of

the environment is already

considerable. For example, she

supported the six-month closure

of Boracay, an iconic seaside

destination. “The result is amazing

with locals and tourists enjoying

the island’s recovered pristine

sand. Even turtles are back after

having vanished for many years,”

she explained.

The State Secretary then indicated

that more destinations in the

country will now follow the Boracay

example. Manila Bay is the first one

and will be followed by Panglao in

Bohol, El Nido in Palawan and then

Siargao, Coron and Baguio City.

The new Philippines tourism

campaign also emphasised the

importance of gastronomy to the

country’s tourism promotion efforts.

Previously lacking a strong image,

local chefs and Jollibee, a local fastfood

chain, are now joining hands

with tourism authorities

Hall 26a / Stand 101, 123, 126





Masks are part of initiation rituals in Gambia

The International Trade Centre

(ITC), a UN body that supports

women and young people in

responsible tourism projects,

is at ITB Berlin showcasing its

work in Gambia.

In conjunction with the Gambia

Tourism Board, ITC has been

developing community-based

tours and helping to train youth

leaders and communities in

sustainable and responsible

tourism methods.

Much of the work is centred

on the River Gambia, where

hundreds of young people

are learning valuable skills

including tour-guiding. One aim

of the project is to help tackle the

region’s chronic unemployment

problem and reverse the drift of

young people from rural areas

to cities by providing them

with work centred on local

communities and traditions.

Omar Jammeh, a coordinator

for the Janjanbureh Youth

Empowerment Project, told

an ITB press conference that,

among other benefits, the

programme was encouraging

young people to take a lead

in tourism projects. The tours

form part of ambitious plans for

the Ninki Nanka trail, a chain

of key sites and activities along

the river.

Lucy McCombes, the ITC’s

international consultant for

tourism development along

the trail, said the idea was

to tap the potential of the

river in a responsible and

sustainable way. “We are

aiming at adventure travellers,

educational groups and special

interest groups like birdwatchers

and cultural tourists,” she

explained. “We are going to be

developing various packages

with various tour operators,

develop our branding and

looking for business partners

who share our commitment to

using tourism as a vehicle for

economic development”

Hall 21a / Stand 107

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




“Incredible India” can go even

bigger than 10 million arrivals

A wide range of attractions is driving interest

in India, while infrastructure developments and

the launch of e-visa is pushing the sub-continent

giant up the world traveller’s list of priorities.

At the Incredible India

press conference, Yogendra

Tripathi, Secretary, Ministry

of Tourism, said that “India

as a destination has a

great opportunity to grow”.

Introducing the session, he

said the country currently

welcomes 10 million

visitors a year but stressed

that “this is just a drop in the

ocean. With the increased

investment that the tourism

sector is receiving from

the national and state

governments of India, we

can go a lot higher.”

Tripathi said India can offer

“any facet of tourism you

are looking for. All parts

of the country have great

heritage sites, but there are

also cultural, spiritual and

adventure opportunities.

With our investment in

digital and transport, we

can offer visitors a seamless


Meenakshi Sharma,

Additional Director General,

Ministry of Tourism, then

gave a detailed presentation

to support Tripathi’s claims.

“India accounts for 1.2%

of world tourism in terms

of share but it is getting

stronger every year as our

infrastructure improves,”

she said. “We have visitors

coming from all over the

world and there is also

strong domestic tourism

growth – domestic has

doubled in the last six years.”

One positive indicator, she

said, is that India’s earnings

in world tourism receipts

is 2.1% – suggesting that

visitors are spending freely

once they arrive in India.

Sharma said there as

so many attractions in

India – beaches, wildlife,

ecotourism, wellness – that

it can be hard to prioritise.

“So for ITB Berlin we are

focusing a lot of our efforts

on India as The Land of the


She said that infrastructure

developments are also

helping to drive tourism,

including an improved

aviation network. Of

125 airports, 32 are

international and there is

a target to double the total

airport count to 250 by

2020 – opening up more

of the country. She added:

“Our e-visa has been a

game-changer, and there

have also been various

traveller-first policies that

are supporting our tourist

industry growth”

Hall 5.2b / Stands 205, 205a






Dancers celebrate the Gujarati

festival Navratri

The Gujarati festival

Navratri is billed by local

people as the world’s

longest dance festival.

Translated into English as

‘a nine-day celebration’,

worship and revelry go

hand-in-hand and the

celebrations make for

a striking spectacle.

The religious aspect

of the festival sees

nine manifestations

of the Goddess Amba

worshipped on each

of the nine nights of


Navratri is a powerful

tourist attraction. Over

the nine nights people

take to the streets in

traditional dress and

dance anywhere and

everywhere. Everyone

dances to the melodic

Gujarati folk songs,

and tastes the fine food

of Gujarat, including

delicacies Jalebi, Fafda

and other traditional


The Hindu festival of

Navratri, celebrated

in the Tamil month of

Purattasi across India’s

westernmost state of

Gujarat, is held this year

from 29 September to 7


Hall 5.2b / Stands, 205, 205a

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019





Medical tourism now

bringing new benefits

to local people

Reflecting the global increase in

people willing to cross borders

for treatment, the fast-growing

medical tourism sector is in high

profile at ITB Berlin 2019.

ITB Berlin’s CSR and medical

tourism officer Rika Jean-François

told delegates at the opening of

the Medical Tourism Pavilion

that the two-way benefits of

the industry were becoming

increasingly clear. The arrival

of international patients was

boosting hospitals and clinics,

which, in turn, were able to offer

their enhanced specialist services

to local people. “Governments

and private industry really need

to work together to bring this

sector forward,” she said.

She cited an increase in

destinations for medical tourists,

particularly in eastern Europe.

And she noted that for the first

time India is represented in the

pavilion, pointing to a growing

emphasis on traditional medicine

and treatments.

From relatively niche beginnings,

medical tourism has evolved into

a global industry currently worth

around €100bn a year. Overall,

the market is expected to expand

by 25% a year over the next


A highlight of the formal opening

was the publication of the

annual list of the world’s topten

best hospitals for medical

tourists, as ranked by the

Medical Travel Quality Alliance

(MTQUA) and announced by

its president and founder, Julie

Munro. Number one this year is

the Clemenceau Medical Center

in Beirut, Lebanon, followed by

the Anadolu Medical Center in

Istanbul, Turkey

Hall 21b

Akbar Al Baker (centre) at the Qatar Airways briefing

Qatar Airways:

growth in adversity

Qatar Airways continues to grow

and launch new products, despite

the ongoing blockade of the country,

declared Qatar Airways Group Chief

Executive Akbar Al Baker at a press

conference in Berlin.

Setting a defiant tone at the airline’s

traditional meeting with the ITB

media, Al Baker said the Qatari

carrier was expanding in the face

of a difficult environment caused

by the “illegal blockade” of the Gulf


recline system, additional legroom,

dual trays, 34 cm widescreens and

fast-charging USB ports.

“We not only change our seats

but enhance the flying experience

with a new catering concept

and additional entertainment,”

explained Akbar Al Baker. A

new in-flight dining experience

‘Quisine’ will bring more choices

with regional specialties and larger

portions. Passengers will enjoy also

4,000 hours of entertainment and

high-speed wi-fi.

“We are losing money as the

blockade can add up to two hours

more flying time to our routes. But

we show strong resilience,” he said.

The airline presented its new

Economy Class which provides

enhanced comfort to travellers.

Seats offer an innovative 19-degree

Qatar Airways announced a series

of new routes, from Doha to Davao,

Izmir, Langkawi, Lisbon Malta,

Mogadishu and Rabat. Al Baker

promised more announcements

were on their way

Hall 2.2 / Stands 207, 208

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.

Hans Joachim


Director Emeritus, Potsdam Institute

for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

Tom Jenkins


Calls for a more

sustainable industry

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans

Joachim Schellnhuber,

Director Emeritus at the

Potsdam Institute for

Climate Impact Research

(PIK) is giving a keynote on

climate change at this year’s

ITB Berlin Convention. We

asked what we will learn

from his presentation.

On the one hand, I will summarise

how man-made global warming

is changing the natural world on

which tourism heavily depends

– there are no beach vacations

without beaches, just to give an

example. On the other hand, I will

show how tourism itself contributes

to climate change and thereby acts

in a self-destroying manner.

What does the industry need to


Both in terms of substance and

image, the industry needs to switch

to a sustainable mode of operation

quickly. In particular, the reduction

of CO2 emissions from air travel

has to be tackled. And it is foolish

to bet on even more luxury resorts

in flat island states, which will

disappear due to a rise in sea level.

How can those in the travel and

tourism industries contribute

to reducing the problem -

presuming it cannot be solved?

Global warming cannot be stopped

or even reversed, but it can still be

confined to an extent according

to the famous Paris Agreement.

Sooner rather than later, the

tourism industry needs to come

up with a “less-than-2°C” strategy.

Such a strategy is actually required

from all major economic sectors.










Who should come to your


Since this is about the very

sustainability of tourism in a

rapidly changing world, everybody

associated with the industry should

come: top representatives as well

as ordinary customers. Not least,

because a paradigm shift from

long-distance to regional tourism

needs to be considered





Category: ITB CSR Day

Date: March 8, 2019

Time: 11am-11.45am

Location: City Cube,

Auditorium A3

“We still don’t know

what the hell is


CEO of the European Tour Operators Association, Tom

Jenkins, was at ITB Berlin Convention on the “Brexit: Great

Britain Tourism at a Crossroads” panel on Wednesday. He

spoke to ITB Berlin News ahead of the session

Tom Jenkins is the CEO of the

European Tourism Association

(ETOA), representing some 1,200

tour operators and suppliers

from over 50 countries and

whose purpose is “to promote a

fair business environment for

European tourism”.

Not easy in the face of Brexit

– which could have “massive

repercussions” if it goes ahead

with no deal between the UK and


“We still don’t know what the hell

is happening,” Jenkins said. “Even

the UK Prime Minister doesn’t


There are three likely outcomes.

One: Prime Minister Theresa May’s

deal is accepted by Parliament

and the status quo remains while

long-term negotiations take place.

Two: there’s a “hard Brexit” with

no deal; and three: there’s a delay.

“A delay is most likely, because

it’s less politically damaging than

no-deal, and more plausible than

Parliament agreeing on a deal.”

No-deal would have the most

traumatic impact, “for example

on supplies of food and industrial

components into the UK”.

And for tourism, “the implications

are striking. If the UK leaves the EU,

UK citizens will no longer be EU

citizens,” Jenkins said. “This means

UK nationals won’t be able to use

the EU immigration lanes; their

passports will have to be checked

against a security database, and

they will have to explain their

purpose of travel, length of stay

and how they intend to fund it.”

This would take an average of 90

seconds per person. “That’s fine if

you’re first or second in the queue,

but if there are 200 British trying to

pass through passport control, that

becomes five hours of delay.”

This “may not be catastrophic,

but UK tourism could only survive

by relying on the leniency of EU

member states”, Jenkins said. “And

that’s not taking back control”










ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




Thomas Stöckel

EMEA, Senior Vice President,

Supplier Relations, BCD Travel

Susanne Donner

Product Manager Purchasing Department,

Tour Vital Touristik GmbH

BCD Travel:

Maximising business


Networking at ITB

Berlin is top priority

Thomas Stöckel is Senior Vice President, Supplier Relations

EMEA at Berlin-based BCD Travel. ITB Berlin News asked

him about the travel hub’s primary focus and its broader

market positioning.

Susanne Donner is Product Manager Purchasing

Department at Tour Vital Touristik GmbH. We asked her

to tell us a little about the business and her focus at ITB


BCD Travel is the market leader

for business travel in Germany

and one of the leading travel

management companies

worldwide. We help companies

make the most of what they

spend on travel. For travellers,

this means keeping them safe and

productive, and equipping them

to make good choices on the

road. For travel and procurement

managers, it means advising

them on how to grow the value

of their travel program.

What are you hoping to gain

from this year’s ITB Berlin?

I’m attending ITB mainly for

networking reasons. It’s a great

event to meet partners from all

over the world in person.

Are you interested in particular

industry themes?

Primarily I’m interested in

business travel-related topics and

the news our industry partners

present at the tradeshow.

How important for you is the

speed dating organized at ITB?

We meet our partners on-site by

appointments scheduled ahead

of the event. Although we are

not the main target group for the

speed dating session, we think

it’s still a worthwhile opportunity

because it lets buyers meet a lot

of people in a short amount of


Why did you decide to join

the ITB Berlin Buyers Circle,

and what, for you, are the key

advantages of being a member?

An ITB Buyers Circle membership

provides you early access to the

trade show and last but not least,

it also gets you comfortable onsite

limousine shuttle service,

which is of great value as it helps

to maximise meeting time with

your business partners.








How important is ITB Berlin for

you as an event and why?

To me, ITB Berlin means

accessing the big wide travel

world on my doorstep. I can meet

people and partners face-to-face

from all over the world that I’d

otherwise only get to talk with

over the phone or if I travelled

For more than 10 years, Tour Vital

Touristik GmbH has been a tour

operator specialising in round

trips, with the focus on comfort

as well as experience and active

elements. Being the market leader

for medically accompanied tours,

especially in India and Vietnam,

we strive to provide unique travel

experiences for our guests.

What are the main trends you

are seeing in terms of buyer


An ongoing trend in buyer

demand is last minute bookings

– customers prefer even to book

long haul travel very last minute

(14 days prior to arrival). As

a result, we and our partners

have to adapt to this demand

regarding available hotel and

flight allotment.

What are you hoping to gain

from this year’s ITB Berlin?

Networking with established key

suppliers and possible business

partners is the most important

reason to join ITB Berlin. It is great

to meet partners face-to-face.

Are you interested in particular

travel themes?

All themes related to group travel

in Europe are of interest for me.

How important is the speed

dating organised at ITB for you?

The speed dating is a great

opportunity to meet new business

partners and extend my network

in an efficient and convenient


Why did you decide to join the

ITB Berlin Buyers Circle?

The calm atmosphere and

separate meeting rooms enable

me to discuss important issues

with my partners in detail and

privacy. I really enjoy checking

my emails or preparing the last

details for upcoming meetings

while having a cup of coffee at

the Marshall House.






How important is ITB Berlin for

you as an event and why?

ITB Berlin is the main tourism

event for us. It offers the

opportunity to get inspired by

new trends and to get in contact

with future business partners

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019



Guevara Manzo

President and CEO,

World Travel & Tourism Council

WTTC promotes a “seamless

Exclusive Interview: Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO














World Travel and Tourism Council President and CEO, Gloria Guevara Manzo,

is attending ITB Berlin this year for the first time in an official status, as part of

the WTTC Executive Panel at the CityCube Berlin, looking at “Seamless traveller

journey: challenges, opportunities and solutions”. Having been at the helm of the

organisation for almost two years now, we asked her what the key milestones

have been in that time.

One of the differences is that

since I joined, our members

have been asking for the

organisation to work more

on tangible deliverables. Our

mandate in the past was to

increase awareness of the

importance of travel and

tourism, but now, we are

also working more closely

with governments to engage

and influence the agenda.

Let me give you a couple of

examples. When I joined, one

of the first things I did was to

call all the CEOs and ask them

“What are your priorities,

what are your expectations?”

In my case, as I came from the

private sector and then the

government, if you don’t know

the expectations, how are you

going to meet or exceed them?

It was a fascinating exercise,

because we were able to learn

that there are three things

keeping most of them up at

night. These are security and

travel facilitation… in the past,

we were talking only about

travel facilitation, but security

is also important. How can we

increase security while having

more travellers? Based on data

from IATA, that we have four

billion passengers, and we

want to grow to eight-pointtwo

billion, which is almost

100% growth, the question

is, “How do we achieve that

growth without having 100%

growth in infrastructure,

while we increase security

and maintain that movement

of people in a seamless way?”

That’s one. The second is

crisis management. It’s not a

matter of if, but actually when

and where the next crisis is

going to hit. So, we want to

make sure the governments

are engaged. With the private

sector, we are prepared, we

are proactive, we learn and

help them to recover faster.

We are also quantifying the

impact of the crisis so we can

help the governments make

better decisions. And the third

one is sustainable growth.

Yes, growth is fascinating, and

brings a lot of jobs, but how

do we make sure it is good

for everyone? That climate

change is prevented, that it’s

good for the environment,

that we have a long-term plan

that is socially responsible.

That has to do with things

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019



like destination stewardship to

overcome overcrowding. It has to

do with issues like illegal wildlife

trade or human trafficking, and

it also has to do with climate

action. It’s all part of sustainable

growth. So, in the past, we were

just talking about the importance

of the sector, and being the voice

of the private sector. Now we’re

engaged in a tangible outcome.

Can you expand on what you’ve

been doing in security and travel


Yes. In this field, we launched an

initiative called the “Seamless

Traveller Journey”. We are inviting

the entire sector to share with

us the different initiatives, in

order to make sure we offer the

traveller – because we need to

think about the traveller at the

centre – a seamless traveller

experience. For that, we partnered

proactively. At the G20 meeting

last year, we published research

that said up to 19 million jobs can

be created if the G20 governments

use biometrics. We know exactly

how many jobs can be created by

country. But then, on top of that,

we also talk about security. Today,

while the US CBP was late coming

into the game, now they are

leading, where before, it used to be

Europe, who were already using

biometrics in 2006. In the US, you

can board a plane with your face

as ID. You don’t need a boarding

pass, you don’t need a passport.

In a couple of years, the way you

go through US airports will be

transformed. You will arrive, and

through facial recognition, you

will be recognised as a low-risk

traveller, and you will be able to

walk straight through. The CBP

commissioner will be coming to

our summit to talk about that,

not managed well, the impact

is far greater. We are therefore

looking at the right policies and

sharing best practices that help

them make decisions.

Day 3 at ITB Berlin is

“International Women’s Day”.

Where does WTTC stand on the

topic of women in this industry?

I’m glad you asked that question.

Our sector is doing quite well,

because 50% are women. Half of

the 319 million jobs, which is one

in ten, that depend on travel and

tourism, are women. However, we

need to do a better job at a higher

level, because there are not a lot of

women in management positions.

There are many reasons for this.

In some places, it’s is a lack of

infrastructure to support them, in

others, it’s a lack of opportunities.

It depends on the country at the

end of the day. This is the first time

did exactly the same thing with

IATA, with CLIA, with ACI, with

WEF, and with PATA. There are

still some to do. For example,

WTA were created recently, and

we invited them to our summit,

because I believe we need to be

inclusive. There is opportunity in

this sector for everyone. That’s

why, last year, we announced a

new type of membership. In the

past, WTTC was only about CEOs of

these global companies and some

other companies that do business

with us. Now, we have something

called “Destination Partners”.

We also have associations,

representing the local sector.

WTTC has changed, and is now

more inclusive, and we are looking

at also announcing another kind

of membership sometime in the

near future, sharing our data and

research with more decisionmakers

in the industry

traveller journey”

– World Travel & Tourism Council

with IATA, ACI, CLIA, WEF – all the

different organisations – but we

also partnered with Government

organisms, like the US Customs

and Border Protection (CBP).

That’s very important, because we

wanted to help transform the way

people travel. Today, all people are

considered high-risk travellers,

but there is technology available

that can help governments

increase security and treat lowrisk

travellers in an easier, faster

way. That means we can optimise

infrastructure, so there can be

more people moving in and out,

we can have growth, we can

increase security, and create a

better experience for the traveller.

It’s a win-win-win-win situation if

we use the right technology and

work on the entire process. But for

that, it’s not enough to have the

private sector working together;

we need the governments. If

immigration, security and customs

are not part of the process, then

we have the bottlenecks. In that

regard, we are working very

explaining what the future will

look like, what is it that they are

doing, and they are helping us to

engage with other governments.

That is very tangible. We are

transforming the way we travel.

Tell us more about crisis


We are doing a couple of things

here. In one way, we quantify

the impact of the crisis, and in

another, we want to learn from

past experiences and share best

practices. It’s not enough to say

they need to manage a crisis well.

There are many different types of

crises that need to be dealt with,

from terrorist attacks to political

upheaval, natural disasters, health

risks; the list goes on. We work

closely with the World Health

Organisation. Concerning the

Ebola crisis, I learned from the

WHO last year from them at our

summit in Buenos Aires that more

people die from the impact of the

crisis than from Ebola the virus.

That tells you that if the crisis is

the WTTC has a female leading the

organisation, and that speaks of

the commitment from our CEOs.

I think it’s nice that the private

sector, which usually leads with

these things, decided to have

a woman. On our end, we have

initiatives. I am participating in

a lot of events to make sure we

support more women through

training and mentorship, but

most importantly that they be

considered for opportunities.

How important is it for WTTC

to coordinate with the UNWTO,

PATA, or WTA, in a kind of


We work very closely with them.

I think it’s crucial. I have a very

close relationship with Zurab

Pololikashvili, the Secretary-

General of the UNWTO. I know him

quite well, and we talk very often.

What we did was that I looked at

his agenda, his priorities for his

members, he looked at mine, and

then we found the synergies, and

defined an agenda together. We












ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019


Abu Dhabi reports growth

in cultural, business, medical,

and cruise tourism

The cruise sector provided the emirate with more

than 350,000 visitors

Ali Hassan Al Shaiba

Acting Executive Director of the Marketing

and Communications Sector at Abu Dhabi’s

Department of Culture and Tourism






Ali Hassan Al Shaiba is Acting Executive Director of

the Marketing and Communications Sector at Abu

Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism. We

asked him how tourism is progressing in Abu Dhabi

and what are the main drivers.

Visitor figures to Abu Dhabi

have once again risen yearon-year,

and we welcomed an

incredible 10 million visitors

to the emirate in 2018. There

are many factors driving this

success; we have been greatly

diversifying our tourism

offering, and aside from the

usual holidaymakers, placing

a greater focus on developing

different sub-sectors – such

as cultural, business, medical,

and cruise tourism. This has

been paying off – in 2018,

the cruise sector provided us

more than 350,000 visitors,

while our world-class cultural

assets, such as Louvre Abu

Dhabi, attracted more than

2.6 million people to the


Cultural tourism is of course

a main attraction. What’s

new in this respect?

December saw the addition

of a jewel to Abu Dhabi’s

cultural crown, with the

much-anticipated launch

of the Al Hosn cultural site.

The original urban block of

the city, Al Hosn features our

oldest and most significant

landmark, Qasr Al Hosn, now

transformed into a museum

narrating the history of the

emirate, as well as the Cultural

Foundation, dedicated to

all forms of contemporary

Emirati culture.

Al Hosn takes its place

alongside our many other

cultural assets, such as

landmark museum Louvre

Abu Dhabi, which in

November 2018 celebrated

both its one-year anniversary

and the tremendous milestone

of one million visitors.

Gastronomy is growing as

an attraction in Abu Dhabi.

What kind of events do you

have that are attracting food


Abu Dhabi is a true melting

pot, and you can find cuisines

here from all over the world,

so food is certainly one of our

main attractions. We have

a number of fun and tasty

public events celebrating

global gastronomy. Taste

of Abu Dhabi is an annual

long weekend of food, drink

and music on Yas Island,

showcasing the newest and

most exciting restaurants

and chefs from around the

world, and offering live

cooking demonstrations and


How are your source markets


We have six Tier 1 markets:

the Gulf Cooperation Council

member states, the United

States, UK, India, Germany

and China. However, the

variety and scope of the

emirate’s offerings are

attracting a wide demographic

of tourists from these source

destinations and far beyond.

What’s new on the hospitality

front – in terms of new resorts

and hotels?

We have many new

luxury hotels enhancing

the hospitality landscape.

Notable recent additions

include The Edition, located

in the redeveloped Bateen

Marina area, and the Saadiyat

Rotana. Saadiyat Island in

particular has so much to

offer guests, with a cluster

of fantastic resorts, beautiful

beaches, and for a dash of

culture, the exhibitions and

events going on at Manarat al

Saadiyat and NYU Abu Dhabi

Art Gallery.

Attractions are one of the key

components of our tourism

strategy, sitting alongside our

work to create an even more

action-packed calendar of

events. At the end of last year,

we launched an incentive

scheme to develop content

and programme collaboration

to build on the already

established annual events

calendar. For attractions,

Yas Island now boasts the

recently-opened Warner Bros.

World Abu Dhabi. Yas Island

will also be host to SeaWorld

Abu Dhabi, scheduled to

open in 2022 as the first-ever

SeaWorld outside the US.

How important is ITB Berlin

as a platform to promote Abu

Dhabi on the global stage?

ITB Berlin is a vital platform

for Abu Dhabi to show its

best facets to the world.

Each year, we find ourselves

building important ties with

our fellow attendees, and

a number of initiatives and

partnerships have resulted

from the valuable networking

that we conduct at the fair.

Quite simply, ITB Berlin is

the premier event for us to

promote our brand and all the

emirate has to offer

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019






H.E. Khalid Jasim Al Midfa

Chairman of the Sharjah Commerce & Tourism

Development Authority (SCTDA)

Sharjah aims for 10 million

visitors in 2021

The emirate is diversifying its ecotourism, culture and nature offerings

H.E. Khalid Jasim Al Midfa is Chairman of the Sharjah

Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA), and

is back at ITB Berlin to promote the rising Gulf destination.

We started by asking about Sharjah’s trade highlights in


ITB Berlin 2019 is another

opportunity for SCTDA to showcase

our latest plans and strategies, in

addition to our new tourism and

leisure projects unveiled over the

past few months. SCTDA is putting

the spotlight this year on ecotourism

products, outdoor activities,

and branded hotels operating in the

emirate. All these are still aligned

with the target of 10 million tourists

by 2021, the UAE’s 50th founding


Why is your tourism offering

much more diverse than many

people might imagine?

The landscapes of the emirate lend

themselves to a huge range of

outdoor activities: dune bashing,

sandboarding and trekking through

the desert near Mleiha, or kayaking

and snorkelling are all possible

for outdoor enthusiasts on the

east coast. Sharjah is also known

as the gateway to authentic Arab

art, culture and ancient heritage,

offering impressive historical and

cultural landmarks. Other top tourist

attractions in the emirate include

Al Majaz Waterfront and Al Noor

Island, which offer a combination

of indoor and outdoor relaxing or

activity-driven options for visitors

such as a splash park, mini golf and

a literature pavilion.

What are some of the different

things people can do in the

emirate that they may not have


Nature lovers will definitely enjoy

watching the beautiful sun rise

over the dunes in the Arabian

desert, with a once-in-a-lifetime

camel ride completing their desert

experience. Or they might want

to book a morning Desert Safari

package to experience the tranquil

beauty of the Arabian desert. We

also have the village of Mleiha

for outdoor enthusiasts, history

buffs and explorers seeking a

relaxing experience away from the

hustle and bustle of the city. This

major tourist hub perfectly blends

archaeological, eco, and adventure


Many spas and resorts and other

key tourism projects are now in the

pipeline in Sharjah. In 2018, the fivestar

luxury Al Bait Hotel opened in

the emirate to deliver an authentic

Emirati hospitality experience.

Representing the best Sharjah has

to offer, the hotel exudes Sharjah’s

legacy and heritage. Khorfakkan is

another tourist attraction, a top spot

for divers with Shark Island being

the most famous area.

Sharjah has a wide array of leisure

and recreational activities that can

be enjoyed by the entire family.

We have scenic beaches, wildlife

and public parks, and other Arabic

attractions such as the Kalba area,

Eye of the Emirates, and the Al

Noor Mosque. The Butterfly House

on Al Noor Island is one of the

emirate’s newest and most unusual

attractions. You will never run out

of things to do in Sharjah.

Rain is of course very rare in

Sharjah but a new Rain Room

allows visitors to experience

desert showers. Please tell us


Random International’s immersive

installation Rain Room uses 1,200

litres of self-cleaning recycled

water, providing visitors with the

innovative experience of continuous

rainfall while motion sensors

prevent drenching. Operating

since May 2018, the Rain Room is

part of the Sharjah Art Foundation

Collection and the first of a series of

artist-designed permanent spaces.









How would you describe Sharjah’s

three USPs?

There are many reasons that

make Sharjah a wonderful place

to visit. First, it is a family-oriented

destination, warmly welcoming

people of different nationalities and

cultures. Second, Sharjah is known

as a cultural hub, showcasing not

only the beauty of Arab traditions

and heritage but it also emphasises

the importance of preserving

cultural identities while respecting

diversity and differences. Lastly, the

emirate offers a unique and unusual

combination of authentic Arabic

art, culture and natural heritage

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019



The changing face

of mobility

Smart mobility concepts for

the future were presented at

this week’s ITB Business Travel

Forum. The Forum also provided

information and insights on

innovative approaches such as

mobility apps and ride sharing

services, which will have a longterm

impact on business travel

in the future. The two-day event

also highlighted how the business

travel market can react to the

challenges posed by the everquickening

pace of new sharing

concepts, digitalisation and


At an event moderated by

Christopher Bergau, Market

Manager at Airbnb Work, travel

managers from three countries

related their experiences working

in the sharing economy.

Catherine Logan, regional vice

president EMEA, Global Business

Travel Association, reported on the

GBTA Corporate Travel Industry

Trends. Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Bruns, a

specialist in mobility management

and transport planning at

Hochschule RheinMain, provided

a comprehensive overview of

mobility concepts and alternatives.

In his view, corporate mobility

management is an effective way of

optimising a company’s mobility

needs. However, this instrument

can achieve much more than

focusing on business travellers.

It needs to take every journey of

workers, customers and guests

into account to show its real worth

and help create solutions to meet

the challenges of the dynamic

world of mobility and transport



Market Manager, Airbnb Work

CityLoop: Ride sharing for

business travellers

Jörg Mayer

Founder & CEO,

CityLoop Travel GmbH

As part of ITB Berlin’s focus on

smart future mobility concepts,

CityLoop Travel is presenting

the first ride-sharing service for

business travellers. A start-up

founded by German entrepreneur

Jörg Mayer, CityLoop is promoting

its innovative limousine service

that focuses on medium-distance


As a travel agency, CityLoop books

individually-priced seats in first

class vehicles that operate as part

of scheduled services. The circular

routes or so-called “loops” connect

hotspots such as airports and major

corporations and are serviced by

select, experienced chauffeur

service companies multiple times

daily following a fixed timetable.

In a presentation at ITB Berlin,

Mayer told the audience that he had

used the CityLoop on a five-hour

journey from Walldorf in Baden-

Württemberg to the German capital.

“The idea for CityLoop was inspired

by the many years of experience of

our team travelling for business,”

Mayer said.

“As a travel agency, CityLoop has

set out to connect the various

means of transport and to provide

a completely new business travel

experience with a punctual and

reliable chauffeur service on

medium-distance journeys.”

Following its ITB launch, CityLoop

will launch trial operations with

initial loops between “super

hotspots” such as airports in

Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Baden-

Baden, and the SAP headquarters in

Walldorf. Ticket prices start at €79

per 100 kilometres

Hall 7.1a / Stand 300

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019



MICE Hotels





In recent years, MICE (Meeting, Incentive,

Conventions and Exhibitions) has come of

age as a tourism segment. Originally present

only in large economic centres, MICE are now

considered a key driver to the tourism sector’s

overall development.

MICE require specific infrastructures - convention

centres, exhibition halls but also public transport

and road infrastructures. While most large

tourism destinations have all the necessary

facilities, the hotel industry is a key element

for secondary destinations as more hotels are

turning into respectable meeting alternatives.

Among the 25 top meeting cities listed by

the International Congress and Convention

Association (ICCA) for 2017, cities such as Lisbon,

Dublin or Helsinki are respectively ranked 9, 14

and 24. Further down the list, Lima received more

international meetings in 2017 than Oslo while

Edinburgh and Porto were ahead of Melbourne,

Mexico City or Shanghai.

The absence of large MICE infrastructure is seen

as an opportunity for hotels chains. In 2018,

meetings-technology giant Cvent released its

annual rankings of the world’s top meeting hotels

through the booking activities of Cvent Supplier

Network. It came out that over 715,000 events

around the world generated over 40 million room

nights and €13.5bn of revenues.”

Marco Polo Shenzhen


According to ICCA data, the top five MICE

cities in the world in 2017 were Barcelona (195

meetings), Paris and Vienna (190 meetings

each), Berlin (185) and London (177).


Business travel spending worldwide in

2017 was €1.18 trillion. It is expected

to reach €1.5 trillion in 2022. (Source.



© Martin St-Amant

Machu Picchu at sunset

Indian tech congress microsite

CANO Zagreb Communal Space


Event organisers are increasingly

turning to homelier or “cooler”

locations – especially for incentives

or small groups. The opening of the

Canopy by Hilton will increase the

appeal of the brand for MICE organisers.

The four-star property Canopy by

Hilton in Zagreb, for example, has 151

rooms and is the brand’s first hotel in

continental Europe



Peru has been listed third among the top ten

favourite destinations for incentive groups, the

only Latin American country to be included

according to tourism marketing company

PROMPERÚ. The list was compiled by Creative

Group, which creates incentive trips worldwide.

The study highlights that “destinations have been

chosen for their unique ability to provide a variety

of activities and landscapes in a single place or

within a small radius.” This clearly applied to Peru,

where travellers can enjoy adventure, culture,

history, cruises or beach activities.



More and more convention organisers are

looking at creating specific apps and micro

websites linked to a convention event. The

technology provides opportunities for connecting

before, during and after the event delegates, for

rising awareness for attendees, for processing

registration, for boosting dialogue between

participants and panellists and also for launching

online polls and surveys. Implementing a micro

website is on average five times cheaper than

the cost of an app: all good reasons to consider

adding a microsite to an event.



Sustainability is becoming

essential for MICE organisers.

Since 2016, a Global Destination

Sustainability Index (GDS-Index)

has been published every year

initiated by ICCA and various

private partners. The Index aims to

drive the adoption, promotion and

recognition of sustainable practices

in business tourism in cities. It is

the first-ever sustainability ranking

for event destinations worldwide,

created to help destinations,

event planners and suppliers

to evaluate the sustainability

strategies of destinations and their

events industry. In its latest white

paper, the focus was on ways to

turn an event into a supporting

platform to the city’s overall social,

environmental and economic

development. Sustainable socialoriented

destinations are the future

for MICE.

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019





MICE in Kowloon –

to the power of three

Marco Polo Hotels – Hong Kong offers an extremely diverse offering

on the vibrant harbour front

In the heart of Tsim Sha

Tsui, Hong Kong, three

sophisticated and elegant

Marco Polo hotels continue

to grow their position as

exceptional event centres

coupled with personalised

Asian hospitality.

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel,

Gateway Hotel and Prince Hotel,

positioned along the harbour, on

Canton Road, bring contemporary

sophistication to the city. With

more than 1,450 rooms and suites,

they are accompanied with a

diverse range of venues to create

memorable event experiences. Over

1,400 square metres of meeting and

banquet space, including creative

dining concepts, are available for a

variety of events and occasions.

Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout

the properties, gymnasiums at

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and

Prince Hotel and a well-appointed

swimming pool in Marco Polo

Hongkong Hotel are other facilities

available for guests at no extra








Guests may enjoy the freedom

and convenience of unlimited

connectivity with complimentary

international calls to 10 regions and

zero data roaming charges upon

check in. The handy has the power

to keep guests totally connected

while exploring the city.






At Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel,

event planners can experience

14 different event spaces such as

the modular Bauhinia Rooms and

Orchid Rooms, ideal for corporate

meetings, luncheons and cocktail

receptions. The Centenary

Ballroom is the perfect balance

between elegance and intelligent

architecture, capable of holding

banquets for up to 360 guests or

over 400 guests, theatre style.

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel is

home to 665 stylish guestrooms and

suites. Many of the rooms feature

breath-taking views of the harbour

and the Hong Kong skyline, and with

its round-the-clock butler service,

the Continental Club offers luxury

accommodation with exclusive

privileges and full business facilities.




Gateway Hotel has four exclusive

function rooms with colour-coded

names, including Noire, Ocher,

Fuchsia and Turquoise to suit any

style and preference. The wine

room, aptly dubbed jiŭ is ideal for

special occasions, while turnkey

packages and creative menus are

available with custom-designed

pricing to ensure event planners get

the most of what they’re paying for.

Its efficient service, warm

atmosphere and comprehensive

amenities ideally complement the

400 spacious guest rooms and

suites of the Gateway. Continuing

to enhance client comfort, the

hotel will unveil an entirely new

Continental Club floor on the hotel’s

uppermost level in 2019. This will

further build on its award-winning

design transformation.



Other banqueting facilities can be

found in the Prince Hotel’s principal

venue, Xiamen Suite, which evokes

understated elegance in its classic

interiors. Spanning 112 square

metres, it can be further divided

into two function rooms and allows



Along with state-of-the-art

conference facilities, the three

Marco Polo Hotels offer an

experienced and professional inhouse

banqueting and events

team that meets the specific needs

of event planners with the utmost

dedication. The hotels also offer

eight renowned restaurants and

bars; living up to Hong Kong’s

esteemed title as the culinary

capital of Asia. From authentic

Italian at Cucina to international

gourmet choices at the stylish Three

on Canton and urban bistro add@

Prince, there is always something

for discerning taste buds.


The Marco Polo hotels trio is

located within the most vibrant

shopping destination, with all three

properties attached to Harbour City,

the largest shopping complex in

Hong Kong. A 35 minutes’ drive to

and from Hong Kong International

Airport, business travellers and

MICE groups can expect a fuss-free

and convenient transfer. The hotels

are also within walking distance of

the Star Ferry and HK ferry terminal,

which provides ferry links to China

and Macao, and High Speed Rail

Hong Kong connecting to mainland

stations with no interchange

Hall 26a / Stand 119

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




Go like a tiger with Tigris

Florida’s tallest coaster

heading for Tampa

Talinn’s Skypark set to offer

all-weather fun

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

has announced Tigris, a new

triple-launch steel coaster –

and Florida’s tallest – due to be

delivered in the next few weeks.

Tigris will catapult riders through

looping twists with forward and

backward motion, breath-taking

drops, a 150-foot skyward surge,

and an inverted heartline roll, all

at over 60mph. Tigris will race

riders along more than 1,800

feet of steel track, mimicking the

agility of the world’s largest and

most powerful cat, the tiger.

Meanwhile American Humane,

the world’s largest certifier of

animal welfare and well-being,

announced that Busch Gardens

Tampa Bay has earned the

Humane Certified seal through the

American Humane Conservation

programme, demonstrating the

good welfare and treatment

given to the creatures in its care.

The park passed rigorous, expert

third-party audits to join just 20

institutions in the US in earning

the certification.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay offers

300 acres of attractions based on

exotic explorations around the


Hall 3.1 / Stand 305

This year sees the arrival of what

is being billed as the largest

indoor activity centre in Europe

as the Skypark Family Fun

Centre opens in Tallinn, Estonia’s

historic capital on the Baltic Sea.

The brand new attraction will

offer countless ways to keep

young and old alike busy and

entertained especially during the

region’s long winter months.

Highlights will include the largest

trampoline park in Europe, while

would-be mountaineers can enjoy

dynamic climbing areas, some

of them up to 10 metres high.

Movie fans will find a stunning

panoramic state-of-the-art 4D

cinema offering an extraordinary

immersive cinematic experience.

There will also be an educational

interactive science centre.

One of the centrepieces of the

fun centre will be the first roofmounted

ferris wheel in Europe

which will offer a magnificent

view of Tallinn from 120 metres

above sea level

Hall 18 / Stand 127

Europa-Park introduces

new water park and

themed hotel

Tidal Twister headlines

Seaworld innovations

Europa-Park, Germany’s largest

theme park, is set in 95 ha on

the border triangle between the

Black Forest and the Vosges

Mountains, offering over 100

attractions. A new water park,

Rulantica, with 25 attractions

including 13 roller-coasters, is

under construction until the end

of the year, and the park’s sixth

themed hotel, Krønasår, opens

its doors on 31 May.

The water park centres on the

mythical island of Rulantica and

features 25 water attractions;

the resort extension, with a

32,600 sq m indoor area as

well as outdoor attractions, is

the biggest project and largest

single investment in the history

of Europa-Park.

Europa-Park also offers 23 hours

a day of entertainment where

more than 300 international

artists present their skills on the

park’s numerous stages.

Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel,

is Scandinavian in style and

modeled on a natural history

museum. The addition of

Krønasår extends the number of

beds at Europa-Park to 5,800

Hall 6.2b / Stand 201

SeaWorld San Diego guests

will soon feel the power of

the ocean, with the launch of

the park’s Tidal Twister roller

coaster scheduled for May

2019. This duelling coaster is a

unique and horizontal ride that

is an exhilarating experience

for visitors. Accelerating to 30

miles per hour, riders will twist

and bank as if riding the tide

along a tight, figure-8 track.

Also coming in Spring 2019

is Sesame Street at SeaWorld

Orlando, a new attraction that

brings the famous street to park

guests, connecting them to the

fun, laugher and learning of

Sesame Street. In other news,

Discovery Cove, in conjunction

with the International Board of

Credentialing and Continuing

Education Standards, has

completed staff-wide autism

sensitivity and awareness training

as well as an onsite review of the

park and guest experience.

Located in Orlando, Discovery

Cove is SeaWorld Entertainment’s

day resort park where guests can

swim with dolphins and fish

Hall 3.1 / Stand 305

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




© Nola



Futuroscope is one of France’s most loved

theme parks. You won’t find roller-coasters

or carrousels but dynamic cinemas, gigantic

screens, dancing with robots... there are so

many unusual attractions for visitors of all ages!

Terra Aventura

Family Holidays

Martin Solveig and Luc Besson are just a few of the

celebrities who brought their talent to the park, for

rides such as “Arthur’s 4D Adventure”, “Ice Age” or

“Raving-Rabbids” – “The Time Machine” attraction that

was awarded a THEA Award in 2014 for “Outstanding

achievement” and a European Star Award 2015 that

honours “Europe’s Best Dark Rides”.

From 2018, some great attractions joined Futuroscope!

Ride, with the power of 4K IMAX laser technology and

3D audio, on a journey into space, with the European

Space Agency’s youngest astronaut, Thomas Pesquet,

and enjoy the highlights of his six-month space mission

400 km above the Earth.

And set off on an extraordinary 3D adventure with Planet

Power. All aboard for the spectacular and epic flight of

Solar Impulse, the first solar-powered aircraft to journey

around the globe.

Hall 1.1 / Stands 201, 201a

Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a life-size amusement park. You will find all kinds

of activities, from wildlife parks to sites offering fun or cultural activities

through treasure hunts.



The animal park of the Guéret mountains

allows one to observe its secret animals

in their natural environment and to

understand the special relations between

the human and the wolf. Walk in

woodlands, in preserved nature, with a

breath-taking view of the mountains.


Go for a walk in the wilderness and let

yourself be amazed by the calm, the beauty

of the landscapes and the species you will

come to observe. Gorillas, chimpanzees,

bonobos, lemurs or gibbons, discover the

richness of the world of primates.



The Walibi South-West Park offers 25

attractions and shows while the nearby

water park, Aqualand Agen, offers,

during the summer a veritable oasis of

freshness thanks to a wave pool, a huge

shady beach and 18 slides.



Unique in Europe, this first urban

adventure park built in dry dock Louis

XV, which was the place of rebuilding

the Hermione Rochefort, offers climbing

ropes, twirl of mast and cableways up to

30 metres high!

Not to mention the Futuroscope of

Poitiers, the second biggest French

amusement park, offering many

captivating experiences and magical

moments (see below).




100% Nouvelle-Aquitaine themebased

rambles, Terra Aventura draws

its inspiration from Geocaching, the

worldwide recreational activity. It’s

a treasure hunt which takes place

outdoors, using GPS or a free mobile

app (free roaming) available in English,

German, Spanish and Dutch: set off on an

adventure to discover one of Nouvelle-

Aquitaine’s 400 treasure hunt trails! Get

ready to be surprised! A myriad of riddles

to solve, clues to uncover, treasures to

discover...These step-based quests,

each covering several kilometres, are an

invitation to explore the region’s heritage

treasures whilst having fun.

A perfect tourist activity for families or

friends, accessible seven days a week,

365 days a year, offering different levels

of treks, promoting Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s

treasures and know-how (tales and

legends, art, gastronomy, etc.), and

adventure-game with anecdotes bubbling

over with humour

Hall 1.1 / Stands 201, 201a



Cleverdis, the publisher of ITB Berlin News, has

published a new SMARTguide to promote the

Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

This SMARTguide will enable travel professionals

to learn valuable and pertinent facts about the

region, which will elevate Nouvelle-Aquitaine

to the highest rakes of the French and European

tourism scene.

Pick up a

copy of the


on the Tourist

Board Nouvelle-

Aquitaine stand,

Hall 1.1

Stands 201,


ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019





When local heritage

becomes world


Bringing Penang’s capital, George Town,

to UNESCO World Heritage status

Baba Nyonya Restaurant another cultural attraction in Melaka

Khoo Salma Nasution is

a fifth generation Penang

peranakan and an author,

publisher and heritage

advocate. For the past 20

years, she has struggled, but

succeeded in conserving and

revitalising much of George

Town’s heritage, culminating

in the significant role she

played in George Town’s

listing as a UNESCO World

Heritage site in 2008. We

asked her to tell us more

about her background.

I am a writer and publisher and I

have been active in the heritage

movement since 1989. As you

know, George Town and Melaka

are on the UNESCO World

Heritage list. But it happened quite

differently. In Melaka at that time,

the government was pushing for

it, whereas in George Town, it was

always the NGO, the civil society

pushing for it. We had a rent

control act, which kept many of the

buildings intact. We knew the rent

control act would be lifted sooner

or later, and in the year 2000 that’s

what happened. So, we needed

some sort of heritage protection to

replace the Rent Control Act.

What is happening to the heritage

buildings now? Are many being


A lot of people have moved out,

and these buildings have to find a

new purpose. But at the same time,

there are still some small numbers

of people staying here. What we

Khoo Salma


Author, publisher

and heritage advocate

don’t want is that people buy up

and then evict the existing people.

How can tourists discover the best

places to see when they come to

George Town?

Penang Heritage Trust has cultural

heritage tours, and can also

recommend certain tours or tour

guides. There are a few dozen

hotels in heritage buildings.

Depending on the size of a group,

20 or 40 people can be booked into

a few different places all adjacent

to one another.

How is the perception of George

Town changing?

Street food and street art are

attracting a lot of younger people

to George Town. We try to balance

that, because you still have to keep

the heritage intact

Hall 26a / Stand 117

Melaka: culture

takes centre stage

Encore Melaka theatre tells touching

life stories of local people

Ten years after being placed on the UN World Heritage

Listing, Melaka (capital of the state of the same name)

has major ambitions to further its cultural impact on the


The most recent example is

the opening, in July last year,

of the Encore Melaka theatre

extravaganza: a timely and

powerful addition to the city’s

collection of treasures.

Encore Melaka, a scenic venue

overlooking the Straits of

Melaka, is a purpose-built 2,000-

seat theatre, designed for the

high-tech telling of Melaka’s rich

history. Encore Melaka presents

a mesmerising performance with

a series of touching life stories of

the locals. It is not designed as a

cultural performance for tourists,

but more as a performance that

reflects a society that embraces

diversity and inclusiveness.

In a 70-minute show, the

audience is led through six

centuries of history, crossing

through time and space. What

they take home is not merely the

story of a rich historical place,

but an intellectual reflection

of the true essence of Melaka

– a model of multicultural


Expect emotive storytelling,

high-energy choreography, vivid

stage settings with creative

lighting and unbelievable stage

effects along with a score of

moving music that will not only

inspire audiences but capture

their imagination, too.

Acclaimed as the most

innovative director in China,

Wang Chaoge serves as the

chief director of Encore Melaka.

Wang pioneered real-scene

performances in China and has

taken the Impression & Encore

Series to commercial success

internationally. During the live

performance, about 200 local

performers, young and old,

from all over Malaysia take to

the stage.

The theatre itself is a work of

art, creating a new landmark in

Melaka with its contemporary

design. The façade is tiled with

fish scale-like LED panels which

reflect light from the everchanging

and vibrant sky of


It is the largest permanent

theatre in Malaysia designed by

chief architect Wang Ge from

Beijing Institute of Architectural

Design and is purpose-built

solely for Encore Melaka

Hall 26a / Stand 117

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019





When an entire

village turns to


Sabah artist Ron Galimam



In the tiny village of Kundasang,

about 98km from Kota Kinabalu

city, Ranau Walai Tokou Homestay

is the closest such accommodation

to the majestic Mount Kinabalu.

Established in 2002, and the

winner of several state and federal

tourism awards, Ranau Walai

Tokou Homestay features around

100 rooms across the 46 houses

dotted up along the steep hillside


Most homes have breathtaking

panoramic view towards Kinabalu

Park and the mountain itself. The

region is populated primarily by

the Dusun tribe, famous for their

cultivation of temperate vegetables.

“Walai Tokou” is a Dusun term

meaning “House of We”, or “Our

Home.” The concept of homestay is

well suited for visitors who want to

experience the village atmosphere,

the refreshingly cool temperatures

of the foothills of Mount Kinabalu,

and clear views of the mountain.

It’s the perfect spot to take in the

local culture, renowned for the

traditional Dusun Bambu music

and dances. The local musicians

are renowned worldwide, recently

featuring in the Asia You’ve Got

Talent show.

A set of guidelines have been

produced for homestay villages.

More than ten participating houses

and 20 people are needed in a

single village, or Kampung, in order

for the village to qualify

Hall 26a / Stand 117

The Sabah State Art Gallery

yesterday opened a solo

exhibition of artist Ron

Galimam’s work for a month.

Galimam’s paintings are mostly

about working people in their

environment, though he is also

drawn to wildlife, which he has

been passionate about since he

was young.

Galimam likes to work in Batik.

which is wax on cotton. But

rather than using traditional

Batik dye, he prefers to apply

acrylics which gives him

greater control over the creative

process. He says: “In the early

90s, when I came back to Sabah,

there wasn’t much promotional

literature about Sabah, so I put

a proposal to the Minister of

Tourism who didn’t need much

convincing to embrace and fund

the promotion of Sabah both

for domestic and international


He set up a design studio in

Kota Kinabalu and employed

two artists and a secretary: “The

first thing I did was to illustrate

a character map of Sabah as

99.99% of the world’s population

didn’t know where Sabah was.

When I presented it, some of

the board members were not

sure about the pink pygmy

elephants, but it was printed.

We produced themed images

for posters, billboards, buntings,

paper bags using recycled paper

and TV commercials,” he says.

“I noticed recently that some of

those promotional materials are

still being used.”

Hall 26a / Stand 117

The last of the puppeteers?

Pak Daim: puppet master

While UNESCO designated

Wayang Kulit (Malaysian

shadow puppetry) as part

of world cultural heritage

in 2003, it may well not be

around much longer, as

only a handful of master

puppeteers remain… around

10 in fact – in the Wayang

Kulit Melayu Traditional

Kelantan (WKMTK).

Originally based on Hindu

epics, shadow puppetry was

introduced to Southeast

Asia in the 15th century and

promoted by Java’s Hindu


Pak Daim (Muhammad Dain

Othman) which regularly

performs in his Wayang

Kulit gallery in Kampung

Morak, Kelantan, is under the

sponsorship of the Federal

Ministry of Tourism and


Today, the traditional figures

have made way – in one

instance – to those of Star


“If we, the puppeteers, didn’t

change ourselves, the art of

shadow play would not be

popular anymore,” says Daim.

“That is why, with my team,

we created these new figures

following an agreement

with Lucas Film, based on

an original idea by Tintoy


Hall 26a / Stand 117

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




Music turns up the

volume for Colombian








Colombia’s tourist board,

ProColombia, is putting the country’s

musical diversity at the heart of its

marketing strategy.

The South American country is a world

musical power, home of infectious rhythms

such as cumbia, vallenato, salsa and

champeta and boasting dozens of top global

artists including J. Balvin, Shakira, Maluma

and Carlos Vives.

Together with UNWTO and Sound

Diplomacy, ProColombia has produced a

global guide to music and tourism entitled

“Music is the new gastronomy”, which

examines the increasingly important

relationship between music and tourist

destinations. It explores how musical

tourism is set to increase in a similar way to

the explosion in interest of gastronomy and

travel in the last few years.

Among other things, the study concludes

that music can significantly enhance

business opportunities for the tourism

sector, while enriching the traveller


It says people of all ages are searching for

music-based experiences more than ever

before, and are prepared to pay for them.

It points to figures for the UK showing

that music tourism attracted 823,000

overseas tourists, supporting 47,000 jobs

and generating €4.6bn. Other figures show

Portugal and Spain have seen a 500% rise

in music tourists since 2014, mainly for

festivals, while Norway’s musical tourism

has soared by over 400%.

Music is in essence a universal and

ubiquitous cultural expression and

language. By including music in itineraries

and trips, it is possible to drive greater

revenue across the tourism sector and it

is an excellent opportunity for destinations

to differentiate themselves. Furthermore,

and in the context of promoting a more

sustainable tourism sector, music tourism

can contribute to the achievement of the

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),

especially since it is something that can be,

and is, practiced by everyone, everywhere –

it promotes equality and protects intangible

cultural heritage.

The new guide was presented yesterday

[7 March] at the Colombian booth by

ProColombia’s Vice President of Tourism,

Julián Guerrero, and representatives of

UNWTO and Sound Diplomacy. Reflecting

the theme, the booth is itself designed like

a large music box where visitors experience

a musical tour of the country and can play

typical Colombian instruments. The country

is represented at ITB Berlin by 20 DMCs,

hoteliers and regional officials.

The country’s cultural calendar is full

of events, fairs and popular festivals in

which Colombians celebrate their beliefs

and identity through artistic expressions

including music, dance, theatre, gastronomy,

and religious celebrations. Examples

include the Carnival of Barranquilla, one of

the most important cultural expressions of

the Caribbean region, the Feria de Cali and

the Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata

Hall 23a / Stand 106

Novi Sad is the first city outside the

European Union to be named European

Cultural Capital 2021. The programme

concept of “Novi Sad 2021” comprises

four areas fused together under the

slogan “4 new bridges”.

Among 200 cultural events taking place

in Novi Sad every year, “the first among

equals” is EXIT Festival, which is the

laureate of 2018 Best European Festival

Award. Fresh content will be added to

the long list of music, film and theatre

festivals and other events.

Following the decision to give the

prestigious title to Novi Sad, the European

Commissioner for Education, Culture,

Youth and Sport Tibor Navracsics stated

that “the opening of this prestigious

European programme to those countries

seeking full membership is a way to bring

them closer to and reinforce their cultural

links with the Union.”

Marija Labović, CEO, National Tourism

Organisation of Serbia, says: “The

title ‘European Cultural Capital 2021’

proclaims the high cultural value of Novi

Sad: the city is one of many important

cultural centres of Serbia. Visitors can

feel and see the unique multicultural

character in the cityscape, experience

numerous cultural institutions and

world-famous festivals, like EXIT. The

nomination will act as an important

tourism magnet for the region and

support the further development of the

city’s creative potential”

Hall 1.1 / Stand 203

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019



Middle East


BAHRAIN Hall 4.2 / Stand 204

ISRAEL Hall 7.2 / Stand 100

JORDAN Hall 4.1 / Stand 202

LEBANON Hall 2.2 / Stand 203

OMAN Hall 2.2 / Stand 204

QATAR Hall 2.2 / Stand 206


ABU DHABI Hall 2.2 / Stand 200

AJMAN Hall 2.2 / Stand 201

DUBAI Hall 2.2 / Stand 100

FUJAIRAHV Hall 2.2 / Stand 104

RAS AL-KHAIMAH Hall 2.2 / Stand 103

SHARJAH Hall 2.2 / Stand 102


ALGERIA Hall 21b / Stand 209

BOTSWANA Hall 20 / Stand 131

CÔTE D’IVOIRE Hall 21a / Stand 112

EGYPT Hall 4.2 / Stand 124, 124a

ERITREA Hall 21a /Stand 110

GAMBIA Hall 21a / Stand 107

GHANA Hall 21a / Stand 108


Hall 20 /Stand 123, 130

KENYA Hall 21a / Stand 122

LESOTHO Hall 20 / Stand 106

MADAGASCAR Hall 2 / Stand 103

MALAWI Hall 20 / Stand 101

MALI Hall 21a / Stand 109

MAURITIUS Hall 2 / Stand 128

MAYOTTE Hall 2 / Stand 105

MOROCCO Hall 21b / Stand 213

MOZAMBIQUE Hall 20 / Stand 108

NAMIBIA Hall 20/ Stand 115, 135

RWANDA Hall 21a / Stand 120

SAINT HELENA Hall 22 / Stand 212


Hall 20 / Stand 127

SEYCHELLES Hall 20 / Stand 129

SIERRA LEONE Hall 21a / Stand 117

SOUTH AFRICA Hall 20 / Stand 138

SUDAN Hall 21b / Stand 205

TANZANIA Hall 21a / Stand 128

TOGO Hall 21 / Stand 111

UGANDA Hall 21 / Stand 121

ZAMBIA Hall 20 / Stand 136

ZIMBABWE Hall 2 / Stand 133

Above average tourism growth

for Africa and Middle East

Egypt the star of the show with prospects strong for 2020; North African

hotspots Tunisia and Morocco also bouncing back strongly

With international tourist

arrivals up by 10% and 7%

respectively, the Middle East

and Africa led growth in the

world last year according

to UNWTO data. This trend

is due to continue in 2019

as many countries have

introduced measures to

simplify entry formalities.

Although they represent just

4.8% and 4.5% respectively of all

international tourist arrivals in the

world, Africa and the Middle East

were definitely among winners

for world travellers in 2018. Last

year, Africa attracted a total of 67.1

million international travellers,

up by 7.3%, while the Middle East

recorded 63.6 million international

tourist arrivals - up by 10.3%.

Africa experienced a strong bounce

back in arrivals to countries along

the Mediterranean Sea. Tunisia

continues to grow at double-digit

rates, a situation due to the lifting

of travel bans or restrictions by

most countries (particularly from

Europe) towards the destination.

Tunisia international arrivals grew

by 23.2% in 2017 and progressed

again by an estimated 17.7%

last year. Tunisia consequently

recorded a total of 8.3 million

international travellers, finally

overtaking its previous record of

2010. Morocco also performed

very well, attracting over 12 million

travellers for the first time in history

- a growth of over 8%.

Results for sub-Saharan countries

are too incomplete to draw

conclusions. However, South

Africa experienced a slowdown in

growth to 1.7%. UNWTO puts the

blame partially on the strong Rand.

However, growth was recorded for

Reunion Island, Cabo Verde and


Middle East arrivals were also

on an upward trend, influenced

by excellent performances from

Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In 2017,

international tourist arrivals to

Egypt were up by 55% and last year

this number grew again by 41.5%

to over 11 million arrivals. UNWTO

declared that tourism to Egypt was

the top performer in the world. The

country hopes that cultural tourism

will jump with the opening of the

Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020.

Another star in the Middle East

in terms of international tourist

arrivals was Saudi Arabia - up by

30.3% last year. Strong growth

should continue as the country now

offers e-visas for tourists wishing to

visit sport or cultural events. In the

Gulf, Qatar experienced a modest

decline, still under the influence

of the travel ban for tourists from

neighbouring countries while

arrivals to UAE remained flat, as

Dubai is turning into a maturing



















Source: World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) ©







(% change)

18*/17 January - December




* Provisional data

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




Sanjive Khosla

Deputy Chief Visitor Experience Officer,

Expo 2020 Dubai

Ras Al Khaimah hits

one million visitor

mark in 2018

The emirate recently launched its new

three-year strategy

Dubai prepares for

2020 spectacular

Work is progressing well ahead of

World Expo 2020

Haitham Mattar

CEO, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism

Development Authority

Sanjive Khosla is Deputy

Chief Visitor Experience

Officer for Expo 2020

Dubai. We started by asking

him how plans are coming

along for World Expo 2020.

More than 190 countries have

confirmed their participation

at Expo 2020 Dubai. The site is

fast taking shape, more than 56

million work hours have been

completed and construction is on

track for all Expo-built structures

to be complete a year before the

gates open.

How are tour operators gearing

up? Can you talk about some of

the packages being organised?

Expo 2020 Dubai will be a

valuable business opportunity for

tour operators to offer a oncein-a-lifetime

visitor experience.

During the six months of the

event, Expo 2020 will be the

destination to visit within Dubai

and tour operators will be able to

purchase and bundle Expo into


What are some of the most

astounding highlights planned

for the Expo?

With 60 events a day, for 173

consecutive days, there will be

something for every taste.

Can you tell us more about

Siemens’ involvement with the


Siemens is Expo 2020 Dubai’s

Official Premier Partner for

Intelligent Infrastructure and

Operations and is playing an

integral role in operating the

most connected and digitised

World Expo. Siemens will provide

ground-breaking solutions to

digitally monitor and manage



FOR 173






the functions of Expo buildings

through a cloud-based energy

analytics platform.

What is your message to the

world’s travel agents and tour

operators at ITB Berlin 2019?

Expo 2020 Dubai will be a

celebration for all, with a

transformative impact on

humanity, the planet, and the

UAE as a nation. It will be a global

destination where everyone can

learn, innovate, create progress,

and have fun by sharing ideas

and working together

Hall 2.2 / Stand 100a

Haitham Mattar is Chief Executive Officer of Ras Al Khaimah

Tourism Development Authority. We asked him how tourism

is progressing in Ras Al Khaimah and how figures compare

to his destination strategy goals.

2018 was another remarkable

year for the emirate of Ras Al

Khaimah in terms of achievements

and milestones accomplished,

primarily exceeding our target

of one million visitors. Ras Al

Khaimah Tourism Development

Authority launched its first threeyear

destination strategy in 2016

outlining the vision and mission

for tourism in the emirate, with

the goal of attracting one million

visitors to Ras Al Khaimah by

2018. The emirate exceeded these

targets in 2018, with a reported

1,072,066 visitors from domestic

and key international markets.

How are your source markets


The 10% growth in visitors

compared to 2017 was led by the

UAE domestic market generating

38% of overall visitors. Germany

continued to be the leading

international source market with

83,605 visitors to Ras Al Khaimah

in 2018, followed by Russia and the


What are you primarily promoting

this year at ITB Berlin?

With the current robust visitor

demand, solid regional and

international partnerships in place

and iconic product launches over

the past few years, Ras Al Khaimah

is on a mission to further assert

its position as the fastest growing

tourism destination in the region,

while promoting our emirate’s

breadth of offerings to regional

and international target markets.

At ITB Berlin we are showcasing a

virtual reality experience of Jebel

Jais Flight, the world’s longest

zipline, which has welcomed over

25,000 flyers since opening 12

months ago.







How important is the show for

the emirate as a platform to reach

out to the world of tourism?

As the world’s leading travel trade

show, ITB Berlin is an ideal platform

to showcase and communicate our

unique tourism product, highlights

and plans to the German trade,

media and public as well as to the

many international visitors from

around the world

Hall 2.2 / Stand 103

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019





Seef, Dubaï Hatta Gebirge

Dubai continues to develop its offering

A number of developments opened in Q4 2018

Ever evolving and growing, Dubai continues to surprise with

stellar attractions and world-class developments opening

almost every month. The last quarter of 2018 saw a host of

exciting new additions to the city’s must-visit list and looking

ahead, there’s plenty more to come in 2019 and beyond.

Among the newly opened

destinations is Bluewaters Island,

which is set to boast 200 retail and

dining concepts in a modern district

featuring unparalleled views of the

Gulf. It is also home to Ain Dubai,

the world’s largest observation

wheel. Located off the waters

around Jumeirah Beach Residence,

Bluewaters is split into different

areas including residential, retail,

leisure and entertainment, hotels

and beach clubs, with Ain Dubai

rising as the centrepiece.

The island destination also hosts

Caesar’s Palace, an internationally

renowned luxurious hospitality

destination. From innovative

culinary offerings and aweinspiring

entertainment, to

indulgent amenities, the hotel

encompasses all signature

elements of the brand experience.

This also includes Cove Beach and

Qua Spa, and Gordon Ramsay’s

second Hell’s Kitchen.

Al Seef, meanwhile, is a calming

oasis on the banks of Dubai Creek,

which draws inspiration from the

traditional architecture and souks

of Old Dubai. The development

features almost 500 shops, and

restaurants with every cuisine you

could wish for on offer. There are

also cultural experiences such as

art galleries and the Museum of


Those looking to extend their stay

in the area can choose to check in

to Al Seef by Jumeirah, the latest

property by the brand. The property

pays homage to the history of the

region and is a relaxing choice

for inquisitive, quality-conscious

travellers who appreciate


In the landscape of the mountain

enclave of Hatta, a range of new

developments and attractions have

recently opened that offer visitors a

unique perspective of the national


A key draw for adventurers and

nature lovers, the Hatta Wadi Hub

helps visitors experience highenergy

activities such as mountain

biking, carting, archery, adventure

rope-climbing, hiking, kayaking,

as well as human slingshot and

ziplining activities.

The adventure centre also features

Hatta Drop-in, Asia’s first water

jump park. The developments also

include Hatta Zorbing, a specialised

zorbing centre for adults and kids

where people sit inside giant blowup

balls and are propelled down


For guests looking for a serene

stay amongst the mountains, the

Hatta Damani Lodges and Hatta

Sedr Trailers offer ecotourism

experiences appealing to nature

lovers. Hatta Damani Lodges

comprise three different types

of cabins to offer an exclusive

idyllic mountain lodge experience,

enhanced by Hatta’s ecosystem

that spans extensive mountain and

biking trails.

The Hatta Sedr Trailers, meanwhile,

bring the first-ever trailer hotel

concept to the region, featuring

trailers transformed into hospitality

units each with its own terrace

Hall 2.2 / Stand 100

Al Ghaith launches luxury

hotel brand in the UAE

Al Ghaith Holdings, a group

engaged in a wide range of

business activities – from

real estate management

and development, to trading

and oil – has moved into

the hospitality sector under

the management of Two

Seasons Hotel Management.

The Two Seasons brand

represents “deluxe hotels and

a guarantee to guests of fine

accommodation, excellent

service and a unique friendly

atmosphere”, according to the


The former Gloria Hotel &

Apartments in Dubai will

become the chain’s first Two

Seasons property in the UAE

with 188 lifestyle hotel rooms

and 256 apartments that will

open in 2021. Plans call for a

further two hotels in Morocco

by the end of 2022 – a Beach

Resort with 120 rooms in the

city of Dakhla and a boutique

hotel with 22 villas and organic

farms in the capital Rabat.

Al Ghaith Holdings’ plan for

the brand in the next five years

includes new destinations in

the Middle East and North


Hall 2.2 / Stand 100

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




Oman kicks off

its first-ever

beach event

Sur Al Hadid Beach in Oman has been transformed

for the Sultanate’s first-ever beach event.

Starting yesterday and running until Saturday (7

to 9 March), the Sur Al Hadid Beach Carnival is

a display of home-grown brands and fun-filled


The event has been brought

to the local audience

through a partnership

between Muscat

Municipality and the

Ministry of Tourism

and Oman Tourism

Development Company

(OMRAN), as part of an

initiative to boost domestic

tourism in the country and

promote what Oman has to

offer to the community and

visitors. The Sultanate will

be the partner country of

ITB Berlin in 2020.

The carnival, which is being

organised by Muscat Eat,

is hosting 70 SMEs, food

trucks and popular brands

who are presenting various

delicacies and refreshment

at the market, including

delicious Omani food

freshly made by local home

businesses from the Al Seeb


The outdoor market is also

featuring a selection of gifts,

perfumes, jewellery, kids

and family goods. Arts and

crafts activities are being

held too, including clay

moulding and face painting,

together with a series of

outdoor games such as a

bouncy castle, pony riding,

Jenga, balloon darts and

educational workshops

for children to promote

sustainable practices in

environment protection.

Eng. Abdul Wahid Al

Farsi, Director of Business

Integration at OMRAN,

the main partner of the

event, and the Head of the

Organising Committee of

Sur Al Hadid Beach Carnival

commented: “In order to

create a fun-filled experience

for the Omani community,

we have devoted ourselves

to ensuring creative ways

to bring out Omani’s

excitement towards outdoor

activities. From water

sports, outdoor games,

music and market, we make

sure everyone in the family

will have a favourite activity

during the three-day event.”

The beach carnival will not

only strategically contribute

to domestic tourism “but

will also set a healthy

business environment for

the SMEs in the country,”

he said. “This attracts many

business opportunities that

will significantly lead to a

robust economy through

Oman’s already burgeoning

tourism industry”

Hall 2.2 / Stand 204

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019







Winile Mntungwa

Deputy Head of Durban Tourism

Urban renewal projects set to drive

tourism in Durban

Durban exceeded one million visitors over the festive period

Winile Mntungwa is Deputy Head of Durban Tourism. We

started by asking her how Durban is evolving as a destination.

Durban is evolving as

quality standards are raised,

infrastructural developments

increased, new niche markets

created, such as culinary and

medical tourism, as well as unique

cultural experiences. Durban is

still a value-for-money destination

compared to other cities in the

world and the other provinces

in South Africa, which makes

our city a must-visit destination

when planning to visit South

Africa. In the 2018/19 festive

season (November 2018- January

2019), Durban saw growth of 16%

in visitor numbers from 2017,

exceeding our one million target

for the festive period.

What is new when it comes to

activities along the harbour front?

Durban has a number of urban

renewal projects that are underway

that will see the city’s skyline and

offering being transformed in the

next 12 months. The city together

with its partners, is investing over

€12m in a new passenger cruise

terminal, which will be the biggest

cruise terminal in the southern

hemisphere. Major passenger

shipping lines continue to frequent

the biggest African Port which is

the gateway into Africa. Activities

around the harbour range from

boat cruises and water activities,

one can also find different

restaurants in and around the

harbour creating culinary paradise

for visitors.

The construction of the cruise

terminal will complement

the € 2bn 50 Point Waterfront

construction currently underway,

which is expected to boost the

tourist offering while transforming

the beachfront promenade. Key

tourism assets have been upgraded

and enhanced to meet the visitor’s

expectation, including the new

Suncoast development and the

upgraded beachfront promenade.

What about transport?

Being a coastal city, Durban boasts

a world-class modern transport

infrastructure which makes it

easier to navigate and get around

key attractions. Once landed at

King Shaka International Airport,

you are connected to national and

regional highways that are well

maintained. Within 15 minutes’

drive you can reach the magnificent

hotels and experience the warmth

of our destination. To travel around

the city you are spoilt for choices.

with metered taxis just outside the

door of your hotel, and Uber and

public transport to connect you to

major tourist attractions.

Durban beach

How is cruise tourism evolving in

the region and how does Durban

fit in?

The evolution of cruise tourism

is a global phenomenon which

Durban Tourism fully embraces,

and, in our view, this move takes

us a step closer to our long-held

objective of creating a truly global

city that is both investment- and

tourism-friendly. The port of

Durban is the busiest in Africa

and one of the key cruise ports

servicing the east coast of the

continent. It provides a strategic

access to key shipping lines to the

southern African market and is

one of the key successful cruise

markets in the region.

How important is ITB Berlin as a

promotional platform for Durban

and why?

ITB Berlin is one of the strategic

platforms that provides

opportunities to market our city

where we are able to present the

uniqueness of our destination to

the global trade and media. We

view this platform as key to access

the European market which is

central to our growth strategy and

key to attract visitors to Durban.

In the past five years, Germany

has been in the top five source

markets that come to Durban. Our

all-round warm weather, cultural

and heritage experiences and

historical link to Germany ensures

our presence at ITB

Hall 20 / Stand 138

© Photo by Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis on Unsplash

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019




Hon. Najib Balala, EGH, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism &

Wildlife, Kenya says improved security has been a driver for

the increased number of tourists to the country. We asked how

Kenya’s tourism infrastructure is developing.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)

has enabled movement of tourists

between the key cities of Mombasa

and Nairobi, an impetus to tourism

business. The expansion of Jomo

Kenyatta International Airport has

made it possible for the launch of

a Nairobi to New York direct flight

with increasing passenger traffic.

The expansion of Malindi airport and

Manda Airport in Lamu are geared to

attracting more passengers through

heavier aircraft. The development of

new hotels, including international

brands, has increased confidence

among investors. The Diani Airport

will also be expanded to accommodate

more and bigger flights into Diani, the

leading beach in Africa.

What are the key travel trends in


Kenya is focusing on the following

priorities in 2019 as envisioned in

our tourism transformative agenda:

product diversification to cater for

different needs of the traveller, as

well as enhancing the customer

experience. Visitors are keener now

on experiences and we are looking

into immersing visitors into some of

these, like culture and adventure.

Hon. Najib Balala

EGH, Cabinet Secretary

for Tourism & Wildlife


investment drives

Kenya tourism ahead

Airport expansion and increased flights are

making Kenya more accessible for tourists

seeking an immersive experience

What are your key source markets

for tourists into Kenya?

Europe is a key source market,

which has continued to record yearon-year

growth. The United States

is the leading market. Kenya is also

focusing on emerging markets as

well as Africa, India and China.








What are you showcasing at ITB


Kenya is showcasing the destination

through more than 40 travel trade

members that are exhibiting at ITB

Berlin. The message of resilience and

business continuity is what the travel

trade is showing to the world. ITB

Berlin is a platform for business deals

with the international buyers, an

opportunity to create awareness of

the destination among the travellers

as well as an opportunity to project

Kenya as a resilient destination ready

for business

Hall 21a / Stand 122

St Helena Island:

it’s not just about


Populated by only 4,500 inhabitants on an island set

in the midst of the South Atlantic Ocean, discover the

British Overseas Territory of St Helena, which is now

luring the global travel market. One of the reasons for

their presence at ITB Berlin carries a name: Napoleon


If there was an award of

the most exotic destination

to be present at ITB Berlin,

it could well be St Helena

Island. Imagine a territory that

stands almost in the middle of

nowhere in the immensity of

the Atlantic Ocean. St Helena is

a 16 by 18 km volcanic tropical

island located some 4,000

kilometres east of Brazil’s

coastline and 1,900 km west of


The Island was discovered by

the Portuguese and changed

hands many times to finally end

up in the hands of the British

Crown. An important port of

call for British for centuries,

it turned into a place to exile

key prisoners such as Bahraini

Princes, Boers and the most

famous of them, former French

Emperor, Napoleon.

This explains the presence of

the British Overseas Territory

for the first time at ITB Berlin.

Dive St Helena

“2021 will mark the 200th

anniversary of Napoleon’s

death in St Helena and

European visitors have a huge

interest for this place,” explains

Helena Bennett, Director

of Tourism. “At ITB Berlin,

one can learn about ways to

promote the destination,” she


Napoleon’s presence can be

remembered through a dozen

of sites, including the two

original houses in which he

resided as well as his grave.

“But Napoleon is not the only

attraction that St Helena wants

to promote. We are blessed

with a pristine nature, ideal

for trekking and hiking, clear

waters perfect for diving and

a rich marine life with whale

sharks and dolphins. And

above all, it is a place to truly

relax away from the urban life”,

adds Bennett

Hall 22b / Stand 212

© By Rainer Schimp

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019


Hall 11.2

Stands 101, 102, 102a






“Culture in Saxony” is the title of

Saxony’s presentation at ITB Berlin

this year. The theme is a prelude to

a major celebration to be staged in

Saxony in 2020, marking 500 years of

industrial history.

Saxony’s stand in Hall 11.2 has been

transformed into a 900 sq m factory

building made of bricks and steel

and filled with machines. It reflects

the boom times when Saxony was

Germany’s main industrial region,

famed for its silver, mining and

machine and tool production. There

will be industrial-themed music as

well. During trade visitors’ days, the

“Dresden Stahlquartett” (steel quartet)

will perform on custom-made iron

string instruments, while Peter Till will

entertain the public at the weekend

with his amazing “Universal Dresdner

Druckluftorchester “ (pressurised air


The theme of industrial culture is also

part of the new high-quality brochure

“Architekturlandschaft Sachsen”

(architectural landscape of Saxony)

that will be presented for the first

time at the ITB. The booklet provides

a comprehensive overview of one

millennium of extraordinary building

culture. A tourist map highlights

over 50 tourist attractions linked

to industry. Overall, more than 50

Saxony tourism partners are present

on the ITB Berlin stand


a cultural cornucopia

Saxony in southeastern Germany has emerged as

a major cultural destination, where architectural

treasures are matched by arts events of international


Saxony’s impressive roll-call of

musicians, painters, architects

and artisans has been luring

visitors for many years. From

JS Bach to Richard Wagner,

from Caspar David Friedrich

to Otto Dix, and from Johann

Wolfgang Goethe to Erich

Kästner, the lives and works

of the cultural icons associated

with the region are a major

boost to tourism.

But Saxony is not only popular

among culture-freaks: over

eight million travellers spend

© Sebastian Rose

Hans-Jürgen Goller

Managing Director,

Tourism Marketing Company of Saxony

their holidays in the region

year after year. “Saxony offers

everything that tourists are

looking for when in Germany:

fine arts, architecture, beautiful

landscapes, good food, wine

and beer, local traditions and

warm hospitality,” explains

Hans-Jürgen Goller, Managing

Director of the Tourism

Marketing Company of


© Katja Fouad-Vollmer

Dresden Semperoper

Oberlausitz Görlitz Untermarkt



Music and Saxony are intimately linked.

Among this year’s reasons for travel is the 200 th

anniversary of Clara Schumann’s birthday. Both

Leipzig and Zwickau celebrate the occasion

with various events, putting the spotlight on the

compositions and piano concerts of the pianist

who was married to Robert Schumann. Other

classical music highlights include the Leipzig Bach

Festival (14 - 23 June), Dresden Music Festival (16

May - 15 June) and Moritzburg Festival (10 - 25

August). Saxony is also home to two world-class

operas – Semper Oper in Dresden and Leipzig

Oper, while one of the world’s top orchestras, the

Gewandhaus, has its home in Leipzig



Touring Germany’s number one cultural

destination soon reveals how varied Saxony’s

history of art is. For 2019, the art agenda

looks particularly promising. Saxony’s capital

Dresden continues its long-term commitment of

rebuilding its art icons, one by one. Towards the

end of the year, the Old Masters Picture Gallery,

home to Raphael’s famous “Sistine Madonna”,

as well as the Sculpture Collection in Dresden’s

Zwinger Palace will reopen following a complete

refurbishment. Equally exciting is the reopening

of the west wing of Dresden’s Royal Palace, which

forms the core of the former residence of Saxony’s

royal nobility from the House of Wettin

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019

© Thomas Keller







Soviet memories in Treptower Park

Peaceful, poignant, impressive, the memorial

dedicated to Soviet soldiers in Treptower Park in

Berlin reminds visitors about the inferno of the Battle

of Berlin and the 80,000 dead on Russian side.

The Memorial cannot fail to impress while its layout

will remind of the emerging Cold War of Post-war


2019 will see the 30 th anniversary of the

disappearance of the Berlin Wall. While memories

of Berlin division are fading step by step each

passing year, they are still areas in Berlin bearing

memories of this dark time in the city’s history.

One of the most striking structures is the Soviet

Memorial in Treptower Park. Ride up to Schlesiches

Tor Underground Station (U-Bahn) and walk along

Schlesische Strasse. You pass a 10 metre high

watchtower, which actually used to be the command

post for 18 watchtowers along the Berlin Wall. You

then officially enter former East Berlin, with Puschkin

Allee taking you to the Park.

Back to 1946, the Council of the Soviet Military

Administration of Germany organised a competition

to build a grand memorial to the Soviet liberation of

Germany from National Socialism. Work started in

1947 for an official opening on May 8, 1949, on

time for the fourth anniversary of the end of WWII.

The layout is majestic. The entrances to the memorial

are defined by massive arches. Wide paths with

weeping birch trees take visitors into a three-meter

granite statue of "Mother Homeland”, followed by

two huge stylized Soviet flags sculpted of red granite.

Two kneeling soldiers at the bottom of the flags are

mourning the 80,000 dead. Limestone sarcophagi

stand on each side of the central area and symbolize

the then 16 Soviet Republics. Their reliefs in typical

style of Socialist realism illustrate scenes from the

"Great Patriotic War" waged from 1941 to 1945.

The heart of the memorial is however a conical hill

bearing a crypt that also serves as the pedestal for

the memorial’s central figure, a Red Army soldier

holding in his arm a rescued child. The statue is 30

meter high while inside the crypt, a mosaic shows

the 16 Soviet Republics. At the feet of the soldier, a

lowered sword covers a destroyed swastika, symbol

of National Socialism defeat…

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019



Muse Berlin


Started by former supper-club hosts in

2013, within five years, Muse has become a

neighbourhood institution, where guests praise

the deceptively simple cuisine, the charming

ambience and deÅLcor, the friendly service and

the warm, relaxed, “at home” atmosphere.

With a focus on quality ingredients, the intention

here is to simply put smiles on guests’ faces with

honest and inspired cooking. The international

kitchen team all provide creative input resulting

in an eclectic range of dishes that people simply

want to eat: comfort food par excellence. For

those wanting only a drink, the Muse bar also

excels in an exciting range of classic and unique

cocktails, wines that are both high quality and

good-value, and craft beers from the tap.

Open daily Mon – Sat 12:00 – 22:30,

Sun 11:00 – 16:00

Muse Berlin

Immanuelkirchstrasse 31

10405 Berlin

Tel: +49 40 056 289







Taste the Beat

Whether you want to enjoy one of the most

beautiful views of the Spree River from the

spectacular nhow hotel or celebrate the night

away at one of the hotel’s “Music Nights” with

Berlin’s music scene, you’re always welcome at

the Envy Bar!

The drink concept is based on cocktails as well

as an extraordinary selection of spirits and is as

unconventional and colourful as the Envy Bar

design itself.

Envy Bar

The music is fresh, new and surprising. From

Thursdays to Saturdays, a DJ’s will take the mood

even to a higher level.

Open till 2am.

Envy Bar

Stralauer Allee 3, Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 290 299 0

Metro: S+U Warschauer Str. S5, S7, S75, U1

Tram: M10

Cultural Entertainment

& Shopping

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden


The Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, the pulsating

heart in Berlin Mitte, an area for shopping

and experiences with metropolitan flair. The

Potsdamer Platz Arkaden offers 130 shops,

restaurants and cafés on three levels.

East Side Gallery

Opening hours: Mo-Sat 10:00am - 9:00pm,

underground parking around the clock.

Daimler Art Collection

The Daimler Art Collection started in 1977 and

is devoted to 20th century and contemporary

art. Located in Haus Huth at Potsdamer Platz,

the exhibition space “Daimler Contemporary”,

founded in 1999, measures about 600 m²

and presents quarterly-changing exhibitions

that focus on various themes or feature new

acquisitions. Temporary shows of works by

individual artists and by special exhibitions are

also occasionally on the programme.

The Daimler Contemporary is open daily from

11am to 6pm, admission is free.

Potsdamer Platz Shopping Arkaden

Alte Potsdamer Straße 7

10785 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 25592766

Museums & Exhibitions


An East German Trabant car, which appears

to be breaking through the concrete. Honecker

and Breschnew locked in a kiss of brotherly,

socialistic love. With the East Side Gallery, a

segment of the Berlin Wall has been turned into

the longest open air gallery in the world.

The Kunstmeile – or art mile in English – is

located along the banks of the river Spree in

Friedrichshain. At 1316 m long it is also the

longest segment of the Berlin Wall still standing.

Right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the East

Side Gallery was painted by 118 artists from 21

different countries. Using various artistic means,

the artists commented on the political events

that took place in 1989 and 1990 in over 100

works of art found on the eastern side of the

wall. Over the years, many of the images became

greatly weathered and in 2009, forty of these

works of art were restored.

East Side Gallery

Mühlenstraße 1

10243 Berlin Friedrichshain

Tel: +49 (0)30 25 17 159

Metro: S & U Warschauer Str. S5 S7 S75 U1

ITB BERLIN NEWS • Friday 8 th March 2019


6-10 MARCH 2019

Exhibition Grounds


Shuttle Busses

Shuttle Linien

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Catering Guide




Exhibitors from A to Z

Austeller von A bis Z




Hall 26c / Stand 314

Hall 5.2b / Stands 205, 205a

Hall 22a / Stands 100-100a

Hall 26a / Stand 117

Hall 26a / Stand 110

Hall 26a / Stand 121

Hall 23a / Stand 101


Hall 25/26



Halle 25/26


Gate 25




Hall 2.2 / Stand 100

Hall 1.1 / Stand 203

Hall 6.2b / Stand 201

Hall 2.2 / Stand 102

Hall 20 / Stand 138

Hall 17 / Stand 109

Hall 9 / Stand 214

Hall 9 / Stand 102

Hall 25 / Stand 156

Hall 25 / Stand 152 Hall 9 / Stand 109

Hall 5.1 / Stand 128

Hall 7.1c / Stand 122 Hall 6.1 / Stand 164 Hall 7.1b / Stand 109





Transfer from Tegel Airport to ITB Berlin venue and return (5 - 10 March),

duration on average 20-30 minutes

From Airport Tegel to ITB Berlin venue

Departure Airport Tegel 8:00 a.m. – 5:15 p.m

Arrival Entrance South 8:25 a.m. – 5:40 p.m.

From ITB Berlin venue to Airport Tegel

Entrance South 11:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Arrival Airport Tegel 12:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. .

In the morning and in the evening the buses go every 30 minutes.

From 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. the busses go every hour.

Transfer Flughafen Berlin-Tegel zum Eingang Süd und zurück (5. - 10. März),

Fahrzeit durchschnittlich 20-30 Minuten

Vom Flughafen Tegel zum Messegelände

Abfahrt Flughafen Tegel 8:00 – 17:15 Uhr

Ankunft Eingang Süd 8:25 – 17:40 Uhr

Vom Messegelände zum Flughafen Tegel

Abfahrt Eingang Süd 11:30 – 19:00 Uhr

Ankunft Flughafen Tegel 12:00 – 19:30 Uhr

Morgens und abends fahren die Busse alle 30 Minuten, zwischen 12:00 – 16:00 Uhr stündlich


Transfer Olympischer Platz - Entrance South and return (6 - 10 March) daily: 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The busses go every 15 minutes.


Our city bus shuttle takes you fast and comfortable to the ITB Berlin venue, Entrance South. Two

lines are provided. Please note that the stops are not marked as ITB Berlin stops. The busses stop at

the regular bus stops of the Berlin public transport system.

Unser City-Shuttle bringt Sie rasch zum Messegelände, Eingang Süd.

Es gibt zwei verschiedene Linien. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Haltestellen nicht durch die

ITB Berlin gekennzeichnet sind. Die Shuttles halten an den Bushaltestellen des Berliner ÖPNV.

Line A

Bus-Stop 1: Unter den Linden / Friedrichstraße

Bus-Stop 2: Train Station S+U Bahnhof Potsdamer Platz (Leipziger Platz)

Line B

Bus-Stop 1: Metro Station U Wittenbergplatz

Bus-Stop 2: Metro Station U Kurfürstendamm (Kranzlereck)

Bus-Stop 3: Olivaer Platz (Kurfürstendamm 61)


The ITB Hotel Shuttle is your fast and direct connection to ITB Berlin in the morning (Entrance

South). In the evening the busses will bring you back to your hotel or into the city. Further

information is available in the partner hotels of the ITB Hotel Shuttle. You will receive the timetable

and the necessary shuttle ticket in your hotel.

Transfer Olympischer Platz - Eingang Süd und zurück (6. - 10. März) täglich: 8.00 Uhr - 19.00 Uhr

Die Busse fahren alle 15 Minuten.

Bus-Stop 4: Metro Station U Adenauerplatz

Bus-Stop 5: Train Station S Halensee

Morning / morgens:

6 - 8 March, from 8:10 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., every 20 minutes

9 - 10 March, from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., every 30 minutes

(Times of 1st bus stop / Abfahrtszeiten 1. Haltepunkt)

Evening / abends:

6 - 8 March, from 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., every 20 minutes

9 - 10 March, from 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., every 30 minutes

(Departure times Entrance South / Abfahrtszeiten Eingang Süd)

Deviations can be possible due to traffic.

Verkehrsbedingte Abweichungen sind möglich.

Mit dem ITB Hotel-Shuttle kommen Sie morgens schnell und direkt zur ITB Berlin (Eingang Süd).

Nach dem Messebesuch bringen Sie die Shuttlebusse zurück zu Ihrem Hotel oder in die Innenstadt.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie in den Partnerhotels des ITB Hotel-Shuttles. Den Fahrplan und

das erforderliche Shuttle-Ticket erhalten Sie in Ihrem Hotel.








Information: +49 30 60911150

Hotline for both airports: Tegel and


Assistance for People with Disabilities/

Wheelchair services

Hall 26, Telephone: +49 30 3038-5836

Banks/Cash Machines

Cash machines: CityCube Berlin, Entrance

foyer, Hall 1.2b/2.2b, Hall 14.1, Hall 19,

Großer Stern, in front of Hall 24,

outside in front of Entrance South,

ReiseBank at the branch office “Zoological

Garden” railway station,

Telephone: +49 30 8817117

Business Center

Messe Berlin GmbH,


(photo copies, fax, e-mail, Internet, PC,

scanner, printer, notebook connection,

business cards, SIM-cards, USB flash drive,

internat. power adapter, power banks)

• Grosser Stern, level 3,

Telephone: +49 30 3038-4127,

Fax: +49 30 3038-4136

• Halls 20/21, Passageway,

Telephone: +49 30 3038-4130,

Fax: +49 30 3038-4138

• CityCube Berlin, Entrance foyer,

opposite O-Rooms,

Telephone: +49 30 3038-4129,

Fax: +49 30 3038-4137

Catering (Capital Catering GmbH)

• Stand Service for exhibitors:

Telephone +49 30 3038-2993/1952

• Banquets Fairground:

Telephone +49 30 3038-3950

• Banquets CityCube:

Telephone +49 30 3038-3914

• Banquets Palais am Funkturm:

Telephone +49 30 3038-1991

• Restaurants on the fairground:

Telephone +49 30 3038-3929

• Funkturm Restaurant,

Telephone: +49 30 3038-2996

• Restaurant Brandenburg, Hall 24,

Telephone: +49 30 3038-1912

• Restaurant “Lunchbox”, Hall 7.3,

Telephone: +49 30 3038-1927

Only 6 - 8 March 2019

• Restaurant Business Lounge, Hall 5.3/6.3

Telephone: +49 30 3038-3929

• Business Lounge im Marshall-Haus

Telephone : +49 30 3038-3929

• Business Lounge Hall 5.3

Telephone : +49 30 3038-3929

Charging station for mobile phones

CityCube Berlin (Entrance Messedamm)

Climate Protection

Climate-conscious travel. ITB Berlin

Cooperation Partner atmosfair GmbH

Hall 4.1 / 225a

Cloakrooms/Luggage Lock-up

Entrance South, Hall 26b / 230, Hall 9,

Entrance East (Hall 14.1), Entrance North

(Hall 19), Hall 20/21, CityCube Berlin,

Entrance Foyer (East)

Fee: € 2.50 / garment, € 5.00 / luggage

eTravel World

Meetings, workshops and presentations

about Travel Tech, Digital Marketing and

Mobile Travel Services, Halls 6.1, 7.1b & 7.1c

Exhibitor Service Counter

Grosser Stern, level 3, Telephone: +49 30

3038-4123, -4124, -4125, -4127, Fax: +49 30


Fire Department – Emergency Call

Plant Fire Brigade Messe Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 30 38 31 12

First Aid – DRK (Red Cross) Physician

Emergency calls

Telephone +49 30 3038-2222

Hall 3.2, Hall 4.2, Hall 26c, and passageways

between Halls 12/13

Hotel Reservations/Travel Arrangements


Telephone: +49 221 2077 600


Telephone: +49 30 250025


Download at

ITB Business Point 6 - 8 March 2019

Hall 21b/201 & Hall 7.2a/102

Business Lounges at Marshall-Haus, in Hall

5.3, at Panorama Restaurant

Lost Children/Red Cross

Hall 26c, Telephone: +49 30 3038-5836

Lost and Found

Security Office, passageway between

Halls 16/17, Telephone: +49 30 3038-1785

Media Center

ITB Berlin press team, editorial offices,

PR Agencies (Halls 5.3 & 6.3)


Witzleben Apotheke,

Kaiserdamm 24/at the corner of

Messedamm, 14055 Berlin

Telephone: 0800 3011970, +49 30 93952030

Delivery Service:

Monday-Friday 8 am - 6 pm), last orders until

2 pm for delivery on same day


See Business Center


Emergency call to police: Telephone: 110

District Office 22, Charlottenburger

Chaussee 75, 13597 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 4664-222701

Police station in Hall 7, ground level,

Telephone: +49 30 4664-200760,

Fax: +49 30 4664-200799

Post Office

Postbank Finance Center

Soorstraße 61 – 62, 14050 Berlin

Mon – Fri: 9 am - 6 pm, Sat: 9 am - 1 pm

Prayers Room/Room of Silence

For all confessions and pastoral care:

Hall 6.2, entrance Summer

Garden, Telephone: +49 30 3038-5858,

Muslim Prayer Room Hall 19, Foyer West -

Men: ground floor, Women: 1 st floor

Press Stand

International tourism magazines free

of charge, foyer Halls 6.2/5.2

Public Transport

BVG, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe,

Rates and Schedules, Telephone: +49 30 194

49, Web:

S-Bahn Berlin GmbH, Rates and schedules,

Telephone +49 30 297 43333,


Taxi ranks

CityCube Berlin – Messedamm,

Entrance South, Gate 9,

Entrance East (Halls 14/15),

Entrance North (Hall 19)

Taxi Reservations

• Funk Taxi Berlin,

Telephone: +49 30 261026

• Taxi-Ruf City Funk,

Telephone: +49 30 210202

• Würfelfunk, Telephone: +49 30 210101

Ticket Sales/Ticket Office

MB Capital Services GmbH, Thüringer Allee

12, 14052 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 3069-6969,

Fax: +49 30 3069-6930

Tourist Information

Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH

Am Karlsbad 11, 10785 Berlin,

Service-Hotline: +49 30 25 00 25

Trains: Deutsche Bahn

Service Hotline 0180 6 99 66 33 (0,20 Euros per

minute from German landlines),


Marketplace for Technology, Tours &

Activities, Hall 4.1 -

Visitors’ Meeting Point

Entrance North (Lobby, Hall 19),

Entrance South (Middle Foyer between

Hall 1.2a and 2.2a)

Business Lounge at Marshall-Haus (6 - 8 March)


Network: ITB WIFI

Password: ITBlovesTravelHeroes


Witzleben Apotheke,

Kaiserdamm 24/ Ecke Messedamm,

14055 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 9395 2030, 0800 3011970

Messe-Lieferservice: Bestellannahme

von Mo-Fr (8 - 14 Uhr)

Lieferung Mo-Fr bis 18 Uhr


Grosser Stern, Ebene 3

Telefon: +49 30 3038-4123, -4124, -4125, -4127,

Fax: +49 30 3038-4135


Geldautomaten: CityCube Berlin,

Eingangsfoyer (ZE1), Halle 14.1, Halle 19,

Mittelfoyer Halle 1.2b/2.2b, Vorplatz Süd,

außen an der Halle 24, am Großen Stern,

ReiseBank: Geschäftsstelle Berlin Bahnhof

Zoo, Telefon: +49 30 8817117


Halle 26, Telefon: +49 30 3038-5836

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe BVG, S-Bahn

Tarif- und Fahrplanauskunft: +49 30 19449,

Business Center

Messe Berlin GmbH, e-mail:


Telefax, Internet, PC-Nutzung, Scanner,

Drucker, Notebook-Anschluss, Visitenkarten,

SIM-Karten, USB Sticks, internat.

Stromadapter, Power Banks)

• Grosser Stern, Ebene 3,

Telefon: +49 30 3038-4128,

Fax: +49 30 3038-4136

• Übergang Halle 20/21,

Telefon: +49 30 3038-4130,

Fax: +49 30 3038-4138

• CityCube Berlin Eingangsfoyer

(ZE1, gegenüber O-Räumen),

Telefon: +49 30 3038-4129,

Fax: +49 30 3038-4137

Deutsche Bahn

Fahrplan-, Tarifauskunft, Buchung,


Telefon: 0180 6 99 66 33 (0,20 Euro/Min. aus

dem dt. Festnetz), 0800 1 507090

(kostenlose Fahrplanansage).

Erste Hilfe, DRK Stationen, ärztlicher

Dienst Notruf DRK-Messegelände

Telefon: +49 30 3038-2222

Halle 3.2, Halle 4.2, Halle 26c, Halle 12/13


eTravel World

Meetings, Workshops und Präsentationen

rund um Travel Tech, Digital Marketing und

Mobile Travel Services, Hallen 6.1, 7.1b & 7.1c

Feuerwehr-Notruf direkt

Betriebsfeuerwehr Messe Berlin

Telefon +49 30 3038-3112


Info-Hotline 030 609 11150 für beide

Flughäfen: Tegel und Schönefeld,


Siehe Business Center


Pförtnerloge/Übergang Halle 16/17,

Telefon: +49 30 3038-1785,


Eingang Süd, Hall 26b / 230, Halle 9,

Eingang Ost (Halle 14.1), Eingang Nord

(Halle 19), Halle 20/21, CityCube Berlin,

Eingangsfoyer (Ost)

Preis: 2,50 € / Garderobe, 5,00 € / Gepäck

Gastronomie (Capital Catering GmbH)

• Messestand-Service für Aussteller:

Telefon +49 30 3038-2993/1952

• Bankett Messegelände:

Telefon +49 30 3038-3950

• Bankett CityCube:

Telefon +49 30 3038-3914

• Bankett Palais am Funkturm:

Telefon +49 30 3038-1991

• Restaurants auf dem Messegelände:

Telefon +49 30 3038-3929

• Funkturm Restaurant,

Telefon : +49 30 3038-2996

• Restaurant Brandenburg, Hall 24,

Telefon : +49 30 3038-1912

• Restaurant “Lunchbox”, Hall 7.3,

Telefon : +49 30 3038-1927

Nur 6. - 8. März 2019

• Restaurant Business Lounge, Hall 5.3/6.3

Telefon : +49 30 3038-3929

• Business Lounge im Marshall-Haus

Telefon : +49 30 3038-3929

• Business Lounge Halle 5.3

Telefon : +49 30 3038-3929

Gebetsräume/Raum der Stille

Konfessionsunabhängig (auch Seelsorge):

im Zugangsbereich der Halle 6.2,

(Sommergarten), Telefon: +49 30 3038-5858,

Muslimischer Gebetsraum: an Halle 19, Foyer

West - Männer: Erdgeschoss, Frauen: 1. OG




Telefon: +49 221 2077 600


Telefon: +49 30250025


Download unter

ITB Business Point 6.-8. März

In Halle 21b/201 & Halle 7.2a/102

Business Lounges im Marshall-Haus,

in Halle 5.3, im Panorama Restaurant


MB Capital Services GmbH, Thüringer Allee

12, 14052 Berlin

Telefon: +49 30 30696969,

Fax +49 30 30696930


Klimabewusst reisen. ITB Berlin

Kooperationspartner atmosfair gGmbH,

Halle 4.1 / 225a


Halle 26c, Telefon: +49 30 3038-5836

Ladestation für Handys

CityCube Berlin (Eingang Messedamm)


Presseteam der ITB Berlin, Redaktionsbüros,

PR-Agenturen (Hallen 5.3 & 6.3),


Polizei-Notruf direkt, Telefon: 110

Abschnitt 22, Charlottenburger Chaussee 75,

13597 Berlin. Telefon: +49 30 4664-222701

Anzeigenaufnahme, Polizeiwache Service-

Center Halle 7, 1. OG

Telefon: +49 30 4664-200760,

Fax: +49 30 4664-200799


Postbank Finanzcenter, Soorstraße 61 – 62

14050 Berlin, Telefon +49 30 3039-6151

Mo – Fr. 9 - 18 Uhr, Sa. 9 - 13 Uhr


Internationale Tourismus-Magazine

kostenfrei zum Mitnehmen,

Foyer Hallen 6.2/5.2


CityCube Berlin – Messedamm, Eingang Süd,

Tor 9, Eingang Ost (Halle 14/15),

Eingang Nord (Halle 19)


Funk Taxi Berlin, Telefon: +49 30 261026

Taxi-Ruf City Funk, Telefon: +49 30 210202

Würfelfunk, Telefon: +49 30 210101

Treffpunkt für Besucher

Nord: Vorhalle 19, Süd: Übergang Halle 1.2a/2.2a

Business Lounge im Marshall-Haus (6. - 8. März)


Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH,

Am Karlsbad 11, 10785 Berlin

Service-Hotline: +49 30 250025,


Marketplace for Technology, Tours &

Activities, Halle 4.1


Netzwerk: ITB WIFI

Passwort: ITBlovesTravelHeroes





100 jahre bauhaus im westen Hall 8.2 102a

100 Jahre Bauhaus, Verbund 2019 Hall 12 102

1001 Nights Tours Co. Ltd Hall 21.b 210

1010 Experiential Travel Hall 22.b 203

123COMPARE.ME Hall 6.1 106

1520-Dürer -Karl V.-Künstlerreisen-2020 Hall 16 100

1AVista Reisen GmbH Hall 25 168

3 Königinnen Palais Hall 10.2 112

365 Travel Hall 26.c 310

3D RealityMaps GmbH Hall 6.2b 301

3Sixty Luxury Marketing Hall 20 132

4Travel Incoming Tour Operator Hall 15.1 100

4XL S.L.U., Fruzzel Group Hall 2.1 101

5 Elements SRL Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

5stelle* Hall 8.1 107a

5vorFlug GmbH Hall 25 172

9 cities + 1 in Lower Saxony c/o Hannover

Marketing & Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2a 103


A & E Marketing Hall 20 138

A La Carte Tours Hall 3.1 163

A La Carte Travel Hall 1.1 112

A Star Mongolia LLC., Hall 26.c 316

a&o hostels Marketing GmbH Hall 4.1 114

A. Tsokkos Hotels Public Ltd Hall 1.1 110,110a

A.Baurs And Company Travel Hall 5.2a 107

A.T.R. Touristik Hall 3.2 201

A.T.Seasons and Vacations Travel Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

A2B Business Service GmbH Hall 6.2a 102

A3M Mobile Personal Protection GmbH Hall 10.1 117

AA Stomatologia Sp.z.o.o. Hall 21.b 214i

AAA Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

AAA Travel Hall 20 132

AAB - All About Belgium Incoming DMC Hall 10.2 103

aachen tourist service e.v. Hall 8.2 103f

Aarya Village Travel Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

AAT Kings Hall 5.2a 101

AB TRAVEL Hall 26.c 316

Abacus Tours Hall 1.2 215

ABBA HOTELS Hall 2.1 101

Abbaye Royal de Fontevraud Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Abbey Court Hostel Hall 4.1 104

Abbey Ireland & UK Hall 18 100,123

ABC Tourism (L.L.C.) Hall 2.2 100

ABC Travel Hall 1.2 102

Abercombie & Kent Hong Kong Hall 26.a 119

Abercrombie & Kent Hall 23.a 100

Abercrombie & Kent Australia Hall 5.2a 101

Abercrombie & Kent East

and Southern Africa Hall 20 121,122

Abies Travel Hall 2.1 124

Able Safaris Hall 21.a 121

Aborigen Tours Hall 23.b 203

Abreu DMC Azores

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Abreu online Hall 10.1 111b

Absolut Tours & Safaris Ltd. Hall 20 117

ABT - Ana Bespoke Tours - Startup Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Abu Soma Development Company Hall 4.2 124,124a

AC Group Hall 18 123

Acacia Africa Hall 20 121,122

Academservice Hall 3.1 610

Acampora Travel Hall 25 129

Acampora Travel Italy Hall 1.2 225

Accesible Costa Rica

by IL Viaggio Travel Hall 22.b 201,201a

Access Southern Africa Hall 20 138

Accor Hotels Hall 21.b 213

Accor Hotels Basel Hall 17 101a-c

Accor Hotels Singapore Hall 26.a 122

Hall 9

Stand 214

AccorHotels - Worldwide Hall 9 214

AccorHotels Asia Pacific Hall 26.c 317

ACCORHotels Germany GmbH Hall 11.1 214

AccorHotels Myanmar Hall 26.b 226

Accueil Villageois Malagasy Hall 4.1 264

ACE OF HUA HIN Hall 26.a 107

ACE Rent A Car Hall 3.1 181

Ace Tour SM srl

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Ace Travels Maldives Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 108

Ace Travels Maldives Pvt. Ltd. Hall 25 129

ACHAT Hotels Deutschland Hall 14.1 110

Acheche Luxurious Travel Hall 21.a 114

A-Class Travel Hall 26.c 313

Acomodeo UG Hall 7.1a 100

ACOYA Hotel Suites & Villas & Spa Hall 22.a 105

Acquaforte Travel Designer

DMC in Italy Hall 1.2 224

Across Africa Hall 21.a 121

Across Australia Pty Limited Hall 5.2a 101

Acroter Hotel & Spa Hall 3.2 201

Active India Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 238

ACTIVO Travel sp. Z o.o. Hall 15.1 100

AD Travel Hall 18 132c

Adaaran Resorts Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

ADAC Nordrhein e.V. Hall 8.2 102a

Adalya Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Adams Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

Adelboden-Frutigen Tourismus Hall 17 101a-c

Adenya Resort Hotels & SPA Hall 3.2 110

Adina Apartment Hotels Hall 11.1 214

Adineh Tour GbR Hall 4.2 205

Adobe Rent a Car Hall 22.b 201,201a

Adonis Tourism LLC Hall 2.2 100

Adonis Travel & Tourism Hall 4.2 200 Hall 3.2 201

Adramar Incoming Services

Mallorca-Ibiza Hall 2.1 102,102a

Adria Airways d.o.o. Hall 17 109

Adria DMC Hall 1.2 219

Adriana Travel Hall 1.2 215 Group / d.o.o. Hall 1.2 203

ADSmundo Hall 23.b 204

Adventure Expeditions Hall 21.a 122

Adventure Indonesia Hall 26.b 202

Adventure Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Adventure Myanmar Tours

& Incentives Co.,Ltd Hall 26.b 226

Adventure Pakistan Hall 5.2a 121

Adventure Rentals 4WD Hire Hall 5.2a 101

Adventure Sumatra Hall 26.a 114, 116

Adventure Tours Pakistan Hall 5.2a 121

Adventure Travel Trade Association Hall 4.1 214

Adventure Travel West, Inc. Hall 3.1 221

Adventure Warsaw Hall 9 320

Adventures Garden Route

a Thousand Sensa Hall 20 138

Advice Peru Hall 23.a 100

Adyeri Creations LTD 11 Hall 21.a 121

Aegean Star Hotels Hall 1.1 101,101a

Aegean Suites Hall 1.1 112

Aegyptus Intertravel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Aeon Plaza Hotels Hall 10.2 102

Aequore Lanzarote Suites Hall 2.1 202

AER Kooperation AG Hall 25 127

Aeroflot Hall 25 128

Aerolineas Argentinas S.A. Hall 23.b 203

Aerolineas Argentinas S.A. Hall 25 128

aeromexico Hall 25 128

AERTiCKET GmbH Hall 25 127

Afaq Travel & Tourism Hall 2.2 204

Africa Albida Tourism Hall 20 121,122

Africa on Show Hall 20 132

Africa Safari Connexion Hall 20 138

Africa Safari Experts Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Africa Travel Company Hall 20 120

Africa Travel Tours Hall 20 133

Africa220 East Africa Limited Hall 21.a 122

Africa-Experience Hall 21.a 129

African Bush Camps Hall 20 121,122

African Dreams Hall 21.a 102

African Eagle Hall 20 138

African Excursions Hall 20 131

African Horizons Travel & Safaris Hall 21.a 122

African Quests Safaris Hall 21.a 122

African Secrets Hall 20 111

African Sun Hotels Hall 20 133

African Synergy Hall 20 120

African View Tours and Safaris Hall 20 136

Afrika Pearl Hotel Hall 21.a 122

Afromaxx Tours & Safari Hall 21.a 121

Aftab Kalout Eco tour & travel Co. Hall 4.2 205

AFY TRAVEL Hall 18 130

AG “Barrierefreie Reiseziele

in Deutschland” Hall 12 102

AG Hospitality Hall 3.1 205

AG Städte mit historischen Stadtkernen Hall 12 101

Agapi Beach, Cretan Malia Park,

Blue Palece, Village Heights Hall 1.1 101,101a

Agence du Tourisme de la Corse

Corsica Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Agência Açoreana de Viagens SA Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Agencia de Viajes Turavion SpA Hall 23.b 204

Agency Van Gogh Hall 17 109

Agentur Karl & Karl ® Werbeagentur Hall 5.3 111

Agenzia Turistica Locale

della Provincia di Novara Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Agetur Glamping Tours & Events Hall 22.b 203

Agora Travel S.A. Hall 1.1 118

Agriturismo “Casale della Rocca” Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Agriturismo “Feudo Gagliardi” Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Agriturismo “La Pagoda” Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Agroneum Alt Schwerin Hall 10.2 112

Aha Hotels & Lodges Hall 20 134

Hall 23.a

Stand 101

AHK Ecuador Hall 23.a 101

AHORN Berghotel Friedrichroda Hall 11.2 103

AHORN Hotel Am Fichtelberg Best Western

Ahorn Hotel Birkenhof Hall 11.2 102

AHORN Hotels & Resorts Hall 11.1 214

AHORN Seehotel Templin Hall 12 101

AHRIM Hall 20 128

Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad

Neuenahr-Ahrweiler Hall 8.2 201b

AHT Asociación de Hoteles

de Turismo de de Turismo de la

República Argentina Hall 23.b 203

AIC Travel Group SA Hall 6.1 131

AIDA Cruises Hall 6.2a 102, 104

AIDA Cruises Hall 11.1 214

AIDA Cruises - MICE Business Hall 7.1a 200

Aim Way Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Air Arabia Maroc Hall 21.b 213

Air Astana JSC Hall 26.c 300

Air Canada Hall 3.1 390

Air Dolomiti s.p.a. Hall 1.2 103

Air Europa Hall 2.1 109

Air Europa Hall 25 128

Air France Hall 25 128

Air Greenland Hall 18 105a

Air Iceland Connect Hall 18 114

Air Madagascar Hall 20 103

Air Malta p.l.c Hall 1.2 220

Air Mauritius Hall 20 128

Air New Zealand Hall 5.2a 102

Air Niugini Hall 5.2a 115

Air Serbia Hall 1.1 203

Air Tahiti Nui c/o Aviareps AG Hall 5.2a 109

Air Tanzania Company Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Airbnb for Work Hall 7.1a 100

AirDNA Hall 7.1c 119

airfair Flugservice GmbH Hall 25 127

Airlink Hall 20 132

Airport Weeze Flughafen

Niederrhein GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Airports of Thailand Public

Company Limited Hall 26.b 219

Airserve Co., Ltd. Hall 26.a 102

Airtrade Holland BV Hall 5.1 134

Aitken Spence Hotel

Managements PVT LTD Hall 5.2b 220

Aitken Spence Hotels (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Aitken Spence Resorts Hall 2.2 204

Aitken Spence Travels (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Aitken Spence Travels (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 25 129

Ajman Hotel Hall 2.2 201

Ajman Saray a Luxury Collection Resort Hall 2.2 201

Ajman Tourism Development

Department Hall 2.2 201

Aju Incentive Tours Hall 26.a 124

Akadem (Incoming Polen) Hall 15.1 100

Akassia Swiss Resort

(Club Calimera & Iti) Hall 4.2 124,124a

Akay Travel Service Hall 3.2 201

Akilanga DMC & Events Hall 20 138

AKKO - Haifa - Tiberas Hall 7.2a 100

Akoya Hotel & Spa Hall 20 123,130

Ak-Sai Travel Hall 3.1 602

Akti Beach Hotel & Holiday Village Hall 1.1 110,110a

Aktiv Tours Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

AktiVital Hotel *** by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

AKTOB Hall 3.2 201

Akwaba Afrika - Die Experten

für Afrikareisen Hall 21.a 115

AKZENT Hotels e.V. Hall 8.1 142a

Al Ain Rotana Hall 9 307

Al Bandar Arjaan by Rotana Creek Hall 9 307

Al Bandar Rotana - Creek Hall 9 307

Al Bustan Palace Ritz-Carlton Hotel Hall 2.2 204

Al Gad Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Al Hamra Cluster Hall 2.2 103

Al Maha Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Al Manara, A Luxury Collection Hotel Hall 4.2 200

Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Al Mawasim Hall 4.2 204

Al Mobtaker Travel and Tourism Hall 4.2 204

Al Nahda Hotels & Resorts Hall 9 104

Al Rawda Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Al Salam Rotana Hall 9 307

Al Thuraya Travel & Tours (T3 Group)

- D (T3 Group) - DMC Hall 4.2 200

Al Wasat Travels Hall 4.2 204

Alabama Tourism Department Hall 3.1 222

Alaedin Voyages Tour and Travel

Services Company Hall 4.2 205

Alaiye Resort & Spa Hotel Hall 3.2 201

Alamannen-Museum Vörstetten Hall 10.2 112

Alamo Rent a Car Hall 22.b 201,201a

Alamo Rent a Car Hall 9 106

Alaska & Yukon Tours Ruby

Range Adventure Hall 3.1 390

Alaska Native Heritage Center Hall 3.1 140

Alaska Railroad Hall 3.1 401

Alaska Travel Connections Hall 3.1 401

Alava Tourism Board Hall 2.1 101

Alaya Resort Ubud Hall 26.a 114, 116

Albania DMC Hall 9 320

Albanian National Tourist Agency Hall 3.2 113a

Albatros Arctic Circle Hall 18 105a

Albatros Expeditions A/S Hall 25 133

Albatros Invest & Service Co., Ltd Hall 26.b 225

Albena Hotels & Resort Hall 15.1 101

Alberghi Toscani SRL -

A Point Arezzo

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Albergo dell’ Agenzia

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg Hall 6.2b 304

Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

ALCHEMY DMC Argentina Hall 23.b 203

Alcudia Hotels Hall 2.1 105

Alcudia Mallorca Hall 2.1 105

Alcudia Pins Hall 2.1 104

Alcudia Sea Trips Hall 2.1 105

Alcudiamar Yacht Club Hall 2.1 105

Aldeia dos Capuchos Hotel,

Golf & SPA

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Aldemar Resorts Hall 1.1 101,101a

ALEXALA - Alessandria

& Monferrato Tourist Board Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #7



Alexander Beach Hotel & Village Hall 1.1 101,101a

Alexander von Humboldt - Das Schiff Hall 6.2a 101

Alexandra Travel Madagascar Hall 20 103

Algeria, Office National du Tourisme Hall 21.b 209

Aligeo Guest House Hall 20 138

Alila Hotels & Resorts Hall 26.c 307

Alilaguna Spa Hall 1.2 224

Alisa Hotels Hall 21.a 108

Alitalia Hall 25 128

Alizée Resort Management Ltd. Hall 20 128

All About Africa Tours and Travels Hall 20 132

All Alaska Tours Hall 3.1 401

All Out Africa Hall 20 114

All Pacific Travel Concept (APTC) Hall 5.2a 101

Alleo GmbH Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e.V. Hall 12 102

Alliance Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

AlliedTPro Hall 3.1 101

Allmedica Specialist Medical Clinic Hall 21b Stand 214j

allrounder mountain resort

GmbH & Co. KG Hall 8.2 103c

allsun Hotels Hall 2.1 117

Aloes Travel Tours Hall 20 103

Aloft Kathmandu (Chhaya Devi Complex)

Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Aloft Palm Jumeirah Hotel Hall 2.2 100

Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee KU Hall 6.2b 309

alpetour Touristische GmbH Hall 4.1 110

Alpha Adventure Safaris Hall 21.a 121

Alpha Hotel Management (AHM) Hall 26.a 114, 116

Alpha Tours L.L.C Hall 2.2 100

Alpha Travel (UK) Ltd. Hall 21.a 124

Alpha Travel SEE Hall 1.1 203

Alpin Rentals GmbH Hall 17 103

Alpine Nature Beyond Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

Alpinum hoteli d.o.o. Hotel Jezero**** Hall 17 109

Alsace Destination Tourisme Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Alsace Tourism Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Altai JSC sanatorium Hall 3.1 610

Altai Region, Department of Tourism

and Health Resort Development Hall 3.1 610

Altai Touristic (LLC “Belukha”)

Travel Company Hall 3.1 610

ALTAV Hall 3.2 201

AltaVia Travel Hall 1.2 211

ALTHOFF und AMERON Hotels Hall 8.2 103a

ALTIS Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Alva Donna Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Alva Hotel by Royal Hall 26.a 119

Alvan Safar Iranian Hall 4.2 205

AMA Langkawi SDN BHD

(Langkawi Skycab) Hall 26.a 117

Amadeus Germany GmbH Hall 5.1 115

Amadeus Travel Agency Hall 22.b 201,201a

Amakhala Game Reserve Hall 20 138

Amal Travel & Tourism Agency Hall 21.b 205

Amalinda Safari Collection Hall 20 133

AMA-Marketing GesmbH Hall 17 103

Amani Tiwi Beach Resort Hall 21.a 122

Amani Tours/In2Jordan - DMC Hall 4.2 200

Amara World Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Amara, Elysium & Mediterranean

Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

Amari Havodda Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Amatara Resort & Wellness Hall 26.b 210, 211

Amathus Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

Amathus Hotels Rhodes Hall 1.1 101,101a

Amaya Leisure PLC Hall 5.2a 107

Amazilia Travel Hall 22.b 201,201a

Amazing Africa Tours Hall 20 120

Amazon Pay Hall 7.1b 101

Ambasciatori Place Hotel Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Ambassador Group Hall 7.2b 102a

AMBER ECONTEL Hall 14.1 112

AMBER ECONTEL HOTEL Berlin Hall 14.1 112

AMBER ECONTEL München Hall 14.1 112


AMBER HOTEL Chemnitz Park Hall 14.1 112

AMBER HOTEL Hilden/Düsseldorf Hall 14.1 112

AMBER HOTEL Leonberg/ Stuttgart Hall 14.1 112

AMBER HOTELS Hall 14.1 112

Ambers Tours Hall 18 131

Ambong Pool Villas Langkawi Hall 26.a 117

AMC Holidays Sri Lanka Hall 5.2a 107

Amelia Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Amelia Island Convention &Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 305

Amen Bhutan Tours & Treks Pvt. Ltd. Hall 26.c 326b

Americabound Tours, Inc Hall 3.1 221

American Airlines Hall 3.1 403

American Express Europe S.A. Hall 7.1a 100

American Hotel & Lodging

Educational Institute Hall 3.1 181

American Indian Alaska Native

Tourism Association Hall 3.1 140

American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA) Hall 3.1 242

American Tours International Hall 3.1 111

Ameropa-Reisen GmbH Hall 13 100

Amhsa Marina Hotels & Resorts Hall 22.a 100,100a

Amiel Tours Hall 7.2a 100

Amilla Fushi Hall 5.2a 108

Aminess Hotels & Campsites

(Laguna Novigrad D.D.) Hall 1.2 215

amKela iAfrika powered by Tour d’Afrique Hall 20 138

Amman Rotana Hall 9 307

AMONDO GmbH macht Reiseberater mobil Hall 25 137

Amorita Resort Hall 26.a 125

Amparus Tour Operator Hall 3.1 610

AMResorts Hall 22.a 116

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort Hall 22.a 104

Amwaj Hotels & Nile Cruise Hall 4.2 124,124a

Amwaj Rotana, Jumeira Beach Hall 9 307

An African Anthology Hall 20 132

ANA All Nippon Airways Hall 26.a 103

Anakonda Amazon Cruises

by Advantage Travel Hall 23.a 103

Anana Ecological Resort Krabi Hall 26.b 209a

Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort Hall 2.2 204

Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas Hall 5.2a 107

Anantara Resorts and Spa’s Hall 20 108

Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort Hall 26.a 114, 116

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort Hall 2.2 100

Anantara Le Chaland Hall 20 128

Andalucía - E.P.G. del Turismo y

Deporte de Andalucía, S.A. Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Andalusia Travel & Tours Snd Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Andando Tours Cia.Ltda

Angermeyer Cruises Hall 23.a 101

andBeyond Hall 20 113

Andean Adventures Peru Hall 23.a 100

Andean Origins Hall 23.a 100

Andean Travel Company Cia. Ltda Hall 23.a 112

Andersen Hotel & Absalon Hotel

Copenhagen Hall 18 132a der Zonista GmbH Hall 18 132e

Andes Nativa Hall 23.b 204

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Hall 5.2b 241

André Tours DMC Portugal Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Andrew The Travel Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Anek Lines S.A. Hall 1.1 101,101a

Anema Resort Gili Lombok Hall 26.a 114, 116

Anemos Luxury Grand Resort Hall 1.1 101,101a

Angela Shanley Associates Ltd Hall 18 123

angelo by Vienna House Ekaterinburg Hall 9 311

angelo by Vienna House Prague Hall 9 311

Angiri Joint Venture Private Limited Hall 5.2a 108

Angkor Village Hotel & Resort Hall 26.a 107

Angsana Balaclava Hall 20 128

Anguilla Tourist Board Hall 22.a 119

Anima Travel Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

Anixe Hall 5.1 100

Annapurna Ten Bel Tenerife SL Hall 2.1 202

Annset Holidays, Inc. Hall 26.a 125

Anriva-Tour Hall 15.1 102

Anse Chastanet & Jade Mountain Resorts Hall 22.a 119

Antalya Promotion Foundation Hall 3.2 201

Antalya Teknopark Hall 3.2 118

Antalya Teknopark Hall 6.1 108

Antarctica21 Hall 23.b 204

Antarpply Hall 23.b 203

Antelope Canyon Tours Hall 3.1 241

Antelope Safaris Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism

Authority Hall 22.a 108

Ant’s Collection Hall 20 111

Anvil Bay Companhiade

de Turismo de Chemucane Hall 20 111

Anxur Tours Incoming Italy Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Any Where Costa RIca Hall 22.b 201,201a

ANZ Nature Tours Ltd Hall 5.2a 102

aovo Touristik AG Hall 25 168

AP Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

apaleo GmbH Hall 8.1 117

apaleo GmbH Hall 10.1 113

Apartamentos Moraña Hall 2.1 202

Aparthotel Novo Resort

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Aparthotel-aarau-WEST Hall 17 106

Apartmentshotel & Suites Kuukkeli

Lapland Finland Hall 18 132b

Apasio Hall 23.b 204

Apasio Mara Big Five and Legends

Camp Mara Hall 21.a 122

APASSIONATA Park München Hall 6.2b 311

APIT Hall 2.1 124

Apollo Hotels / leonardo Hotels Hall 10.2 102

Apollo Rent A Car Hall 1.1 101,101a

Apollo Tourist Service Ltd Hall 15.1 101

APS FormAzione viaggio nelle

Terre di don Diana

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

APSARA Tours Co.Ltd, Hall 26.b 225

Apstar Tours Ltd. Hall 21.a 108

APTC All Pacific Travel Concept Fiji Hall 5.2a 114

Apullacta Expeditions Hall 23.a 101

AQUA DOME - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Aquagrand Exlcusive Deluxe Resort

Maritour A.E. Hall 1.1 101,101a

Aqualux Hotel Spa Suite & Terme Hall 1.2 224

Aquarium Lanzarote Hall 2.1 202

Aquarius Travel Hall 15.1 102

Aquaworld Resort Budapest

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Aquila Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 101,101a

Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa Hall 20 138

Ar Mongol Travel Group Hall 26.c 316

AR Tour Prague Hall 7.2b 102a

ARA Tours Hall 22.a 107

Arabian Adventures Hall 2.2 100, 206

Arabian Experience Hall 2.2 204

Arabian Explorers Oman Hall 25 175

Arabian Explorers VAE Hall 25 175

Arabian Travel Market Hall 2.2 100

Arabica Orient Tours Hall 2.2 204

Arabsoft SARL Hall 6.1 161

Aragón, Gobierno de. Dirección

General de Turismo Hall 2.1 101

Aranui Cruises Hall 5.2a 109

Arara Tour LLC Hall 15.1 102

Arawi Peru Expeditions Hall 23.b 208

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Karibik e.V. Hall 22.a 124

ARBERLAND REGio GmbH Hall 6.2b 311

Arcadia Tour Operator

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Archäologisches Museum

der Stadt Kelheim Hall 10.2 112

Arche Hotels Hall 15.1 100

Archeon Museum Park,

A Living History of the Netherlands Hall 10.2 102

Archezentrum Amt Neuhaus Hall 10.2 112

arcona HOTELS & RESORTS Hall 9 211

Arcotel Hotels & Resorts GmbH Hall 9 210

Arctic Adventure ApS Hall 18 132a

Arctic Hotel Collection Hall 18 132b

Arctic Nature Hotel Hall 18 132c

Arctic Range Adventure & Aurora Centre Hall 3.1 390

Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos Hall 18 132b

Arctic Trucks Experience Iceland Hall 18 132c

Arcus Tours LLC Hall 15.1 102

Arena di Verona Opera Festival Hall 1.2 224

Arena Hospitality Group Hall 1.2 215

Argante Viaggi

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

ARGE Donau Österreich Hall 17 103

ARGE Lateinamerika Service GmbH Hall 23.b 208

Arg-e-Jadid Travel co. Hall 4.2 205

Argentina, Instituto National

de Promoción Turistica Hall 23.b 203

ARGO LTD Hall 3.1 602

Argo Travel Group Hall 1.1 101,101a

Argo, Travel Company Hall 3.1 610

Ariane Systems Hall 7.1c 104

ARIBO Hotel Erbendorf Hall 9 109

Arizona Office of Tourism Hall 3.1 241

Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Arlington Convention & Visitors Nureau Hall 3.1 211

Arlymear Travel Company Ltd. Hall 26.b 210, 211

Armen Tour LLC Hall 15.1 102

Armenian Tourism Development

Foundation Hall 15.1 102

Armintour CJSC Hall 15.1 102

Armotours Hall 22.b 201,201a

A-ROSA Flussschiff GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Around The Himalayas Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Arp Museum - Bahnhof Rolandseck Hall 16 100

Arp-hansen Hotel Group Hall 18 132a

Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa Hall 2.1 202

Arrigo Oswald Ltd Incoming DMC Hall 1.2 220

Arriva Public Transportation Hall 10.2 102

art cities REISEN Hall 16 100

Art Hotel Museo

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

ART Rotana Hall 9 307

art Hall 16 100

art:berlin Hall 12 101

Artheus Hotels Hall 2.1 101,101a

Arthur Hotels Hall 18 132a

Artotel Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Aruba Fremdenverkehrsamt Hall 22.a 104

Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association Hall 22.a 104

Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino Hall 22.a 104

Aruba Tourism Authority - Germany Hall 22.a 104

Aruba Tourism Authority - Italy Hall 22.a 104

Aruba Tourism Authority - Nordic Hall 22.a 104

Aruba Tourism Authority -

United Kingdom Hall 22.a 104

Arya Niwas Hospitality Hall 5.2b 202

Asanja Africa Ltd Hall 21.a 128

ASB Travel Solutions Ltd. Hall 18 123

AseguroMiViaje Hall 6.1 144f

ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH Hall 17 103

Ashanti African Tours Ltd. Hall 21.a 108

Ashdod Tourism Hall 7.2a 100

Ashotel Hall 2.1 202

Ashtar Tours International Hall 4.2 200

Asia Beach Resort & Spa Hotel Hall 3.2 201

Asia DMC Hall 26.c 313

Asia Experience Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Asia Experience, an Interactive

tours India Hall 5.2b 202

Asia Holidays Agency Hall 26.b 210, 211

Asia Jewel Tours Joint Stock Company Hall 26.c 313

Asia Leisure (Pvt) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

ASIA REPS Hall 26.a 107

Asia Reps China Hall 26.a 107

Asia Reps France Hall 26.a 107

Asia World Enterprise Co., Ltd. Hall 26.b 210, 211

Asia World Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Asialink Holidays Hall 26.a 114, 116

Asian Adventures Travel Management

Company (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Asian Gateways Hall 5.2a 121

Asian Overland Services Tours & Travel Hall 26.a 117

Asian Siam Travel House Hall 26.b 218

Asian Trails (M) Sdn Bhd Hall 26.b 207

Asian Trails China Hall 26.b 207

Asian Trails Co Ltd. Hall 26.b 207

Asian Trails Laos (AT Lao Co., Ltd.) Hall 26.b 207

Asian Trails Ltd. Hall 26.b 207

Asian Trails Tour Ltd. Hall 26.b 207

Asiana Airlines Hall 26.a 124

Asiana Travel Hall 26.c 308

Asilia Africa Hall 21.a 128

ASKA Hotels Hall 3.2 201

#8 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

A / B


Asociación Clúster Empresarial

de Turismo de Galicia Hall 2.1 101,101a

A-SONO Hall 18 130

asr Allianz selbständiger Reiseunternehmen -

Bundesverband e.V. Hall 25 137

asr Bundesverband e.V. Hall 25 137

Assam Bengal Navigation Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

As’saraya Travel & Tourism Hall 2.2 204

ASSD Ho(s)telsoftware Hall 10.1 109

Associaçâo Dark Sky

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Association des Hotels de Charme Hall 20 128

Association for Cultural and Special

Interest Tourism Hall 1.1 110,110a

Association of Cyprus Tourist Enterprises Hall 1.1 110,110a

Association of Hotels

and Restaurants of Latvia Hall 18 130

Association of Polish Spa Communes Hall 15.1 100

Associazione Andar Per Monti

Laghi E Castelli

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Associazione Riviera del Conero

e Colli Dell’infinito

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Associazione Turistica Clientomania Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Asterias Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

ASTRAL Holidays International Hall 15.1 101

Astrida Travel Hall 18 131

Astroándalus Hall 2.1 124

Asturias, Sociedad Pública

del Principado de Asturias, SAU Hall 2.1 101

Asyasoft Hall 6.1 108

ATA, Associacao de Turismo dos Acores

Convention and Visitors Bureau Hall 4.1 249

Atacama Spirit Chile Hall 23.b 204

Atana Hotels Hall 2.2 204

ATC African Travel Concept Hall 20 138

Atcore Technology Ltd Hall 5.1 133

ATG - Africa Travel Group Hall 20 119

ATG Hotels Turkey Hall 3.2 125

ATG Travel Deutschland GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

Athena Cruise JSC Hall 26.c 313

Athens Day Cruise Hall 1.1 101,101a

ATI Travel Hall 26.a 119

atib Hall 3.2 201

ATIS a.s. Hall 7.2b 102a

Atlanta CVB Hall 3.1 222

Atlantic Coast Destination Ile de Ré Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Atlantic Coast France Hall 1.1 201, 201a

ATLANTIC Hotels Management GmbH Hall 6.2a 101

Atlantic Travel Hall 18 130

Atlantica Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 110,110a

Atlantida Boutique Hotel Hall 17 109

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas Hall 22.a 120

Atlantis The Palm Hotel & Resort Hall 2.2 100

Atlantis Travel & Tourism Hall 7.2a 100

Atlas Hospitality Group Hall 21.b 213

Atlas Tours Hall 4.2 200

Atlas Voyages Hall 21.b 213

atmosfair gGmbH Hall 4.1 225a

Atomium Hall 10.2 103

Atomize Hall 7.1b 112

Atout France - Französische Zentrale

für Tourismus Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Atrium Hotels-Luxury Resorts

Collection-Rhodes-Greece Hall 1.1 101,101a

ATS Pacific Australia Hall 5.2a 101

Attica Group / Superfast Ferries-Blue

Star Ferries Hall 1.1 101,101a

Attika Reisen Travel Center Ltd. Hall 1.1 101,101a

Attitude Hotels Hall 20 128

ATV SRL-Busdienst Gardasee Verona Hall 1.2 224

Audi Forum Ingolstadt Hall 6.2b 308

Audio Egypt Travel Services Hall 4.2 124,124a

Augsburg Regio Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2b 306

Auric Air Services Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Aurora Hospitality Management Hall 4.2 124,124a

Aurora Lapland Travel Hall 18 132b

AURORA TRAVEL & DMC Hall 26.c 308

Aurum Hotels & Maxholiday Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Australia One Pty Ltd Hall 5.2a 101

Australia Pacific Vacations Hall 5.2a 101

Australis Hall 23.b 209

Austria Trend Hotels Hall 17 103


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Authentic Borneo Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Authentic Madagascar Tours Hall 20 103

Authentic Tanzania Hall 21.a 115

Autobus Oberbayern GmbH Hall 6.2b 309

Autocandia - Rent a Car Greece Hall 1.1 114

Autoservizi Gaetani SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Autostadt GmbH Hall 6.2a 103a

AUTOTRANS d.o.o. Hall 1.2 217

Auvergne Rhône Alpes Tourism Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Avance Rent A Car Hall 1.1 103

Avantio Hall 6.1 106

Avarayr Tour Company Hall 15.1 102

Avatar Tour Ltd. Hall 15.1 101

avenTOURa GmbH Hall 22.a 110

Aventuras Tierra Verde Hall 22.b 201,201a

AVI Travel Hall 1.2 112

Avianca Airlines Hall 23.a 115

Avila Beach Hotel Hall 22.a 105

Avis Budget Autovermietung GmbH

& Co. KG Hall 9 101a+b

AVRA.Travel Hall 6.1 128

AVS GmbH Data Management

& Customer Care Hall 6.2b 311

awotel Burhave Hall 9 109

AX Hotels - Seashells Resort at Suncrest Hall 1.2 220

Axis Data, S.L. Hall 2.1 204

AYAKS-TUR Co., LTD Hall 3.1 608

Aydinbey Group Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Ayia Napa-Protaras Tourism Board Hall 1.1 110,110a

Ayii Anargyri Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

Ayla Oasis Development Hall 4.2 200

Ayodya Resort Bali Hall 26.a 114, 116

Aysen Patagonia Chile Carretera Austral Hall 23.b 204

Ayu Mandiri Tours and Travel Hall 26.a 114, 116

AYUNG RESORT UBUD Hall 26.a 114, 116

Ayuntamiento de Adeje Hall 2.1 202

Ayuntamiento de Antequera Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Ayuntamiento de Benalmádena Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Ayuntamiento de Mijas

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Ayuntamiento de Rincón de la Victoria Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Ayuntamiento Puerto de la Cruz Hall 2.1 202

Az. Agr. Pieve a salti di Prandi Elena Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Azadi International Tourism

Organization AITO Hall 4.2 205

Azerbaijan Airlines Hall 3.1 607

Azerbaijan State Tourism Agency Hall 3.1 601

Azeta Incoming Argentina

by Azeta Viaggi Hall 23.b 203

Azia Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a


Management Europe GmbH Hall 8.1 117

AZIMUT Hotels Company Hall 3.1 608

Azimut Tour Operator & Dmc Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Azimuth Travel Hall 4.1 218

Azores Airlines

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Azores DTM

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Azoris Hotéis

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Azuki Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Azur Hotels & Resorts Hall 4.2 124,124a

Azura Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Azura Retreats Hall 21.a 128


B&B Casa Gemma di Armida Nicotera Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

B2Book srl Hall 6.1 124

B2Sky Travel Hungary Kft. Hall 1.1 204

Babylon Booking by Moonline Travel

and Tourism GmbH Hall 6.1 155

Bach Archiv Leipzig Hall 11.2 102

Bademtour Hall 1.2 201

Baden Airpark GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Baden-Baden Kur- & Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Badisches Landesmuseum Hall 6.2b 201

Baglioni Maldives Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Bahamas Out Island Promotion Board Hall 22.a 120

Bahamas Tourist Office Hall 22.a 120

Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel Hall 2.2 201

Bahia del Duque Hall 2.1 121

Bahía Príncipe Hotels & Resorts Hall 22.a 106

Bahnreisen Sutter Hall 4.1 255

Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions

Authority Hall 4.2 204

Bahwan Tourism LLC Hall 2.2 204

Baikal-Complex, Ltd. Hall 3.1 315

Baki Uluslarasi Saglik & Turizm Cözümler Hall 3.2 201

Balears, Agencia D’Estrategia

Turistica Illes Balears Hall 2.1 102,102a

Bali Mandira Beach Resort & Spa Hall 26.a 114, 116

Bali Tropic Resort & Spa Hall 26.a 114, 116

Balkan Holidays Services Ltd. Hall 15.1 101

Balkan Natural Adventure Hall 1.2 211

Ballettzentrum Hamburg -

John Neumeier Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Baltic Blues Hall 18 130

Baltic Saltas Hall 18 131

Baltic Travel Group Hall 18 130

BalticVision Hall 18 111

Bamba Experience Hall 4.1 100

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara Hall 2.2 206

Banco Popular Dominicano S.A.

Banco Múltiple Hall 22.a 100,100a

Bandos Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Banff & Lake Louise Tourism Hall 3.1 390

Bangkok Airways PCL Hall 26.b 231

Bangkok Hospital Hall 26.b 214

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Hall 26.b 233

Bangladesh Tourism Board Hall 5.2a 112

Bantu Africa Travel Hall 21.a 121

Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur Hall 26.a 117

Banyan Tree Phuket Hall 26.b 210, 211

Baobab Adventure Tours and Safaris Hall 21.a 128

Bara Bara 3.0 SL Hall 2.1 202

Baraka Destinations Hall 4.1 228

Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. Hall 22.a 115

Barberyn Ayurvedic Beach Resort

(Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Barceló Gestión Hotelera Hall 2.1 101

Barcelò Hotels & Resorts Hall 22.a 100,100a

Barefoot Collection Fiji Hall 5.2a 114

Barefoot Havelock & The Serai Resorts Hall 5.2b 204

Bariloche - Tourist Promotion Entity Hall 23.b 203

Baron Hotels and Resorts, Egypt Hall 4.2 124,124a

Baron Travel Corporation Hall 26.a 125

Barut Hotels Hall 3.2 119

Barut Hotels Hall 25 104 (Cash Payment

Solutions GmbH) Hall 6.1 144h

Basanta Adventure Treks &

Expedition Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Base Hotel Hall 1.2 224

Basecamp Explorer Hall 21.a 122

Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen Hall 18 108

Basel Tourismus Hall 17 101a-c

Bask for all Hall 2.1 101,101a

Baskcoming Hall 2.1 101,101a

Basque Destination Hall 2.1 101

Basquelands Way Hall 2.1 101

Basquetour S.A., Baskenland Hall 2.1 101,101a

Basquetravel Hall 2.1 101

Bassin d’Arcachon Hall 1.1 201, 201a

BATAB Hall 3.2 201

Batam View Beach Resort Hall 26.a 114, 116

Bateaux Collection Hall 18 123

Bath und Bristol Hall 18 123

bauhaus100 Hall 16 100

Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum

für Gestaltung Hall 12 101

Baum & Zeit Beelitz-Heilstätten

Baumkronenpfad Hall 12 101

Bavaria Fernreisen GmbH Hall 25 137

Bay Watch Travel Agency Hall 1.2 116

Bayer. Staatsbad Bad Kissingen GmbH Hall 6.2b 311

Bayerische Staatsoper Hall 6.2b 301

Bayerischer Heilbäder-Verband e.V. Hall 6.2b 311

Bayerischer Landessportverband

e.V. BLSV Sportcamps Hall 4.1 110

Bayerischer Wald / TVO Hall 6.2b 311

Bayerisches Golf

& Thermenland / TVO Hall 6.2b 307

Bayerisches Staatsministerium

für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz Hall 6.2b 311

BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH Hall 6.2b 301

Bayerwald Media GmbH Hall 6.2b 311

BB-Promotion GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

BCD Travel Deutschland GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

bd4travel GmbH Hall 5.1 118

Be as a Local

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Be Live Collection Palace de Muro Hall 2.1 104

Be Live Hotels Hall 2.1 109

BE! Tourismus AG Hall 17 101a-c

Beach Rotana Hall 9 307

Beach Rotana - Residences Hall 9 307

Beachcomber Resorts + Hotels Hall 20 125

Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel Hall 3.1 305

BE-APARTHOTELS Hall 10.2 103

Beatriz Hoteles Hall 2.1 202

Beausite Park Hotel Hall 17 106

Beauty of Japan (Tobu Railway Group) Hall 26.a 102


Beehive Hospitality Hall 6.1 123

Beethoven Jubiläums gGmbH Hall 8.2 102a-b

Beethoven Orchester Bonn Hall 8.2 103a

Beethovenfest Bonn Hall 8.2 103a

Beethoven-Haus Bonn Hall 8.2 103a

Beethoven-Haus Bonn Hall 16 100

Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Beijing Haoqiao International

Travel Agency Limited Hall 6.1 118

Beijing Nimbus Travel Hall 26.c 306

Beijing Wtown Tourism Co., Ltd Hall 26.c 319

Beleon Group Hall 1.1 101,101a

Belgien-Tourismus Wallonie Hall 16 100

Belgium - Hall 10.2 103

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #9



Belguis Tours Hall 4.2 124,124a

Belize Tourism Board Hall 22.b 207

Bella Aventura Costa Rica Hall 22.b 201,201a

Belmondo Viaggi Hall 1.2 102

Belo Luxury Safaris Hall 21.a 114

Benchmark Hotels & Resorts Hall 3.1 305

BenLeToni Tours Incoming Greece Hall 1.1 101,101a

Bensaude Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Benson Safaris Tanzania Hall 21.a 128

Bentour Reisen Hall 25 119

Beppler and Jacobson Montenegro Hall 1.2 219

Berchtesgadener Land Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2b 309

Bergbau- und Gotikmuseum Leogang Hall 10.2 112

Berge & Meer Touristik GmbH Hall 25 151

Bergedorfer Schifffahrtslinie Buhr GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Bergen Reiselivslag Tourist Board Hall 18 132d

Bergerac Airport Dordogne Périgord Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Bergkristall - Natur und Spa

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

BergSPA & Hotel Zamangspitze

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Berjaya Hotel & Resorts Hall 26.a 117

Berlin barrierefrei Hall 12 101

Berlin Erlebnisse Hall 12 101

Berlin Highlights GmbH Hall 12 101

Berlin Stars Hall 12 101

Berlin-Brandenburg, Gemeinschaftsstand Hall 12 101

Berliner Apotheker-Verein

Apotheker-Verband Berlin (BAV) e.V. Hall 24 102

Berliner Bezirke Hall 12 101

Berliner Morgenpost GmbH Hall 14.1 101

Berlinische Galerie Hall 12 101

Bermark Incoming GmbH Hall 12 101

Bernard Tours (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

berner+becker revenue

management GmbH Hall 7.1b 107

BERO BERLIN Eurolimousine Hall 18 117

Best Digital Solution Hall 1.2 202

Best Hotels

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Best Loved Hotels (The Great British

Hotel company) Hall 8.1 109

Best of Costa Rica Hall 22.b 201,201a

Best of Scandinavia Incoming Hall 18 132d

Best of Tours Ltd Hall 18 123

Best Reisen Hall 25 147

Best Sport Solution Hall 1.2 202

Best Time RV Hall 3.1 181

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Albania Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Armenia Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Austria Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Belgium Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Bulgaria Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Croatia Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Cyprus Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Czech Republic Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Denmark Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Estonia Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Finland Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts France Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Germany Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Great Britain Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Greece Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Hungary Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Indonesien Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Ireland Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Irlande Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Italy Sales Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Japan Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Laos Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Latvia Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Lithuania Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Luxembourg Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Malaysia Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Myanmar Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Netherlands Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Norway Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Philippines Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Poland Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Portugal Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Romania Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Slovenia Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Spain Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Sweden Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Switzerland Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Thailand Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Turkey Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts USA Hall 9 309

Best Western Hotels & Resorts Vietnam Hall 9 309

Best Western Plus The Beachfront Hall 26.b 210, 211

Best Western Premier Sonasea Phu Quoc Hall 26.c 313

Best Western Santaka Hotels Hall 18 131

Best Western Vilnius Hall 18 131

BestSearch Media GmbH Hall 6.1 115

Besucher-Bergwerk und Museum

Kleinenbremen GmbH Hall 10.2 112

Beta Hotel Izmailovo Hall 3.1 608

Betterspace GmbH Hall 7.1c 102

Betuyab A.S.

(Belek Tourism Investors Association) Hall 3.2 114

Bewotec GmbH Hall 5.1 123

Beyond Experience Limited Hall 21.a 128

BFTK Nonprofit Ltd. Budapest F

esztivál-és Turisztikai Központ Hall 1.1 204

BG Rei Del Mediterrani Palace Adults only Hall 2.1 104

Bhara Tours Hall 26.a 114, 116

Bhaya Cruises Hall 26.c 313

BHM Media Solutions GmbH Hall 6.1 126

Bhutan - Happiness Kingdom Travels Hall 26.c 325

Bhutan - Wangchuk Tours & Treks Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Dew Top Travel Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Etho Metho Tours & Treks Hall 26.c 311b

Bhutan Expeditions Bhutan Expeditions Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Footprints Travel Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Green Travel Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Norter Adventure Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Phendey Jungney Travel Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Soul Tour & Travel Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Tour Operator Thimphu specialised

in Tours, Treks and Expedition Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Tourism Corporation Ltd.

(BTCL) Hall 26.c 326

Bhutan Travel Bureau Hall 26.c 326a

Bhutan Travel Coordinator Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Travel Gate Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Travel Path Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Utpala Tours Hall 26.c 312

Bhutan Wind Horse Tours,

Treks and Expeditions Hall 26.c 325a

Bhutan, Tourism Council Hall 26.c 312

Bianconi - Relais&Chateaux Palazzo


Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Biarritz Pays Basque - Tourist Office Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Biarritz Pays-Basque Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Bibione Live - Consorzio di Promozione

Turistica Hall 1.2 224

Bidvest Car Rental Hall 20 138

Bidy Tour Hall 26.a 114, 116

Biella Tourist Board

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Big Bus Tours Hall 18 123

Big Holiday International Hall 26.a 120

BigFoot Tours Hall 20 131

BigXtra Touristik GmbH Hall 25 172

Bilbao Bizkaia Hall 2.1 101

Bilbao Bizkaia Tourism Board Hall 21.b 215e

Bilderberg Hall 10.2 102

Bintan Lagoon Resort c/o Resort

Venture Pte Ltd Hall 26.a 122

Bio- und Wellnesshotel Alpenblick

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Birmingham, Alabama CVB Hall 3.1 222

Bi-tomo LLC Hall 3.1 608

Bizkaia Tourism Board Hall 2.1 101

Blanco Bar Tenerife Hall 2.1 202

Blau Mari Travel Services Spain Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Blaues Band e.V. c/o FörderService GmbH Hall 11.2 101

Blau-Tourism, Events & Technology SL Hall 10.1 118

Bled Tourist Board Hall 17 109

Blenheim Palace Hall 18 120

Bliss Maldives Ptv. Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Blu Hotels Spa Hall 1.2 223

Blu Isles Hall 22.a 115

Blu Mediterraneo sas Amalfi Coast Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Blue Bay Hotels Zanzibar Hall 21.a 128

Blue Boat Company Hall 10.2 102

Blue Diamond Alsalam Resort Hall 2.2 104

Blue Dolphin Resort Hotel Activity

Travel Service Hall 1.1 101,101a

Blue Horizon Hall 5.2a 108

Blue Horizons Travel & Tours Co. Hall 26.a 125

Blue Lagoon Cruises Fiji Hall 5.2a 114

Blue Lagoon Group Hall 1.1 116

Blue Lanka Tours (Pvt) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

Blue Moon Tours Hall 4.2 124,124a

Blue Poppy Private Limited Hall 26.c 325c

Blue Ribbon Bags Hall 6.1 129

Blue Valet Blue Valet Hall 6.1 105

bluegr Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 101,101a

Blumenfisch am Großen Wannsee Hall 12 101

BMP Holding/ Russian Vacation Hall 3.1 610

Bo Phut Resort & Spa Hall 26.b 217

Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba Hall 22.a 104

Boat Bike Tours b.v. Hall 10.2 102

Boat Service Sightseeing Ltd Hall 4.1 241

Bochum Marketing GmbH Hall 8.2 101a

Bochumer Veranstaltungs-GmbH Hall 8.2 101a

Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen Hall 6.2b 201

Body Worlds London Hall 18 120

Bohemia Hall 1.2 201

Bohemia Suites & Spa Hall 1.1 112

Bohinj Eco Hotel / Sunrose 7 Hall 17 109

Bohol Beach Club Hall 26.a 125

Boiana-MG Travel Company Hall 15.1 101

Bokun Hall 9 320

Bologna Welcome DMC

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Bonner Personen Schiffahrt eG Hall 8.2 103a

Bonotel Exclusive Travel Hall 3.1 343

Bontour Incoming - C.I. Travel Group Hall 18 124 Hall 9 202, 218 (Deutschland GmbH) Hall 7.1a 100

bookingkit GmbH Hall 4.1 247

BookingSuite Hall 6.1 135

BookLogic Hall 8.1 135a

BookOnlineNow - HotelAvailabilities Hall 7.1c 114

Boomerang Reisen Hall 5.2a 101

Boomerang Reisen GmbH Hall 20 120

Bordeaux Tourism & Conventions Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Bordeaux Wine Trip Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Borealis Destination Management Hall 18 111

Borgo Condé Wine Resort Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Borgo San Luigi

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Borneo Adventure Sdn. Bhd. Hall 26.a 117

Borneo Eco Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Borneo Faza Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Borneo Nature Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Borneo Trails Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Borneo Wakid Adventures Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Borsa del Matrimonio in Italia Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Boston Hotel Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Bosuk Tours Ltd. Hall 26.a 124

BOSYS Software GmbH Hall 6.1 117

botanika GmbH Hall 6.2a 101

Botswana Tourism Organisation

Private Bag 275 Hall 20 131

Bougainvillea Beach Resort Hall 22.a 115

Bougainvillea Group Lodges Hall 21.a 128

Boundless Southern Africa Hall 4.1 263

Boundless Southern Africa Hall 20 107

BOYTAV Bodrum Peninsula

Promotion Foundation Hall 3.2 201

BQ Alcudia Sun Village Hall 2.1 104

BRAINtuning GmbH Hall 8.1 117

Brandenburgische Gesellschaft

für Kultur und Geschichte gGmbH -

Kulturland Brandenburg Hall 12 101

Brandenburgische Kurortund

Bäderverban Hall 12 101

Brändön Lodge & Pinebay Lodge Hall 18 108

Bratislava Tourist Board Hall 7.2b 103

Brauerei Beck & Co. Hall 6.2a 101

Bräutigam GmbH & Co. KG Hall 6.1 120

Bravo Adventures Hall 5.2a 121

Brayka Resorts Marsa Alam Hall 4.2 124,124a

Break in Italy

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti Hall 18 108

Breeze Travel and Safaris Ltd Hall 21.a 121

Breezes Bahamas Hall 22.a 120

Bremen + Bremerhaven Hall 6.2a 101

Bremer Geschichtenhaus Hall 6.2a 101

Bremer Ratskeller, Weinhandel

& Versand, Großmarkt Bremen GmbH Hall 6.2a 101

Brice Tour Hall 25 145

Brighton Grand Pattaya Hall 26.b 218

Bristol Airport Hall 18 123

Bristol and Bath Cultural Destinations Hall 18 123

Britannia Tours Tour Operator Hall 17 109

British Airways operated by Comair Hall 20 138

British Virgin Islands Tourist Board Hall 22.a 124

Broadway Inbound Hall 3.1 205

Brøchner Hotels A/S Hall 18 132a

Brogibro Safaris

& Events Management Ltd. Hall 21.a 114

Broich Premium Catering GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

Brot für die Welt - Tourism Watch Hall 4.1 257

Brown Hotels Hall 7.2a 100

Browns Hotels & Resorts Hall 5.2a 107

BS Payone GmbH Hall 8.1 107

BSE Global Hall 3.1 205

BTP Bauer Touristik Hall 23.a 111

BTravel d.o.o. Best Travel Solution Hall 1.2 202

Bubu Resort Hall 26.a 117

Buchheim Museum der Phantasie Hall 6.2b 310

Bucintoro Viaggi S.R.L. Hall 1.2 224

Bucket List Experiences LLP Hall 5.2b 214a

Bucuti Beach Resort

& Tara Beach Resort Aruba Hall 22.a 104

Budapest Airport Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

Buddha Air Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Buffalo Tours UK Limited Hall 26.b 201

Buffelsdrift Game Lodge Hall 20 138

Bulgaria Personalized Hall 15.1 101

Bulgarien - Ministerium für Tourismus Hall 15.1 101

Bundesagentur für Arbeit Hall 11.1 214

Bundesamt für Naturschutz Hall 24 101

BundesForum Kinder- und Jugendreisen e.V. Hall 4.1 118

Bundesgartenschau Erfurt 2021 gGmbH Hall 11.2 103

Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn 2019 GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche

Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) Hall 4.1 200

Bundesverband der Gästeführer

in Deutschland e.V. Hall 12 102

Bundesverband führender

Schulfahrtenveranstalter e.V. Hall 4.1 112

Burg Hohenzollern Hall 6.2b 201

Burgas Municipality Hall 15.1 101

Burgenland Tourismus GmbH Hall 17 103

Burgmuseum Burg Liechtenstein Hall 10.2 112

Burgu Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Burj Khalifa - At the Top Hall 2.2 100

BurJuman Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Bursa Culture and Tourism

Promotion Union Hall 3.2 113

Bursa Kültür Turizm ve Tanitma

Birligi Baskanligi Hall 3.2 201

Bush Ways Safaris Hall 20 131

Business Visum GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

BUSSO Hall 6.1 106

Busy Rooms Limited Hall 8.1 124a

Butterflies (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

BUZZ DMC Hall 25 175

Buzzotel Services Hall 6.1 164

Bydgoszcz Metropolitan Area Hall 15.1 100


C.A.T. Company Central Asia Tourism

Kyrgyzstan and Silk Road Tours Hall 3.1 606

C.A.T.I.A. Hall 3.1 616a

#10 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

B / C


C.O.T.I. Consorzio Operatori Turistici

Isola d’Ischia

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

CA Customer Alliance GmbH Hall 8.1 108

Cabildo de La Gomera Hall 2.1 202

Cabo Verde, Ministério do Turismo

e Transporte Hall 21.b 208

Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski

Dominica Hall 22.a 118


Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Cadw Hall 18 121

Caesar Premier Hotels Hall 7.2a 100

Caesars Entertainment Hall 3.1 231

Cairo International Tours Hall 4.2 124,124a

Cala Ratjada - Font de sa Cala - Canyamel

- Cala Mesquida - Capdepera Hall 2.1 123

Calabria Etnica

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

CalMac Ferries Hall 18 123

Caloura Hotel Resort

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Camara Argentina de Turismo Hall 23.b 203

Cambodia, Ministry of Tourism Hall 26.b 225

Camellia Hills Hall 5.2a 106

Camino Abierto Hall 23.b 203

Camino Travel & Premio DMC Hall 22.b 201,201a

Camp Hwange & Hwange Bush Camp Hall 20 133

Camp Ripan AB Hall 18 108

Campbell - Bell Communications Hall 20 121,122

Campeggio Bella Italia Hall 1.2 224

Campeggio Paestrum SRL Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Campervan North America LLC Hall 3.1 181

Camping Village Paradiso-Valore

Turismo SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber

of Commerce Hall 21.b 215b

Canadian Tours International Hall 3.1 390

Canadian Travel Partners Hall 3.1 390

Canadvac Travel Services Hall 3.1 390

Canary Island Car S.L.U. CICAR Hall 2.1 209

Candelaria Tours Hall 23.b 208

Candelero Beach Resort Hall 3.1 405

CANDEO Hotels Hall 26.a 120

Cantabria, Sociedad Regional Cántabra

de Promoción Turistica, S.A. Hall 2.1 101

Caorle Hotel.IT Hall 1.2 224

Cap Negret S.A. Hotel in Altea-Alicante Hall 2.1 101,101a

Cape & Kantary Hotels Hall 26.a 107

Cape Dara Resort Pattaya Hall 26.b 218

Cape St Francis Hall 20 138

Cape Town Helicopters Hall 20 132

Capella Singapore Hall 26.a 122

Capital Centre Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Capital Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Car Away By Avis Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Caraka Travelindo Hall 26.a 114, 116

Caravan & Camping Resort La Marmolada Hall 1.2 224

Caravan Kooch - Adventure Iran Hall 4.1 206


Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Care Luxury Hotels & Resort Hall 26.a 117

Careundersun Hall 25 137

Caribbean Tourism Organisation Hall 22.a 119

Caribbean Tours - Cuba.Dominican

Republic.Haiti Destination Specialist Hall 22.a 107

Caribic Vacations Hall 22.a 102

Carlingford Adventure Centre Hall 4.1 104

Carlson Rezidor/ Radisson Blu Mauritius Hall 20 128

Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) Hall 7.1a 100

Carnival Cruise Line Hall 25 125

Caronte & Tourist S.p.A. Hall 1.2 227

Carpe Diem Maldives Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Casa Andina Hall 23.a 100

Casa Chameleon Hotels Hall 22.b 201,201a

Casa Conde Hotels Hall 22.b 201,201a

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas Hall 22.a 100,100a

Casa Emblemática Garaday Lanzarote Hall 2.1 202

Cascade Wellness & Lifestyle Resort Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Castellón Tourism Board Hall 2.1 101,101a

Castilla La Mancha Instituto de

Promoción Exterior Hall 2.1 101,101a

Castilla Termal Hall 2.1 101,101a

Castillo del Buen Amor Hall 2.1 101,101a

Castle in Kórnik Hall 15.1 100

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. Hall 26.a 119

CATOD Hall 3.2 201

Caucasus Holidays Hall 15.1 102

Cavalieri Art Hotel Prestige Travel

Marketing Ltd. Hall 1.2 220

Cavo Spada Luxury Sports

& Leisure Resort & Spa Hall 1.1 112

CCP Condor Computer GmbH Hall 5.1 137

Celestyal Cruises Hall 25 101, 101a

Celtic Group Hostels CGH Limited Hall 4.1 104

Cendyn Hall 8.1 106

Centara Hotels & Resorts Hall 26.b 223

Centauro Rent a Car, S.L. Hall 2.1 101

Centennial Hotel Tallinn Hall 18 111

Center of Portugal Tourism Board Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Center Parcs Hall 10.2 102

Center Parcs Germany GmbH /

Groupe Pierre & Vacances Hall 6.2b 305

Central Asia Travel Hall 3.1 616a

Central Asian Travel System Hall 3.1 605

Central Bohemia Tourist Board Hall 7.2b 102a

Central Sporthotel Hall 17 106

CentreVille Hotel & Experiences Hall 1.2 219

Centro Al Manhal Hall 9 307

Centro Barsha Hall 9 307

Centro Capital Centre Hall 9 307

Centro Capital Doha Hall 9 307

Centro Olaya Hall 9 307

Centro Salama Hall 9 307

Centro Shaheen Hall 9 307

Centro Sharjah Hall 9 307

Centro Waha Hall 9 307

Centro WestSide Hall 9 307

Centro Yas Island Hall 9 307

Centrovital Hotel Hall 12 101

Certified GmbH & Co. KG Hall 7.1a 100

Cesenatico Holidays

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Ceylon Tours Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

CFK Spiesen Elversberg Hall 9 109

CGH Earth Hall 5.2b 206

CGH Earth Wellness Hall 21.b 214b

Chaka Camps Hall 21.a 128

Chamäleon Hall 25 181

Chamber of Corfu Hall 1.1 102

Chamber of Shipping Hall 3.2 201

Champagne Mercier Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Champagne-Ardenne Tourisme Board Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Champlung Hotels & Resort Hall 26.a 114, 116

Charming Cambodia Tours Hall 26.b 225

Charmission Travel Hall 4.1 231

Charter Traffic Hall 25 134

Chat Tours Hall 1.1 101,101a

Château du Clos Lucé -

Parc Leonardo da Vinci Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Château du Rivau Hall 1.1 201, 201a

CHC Hotels / Chnaris Hotel Management

Development & Consulting S.A. Hall 1.1 101,101a

Cheetah Safaris HALL 21A/121 Hall 21.a 121

Cheli & Peacock Safaris Hall 20 121,122

Chelsea Hotel Toronto Hall 3.1 390

Chemnitzer Wirtschaftsförderungsund

Entwicklungsgesellchaft mbH Hall 11.2 102

Chernobyl Tour LLC Hall 3.1 612

Chettinadu Mansion Hall 5.2b 210

Chickasaw Country Hall 3.1 140

Chiemgau Tourismus e.V. Hall 6.2b 309

Chiemsee-Alpenland Tourismus

GmbH & Co. KG Hall 6.2b 309

Children of Doom - Festival of Science Hall 13 200

Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge Hall 20 133

Hall 26.c

Stand 314

China - Ministry of Culture and

Tourism of People’s Republic China Hall 26.c 314

China Adventure Travel Co. Ltd. Hall 26.c 305

China Airlines Hall 25 128

China Airlines, German Branch Hall 26.a 121

China Eastern Airlines Hall 25 128

China Peace International Tourism Co., Ltd. Hall 25 175

China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd. Hall 26.a 110

China Tours HH Hall 26.c 318

China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited Hall 26.a 119

China Travel Service (Taiwan) Hall 26.a 121

Chirak Wholesaler & Tour Operator

GrayLine Chile Hall 23.b 204

Chobe Game Lodge Hall 20 131

Choice Hotels Australasia Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels Canada Inc Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels Europe Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels France Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels Germany & Central Europe Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels International Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels Italy Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels Scandinavia Hall 9 319

Choice Hotels UK Hall 9 319

Chrissima Tour SAS di Pastena Anna Maria Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Christiansborg Palace Kronborg Castle Hall 18 132a

Churchill Safaris Hall 21.a 121

Ciao Travel Hall 26.c 308

CIBT Visum Centrale GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

Cima SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Cinnamon Collection Zanzibar Hall 21.a 128

Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts Hall 5.2a 118

Cirque du Soleil Hall 3.1 231

Citadel Hotelsoftware GmbH Hall 8.1 108

Cité du vin Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Citrus Leisure Hall 5.2a 107

City Beds The Regent Orient Tours Hall 5.2a 107

City Centre Rotana Hall 9 307

City Circle Service GmbH Hall 12 101

City Cruises PLC Hall 18 123

City Hotel Oberland Hall 17 106

City Hotel Tallinn Hall 18 111

City Management Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

City of Brno Hall 7.2b 102a

City of Poznan Hall 15.1 100

City of Torun Hall 15.1 100

City Sightseeing Ltd. Hall 18 103

City Zabrze Hall 15.1 100

CityLoop Travel GmbH Hall 7.1a 100, 300

Citymax Hotels Hall 2.2 100

CitySightseeing Rotterdam Hall 10.2 102

Ciudades Patrimonio de

la Humanidad de España Hall 2.1 101

CK Domstadt-Hotels GmbH & Co. KG Hall 11.2 101

Clapnclip Clapnclip Hall 6.1 105

Clark Tours Hall 22.b 203

Classic Namibia Hall 20 111

Classic Portfolio Hall 20 121,122

Classic Safari Africa Hall 20 111

click around GmbH Hall 4.1 233a

Climber RMS Hall 7.1b 123

Clock Software Ltd. Hall 10.1 119

Cloudbeds Hall 8.1 129

CloudInn Hall 6.1 160

Club Agutaya Inc. Hall 26.a 125

Club de Golf Alcanada Hall 2.1 105

Club del Sole Camping Villages Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Club Esse

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Club Magellan Ltd. Hall 15.1 101

Club Nena Hall 3.2 201

Cluster Dalmatia - Health Hall 21.b 214a

Cluster Festival in Bulgaria Hall 15.1 101

CN Travel Group Co., Ltd. Hall 6.1 113

CN TRAVEL, seijas y Otero S.L. Hall 2.1 101

Coastal Aviation Hall 21.a 128

Coastal South Carolina Hall 3.1 321

Coco Bodu Hithi Hall 5.2a 108

Coconut Court Hall 22.a 115

Cocoon Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

CODE2ORDER GmbH Hall 8.1 117

CodeGen Ltd Hall 5.1 128

Coeur des Îles Hall 22.a 109

Color Line GmbH Hall 18 132d

Colorado Ltd. Hall 20 128

Colorado Tourism Office Hall 3.1 270

COLTUR Peru Hall 23.a 100

Coltur Travel SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Columbia Beach Resort Hall 1.1 110,110a

Columbus Cruise Center

Bremerhaven GmbH Hall 6.2a 101

Columbus Tours (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka Hall 5.2a 107

Columbus Travel Hall 26.b 226

Combase AG Korona Ticketsysteme Hall 16 100

Comintour DMC Incoming Tour

Operator to Russia Hall 3.1 608

Committee of Tourism Development

under the Government of the Republic

of Tajikistan Hall 3.1 623

Common Wadden Sea Secretariat

PROWAD LINK B2B & B2C Plattform Hall 4.1 216

Common Wadden Sea Secretariat UNESCO

Wadden Sea World Heritage Hall 4.1 230

Como Hotels and Resorts Hall 5.2a 108

Compass Tour Hall 3.1 616a

Computer-L.A.N. GmbH Hall 5.1 140

Comune di Capaccio Paestum Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Comuni Associati

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Comwell Hotels Hall 18 100

Concardis GmbH Hall 5.1 131

Concept Chocolate Hall 10.2 103

Concorde Hotels & Resorts Hall 3.2 131

Concorde Hotels and Resorts Egypt Hall 4.2 124,124a

Concorde Travel Tours Hall 20 128

Condor Ferries Hall 18 124

Condor Flugdienst GmbH Hall 26.a 117

Condor Travel Hall 23.b 205

Con-Ex Latvia Tours Group Hall 18 130 Hall 9 109

Congress- und Tourismus-Zentrale

Nürnberg Hall 6.2b 303

conichi Hall 7.1c 106

Connaissance De Ceylan (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Connections DMC Ltd. Hall 20 128

Connemara Wild Escapes Hall 4.1 104

Conrad Bangkok Hall 9 314

Conrad Cairo Hall 9 314

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hall 5.2a 108

Conseil Prefectoral du Tourisme

de Meknès (CRT-Meknès) Hall 21.b 213

Conseil Provincial du Tourisme

Ouarzazate (CRT-Ouarzazate) Hall 21.b 213

Conseil Régional du Tourisme de

Fes Boulemane (CRT-Fes Boulemane) Hall 21.b 213

Conseil Régional du Tourisme

de l’Oriental, (CRT Oriental) Hall 21.b 213

Conseil Régional du Tourisme

de Marrakech (CRT-Marrakech) Hall 21.b 213

Conseil Régional du Tourisme

de Rabat (CRT-Rabat) Hall 21.b 213

Conseil Régional du Tourisme

de Tanger Tétouan (CRT-Tanger Tétouan) Hall 21.b 213

Conselvatur Reserva Selva

Bananito Lodge Hall 22.b 201,201a Hall 25 175

Consorci Turisme Son Servera i Sant Llorenç Hall 2.1 112

Consorzio Città D´Arte del Veneto Hall 1.2 224

Consorzio di Promozione Turistica del

Tarvisiano, Sella Nevea,Passo Pramollo Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio di Promozione Turistica

Lidi di Chioggia Hall 1.2 224

Consorzio DMO Dolomiti Hall 1.2 224

Consorzio Ecotur

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio Lignano Holiday Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio Miramarejoy

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio Pordenone Turismo Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio Pucambu

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio Riccione Turismo Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio Umbriabenessere Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio URAT - Trasimeno Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Consorzio Vicenza E Hall 1.2 224

Consorzio Visit Ferrara

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf Hall 20 102

Constantinou Bros Hotels Hall 1.1 110,110a

ConsultiiQ GmbH Hall 8.1 142a

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #11



Contact Travel Service Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

Contact USA Hall 3.1 181

Continent Tours Hall 5.2a 107

Continent Tours Hall 21.a 114

Continental Hotel Hurghada Hall 4.2 124,124a

Continental Travel Kft. Hall 1.1 204

Cook Islands Tourism Corporation Hall 5.2a 110

COOP TRR Hall 3.2 201

Copernicus ECMWF Hall 4.1 200a

Coquille Bonheur Hall 20 128

COR Berlin Hall 5.3 110

Coral Hospitality Corp. Hall 22.a 100,100a

Coral Hotels Hall 2.1 202

Coral Islands Maledives Hall 5.2a 108

Coral Sea Hotels - Resorts -

Nile Cruises Hall 4.2 124,124a

Coral Travel Hall 25 142

Corendon Airlines Hall 25 122

Corendon Hotels & Resorts Hall 10.2 102

Cornwall Barton Hill Travel & Armchair DM Hall 18 123

Corporación Camino Real Hall 22.b 202

Cortijo Fontanillo

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Cortina Dolomiti Hall 1.2 224

Cosmojin Tour Consulting Co., Ltd. Hall 26.a 124

Cosmopolitan Hotel & Spa Hall 1.1 112

Cosmos Tours Hall 4.2 124,124a

Costa Cálida Travel Hall 2.1 101,101a

Costa Cálida, Región de Murcia Hall 2.1 101,101a

Costa del Sol Tourist Board Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Costa Kreuzfahrten Niederlassung

der Costa Crociere S.p.A. (Genua) Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Costa Rica Dream Travel Hall 22.b 201,201a

Costa Rica for all Hall 22.b 201,201a

Costa Rica Reps - Tour Operator Hall 22.b 201,201a

Costa Rica Tourism Board Hall 22.b 201,201a

Costa Rican Trails Hall 22.b 201,201a

Côte d’Ivoire Tourisme Hall 21.a 112

CounterCUBE Hall 10.1 121

Country Government Of Mombasa Hall 21.a 122

Country Government of Uasin Gishu Hall 21.a 122

Country Links Travel & Tours Hall 21.a 114

Country Tours Hall 5.2a 115

Countryside Adventure

Holidays Pvt Ltd Hall 4.1 221

County Governmentof Kilifi Hall 21.a 122

Couples Resorts Hall 22.a 102

Court Classique Suite Hotel Hall 20 132

Courtyard by Marriott Bali

Seminyak Resort Hall 26.a 114, 116

Cox & Kings Hall 5.2b 233

Cox & Kings Japan Limited Hall 26.a 120

CPH Hotels Hall 8.1 130

CPS Fumba Town Hall 21.a 123

Craft for the catering industry

Cittar Hotel CITTAR Hall 1.2 215

Crave Interactive Ltd Hall 6.1 103

Creative Adventure Nepal Hall 5.2a 105

Creative Promotion made

in Zakopane Hall 15.1 100

Creative Travel Hall 5.2b 219

Cresanka d.d. Hall 1.2 206

Cresta Hotels Hall 20 131

Cresta Hotels (Pvt) Ltd Hall 20 133

Creta Maris Beach Resort Hall 1.1 112

Cretan Holidays S.A. Hall 1.1 114

Creter Tours Hall 23.a 101

Crillon Tours S.A. Hall 23.a 111

Crimson Hotels Hall 26.a 125

Cristal Ballena Resort & Spa Hall 22.b 201,201a

Cristal Palace Hall 7.2b 102a

Cristina Hotel Discover

a New Destination

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Criton Hall 6.1 117a

Croatia Airlines Hall 1.2 215

CroisiEurope Cruises Hall 25 182

Crossroads Maledives Hall 5.2a 108

Crown & Champa Resorts Hall 5.2a 108

Crown Plaza Hall 3.2 201

Hall 5.2a Stand 108

Crown Tours Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Crowne Plaza Israel Hotels Hall 7.2a 100

Crowne Plaza Moscow World Trade Center Hall 3.1 608

Crowne Plaza Muscat Hall 2.2 204

CRS Tours Costa Rica Hall 22.b 201,201a

CRT Centre Val de Loire Hall 1.1 201, 201a

CRT Destination Marketing

& Management Services Hall 22.b 201,201a

Cruce Andinio Hall 23.b 204

Crucemundo River Cruises Hall 25 183

Cruceros Skorpios Hall 23.b 204

Cruise America & Cruise Canada Hall 3.1 251

Cruise Canada New England Hall 3.1 390

CRUISEHOST Solutions UG Hall 5.1 130

Crystal Adventures Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

crystal communications GmbH Hall 5.3 115

Crystal Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Crystal Hotels Resorts & Spa

(KHG-Kilit Hospitality Group) Hall 3.2 201

Crystal Safari Hall 21.a 121

Crystal Sound Hall 3.1 614

CTM Tours Peru Tour Operator Hall 23.a 100

CTS Gruppen- und Studienreisen GmbH Hall 4.1 112

Cuba - Cubanisches Fremdenverkehrsamt Hall 22.a 114

Cullinan Tours Hall 20 138

CULTURE LOUNGE by projekt2508 GmbH Hall 16 100

Cunard Line Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Curaçao Tourist Board Hall 22.a 105

Customice GmbH Hall 6.1 107

Cuxland-Tourismus Hall 6.2a 103

Cvent Hall 7.1a 200

CYAN Hotels Apollonia Santa Marina

Sitia Beach Hall 1.1 101,101a

Cyberlogic OE Hall 6.1 116

Cycads Africa Safaris Hall 21.a 121

Cycle England/ Welcome to Yorkshire Hall 18 125

CYCLING FRIENDLY Hall 2.1 102,102a

Cycling in the Venice Garden Hall 1.2 224

Cynsa Tour Operator Hall 23.b 203

Cynthiana Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

Cyprus Agrotourism Company Hall 1.1 110,110a

Cyprus Airways Hall 1.1 110,110a

Cyprus Hotel Association Hall 1.1 110,110a

Czech Airlines Hall 25 128

Czech Holidays Hall 7.2b 102a

Czech Railways Hall 7.2b 102a

Czech Tourist Authority,

Czech Tourism Hall 7.2b 102a


D&T Myanmar Travels & Metta Cruises Hall 26.b 226

dailypoint - Toedt, Dr. Selk & Coll. GmbH Hall 9 306

Dakkak Tours International - DMC Hall 4.2 200

Dalintourist Company LTD Hall 3.1 608

Dallago Tours Hall 21.a 122

Damac Hotels & Resorts Hall 2.2 100

Dan Hotels Hall 7.2a 100

Dana Tours Hall 20 108

Danaos Leisure Services Ltd. Hall 1.1 110,110a

Dancenter A/S Hall 18 132a

Dania Travel & Tourism Agency Hall 21.b 205

Danube Competence Center (DCC) Hall 4.1 210

Danube GeoTour Hall 4.1 232

Danubius Ltd. (Danubius Hotels Group) Hall 1.1 204

Danubius Ltd. (Grand Hotel Margitsziget) Hall 1.1 204

DAP Antarctic Airways Hall 23.b 204

DaPhi GmbH Hall 4.1 109

Darmstadt Marketing GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

Darmstadt Marketing GmbH Hall 16 100

Darna Travel and Tourism Hall 4.2 200

Darvesh Tour Service LLC Hall 3.1 616a

Das Bergische - Naturarena

Bergisches Land GmbH Hall 8.2 103c

Das Königliche Concertgebouw Hall 10.2 102

Das Ludwig - Fit. Vital. Aktiv. Hotel

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Das TicketTeam / team reisen GmbH Hall 25 127

DAVINCI travel system Hall 7.1b 108

Dayli Tours Hall 2.1 202

Days Inns - Canada Hall 3.1 390

Daytours Caribbean

Cuba & Mexico DMC Hall 22.a 111

DB Bahn Italia SRL Hall 1.2 224

DB Fernverkehr AG Hall 18 132e

DB Regio AG Regio Nordost Hall 12 101

DB Vertrieb GmbH - Digital Business Hall 13 100

DCAT Hall 3.1 606

DCS Touristik GmbH Hall 25 114

DDR Museum Hall 12 101

DDSG Blue Danube & Twin City Liner Hall 17 103

DE International Egypt Ltd. Hall 4.2 100

De Palm Tours, Aruba Hall 22.a 104

De Zeekoe Guest Farm Oudtshoorn

Western Cape South Africa Hall 20 138

DE&HA Egypt Hall 25 101, 101a

DE&HA Emirate Hall 25 101, 101a

DE&HA Tourism Hall 25 101, 101a

Dead Sea Tamar Regional Council Hall 7.2a 100

Decameron All Inclusive Hotels

& Resorts Hall 22.a 124

D-EDGE Hall 8.1 138

Defne Hotels Hall 3.2 201

DEHOGA Deutsche

Hotelklassifizierung GmbH Hall 12 102

Deichtorhallen Hamburg GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH Hall 4.1 266

Delphi Resort Hall 4.1 104

Delta a Pedali by Atlandtide & Aqua Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Delta Air Lines Hall 25 128

Delta Tours Hall 18 131

Denkort Bunker Valentin, Landeszentrale

für politische Bildung Bremen Hall 6.2a 101

Department of Antiquities & Museums Hall 2.2 103

Department Of Culture and Tourism

- Abu Dhabi Hall 2.2 200

DER Corporate Solutions DER

Touristik Deutschland GmbH Hall 8.1 117

Derag Livinghotels AG + Co. KG Hall 8.1 117

Derag Livinghotels AG + Co. KG Hall 11.1 214

DerbySoft Hall 7.1c 110

DERPART Reisevertrieb GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

Des Hotels et des Îles Hall 22.a 109

Desaru Development Holdings

One SDN BHD Hall 26.a 117

Desert & Delta Safaris Hall 20 131

Desert Adventures Tourism L.L.C Hall 2.2 100

Desert Gate Hall 2.2 204

Desert Gate Tourism L.L.C Hall 2.2 100

Designer Outlet Roermond Hall 10.2 102

Designer Trips Argentina Hall 23.b 203

DesireTec GmbH Hall 6.1 159

Destination (Asia-Hongkong)

Travel Ltd. Hall 26.a 119

Destination America Hall 3.1 181

Destination Angers Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Destination BC Hall 3.1 390

Destination Bornholm Hall 18 132a

Destination Canada Hall 3.1 390

Destination Davos Klosters Hall 17 101a-c

Destination Gotland AB


Destination Haugesund

& Haugalandet AS Hall 18 132d

Destination Inlandsbanan AB

Schwedische Eisenbahnen Hall 18 132e

Destination Italia / Gartour Hall 1.2 113

Destination Lapland Hall 18 132b

Destination Northern Ontario Hall 3.1 390

Destination NSW Hall 5.2a 101

Destination One Hall 1.1 100

Destination Ontario Hall 3.1 390

Destination Røros Hall 18 132d

Destination Services Hall 25 129

Destination Services Costa Rica Hall 22.b 201,201a

Destination Services Mexico Hall 25 129

Destination Sønderjylland Hall 18 132a

Destination South Greenland Hall 18 105a

Destination Touristic Services GmbH Hall 15.1 101

Destination Venice Hall 1.2 224

Destino Puerto Plata Hall 22.a 100,100a

Destinos India Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2b 240

Destygo Hall 6.1 105

Detours Madagascar Hall 4.1 218

Hall 13

Stand 100

Deutsche Bahn AG Hall 13 100

Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH Hall 13 100

Deutsche Bodensee Tourismus GmbH (DBT) Hall 6.2b 201

Deutsche Bundesgartenschau

Gesellschaft mbH Hall 16 100

Deutsche Hospitality Hall 9 317

Deutsche Kinemathek -

Museum für Film und Fernsehen Hall 12 101

Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V. Hall 7.2c 101

Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Düsseldorf Duisburg Hall 8.2 103b

Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. Hall 12 102

Deutscher Blinden- und

Sehbehindertenverband e.V. (DBSV) Hall 14.1 109

Deutscher Heilbäderverband e.V. DHV Hall 12 102

Deutscher Tourismusverband e.V. (DTV) Hall 12 102

Deutsches Auswandererhaus Hall 6.2a 101

Deutsches Auswandererhaus Hall 16 100

Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum Hall 10.2 112

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk Hall 12 102

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk

Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg Hall 4.1 111

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk

Landesverband Nordmark e.V. Hall 4.1 111

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk

Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. Hall 4.1 111

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk

LV Hannover Hall 4.1 111

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk

LV Nordmark e.V. Hall 6.2a 105

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk,

Landesverband Bayern e.V. Hall 6.2b 301

Deutsches Museum Bonn Hall 8.2 103b

Deutsches Nationaltheater

und Staatskapelle Weimar GmbH -

Staatstheater Thüringen Hall 11.2 103

Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum Hall 6.2a 101

Deutsches Spionagemuseum Hall 12 101

Deutsches Uhrenmuseum Glashütte Hall 10.2 112

Dewi Wisata Tour and Travel Hall 26.a 114, 116

DFDS Germany Aps & Co. KG Hall 18 119


Dhaulagiri Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 116

DHBW Ravensburg Hall 11.1 101

Dhigufaru Islands Resort Hall 5.2a 108

Dhivehi Insurance Company Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Dhivehi Rajjeyge Gulhun

Private Limited Hall 5.2a 108

DIAMIR Erlebnisreisen GmbH Hall 5.2a 103

DIAMIR Erlebnisreisen GmbH Hall 21.a 106

Diamond Tour Hall 7.2b 102a

DiaMonde representing Isibindi

and Seolo Africa Hall 20 120

Diana Travel Hall 3.2 130

Didgigo - Travel Documents Perfected! Hall 6.1 144e

Die Bergischen Drei Hall 8.2 103c

Die Dänischen Ostsee Inseln Hall 18 132a

Die Jugendherbergen in Rheinland-

Pfalz und im Saarland Hall 8.2 201c

Die Nordsee GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Die Originale - Echte Bonner Hotels

c/o Rheinland Tourismus GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

Die Weitzer Hotels Hall 17 103

#12 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

C / D / E


Diesenhaus - Unitours Incoming Tourism Hall 7.2a 100

Diethelm Travel Group Hall 26.b 229

Diethelm Travel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Diethelm Travel The Maldives Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

diginetmedia Hall 5.1 106

Dillard Tours and Travel Hall 21.a 121

Dinknesh Ethiopia Tour Hall 20 121,122

Diözesanmuseum Paderborn Hall 16 100

Diplomatic Travel Services (D.T.S.) Hall 4.2 124,124a

Diputación de Jaén. Àrea de Turismo Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

DIRECTBUS s. r. o. Hall 7.2b 103

DIRS21 by TourOnline AG Hall 8.1 142b

Dis212 Dental Group Hall 3.2 201

Disco Tenerife, La Quinte, S.L.

(Apartementos Bambi) Hall 2.1 202

Discover Crystal River Hall 3.1 305

Discover Dominica Authority Hall 22.a 118

Discover East Hall 26.c 313

Discover England’s Great Walking Trails

(Marketing Peak District & Derbyshire) Hall 18 125

Discover Holidays Hall 3.1 390

Discover Kyrgyzstan Hall 3.1 606

Discover Madagascar Hall 20 104

Discover New England Hall 3.1 102

Discover Puerto Rico Hall 3.1 405

Discover South America S.R.L. Hall 23.b 206

Discover The Palm Beaches Hall 3.1 304

Discoversouth di Luca Coppola SAS Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel Hall 26.a 114, 116

Discovery Overland Holidays Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Discovery Parks Hall 5.2a 101

Discovery Portugal

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Disney Tickets Hall 18 123

Distretto Turistico dei Laghi -

Lake Maggiore District Tourist Board Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

DITAB Hall 3.2 201

Diuim Destination Management

Company Hall 3.1 608

Diverse Destination Travel Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

Divi & Tamarijn All Inclusives Hall 22.a 104

Divi Resorts Group Hall 22.a 104

Dizalya Hotels Hall 3.2 201

DM Yachting Hall 1.2 219

DMC Japan - KNT-CT Global Travel Co., Ltd Hall 26.a 120

DMC Via Baltic Hall 18 130

DMO CAORLE Hall 1.2 224

DMO Piemonte

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

DN Tours Hall 3.1 625a

Doblemente, S.L. Hall 6.1 106

DOGAKA Hall 3.2 201

Dolan Hotels Hall 18 124

Dolores Travel Group Hall 3.1 616a

Dolphin Suites Hall 22.a 105

Dom Museum Hildesheim Hall 16 100

Dom Museum Wien Hall 16 100

Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Domes Resorts Hall 1.1 101,101a

Dominica Tourist Office Hall 22.a 118

Dominican Expert Hall 22.a 100,100a

Dominican Republic Ministry

of Tourism Hall 22.a 100,100a

Domiruth Hall 23.a 100

Domitur Viagens e Turismo Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Domizia Incoming

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Domrey Angkor Tours Co., Ltd Hall 26.b 225

Domschatz Essen Hall 10.2 112

Donau Touristik Hall 17 103

DONE Iletisim Bilgi Sistemleri

ve Yayincilik San. ve Tic. A.S. Hall 3.2 107

Donegal Adventure Centre Hall 4.1 104

Dong DMC Hall 26.c 313

Donostyletours Hall 2.1 101,101a

Donysos Travel & Tours LTD Hall 1.1 110,110a

Dordogne Périgord Tourism Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Dorint GmbH Hall 9 103

Dormio-Med Dorota Kowalczyk Hall 21.b 214g

Dorsett Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Hall 26.a 119

DORTMUNDtourismus GmbH Hall 8.2 101a

DOT Travel Greece Hall 1.1 101,101a

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

& Conference Centre Warsaw Hall 9 314

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

& Spa Marjan Island Hall 2.2 103

Double-Six Luxury Hotel Seminyak Hall 26.a 114, 116

Doubletree by Hilton

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Doubletree by Hilton Tanzania Hall 21.a 123

Doubletree by Hilton Turin Lingotto Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Dover Beach Hotel Hall 22.a 115

Downtown Rotana Hall 9 307

Dreamtime Southern X pty ltd Hall 5.2a 101

Dresden Marketing GmbH Hall 11.2 102

Dresdner Musikfestspiele Hall 11.2 102

Dresdner Stadtrundfahrt -

Die Roten Doppeldecker GmbH Hall 11.2 102

Driftwood Limited Hall 5.2a 115

DRK Tagungshotel Dunant Hall 9 109

DRV Deutscher Reiseverband e.V. Hall 10.1 117

DRV Service GmbH Hall 10.1 117

DS Cape Verde Hall 25 129

DS Costa Rica Hall 25 129

DS Cyprus Hall 25 129

DS Dominican Republic Hall 25 129

DS Greece Hall 25 129

DS Indonesia Hall 25 129

DS Malaysia Hall 25 129

DS Malta Hall 25 129

DS Morocco Hall 25 129

DS Portugal Hall 25 129

DS Spain Hall 25 129

DS Thailand Hall 25 129

DTMC Cruise Tourism Team Hall 2.2 100

DTP Tour Operator Hall 23.b 206

DTS Incoming Hellas AE Hall 1.1 119

Dubai Opera Hall 2.2 100

Dubai Parks and Resorts PSJC Hall 2.2 100

Dubai Tourism Hall 2.2 100

Dubrovnik & Neretva County Tourist Board Hall 1.2 215

Dubrovnik Tourist Board Hall 1.2 215

Duetto Hall 10.1 102

Duisburg Kontor GmbH Hall 8.2 101a

Dunes Adventures & Tours Hall 2.2 204

Dünyagöz Eye Hospital Group Hall 21.b 214d


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Durak & Reinhardt GmbH Hall 25 135

Durban Tourism Hall 20 138

DUSconference plus Hall 8.2 103a

Dusit Hotel & Resorts Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Hotel Doha Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Hotels & Resorts Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Hotels and Resorts Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Hotels and Resorts - Global

Sales Office GECHA and BENELUX Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Thani Hua Hin Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Thani Laguna Singapore Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Thani Maldives Hall 26.b 227

Dusit Thani Pattaya Hall 26.b 227

dusitD2 Ao Nang Krabi Hall 26.b 227

dusitD2 Chiang Mai Hall 26.b 227

Düsseldorf Airport Hall 8.2 103d

Düsseldorf Tourismus GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus Hall 8.2 103b

Dutch Cruise Line B.V. Hall 10.2 102

DVI Holidays Hall 5.2b 210

DVKG Deutsche Visa und Konsular

Gesellschaft mbH Hall 25 137

Dynamic Tours Hall 1.1 204

Dynasty Travel Service & Incentive House Hall 4.2 124,124a


E. Breuninger GmbH & Co. Luxury

Shopping since 1881 Hall 6.2b 201

Eagle Travel Hall 22.b 201,201a

Eagle Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

EagleRider Rentals & Tours Hall 3.1 221

Eagles Palace Hotel Hall 1.1 112

Eagles Villas Hall 1.1 112

EASIA TRAVEL Hall 25 167

Easirent.Com Hall 9 320

East Africa Camps Hall 21.a 128

East African Treks and Safaris Hall 21.a 121

EAST Hotel Hall 6.2a 102, 104

East Japan Railway Company Hall 26.a 120

East Nusa Tenggara (DMC) Tourism Board Hall 26.a 114, 116

East Sea Bai Dai Company Limited Hall 26.c 313

Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency Hall 20 138

Easy Way Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

easybooking - zadego Gmbh Hall 10.1 110a

Eaton HK Hall 26.a 119

EAVAR Tour And Travel Agency Hall 4.2 205

EC Rider, Electric Cycles Tenerife Hall 2.1 202

EC Travel - Eliseu Correira Travel, Lda Hall 2.1 118

ECCO-Reisen GmbH Hall 25 146

Eckerö Line Hall 18 127

Eco Coach & Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Eco Team (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Eco Training Pty Ltd Hall 20 132

Eco Viagens e Turismo

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Ecochile Travel Hall 23.b 204

Ecole Viajes Hall 22.b 201,201a

ECOMMPAY Hall 6.1 137

EcoTours Petate Hall 22.b 202

ECPAT Deutschland e.V. Hall 4.1 257

Ecuador Tierra de Fuego Hall 23.a 101

ECV Servizi SRL Hall 1.2 229

Eden Hotels Hall 10.2 102

Eden Playa Hall 2.1 104

Edgewater- Lake Wanaka Hall 5.2a 102

Edison Travel Service Co., Ltd. Hall 26.a 121

Edmonton Tourism Hall 3.1 390

Edo Wonderland Nikko City Hall 26.a 120

EEN Enterprise Europe Network

Berlin-Brandenburg Hall 12 101

egapark Erfurt Hall 11.2 103

Egmont Incoming Italy Hall 1.2 116

Egoli Tours Hall 20 132

Egypt Serai Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Egypt VIP Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Egyptian Hotel Association Hall 4.2 124,124a

Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board Hall 4.2 124,124a

Egyptian Travel Agents Association Hall 4.2 124,124a

Ehime Prefectural Tourism & Local

Products Association/ Visit Ehime Japan Hall 26.a 120

e-hoi GmbH Hall 11.1 214

Eifel Tourismus (ET) GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Eifel Tourismus GmbH Hall 8.2 201b

Eigenbetrieb Kloster Chorin Hall 10.2 112

Eihab Travels Hall 2.2 204

Eilat (Hotel Association) Hall 7.2a 100

Eilot region association Hall 7.2a 100

Einblick ins Geheime, Ausstellung

zum Stasi-Unterlagen-Archiv Hall 10.2 112

Eis Fontanella Hall 6.2b 201

Eisenach - Wartburgregion Touristik GmbH Hall 16 100

Eivissa Rathaus Hall 2.1 106

Eix Lagotel Club Hall 2.1 104

El Al Israel Airlines Hall 7.2a 100

El Barranco Hall 23.b 204

El Hierro Fremdenverkehrsamt

Consejería de Turismo Hall 2.1 202

El Monte RV Hall 3.1 125

El Nakhil Tours Hall 4.2 124,124a

El Nido Resorts Hall 26.a 125

El Salam Tours Hall 4.2 124,124a

El Salvador, Ministerio de Turismo Hall 22.b 202

El Travel Group Hall 4.1 104

Ela Hotels & Resort Hall 3.2 127

Elbschifffahrt Hall 7.2b 102a

Elbschifffahrtsmuseum Hall 10.2 112

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #13




Elding Adventure at Sea Hall 18 132c

Electra Palace Hall 1.1 112

Elefant-Tours GmbH Hall 21.a 129

Elefthere Thermal Spa Resort Hall 1.1 112

Elegant Hotels Hall 22.a 115

ELEKTRA Hall 6.1 108

Elewana Collection Hall 20 121,122

Elisabeth Hotel Hall 9 109

Elite Hotels of Sweden Hall 18 132e

Elite Island Resorts Hall 22.a 119

Elite Travel & Tourism Hall 2.2 204

Elite Travel Ltd Hall 1.2 204

ELLA Travel Hall 21.b 215

Ellinair Hall 1.1 101,101a

Emaar Hospitality Group LLC Hall 2.2 100

EMBRACE Hotel Masatsch Hall 9 109

Embrace Hotels Hall 9 109

Emerald Maledives Resort & Spa Hall 5.2a 108

Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai Hall 9 215

Emerging Travel Group Hall 7.1b 104

EMG - Essen Marketing GmbH Hall 8.2 101a

Emilia Romagna, Region

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Emirates Hall 2.2 100

Emirates Corporate Sales & MICE Hall 7.1a 100

Emperor Cruises Co., Ltd Hall 26.c 320

Empire of Tourism LLC Hall 3.1 608

Empire Riverside Hotel Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Empire State Building Observatory Hall 3.1 205

Emsland Touristik GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Enchanting Hotels Hall 22.b 201,201a

ENCORE Hall 18 118

Endless Holiday SA Hall 1.1 101,101a

Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG Hall 17 101a-c

Engelberg-Titlis Tourismus AG Hall 17 101a-c

England’s Coast (National Coastal

Tourism Academy) Hall 18 118,120

England’s Great West Way (VisitWiltshire ) Hall 18 125

England’s Seafood Coast (English

Riviera BID Company) Hall 18 125

England’s Waterways Hall 18 125

Enjoy Oman (Trekking

& Adventure Tourism) Hall 2.2 204

Enjoy Safaris Africa Hall 21.a 121

Enjoylive Travel SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

ennit interactive GmbH Hall 5.1 106

Enoria Viaggi Hall 1.2 102

Ente Mendoza Turismo Hall 23.b 203

Ente Mixto de Promocion El Calafate Hall 23.b 203

Ente Turismo Ciudad de Buenos Aires Hall 23.b 203

Enterprise Autovermietung

Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG Hall 11.1 214

Enterprise Holdings Hall 9 106

Enterprise Ireland Hall 6.1 101

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Hall 9 106

Entertainment Cruises Hall 3.1 205

EON Resorts Group Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

EPG TRAVEL Hall 26.b 226

Epic Surf Hall 22.b 202

Epikurean Hotels & Lifestyle Hall 26.c 313

Equinoccial Ecologist Adventure CIA Ltda Hall 23.a 101

Equinox Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

Era Cruises Hall 26.c 313

Erbil Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Erbil Rotana Hall 9 307

Ereza Hotel & Resorts Hall 2.1 202

Erfurt Tourismus & Marketing GmbH Hall 11.2 103

Eritrea, Ministry of Tourism of the State of Hall 21.a 110

Eriyadhoo Island Resort Hall 5.2a 108


Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Escapade Tours Zanzibar Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Escapade Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Escape Campervans Hall 3.1 280

Escher im Palast Hall 10.2 102

Esiness Travel Destination Management

Services LTD - Lefkada, Parga & Epirus Hall 1.1 101,101a

Esitur Tour Operator SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Esmeralda Nile Cruise Hall 4.2 124,124a

España - Turespaña Hall 2.1 101,101a

Esplora Napoli

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Essential Destinations Hall 21.a 128

Essque Zalu Zanzibar Hall 21.a 128

ESTEC - DMC & Incoming Tour Operator Hall 7.2b 102a

Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH Hall 17 103

Esteros Viajes Hall 23.b 203

Estravel/ Baltcoming Hall 18 127

Estrel Hotel & Congress Center Hall 12 101

Etacs GmbH Hall 5.1 126

Eternal Journeys Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

Ethical Seven Star Tours Hall 26.b 226

Ethiopian Airlines Hall 21.a 118

Ethiopian Tour Operators Association (ETOA) Hall 21.a 130

Etik Hall 3.2 201

ETOA - European tourism association Hall 9 320

Etourism Co., Ltd Hall 26.a 124

Etours Consulting GmbH i.GR. Hall 26.c 303

E-Travel Incoming Services Hall 7.2b 103

ETS Hungary Utazásszervezö Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

EuBuCo Verlag GmbH Hall 25 171

Eurasia Development GmbH Hall 5.1 139

Euro Asia Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Hall 6.2b 201

Euroasia Travels Hall 3.1 616a

Euroguide Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

Eurolimousine Aachen Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Austria Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Baden-Baden Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Belgium Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Berlin Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Binz/Rügen Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Bonn/Köln Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Bremen Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Czech Republic Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Denmark / Sweden Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Dresden Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Düsseldorf Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Estonia Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine France Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Frankfurt/M. Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Friedrichshafen Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Georgia Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Germany Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Hamburg Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Hannover Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Hungary Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Italy Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Leipzig Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Luxembourg Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine München Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Netherlands Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Nürnberg/Erlangen Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Poland Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Potsdam Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Rostock/Schwerin Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Russia Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Spain Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Stuttgart Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Switzerland Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Trier Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine Turkey Hall 18 117

Eurolimousine United Kingdom Hall 18 117

Euromast Hall 10.2 102

Europa Tourist Group Apartments

& Hotels

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Europäische Reiseversicherung AG Hall 25 124

Europäisches Hansemuseum

Lübeck gGmbH Hall 16 100

Europäisches Netzwerk der

Welterbevereine c/o UNESCO

Welterbesätten Deutschland e.v Hall 16 100

Europäisches Parlament Hall 12 101


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Europa-Park GmbH & Co Mack KG Hall 6.2b 201

EuroPass Hall 6.1 105

Europastadt GörlitzZgorzelec GmbH Hall 11.2 102

Europcar Costa Rica Hall 22.b 201,201a

Europcar Mobility Group Hall 9 123

Europcar Mobility Group Hall 7.1a 100

Europe Asia Global Link Exhibitions Hall 9 320

European Capital of Smart Tourism Hall 1.1 213

European Cultural Route of Reformation Hall 16 100

European Destinations of Excellence

Poland Hall 15.1 100

European Federation of Napoleonic

Cities Hall 16 100

European Historic Thermal Towns

Association (EHTTA) Hall 21.b 214k

European Parliament Hall 10.2 103

European Parliament Hall 16 100

European Spas Association (ESPA) Hall 21.b 214e

Europlan Spa Hall 1.2 102

Eurostar International Ltd Hall 18 123

Eurotours International Hall 17 103

Eurotur Hall 23.a 111

Eurotur Hall 23.b 203

EuroVelo, the European cycle

route network Hall 4.1 256

Eurowings Aviation GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

Euvea Hall 9 109

EVA Airways Corporation

German Branch Hall 26.a 121

Evaneos Hall 4.1 248

e-vent Solutions GmbH Hall 7.1a 200

Eventhotel Pyramide**** Hall 17 103

Everest Summit Lodges Hall 5.2a 105

Eviva Tour Vietnam Hall 26.c 313

EWIV Eifel-Ardennen Marketing Hall 8.2 102 a

Excellent Guides Tours Tanzania Hall 21.a 128

Excelsior Ischia SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Exciting Travel Holidays Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Excma. Diputación Provincial Almería Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Executive body of state authority

of Sughd region of Tadjikistan Hall 3.1 623

Exelans Tourism Hall 20 103

EXO Travel Hall 26.a 110a

Exodus DMC Hall 26.a 124

Exotic NTT Hall 26.a 114, 116

Expedia Group Hall 9 301

Expedición Panamundo Guatemala Hall 22.a 107

Expedition Asia Treks & Tours Hall 5.2a 121

Experience Africa Hall 20 121,122

Experience Balkan Hall 1.2 201

Experience Co Hall 5.2a 101

Experience San Sebastian Hall 2.1 101

Experience Scottsdale Hall 3.1 241

Experience365 Hall 18 132b

experimenta gGmbH Hall 6.2b 201

expert PR & HWM Communications GmbH Hall 18 124

Explore Hall 22.b 203

Explore Charleston Hall 3.1 321

Explore Fairbanks Hall 3.1 401

Explore Georgia Hall 3.1 222

Explore Himalaya (Nepal, Tibet,

India and Bhutan) Hall 5.2a 105

Explore Real Asia (ERA) Hall 26.c 313

Explore safaris by Tufayn Hall 21.a 114

Explore St. Louis Hall 3.1 222

Explore Sumba Hall 26.a 114, 116

Explore The Wonders Wholesale

Travel Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Explorer Route Hall 3.1 390

ExploRussia Hall 4.1 250

EXPO Dubai 2020 LLC - SO Hall 2.2 100a

expo2508 Hall 16 100

Express Travel International GmbH Hall 25 103

Extension Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Extraordinary Hall 20 132

Extrapolitan Hall 18 123

Extremadura, Dirección General de Turismo Hall 2.1 101

Ezeego One Travel & Tours Ltd. Hall 6.1 109

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Hall 20 138


Fachgruppe Freizeit- und Sportbetriebe

der Wirtschaftskammer Wien Hall 17 103

Fachhochschule Westküste Hall 11.1 104

Fair Job Hotels e.V. Hall 11.1 214

Fairfield Tours Hall 20 138

Fairmas GmbH Hall 10.1 115

Fairmont Ajman Hotel Hall 2.2 201

Fairmont Dubai Hall 2.2 100

Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort Hall 2.2 104

Fairmont Hotel The Palm Hall 2.2 100

Fairmont Maldives Siruu Fen Fushi Hall 5.2a 108

Fairmont Nile City Hall 4.2 124,124a

Falcon Turism. Hall 3.2 201

Famba Famba Tour Design Specialists Hall 20 138

Familotel AG Hall 8.1 142a

Fancourt Hall 20 138

Far East Hospitality Management

(S) Pte Ltd Hall 26.a 122

Farah Nile Cruise Hall 4.2 124,124a

FareHarbor B.V. Hall 4.1 233

Farhat Travel and Tourism Hall 4.2 204

Farina Duftmuseum Hall 10.2 112

Fårup Sommerland Hall 18 132a

Fattal Hotel Group Hall 7.2a 100

Faust Museum Hall 10.2 112

Federalberghi Isole Minori della Sicilia Hall 1.2 114

Feel Porto

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Feenstra River Cruises Hall 25 158

FEHV Federación De Hostelería Valencia Hall 2.1 101,101a

Felix-Mendelssohn- Bartholdy-Stiftung

Mendelssohn-Haus Hall 11.2 102

feratel Benelux Hall 10.1 118

feratel media technologies AG Hall 10.1 118

feratel media technologies GmbH Hall 10.1 118

feratel media technologies srl Hall 10.1 118

feratel Schweiz AG Hall 10.1 118

FERIEN Touristik GmbH Hall 25 142

Ferienregion Hall-Wattens Tirol Hall 17 103

Ferienregion Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Hall 17 103

Feriepartner Danmark Hall 18 132a

Ferretti Hotels

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

FerryKnowHow GmbH Hall 18 128

Festive Tours (A unit of Pinky Forex

Tours & Travels (P) Ltd.) Hall 5.2b 202

Festung Königstein gGmbH Hall 11.2 102

FETHIYE Hall 3.2 201

Fibula Air Travel Hall 1.2 201

Fico Eatalyworld

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Fidenza Village Luxury Shopping


Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Fiditour Joint Stock Company Hall 26.c 313

Figco Lanka Holidays (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Fiji Airways GSA UK & EU Hall 5.2a 114

Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-

Holstein GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Filmpark Babelsberg GmbH Hall 12 101

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee

Plantation Resort Hall 22.b 201,201a

Finn Andalus Travel

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Finnair OYJ Hall 26.a 118

Finnlines Deutschland GmbH

Finnlines Passagierdienst Hall 18 107,132e

Finolhu - Baa Atoll Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Fiolas Inspiring Home Essentials Hall 3.2 201

Firmus Tour Hall 3.2 201

First Central Hotel Suites Dubai Hall 9 109

First Guest By First Travel Italy Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

First Hotels Hall 18 132d

Fischereihafen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Hall 6.2a 101

Fisherman Tours and Travel Ltd Hall 21.a 123

Fishtail Tours & Travel Hall 5.2a 105

Fit & Vital Reisen Hall 25 137

FIT Feria Internacional de Turismo

de América Latina Hall 23.b 207

Fit Reisen Hall 25 126

Fit Ruums Hall 9 220

FITUR, International Tourism Trade Fair Hall 2.1 101

Five Forty Aviation Hall 21.a 122

FIVE Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Hall 2.2 100

Five Star RUSSIA Hall 3.1 608

fiylo- Find your Location Hall 7.1a 200

Fjord Line Hall 18 132d

Fjord Norway Hall 18 132d

FKLM Ethiopia Tours Hall 4.1 231

Flame of Africa Hall 20 131

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort Hall 26.c 313

FLC Hotels & Resorts Hall 26.c 313

Fleming´s Hotels & Restaurants Hall 9 104

#14 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

E / F / G


Flight of the Gibbon Hall 26.b 218

Flightlink Limited Hall 21.a 128

Flightroutes24 Hall 6.1 130

FlixMobility GmbH Hall 11.1 214

Flobamor Tours DMC Hall 26.a 114, 116

Flora Tour, spol. s.r.o Flora Tour, spol. s.r.o Hall 7.2b 103

Florens Resort & Suites Hall 17 101a-c

Flughafen Bremen GmbH Hall 6.2a 101

Flughafen Erfurt GmbH Hall 11.2 103

Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Flughafen Memmingen GmbH Hall 6.2b 301

Hall 9

Stand 102

Flughafen München / Munich Airport Hall 9 102

Flughafen Paderborn/Lippstadt

GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Flughafen Rostock-Laage-Güstrow

GmbH Hall 6.2a 106

Flughafen Saarbrücken Hall 8.2 202 a-c

Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Flughafen Wien AG Hall 17 103

Flussbett Hotel Hall 9 109

fly GmbH Hall 25 172

FlyCar & IGLOOTEL Lapland Hall 18 108

Flyline telesales GmbH Hall 11.1 214

flynas Hall 2.2 209a

FMO Flughafen Münster /

Osnabrück GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Focke Museum - Bremer Landesmuseum

für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Hall 6.2a 101

Focus Asia Hall 26.a 107

Focus Asia Cambodia Hall 26.a 107

Focus Asia China Hall 26.a 107

Focus Asia Indonesia Hall 26.a 107

Focus Asia Laos Hall 26.a 107

Focus Asia Myanmar Hall 26.a 107

Focus Asia Thailand Hall 26.a 107

Focus Asia Vietnam Hall 26.a 107

Focus Travel Hall 26.c 310a

Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday

Resort / The Syntopia Hotel Hall 1.1 101,101a

Food and Travel Germany Limited Hall 14.1 108

Footprint Travel Hall 26.c 313

For You Travel GmbH Hall 25 131

Foresters Arms Hotel Hall 20 114

Foresty Commission of Ghana Hall 21.a 108

Fornova Hall 7.1b 106a

Fort Bazaar Hall 5.2a 106

Fortuna Trade Tours d.o.o. Hall 1.2 233

Fortune Pandiyan Hotel Hall 5.2b 210

forum anders reisen e.v. Hall 4.1 203

FOTOURIO GmbH Hall 4.1 209

Four Points By Sheraton Bali Kuta Hall 26.a 114, 116

Four Season Vacation Hall 3.1 351

Four Seasons Hall 20 128

Four Seasons Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Hall 4.2 204

Four Seasons Natura E Cultura

By Gaia 900 SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Four Views Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Foxes Safari Camps Hall 21.a 128

FOX-TOURS Reisen GmbH Hall 25 151

Foxtrail Berlin Potsdam GmbH Hall 12 101

Fragrant Nature Hotels & Resorts Hall 5.2b 254

Franken - Wein.Schöner.Land! Hall 6.2b 302

Frankenauer Hof Hall 9 109

Frankenland Reisen Hall 25 101, 101a

FrankenTourismus Hall 6.2b 302

Frankfurt Airport Hall 7.2c 102

Frankfurt Convention Bureau

Tourismus+Congress GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Studiengang Tourismusmanagement Hall 7.2c 101

Frankfurter Personenschiffahrt Hall 7.2c 101

Fränkische Ferienlandschaften Hall 6.2b 302

Fraport Bulgaria Hall 15.1 101

Fraport TAV Antalya Airport Hall 3.2 201

Fraser Suites Muscat Hall 2.2 204

Fratelli Russo Club Europa SNC Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Fred & Mildred Representation Hall 5.2a 102

Fred. Olsen Express Hall 2.1 202

FRED. OLSEN, S.A, Hotel Jardín

Tecina & Tecina Golf Hall 2.1 202

Fredericksburg Convention

& Visitor Bureau Hall 3.1 211

Freebird Airlines Hall 25 155

Freehand Hall 4.1 100

FREEPLUS Inc. Hall 26.a 120

Fregat Aero International touroperator Hall 3.1 608

Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik

und Messe GmbH & Co KG (FWTM) Hall 6.2b 201

Freizeit- und Ferienpark Slagharen Hall 10.2 102

Freizeitpark Efteling Hall 10.2 102

Freizeitzentrum Xanten (FZX) GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Fremad Russia DMC Hall 25 137

Fremdenverkehrsamt Arrecife Hall 2.1 202

Fremdenverkehrsamt der Region Cuneo Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Fremdenverkehrsamt Gran Canaria Hall 2.1 202

Fremdenverkehrsamt Haria Hall 2.1 202

Fremdenverkehrsamt Lanzarote Hall 2.1 202

Hall 1.2

Stand 220

Hall 16

Stand 100

Fremdenverkehrsamt Malta Hall 1.2 220

Fremdenverkehrsamt Malta Hall 16 100

Fremdenverkehrsamt Puerto del Carmen Hall 2.1 202

Fremdenverkehrsamt Tunesien Hall 21.b 204

Fremdenverkehrsbüro von Santa

Cruz de Tenerife Hall 2.1 202

French Saint-Martin Tourism Office Hall 22.a 119

French Travel Partners Hall 1.1 201, 201a

freshcells systems engineering GmbH Hall 5.1 136

Friaul Julisch Venetien PromoTurismoFVG Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Fribourg Region - Freiburger

Tourismusverband Hall 17 101a-c

Friedrichstadt-Palast Hall 12 101

Friendly Piamonte Hall 21.b 215d

Friends Adventure Team Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Fritz Tourism Hall 22.a 120

FTI Touristik GmbH Hall 25 172

FTI Touristik GmbH (Jobs by FTI Group) Hall 11.1 109

Fuego Travel Hall 3.2 201

Fuerte Group Hotels

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Fuerteventura Fremdenverkehrsamt Hall 2.1 202

Fujairah International Airport Fuairah Hall 2.2 104

Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa Hall 9 307

Fujairah Tourism & Antiquities Authority,

Government of Fujairah Hall 2.2 104

Fulda - Tourismus und

Kongressmanagement Hall 7.2c 101

Fumba Beach Lodge & Unguja Lodge Hall 21.a 123

Fun Trip Hall 4.2 124,124a

Fundacio Mallorca Turisme Hall 2.1 111

Fundacion Turismo Para Cuenca Hall 23.a 101

Fundación Turismo Valencia de la

Comunidad Valenciana Hall 2.1 101,101a

Furama Hotels International

Management Pte Ltd Hall 26.a 122

Furama Resort Danang Hall 26.c 320

Furaveri Island Resort Hall 5.2a 108

Fushifaru Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Füssen Tourismus und Marketing /

AdöR der Stadt Füssen Hall 6.2b 301

Future Hospitality System B.V. Hall 7.1b 107

fvw Akademie Hall 10.1 121

fvw Job & Karriere Guide Hall 10.1 121

FVW Medien GmbH Hall 10.1 121

fvw Stellenmarkt Hall 10.1 121


Gadis Tourist Service Italia Srl. Hall 1.2 119a

Gador Viajes Hall 23.b 203

GAIATOURS Hall 2.1 202

Galacruises Expeditions Ecuador Hall 23.a 101

GALAGENTS - Galapagos Cruises

Galaxy Yacht Hall 23.a 101

Galapagos Center Expeditions - GACEX Hall 23.a 101

Galaxia Group Hall 4.2 124,124a

Galerie Design Hotel Bonn Hall 9 303

Galextur- Galapagos Expedition Tour Hall 23.a 101

Gallery Hotels Hotel Honucai****s Hall 2.1 102,102a

Gallery Tours Hall 21.a 128

Galo Resort Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

GAMA Travel Hall 1.2 201

Gambia Tourism Board Hall 21.a 107

Ganimede Viaggi SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

GAP Year Nepal Hall 5.2a 105

GAPA Travel Hall 22.a 107

Garcia Fernandez Turismo Hall 23.b 203

Gardaland SRL Hall 1.2 224

Gardasee Italia-Garda Unico scrl Hall 1.2 224

Garden Holiday Village Hall 2.1 104

Garden Route Game Lodge Hall 20 119

Garibaldi Overseas Ltd Hall 1.1 110,110a

Gartenträume - Historische Parks

in Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. Hall 11.2 101

Gärtnerplatztheater Hall 6.2b 301

Garton Hotels (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Garuda Indonesia Hall 25 128

Gashttour Travel and Tour Agency Hall 4.2 205

Gasometer Pforzheim Hall 6.2b 201

Gassy Tours Hall 4.1 264

Gassy Tours Hall 20 103

Gästehaus der Gold-Kraemer-Stiftung Hall 9 109

Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH Hall 17 103

Gaston-Sacaze DMC Hall 23.a 105

gastromatic - vertical cloud solution Hall 7.1b 102

Gastwerk Hotel Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Gauja National Park Tourism Association Hall 18 130

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Hall 3.2 106

GB Best travel experience Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

GCH Hotels Hall 9 203

Gdansk Tourist Organization Hall 15.1 100

Gebeco Länder erleben Hall 25 109

Gecko Digital (M) SDN BHD Hall 26.a 117

Gedenkstätte Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Hall 10.2 112

Gefinor Rotana Hall 9 307

GEM Travel Hall 1.1 101,101a

Gemeinde Felanitx Ajuntament de Felanitx Hall 2.1 112

Gemeinde Llucmajor Ajuntament

de Llucmajor Hall 2.1 112

Gemeinde Marratxì Ajuntament

de Marratxì Hall 2.1 112

Gemeinde von Varna Hall 15.1 101

Gemeine Calvia Ajuntament de Calvià Hall 2.1 112

General Investment Authority

(Invest Saudi) Hall 2.2 105

General Pan-Hellenic Federation

of Tourism Enterprises (GEPOET) Hall 1.1 101,101a

Generaldirektion Kulturelles Erbe

Rheinland-Pfalz Hall 8.2 201c

Genesis Tours Hall 7.2a 100

Genius Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Gennadi Grand Resort Hall 1.1 112

Genuss Touren Hall 20 121,122

GenussCard Hall 17 103

Geographic Travel Club LLC Hall 15.1 102

Geoplan Touristik GmbH Hall 26.b 228

Georeisen Hall 23.a 111

George Town Agency

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Georgian National Tourism

Administration Hall 15.1 103


Gestión la Quinte Parc, S.L. Hall 2.1 202

Gestüt Lipica Hall 17 109

Gesundheitsagentur NRW GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Get into Maldives Travels pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

GETOB South Aegean Hoteliers Association Hall 3.2 201

GEW Ferien GmbH Hall 6.2b 311

Gewandhaus zu Leipzig Hall 11.2 102

GfK SE Hall 10.1 117

Ghana Tourism Authority Hall 21.a 108

GIATA GmbH Hall 5.1 100

Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Department Hall 5.2a 121

Gili Lankanfushi Hall 5.2a 108

Gimmonix Technologies Hall 6.1 156

GINN Hotel Hamburg Hall 9 109

Girauto Travel SAS

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Giroola Srl

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

GJ Travel - Iceland & Greenland Hall 18 113

Glacier Journey Hall 18 132c

glh Hotels Hall 18 123

Global Air Hall 25 175

Global Communication Experts GmbH Hall 5.3 108

Global Destination Management

Corporation Hall 26.c 313

Global Discovery B.V. Hall 4.1 231

Global DMC Network by JTB Group Hall 26.a 108

Global Plus AG Hall 23.b 201

Global Ticket Hall 10.2 102

Globus Voyages Maroc Hall 21.b 213

Gloria Hotel- Fr Hall 2.2 100

GLT Group Hall 5.2a 101

GNV - Grandi Navi Veloci Hall 1.2 106

Go Arctic! Hall 18 108

Go East Reisen GmbH Ihr Osteuropa

und Asienspezialist Hall 25 137

Go Galapagos - Kleintours Hall 23.a 104

Go Global Travel Ltd. Hall 9 217

Go Indonesia Tours - Hall 26.a 114, 116

GO Rentals Hall 5.2a 102

Go Travel Hall 18 127

Go Travel El Salvador Hall 22.b 202

GO Vacation Indonesia Hall 26.b 224

Go Vacation Lanka Co. (Pvt.) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

Go Vacation Sri Lanka Hall 26.b 224

Go Vacation Thailand Hall 26.b 224

Go Vilnius Hall 18 131

Go West Tours Hall 3.1 123

go~event Hall 4.1 242

Goa - Department of Tourism Hall 5.2b 235

Goatfell Hall 5.2a 106

Göbel Hotels Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel´s Romantik Hotel Stryckhaus Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Hotel AquaVita Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Hotel Brauhaus zum Löwen Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Hotel Quellenhof Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Hotel Rodenberg Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Landhotel Willingen Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Posthotel Rotenburg Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Schlosshotel Prinz von Hessen Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Seehotel Diemelsee Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Sophien Hotel Hall 7.2c 101

Göbel’s Vital Hotel Bad Sachsa Hall 7.2c 101

Goeree-Overflakkee mijn eiland Hall 10.2 102

GoEuro Hall 6.1 104

Go-Indochine Hall 26.c 320

GoingBaltic Hall 25 175

GoingRussia Hall 25 175

Gold Zanzibar Beach House & Spa Hall 21.a 128

Golden Bay Hotel Golden

Coast Beach Hall 1.1 110,110a

Golden Beach Resort Hall 4.2 124,124a

Golden Chain Motor Inns Ltd Hall 8.1 109

Golden Foundation Tours Corp. Hall 26.a 121

Golden Galapagos Cruises Hall 23.a 101

Golden Gobi Hall 26.c 316

GOLDEN Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 101,101a

Golden Sands Hotel Apartments Hall 2.2 100

Golden Touch Transportation Hall 3.1 205

Golden Tulip Doha Hotel Hall 2.2 206

Golden Tulip Glory Fine Hotel Hall 26.a 121

Golden TulipRS Boutique Hotel Hall 26.a 121

Goldi Sands Hotel/ Suriya Resort Hall 5.2a 107

Golf in Bayern - Bayerischer Golfverband Hall 6.2b 311

GoNorth Alaska & Yukon Travel Center Hall 3.1 401

GoNorth Iceland Hall 18 132c

Good Hotel London Hall 18 123

GOP Varieté Bremen GmbH & Co. KG Hall 6.2a 101

Gorgeous Smiling Hotels GmbH Hall 6.2b 311

Gorgonia Beach Hotel Marsa Alam Hall 4.2 124,124a

Gorilla Bookings Hall 21.a 121

Gorillas and wildlife safaris Ltd. Hall 21.a 121

Gorongosa National Park - Mozambique Hall 20 108

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #15



Gosaibi Travel Hall 4.2 204

Göteborg & Co Hall 18 132e

Gouda Tourismusbüro Hall 10.2 102

Gouffre de Padirac Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Government of Kamchatskiy Krai Travel

and External Affairs Agency of Kamchatka Hall 3.1 608

Governors’ Camp Hall 20 111

GP Solutions Hall 6.1 131a

Grafschaft Bentheim Tourismus e.V. Hall 6.2a 103

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

La Habana Cuba Hall 9 215

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hall 26.a 122

Grand Elysee Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Grand Hotel Donat Superior

Rogaska Slatina Hall 17 109

Grand Hotel Francia e

Quirinale 4* Superior

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Grand Hotel Kempinski Shanghai Hall 9 215

Grand Hotel Majestic

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Grand Hotel Neum HTP NEUM Hall 1.2 210

Grand Hotel President

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Grand Hotel Ritz

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Grand Hotel Salsomaggiore Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Grand Hotel San Marino spa Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria Hall 9 104

Grand Hotel Victoria

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Grand Hyatt Hall 2.2 206

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Hall 22.a 120

Grand Hyatt Bali Hall 26.a 114, 116

Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel Hall 2.2 100

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur Hall 26.a 117

Grand Hyatt Muscat Hall 2.2 204

Grand Nile Tower Hotel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Grand Rotana Resort & Spa Hall 9 307

GRAND TOUR Tourismus Marketing GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua Hall 26.a 114, 116

Grande Bay Resort Hall 5.2b 210

Grandhotel Pupp Hall 7.2b 102a

GrandResort Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst Hall 10.2 112

Gray Line Iceland Hall 18 132c

Gray Line NY Sightseeing Hall 3.1 105

Gray Line República Dominicana Hall 22.a 100,100a

Gray Line Tours of Hong Kong Hall 26.a 119

Gray Line World Wide Hall 9 305

Graz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH Hall 17 103

Great Genghis - Tours & Expeditions Hall 26.c 316

Great Lakes USA Hall 3.1 333

Great Lighthouses of Ireland Hall 4.1 104

Great Little Trains Hall 18 121

Great Ocean Tours & Travel Limited Hall 26.a 119

Great Plains Conservation Hall 20 121,122

Great Silk Road Tours co Edelweiss

Travel Company Hall 3.1 625a

Great Trade Exhibitions & Exports Hall 1.1 215

Greater Bay Area Hall 26.a 119

Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention

& Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 305

Greater Miami Convention

& Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 220

Greater Palm Springs Convention

& Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 221

Greco Blu Hall 1.1 101,101a

Grecotel Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 104 Hall 1.1 114

Green Alligator travel & events AG Hall 22.a 112

Green City Hotel Vauban Hall 9 109

Green Euskadi, Turismo responsable Hall 2.1 101

Green Land Tours and Enerald Resort

& Lodge Hall 21.b 105

Green Life Tours Ltd. Hall 2.1 119

Green Tiger GmbH Hall 26.c 321

Greenland Travel Hall 18 105a

GreenLine Hotels GmbH Hall 8.1 117

Grenada Tourism Authority Hall 22.a 121

Griechische Zentrale für Fremdenverkehr Hall 1.1 101,101a

GRIFID Hotels Hall 15.1 101

Grimaldi Lines Hall 1.2 111

GrimmHeimat NordHessen Hall 7.2c 101

Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Groundline GmbH Hall 18 123

Groupon International Ltd. Hall 25 169

GRT Hotels & Resorts Hall 5.2b 210

Grün Berlin GmbH Hall 12 101

Gruner + Jahr GmbH Hall 25 130a

Grünes Klima Hall 23.b 201

Grupo Hotusa Hall 9 318

Grupo Magic Costa Blanca Hall 2.1 101,101a

Grupo Pachira - Tortuguero Hall 22.b 201,201a

Grupo Placha Hall 2.1 106

Grupo Playa Sol Hall 2.1 106

Grupotel Alcudia Suite Hall 2.1 104

Grupotel Amapola Hall 2.1 104

Grupotel Los Principes & Spa Hall 2.1 104

Grupotel Natura Playa Hall 2.1 104

Grupotel Parc Natural & Spa Hall 2.1 104

GS Incoming Hall 2.1 101

GS Tours Chania Ldt. Hall 1.1 101,101a

GTP - Greek Travel Pages Hall 1.1 101,101a

GTW Grimm Touristik Wetzlar Hall 25 101, 101a

Guadeloupe Comité du Tourisme Hall 22.a 109

Guadeloupe Fremdenverkehrsbüro Hall 22.a 109

Guatemala Destinations Travel Tour Hall 22.b 203

Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World Hall 22.b 203

GUBSE AG Hall 8.1 136

GUBSE Aktiengesellschaft Hall 8.1 136

Guest Incoming DMC

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Guestline Ltd. Hall 7.1c 105

Guide to Iceland Hall 18 132c

Gulf Adventures Hall 2.2 206

Gulliver Travel Hall 1.2 225

Gulliver Travel Hall 25 129

GÜMTOB (Güney Marmara Turistik

Otelciler ve) Hall 3.2 201

Gunesli syyahat Hall 3.1 628

Güral Premier Hotels & Resorts Hall 3.2 124


Landeshauptstadt Mainz Hall 10.2 112

Guuru AG Hall 6.1 144i

Guyana Tourism Authority Hall 23.a 118

gwt Starnberg GmbH Gesellschaft für

Wirtschafts- und Tourismusentwicklung Hall 6.2b 310


H Hotels Collection Hall 1.1 101,101a

H.O.T Tourism - The Destination Insider

Sri Lanka (House of Travels & Tourism) Hall 5.2a 100

H10 HOTELS Hall 2.1 120

HA Hessen Agentur GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Hall 11.1 304

Haarlem Marketing / Zandvoort

Marketing Hall 10.2 102

Habesha Tour and Travel Hall 21.a 132

Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph

Collection L.L.C. Hall 2.2 100

Hafjell Ski resort Hall 18 132d

Hagoos Your Basque DMC Hall 2.1 101

Hala Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Halberstadt Information Hall 11.2 101

Halkidiki Tourism Organisation Hall 1.1 101,101a

Hallo Tourist! | Westfalica-Verlag GmbH Hall 10.2 104

Haman Scandinavia Hall 18 132e

Hamburg Airport Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hamburg Cruise Net e.V. Hall 11.1 214

Hamburg Marketing GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hamburger Kunsthalle Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hamburger Kunsthalle Hall 16 100

Hamburger Stadtrundfahrt -

Die Roten Doppeldecker GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hamburgische Staatsoper GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hana Tour ITC Hall 26.a 124

Hana Tour Japan Co., Ltd. Hall 26.a 120

HanaTour Service Inc Hall 26.a 109

Hand Picked Hotels Hall 18 124

Handetour Hall 26.c 313

Hankyu Travel International Co. Ltd. Hall 26.a 104

Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hotel Group

Hankyu-Hanshin-Daiichi Hall 26.a 104

Hannover Marketing

& Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Hanoi Tourism Corporation Hall 26.c 313

Hans Brinker Hostel Hall 4.1 100

Hansa Touristik GmbH Hall 25 163

HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG Hall 25 164

Hansmann PR Brunnthaler & Geisler GbR Hall 5.3 100,100a

Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten GmbH Hall 25 120

Happy Tours (Druzina Krumpak d.o.o.) Hall 17 109

Happy Town for Touristic Investment

Happy Life Hotel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Happy Trails Asia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Happy Trails Asia Hall 4.1 231

Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts Hall 26.a 119

Hard Rock Cafe London Hall 9 320

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana Hall 22.a 100,100a

Hard Rock Hotel Bali Hall 26.a 114, 116

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya Hall 26.b 218

Hard Rock Hotel Penang Hall 26.a 117

Hard Rock Hotel USA Hall 9 320

Hard Rock Hotel, London Hall 9 320

Haritou Travel Group Hall 4.1 231

Harriniva Hotels & Safaris Hall 18 132b

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH Hall 11.2 101

Harzer Tourismusverband e. V. Hall 11.2 101

Hashtag Oman Tourism Hall 2.2 204

HAT Bhutan Expeditions Hall 26.c 312

HATTA Hellenic Association of Travel

and Tourism Agencies Hall 1.1 101,101a

Hauptzollamt Potsdam Hall 24 101

Haus der Bayerischen Geschichte Hall 6.2b 311

Haus der Geschichte der

Bundesrepublik Deutschland Hall 8.2 103b

Haus der Musik Hall 17 103

Haus Müllestumpe Hall 9 109

Haus vom Guten Hirten Hall 9 109

Havas Tour Service Hall 3.1 616a

Hawk Rent a Car (M) SDN BHD Hall 26.a 117

Hawk Travels (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Hayleys Tours (Pvt) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

HCA Hotels

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

HCT Holiday Consulting & Travel Hall 17 101a-c

Head Group International Management Hall 2.1 202

Hebridean Hopscotch Holidays

& Cala Hotels Hall 18 123

Heidelberg Marketing GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Heilbad Trencianske Teplice Hall 7.2b 103

Heilbäderverband Niedersachsen e.V. Hall 6.2a 103

Heilbronn Marketing GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Heineken Experience Hall 10.2 102

Heinrich-Schliemann-Museum Hall 10.2 112

Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum Hall 10.2 112

Heinz Sielmann Stiftung Hall 12 101

Heliconia Lodge - Amazon River

Expeditions TTOO Hall 23.a 100

Helios Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 101,101a

Hellenic Zeus Travel Services

& Zeus Hotels Hall 1.1 101,101a

HelloGuest Solutions GmbH Hall 8.1 107

Helnan International Hotels Hall 4.2 124,124a

Helsinki West Hall 18 132b

Henri Hotel GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Henri Willig Käsereien Hall 10.2 102

Heritage Hotels Hall 21.a 122

Heritage Line Hall 26.b 207a

Hertz Autovermietung GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

Hertz Guadeloupe Hall 22.a 109

Hertz Rent a Car Hall 9 304

Herzogtum Lauenburg Marketing

und Service GmbH Hall 6.2a 105

HESPES Puertas de Alcalá Hall 2.1 101,101a

Hessen - FrankfurtRheinMain - Wiesbaden

// c/o HA Hessen Agentur GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

Hessischer Heilbäderverband e.V. Hall 7.2c 101

Hessischer Tourismusverband e.V. Hall 7.2c 101

Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt Hall 16 100

Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden Hall 7.2c 101

Hestourex World Health Sports

Tourism Conference & Exhibition Hall 3.2 201

Hetco Tours - Greece Hall 1.1 101,101a

Hévinvest Spa-golf Ltd. Hotel

Európa Fit Superior Hall 1.1 204

Hey Iceland Hall 18 132c

HGH Travel Hall 26.c 308

H-Hotels AG Hall 8.1 118 Hall 7.1a 200

HI Tours (India) Private Limited HI

Tours (Sri Lanka) Private Limited Hall 5.2b 222

Hida Takayama Hall 26.a 120

Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa Hall 5.2a 108

Hideaways Africa Hall 20 133


Hidropark Alcudia Aquatic Park Hall 2.1 105

High Peaks Expeditions Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Highlander Trekking Hall 5.2a 105

Highline Tours & Travel Hall 20 120

Higuerón Hotel Málaga Curio

Collection by Hilton

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Hildesheim Marketing Hall 16 100

Hili Rayhaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Hilton Hall 9 314

Hilton Hall 4.2 124,124a

Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino Hall 22.a 104

Hilton Bali Resort Hall 26.a 114, 116

Hilton Barbados Hall 22.a 115

Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort Hall 9 314

Hilton Curacao Hall 22.a 105

Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme

Resort & Spa Hall 3.2 201

Hilton Dead Sea Resort & Spa - King

Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre Hall 4.2 200

Hilton Dresden Hall 9 314

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah (Branch -

Golden Sands Hotel L.L.C.) Hall 2.2 100

Hilton Hotel Hall 20 138

Hilton Hotels Hall 2.2 103

Hilton Hotels Africa & Indian Ocean Hall 9 314

Hilton Hotels Austria Hall 9 314

Hilton Hotels Reykjavik c/o Hilton Reykjavik Hall 9 314

Hilton Hotels United Arab Emirates Hall 9 314

Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa Hall 9 314

Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa Hall 20 128

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Hall 9 314

Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort

& Spa Conrad Bora Bora Nui Hall 5.2a 109

Hilton Tallinn Park Hall 18 127

Hilton Vilamoura as Cascatas

Golf Resort & Spa

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Himalayan Frontiers Culture

& Adventure Tours Pvt Ltd Hall 4.1 224

Himalayan Holidays PVT Ltd Hall 4.1 221

Himalayan Travel Experts Hall 26.c 312

Himalayan Windows Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

HIPOTELS - Mar Azul S.L. Hall 2.1 101

Hippotours & Safari Ltd. Hall 21.a 128


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Hispanorama tours & incentives,

S.L. DMC for Spain Hall 2.1 101

Historic Royal Palaces Hall 18 123

Historical Palaces & Hotels Group Hall 1.2 224

Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal Hall 8.2 103b

Historisches Museum der Pfalz Hall 6.2b 201

Hit Alpinea Hotels Hall 17 109

HitchHiker GmbH Hall 5.1 132

Hivernage Collection Hall 21.b 213

HLITOA Holy Land Incoming Tour

Operators Association Hall 25 137

#16 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

G / H


HLX Touristik GmbH Hall 25 152

HMS Hotel Management Services

International GmbH Hall 9 303

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism Hall 26.c 313

Ho Tram Beach Resort

& Poulo Condor Beach Resort Hall 26.a 107

Hochschule für Angewandte

Wissenschaften Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hochschule für Technik und

Wirtschaft des Saarlandes Hall 11.1 209

Hochschule für Technik und

Wirtschaft HTW Chur Hall 11.1 207

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin Hall 11.1 311

Hochschule Harz Hall 11.1 102

Hochschule Heilbronn Hall 11.1 204

Hochschule Kempten Hall 11.1 301

Hochschule München Hall 11.1 203

Hochschule Stralsund Hall 11.1 206

Hochschule Worms Hall 11.1 310

Hochschwarzwald Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Hochsteiermark Hall 17 103

Hod Hamidbar - Dead Sea Hall 7.2a 100

Hodelpa Hotels Hall 22.a 100,100a

Hofbräu Berlin Hall 12 101

Hoffmanns Höfe Hall 9 109

Hofgut Himmelreich Hall 9 109

Hofkellerei des Fürsten von Lichtenstein Hall 17 102

HOGASPORT Hotel-, Gastronomie- und

Sport stätten-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Hall 11.2 102

HöhlenErlebnisZentrum Iberger

Tropfsteinhöhle Hall 10.2 112

Hoi An Express Travel Hall 26.c 308

Hola Tours & Travel Hall 22.a 100,100a

Holiday Club Resorts Hall 18 132b

Holiday Extras GmbH Hall 25 137

Holiday Inn Pattaya Hall 26.b 218

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba Hall 22.a 104

Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay Hall 22.a 102

Holiday Moments Tourism l:l:c Hall 2.2 100

Holiday Planners Co. Ltd Hall 26.a 124

Holiday Rent Limitada Hall 23.b 204

Holiday Services Hall 22.a 102

Holiday Shop Hall 15.1 101

Holiday Taiwan Hall 26.a 121

Holiday Travel Hall 25 129

Holiday Travel Hall 7.2a 100

Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts Hall 26.a 117

HolidayKraft Vacations Ltd. Hall 26.a 119

Holidaylink DMC Hall 26.a 124

Holidays2malaga Hall 2.1 124

HolidayTaxis Hall 5.1 100

Holland America Line -

HAL Services B.V. Hall 25 143

Holzapfel Hotels by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Home of Business Travel

by ITB & VDR Hall 7.1a 100

Home to Africa Hall 21.a 121

Honduras, Instituto Hondureño de Turismo Hall 22.b 204

Hong Kong Tourism Board Hall 26.a 119

Horas Tours Hall 26.a 114, 116

Hormuz Grand Muscat Hall 2.2 204

Hornblower Cruises & Events Hall 3.1 205

Hornblower Niagara Cruises Hall 3.1 390

Horseback Mongolia Hall 4.1 218

Hospitality Industry Club Hall 7.1b 107

Hospitality Line Hall 18 120

Hospiten Hall 2.1 202

Hospiten Lanzarote Hall 2.1 202

Hosteria Isabela del Mar Hall 23.a 101

HOTECH Hall 6.1 108

Hoteis Real

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Hotel “SevtoPolis” Medical & SPA Hall 15.1 101

Hotel & Golf Bwa Chik Hall 22.a 109

Hotel & Residence Mahogany Hall 22.a 109

Hotel & Restaurant Milan Hall 1.2 215

Hotel & Spa La Toubana Hall 22.a 109

Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän Hall 18 132b

Hotel aarau-WEST Hall 17 106

Hotel Aarehof Hall 17 106

Hotel ABC Hall 17 106

Hotel Acquarello Hall 17 106

Hotel Adler by Wasserfinder Hall 9 109

Hotel Alpenblick Bildungsund

Erholungszentrum Kolping GmbH Hall 8.1 131

Hotel am Kloster Hall 9 109

Hotel am Wasserturm Hall 9 109

Hotel Amsee by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Hotel an der Aare Hall 17 106

Hotel Arabella Waldhuus Hall 17 106

Hotel Arctic Hall 18 105a

Hotel Bad Schachen by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Hotel Baslertor Hall 17 106

Hotel Bellavista Hall 23.b 204

Hotel Bellavista Terme Hall 1.2 224

Hotel Bellinzona Sud Hall 17 106

Hotel Belvedere Hall 17 106

Hotel Belvoir Hall 17 106

Hotel Bernerhof Hall 17 106

Hotel Bernerhof Gstaad Hall 17 106

Hotel Bornmühle by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Hotel Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden Hall 2.1 202, 206

Hotel Cabana del Lago Hall 23.b 204

Hotel Capitán Suizo Hall 22.b 201,201a

Hotel Carbona Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

Hotel Casa Berno Hall 17 106

Hotel Cascada Hall 17 106

Hotel Chesa Monte GmbH Hall 17 103

Hotel Claudius Hall 9 109

Hotel Collegium Leoninum,

Nova Vita Residenz Bonn GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

Hotel Conti Hall 17 106

Hotel Costa Calero Talaso & Spa Hall 2.1 202

Hotel de France Hall 18 124

Hotel De la Poste Hall 1.2 224

Hotel del Coronado Hall 3.1 221

Hotel del Coronado Hall 9 314

Hotel Derby Hall 17 106

Hotel Dostoevsky Hall 3.1 610

Hotel Drake Longchamp Hall 17 106

Hotel Edelweiss Hall 17 106

Hotel Eden Spiez Hall 17 106

Hotel Eiger Hall 17 106

Hotel el Convento

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Hotel El Pardo DoubleTree by Hilton Hall 23.a 100

Hotel El Tope Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City Hall 26.a 107

Hotel Esplanade Bad Saarow GmbH Hall 7.1a 200

Hotel et Résidence Le Manganao

c/o Buildinvest Hall 22.a 109

Hotel Excelsior Venice Lido Resort Hall 1.2 224

Hotel FIT Hall 9 109

Hotel Floresta Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Geroldswil Hall 17 106

Hotel Golf Château de Chailly Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Hotel Gran Playa Hall 2.1 101,101a

Hotel Gran Teguise Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Grichting-Badnerhof Hall 17 106

Hotel Group Montenegro Stars Hall 1.2 219

Hotel Gstaaderhof Hall 17 106

Hotel Hafen Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hotel Hanseatic Rügen Hall 9 109

Hotel Hauser Hall 17 106

Hotel Heiden Hall 17 106

Hotel Helmhaus Hall 17 106

Hotel Heritage Nepal Hall 5.2a 105

Hotel Hirschen Hall 17 106

Hotel Huma Kotor Bay Hall 1.2 219

Hotel im Kornspeicher Hall 9 109

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Hall 9 215

Hotel Intercontinental Mar Menor

Golf Resort & Spa Hall 2.1 101,101a

Hotel Iso Syöte & Safaris Hall 18 108

Hotel Jalta Hall 7.2b 102a

Hotel Jardin Malanga Hall 22.a 109

Hotel Jardin Tropical Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad Hall 17 106

Hotel Klettur / Hotel Cabin / Hotel Örk Hall 18 132c

Hotel Kolping Hall 8.1 131

Hotel Kolping Meran Hall 8.1 131

Hotel KurOase im Kloster Hall 8.1 131

Hotel KurOase im Kloster Hall 9 109

Hotel La Creole Beach Resort & Spa Hall 22.a 109

Hotel la Finca Golf & Spa Resort Hall 2.1 101,101a

Hotel La Locanda Dei Ciocca Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Langley Fort Royal Hall 22.a 109

Hotel Langley Fort Royal /

co des Hotels et des IIles Hall 22.a 109

Hotel Lanzarote Village Hall 2.1 202

Hotel las Costas Hall 2.1 202

Hotel las Madrigueras Golf Resort & Spa Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Las Margaritas Hall 23.b 206

Hotel Lava Beach Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Le Chamois Hall 17 106

Hotel Le Relais du Moulin Hall 22.a 109

Hotel Lugano Dante Center Hall 17 106

Hotel Madero - Buenos Aires Hall 23.b 203

Hotel Mediterraneo Plaza Hall 22.b 202

Hotel Meerlust by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Hotel Meliá Costa del Sol Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Hotel Metro Hall 3.1 205

Hotel Metropole Hall 17 106

Hotel Mioni Pezzato by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Hotel Monte Santo

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Hotel Neptun Betriebsgesellschaft mbH Hall 6.2a 106

Hotel NeuHaus Hall 9 109

Hotel NewStar Hall 17 106

Hotel Nikko Bali Benoa Beach Hall 26.a 114, 116

Hotel Oasis Paraiso SA Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Oberstdorf by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Hotel Olten Hall 17 106

Hotel Palacio Arizon

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Hotel Paradiso

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel President Terme Hall 1.2 224

Hotel Puccini

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Pushkar Palace Hall 5.2b 202

Hotel Pyr Marbella

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Hotel Regency Country Club Hall 2.1 202

Hotel Restaurant Anders Hall 9 109

Hotel Rigi Kaltbad Hall 17 106

Hotel Roma

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Hotel Rosa

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Rossi Hall 9 109

Hotel Rügenblick Hall 9 109

Hotel Rural Predio Son Serra Hall 2.1 104

Hotel Sagitta Hall 17 106

Hotel San Bada Resort & Spa Hall 22.b 201,201a

Hotel Sáv Hall 26.a 119

Hotel Schweizerhaus Hall 17 106

Hotel Schweizerhof Hall 17 106

Hotel Scienz by Xotels - R

evenue Management System Hall 8.1 124a

Hotel Sedartis Hall 17 106

Hotel Seeburg Hall 17 106

Hotel Seegarten Hall 17 106

Hotel Seemöwe Hall 17 106

Hotel Seerausch Hall 17 106

Hotel Sempachersee Hall 17 106

Hotel Shambala Hall 5.2a 105

Hotel Sommerau-Ticino Hall 17 106

Hotel St. Annen Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hotel St. Fridolin Hall 9 109

Hotel St. Michael Hall 9 109

Hotel Stella Hall 17 106

Hotel Suite Inn

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel SwissEver Zug Hall 17 106

Hotel Sylter Hof Berlin Hall 9 109

Hotel Tenedo Hall 17 106

Hotel Tirreno

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Tryp San José Sabana Hall 22.b 201,201a

Hotel Turismo Sao Lázaro Hall 1.1 212

Hotel Vergilius Billia

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Victoria

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich Hall 9 215

Hotel Vila Bela

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Hotel Villa Taina Hall 22.a 100,100a

Hotel Village Green Garden Club Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Ville Sull’ Arno Srl

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Hotel Villmergen Hall 17 106

Hotel Vorbach Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Hotel Waldstätterhof Hall 17 106

Hotel Wittelsbacher-Hof Hall 17 106

Hotel y Apartamentos Aguamarina Golf Hall 2.1 202

Hotel y Apartamentos Turquesa Playa Hall 2.1 202

Hotel y Club Punta Leona Hall 22.b 201,201a

Hotel Yukhang Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

HotelAppz Hall 6.1 105

HotelAvailabilities - BookOnlineNow Hall 7.1c 114

Hotelbeds Hall 9 110 - Die Bildungsplattform

vom hotelleriesuisse Hall 11.1 309

Hotelbird GmbH Hall 7.1c 103

Hotelchamp Hall 10.1 104

Hoteles Costa Del Sol Wyndham Hall 23.a 100

Hoteles Cumbres SPA Hall 23.b 204

Hoteles Hacienda del Peru Hall 23.a 100

Hoteles Servigroup Hall 2.1 101,101a

HotelFriend AG Hall 7.1c 122

Hotelgruppe Budvanska Rivijera Hall 1.2 219

Hoteli Bernardin d.d. Hall 17 109 Hall 7.1b 107

Hotelkit GmbH Hall 7.1c 107

Hotelkit GmbH Hall 7.1b 107

Hotelkompetenzzetrum GmbH Hall 8.1 130

HotelNetSolutions GmbH Hall 10.1 120

Hall 6.1

Stand 164

Hotelogix Hall 6.1 164

Hotelpartner Yield Management Hall 10.1 101

HotelRunner Hall 6.1 136a

Hotels and More Ltd. Hall 18 125

Hotels de Charme & de Caractèr Hall 8.1 109

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #17



Hotelschool The Hague Hall 11.1 305

Hotel-Spider Hall 9 109

Hotelvoy - Startup

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

HOTUSA Hotels, S.A. Hall 2.1 101

House of Bols Cocktail

& Genever Experience Hall 10.2 102

House of Travel Hall 4.2 204

HOVIMA Hotels Hall 2.1 202 (ICVB Istanbul)

Istanbul Kongre & Ziyaret Bürosu Hall 3.2 201

HQ plus Hall 10.1 114

HRS Group Hall 9 219

HRS Hospitality and Retail Systems GmbH Hall 7.1c 111

HS Travel International Co. Ltd. Hall 26.a 119

HSB Personal & Service GmbH Hall 10.1 117

HSC Holiday Service Company Hall 3.2 201

HSM Lago Park Hall 2.1 104

HSMA Deutschland e.V. Hall 8.1 117

Htel Serviced Apartments Hall 10.2 102

HTI Health Tourism Industry

Conference (Etat-Med Ltd.) Hall 21.b 214

hubermedia GmbH Hall 6.2b 301

Hudson Yards Experiences Hall 3.1 205

Hulhule Island Hotel Hall 5.2a 108

Humboldt Forum Hall 12 101

Hummingbird Travel Hall 5.2a 108

Hung Anh Travel (HA Travel) Hall 26.c 313

Hungarian Tourism Agency Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

Hunguest Hotels Ltd. Hotel Pelion Hall 1.1 204

Hunsrück-Touristik GmbH Hall 8.2 201b

Hunter Hotels Hall 20 138

Huntsville, Alabama CVB Hall 3.1 222

Hunza Adventure Leaders Hall 5.2a 121

HUP Hotel Hall 10.2 102

Hurtigruten GmbH Hall 18 132d

Hurtigruten Svalbard Hall 18 132d

Huschert Film + Medien GmbH Hall 10.1 117

Hussam Tours Hall 4.2 200

Hyatt Hotel Corporation Hall 3.1 202

Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla Resort Hall 4.2 200

Hyatt Regency Kauai Resort & Spa Hall 22.a 104

Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort Hall 26.a 117

Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh Resort Hall 4.2 124,124a

Hyatt Regency Tokyo Hall 26.a 102

Hydropolis Hall 15.1 100


I.D. Riva Tours Croatia Hall 1.2 215

I.T.C SUDAN Hall 21.b 205

IASIA (Thailand) CO. Hall 26.b 210, 211

IATA Hall 25 153

IBACAR Autovermietung Hall 2.1 102,102a

IBB (Istanbul Büyüksehir Belediyesi) Hall 3.2 201 UG /! Hall 25 137

Iberostar Albufera Park Hall 2.1 104

Iberostar Albufera Playa Hall 2.1 104

Iberostar Alcudia Park Hall 2.1 104

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts Hall 9 315

Iberostar Playa de Muro Hall 2.1 104

Iberostar Playa de Muro Village Hall 2.1 104

Iberotel Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort Hall 2.2 104

Ibiza Fremdenverkehrsamt Hall 2.1 106

Ibiza Tourism Hall 21.b 215h

Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel - Dubai Hall 2.2 100

ICEHOTEL Hall 18 108

Iceland Travel Hall 18 114, 132c

Iceland, Promote Iceland Hall 18 132c

Icelandair c/o WeWork Hall 18 114, 114a

Icelandair Hotels Hall 18 114, 132c

Icelandic Mountain Guides Hall 18 132c

ICEX-España Exportacion e Inversiones Hall 6.1 106

ICMI Luxury Collection Hall 18 123

ICS Travel Group Hall 26.b 228

ICS Travel Group Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

ICTEL Ingenieros, S.L. Hall 6.1 106

Idea Spa Travel Sp. z o.o. Hall 15.1 100

IDeaS - a SAS Company Hall 8.1 110

IFA Hotels & Resorts Hall 2.1 206, 208

IGLTA - International Gay

& Lesbian Travel Association Hall 21.b 215c

Ignas Tour AG SpA Hall 1.2 107

iGola Travel Consultant

and Services Company Hall 6.1 138

Igopersia ParandeSefid Kahkeshan

travel agency Hall 4.1 223

Ikarus Tours GmbH Hall 25 173

Ilala Lodge Hall 20 133

Ilanga Travel Hall 20 138

Ile de La Réunion Tourisme Hall 20 123,130

Ilha Verde Rent a Car

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

iLumio Hall 7.1b 111

Imagenes Tropicales DMC-Travel Agency Hall 22.b 201,201a

IMG Sachsen-Anhalt mbH Hall 11.2 101

Impala Hall 8.1 120a

Imperial Austria Palaces Service GmbH Hall 17 103

Imperium Tourism Holdings Hall 5.2a 101

Impiana KLCC Hotel Hall 26.a 117

Import Promotion Desk c/o sequa gGmbH Hall 23.a 101

Impressive Resorts & Spa. Punta Cana Hall 22.a 100,100a

Impro Travel Hall 18 130

Imtra SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Imvelo Safari Lodges (Pv) Ltd Hall 20 133

In Touch Representation Hall 5.2a 102

In Travel Services, S.L. Hall 2.1 101,101a

Inca Maya Tours Hall 23.a 100

Inca Rail Hall 23.a 100

Incanto SRL Incentives. Events. Travel Hall 1.2 230

Incema Travel Ltd. Hall 1.1 110,110a

Incentive & Leisure Services Hall 23.a 103

INCERT eTourismus GmbH Hall 8.1 117

Incheon Tourism Organization Hall 26.a 124

Incoming Experience Hotel Group Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Incoming Italia Consorzio

Promozione Turistica Hall 1.2 102

Incoming TIM Travel Hall 1.1 203

Incredible Voyages (P) Ltd. Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

India Exotica Travels Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

India Tourism Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 252

Indigenous Tourism Canada Hall 3.1 390

Indigo DMC Group

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Indo Asia Tours Hall 5.2b 227

Indo Journeys Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 239

Indochina Travel Services - ITS Vietnam Hall 26.c 313

Indochina Travelland Hall 26.c 308

Indochina Travels EUVIBUS GmbH Hall 25 137

Indoma Tours and Travel Hall 21.a 123

Indonesia Ministry of Tourism Hall 26.a 114-116

Indonesia Tourism Development

Corporation Hall 26.a 114, 116

INDOTREK Hall 26.b 207a

Infare Hall 6.1 136

Infinity on the Beach Hall 22.a 115

Infinity Punta Cana Hall 22.a 100,100a

Infor (Deutschland) GmbH Hall 8.1 113a

INFOX GmbH & Co. Informationslogistik KG Hall 10.1 117

InfraCert GmbH Hall 8.1 117

Ingolstadt Tourismus und Kongress GmbH Hall 6.2b 308

Ingolstadt Village Hall 6.2b 301

Inka Trail Expeditions Perú Hall 23.a 100

Inkaland Tours E.I.R.L. Hall 23.a 103

InMedia Technologies Hall 7.1c 124

Inmuebles La Quinta, S.A. (Hotel Astoria) Hall 2.1 202

Innovart Hall 23.b 203

Innovation Norway Hall 16 100

INOVA Hospitality Management Hall 1.1 112

INSECIA GmbH Hall 6.1 119

Insel Mainau Hall 6.2b 201

Inside Tours

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Insight Australia Travel Hall 5.2a 101

Insight India Voyage Hall 5.2b 228

InSky Solutions d.o.o. Hall 6.1 162

Instaroom Hall 18 132e

Institut für Natursport

und Ökologie DSHS - Köln Hall 11.1 313

Instituto Fueguino de Turismo Hall 23.b 203

Intas Destination Management Inc. Hall 26.a 125

Inter - Tourismgroup Hall 20 131

Intercenter Group Hall 3.1 608

IntercityHotel Hall 9 317

Interconnection Travels Hall 26.b 226

InterContinental Fujairah Resort Hall 2.2 104

Intercontinental Hotel (The City) Hall 2.2 206

InterContinental Hotel Muscat Hall 2.2 204

InterContinental Hotels Group Hall 4.2 124,124a

Intercontinental Hotels Group Jordan

& Dead Sea Hall 4.2 200

InterContinental Malta Hall 1.2 220

Intercontinental Mauritius Resort Hall 20 128

Intercontinental Phu Quoc Long

Beach Resort Hall 26.c 313

Intercontinental Phuket Resort Hall 26.b 210, 211

InterContinental Resorts French Polynesia Hall 5.2a 109

Interferie S.A. Hall 15.1 100

Interholiday AG Hall 25 137

Interhotel Sandanski Riviera Hall 15.1 101

Interlaken Tourismus Hall 17 101a-c

Interline Chauffeurservice Eschborn GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

International Experience Canada Hall 3.1 390

International Travel & Congresses Hall 7.2a 100

Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH Hall 17 102

Internationale Kooperationsbörse

“Meet & Match” Hall 12 101

Internationales Bachfest Schaffhausen Hall 16 100

Internationales Maritimes

Museum Hamburg Hall 10.2 112

Intertimes Tours Hall 9 320

Intertours Hall 22.b 202

Intertours Nepal Pvt. Ltd Hall 5.2a 104

Intimate Hotels of Barbados Hall 22.a 115

Intour Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Intour Polska Hall 15.1 100

Intourist Thomas Cook Hall 3.1 608

Intourmarket Travel Exhibition Hall 3.1 610

Intratama Travel Consultant

& Tours (M) Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Intrum Deutschland GmbH Hall 8.1 107 Transfer Hall 6.1 150

Involatus Carrier Consulting Hall 25 116

Inyati Game Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve Hall 20 138

IPW by U.S. Travel Hall 3.1 320

Iran Doostan Tours Hall 4.2 205

Iran Eco Adventure Tours Hall 4.2 205

IranHRC Hall 4.2 205

Iranian Tour Operators Association Hall 4.2 205

Ireland Walk, Hike, Bike Hall 4.1 104

Iristour Vacances Hall 2.1 202

Irkutsk International Travel

Bureau “Sputnik” Hall 3.1 610

Irland Information - Tourism Ireland Hall 4.1 104

Irland Information - Tourism Ireland Hall 18 122

Isabel Family, S.L.U. Hall 2.1 202

Isamar Hotel Galapagos Hall 23.a 101

Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. Hall 26.a 102

Íshestar Hall 18 132c

ISITALIA - Italia Incoming International Hall 1.2 109

Islamic Tourism Centre Hall 26.a 117

Island Aviation Services Limited Hall 5.2a 108

Island Continent Tours Hall 20 103

Island Leisure Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

Island Pro Travel Hall 18 132c

Islandshotel Hall 18 132c

Islantilla Golf Resort

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

ISO Travel Solutions Hall 5.1 111

Isola di Albarella Marcegaglia

Hotels&resorts Hall 1.2 224

Israel Ministry of Tourism Hall 7.2a 100

Israel Incoming Tour Operator Association Hall 7.2a 100

Israel Nature & Parks authority I

The Friendly Negev Hall 7.2a 100

Isram Israel (Touring) Ltd Hall 25 175

ISROTEL Hotels Hall 7.2a 100

Italcamel Hall 8.1 134

Italian Expertise SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Italian National Tourist Board ENIT Hall 1.2 108,108a-c,


Italian National Tourist Board ENIT Hall 4.1 106

Italica DCM di Italica Turismo Hall 1.2 224

Italmare Consaldis

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Italy Village SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

ITB Global Hall 3.1 604

Hall 10.2 109

Hall 26.c 309

ITB Virtual Reality Lab Hall 10.2 108

ITC Hotels India Hall 5.2b 225

Itermar Tour Operator & DMC Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

ITO Tours - Holland & Great Britain Hall 10.2 102

ITT GmbH Hall 25 145

ITT Inspirations Travel & Tours Hall 20 119

IUBH Internationale Hochschule GmbH Hall 11.1 210

IZFAS Hall 3.2 201

Izmailovo Tourist Hotel Hall 3.1 608

Izmir Development Agency Hall 3.2 102


JA Manafaru Hall 5.2a 108

Jac Travel Canada Hall 3.1 390

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Hall 3.1 133

Jacques Offenbach-Jahr 2019

Kölner Offenbach-Gesellschaft e.V. Hall 8.2 103a

JacTravel Hall 9 220

Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven

Oldenburg Elsfleth Hall 11.1 205

J’adore Deluxe -

Emec Tourismuskonsum Tic. Inc. Hall 3.2 126,201

Jadran hoteli d.d. Hall 1.2 217

Jadranka hoteli d.o.o. Hall 1.2 206

Jadrolinija Hall 1.2 215

JAHM Colombia Discovering Hall 23.a 114

Jamaica Inn Hall 22.a 102

Jamaica Tourist Board c/o

Fastforward Marketing Hall 22.a 102

Jambiani Villas Hall 21.a 128

Jambuluwuk Hotels and Spa Hall 26.a 114, 116

Jamrock Tours Limited Hall 22.a 102

Jan Hotels Hall 7.2b 102a

Jane Tour DMC Hall 26.a 124

Jan-Pol Incoming Tour Operator Hall 15.1 100

Japan / Ishin Hotels Group Co., Ltd. Hall 26.b 205

Japan Experience Hall 26.a 120

Japan National Tourism Organization Hall 26.a 120

Jaz in the City Hall 9 317

JC Residency - Madurai & Kodaikanal Hall 5.2b 210

Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa (L.L.C.) Hall 2.2 100

Jeju Tourism Organisation Hall 26.a 124

Jenman African Safaris Hall 20 121,122

Jerome Incoming Hall 7.2b 102a

Jersey, Visit Jersey / Kanalinseln Hall 18 124

Jerusalem T&T Hall 4.1 231

Jerusalem Tourism Hall 7.2a 100

Jesolo Consorzio di Imprese

Turistiche Jesolovenice Hall 1.2 224

Jetway Express Ltd. Hall 26.a 119

Jetwing Hotels Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Jetwing Travels (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

JF Tours Innovation GmbH Hall 26.a 120

Jibha Africa Safaris Hall 20 133

Jin Jiang International Hall 9 119

JJ Associates, Spain Event Management Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

JJ Explorer Tours Ltd. Hall 26.a 119

Jo & Joe Hall 4.1 100

Joali Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Johanniter Hotel Hall 8.1 131

John Chase Safaris Hall 20 131

Jolie Ville Resort & Casino Sharm

El Sheikh Hall 4.2 124,124a

Jonview Canada Hall 3.1 390

Jordan Experiences Tours Hall 4.2 200

Jordan Tourism Board Hall 4.1 202

Jordan Tourism Board Hall 4.2 200

Jordan Tours & Travel Hall 4.2 200

Jordan Valley Regional Council Hall 7.2a 100

Journeymax Executive Travels Hall 21.a 114

Journeyscapes (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Joy Hotels Ltd. Hall 1.1 204

Joys Resorts and Hotels Hall 5.2b 231

JP Morsko Dobro Hall 1.2 219

JPM Guides Hall 25 105

JS Alcudi-Mar Hall 2.1 104

JSP Turs Hall 1.2 201

#18 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

H / I / J / K / L


JTB Global Marketing & Travel Inc. Hall 26.a 108,120

JUCY Group Hall 5.2a 101

Jüdisches Museum der Stadt Wien Hall 17 103

JUFA Hotels Deutschland GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Jugendgästehaus Kühlungsborn Hall 9 109

Jugendherberge Aurich Hall 9 109

Jugendreise Destinationen ARBERLAND

& Schliersee Hall 4.1 110

Jukkasjärvi Vildmarks Turer AB Hall 18 108

Jumbo Tours Group Hall 10.1 106

Jumeira Rotana Hall 9 307

Jumeirah Group Hall 2.2 100

Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa Hall 2.1 102,102a

Jumeirah Royal Saray Bahrain Hall 4.2 204

Jumeirah Vittaveli Hall 5.2a 108

Jump House Berlin-Reinickendorf GmbH Hall 12 101

Jungfrau Region Tourismus Hall 17 101a-c

Jungfraubahnen Management AG Hall 17 101a-c

Jungle Bay Hall 22.a 118

Jungle Travel Hall 1.1 203

Jungle Trekking Adventures

and Safaris Inc. (JTAS) Hall 22.a 118

Juniper Consulting, S.L. Hall 6.1 106

Just Time Travel

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Juulchin Tourism Corporation of Mongolia Hall 26.c 316

Juulchin World Tours Hall 26.c 316

Juvigo GmbH Hall 4.1 119

Juwel Hotels Hall 14.1 112

JW Marriot Resort & Spa Hall 5.2a 108

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai Hall 2.2 100

JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald

Bay Resort Hall 26.c 313

Jyrgalan DMO Hall 3.1 606


K20K21 Kunstsammlung NRW Hall 8.2 103b

Kabarett-Theater “Die Wühlmäuse” Hall 12 101

Kadappuram Beach Resorts Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

KAERA Industrie- und Touristik

Versicherungsmakler GmbH Hall 10.1 117

Kafunta Safaris Hall 20 136

Kagera Safaris Hall 21.a 121

Kahanda Kanda Hall 5.2a 106

Kahnweilerhaus Hall 10.2 112

Kaichi Travel, Travel Company Hall 3.1 610

Kaimoo Resorts & Hotels Hall 5.2a 108

KAJ Hotel Networks Hall 8.1 130

Kaliakria Resort Hall 15.1 101

Kalima Resort & Villas Group Hall 26.b 210, 211

Kallpa Tour Operator Hall 23.b 203

Kamari Tours K. Travel and Hospitality Hall 1.1 101,101a

Kamelya Collection Hall 3.2 120

Kamnik Tourism, Sports and culture agancy Hall 17 109

Kamstra Travel Hall 10.2 102

Kanarische Inseln Hall 2.1 202

Kanika Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 110,110a

KANSAI Tourism Bureau Hall 26.a 120

Kansas & Oklahoma Travel & Tourism Hall 3.1 109

Kapetanios Hotels Ltd. Hall 1.1 110,110a

KAPTID Cappadocia Tourist

Hoteliers Association Hall 3.2 201

Kapwa Travel & Tours, Inc. Hall 26.a 125

Karafuu Hotel Beach Resort and Spa Hall 21.a 128

Karakol DMO Hall 3.1 606

Karakorum Adventures Hall 5.2a 121

Karbala Rayhaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Kariega Game Reserve Hall 20 138

Karlsbader Region Hall 7.2b 102a

Karma Group Hall 26.b 223a

Karma House Travel & Tourism - DMC Hall 4.2 200

Karnataka Tourism Hall 5.2b 224

Kärnten Werbung GmbH Hall 17 103

Karumuna Safaris

Hall 21a Stand 108a

Karusan Travels (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Karya Merdeka Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Kaskazi Beach Hotel Hall 21.a 122

Kassel Airport, Flughafen GmbH Kassel Hall 7.2c 101

Kassel Marketing Hall 16 100

Kassel Marketing GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

Kata Sea Breeze Resort Hall 26.b 210, 211

Katalogwerkstatt GmbH Hall 5.1 141

Katalonien Catalan Tourist Board Hall 2.1 203, 203a

Katara Hospitality Hall 2.2 206

Katarina Line d.o.o. Hall 1.2 215

Katla DMI Hall 18 132c

Kaus Media Services Hall 5.3 107

Kayak Lanzarote Hall 2.1 202

Kayseri Erciyes Turizm Insaat

& Spor Etkinlikleri San. Tic. A.S. Hall 3.2 201

Kayumanis Private Villa & Spa Hall 26.a 114, 116

Kazakh Tourism National Company JSC Hall 3.1 618

KD Deutsche Rheinschiffahrt GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

Keahotels Iceland Hall 18 132c

KeePConsult Smart Hotel Solutions Hall 5.3 111

Keepers of the Sacred Tradition

of Pipemakers Hall 3.1 140

Keihan Hotel & Resorts Co., Ltd. Hall 21.b 251i

Kelana DMC Hall 26.a 114, 116

Kempinski Hotel Hall 2.2 204

Kempinski Hotel Aqaba Red Sea Jordan Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotel Bahía

Marbella Estepona

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros

Bay Bodrum Turkey Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden

Bavarian Alps Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea Jordan Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Dubai Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotel Muscat Sultanate of Oman Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotels Hall 9 215

Kempinski Hotels & Resorts Egypt Hall 4.2 124,124a

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Hall 3.1 305

Kentucky Department ofTourism Hall 3.1 222

Kenya Airports Authority Hall 21.a 122

Kenya Airways Hall 25 128

Kenya Coast National Polyechnic Hall 21.a 122

Kenya Tourism Board Hall 21.a 122

Kenzi Hotels Group Hall 21.b 213

Ker & Downey Botswana Hall 20 131

Kerala Tourism Hall 5.2b 223

Kesari Tours Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 221

Keshet Educational Journeys Hall 7.2a 100

KETAV Kemer Promotion Foundation Hall 3.2 201

Keukenhof Hall 10.2 102

Kew Gardens Hall 18 123

Keys Travel & Tours Hall 21.a 128

Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Khamsum Tours & Travels Hall 26.c 312

Khanh Sinh Tour Hall 26.c 313

Khasab Travel & Tours Hall 2.2 100

KHC Westfalenhallen GmbH Hall 8.2 101a

Khimji’s House of Travel Hall 2.2 204

Khiri Travel Hall 26.b 203

Khiri Travel Hall 26.a 114, 116

Kibbutz Chaim accommodation in Israel Hall 7.2a 100

Kibran Tours - Ethiopia Hall 21.b 218

Kidogo Travel Design Africa Hall 20 121,122

Kiel Marketing e.V. / GmbH Hall 6.2a 105

Kigo, a RealPage Company Hall 6.1 151

Kijana Tours Hall 4.1 264

Kikooko Africa Safari Ltd Hall 21.a 121

Kilaweni Tours Hall 21.a 128

Kilifair Promotion Co. Ltd Hall 21.a 128

Kilimandscharo Active Tours Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Kilimanjaro Airports Development

Company Hall 21.a 128

Kim’s Travel DMC Ltd. Hall 26.a 124

Kin Plaza Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

King Power Mahanakhon Hall 26.b 228

Kipriotis Hotels Hall 1.1 101,101a

Kirman Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Kisima Tours and Safaris Ltd Hall 21.a 114

Kiso Ontake Tourism Office Hall 26.a 120

Kitich Forest Camp Hall 20 111

Kivu Resort Hall 21.a 114 Hall 5.1 110

KiwiRail - Interislander Hall 5.2a 102

KK Royal Hotel & Convention Centre Hall 5.2b 202

Klaipeda tourism and culture

information centre Hall 18 131

Klassik Stiftung Weimar Hall 11.2 103

Kleemann Uk Touristik Hall 18 123

Kleinhuis Hotel Baseler Hof Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Klimahaus® Bremerhaven 8° Ost Hall 6.2a 101

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Hall 25 128

Klocke Verlag GmbH Hall 5.3 109

Klook Travel Technology Ltd Hall 4.1 246

Klosterneuburg bei Wien Hall 16 100

Klühspies Reisen GmbH & Co. KG Hall 4.1 112

KMP Group Hall 3.1 610

KNAPPSCHAFT Hall 26.c 327

Knowcross Limited Hall 7.1c 117

Koa Kea Hotel & Resort Hall 3.1 161

Koblenz-Touristik GmbH Hall 8.2 201c

Kochsberg Europa Akademie Hall 9 109

Koh Samui Tourism Association Hall 26.b 216

Kohinoor Continental Hotel Hall 5.2b 255

Köln/Bonn Airport Hall 8.2 103e

KölnTourismus GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

Kölntourist Personenschiffahrt

am Dom GmbH Hall 8.2 103a

Kolping Hotel Bildungszentrum Schweinfurt Hall 8.1 131

Kolping Hotels und Resorts Hall 9 109

Kolumba Hall 16 100

Kompas Reisen Hall 17 109

Königshof Hotel Resort by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Konkamoya Lodge Hall 20 136

Konokono Beach Resort (Rialma Co Ltd.) Hall 21.a 128

KonTiki Travel Hall 1.1 203

Kontokali Bay Resort & Spa -

Aeolos Beach Resort Hall 1.1 101,101a

kontor2508 Hall 16 100

Konya Büyüksehir Belediye Ba#kanli#i Hall 3.2 201

Koppan Hospitality Hall 21.a 108

Kora Tours Pvt. Ltd Hall 5.2a 105

Hall 1.2

Stand 208

Korcula Hotels Hall 1.2 208

Korea Business Travel Ltd. Hall 26.a 124

Korea DMC Tour Co., Ltd. Hall 26.a 124

Korean Air Hall 25 128

Korean Air Hall 26.a 124

Koreanische Zentrale für Tourismus Hall 26.a 124

Kosice-Turizmus Hall 7.2b 103

Kosovo Holidays DMC Hall 1.2 211

Kosovo Investment and Enterprise

Support Agency (KIESA) Hall 1.2 211

Kostuba Travel Hall 26.a 114, 116

Koullias Group Hall 1.1 108

Krabi Spesialisten Hall 26.b 209a

Krabi Tourism Association Hall 26.b 209a

Kreola Ltd Hall 20 128

Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Hall 18 111

Kreuz-Post Hotel-Restaurant-Spa

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Kroatische Zentrale für Tourismus Hall 1.2 215

Kröller-Müller Museum en het

Nationale Park De Hoge Veluwe Hall 10.2 102

Krugozor Expo Travel Ltd. Hall 3.1 608

Ksar Tours Hall 21.b 213

Kspain Travel and Leisure Hall 2.1 101

KTG Karlsruhe Tourismus Hall 16 100

KTG Karlsruhe Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Kubu Lodge Hall 20 131

Kuhandiz LLC Hall 3.1 602, 623

Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens AB Hall 18 108

Kulinarisches Schaufenster Hall 6.2b 311

Kultur in Hessen - c/o Hessen Agentur Hall 7.2c 101

Kulturhistorisches Museum

im Dominikanerkloster Hall 10.2 112

KulturLoungeBayern Hall 6.2b 311

Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH Hall 12 101

KulturReiseLand NRW Hall 16 100

Kulturrouten des Europarates

in Deutschland Hall 10.2 106

Kulturstadt Frankfurt Hall 7.2c 101

Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt Hall 11.2 101

Kumu Beach Hall 5.2a 106

Kunst Haus Wien Museum Hundertwasser Hall 17 103

Kunst und Ausstellungshalle

der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Hall 16 100

Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle

der Bundesrepublik Deutschland GmbH Hall 8.2 103b

Kunstareal München Hall 6.2b 310

Kunsthalle Bremen Hall 6.2a 101

Kunsthalle Düsseldorf/ KIT -

Kunst im Tunnel Hall 8.2 103b

Kunsthalle Mannheim Hall 6.2b 201

Kunsthalle Mannheim Hall 16 100

Kunsthaus Zürich Hall 16 100

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Hall 17 103

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig GmbH Hall 11.2 102

Kunstmeile Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Kunstmeile Hamburg GbR Hall 16 100

Kunstmuseum Bonn Hall 8.2 103b

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz Burg

Rabenstein Hall 10.2 112

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz Henry

van de Velde Museum Hall 10.2 112

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

Kunstsammlungen am Theaterplatz Hall 10.2 112

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

Museum Gunzenhauser Hall 10.2 112

Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

Schloßbergmuseum Hall 10.2 112

Kunstsammlungen Zwickau

Max-Pechstein-Museum Hall 10.2 112

Kunzmann´s Hotel /Spa/ Madical

Care by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Kur- und Tourismusbetrieb

Bad Wörishofen Hall 6.2b 301

Kura Hulanda Resorts Hall 22.a 105

Kura Kura Resort Hall 26.a 114, 116

Kurbetrieb Kolberg AG Hall 15.1 100

Kurbetrieb Swinemünde A.G Hall 15.1 100

Kurhaus Wiesbaden Hall 7.2c 101

Kurort Atomska Banja Hall 1.1 203

Kurzeme Tourism Association Hall 18 130 Hall 25 126 Hall 14.1 113

Kusadasi Belediyesi Hall 3.2 103

Kusadasi Tourism Association Hall 3.2 201

KUTO (Kusadasi Ticaret Odasi) Hall 3.2 201

Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster Hall 1.2 207

Kvitjell Ski Resort Hall 18 132d

Kwando Safaris Hall 20 131

Kyiv Tourism Association Hall 3.1 627

Kyoto City Tourism Association Hall 26.a 120

Kyrgyz Nature Travel Company Hall 3.1 606

Kyrgyz´what Hall 4.1 218


L&T communications PR for lifestyle

and travel Hall 5.3 111

L´Alya Ninh Van Bay Thanh

Van Eco-Tourism JSC Hall 26.c 320

La Almazara - La Organic Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

La Bagnaia Golf & Spa Resort

Siena CURIO - A Collection by Hilton Hall 9 314

La Beduina Tours Hall 4.2 200

La Cala Resort

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

La Casa Hanoi Hotel Hall 26.c 313

La Diano Viaggi

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

La Grande Roue de Montréal Hall 3.1 390

La Manga Club Hall 2.1 101,101a

La Perle by Dragone Hall 2.2 100

la pura - women´s health resort

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

La Reserva Club

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

La Rioja Turismo Hall 2.1 101,101a

La Romana Hall 22.a 100,100a

La Romana Airport Hall 22.a 100,100a

La Ventana Hall 23.b 203

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #19



La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc - MGallery Hall 26.c 322

Labuan Corporation Hall 26.a 117

Lago Maggiore - Ossola Täler

Federalberghi VCO Hall 1.2 221

Lagoona Beach Hotel Hall 4.2 204

Lagoonie Tourism Hall 4.2 124,124a

Lahami Bay Beach Resort and Gardens Hall 4.2 124,124a

Lahn-Dill-Kreis Hall 7.2c 101

Lahntal Tourismus Verband e.V. Hall 7.2c 101

Lahn-Taunus-Touristik e.V. Hall 7.2c 101

Lake Kitandara Tours & Travel Hall 21.a 121

Lake Nakuru Lodge Hall 21.a 122

Lake Natron Camp Hall 21.a 128

Lakeland Hotel Petäys Resort Hall 18 132b

LakeSaimaa Finland, VisitSaimaa Hall 18 132b

LAL Sprachreisen GmbH Hall 25 172

Lama Tours Hall 2.2 201

Lamberth GmbH Hall 10.1 117

Land & Golf Hotel Stromberg

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Land Fleesensee Service GmbH Hall 6.2a 106

Land of Turquoise Domes Hall 4.1 261

Land Tours GH LTD Hall 21.a 108

Landesgartenschau Ingolstadt 2020 GmbH Hall 6.2b 308

Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf Kulturamt Hall 8.2 103b

Landesverband für Kinderund

Jugendreisen Brandenburg e.V. Hall 12 101

Landgasthaus Wintringer Hof Hall 9 109

Landhaus Flottbek Hotel & Restaurant Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Landhotel Bad Dürrenberg Hall 9 109

Landhotel Hella Iceland Hall 18 132c

Landkreis Gießen -

Wirtschaftsförderung/ Tourismus Hall 7.2c 101

Landschaftsverband Westfalen-

Lippe/ LWL - Kulturabteilung Hall 8.2 102 a

Langhe Experience - Consorzio Turistico

Langhe Monferrato Roero

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Langhe Monferrato Roero Tourist Board Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Langi Langi Beach Bungalows Hall 21.a 128

Lanka Holiday Destinations (Pvt) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

Lanka Holidays.Net (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Lanka Vacations (Pvt) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

Laos - Ministry of Information,

Culture and Tourism Hall 26.b 215

Lapland Resorts AB Hall 18 108

Larcomar Hall 23.a 100

Larnaka Tourism Board Hall 1.1 110,110a

Las Gaviotas Suites Hotel & Spa Hall 2.1 104

Las Terrazas de Abama Hall 2.1 202

Las Vegas Convention And Visitors Author Hall 3.1 231

Lascaux International for Cave Art Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Last Minute Express SLU LMX Viajes Hall 2.1 202

LATAM Airlines Hall 23.a 102

L’atelier du Voyage -

Groupe Satguro Travels DMC Hall 21.b 213

Latgale Tourism Association Ezerzeme Hall 18 130

Latin America World Hall 4.1 219

Latin American Encounter Hall 23.a 111

Latin Trails Cia.Ltda. Hall 23.a 101

Latinamerica for All -

Huasquila Amazon Lodge Hall 23.a 101

Latinconnect Hall 22.a 107

Latitud 0 Viajes Creativos S.A. Hall 23.a 101

Latventure Incoming Cia. Ltda. Hall 23.a 101

Latvia, Investment

and Development Agency Hall 18 130

Latvian Camping Association Hall 18 130

Lava Charter Marina Lanzarote Hall 2.1 202

LB Tour, Travel Company Hall 3.1 610

Le BHV Marais, Parisians fovorite

department store Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Le Louvre Hôtel & Spa Hall 20 103

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort Hall 2.2 104

Le Palais Paysan Hall 21.b 213

Le Palmiste Resort & Spa Residence Potosi Hall 20 128

Le Passage to India Hall 25 129

Le Passage to India Tours

and Travels Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 215

Le Peninsula Bay Beach Resort & Spa Hall 20 128

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa Hall 2.2 100

Le Voyageur Hall 20 104

Leading Taiwan Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. Hall 26.a 121

Lebanon Ministry of Tourism Hall 2.2 203

Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH Hall 17 103

Legendary Peru Hall 23.a 100

Legends Attractions One World

Observatory Hall 3.1 205

Legian Beach Hotel /

Candi Beach Resorts Hall 26.a 114, 116

LEGOLAND Deutschland

Freizeitpark GmbH Hall 6.2b 306

Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftsgeographie

und Tourismusforschung, LMU München Hall 11.1 312

Leiden Marketing Hall 10.2 102

Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH Hall 11.2 102

Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort Hall 21.a 122

Leonardo Hotels Hall 8.1 105

Leonardo Hotels & Resorts Mediterranean Hall 1.1 110,110a

Leonardo Hotels Careers Hall 11.1 107

Leonardo Worldwide Hall 9 109

Leopard Beach Hotel Hall 21.a 122

Leopard Mountain Safari Lodge Hall 20 111

Leopard Tours Ltd. Hall 21.a 125

Leopold Museum Hall 17 103

Leptistour SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Leptos Calypso Hotels Public Ltd. Hall 1.1 110,110a

Lernidee Erlebnisreisen GmbH Hall 26.c 301

Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation Hall 20 106

Letaka Safaris Botswana Hall 20 131

Letoonia Resorts Hall 3.2 201

Lets Go Maldives Hall 5.2a 108

Lets See Asia Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

Levi Destination Marketing Hall 18 132b

Levon Travel Yerevan Hall 15.1 102

Lewa Wilderness Hall 20 111

LEX Systems Hall 3.1 611

L’Homme et L’Environnement Hall 4.1 264

L’hotel Management Company Limited Hall 26.a 119

Liberty International Tourism Group Hall 25 138

Liberty South America Hall 25 138

Libourne Saint-Emilion Tourisme Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Lidl Digital International GmbH & Co. KG Hall 25 102

Lido Tours Travel Agency

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Liechtenstein Marketing Hall 17 102

Life Design Hotel Hall 1.1 203

Lifecard Travel Assistance Gesellschaft

für Reiseschutz mbH Hall 25 137

LifeClass Hotels & Spa Hall 17 109

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Hall 22.a 100,100a

Lifestyle Hotel Group

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

LifeStyle Resort Zum Kurfürsten

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Lifestyle Retreats Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Lifestyle Safaris & Holidays Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Lighthouse Golf and Spa Hotel AD Hall 15.1 101

Lily Beach Resort & Spa Hall 5.2a 108

Lima Tours Hall 23.a 100,111

Lima Tours Hall 25 129

Limassol Tourism Board Hall 1.1 110,110a

Limburg Marketing Hall 10.2 102

Limendo Hall 6.1 144k

Limtravelone Sorrento Hall 1.2 116

Lindbergh Hotels SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Lindenhof Hall 9 109

Lindian Village Hall 1.1 112

Lindner Hotels AG Hall 9 112

Lindos Imperial Hall 1.1 112

Linz Tourismus Hall 17 103

Linzer Museen Hall 16 100

Lion Roars Hotels and Lodges Hall 20 138

LionsDive Beach Resort Curacao Hall 22.a 105

Lippe Tourismus & Marketing GmbH

(TWT Partner) Hall 8.2 102 a

Lisbon ByBoat

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Lisbon Tourism Board

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Lithuania Travel Hall 18 131

Littlebig Road Hall 3.1 181

LIVA / Brucknerhaus Hall 16 100

Live Riga Hall 18 130

Live the Journey Hall 20 132

LiveOS Hall 8.1 115

LiveRate Hall 9 109

Living Hotels Berlin Hall 12 101

Living Villas

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort Hall 22.a 105

Livn Hall 4.1 240

Liyela Resort Hall 5.2a 108

Ljubljana Tourism Hall 17 109

LLC “Grand - travel” Hall 3.1 629

LLC “IONTRAVEL” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Javohir Travel” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Khovaling Free Land Adventure” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “M41 Travel” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “MK-Travel” Hall 3.1 608

LLC “MORHUR” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Orient Adventure” Hall 3.1 625a

LLC “Pamir Easy Tour” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Pamir Eco-Tourism Company” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Pamir Mountain & Travel” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Pamir Mountains Travel” Hall 3.1 609

LLC “PAMIR Safari” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Pamir silk travel” Co Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Pamir Trekking” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Safed Dara” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Sarazm Travel” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Tajikistan Mountain Adventure Travel” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Toijk Safari” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “World Roof Tours” Hall 3.1 623

LLC “Zarafshon Majestic Travel” Hall 3.1 623

LLC Radio Guide Hall 3.1 617

Lloyd-Caffee GmbH Hall 6.2a 101

LN Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Hall 26.a 112

Loberías del Sur Hall 23.b 204

Lodz City Hall 15.1 100

Lodzkie Region / Lodz Region Hall 15.1 100

Logistur - South American Experience DMC Hall 23.b 204

Logos Discovery Hall 3.1 606

LogosTour GmbH Reiseveranstalter Hall 15.1 100

London & Partners Hall 18 123

Lonicera World Hotel Hall 3.2 201

loop luxury fair Hall 9 310

Loopon Hall 7.1b 110

Lopesan Hotel Group Hall 2.1 208

Loqate - GB Group PLC Hall 7.1c 118

Lorna Safaris Hall 21.a 114

Loro Parque S.A. Hall 2.1 206

Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board Hall 3.1 221

LOT Polish Airlines Hall 15.1 100

LOT Polish Airlines Hall 26.b 228

Lots of Hotels Hall 9 220

Lotte JTB Hall 26.a 108

Lotus Asia Tours Hall 26.a 114, 116

Louis Hotels PLC LTD Hall 1.1 106

Louis Travel Ltd Hall 1.1 110,110a

Louisiana Office of Tourism Hall 3.1 230

LoungeUp Hall 7.1c 120

Louvre Hotels Group Hall 9 119

Louwman Museum Hall 10.2 102

Lovers Canal Cruises Hall 10.2 102

Lower Silesian Tourist Organisation Hall 15.1 100

LS Travel Hall 23.b 204

LSR Hall 5.2a 107

LSR Hotels Hall 5.2a 107

LT Aviana Travel Hall 3.2 201

LTD “InTourLeader” Hall 3.1 608

Luambe Conservation Ltd. Hall 20 136

Lübeck und Travemünde Marketing GmbH Hall 6.2a 105

Lubelskie Region Lublin Regional

Tourist Organisation Hall 15.1 100

Lubuskie Voivodship Hall 15.1 100

Lucky Tours Travel Company Co Ltd Hall 3.1 608

Ludwigs Festspielhaus Hall 6.2b 301

Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

Hall 25 Stand 156

Lufthansa Group Hall 25 156

Lufthansa Holidays Hall 25 152

Lüftner Cruises Hall 25 162

Luna Hotels & Resorts

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Lüneburger Heide GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Lusanova DMC

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Luxair Group S.A. Hall 10.2 101a

Luxe Asia Hall 25 175

Luxe Voyage Hall 20 128

Luxembourg City Tourist Office Hall 10.2 101a

Luxembourg for Tourism Hall 10.2 101,101a

Luxury Scotland Hall 18 123

Luxury Travel Co Ltd. Hall 26.c 320

Luzern Tourismus AG Hall 17 101a-c

LV Travel - Lac Viet Travel & Trading Co., Ltd Hall 26.c 313


M & J Travel & Tours Hall 21.a 114

M Tours Incoming Travel Agency Hall 17 109

MAC Asia Group Hall 26.a 114, 116

Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) Hall 26.a 105

Macedonia Holidays Hall 1.2 201

Machaba Safaris Hall 20 111

Macho Halisi Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Machu Picchu Travel Hall 23.a 100

MacSun-Travel doo Skopje Hall 25 177

Mada Hotels East Africa Hall 21.a 122

Madagascar Land of Wonders Hall 20 103

Madagascar National Parks Hall 4.1 264

Madagascar National Tourism Board Hall 20 103

Madagascar: Responsible Travel

and Authentic Experiences Hall 4.1 264

Madame Tussauds /

The Amsterdam Dungeon Hall 10.2 102

Madame Tussauds LEGOLAND Discovery

Centre & SEA LIFE Akvaryum Hall 3.2 201

made Hall 18 120

made TOURISM Hall 5.2a 101

Madhya Pradesh Tourism Hall 5.2b 246

Madsack Vertical GmbH & Co.KG /

Reisereporter Hall 6.2a 106

MAE DMC Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Maerkische Schülerreisen Hall 4.1 112

Magdeburg Marketing Kongress

und Tourismus GmbH Hall 11.2 101

Magdeburger Tourismusverband

Elbe-Börde-Heide e.V. Hall 11.2 101

Magelan Travel Hall 1.1 203

Magic Roads Hall 25 175

Magic Travels Hall 2.2 202a

Magna Cofrade Hall 2.1 124

Magnifi Group Hall 4.1 100

Magri Turismo Ltda Hall 23.b 208

Maharashtra Tourism Development

Corporation Ltd. Hall 5.2b 201

Mahaweli Reach Hotels PLC Hall 5.2a 107

Mahay Expedition Hall 4.1 264

mainhaus Stadthotel Frankfurt Hall 8.1 131

Mainland Miltenberg-Churfranken e.V. Hall 6.2b 303

mainzplus CITYMARKETING GmbH Hall 8.2 201c

Maison Callier Hall 17 101a-c

Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Liége Hall 16 100

Maistra D.D. Hall 1.2 215

Majestic Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Majestic Holidays Ltd. Hall 22.a 120

Majestic Resorts Hall 22.a 100,100a

Makakatana Bay Lodge Hall 20 111

Makalu Adventure Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Makarska Turistik Hall 1.2 215

Makunudu Island Hall 5.2a 108

Málaga, Ayuntamiento Área de Turismo Hall 2.1 124

Malagasya Travel Hall 21.a 102

Malahini Kuda Bandos Hall 5.2a 108

Malai Adventure Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

MalaMala Game Reserve Pty Ltd Hall 20 132

Malatesta Viaggi Tour Operator Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Malawi Department of Tourism Hall 20 101

Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium Hall 20 101

Malawian Style Hall 20 101

Malaysia Convention

& Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) Hall 26.a 117

#20 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

L / M


Malaysia Healthcare Travel

Council (MHTC) Hall 26.a 117

Malaysia Tourism Promotion

Board (Partner Country of ITB 2019) Hall 26.a 117

Maldives Airports Company Limited Hall 5.2a 108

Maldives Getaways Hall 5.2a 108

Maldives Promotional House Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Maldives, Marketing & PR Corporation Hall 5.2a 108

Maldivian Holidays Hall 5.2a 108

Mali, Agence de Promotion Touristique Hall 21.a 109

Malikia Resort Abu Dabbab Hall 4.2 124,124a

Malla Travel & Trek Services Hall 25 129

Mallorca - Consell de Mallorca Hall 2.1 112

Malopolska Tourist Organisation Hall 15.1 100

Malta Marriot Hotel & Spa Hall 1.2 220

Malta Thermal Baths Hall 15.1 100

Hall 21b / Stand 216a

Malta Tourism Authority Hall 21.b 216a

Mamberto Hall 1.2 102

Mammoth Lakes Tourism Hall 3.1 221

Manage your Trip Hall 4.1 212

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Aruba Hall 22.a 104

Manchester, Gateway to the North Hall 18 118,120

Mandala Travel

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Mandara Hotels Hall 5.2a 107

Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hall 26.a 122

Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah Dubai Hall 2.2 100

Maniumpathy Hall 5.2a 106

Manrik Hotels & Lodges Hall 21.a 122

Mantis Collection Hall 20 132

Manumadi Tours & Travel Hall 26.a 114, 116

Manya Africa Hall 21.a 121

Mar Playa de Muro Suites Hall 2.1 104

Mara Gates Safaris Hall 21.a 114

Maradiva Villas Resort

& Spa Sands Suites Resort & Spa Hall 20 128

Maral Tours Travel Agency Hall 4.2 205

Maranello Tour

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

MarBella Corfu Hall 1.1 112

MarBella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas Hall 1.1 112

Marbella Tourism,

Ayuntamiento de Marbella Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Marburg Stadt und Land Tourismus GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

Marco Polo Central Asia Travel Hall 3.1 602

Marco Polo Hotels, Hongkong Hall 26.a 119

Marco Polo Reisen GmbH Hall 25 108

Marcopolo Tourism Holding Co Hall 4.2 205

Mare Collina Tour Travel

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Marguery Exclusive Villas Hall 20 128

marhaba Services Hall 2.2 100

Marhaba Tours Hall 4.2 124,124a

Marhotels Hall 2.1 102,102a

Maribor - Pohorje Tourismus Hall 17 109

Marienbad Kur & Spa Hotels Hall 7.2b 102a

Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd Hall 26.a 122

Marina Madanrin Singapore Hall 26.a 122

Marintur Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Marismare Hotels Hall 1.1 110,110a

MARITIM Airport Hotel Hannover Hall 9 303

MARITIM Antonine Hotel & Spa Malta Hall 9 303

MARITIM Berghotel Braunlage Hall 9 303

MARITIM ClubHotel Timmendorfer Strand Hall 9 303

MARITIM Crystals Beach Hotels Mauritius Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hafenhotel Rheinsberg Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel & Internationales

Congress Center Dresden Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel am Schlossgarten Fulda Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Amsterdam Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Bad Homburg Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Bad Wildungen Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Bellevue Kiel Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Berlin Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Bonn Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Bremen Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Changzhou Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Darmstadt Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Düsseldorf Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Frankfurt Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Galatzó Mallorca Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Gelsenkirchen Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Ingolstadt Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Kaiserhof Heringsdorf Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Köln Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Königswinter Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Magdeburg Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Mannheim Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Mauritius Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel München Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Nürnberg Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Paradise Blue Albena Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Saray Regency Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Shenyang Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Stuttgart Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Tenerife Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Ulm Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Wuhu Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotel Würzburg Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotelgesellschaft mbH Hall 9 303

MARITIM Hotels Mauritius Hall 20 128

MARITIM Jolie Ville Resort & Casino Hall 9 303

MARITIM Pine Beach Resort Belek Hall 9 303

MARITIM proArte Hotel Hall 9 303

MARITIM Seehotel Timmendorfer Strand Hall 9 303

MARITIM Staatsbadhotel Bad Salzuflen Hall 9 303

MARITIM Strandhotel Travemünde Hall 9 303

MARITIM TitiseeHotel Titisee-Neustadt Hall 9 303

Mark International Hall 3.1 181

Mark Tours Hall 2.2 204

Marketing Deluxe GmbH Hall 17 103

Marketing Gesellschaft

Mönchengladbach mbH Hall 8.2 103f

Marketing Manchester Hall 18 123

Marketing-Gesellschaft Oberlausitz-

Niederschlesien mbH Hall 11.2 102

Marketingkooperation Städte

Schleswig-Holstein e.V. Hall 6.2a 105

Maroc Excursions Hall 21.b 213

Marpunta Resort Hall 1.1 112

Marriott Hotels & Resort of Costa Rica Hall 22.b 201,201a

Marriott Hotels International Ltd Hall 9 312

Marriott International Hall 20 128

Marriott International - Egypt (two Booths) Hall 4.2 124,124a

Marriott Kathmandu Hotel Hall 5.2a 105

Marriott Resort Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Hall 2.2 100

Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl Doha Hall 2.2 206

Marti Hotels & Marinas Hall 3.2 201

Martin Travel Hall 23.b 206

Martin-Gropius-Bau Hall 10.2 112

Martinique Hall 22.a 117

Martsam Travel Hall 22.b 203

Marvel Holidays (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Hall 26.b 210, 211

Mary Rose Museum Hall 18 123

Marylanza Suites & Spa Hall 2.1 202

Mas que Motos Tenerife Hall 2.1 202

Mashatu Game Reserve Hall 20 131

Mashinsharti Tours

& Travel Tourism Company Hall 21.b 205

Master Group Tour Operator Hall 1.2 105,108,


Masters Travel Service Hall 4.2 100

Matahari Beach Resort & Spa Hall 26.a 114, 116

Mathias Tourism Hall 4.2 204

Matoke Tours Hall 21.a 121

MATOR Hall 4.1 264

MATSO Hall 3.2 201

Mat-Su Convention & Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 401

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn Hall 17 101a-c

Mauermuseum - Museum Haus

am Checkpoint Charlie Hall 12 101

Mauly Tours & Safaris Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Mauritius Events Hall 20 104

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority Hall 20 128

Mauritours Ltd Hall 20 128

Mauritshuis Hall 10.2 102

Mautourco Ltd Hall 20 128

Maverick Aviation Group Hall 3.1 231

Mawar Holidays Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR /

LVR-Museumsverbund Hall 8.2 103f

MAXX by Steigenberger Hall 9 317

Maxx Royal Resorts Hall 3.2 201

Maya Sky Tour Operador & DMC Hall 22.b 203

Maya Trails Hall 22.b 203

Mayan Escapes Hall 22.b 202

Mayfair Smartline Hall 1.1 110,110a

Mayflower Holidays Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Mayotte Comité Départemental du Tourisme Hall 20 105

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort Morocco Hall 21.b 213

Mazi Travel & Events Hall 1.1 101,101a

MB Prestige, LLC Hall 3.1 608

Mbalageti Serengeti Camp Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Mbali Mbali Lodges and Camps Hall 20 132

Mberesero Lodges & Tented Camps Hall 21.a 128

MBNA Thames Clippers Hall 18 123


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

MCI Management Center Innsbruck Hall 11.1 211

MDT travel underwriting GmbH Hall 25 137a


Tourismusverband e.V.

Hall 6.2a 106,106a-b

Mecure Barsha Heights Hall 2.2 100

med con team GmbH Hall 10.1 117

MEDER CommTech GmbH Hall 6.1 114

Media Rotana Hall 9 307

Media Travel & Logistics

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Medianox Communication GmbH Hall 25 141

Medianox GmbH Hall 25 104

Medical SPA Travel Hall 15.1 100

MediKur Reisen GmbH Hall 14.1 111

Medintur Italia

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Mediteran Adria d.o.o. Hall 1.2 217

Médoc Atlantique Tourism Board Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Meet and Greet

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

meetago GmbH Hall 8.1 117

Meeting Point International Hall 25 172

Meeting Point Italia SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Meeting Point Youtravel LLC Hall 25 172 Hall 8.1 120

Mega Water Sports SDN BHD Hall 26.a 117

MEININGER Hotels Hall 4.1 105

Meiveda Ayurveda & Yoga

(Pavis Resorts Pvt. Ltd) Hall 5.2b 214b

Melanesian Tourist Services Ltd. Hall 5.2a 115

Meli Tours Hall 1.1 101,101a

Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat Hall 26.c 313

Melia Bali Hall 26.a 114, 116

Melia Hanoi Hotel Hall 26.c 313

Melia Hotels | Portugal

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Meliá Hotels International Hall 9 201

Melia Hotels International

Dominician Republic Hall 22.a 100,100a

Melia Kuala Lumpur Hall 26.a 117

Melia Purosani Hall 26.a 114, 116

Melia Serengeti Lodge Hall 21.a 128

Melia Zanzibar Hall 21.a 128

Melo Travel

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Memphis & Mississippi Verkehrsbüro Hall 3.1 222

Menara Tours Hall 21.b 213

Mercado & Eventos - Brasil Hall 23.b 214

Mercedes-Benz Museum Hall 10.2 112

Mercure Hotel Alameda Hall 23.a 101

Mercury Travels Limited Hall 5.2b 236

Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa,

Langkawi Hall 26.a 117

Merke Tour Hall 3.2 201

Merlin Entertainments plc Hall 18 123

Mesoamerica Travel Hall 22.b 204

Messe Erfurt GmbH Hall 11.2 103

Messe Frankfurt Hall 7.2c 101

Messe- und Veranstaltungs GmbH Hall 12 101

Messehotel Köln-Deutz Hall 8.1 131

Metglobal Hall 3.2 201

Métropole Europeenne de Lille

Hello Lille Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Metropolitan Touring Colombia Hall 23.a 109

Metropolitan Touring South America

Tour Operator Hall 23.a 109

Metropolitan Touring-Peru Hall 23.a 109

Metropolregion Rheinland e.V. Hall 8.2 103a

MEVKA Hall 3.2 201

Mews Systems Hall 7.1b 105

MGM Muthu Hotels Hall 2.1 202

MGM Resorts International Hall 3.1 231

MH Global GmbH Hall 7.2c 101

m-haditec GmbH - halal-reisen Hall 3.2 108

MHK - Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel Hall 16 100

Mice Uganda-Asyanut Safaris Incentives Hall 21.a 121

Michelangelo International Travel s.r.l. Hall 1.2 110

Middle East Airlines - MEA Hall 25 128

Miki Reisen GmbH Hall 26.a 120

Miki Travel Limited Hall 8.1 113b

Millenium Hilton Bangkok Hall 9 314

Millennium Hotels and Resorts Hall 9 303

Miller Incoming GmbH Hall 23.b 201

Miller Reisen GmbH Hall 23.b 201

Millstätter See Tourismus GmbH Hall 17 103

Mimo Food Hall 2.1 101

Mina Mark Resort & Spa Hall 4.2 124,124a

Ministerio de Cultura y Turismo de Jujuy Hall 23.b 203

Ministerio de Cultura, Turismo y

Deportes de Salta Hall 23.b 203

Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador Hall 23.a 101

Ministerium für Ländliche

Entwicklung, Umwelt Brandenburg Hall 12 101

Ministry of Agriculture

and Rural Development Hall 15.1 100

Ministry of Culture of the Republic Hall 3.1 623

Ministry of Culture of the Republic

of Tajikistan Hall 3.1 623

Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism Hall 21.a 128

Ministry of tourism of the Republic

of Buryatia Affaires Hall 3.1 610

Ministry of Tourisme Haiti Hall 22.b 211

Minoan Lines Hall 1.1 101,101a

Minor Hotel Group Limited Hall 26.b 232

Mira Waterfront Hotel Jeddah Hall 9 109


Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Miracle Experience Tanzania Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Miracle Resort Hotel Hall 3.2 201

Miracle Tourism Hall 2.2 201

Mirage Bab Al Bahr Hotel & Resort Hall 2.2 104

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort Hall 1.1 101,101a

Miramare Scilla Grand Youth Hostel

Work soc. coop. sociale ONLUS Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Misa Tours International Hall 3.1 390

Misr Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

Missouri Division of Tourism Hall 3.1 222

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park Hall 22.b 201,201a

Mitsis Hotels Hall 1.1 107

Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG c/o

Flughafen Dresden GmbH Hall 11.2 102

Mittelrhein-Museum Hall 10.2 112

Mittelweser-Touristik GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

MKT Plus Hall 21.b 214f

MNM Group LTD Jamaica Hall 22.a 102

Mobacar Hall 6.1 101

MOBY Lines Europe GmbH Hall 1.2 226

Moco Museum Hall 10.2 102

Modenatur Incoming Tour Operator & DMC Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Mogador Hotels & Resorts Hall 21.b 213

Mojatuu Zanzibar - Luxury Villa

& Nature Retreat Hall 21.a 128

Mojatuu Zanzibar and Hakuna

Majiwe Beach Lodge Hall 21.a 123,128

Moldova, National Inbound Tourism

Association of Moldova Hall 3.1 625

Monarch Travel Hall 21.b 213

Monchique Resort & Spa

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Mondial GmbH Hall 17 103

MonDiscovery Hall 3.1 602

Mondorf Domaine Thermal Hall 10.2 101a

Mondrian Hotel Hall 2.2 206

Monex Hall 6.1 101

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #21



Mongolian Secret History- Mongolian

Inbound tour operator Hall 26.c 316

Mongolian Tourism Association Hall 26.c 316

Monroe County Tourist

Development Council Hall 3.1 305

Mons Region Tourist Board Hall 16 100

Montagu Country Hotel Hall 20 138

Montanari Tour

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Monte da Quinta Resort

& Quinta do Lago

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Montenegro Airlines Hall 1.2 219

Montenegro Destinations Hall 1.2 219

Montenegro National Tourism

Organisation Hall 1.2 219

Montenegro Tourist Service Hall 1.2 219

Montesano Hotels: Altafiumara

Resort e Spa

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Montreux Oberland Bernois

MOB GoldenPass Line Hall 17 101a-c

Montreux-Vevey Tourisme Hall 17 101a-c

Monument Valley Simpson’s

Trailhandler Tours Hall 3.1 140

Monument Valley Tours Hall 3.1 127

Mora-Travel S.A.R.L. Hall 4.1 264

Moray Speyside Tourism Hall 18 123

Morena Resort Hall 22.a 105

Moroccan National Tourist Office Hall 21.b 213

Mosaic Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Mosaique Malgache Hall 20 104

Moscow Sputnik Hall 3.1 610

Moselhotel Burg-Cafe Alken Hall 14.1 112

Mosellandtouristik GmbH Hall 8.2 201b

Moskow State Integrated Museum-Reserve Hall 3.1 610

Mosturflot Cruises Company Hall 3.1 608

Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd Hall 26.a 122

Mount Lavinia Hotel Hall 5.2a 107

Mountain Adventure Trekking Hall 5.2a 105

Mountain Lodges of Perú Hall 23.a 100

Mountaineers of Iceland Hall 18 132c

Mountains of Norway Hall 18 132d

Mouzenidis Travel Hall 1.1 101,101a

Movenpick Hotel - Jumeirah Beach Hall 2.2 100

Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments

Bur Dubai & Mövenpick Hotel

Ibn Battuta Gate Hall 2.2 100

Movenpick Hotel & Convention Centre Klia Hall 26.a 117

Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers Hall 2.2 100

Movenpick Hotel West Bay Doha Hall 2.2 206

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts - Egypt Hall 4.2 124,124a

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts - Jordan Hall 4.2 200

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay Hall 26.a 125

Movenpick Resort and Spa Jimbaran,

Badung Bali. Hall 26.a 114, 116

Movenpick Resort Cam Ranh Hall 26.c 313


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Movimondo Tour Operator Di Alemar S.C. Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Mozambique Tourism Hall 20 108

Mozambique Voyages Hall 20 108

Mozarthaus Vienna Hall 17 103

MozetiTours & Safaris Hall 21.a 123

MP Hotels Hall 25 172

mpk - Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern Hall 10.2 112

MPM Hotels ltd. Hall 15.1 101

MSC Cruises SA Hall 6.2a 102, 104

MTO Marmaris Chamber of Commerce Hall 3.2 201

MTS - OTS Greece Hall 1.1 117

MTS City Breaks Hall 10.1 110b

MTS Globe Egypt Hall 4.2 124,124a

MTS Globe Malta Hall 1.2 220

MTS Globe Portugal Hall 1.1


MTS Globe Spain Hall 2.1 204

MTS Globe Turkey Hall 3.2 105

multicruise GmbH Hall 25 137

Multireisen Deutschland MRD GmbH Hall 6.1 127

mumok - Museum moderner

Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien Hall 17 103

München Tourismus

Landeshauptstadt München Hall 6.2b 310

Municipality Of Chersonissos Hall 1.1 101,101a

Municipality of Nessebar Hall 15.1 101

Municipality of Plovdiv Hall 15.1 101

Municipality of Samos Hall 1.1 101,101a

Municipality of Silistra Hall 15.1 101

Münster Marketing Hall 8.2 102 a

Münsterland e.V. Hall 8.2 102 a

Muong Thanh Hospitality Group Hall 26.c 313

Muratpasa Municipality Hall 3.2 112

Musandam Adventure Travel & Tourism Hall 2.2 201

Musandam Sea Adventure Travel & Tourism Hall 2.2 204

Musandam Tourism & Dhow Tours Hall 2.2 204

Musangano Lodge Hall 20 133

Muscat Nature Hall 2.2 204

Musée Raketamanga,

Musée de Propriété Intellectuelle,

Musée Contemporain Privé Hall 20 103

Musée Unterlinden Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Museen Böttcherstrasse Paula Modersohn-

Becker Museum Ludwig Roselius Museum

Sammlung Bernhard Hoetger Hall 6.2a 101

Museen Weißenburg Hall 10.2 112

Museenkoeln Hall 16 100

Museion-Versand GmbH Hall 10.2 111

Musement Hall 9 320

Museo del Baile Flamenco Cristina

Hoyos, Sevilla Hall 10.2 112

Museu Sa Bassa Blanca Fundacion Jakober Hall 2.1 105

Museum Brüder Grimm-Haus Steinau Hall 10.2 112

Museum Burg Posterstein Hall 10.2 112

Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig Hall 11.2 102

Museum der Universität Tübingen Hall 6.2b 201

Museum Folkwang Hall 16 100

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin Hall 12 101

Museum für Zeit Hall 10.2 112

Museum Himmlisches Theater - Die Neuzeller

Passionsdarstellungen vom Heiligen Grab Hall 10.2 112

Museum Lindwurm Hall 10.2 112

Museum Pachen Deutsche Kunst

des 20. Jahrhunderts Hall 10.2 112

Museum Palace in Rogalin Hall 15.1 100

Museum Quintana - Archäologie

in Künzing Hall 10.2 112

Museum Rietberg Hall 10.2 112

Museum Römerhalle Hall 10.2 112

Museum Schloss Moyland Hall 10.2 112

Museum Schlosspark Hall 10.2 112

Museum Wiesbaden Hall 7.2c 101 Hall 10.2 112

Museumsdienst Köln Hall 8.2 103b

MuseumsQuartier Errichtungsund

BetriebsgesmbH Hall 17 103

Museumsufer Frankfurt Hall 16 100

Music Hotel, S.A. Hotel San Borondon Hall 2.1 202

Music Tourism Convention Hall 4.1 120

Musical Theater Bremen Betriebs GmbH Hall 6.2a 101

Muthu Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Mutiara Taman Negara Hall 26.a 117

MVC Eagle Beach Hall 22.a 104

My Holidays Hall 20 128

My Taiwan Tour Travel Service Co., Ltd Hall 26.a 121

My Travel - travel agency Hall 1.2 217 B.V. Hall 4.1 205

Myanmar Bavarian Travels & Tours Co. Ltd Hall 26.b 226

Myanmar, Ministry of Hotels and Tourism Hall 26.b 226

myclimate Deutschland gGmbH Hall 4.1 260

mydays Event GmbH Hall 7.1a 200

Mydriver GmbH & Co. KG Hall 9 121

myhotelshop GmbH Hall 5.1 100

myLike Hall 6.1 107 GmbH Hall 10.2 107

myRent Hall 6.1 122

Myrtle Beach Area Convention

& Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 321

Mysk al Mouj Hotel Hall 2.2 204

Mystic Cruises SA Hall 1.1 205b

myTaxi - Intelligent Apps GmbH Hall 7.1a 100

Mytt Beach Hotel Hall 26.b 218


NAC Helicopters, Cape Town Hall 20 138

NAH.SH GmbH Hall 6.2a 105

Nahdy Travel Hall 21.a 122

Naheland-Touristik GmbH Hall 8.2 201b

Nakuru County Government Hall 21.a 122

NAKUWA - Nachhaltiger Natur und

Kulturtourismus UNESCO

Welterbe Wattenmeer Hall 4.1 230

Nam Nghi Phu Quoc Resort A

B Phu Quoc Corporation Hall 26.c 313

Namaste Tours Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2b 205, 205a

Namibia Tourism Board Hall 20 115,135

Nana Hotels | Nana Princess Suites,

Villas & Spa, Nana Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 101,101a

Nanga Parbat Adventure Hall 5.2a 121

Nannybag Hall 6.1 105

Nanuku Auberge Resort Fiji Hall 5.2a 114

Napitia Tourists Services

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Naples, Marco Island, Everglades

Convention & Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 305

Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board Hall 22.a 120

Nassima Royal Hotel Hall 2.2 100

Nathan Travel Hall 5.2a 101

National Car Rental Hall 9 106

National Express Limited Hall 18 123

National Museum in Poznan Hall 15.1 100

National Park Krka Public Institution Hall 4.1 208

National Parks of Montenegro Hall 1.2 219

National Parks UK Hall 18 125

National Stand of Ukraine Hall 3.1 613

National Travel Services Hall 4.2 124,124a

Nationale Naturlandschaften in

Thüringen c/o UNESCO-

Biosphärenreservat Thüringer Wald Hall 11.2 103

Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald Hall 6.2b 311

Nationalpark Hamburgisches Wattenmeer Hall 4.1 230

Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald Hall 8.2 201c

Nationalpark Niedersächsisches

Wattenmeer Hall 4.1 230

Nationalpark Wattenmeer

Schleswig-Holstein Hall 4.1 230

Nationalparkforstamt Eifel Hall 4.1 201a

Native Tourism of Wisconsin Hall 3.1 140

Naturaliter Soc. Coop e Tour operator Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Nature Resorts,Nilgiris Hall 5.2b 210

Nature Tours Hall 26.c 316

NaturMed Hotel Carbona

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU) e.V. Hall 21.a 102

Naturzentrum Eifel Hall 10.2 112

Nau Hotels & Resorts

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Navarra, Gobierno de. Servicio

de Marketing Técnico Hall 2.1 101

Naviera Armas Lanzarote Hall 2.1 202

Navimag Ferries S.A. Hall 23.b 204

Nazarene Tours Hall 7.2a 100

neanderland / Kreis Mettmann Hall 8.2 103c

Neanderthal Museum Hall 8.2 103c

Nemo Galápagos Hall 23.a 101

Neo Armenia Hall 15.1 102

NEOM Hall 2.2 105

Neoscapes Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Nepal Tourism Board Hall 5.2a 105


Tanzania - Zanzibar Hall 21.a 119

Neptuno Hall 22.a 107

Nerva Accommodation

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Ness by D-Ocean Hall 20 123,130

Nestoras Hotels Ltd. Hall 1.1 110,110a

Net Affinity Ltd. Hall 7.1b 107

Netanya Hall 7.2a 100

NetToHotel Srl Hall 7.1c 116

netzvitamine GmbH Hall 6.2b 301

Neue Schauspielhaus GmbH Hall 6.2a 102, 104

neusta destination solutions GmbH Hall 6.2b 301

neusta eTourism GmbH Hall 6.2b 301

Nevsky Hotels Group Hall 3.1 610

New Braunfels Convention

& Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 211

New Brunswick Tourism,

Heritage and Culture Hall 3.1 390

New Caledonia Tourism Hall 5.2a 110

New Frontiers Tours Hall 20 132

New Orleans & Company Hall 3.1 230

New Smyrna Beach Area Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 305

New Sun Travel Hall 15.1 101

New Way Travel co., Ltd Hall 26.b 210, 211

New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel Hall 26.a 119

New World Travel Hall 3.1 201

New York Cruise Lines Hall 3.1 205

New York State Division

of Tourism I Love NY Hall 3.1 205

New Zealand Tourism Hall 5.2a 102

Newcastle Gateshead Initiative Ltd. Hall 18 125

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism Hall 3.1 390

Newhotel Software Hall 10.1 122

Newmark Hotels Reserves & Lodges Hall 20 132

Newtravel Viagens e Turismo Ltda. Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Newturvis SLU Q Hall 2.1 124

Nexotel Gestión S.A. Hall 2.1 202

Ngalawa Hotel & Resort Hall 21.a 128

Ngong Ping 360 Limited Hall 26.a 119

Ngorongoro Conservation

Area Authority Hall 21.a 128

NH Hotel Group S.A. Hall 9 316

NHL Hogeschool Hall 11.1 202

Niagara Falls Tourism Hall 3.1 390

Niagara Helicopters Limited Hall 3.1 390

Nicaraguan Tourism Board Hall 22.b 205

nicko cruises Schiffsreisen GmbH Hall 25 165

Nicolaus Tour Hall 1.2 115

Nicosia Tourism Board Hall 1.1 110,110a

Niederländisches Büro

für Tourismus & Convention Hall 10.2 102

Niederösterreich Gruppenreisen Hall 17 103

Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH Hall 17 103

Niederrhein Tourismus GmbH Hall 8.2 102 a

Nika Island Resort & Spa Hall 5.2a 108

Nika Travel Co. Ltd Hall 4.2 205

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa L.L.C. Hall 2.2 100

Nine Skies Hall 5.2a 106

nineties Berlin Hall 12 101

Nippon Express Travel Co., Ltd. Hall 26.a 120

NIPPON Rent-A-Car Hall 26.a 120

Nippon Travel Agency Co.Ltd Hall 26.a 120

Nirwana Gardens Hall 26.a 122

NIS DMC Hall 2.1 101

Nissi Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

NKAR Travels & Tours (Pvt.) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Nkurungo Safaris Hall 21.a 121

NLW Tourismus Marketing GmbH Hall 17 103

No Limit Adventures Hall 5.2a 115

Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris Hall 5.2a 106

Nomad Adventure Tours Hall 20 112

Nomad Tanzania Hall 20 121,122

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Hall 26.b 218

Nontana Travel & Tourism Agency Hall 21.b 205

Nor1 GmbH Hall 8.1 120a

Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd. Hall 26.c 325b

Nordic Tours A/S Hall 18 132a

Nordica Hall 18 127

NordicMarketing GmbH Hall 18 108

Nordis Verlag GmbH

Das Nordeuropa-Magazin Hall 18 132e

Nordrhein-Westfalen, Tourismus NRW e.V. Hall 8.2 102a-b

Nordseeheilbad Cuxhaven GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Nordsee-Tourismus-Service GmbH Hall 6.2a 105

Nordzypern Tourismus Zentrum GmbH Hall 3.2 100

Norefjell Skisenter Hall 18 132d

Norma Vacanze Hall 1.2 102

North Aegean Islands Samos-

Lesvos-Chios-Limnos-Ikari Hall 1.1 101,101a

North Coast Tourism Hall 20 138

North Incoming Service Hall 2.1 101,101a

North Macedonia Agency for promotion

and support of tourism Hall 1.2 201

North of England City Experience

c/o Marketing Liverpool Hall 18 125

Northern Cape Tourism Authority Hall 20 138

Northern Lights Text

und Kommunikation GmbH Hall 18 132a

#22 Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019

M / N / O / P


Northern Lights Village Hall 18 132b

Northern Norway Tourist Board Hall 18 132d

Northern Sunshine Farms d.o.o. Hall 1.2 215

Northern Travel Cyprus Hall 25 101, 101a

Northwest Territories Tourism Hall 3.1 390

Norwegian Cruise Line Hall 25 160

Nosso Tejo - Lisbon Traditional Boat Tours Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Nour Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Nova Gorica and Vipavska Dolina Hall 17 109

Nova Skyland Hotel Hall 18 132b

Novanta Touristic Hall 3.2 116

NOVASOL AS Hall 18 116

Novo Hotel & Suite Hall 22.b 202

Novotel Al Dana Resort Bahrain Hall 4.2 204

NOVUM Hospitality Hall 9 120

NPO Japan Ecotourism Society

(Japan Nature Network) Hall 26.a 120

NPT Norway Pro Travel GmbH Hall 18 132d

NRW-Forum Düsseldorf Hall 8.2 103b

NSB Norwegische Staatsbahn Hall 18 132d

NS-Dokumentationszentrum München Hall 16 100

Nusa Dua Bali DMC Hall 26.a 114, 116

Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa Hall 26.a 114, 116

Nxamaseri Island Lodge Hall 20 131

NYC & Company Hall 3.1 205


Oak Ray Restaurant (Pvt) Ltd Hall 5.2a 107

Oaky B.V. Hall 8.1 117

OasiParcs Coral Estate Hall 22.a 105

Oasis Travel GmbH Hall 2.2 210

Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah Hall 2.2 201

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Oberoi Hotels, Resorts

& Nile Cruisers, Egypt Hall 4.2 124,124a

Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH Hall 17 103

Oberschwaben Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2b 201

Ocean Five Hotel Miami Beach Hall 3.1 181

Ocean Paradise Resort & Spa Hall 21.a 128

Ocean Spray Hall 22.a 115

Oceania Cruises Hall 25 160

Oceanis Beach & Spa Resort Hall 1.1 101,101a

OCEANO Hotel Health Spa

Carowa Tenerife S.A.U. Hall 2.1 202

Oceanwide Expeditions Hall 25 166

Octorate Hall 8.1 124b

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd Hall 26.a 120

Odisha Tourism Hall 5.2b 242

Off the Track Robyn Whaley Hall 20 133

Off2Africa DMC Hall 20 133

Offenbach - Stadt und Kreis Hall 7.2c 101

Office de Tourisme de Cassis Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Office de Tourisme de Leucate Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Office de Tourisme de Trouville-sur-Mer Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Office de Tourisme Intercommunale

Calvi-Balagne Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Office de Tourisme Melun Val de Seine Hall 1.1 201, 201a

OFFSHORE BOOTE P.M. Hall 1.2 215

Oficina de Turismo de Barbate Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Oficina de Turismo San Roque

Palacio de Los Gobernadores Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Ojha Holidays Tours & Treks Pvt. Ltd Hall 5.2a 105

Okavango Expeditions Hall 20 121,122

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau Hall 26.a 120

Olakala Hall 4.1 243

Olami Sayohat Hall 3.1 623

Old Amsterdam Cheese Store Hall 10.2 102

Old Muscat Hall 2.2 204

Olivari DMC Croatia & Southeast Europe Hall 1.2 207

Ollandini Voyages Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Olsztyn Mazury Airport Hall 15.1 100

Olta Travel Hall 3.1 610

Olympic Tour Service Hall 3.1 616a

Olympus Tours Hall 22.a 100,100a

Ombak Villa Langkawi Hall 26.a 117

Omnes Tour LTD Hall 15.1 102

ON Pro Travel Solutions

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Once Upon a Trip Hall 5.2a 102

One & Only Le Saint Geran Hall 20 128

One And Only The Palm Dubai Hotel Hall 2.2 100

One Himalayan Adventures

Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

One Way Watamu Bay Hall 21.a 122

One World Hall 1.2 232

OnlineBuchungService GmbH Hall 6.2b 307

ONLY 4U Travel Experiences Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

ONYX Hospitality Group Hall 26.b 208

OOCR Region Liptov Hall 7.2b 103

Oostenrijk Group Hall 10.2 102

Open Destinations Hall 5.1 113

OpenBooking AG Hall 17 101a-c

opensmjle. Hall 7.1b 107

Oper im Steinbruch / Arenaria GmbH /

Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH Hall 16 100

Oper Leipzig Hall 11.2 102

Oppeln Stadt Hall 15.1 100

Oppelner Regionale Tourismusorganisation Hall 15.1 100

Oracle Hospitality Hall 9 122

Orange - The Destination

Management Company Hall 5.2b 243

Orange County Resort Hotels Hall 25 145

Orange Journeys Hall 4.1 231

Orascom Hotels Development Hall 4.2 124,124a

Orchard Hotel Singapore Hall 26.a 122

Orea Hotels & Resorts Hall 7.2b 102a

Organismo Autónomo Parques Nacionales Hall 2.1 101

Orient Express Travels & Tours (India) Hall 5.2b 253

Original Berlin Walks Beineke,

Lars & Narin, Can GbR Hall 12 101

Orion Trek Voyages Hall 4.1 231

Orléans Val de Loire Tourisme Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Orom Travel Hall 3.1 623

Oryx Rotana Doha Hall 9 307


und Tourismus GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Ostel Bremen Hall 9 109

Österreich Werbung Hall 17 103

Österreichische Galerie Belvedere Hall 17 103

Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum Stübing Hall 10.2 112

Österreichisches Jugendherbergswerk Hall 4.1 111

Ostfalia Hochschule

für angewandte Wissenschaften Hall 11.1 208

Ostfriesische Inseln GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Ostia Antica Park Hotel

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Ostsee-Holstein-Tourismus e.V. Hall 6.2a 105

Ostseehotel Dierhagen

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Ostseehotel Waldschlösschen

by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Ostsee-Zeitung GmbH & Co. KG Hall 6.2a 106

OTA Insight Hall 10.1 112b

Othman Khiri, OK Rent a Car S.L. Hall 2.1 101

Otium Hotels Hall 3.2 201

Otlat Travel Hall 4.2 124,124a

OTS Open Travel Services AG Hall 2.1 204

OTT - Online Travel Training Hall 18 123

Ottawa Tourism Hall 3.1 390

Otto’s Tours EIRLtda. Hall 23.a 107

Ötztal Tourismus Hall 17 103

Out and About Africa DMC Hall 20 138

OUTBAX TRAVEL Hall 5.2a 101

Outdoor Himalayan Treks Pvt. Ltd. Hall 5.2a 105

Outdoor Kosovo Hall 1.2 211

Outdooractive GmbH & Co KG Hall 7.1c 109

Outletcity Metzingen Hall 6.2b 201

Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort Hall 5.2a 108

Outrigger Mauritius Beach Resort Hall 20 128

Ovest Destination Italie Hall 1.2 231

Owadan Hall 3.1 602

OWT Oberhausener Wirtschaftsund

Tourismusförderung GmbH Hall 8.2 101a

OZ Hotels Hall 3.2 20


P & P transport and travel agency Hall 7.2b 102a

P C Tours and Travel Hall 26.a 119

P Group Plovdiv LTD Hall 15.1 101

P&O Ferries Holdings Limited Hall 18 123

P&P Academy

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

P. Sapounakis S.A. Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 101,101a

P.T. Asian Trails Indonesia Hall 26.b 207

P.T.P. Mundo Maya Hall 22.b 203

P3 Hotels Hall 6.1 101

Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

Headquaters Hall 26.b 228

Pacific Destinations Hall 5.2a 114

Pacific International PNG Travel Hall 26.b 228

Pacto Ltd. Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism Hall 1.1 110,110a

Paiya Tours Hall 5.2a 115

Palac na Wodzie Emotions

&Thermal SPA Hall 15.1 100

Palacio Estoril Hotel & Golf Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Palestine, Ministry of Tourism

and Antiquities Hall 4.2 202

Palheiro Nature Estate

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Palladian Routes Hall 1.2 224

Palladium Hotel Group Hall 2.1 103

Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows Hall 1.1 110,110a

Palm Garden Resort and spa Hall 26.c 313

Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism Hall 3.1 221

Palma Fundaciòn Turismo Palma Hall 2.1 112

Palmaraie Resorts Hall 21.b 213


Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Palmwings Hotels & Resorts Hall 3.2 133

Paloma Hotels Hall 3.2 128

Pamirs Eco Cultural Tourism

Association c/o Committee of Youth

Affairs, Sports and Tourism, Tajikistan Hall 3.1 623

Pan Arab Tours- PAT Hall 4.2 124,124a

Pan East Tours Hall 4.2 200

Pan Pacific Singapore Hall 26.a 122

PAN Tours Hall 3.1 608

Panama City Beach Convention

& Visitors Bureau Hall 3.1 305

Panama Tourism Authority Hall 22.b 200

Panazorica DMC

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Pandanus Resort Mui Ne - Vietnam Hall 26.c 313

Pandox Berlin GmbH,

c/o Hotel Berlin, Berlin Hall 8.1 117

Paneurasia, Travel Company Hall 3.1 610

Pangea Viaggi Incoming

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Pangolin Photo Safaris Hall 20 131

Panometer GmbH Hall 11.2 102

Panorama Destination (M) Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Panorama Destination Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Panorama Holidays DMC Hall 26.a 117

Panorama Langkawi SDN BHD Hall 26.a 117

Panorama Museum Hall 10.2 112

Papagayo Beach Curacao Hall 22.a 105

Papenburg Marketing GmbH Hall 6.2a 103

Papillon Diani Ltd. Hall 21.a 122

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters Hall 3.1 231

Papillon Hotels Resort Hall 3.2 201

Papke Funksysteme GmbH Hall 25 137

Papua Explorer/

The Baliem Valley Resort Hall 26.a 114, 116

Papua New Guinea Tourism

Promotion Authority c/o The Conjoint

Marketing Group GmbH Hall 5.2a 115

Papua New Guinea Tribal Lands Hall 5.2a 115

Paradis Plage Surf Yoga & Spa Resort Hall 21.b 213

Paradise and Wilderness Hall 21.a 131

Paradise Bay Resort Hall 1.2 220

Paradise Ethiopia Travel Hall 21.a 102

Paradores de Turismo de España Hall 2.1 101

Paraguay Secretaría Nacional de Turismo Hall 23.b 206

parallel 60 Ltd Hall 3.1 610

Parc Hotels Italia Hall 1.2 231

Parco dei Principi

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Pardisan Tour & Travel Company Hall 4.2 205

Pardise Beach Hotel Hall 22.b 204

Park Arjaan by Rotana Hall 9 307

Park Hotel Group Hall 26.a 122

Park Hotel Hong Kong Hall 26.a 119

Park Hotel Winterthur Hall 17 106

Park Hyatt Hall 2.2 206

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa Hall 5.2a 108

Park Inn by Radisson Berlin

Alexanderplatz Hall 12 101

Park Inn by Radisson Meriton

Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn Hall 18 127

Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel Hall 2.2 100

Park Rotana Hall 9 307

Park Skocjanske jame Hall 17 109

Parkhotel Fulda Kolping Hotels & Resorts Hall 8.1 131

Parkhotel Fulda Kolping Hotels & Resorts Hall 9 109

Parkland Group Hall 1.2 201

Parklane Hall 1.1 110,110a

Parkroyal Hotels & Resorts Hall 26.a 117

Parkroyal Yangon Hall 26.b 226

Parques de Sintra

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Parrotel Hotel & Resorts Hall 4.2 124,124a

Pars Tourist Agency Hall 4.2 205

Partnering Solution Hall 18 130

Pasargad Tours Co. Ltd. Hall 4.2 205

Passengers friend GmbH Hall 25 137

Passionsspiele Oberammergau

Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG Hall 6.2b 311

Passolution GmbH Hall 6.1 125

PATA Deutschland e.V. Hall 26.b 228

Patagonia Chile Hall 23.b 204

Patagonia Lagos y Volcanes Hall 23.b 204

Patara Hall 3.2 201

Patong Beach Hotel Hall 26.b 210, 211

Patronato de Turismo del Atyo. de Arona Hall 2.1 202

Patronato Municipal de Turismo

de Alicante/Alicante City Tourist Board Hall 2.1 101,101a

Patronato Provincial de Turismo

Costa Blanca Hall 2.1 101,101a

Patronato Provincial de Turismo

de Cádiz

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Patronato Provincial de Turismo

de Córdoba

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Patronato Provincial de Turismo

de Grana

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Patronato Provincial de Turismo

de Huelva

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Patronato Provincial de Turismo

de Valencia Hall 2.1 101,101a

Pattaya Variety Hall 26.b 218

Pau French Pyrenees Hall 1.1 201, 201a

paxconnect GmbH Hall 5.1 139

Paximum Hall 6.1 108

PAYA PR Inh. Anke Schaffelhuber Hall 5.3 105

PayPal Deutschland GmbH Hall 7.1c 112

PCI Booking Hall 5.1 121

Peach Group Resort Hall 26.b 210, 211

PEAK DMC Hall 4.1 220

Peakwork AG Hall 5.1 117

Pearl Afric Tours Hall 21.a 121

Pearl Island Holiday Travel Agency Hall 26.a 117

Pearl Rotana Capital Centre Hall 9 307

Pearl Travel Service Pvt Ltd Hall 5.2a 108

Pearle Beach Hall 20 128

Pegasus Hall 8.1 111

Pegasus Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd Hall 26.a 117

Pekoe House Hall 5.2a 106

Pelican Cruise Halong Cat Ba

Joint Stock Company Hall 26.c 313

Penang Global Tourism Hall 26.a 117

Peninsula Tours Turizm Sey.

Org. Tic. San. Ltd. Sti. Hall 3.2 133

Pension Brinn Hall 12 101

Pepperclub Hotel Hall 20 138

pepXpress Touristik & Marketing GmbH Hall 25 168

Perfecta Travel Hall 1.2 215

Performance Solutions, IFH GmbH Hall 8.1 117

Perú HCT - Huaraz Chavín Tours Hall 23.a 100

Perurail Hall 23.a 100

Peruvian Sacred Hall 23.a 100

Pestana Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

PETERS Hotel & Spa by Wellnessfinder Hall 9 109

Petit Hotel AB Hall 8.1 109

Petra Travel & Tourism Hall 4.2 200

Pfalz.Touristik e.V. Hall 8.2 201b

PFD Publications

(UNESCO World Heritage Review) Hall 4.1 230

PGS Otelcilik Turizm Ticaret A.S. Hall 25 157

Phang Nga Tourism Association Hall 26.b 209

Exhibitors list as of 19 February 2019 #23



Pharos Data Ltd. Hall 18 128

PHC Hotels

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Philadelphia CVB Hall 3.1 232

Phileas France - Your Partner for France Hall 1.1 201, 201a

Philharmonisches Orchester Bergen Hall 16 100

Philharmonisches Staatsorchester

Hamburg Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Philippine Retirement Authority Hall 26.a 125

Philippines, Tourism Promotions Board Hall 26.a 101,123,


Philipp’s Bike Team Hall 2.1 102,102a

Philippus Leipzig Hall 9 109

Philoxenia Hotel Hall 1.1 112

Phocuswright Inc. Hall 7.1c 101

Phoenix Safaris K Limited Hall 21.a 122

Phoenix Voyages Group Ltd. Hall 26.a 106

Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa,

Merlin Beach Hall 26.b 210, 211

Phuket Tourist Association Hall 26.b 210, 211

Phuvaree Resort Hall 26.b 210, 211

Pietermaai Boutique Hotel Hall 22.a 105

Pilatus-Bahnen AG Hall 17 101a-c

Pilgrimage Village

& Vedana Lagoon Resorts Hall 26.a 107

Pinakotheken, Bayerische

Staatsgemäldesammlungen Hall 16 100

Pine Cliffs, a Luxury Collection Resort Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Pink Banana Media Hall 21.b 217

Pinnacle Africa Safaris Hall 21.a 121

Pipeline Software 2000, S.L. Hall 6.1 106

Piramides de Guimar Parque

etnographico Chacona s/n Hall 2.1 202

piroth.kommunikation GmbH Hall 5.3 106

Pithecusa Travel SRL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

PITO - Pars Ivan Tour Operator Hall 21.b 211

PKFARE Hall 5.1 120

Place of Charme Hotel & Resort Hall 1.2 228

Plan B Creating Pictures Hall 5.3 101

Planet Abled Hall 4.1 204

planet c Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Planhotel Hospitality Group Hall 21.a 133

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa Hall 26.a 125

PLANTOURS Kreuzfahrten Hall 25 121

Plataran Indonesia Hall 26.a 114, 116

Plateno Hall 9 119

Plava Laguna D.D. Hall 1.2 215

Playa de Muro, Asociación Hotelera Hall 2.1 104

Playa Esperanza Resort Hall 2.1 104

Playa Garden Selection Hotel & Spa Hall 2.1 104

Playa Hotels & Resorts Hall 22.a 102

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge Hall 22.b 201,201a

Plaza 21 Plus Travel Inc. Hall 26.a 124

Plaza 21 Travel Service Hall 26.a 124

Pledge Holidays (Pvt) Ltd. Hall 5.2a 107

Plitvice Lakes National Park Hall 4.1 265

PNG Explorers International Hall 5.2a 115

PNG Trekking Adventures Hall 5.2a 115

Poema del Mar Hall 2.1 206

Polana Serena Hotel Hall 20 108

Poland Active Maciej Szymoniak Hall 15.1 100

Polin Waterparks Greece Hall 1.1 101,101a

Polish Tourist Organisation Hall 15.1 100

Polish Volleyball Federatin Hall 15.1 100

Polizeimuseum Hamburg Hall 10.2 112

Polskie Stowarzyszenie Flisaków

Pieninskich Hall 15.1 100

Polynesie Voyages Hall 5.2a 109

Pompeii Societa Cooperativa

Sociale ARL

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

PONANT Yacht Cruises & Expeditions Hall 6.2a 102, 104

Pop House Sweden Hall 18 132e

Poppys Hotel Pvt Ltd. Hall 5.2b 210

Port of Seattle Hall 3.1 282

Porta Posnania Hall 15.1 100

Portblue Hotel & Resorts Hall 2.1 102,102a

Portimar - agência de viagens

e turismo

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Porto and Northern Portugal

Tourism Board

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Porto Bay Hotels & Resorts Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Porto Carras Grand Resort Hall 1.1 101,101a

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Hall 18 123

Porzellanikon - Staatliches Museum

für Porzellan Hohenberg a.d Eger/Selb Hall 16 100

Porzellanstraße Hall 16 100

Poseidon Expeditions Hall 25 115

Poseidonia Beach Hotel Hall 1.1 110,110a

Postojnska jama d.d. Hall 17 109

Potsdam Marketing und Service GmbH Hall 12 101

Pousadas de Portugal

Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Poznan Croissant Museum Hall 15.1 100

Poznan Stadium Hall 15.1 100

Poznan Tourism Organisation Hall 15.1 100

Ppm Conrad Hotel Dubai Hall 2.2 100

Prachuap Khiri Khan Hall 26.b 213

Pragint Incentive & Travel Agency Hall 7.2b 102a

Prague Airport Hall 7.2b 102a

Prague City Tourism Hall 7.2b 102a

Praia D’el Rey Golf & Beach Resort Hall 1.1 202,202a-d

Prama Sanur Beach Bali Hall 26.a 114, 116

Pramana Hotels & Resort Bali Hall 26.a 114, 116

Precise Resort El Rompido Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Precision Air Hall 21.a 128

Predators Safari Club Ltd. Hall 21.a 128

Premier Inn Deutschland GmbH Hall 9 212

Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa Hall 4.2 124,124a

Premier Residences Emerald Bay Hall 26.c 313

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort Hall 26.c 313

Premium Incoming Hall 25 175

Prestige Italia

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Priceline Partner Network Hall 8.1 112

Prideinn Paradise Beach Resort & Spa Hall 21.a 122

Prima Hotels Israel Hall 7.2a 100

Prima Rent A Car

Hall 2.1 201,201a-c

Prima Rent a Cars & Bikes Hall 2.1 124

Prima Tour

Hall 1.2 108,108a-c

Primate Expeditions Hall 21.a 121

Prime Tours Hall 18 132c

Prime Tours Krakow Hall 15.1 100

Primoravtotrans Hall 3.1 608

Primorsky Club travel agency Hall 3.1 608

Primorsky International Youth

Travel Agency “SPUTNIK” LTD Hall 3.1 608

Primorsky Territory Government

Department of Tourism