AWC Going Dutch April 2019

The monthly magazine of the American Women's Club of The Hague

The monthly magazine of the American Women's Club of The Hague


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<strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong><br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

The Magazine of the<br />

American Women’s Club<br />

of The Hague<br />

5 Officers and Chairwomen<br />

6 Winter Activities Collage<br />

8 Message from the President<br />

9 <strong>April</strong> General Meeting<br />

10 Letter from the Editor<br />

12 Membership<br />

Denneweg 56<br />

2514CH The Hague<br />

Tel. 0703458442<br />

www.lifestylesalonthehague.nl<br />

Easter Basket Assembly<br />

F<strong>AWC</strong>O Handbag Auction<br />

Unconventional Travel: Seoul<br />

26<br />

36<br />

42<br />

13 Newcomers<br />

14 Ongoing Activities<br />

19 Front Desk Volunteers<br />

20 One-of-a-Kind Activities<br />

22 Slate of Officers<br />

26 Easter Basket Assembly<br />

28 <strong>April</strong> Calendar<br />

30 Repatriation<br />

32 <strong>Dutch</strong>-American Friendship<br />

Day<br />

34 F<strong>AWC</strong>O Corner<br />

35 Hope Beyond Displacement:<br />

News from the CRP<br />

36 F<strong>AWC</strong>O Handbag and Art<br />

Auction<br />

40 Travel Tips & Tricks<br />

42 Unconventional Travel:<br />

Seoul<br />

46 The <strong>Dutch</strong> Daily<br />

48 Announcements<br />

52 Classifieds<br />

53 Index of Advertisers<br />

and Ad Rates<br />

54 Restaurant<br />

Recommendations<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 3

Editor<br />

Audrey Goodman<br />

2018-<strong>2019</strong> <strong>AWC</strong> Officers<br />

Committee Chairs<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 43<br />

2582 NJ Den Haag<br />

Tel: 070 350 6007<br />

info@awcthehague.org<br />

www.awcthehague.org<br />

<strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong> Magazine<br />

goingdutchmag@awcthehague.org<br />

Clubhouse Hours<br />

Tuesday and Thursday<br />

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.<br />

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Closed<br />

Dues (Effective 2018-<strong>2019</strong>)<br />

€ 110 per year (€ 66 after January 1)<br />

€ 90 business, professional<br />

€ 55 valid US military ID<br />

€ 35 student<br />

€ 35 Outside the Netherlands (<strong>Going</strong><br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> magazine not included)<br />

Add € 15 new member registration fee<br />

Design and Layout<br />

Teresa Mahoney<br />

Cover Photo<br />

Bulb fields in Sassenheim by Melissa White<br />

Photography<br />

Greetje Engelsman, Amber Gatewood,<br />

Marsha Hagney, Suzanne MacNeil, Teresa<br />

Mahoney, Julie Mowat, Melissa Rider,<br />

Emily van Eerten, Melissa White<br />

Proofreaders<br />

Celeste Brown, Jane Gulde, Diane Schaap,<br />

Debbie van Hees<br />

Advertising Manager & Invoicing<br />

Open<br />

Contributors<br />

Debbie Cascio, Jane Choy, Suzanne Dundas,<br />

Greetje Engelsman, Rebecca Failor, Marsha<br />

Hagney, Eileen Harloff, Suzanne MacNeil,<br />

Julie Mowat, Naya Pessoa, Melissa Rider,<br />

Holly Savoie, Jo van Kalveen, Melissa White<br />

Printer<br />

www.dwcprint.nl<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Bank Account Number<br />

IBAN: NL42ABNA0431421757<br />

KvK Den Haag<br />

40409274<br />

BTW or VAT: 007408705B01<br />

Honorary President Diane Hoekstra<br />

President Suzanne MacNeil<br />

president@awcthehague.org<br />

Vice President Marsha Hagney<br />

vicepresident@awcthehague.org<br />

Treasurer Sheyla Karman<br />

treasurer@awcthehague.org<br />

Secretary Heather DeWitt<br />

secretary@awcthehague.org<br />

Club and Community Development<br />

Naya Pessoa<br />

community@awcthehague.org<br />

Clubhouse Administrator<br />

Jan Essad<br />

clubadministrator@awcthehague.org<br />

Communications Audrey Goodman<br />

communications@awcthehague.org<br />

Member-at-Large<br />

Sunita Menon<br />

Front Office<br />

Liduine Bekman, Siska Datema-Kool,<br />

Dominique Duysens, Amber Gatewood,<br />

Shanon Gonzales, Melissa Rider, Jessie<br />

Rodell, Holly Savoie<br />

Activities: Greetje Engelsman<br />

Arts: Jane Choy<br />

Assistant Treasurer: Teresa Insalaco<br />

Benefit Event: Michelle Voorn & Deana<br />

Kreitler<br />

Board Advisor: Jessie Rodell<br />

Caring Committee: Naomi Keip<br />

Chat, Craft & Cake: Suzanne Dundas<br />

eNews Amber Gatewood<br />

Evening Events: Elizabeth Zeller<br />

Events & Tours: Liduine Bekman<br />

F<strong>AWC</strong>O: Julie Mowat and Teresa<br />

Mahoney<br />

Front Office Coordinator: Open<br />

General Meeting Programs: Dena<br />

Haggerty<br />

Heart Pillow: Jan de Vries<br />

Historian/Archivist: Georgia Regnault<br />

Holiday Bazaar: Jaimie Keppel-Molenaar<br />

IT Administrator: Julie Otten<br />

Kids’ Club: Lindsey Turnau<br />

Library: Dena Haggerty<br />

Membership: Melissa Rider<br />

Newcomers: Holly Savoie, Greetje<br />

Engelsman<br />

Parliamentarian: Georgia Regnault<br />

Philanthropy: Holly Savoie<br />

Public Relations: Open<br />

Social Media: Ceci Wong and Julie Otten<br />

Tennis: Molly Boed<br />

Tours: Liduine Bekman, Sabine Crowley<br />

Volunteer Coordinator: Laurie<br />

Martecchini<br />

Webmaster: Julie Otten<br />

Women with <strong>Dutch</strong> Partners: Michelle<br />

Voorn<br />

Deadlines: Submissions are due no later than the last Monday of the month preceding the publication month.<br />

For example, for the May/June issue, submissions are due before Monday, March 25<br />

Please Note: Articles submitted to <strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong> will be published subject to space limitations and editorial approval.<br />

All rights reserved; reprints only by written permission of the Editor. Please email to: goingdutchmag@<br />

awcthehague.org<br />

Legal Notice: Articles in <strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong> express the views and opinions of their authors alone, and not necessarily<br />

those of the <strong>AWC</strong> of The Hague, its Members or this publication.<br />


<strong>AWC</strong> Mission Statement<br />

The <strong>AWC</strong> is an association formed to provide social and educational activities for American<br />

women living in the Netherlands and to promote amicable relations among people of all nations,<br />

as well as acquiring funds for general public interest. Membership in the club is open<br />

to women of all nations who are friendly and welcoming to American culture. The association<br />

does not endeavor to make a profit. The <strong>AWC</strong> is a 100% volunteer organization.<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 5

“Trashure” Hunt Beach Cleanup<br />

Farewell Lunch for Pamela<br />

Winter<br />

Activities<br />

Behind the Scenes of Panorama Mesdag<br />

Out to Lunch Bunch<br />

Thirsty Thursday at Project 2.0 Gallery<br />

TLC Dinner<br />

February General Meeting

Message from the President<br />

by Suzanne MacNeil<br />

<strong>April</strong> General Meeting—Vote!<br />

by Suzanne MacNeil<br />

<strong>April</strong>! The tulips have emerged from<br />

their winter slumber, the pop-up restaurants<br />

at Scheveningen are popping<br />

up, and the change in seasons is palpable.<br />

Just as <strong>April</strong> promises so much, so does the<br />

Club. We will be celebrating Rembrandt at a<br />

discussion about his work that will be hosted<br />

by our Arts Chair, Jane Choy, at her home<br />

on Wednesday, <strong>April</strong> 3.<br />

I caught ‘F<strong>AWC</strong>O Fever’ at the<br />

conference in Edinburgh!<br />

If you’ve recently moved to the<br />

Netherlands, you definitely want to attend<br />

one of our most popular events for newcomers.<br />

The <strong>Dutch</strong> Products class is offered in<br />

the spring and fall and is taught by long-time<br />

Member Carol Slootweg, who is also a chef,<br />

and will be joined by Greetje Engelsman.<br />

The two will share the substitutes for your<br />

usual items that aren’t sold in the country,<br />

along with explaining some of the new-to-you<br />

food that you’ll see at your local markets. I<br />

only recently took the class (after more than<br />

six years as an expat) and finally solved a<br />

problem I hadn’t been able to resolve when<br />

washing towels. It’s never too late to learn<br />

and I suggest saving Monday, <strong>April</strong> 8 for<br />

the class!<br />


Are you going to<br />

Madurodam on<br />

Saturday, <strong>April</strong><br />

13? I hope to<br />

see you that<br />

evening for the<br />

Club’s annual<br />

major philanthropic<br />

event.<br />

The Benefit<br />

Committee has<br />

been working for<br />

months to organize<br />

and create<br />

a night that will<br />

continue our<br />

legacy of giving<br />

back to our<br />

host country. The<br />

re-Building<br />

Lives, from<br />

Trafficking to<br />

Independence<br />

will benefit Not for Sale. The organization<br />

is fighting to end modern day slavery and<br />

the benefit evening will be busy with a sitdown<br />

dinner, music and dancing, live and<br />

silent auctions, and a scavenger hunt through<br />

Madurodam. It is going to be a great evening<br />

and the committee hopes the guests will help<br />

us make a generous donation to Not for Sale.<br />

<strong>April</strong> also hosts two major holidays,<br />

Passover and Easter, and if you celebrate<br />

either, I hope you’ll spend time with family.<br />

If not family, then with friends, who are our<br />

surrogate family while we’re on this expat<br />

journey.<br />

One of the most important <strong>April</strong> events is<br />

our General Meeting on Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 11<br />

when Members vote on the slate of officers.<br />

Many thanks to Lindsey Turnau, the chair<br />

of the Nominating Committee, and those who<br />

sat on the committee. The Members who have<br />

volunteered to serve on the Board deserve<br />

your attendance at the meeting, especially<br />

if you have not yet met those who are on<br />

the slate. It’s important to know who will be<br />

charged with continuing the Club’s legacy,<br />

whether it’s financial prudence, philanthropy,<br />

or working to provide Members a wide range<br />

of events and activities.<br />

The key component of the <strong>April</strong> meeting<br />

is the vote for our Board, so we don’t<br />

invite an outside speaker. However, once the<br />

vote is complete, Julie Mowat, our F<strong>AWC</strong>O<br />

(Federation of American Women’s Clubs<br />

Overseas) rep, will present about the >>33<br />

Voting for your Board is one of the key<br />

responsibilities of being a Member<br />

of our <strong>AWC</strong>. The Board oversees all<br />

aspects of the Club with the help of committees<br />

and volunteers. As a nonprofit organization,<br />

we are registered with the KvK<br />

(Chamber of Commerce) and must follow<br />

all laws pertaining to nonprofits. If you’re<br />

not able attend the <strong>April</strong> meeting, you are<br />

still able to vote by filling out a proxy ballot,<br />

in accordance with our Bylaws. The vote<br />

will count only if we have a quorum of 15%<br />

of the voting Members of the Club. Please<br />

download the proxy ballot from our website<br />

under the ‘About Us’ tab. From there<br />

you’ll see ‘Club Documents’ and it’s there<br />

that you’ll find the ballot. Please download<br />

by Jan Essad and Sunita Menon<br />

The construction on Johan van<br />

Oldenbarneveltlaan is now just outside our<br />

front door!<br />

According to a <strong>Dutch</strong> website, works will<br />

possibly continue until July. However, we<br />

hope they will finish early. Due to this ongoing<br />

construction, parking will be limited<br />

and public transportation is recommended.<br />

Parking is available on the southside of the<br />

street and on the one-way streets off Johan<br />

the document, complete it, and send it with<br />

a Member who is attending the meeting, or<br />

scan and send it to info@awcthehague.org.<br />

Our Parliamentarian, Georgia Regnault,<br />

will oversee the voting.<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 11<br />

10 a.m. – Noon<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

Construction Around the <strong>AWC</strong><br />

Clubhouse<br />

van Oldenbarneveltlaan. However, public<br />

transportation is highly encouraged.<br />

The Clubhouse is accessible via tram #16,<br />

tram #1, and bus #21. Consult www.9292.<br />

nl for the best means of travelling to the<br />

Clubhouse from your area.<br />

We sincerely hope this minor inconvenience<br />

won’t keep you from coming to the<br />

Clubhouse to enjoy scheduled activities and<br />

great company. See you at the Club!<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 9

Letter from the Editor<br />

by Audrey Goodman<br />

I’ve been looking forward to <strong>April</strong> for a long<br />

time. It kicks off several months of travel adventures,<br />

beginning with a trip back home. I<br />

haven’t been back to Baltimore, Maryland since<br />

last <strong>April</strong>, and I’m beyond excited for my weeklong<br />

stay in Charm City. I plan to spend the first<br />

couple of days with my sister, several nights<br />

with a couple friends, and a weekend sharing a<br />

hotel room with my mom. Somewhere in there<br />

I’ll do a bit of shopping (looking forward to<br />

plentiful petite options again), go to an Orioles<br />

game, catch up with friends over drinks, and enjoy<br />

Easter brunch and dinner. And I’ll finally get<br />

the pleasure of meeting several of my friends’<br />

babies born over the last year.<br />

I’ve always found it interesting to hear<br />

what other expats miss about home, other<br />

than friends and family: The favorite restaurant<br />

in town, shopping at Target, a certain shampoo<br />

that can’t be bought in Europe, summer<br />

trips to the local beach. For me, it’s American<br />

baseball. I was raised in a Cardinals family<br />

but embraced the Orioles when I moved to<br />

Baltimore. There’s something about sitting in<br />

Camden Yards with a Hebrew National hotdog<br />

and a National Bohemian (Natty Boh) tall boy,<br />

singing Thank God I’m a Country Boy during<br />

the seventh inning stretch, and praying for a<br />

home run that bounces off the warehouse. Yes,<br />

I’m aware of their horrible record over the last<br />

couple (okay, many) years. But I haven’t lost<br />

faith. Go O’s!<br />

“If you go anywhere, even<br />

paradise, you will miss your<br />

home.”<br />

-Malala Yousafzai<br />

After filling up on blue crabs and Natty<br />

Boh, I’ll head to Georgia to meet my husband<br />

and his family. My sister-in-law is getting married!<br />

She and her fiancé will have a small afternoon<br />

ceremony in Savannah, with immediate<br />

family and a couple of close friends. The next<br />

day they will host a larger brunch celebration<br />

at a restaurant along the Savannah River, likely<br />

followed by an afternoon of bar-hopping. We’ll<br />

spend four days in the coastal city, and it’s<br />

sure to be a fun weekend. Not only will I get<br />

to spend time with friends and family in my<br />

home city, I’ll get to spend a long weekend in<br />

a beautiful southern city filled with history.<br />

10 GOING DUTCH<br />

I’ve been enjoying every minute of my<br />

time here in The Hague, but the expat life<br />

comes with a bit of homesickness. While I’m<br />

grateful for Skype and WhatsApp, they can’t<br />

replace the comfort brought by hugs from<br />

friends and family. I have one week to get my<br />

Baltimore fix and a long weekend to enjoy<br />

family time, then I’ll be back to continue my<br />

European adventures!<br />

Audrey<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 11

Membership<br />

Newcomers<br />

by Melissa Rider<br />

by Greetje Engelsman<br />

With 15 new women joining since<br />

January, our Membership is now at<br />

176 Members. As you may already<br />

know, any English-speaking woman may join<br />

the <strong>AWC</strong>. Currently, 24% of our Membership<br />

is international. The demographic trend of<br />

our newer Members tends to be younger,<br />

working women. But non-working women<br />

still make up 58% of the <strong>AWC</strong>, with working<br />

woman comprising 22.7%. Our Honorary<br />

Members who have been with the Club for<br />

a minimum of 25 years compose 12.5% of<br />

the Membership. Our smallest groups are our<br />

Overseas and Student Members at 4.5% and<br />

2.3%, respectively.<br />

Welcome New Members!<br />

Catherine<br />

Helen<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> Products Class<br />

(Especially for new Members: a must!!)<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Member and long-term resident of<br />

the Netherlands, Carol Slootweg, will explain<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> cooking and cleaning products.<br />

She teaches cooking classes, so she is an<br />

expert in using local products and converting<br />

American recipes. She and Greetje<br />

Engelsman have co-produced a book entitled<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> Products, which will be offered<br />

for sale for € 10.<br />

Join this class and you will never be confused<br />

about cooking or cleaning products in<br />

the Netherlands again!<br />

If you have questions, contact Greetje at<br />

activities@awcthehague.org.<br />

Monday, <strong>April</strong> 8<br />

10 a.m. – Noon<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

FREE<br />

Sign Up at www.awcthehague.org<br />

Encourage your friends and acquaintances<br />

to join, so we can continue to grow, thrive,<br />

and evolve! Registration and payment can<br />

be done at www.awcthehague.org. If you<br />

have any questions, please contact me at<br />

membership@awcthehague.org.<br />

<strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong> is Available Online<br />

Go to www.awcthehague.org to share the current month’s issue with friends and family. You will<br />

also find links to our annual advertisers, whose support makes this magazine possible. If you<br />

visit or contact one of our advertisers, let them know <strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong> sent you!<br />

Birthdays<br />

Due to changes in European privacy laws, and because<br />

<strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong> is posted on our external Facebook page, we<br />

won’t be sharing birthdays in print any longer. Instead, you’ll<br />

see Members’ birthdays in the weekly eNews, which is sent<br />

to your private email account and is more secure. We value<br />

our Members’ privacy. If you have any questions, please<br />

contact Melissa Rider, our Membership Coordinator, at<br />

membership@awcthehague.org.<br />

Members: eNews<br />

Distribution<br />

A weekly electronic<br />

newsletter<br />

is sent to all <strong>AWC</strong><br />

Members.<br />

If you have not been<br />

receiving your eNews,<br />

please contact Melissa at<br />

membership@<br />

awcthehague.org.<br />

12 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 13

Credit: Amazon<br />

Ongoing Activities<br />

Book Clubs<br />

The <strong>AWC</strong> Book Clubs are open to all readers,<br />

and new Members are especially welcome!<br />

There are no requirements that you<br />

must attend every meeting or lead a discussion.<br />

Snacks are provided by a different<br />

Member each month. There are two Book<br />

Clubs hosted by <strong>AWC</strong> Members: One in the<br />

daytime and one in the evening. Questions?<br />

Teresa Mahoney organizes the daytime<br />

group and can be reached at bookclubday@<br />

awcthehague.org. Dena Haggerty handles<br />

the evening meetings and can be reached at<br />

bookclubevening@awcthehague.org. reading!<br />

Daytime Book Club<br />

<strong>April</strong> Selection:<br />

Who Asked You? by Terry<br />

McMillan<br />

When Who Asked You?<br />

begins, Trinetta leaves<br />

her two young sons with<br />

her mother, Betty Jean,<br />

and promptly disappears.<br />

BJ already has her hands<br />

full dealing with her other<br />

adult children, two opinionated<br />

sisters, an ill husband,<br />

and her own postponed dreams—all<br />

the while holding down a job delivering<br />

Daytime Book Club Reading List:<br />

May 23: Perfume River by Robert Olen<br />

Butler<br />

June 27: The Witch Elm by Tana French<br />

room service at a hotel. Her son Dexter is<br />

about to be paroled from prison; Quentin,<br />

the family success, can’t be bothered to lend<br />

a hand; and taking care of two lively grandsons<br />

is the last thing BJ thinks she needs.<br />

But who asked her?<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 25<br />

10 a.m.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

FREE<br />

Daytime Book Club Recap – February<br />

We discussed Milkman by Anna Burns, a<br />

novel about social oppression and intimidation<br />

in a war-like setting, presumably<br />

Belfast in the seventies during The Troubles.<br />

No physical places are mentioned, nor do<br />

we get to know names of people. We only<br />

learn of the characters’ relationship to the<br />

protagonist, an 18-year-old girl stalked by<br />

a renouncer called “Milkman”. Burns’ language<br />

reminds us of James Joyce, the way<br />

she describes in stream-of-thought fashion<br />

the isolation the protagonist must deal with<br />

Credit: Amazon<br />

for being unjustly found guilty of adultery<br />

by a society where you are driven to trust<br />

only yourself. We all recommend this book,<br />

especially the audio version.<br />

Evening Book Club<br />

<strong>April</strong> Selection:<br />

The Song of Achilles by<br />

Madeline Miller<br />

A tale of gods, kings, immortal<br />

fame, and the human<br />

heart, The Song of<br />

Achilles is a dazzling literary<br />

feat that brilliantly<br />

reimagines Homer’s enduring<br />

masterwork, The<br />

Iliad. An action-packed adventure, an epic<br />

love story, a marvelously conceived and<br />

executed page-turner, Miller’s monumental<br />

debut novel has already earned resounding<br />

acclaim from some of contemporary fiction’s<br />

brightest lights. Fans of Mary Renault,<br />

Bernard Cornwell, Steven Pressfield, and<br />

Colleen McCullough’s Masters of Rome series<br />

will delight in this unforgettable journey<br />

back to ancient Greece in the Age of Heroes.<br />

Evening Book Club Reading List:<br />

May 8: TBA<br />

The location changes every month, so<br />

please contact Dena at bookclubevening@<br />

awcthehague.org if you are interested in<br />

attending.<br />

Wednesday, <strong>April</strong> 10<br />

7:30 p.m.<br />

Location TBA<br />

FREE<br />

Evening Book Club Recap – February<br />

It’s no surprise Rachel Kushner’s The Mars<br />

Room was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.<br />

It is a beautifully written book that focuses<br />

upon a topic rarely seen in the world of<br />

fiction: women in prison. Main character<br />

Romy Hall’s voice comes through with such<br />

clarity that it’s as if Romy were standing<br />

next to us telling her story out loud. But<br />

this was not an easy story to read. On the<br />

contrary, Romy’s life was the stuff of which<br />

nightmares are made. A kid who got off >> 16<br />

Cancellation Policy<br />

Members may reserve a spot for an <strong>AWC</strong> tour, activity or<br />

event in advance. Payment is required within five business<br />

days of the reservation or before the deadline date (whichever<br />

is sooner) otherwise your name will be moved to a waitlist.<br />

It is the responsibility of the Member to notify the Club at<br />

awcthehague.finance@gmail.com to cancel a reservation<br />

prior to the cancellation deadline. Please note that there will<br />

be NO REFUNDS (no exceptions) after the cancellation deadline.<br />

Members may find a substitute in lieu of cancellation<br />

provided that arrangements are made with the tour, activity<br />

or event organizer. Members shall be held responsible for<br />

their guest reservations in accordance with this policy.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Guest Policy<br />

Guests are welcome<br />

to participate in <strong>AWC</strong><br />

activities and tours on<br />

a limited basis. As a<br />

nonmember, a guest<br />

is limited to attend<br />

two functions per<br />

calendar year and will be<br />

charged an additional<br />

nonmember fee. Only<br />

Members are entitled to<br />

use babysitting services.<br />

14 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 15

Ongoing Activities (cont.)<br />

Continued from page 15<br />

track, never found her way, and ends up in<br />

prison for life. Fortunately, Romy’s story is<br />

not told in one exceedingly long narrative.<br />

Instead, we view bits and pieces of her past<br />

as she struggles to make it through everyday<br />

life in prison. This made the story palatable,<br />

although no less heartbreaking. We also get<br />

a glimpse into other lives as the novel is told<br />

from various points of view. These changes<br />

were a breath of fresh air. The Mars Room<br />

is a breathtakingly beautiful book about an<br />

abysmal situation.<br />

Chat, Craft & Cake<br />

Chat Craft & Cake is a weekly highlight<br />

for those who enjoy crafts and camaraderie.<br />

Whether your craft is knitting, quilting,<br />

needlepoint or simply mending your<br />

clothes, or whether you are a beginner or an<br />

expert, you are welcome to join us. Fish that<br />

UFO (Unfinished Object) out of the drawer<br />

and get going on it again. CCandCer’s are<br />

always ready with a helping hand, a lesson,<br />

or some advice. Each week, a different<br />

Member brings a cake—tried and true,<br />

or experimental. Babysitting is not available<br />

and there are lots of sharp objects<br />

about (pins, needles, scissors and wit) so<br />

we cannot accommodate children. Contact<br />

Suzanne Dundas at chatcraftcake@awcthehague.org<br />

for more information<br />

Every Tuesday<br />

10 a.m. – Noon<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

FREE<br />

Heart Pillow Project<br />

Members work together to make heartshaped<br />

pillows designed to help support<br />

the arms of recent mastectomy patients.<br />

Each pillow is made with TLC, wrapped,<br />

and comes with a note signed by an <strong>AWC</strong><br />

volunteer. No sewing skills are needed, as<br />

you can cut, stuff, or wrap the heart pillows.<br />

We are proud to provide men and women<br />

with something both practical and comforting,<br />

and we know our work helps because<br />

we often receive thank-you notes and emails<br />

from the patients who have received a heart<br />

pillow. For more information, please contact<br />

Jan de Vries at heartpillow@awcthehague.<br />

org.<br />

Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 9<br />

Noon – 2 p.m.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

FREE<br />

Visitors Welcome<br />

Out to Lunch Bunch: <strong>April</strong><br />

The Malieveld in The Hague is a large grass<br />

field, located opposite The Hague Central<br />

Station. It is a major venue for funfairs,<br />

concerts and markets that are organized<br />

throughout the year. The Malieveld is also<br />

a favorite place for protests and major<br />

manifestations. The café-restaurant >> 18<br />

16 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 17

Ongoing Activities (cont.)<br />

Continued from page 17<br />

Front Desk Volunteers Needed<br />

by Holly Savoie<br />

Credit: VVV.nl<br />

Paviljoen Malieveld has been located at the<br />

Malieveld since 1941. This restaurant is an<br />

“institution” and is famous for its delicious<br />

poffertjes, pancakes and Old <strong>Dutch</strong> waffles.<br />

The pavilion is also highly suitable for a<br />

light lunch or extensive afternoon tea. When<br />

the temperature is pleasant, the terrace is<br />

open. If you have any questions, please<br />

contact Greetje Engelsman at activities@<br />

awcthehague.org.<br />

Monday, <strong>April</strong> 15<br />

Noon – 2 p.m.<br />

Paviljoen Malieveld<br />

Koekamplaan 6, Den Haag<br />

www.malieveld.nl<br />

Sign up at www.awcthehague.org<br />

Thirsty Thursday<br />

Don’t miss our <strong>April</strong> Thirsty Thursday as<br />

we’re returning to Restaurant Nivoo. This<br />

spot was one of the favorites last Club year<br />

and several Members requested that we visit<br />

again. Thirsty Thursday is a casual evening<br />

of companionship and good conversation.<br />

Two soft drinks, wine or beer, plus snacks.<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 18<br />

6 – 9 p.m.<br />

Restaurant Nivoo<br />

Hooistraat 1, 2514 BM, Den Haag<br />

€ 15 for two drinks and food<br />

No RSVP needed<br />

Walkie Talkies<br />

Whether you count your steps or just want<br />

to walk with friends, the Monday morning<br />

Walkie Talkies is a fun, healthy and energetic<br />

way to start the week. The group meets in<br />

front of the Clubhouse before heading out<br />

to walk to various destinations in the area,<br />

usually racking up 10,000 steps along the<br />

way. To receive email updates, contact<br />

Emily van Eerten or Greetje Engelsman<br />

at walkietalkies@awcthehague.org.<br />

Mondays<br />

9:30 a.m.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

Free<br />

Sign up at www.awcthehague.org<br />

Wassenaar Coffee &<br />

Conversation<br />

If you live in or north of Wassenaar, join<br />

your neighbors for coffee and conversation<br />

once-a-month without having to drive<br />

to the Clubhouse. One Member will host<br />

a casual coffee at her home at 9:30 on the<br />

first Thursday of every month. Prospective<br />

Members are welcome too. Suzanne<br />

Dundas coordinates these meetings and can<br />

be reached at chatcraftcake@awcthehague.<br />

org. Because the location changes every<br />

month, contact Suzanne if you are interested<br />

in attending or for more information.<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 4<br />

9:30 a.m.<br />

Location TBA<br />

FREE<br />

In order to keep the Clubhouse open and<br />

functioning properly, we need some friendly<br />

faces stationed at the Front Desk to welcome<br />

both current and potential Members to<br />

our Clubhouse.<br />

Since we are open two days a week, that<br />

means we have a minimum of eight shifts to<br />

cover each month. In order to spread out the<br />

workload, we ask that each Front Desk volunteer<br />

commits to at least one shift per month.<br />

Our amazing Front Desk team is currently<br />

comprised of the following volunteers:<br />

• Amber Gatewood<br />

• Dominique Duysens<br />

• Holly Savoie<br />

• Liduine Bekman<br />

• Melissa Rider<br />

• Shanon Gonzales<br />

• Siska Datema<br />

Playball Netherlands is now<br />

taking bookings for <strong>2019</strong>!<br />

Want to get your little one involved?<br />

www.playballkids.com to see the fun for ages<br />

2-7 years<br />

Email kidsplayball@hotmail.com to arrange a<br />

FREE trial class<br />

www.facebook.com/PlayballNetherlands<br />

Or call Maggie on: 0627214347<br />

Volunteering at the Front Desk is:<br />

• a great way to get to know current <strong>AWC</strong><br />

Members,<br />

• only a once-a-month commitment for<br />

four hours, and<br />

• fun and easy to do.<br />

If you are interested in volunteering for<br />

the Front Desk, please contact me at<br />

philanthropy@awcthehague.org.<br />

Looking forward to welcoming you to our<br />

team.<br />

18 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 19

One-of-a-Kind Activities<br />

by Marsha Hagney<br />

RSVP directly on www.awcthehague.org. Direct any questions to<br />

vicepresident@awcthehague.org<br />

Payment must be made within 5 calendar days of reserving or your name will be moved to a waitlist.<br />

Payment can be made in the Front Office by PIN, on the <strong>AWC</strong> website (www.awcthehague.org) or by<br />

bank transfer to the <strong>AWC</strong> account NL42ABNA0431421757.<br />

large distance, so good walking shoes and<br />

an interest in covering much ground are required.<br />

Wednesday, <strong>April</strong> 17<br />

10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.<br />

We will meet for coffee at the first<br />

“gem” at 10 a.m.<br />

De Haagsche Kluis, Plein 20, Den Haag<br />

€ 15 Members / € 20 Non-Members<br />

Max 15<br />

Registration/Cancellation Deadline:<br />

<strong>April</strong> 15<br />

Sign Up at www.awcthehague.org<br />

Rembrandt: Bohemian or<br />

Businessman, Romantic or<br />

Rebel<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Member Jane Choy graciously<br />

opens her home and shares her knowledge<br />

once again. Holland has designated <strong>2019</strong> as<br />

“The Year of Rembrandt” commemorating<br />

his legacy. This year marks 350 years since<br />

his death. This special lecture provides an<br />

opportunity to learn about Rembrandt, as<br />

you experience the many tours and exhibits<br />

in the Netherlands throughout <strong>2019</strong>.<br />

Rembrandt is considered by many to be<br />

Holland’s greatest artist and the equal of<br />

Mozart, Shakespeare and Michelangelo.<br />

Unlike van Gogh, another great <strong>Dutch</strong> artist,<br />

Rembrandt has not left much written<br />

material explaining his views on art. But<br />

what he has left is a unique visual autobiography<br />

in his self-portraits, which he<br />

did from the time he was 20 until he died<br />

at the age of 63. This lecture will use the<br />

self-portraits as a thread through his life<br />

and with his other masterpieces explore the<br />

man and what, why and how he painted.<br />

Was he a businessman or bohemian? Rebel<br />

or romantic?<br />

Wednesday, <strong>April</strong> 3<br />

Coffee at 7:30 p.m.<br />

Lecture 8 – 9:30 p.m.<br />

Private home in Voorburg<br />

Registered attendees will receive address<br />

in advance of the event<br />

€ 15 Members / € 20 Non-Members<br />

Includes refreshments<br />

Maximum 20<br />

Cancellation Deadline: March 25<br />

Sign Up at www.awcthehague.org<br />

Hidden Gems City Walk<br />

Monique Varma leads us on a special walking<br />

tour of hidden gem including hofjes<br />

(courtyards surrounded by almshouses that<br />

have existed since the Middle Ages and<br />

provided housing for women and the elderly),<br />

statues, monuments, gardens, and religious<br />

buildings. We start at De Haagsche<br />

Kluis, at Plein 20. They will open earlier<br />

than usual for our coffee at 10 a.m., and<br />

we will depart there at 10:30 to begin the<br />

walk. We will conclude at Pulchri Studio<br />

with many gems in between. Many of the<br />

places we will tour are now mostly closed<br />

to the public for various reasons, mostly<br />

the change in security standards the past<br />

several years. More details will be available<br />

before the tour. A unique tour with the<br />

disclaimer that it involves covering a fairly<br />

Unique products<br />

for entrepreneurs<br />

Sligro The Hague Forepark is the perfect fit for you as entrepreneur.<br />

We inspire and support you with our products and services, that will<br />

help you with your business. Our people are always there for you<br />

with professional and tailored advice.<br />

sligro.nl<br />

Linge 2, The Hague<br />

1061246<br />

20 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 21

Slate of Officers <strong>2019</strong>-2020<br />

We are pleased to introduce the candidates for the <strong>2019</strong>-2020 <strong>AWC</strong> The Hague Board.<br />

The election of Officers will take place during the General Meeting on <strong>April</strong> 11. If you<br />

are unable to attend the meeting, please submit a proxy ballot.<br />

President – Suzanne MacNeil: I am honored to be nominated<br />

for a second term as President of our Club, which<br />

will be my seventh year as a Member. Where has the time<br />

gone?!?! My first term on the Board has been filled with<br />

serious discussions, teamwork, fun, and desserts. Lots of<br />

desserts! I told the 2018-<strong>2019</strong> Board at our first meeting<br />

in June of last year that I’m not a micromanager, and<br />

that each Member is empowered to oversee her position<br />

and the volunteers with whom she works. I also told the<br />

women who served with me that while we are charged<br />

with overseeing the Club on many levels, we are volunteers,<br />

and the Club is first and foremost a social organization<br />

so our goal is to enjoy our time together. I hope our<br />

Members sensed the camaraderie within the Board this<br />

Club year, and I see no reason to change our way of working.<br />

Looking ahead, I want to help our <strong>AWC</strong> continue to<br />

grow, make substantive decisions that will serve the Club for years to come, and help<br />

to foster the friendships that make our <strong>AWC</strong> one of the most interesting and inspiring<br />

organizations you’ll ever join!<br />

Vice President – Shanon Gonzales: I was born in the<br />

Texas panhandle and lived in the Houston area from the<br />

age of five. My husband and I always dreamed of living in<br />

Europe. When he was offered a transfer to his company’s<br />

corporate office in Amsterdam, we knew we couldn’t pass<br />

up the opportunity, and we moved our family to Leiden in<br />

August <strong>2019</strong>. My husband, Christopher, and I have been<br />

married for 23 years this summer, and we have two children.<br />

My daughter, Emily, is a sophomore at the University<br />

of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas and is pursuing her nursing<br />

degree. My son, Seth, just started high school and attends<br />

Rijnlands Lyceum in Oegstgeest. I graduated with a<br />

degree in Education from Houston Baptist University, and<br />

I have taught for 22 years. I have been fortunate to teach<br />

3rd grade, 4th grade, reading academic support, and (my<br />

favorite level) kindergarten. I love helping people, and<br />

teaching has brought me so much joy! I spent 17 years at Memorial Parkway Elementary<br />

(MPE) in Katy, where I was very active in leadership roles. I served as a team leader for<br />

most of my years at MPE. I was also the chair of the Sunshine Committee, as well as<br />

the campus representative for the Association of Texas Professional Educators. In addition,<br />

I served as the webmaster for my campus. My family enjoys traveling together,<br />

and we are excited about the opportunities we now have to explore the Netherlands and<br />

surrounding countries. I am so glad that I found the <strong>AWC</strong> so quickly after my arrive to<br />

the Netherlands, and I am excited to serve on the Board.<br />

22 GOING DUTCH<br />

Treasurer – Sheyla Karman: I was born in Panama, lived<br />

and studied in New York for 17 years where I obtained my<br />

BS in accounting from Long Island University, and later my<br />

CPA licensure in New York State. I began my public accounting<br />

career in 1987 with PricewaterhouseCoopers in<br />

New York City, which took me on to Curaçao, and Jersey<br />

in The Channel Islands. In 1998 I returned to the US and<br />

changed career paths to the private sector as a financial reporting<br />

manager for Ocwen Financial Corporation, a publicly<br />

traded entity. In 2001, I switched career paths again,<br />

this time to fulfill the desire to start a family and become a<br />

full-time mother. Over the course of the past 17 years, along<br />

with motherhood, I have applied my professional skills and<br />

experiences to diverse volunteer leadership work opportunities:<br />

as Treasurer for the <strong>AWC</strong> of Brussels, Fellowship<br />

Committee Chair at the American Protestant Church of The Hague, account reviewer for<br />

the <strong>AWC</strong> of The Hague, alongside pursuing my passion for hospitality as an events planner<br />

and caterer. I have lived in The Hague since 2005, and am married to a <strong>Dutch</strong>man, and we<br />

have two teenage kids.<br />

Over the past year I have served the <strong>AWC</strong> The Hague as Club Treasurer and continued to<br />

meet and forge friendships with the diverse group of ladies who make up the <strong>AWC</strong> of The<br />

Hague. Our Finance Team has been working this past year on updating our accounting program,<br />

methods of payment and continuing to provide the Board and various Committees<br />

with finance related support. In the coming year, our goal is to continue to support the<br />

Board and its various Committees and to look for ways to improve and simplify the finance<br />

function, while looking ahead at the short- and long-term life of the <strong>AWC</strong> The Hague.<br />

Secretary – Heather DeWitt: I was born in Louisiana and<br />

became a Third Culture Kid when, at the age of seven, my<br />

family moved to Saudi Arabia. Living there and traveling the<br />

world was a wonderful way to grow up. After moving back to<br />

Northern California for high school and Southern California<br />

for university, I met my husband, Mike, at a drive-in movie.<br />

With Mike’s evolving career we have lived across the US:<br />

California, Wyoming, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas.<br />

With each move I have reinvented myself, as a graphic artist,<br />

teacher, interior decorator, and marketing production<br />

assistant. However, my favorite job has been as a mom. I<br />

have volunteered for many school, sport, church committees<br />

and groups over the years supporting our children Skyler<br />

and Logan. One very fond volunteer memory was as a key<br />

member of the St. Richard Appalachian Mission trip. This<br />

trip is an annual event where 40 adults and 80 high school<br />

youth travel to West Virginia and perform “Habitat for Humanity” like work on people’s<br />

homes. It was always an amazing week to work with the youth. I was able to improve<br />

my DIY skills tenfold; a few things I enjoyed learning were HVAC, drywall framing and<br />

how to plumb a shower! I have also had the opportunity to volunteer here in The Hauge<br />

with Present Stichting International, by helping underserved people improve their lives<br />

by improving their living environments. Having the wish to travel has always been in my<br />

blood and living in such a central location, I’m always looking for the next adventure. My<br />

travel highlight of last year was being able to walk on the Camino de Santiago with my<br />

daughter, mother and father. This year I’m looking forward to being able to meet more<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Members and enjoying the wonderful city we call home.<br />

>> 24<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 23

Slate of Officers (cont.)<br />

Continued from page 23<br />

Club and Community – Amber Gatewood: I was born<br />

and raised in West Virginia and received my BS in Dental<br />

Hygiene at West Virginia University. A highlight of my<br />

career was my time spent in pediatric dentistry, especially<br />

community outreach in schools and the Give Kids A Smile<br />

program. I was on the dental hygiene advisory board at<br />

Bridgemont Community and Technical College and believe<br />

that the mouth is a gateway to overall health (remember to<br />

floss!). My husband, Mark, and I met during wild times<br />

at WVU, then settled down and got married in 2006. We<br />

moved to Charleston where I was active in the Bedford<br />

Road Garden Club, attended Bible Center Church and<br />

joined the Junior League. Shortly after moving to Houston,<br />

a wonderful opportunity presented itself, and we relocated<br />

to The Hague for Mark’s job in oil and gas. Currently, I<br />

am the eNews Editor and enjoy meeting culturally diverse<br />

women while working the front desk. I LOVE the cycling culture in the Netherlands,<br />

the convenience of European travel, and meeting up with my husband after work trips<br />

in places I might not normally venture. BUT my favorite place to go is back to ‘Almost<br />

Heaven’; being in my grandma’s kitchen, hiking in the hills, kayaking with my sisters,<br />

and simply spending time on the farm make me the happiest.<br />

Clubhouse Administrator – shared by Jan Essad &<br />

Sunita Menon<br />

Jan Essad: I was born in Albuquerque, but have known the<br />

expat life ALL my life, growing up in a military family and<br />

then marrying Bob who served in the US Air Force for 29<br />

years. I took advantage of the military lifestyle as an opportunity<br />

to do many different things: working as a hospital<br />

administrative assistant, dental assistant, substitute teacher,<br />

and owner of a small pottery business. Since arriving in<br />

The Hague in 2010, when Bob accepted a position with<br />

NATO, I have been an active Member of the <strong>AWC</strong>, serving<br />

various roles such as Secretary, chairing two Holiday<br />

Bazaars, Activities and Tours Chair (I am very proud the<br />

Walkie Talkies I started is still going strong!), Gala committee<br />

team member for six <strong>AWC</strong> Galas and Heart Pillow<br />

Project. Outside the Club, I enjoy fundraising for Stahili<br />

and am also an active member of Redeemer Church enjoying outreach for asylum seekers.<br />

Bob and I have two grown children, Grant and Natalie, and the cutest little granddaughter<br />

Myra Grace. This past year, Sunita and I have loved giving the Clubhouse a<br />

major facelift, by organizing a Club clear out, new furniture, painting, floor polishing and<br />

repairs where needed. We have also installed a new printer, router and motion lighting in<br />

the alleyway. Sunita and I look forward to serving on the Board again and accomplishing<br />

the remaining things on our VERY ambitious checklist.<br />

Sunita Menon: I was born in New Delhi, India and educated in various cities all over<br />

the country. After completing my master’s degree in biology, I met and married Mohan<br />

24 GOING DUTCH<br />

and moved to the US in 1991. I have lived in New York and Seattle, taught pre-med at<br />

the State University in New York and worked as a science educator at a middle school for<br />

several years. My family moved to the Netherlands in 2007 and in 2008 I started my business,<br />

The Acer Company, specializing in product brokerage and business development.<br />

My first <strong>AWC</strong> event was an evening wine tasting, as a guest; I enjoyed my time so much<br />

that I became a Member shortly thereafter. Since joining the <strong>AWC</strong>, I have been a part of<br />

the Gala team for six galas and the <strong>AWC</strong> Philanthropy Chair from 2013-2015. In 2015, I<br />

joined the <strong>AWC</strong> Board as Secretary and served until 2016. Today, I am an <strong>AWC</strong> Board<br />

Member and active volunteer at the Stahili Foundation, an organization that helps reunite<br />

children with families in Kenya. I also volunteer at Ipse de Bruggen, a <strong>Dutch</strong> support center<br />

for handicapped children and adults. I live in The Hague with my husband and grown<br />

children Avanti and Ajay. I trained as an Indian classical dancer for 18 years. I also love<br />

to cook, travel and learn languages – am learning Romanian at the moment. I enjoy being<br />

on the board, especially working with Jan on the Clubhouse projects and I look forward<br />

to another fun and productive year ahead!<br />

Communications – Audrey Goodman: I was born in<br />

Florida, spent my childhood moving around the US, and<br />

am a proud Navy Brat. I spent most of my adult years in<br />

Baltimore, where I call home. My background is in general<br />

liability and property insurance, working in claims for over<br />

seven years and insurance operations for the last three. I’ve<br />

held various management roles over the past five years and<br />

helped launch a new claims organization. My husband’s<br />

job moved us to The Hague in 2018 for a two-year assignment,<br />

and this the first expat experience for us both.<br />

I joined the <strong>AWC</strong> Board mid-way through the 2018-<strong>2019</strong><br />

Club year, as the Communications Officer. During this<br />

time, we launched a new website (thanks to <strong>AWC</strong> Member<br />

and Webmaster Julie Otten), increased the activity on<br />

our public Facebook account, and reorganized our private<br />

Facebook page. I am also the Editor of <strong>Going</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong>, working with Terri Mahoney who<br />

handles the design and layout. Additionally, I am serving on the Benefit Event Committee<br />

as the Marketing and Promotions Chair for the re-Building Lives Benefit. In the upcoming<br />

Club year, our goal is to further increase our social media activities, expand <strong>Going</strong><br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> advertising and article submissions, explore additional marketing options, and<br />

fine-tune the new <strong>AWC</strong> website.<br />

Did you know that any woman who speaks English is eligible to join the<br />

American Women’s Club?<br />

Invite your English-speaking friends, wherever they’re from, to join us today!<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 25

Easter Basket Assembly<br />

by Holly Savoie<br />

Help us assemble Easter baskets for the<br />

children residing at Vliet en Burgh,<br />

the Leger des Heils (Salvation Army)<br />

foster home in Voorburg. Baskets, bubbles,<br />

chalk, etc., and of course chocolate bunnies<br />

have all been purchased! All we need<br />

is for you to “Hop on Down” to the <strong>AWC</strong><br />

Clubhouse and help to assemble the baskets.<br />

Join us for a fun evening of fellowship and<br />

wrapping fun.<br />

Funds from the philanthropy budget was<br />

used to purchase all the items needed for the<br />

baskets. Of course, any additional items that<br />

you would like to donate will be used and<br />

appreciated.<br />

In order to give working Members an<br />

opportunity to participate, basket assembly<br />

will take place in the evening this year.<br />

Please contact me at philanthropy@<br />

awcthehague.org with any questions, or to<br />

volunteer to help with the assembly and/or<br />

delivery of the baskets.<br />

Thursday, <strong>April</strong> 4<br />

6 – 8 p.m.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

Sign up at www.awcthehague.org<br />

The new <strong>AWC</strong> Website is now up and running!<br />

Please visit<br />

www.awcthehague.org<br />

for all of your Club-related needs:<br />

Payment of Membership dues, registration for activities and events, Membership<br />

directory, etc.<br />

If you have any questions about the website, please contact<br />

awcthehague.communications@gmail.com.<br />

26 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 27

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat<br />

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m<br />

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Tennis 1 p.m.<br />

Wassenaar Coffee and<br />

Conversation 9:30 a.m.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Board Meeting 1 p.m.<br />

Rembrandt Lecture<br />

7:30 p.m.<br />

Easter Basket Assembly<br />

6 p.m.<br />

7 8<br />

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> Products Class<br />

10 a.m.<br />

9<br />

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.<br />

Heart Pillow Workshop<br />

Noon<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Tennis 1 p.m.<br />

10<br />

Evening Book Club<br />

7:30 p.m.<br />

11<br />

Coffee 10 a.m.<br />

<strong>April</strong> General Meeting<br />

10:30 a.m.<br />

12<br />

Buddy Check 12<br />

13<br />

re-Building Lives Benefit<br />

6:30 p.m.<br />

14 15<br />

16<br />

17<br />

18<br />

19 20<br />

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m<br />

Out to Lunch Bunch<br />

Noon<br />

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> Tennis 1 p.m.<br />

Hidden Gems City Walk<br />

10 a.m.<br />

Thirsty Thursday 6 p.m.<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> - American Friendship Day<br />

21 22<br />

23<br />

24 25<br />

26 27<br />

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m<br />

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.<br />

Daytime Book Club 10 a.m.<br />

King’s Day<br />

28 29<br />

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m<br />

30<br />

Chat, Craft & Cake 10 a.m.<br />

Save the Dates:<br />

May 9: Installation of Officers<br />

May 15: Lunch Bunch<br />

May 23: Volunteer Luncheon<br />

28 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 29

Reflecting on Repatriation<br />

by Rebecca Failor<br />

Expat, trailing spouse, repatriation. These are all terms<br />

I’d never used before 2010, when we started our<br />

wonderful life of living in the Netherlands. And<br />

what a wonderful life it was! The <strong>AWC</strong> The Hague made<br />

such a big difference in my integration into that life. But<br />

all good things seem to end, so now the word “repatriate”<br />

applies to me.<br />

For those of you who know me, you know I think you can<br />

do almost anything if you are determined and have a plan.<br />

As a very experienced traveler, I thought our integration<br />

into <strong>Dutch</strong> life would not be that difficult. Heck, I had just<br />

retired and had all this time to do whatever was needed.<br />

As my husband Hugh says when I am being naïve, “It’s<br />

a nice little world you live in.” So when reality set in, I<br />

needed help and that is what I received from the wonderful<br />

<strong>AWC</strong> ladies and our lovely neighbors.<br />

So when we repatriated I was not so naïve. I read the Repatriation section of the <strong>AWC</strong><br />

book At Home in Holland. I got it that my friends’ lives had moved on without me. I knew<br />

the wonderful public transportation of the Netherlands would not be there on my return<br />

to California’s San Francisco Bay Area. But how hard could it be? I can read and speak<br />

the language. I was returning to a community I had previously lived in for 30 years, so I<br />

know my way around and know the customs. I have friends here.<br />

What Has Been Easy:<br />

• Staying with wonderful friends until we were ready to move back into our house.<br />

• Returning to the area we had lived for over 30 years.<br />

• Hugh had a job to return to, even though he did not have a specific assignment.<br />

• Knowing how to speak, understand, read, and write the language.<br />

• Knowing where and how to buy stuff, such as:<br />

○ Two cars (yes, two are needed here and we are driving more in one day than I<br />

used to drive in a couple of weeks)<br />

○ New bed, with all the needed sheets, blankets,<br />

etc.<br />

○ New television and stand<br />

○ New kitchen and laundry appliances for our<br />

house, replacing 20-years-old ones<br />

○ New window coverings—24 of them!<br />

• Knowing how to hire workers to:<br />

○<br />

Paint the entire interior of our house—it<br />

looks so fresh and new!<br />

○. Install new carpet and flooring<br />

○. Repair a water problem in a bathroom<br />

• Getting our belongings from storage and receiving<br />

our shipment (though it takes weeks to get everything<br />

put away).<br />

30 GOING DUTCH<br />

What Has Not Been Easy:<br />

• Finding that most people have little interest in what<br />

your life was like in the Netherlands, or hearing about<br />

your experiences.<br />

• Missing my friends living in Holland (Thank goodness<br />

we have had quite a few visitors from our NL times).<br />

• Integrating back with old friends who have full lives.<br />

• Finding a club with frequent activities, like the <strong>AWC</strong>,<br />

with Members who “get my situation” and want to<br />

help.<br />

○ The local women’s club just doesn’t fit me. I<br />

○<br />

tried!<br />

I’m not “<strong>Dutch</strong>” enough to integrate with the local<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> group.<br />

• Driving everywhere you need to go. It isolates you<br />

from the life around you.<br />

• Watching Hugh be sidelined at work by those trying so hard to protect their turf.<br />

• Adjusting to US payment processes. The first time I wrote a check after repatriating, I<br />

had to stop and remember how. What goes where, and how does my husband want it<br />

recorded? And of course they wanted to see identification. Why can’t I just transfer the<br />

money directly?<br />

It’s Funny What I Miss About Holland:<br />

• Dropping in at Chat, Craft & Cake, even though I don’t do any crafting<br />

• 200-gram packages of roerbak veggies, ready for a quick stirfry<br />

• Flowers that cost less than $20 a bouquet<br />

• Ladies talking about Houston<br />

• The Museumkaart for access anytime to a fabulous museum, even if I only had a short<br />

time to visit.<br />

The Wonderful Things About Living in California:<br />

• Views of mountains and rolling hills from our backyard<br />

• Sailing on the San Francisco Bay<br />

• Feeling at home, and not like a visitor.<br />

For any of you who will be repatriating: Take care of yourself. Don’t expect it to be a piece<br />

of cake. And remember the wonderful experiences and friends you have made during your<br />

life abroad.<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 31

The Story of <strong>Dutch</strong>-American<br />

Friendship Day<br />

by Roberta Enschede<br />

“There are no friends more faithful than they.”<br />

– John Adams<br />

On the 19th of <strong>April</strong> 1782, the United Provinces<br />

recognized the independence of the raggle-taggle<br />

colonies that were to become the United States of America. John Adams, the feisty, determined<br />

colonial man from Quincy, Massachusetts fought and cajoled and reasoned to make<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> Recognition of American independence a reality.<br />

Ultimately, “De Heer Adams” succeeded. He became Minister Plenipotentiary, the first<br />

American ambassador to the United Provinces. He was received by the States General and<br />

the next day at Huis Ten Bos by William V, Prince of Orange. He wrote, “We have torn from<br />

England’s bosom a faithful ally by availing ourselves of the still small voice of reason without<br />

money—without credentials.”<br />

Princes Margriet by members of Congress, Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and Ben Gilman (R-NY).<br />

The resolution was sponsored by Bill Alexander (D-AR) (Steny Hoyer, now the majority<br />

leader in the House, came in his place) and Ben Gilman (R-NY). It was handwritten by an<br />

artist calligrapher who proudly placed the wax seals of the US and the Netherlands upon it.<br />

Thomas Boyleston Adams, President of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and Charles<br />

Francis Adams, direct descendants of John Adams, came over from Boston. The same day,<br />

in Washington D.C., Her Majesty Queen Beatrix addressed a joint session of Congress.<br />

On <strong>April</strong> 20, Her Majesty allowed the Huis Ten Bos to be opened. Charles Francis Adams<br />

and Thomas Boyleston Adams were welcomed there 200 years to the day after their ancestor<br />

“De Heer Adams” Minister Plenipotentiary was received by William V, Prince of<br />

Orange.<br />

“The American cause has had a signal triumph in this country.” – John Adams<br />

It was true in 1782. It was true in 1982. In <strong>2019</strong>, we know—it is true today!<br />

“There are no friends more faithful than they.” – John Adams<br />

In 2007, on the 225th anniversary, Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, then Congressmen Pete<br />

Hoekstra (R-MI) and Chris van Holland (D-MD) now Senator, introduced HR-89 reaffirming<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong>-American Friendship Day.<br />

“You will see, the American cause has had a signal triumph in this<br />

country. If this had been the only action of my life, it would have been<br />

a life well spent.” -John Adams<br />

Message from the President (cont.)<br />

Continued from page 8<br />

He bought a house at Fluweleen Burgwaal 18, “suitable for a Hotel des Etats-Unis”. That<br />

house became the first embassy the US ever owned. (The site is now a parking lot.)<br />

On <strong>Dutch</strong>-American Friendship Day, we extol his “Signal Triumph”—237 years of unbroken<br />

diplomatic relations—the longest continuous ties between the US and any nation. The idea for<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong>-American Friendship Day began in September of 1981. There was talk and plans for<br />

the Bicentennial of <strong>Dutch</strong>-American relations: business initiatives, projects, more business<br />

initiatives. But, we asked, “What about history?”<br />

In 1981, it was especially important to remember our history, our shared values, our “firm,<br />

inviolable friendship.” The Cold War was a clear and present reality. The US wanted to deploy<br />

48 cruise missiles in the town of Woensdrecht. Thousands of <strong>Dutch</strong> people protested on the<br />

Malieveld and all over the country. A resolution declaring <strong>Dutch</strong>-American Friendship Day<br />

would not mollify their concerns and fears. Nevertheless, it would be a fitting tribute.<br />

What was drafted on a kitchen table in September 1981, was passed by both houses of Congress<br />

in March 1982 and signed by President Ronald Reagan. HJ 410 (House Joint Resolution 410)<br />

declared the 19th of <strong>April</strong> <strong>Dutch</strong>-American Friendship Day.<br />

It passed just in time for the John Adams Dinner that would be held on the anniversary of<br />

the Bicentennial. At the dinner, the first copy of the joint resolution was presented to HRH<br />

32 GOING DUTCH<br />

F<strong>AWC</strong>O Biennial Conference that was held in<br />

Edinburgh in March. It was my first F<strong>AWC</strong>O<br />

conference and our Club had a large contingent<br />

of Members attend, including Georgia<br />

Regnault, Emily van Eerten, Anne van<br />

Oorschot, Terri Mahoney, and Laurie<br />

Brooks. In addition, Johanna Dishongh, a<br />

former president of our Club who has repatriated,<br />

is the US Issues Liaison for FAUSA,<br />

the American arm of F<strong>AWC</strong>O.<br />

I met incredible women from every<br />

F<strong>AWC</strong>O region and 40 different clubs in<br />

Edinburgh. The presidents’ sessions gave<br />

me confidence that our Club is moving in<br />

the right direction. I’ll discuss some of what I<br />

learned in Edinburgh at our <strong>April</strong> meeting, the<br />

ideas we shared, and why F<strong>AWC</strong>O remains a<br />

relevant organization that all Members should<br />

become more involved in, as it offers numerous<br />

opportunities through its multifaceted<br />

programs. If you’re not familiar with<br />

F<strong>AWC</strong>O, I know Julie will be happy to share<br />

why she became our rep, and I can explain<br />

why I caught F<strong>AWC</strong>O Fever at the conference<br />

in Edinburgh!<br />

I hope to see you at one, or all, of the fun<br />

events taking place this month.<br />

Tot ziens,<br />

Suzanne<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 33

F<strong>AWC</strong>O Corner<br />

by Julie Mowat, <strong>AWC</strong> The Hague F<strong>AWC</strong>O Representative<br />

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, a United Nations NGO with<br />

consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council<br />

www.fawco.org.<br />

One Billion Rising<br />

One Billion Rising is the biggest mass action<br />

to end violence against women in history.<br />

This campaign started in 2012 and occurs<br />

annually on Valentine’s Day. Many activities<br />

are planned, including flash mobs. This<br />

year, the <strong>AWC</strong> The Hague participated<br />

again. Melissa Rider held a rehearsal at the<br />

Clubhouse for Members to learn the dance,<br />

and lots of laughter and fun was had. Then<br />

on Valentine’s Day, a beautiful sunny day,<br />

we (dressed in pink and red) joined the <strong>AWC</strong><br />

Amsterdam (<strong>AWC</strong>A) for the flash mob in<br />

Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam. So much<br />

fun with great energy! The <strong>AWC</strong>A did a fantastic<br />

job organizing. When we were done,<br />

we decided to try to make it to the flash mob<br />

in Leiden (last year, <strong>AWC</strong> Members danced<br />

with Webster University in Leiden). We<br />

caught the right train and ran to the location<br />

in Leiden. We made it and joined them in<br />

their dance! Again, lots of fun energy and<br />

laughs. It was so empowering and a wonderful<br />

experience. We all plan to do it again<br />

next year and hope more Members can join<br />

us!<br />

It’s Not Too Soon to Register to<br />

Vote<br />

Federal law<br />

requires<br />

overseas<br />

voters to<br />

(re)register<br />

every year<br />

in which<br />

they mean<br />

to vote. Yes, the next national election is in<br />

2020, but prepare for special and any other<br />

elections that may arise in <strong>2019</strong> by using<br />

F<strong>AWC</strong>O’s dedicated website to register:<br />

www.usvotefoundation.org.<br />

Hope Beyond Displacement<br />

News From Collateral Repair Project<br />

by Tricia R. Saur, F<strong>AWC</strong>O Member<br />

SuperGirls: A Hallmark of Hope<br />

Beyond Displacement<br />

SuperGirls focuses on healthy eating and included<br />

a field trip to a nearby supermarket.<br />

The girls had a small budget to spend and<br />

got to decide what nutritious snack to purchase.<br />

The activity was followed by vibrant<br />

discussion that illustrated how the girls are<br />

learning about the value of money and independent<br />

decision making.<br />

The Collateral Repair Project (CRP) has<br />

seen real results in the way the girls control<br />

their emotions and interact with others, from<br />

the beginning to the end of the six-month<br />

session. For example, when one eight-yearold<br />

participant began, she was barely able<br />

to communicate at all. She was too shy to<br />

look at anyone’s face or respond when spoken<br />

to. Because of these issues, her parents<br />

decided it would be easier for her to not go<br />

to school. Then, after six months, she was<br />

regularly participating, and her hand was<br />

the first to shoot up to answer questions.<br />

That September, her parents registered her<br />

in school.<br />

Leadership In Action<br />

As part of the Leadership in Action program,<br />

18 women and men finished a 5-day<br />

training which taught them how to advocate<br />

and act on issues they see in their community.<br />

They have chosen child labor, violence<br />

against women, and the dangers of the internet<br />

as the issues to focus on and are in the<br />

process of designing advocacy projects.<br />

34 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 35

F<strong>AWC</strong>O Handbag and Art Auction<br />

by Julie Mowat, <strong>AWC</strong> The Hague F<strong>AWC</strong>O Representative<br />

Our F<strong>AWC</strong>O Handbag and Art Auction was once again a big success! This has always<br />

been a particularly fun event, and this year was no exception. Not only was a record<br />

amount raised – € 3,880! – but everyone had a wonderful time. Also, this last amount<br />

donated has pushed our Club up into “Diamond Level” donor status! It was truly incredible<br />

how many fabulous bags, scarves, accessories, and artworks were donated. It was wonderful<br />

to hear the gleeful laughs when a new item was presented. Bags were modeled by volunteers<br />

and then passed around to be examined before the competitive bids started. The high tea<br />

treats and bubbly were also highly appreciated by our many attendees.<br />

This fundraiser was the last one for the 2017–<strong>2019</strong> F<strong>AWC</strong>O Target Project: CRP’s Hope<br />

Beyond Displacement. This non profit operates an amazing community center in Jordan that<br />

helps refugees. The funds raised will be used for many things including SuperGirl classes,<br />

gender-based violence programs, vocational training, education, etc. Your donations will<br />

definitely make a difference! Having had the privilege to visit there last spring, I can say your<br />

donations will be utilized well. For more information, visit www.collateralrepairproject.org.<br />

This auction could not have happened without all the dedicated and delightful volunteers<br />

that donated their time, money, and creative positive energy. We were led by our<br />

fearless leader Terri Mahoney, whose calm positive energy is an inspiration. Thank<br />

you especially to Loren Mealey, our auctioneer, who can really make the room buzz, and<br />

to all of our volunteers who put in more hours than you might imagine to make the whole<br />

event possible: Amber Gatewood, Audrey Goodman, Deana Kreitler, Debbie van<br />

Hees-Cascio, Dominque Duysens, Emily van Eerten, Georgia Regnault, Glenda Ohr,<br />

Greetje Engelsman, Holly Savoie, Jan Essad, Lana Heidar, Maud Janssen, Melissa<br />

White, Sunita Menon, Suzanne MacNeil, and Una Mulvihill.<br />

Again, a big heartfelt thanks to everyone who donated items, volunteered, and made<br />

purchases. I hope you are enjoying your new goodies. I am so proud to be a Member of<br />

this generous Club!<br />

With gratitude, Julie >> 38<br />

36 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 37

Handbag Auction<br />

38 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 39

Travel Tips & Tricks<br />

by Audrey Goodman<br />

“I use www.skyscanner.nl to help me find the cheapest<br />

flights to European destinations. We much prefer flying<br />

from Rotterdam if possible—far less queuing time and<br />

much cheaper car parking! And don’t forget to consider<br />

going from airports located outside the Netherlands.<br />

We have flown out of Brussels airport a few times because<br />

flights were significantly cheaper than those in the<br />

Netherlands.” – Jo van Kalveen<br />

“The best way to avoid the tour bus crowds is to either<br />

get up and out early or visit later in the day. Take an<br />

afternoon siesta if you choose the early option, so you<br />

can still enjoy a fun evening out. Many museums have<br />

night hours one day a week.” – Melissa Rider<br />

“In the US, my husband and I are loyal to one of the<br />

large hotel chains. But we’ve found that boutique hotels<br />

in Europe are often cheaper and cozier than the chains,<br />

especially in many city centers. Our new go-to website<br />

for hotels is www.booking.com. We’ve also become big<br />

fans of the Lonely Planet travel books. I know the Rick<br />

Steves books are more popular, but we prefer the format<br />

and maps in Lonely Plant.” – Audrey Goodman<br />

“My ‘Cannot Travel Without’ piece of luggage is the<br />

Brics X-Large 3-in-1 Bag (www.brics.it). It has a sleeve<br />

that fits over your trolley handle, making it so easy to<br />

move through airports. It’s a shoulder bag with leather<br />

straps that you can move and restyle, to make it into a<br />

large crossbody, freeing your hands. The small zipper<br />

pouch that snaps inside the bag comes with a thin, removable<br />

leather strap so it can be used as an evening<br />

crossbody or just a clutch. [Bonus!] The other thing I<br />

carry is a roll of washi tape. It comes in handy for clothes<br />

alterations, rubber band replacement, or keeping bags<br />

tightly closed in your suitcase. It is so tiny, but does a<br />

big amount of work!”<br />

– Debbie Cascio<br />

“If you plan to walk on anything other than the roads,<br />

i.e. hiking paths or trails, I have a great free app that will<br />

help you navigate anywhere in the world. You can use it<br />

with WiFi, or if you know you will be out with no WiFi<br />

reception, you can downlaod the maps for free and have<br />

them ready on your phone to be used with GPS. Go to<br />

the app store and look for Gaia GPS.”<br />

– Terri Mahoney<br />

Travel4U@americantravelcenter.net/www.americantravelcenter.nl/tel. +3261234901<br />

“Our next holiday is<br />

a safari. They do<br />

the whole world!”<br />

“My husband and I love using the Rick Steves Audio<br />

Europe App. I like to listen to the audio files as I am<br />

planning our trip. Once we arrive in the city, we usually<br />

start our adventure with his City Walk audio guide. The<br />

City Walk provides a great overview and history of the<br />

city and when it is complete you have a good lay of the<br />

land to explore more in-depth.” – Holly Savoie<br />

“They make booking a<br />

holiday so easy. I just<br />

leave it to them!”<br />

“Every trip is<br />

customized, just for<br />

me! That’s unique!”<br />

40 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 41

Unconventional Travel: Seoul<br />

by Melissa White<br />

Shortly after New Year’s and just a month<br />

after leaving Athens, Ashlynn was off<br />

to Seoul for eight weeks for her next<br />

“on stay” as a full-time model. It was incredibly<br />

strange kissing my 18-year-old daughter<br />

goodbye at Schiphol knowing that she was<br />

traveling to Asia on a one-way ticket; the plans<br />

for the next leg of her trip to Sydney hadn’t<br />

been finalized at the time.<br />

Instead of renting her own place, this time<br />

Ashlynn was staying in a “model apartment”<br />

managed by her Korean modeling agency so<br />

that models could share affordable space in<br />

this overcrowded city. The apartment was in<br />

Gwangjin District, southeast of the city center<br />

42 GOING DUTCH<br />

and about a 20-minute walk from a vibrant<br />

shopping and restaurant area. It was also conveniently<br />

close to the agency and the male<br />

models’ apartment. Ashlynn was a bit apprehensive<br />

about living with total strangers, but<br />

she quickly bonded with the other girls and<br />

was very happy she wasn’t living on her own<br />

in such a foreign land. The biggest drawback<br />

was that she was constantly having to watch<br />

good friends leave; not unlike what she was<br />

used to growing up as an expat, but on a much<br />

faster timescale.<br />

Two weeks after she left Holland, I also left<br />

Schiphol on a one-way ticket to Seoul. Unlike<br />

Ashlynn, I had a series of one-way tickets that<br />

would then take me to San Francisco to visit<br />

my parents, and on to New York to meet up<br />

with my husband on a business trip (which is<br />

definitely an entirely different tale to tell), and<br />

then eventually back home to complete my first<br />

round-the-world journey. Seoul had previously<br />

changed my life by exposing me to international<br />

travel and the idea of living as an expat.<br />

My parents lived there in the early 90s and I<br />

got my first passport to visit them in 1991 when<br />

I was 27. Over my five visits, I spent about<br />

eight weeks in Seoul and was looking forward<br />

to experiencing the city with my daughter.<br />

I had originally planned to stay in a hotel<br />

in the city center with Ashlynn joining me on<br />

the weekends, although it would have limited<br />

our time together. I was thrilled when her<br />

agency offered to let me stay with Ashlynn<br />

in the three-bedroom apartment instead, since<br />

there was only one other model at that time,<br />

a 20-year-old Russian from Tel Aviv. A big<br />

surprise was that I could stay for free, allowing<br />

me more time with Ashlynn and freeing<br />

up more spending money to spoil her. It also<br />

meant that I ended up hanging out with a<br />

bunch of models 14 to 23 years old when I<br />

was invited to a few group dinners and an<br />

evening of karaoke.<br />

Things had really changed since the last<br />

time I was in Seoul in 1995. I was happy to<br />

see that the roads seemed much more orderly<br />

than the complete chaos before. My<br />

dad likened driving there in the 90s to being<br />

completely surrounded by teenage drivers, as<br />

few people could afford cars previously. The<br />

subway system has spread vastly around the<br />

city and is efficient, clean and easy to use.<br />

The line serving Itaewon, where my parents<br />

lived, didn’t open until five years after they<br />

left. Itaewon’s main shopping street had transformed<br />

from a series of crooked alleys and<br />

little shops to a glut of national and international<br />

chain stores. I was excited to find the<br />

familiar staircase up the hill to my parents’<br />

old street, but was astonished when I realized<br />

that all the single family houses on their side<br />

of the street had been replaced by multistory<br />

apartments or office buildings. I was also surprised<br />

to see how many bars were advertising<br />

that they were open 24/7; in 1991, I was in a<br />

bar with a friend when announcements were<br />

made by megaphone at 1 a.m. instructing<br />

people to go home and then the police arrived<br />

at 2 a.m. to escort everyone out.<br />

A model’s schedule is not her own.<br />

Ashlynn frequently wouldn’t find out when<br />

she had castings or photo shoots until 9 p.m.<br />

the previous evening, so it was difficult to<br />

make any firm plans. She usually had at least<br />

one casting daily, so we were limited to mostly<br />

half-day activities. Unlike Athens, where I<br />

walked along with her and then waited outside<br />

while she went to castings, in Seoul she was<br />

always driven to castings or jobs and accompanied<br />

by her manager to translate since very<br />

few of the clients and photographers spoke<br />

English. She had the entire first weekend off,<br />

but we had the misfortune of getting food poisoning<br />

from an Indian restaurant on Saturday,<br />

which wiped out Sunday. She then had to<br />

work most of the second weekend, but this<br />

gave me the chance to run with two different<br />

chapters of the Hash House Harriers, the international<br />

running group that I regularly run<br />

with in Holland (www.harrier.nl). “Hashing”<br />

is a great way to see sections of a city that are<br />

off the beaten path.<br />

Some of the other models told us about<br />

a raccoon café that they had visited, but<br />

complained that it was very busy with lots<br />

of screaming children. I did a little research<br />

and found an alternative that wasn’t in a<br />

tourist area. According to Timeout Seoul, the<br />

owner of Blind Alley had adopted the rescued<br />

raccoons as babies and didn’t want to leave<br />

them home alone so set up a separate room in<br />

a café for visitors to meet her pets. We were<br />

lucky enough to be the only guests. Before<br />

meeting the raccoons, however, we first fed the<br />

two resident pigs in a most unusual manner:<br />

by sitting on a pillow, having a blanket placed<br />

across our laps and then throwing the >> 44<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 43

Unconventional Travel (cont.)<br />

Continued from page 45<br />

food across the blanket. Needless to say, it was<br />

quite a strange sensation. Things were calmer<br />

with the raccoons with one of them sleeping<br />

and one hiding. We took turns holding and<br />

feeding the third one, who was surprisingly<br />

heavy. The room was clean with lots of<br />

climbing structures to entertain the raccoons<br />

and the staff seemed very attentive.<br />

44 GOING DUTCH<br />

Seoul is now home to the fifth tallest<br />

building in the world: Lotte World Tower<br />

(seoulsky.lotteworld.com). It opened in 2017<br />

and is 1,821 feet (555 meters) tall with 123<br />

floors. Rather than take the subway, we<br />

walked across a bridge over the Han River<br />

and along the riverfront for one and a half<br />

hours. It was chilly (the temperature rarely<br />

was above freezing during my visit), but<br />

the sun was shining and it was great to get<br />

outside. The design of the tower reminded<br />

me of The Shard in London, but this was<br />

much taller. We entered the building through<br />

the most luxurious shopping mall I’ve ever<br />

seen, before heading to the basement which<br />

housed a more affordable mall and the entrance<br />

to the observation deck. Admission<br />

was a bit pricey, but it was definitely money<br />

well spent. The fun started when we entered<br />

the Sky Shuttle, the world’s tallest and fastest<br />

double-decker elevator, which took just<br />

under one minute to bring us<br />

to the 117th floor. While the<br />

views were fantastic there,<br />

they got even better when<br />

we went up to the 118th floor<br />

to check out the Sky Deck,<br />

the world’s highest glassfloor<br />

observation deck. It<br />

was truly wild standing on<br />

a clear glass floor 1,568 feet<br />

(478 meters) above traffic.<br />

Our timing was perfect to<br />

see the 360° view of Seoul<br />

as daytime transformed into<br />

nighttime. We finished our<br />

visit with the signature cocktail<br />

of the 123F Lounge on<br />

the top floor.<br />

The next day we were back in the basement<br />

of Lotte World Tower, this time to visit<br />

the Lotte World Aquarium, another highpriced<br />

activity that Ashlynn would have<br />

foregone if she had to pay since she keeps<br />

herself on a strict budget. As a future marine<br />

biologist, she is torn between her love for<br />

being around sea life and her concerns about<br />

animals in captivity. We were both impressed<br />

with this modern and well-designed aquarium<br />

housing 55,000 creatures from 650 species.<br />

I especially enjoyed the 275-foot (85-meter)<br />

long underwater tunnel and Ashlynn especially<br />

loved getting to look eye-to-eye with<br />

a beluga whale.<br />

On my last night in town, we went to Asia’s<br />

largest underground shopping center: COEX<br />

Mall. Ashlynn was happy to find a <strong>Dutch</strong> café<br />

serving authentic warm stroopwafels, which<br />

were unlikely to be vegan but worth it for a<br />

little piece of home. The biggest surprise of the<br />

evening occurred when we wandered into what<br />

we thought was a giant bookstore. Instead it<br />

turned out to be the incredible Starfield Library<br />

with over 50,000 titles in an amazing twostory<br />

open-plan design. We just happened<br />

to go past some magazines and on a whim I<br />

searched for the February issue of Noblesse,<br />

a Korean luxury lifestyle magazine. Much to<br />

our surprise, there was Ashlynn gracing the<br />

pages in a circus-themed editorial she had shot<br />

just two weeks earlier wearing<br />

designer clothes. It was quite<br />

surreal to be standing in a library<br />

in Seoul watching my<br />

daughter seeing herself in a<br />

Korean magazine for the first<br />

time. I was especially thrilled<br />

when we discovered a bookstore<br />

around the corner that<br />

had a copy so I could bring<br />

one home.<br />

By the time you are reading<br />

this, Ashlynn’s stay in<br />

Korea will have come to an<br />

end and she’ll have moved<br />

onto Sydney, where yet another<br />

adventure awaits me as<br />

well.<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 45

Credit: Royal Institute of <strong>Dutch</strong> Architects<br />

The <strong>Dutch</strong> Daily<br />

by Eileen Harloff<br />

From Embassy to Cultural Center<br />

When the US Embassy moved from the<br />

Lange Voorhout in The Hague out to<br />

Wassenaar over a year ago, a question arose:<br />

What should become of the building? In<br />

some quarters it was suggested that it be demolished—as<br />

soon as possible as it was an<br />

eye sore for that location and looked like a<br />

prison—and replaced by a smart hotel. Other<br />

factions said the building should be kept, but<br />

that it should be changed into a hotel. Others<br />

suggested that it should become a new museum,<br />

either to house the Escher collection<br />

(currently located down the street) or to make<br />

it into a museum dedicated to <strong>Dutch</strong> porcelain.<br />

The decision has been made. and the<br />

former embassy building is now a museum<br />

whose purpose is to “focus on the most relevant<br />

developments in the modern arts and<br />

provide the opportunity and space for artists<br />

to develop new work and thereby make a<br />

meaningful contribution to society.” The museum<br />

is under the aegis of the national institution<br />

West Den Haag, together with ANNA<br />

Vastgoed (Property) and Culture.<br />

The rescue of the building from destruction<br />

is applauded by those interested in architecture<br />

and its development over time.<br />

It is a product of the Hungarian-American<br />

architect and furniture designer Marcel<br />

Brauer, a former member of the then radical<br />

arts and crafts Bauhaus School that was<br />

founded in the 1930s by Walter Gropius in<br />

Weimar, Germany. Following his studies,<br />

Brauer became a member of the faculty of<br />

the School, later moving on first to London,<br />

then to the US where he was on the faculty<br />

of the Harvard Graduate School of Design.<br />

In 1946 he moved to New York City and<br />

set up his own practice. During his career<br />

he designed almost 100 buildings, including<br />

the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the<br />

IBM Research Center, and the headquarters<br />

of the US Department of Housing and Urban<br />

Development in Washington, D.C.<br />

Like it or not, the former embassy building<br />

has been spared a sad demise and can now<br />

look forward to a bright future, it is be hoped,<br />

in the context of modern society. The museum,<br />

which opened its doors to a large crowd<br />

of visitors in February and can be visited<br />

daily from 1 to 6 p.m. Free entrance is available<br />

for children up to 12 and Museumkaart<br />

holders. www.onzeambassade.nl<br />

Get With It, Gemeentemuseum<br />

To the horror and dismay of many of its<br />

admirers—including me, I might add—<br />

the Gemeentemuseum of The Hague will<br />

be changing its name to Kunstmuseum<br />

Den Haag (Art Museum The Hague) some<br />

time at the end of this year. Although the<br />

Gemeentemuseum is one of the most visited<br />

and well-known art museums in the country,<br />

according to Director Benno Tempel its<br />

name is old fashioned, stuffy and regional—<br />

it’s not associated with its international collection.<br />

Nor is a change of name so unusual,<br />

an example being the former Letterkundig<br />

Museum (Literary Museum), whose present<br />

name is Literatuurmuseum (Literature<br />

Museum). With its new name, the museum<br />

will have the international allure that is<br />

crucial in these times and will undoubtedly<br />

lead to a greater number of visitors. When<br />

news of the intended change was made public,<br />

the newspaper AD carried out of poll to<br />

determine the opinion of the public. The response<br />

was that only 14% of the respondents<br />

Credit: Gemeentemuseum The Hague<br />

thought it a good idea. A former Professor of<br />

Corporate Communications, Cees Riel, who<br />

has carried out extensive research on the subject,<br />

agrees with Director Tempo. The new<br />

name, he suggests, is associated with modern<br />

art from the 20th and 21st centuries, and<br />

while change often leads to uncertainty and<br />

irritation, in the long run the change will generally<br />

be accepted.<br />

The Case of the Glass Piano<br />

It’s like a story from a book or a film, and<br />

its main character is a former Malaysian millionaire,<br />

Jho Low, who stole millions from<br />

Malaysia’s national funds, among others,<br />

through various white-washing deals. He<br />

was a big spender, owning a super-luxe yacht<br />

with helicopter platform and a 19-man crew<br />

(bought in the Netherlands), a private plane,<br />

10 houses in New York City, California<br />

and London, paintings (one of which was a<br />

Picasso that he gave as a gift to Leonardo<br />

DiCaprio), jewels, etc. He also gave money<br />

to charity.<br />

Now this is where Holland comes into the<br />

story. Jho Low ordered a glass piano from<br />

<strong>Dutch</strong> piano maker, music teacher and director,<br />

Peter Tol. The piano maker lives in<br />

Ablasserdam, where he has a home and<br />

workshop. When he was 12 years old, he<br />

saw an acrylic piano in a store in town. He<br />

was fascinated with it and decided that one<br />

day he would like to have such an item in his<br />

own home. Peter grew up, married, and had<br />

a daughter named Cecille, who was severely<br />

handicapped, but who learned to play the<br />

piano. Together they entertained themselves<br />

with playing duets. When she was 25 years<br />

old, Cecille moved out of the home and Peter<br />

began building acrylic pianos, to which he<br />

gave her name.<br />

Switch back to Jho Low, millionaire. He<br />

saw one of Tol’s acrylic pianos and decided<br />

that this was the perfect gift for supermodel<br />

Miranda Kerr. It was October, and he wanted<br />

the piano to be delivered to Miranda in<br />

California by Christmas, about three months<br />

away. It usually takes nine months to build<br />

a piano, but Peter Tol had an unfinished one<br />

on hand and was able to meet the deadline.<br />

Moreover, the piano was to have a red acrylic<br />

ribbon around it just above the legs, and<br />

when it was taken out of its wrappings it was<br />

to automatically play You’re Still the One.<br />

The piano was delivered on time, in the rain,<br />

but as no one was home it was deposited on<br />

the front porch. How it was received and if it<br />

were used is not known.<br />

The end of story is not yet in sight. Eventually<br />

the financial machinations of Jho Low came<br />

to light and he fled to an unknown destination,<br />

although it is suspected that it is China.<br />

As most of these transactions took place in<br />

the US, that country was tasked with sorting<br />

out the mess. This undertaking is costing a lot<br />

of money, as items that had been gifted to various<br />

people (the Picasso given to Leonardo<br />

DiCaprio, the glass piano to Miranda Kerr,<br />

etc.) have had to be retrieved, examined and<br />

repaired. The fate of Peter Tol’s glass piano<br />

is not yet known. I hope it ends up in the<br />

Netherlands and that it will be on display. It<br />

may even become a national treasure.<br />

Credit: Vogue<br />

46 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 47

Announcements<br />

Scary Bikers<br />

A comedy/drama about life, love and staying<br />

on your bike by John Godber, one of the<br />

U.K.’s most performed playwrights. Based<br />

in Amsterdam, The Queen’s English Theatre<br />

Company’s touring production opens in the<br />

Netherlands just as it is also transferring into<br />

London’s West End. When retired miner<br />

Don and former teacher Carol meet it looks<br />

like a new beginning, but a bike ride through<br />

Europe tests their budding romance. It’s second<br />

time around for recently bereaved Carol<br />

and Don, but the road to love proves rocky<br />

when they find they are on opposite sides<br />

of the fence over Brexit! Tickets are sold at<br />

www.qetc.nl for performances in The Hague<br />

on <strong>April</strong> 5 – 7 and in Leiden on <strong>April</strong> 10.<br />

Greenhouse Open Weekend<br />

Kom in de Kas (Enter the Greenhouse)<br />

is the largest public event of the <strong>Dutch</strong><br />

greenhouse industry on Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 6<br />

and Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 7. Hundreds of hospitable<br />

vegetable, flower and plant cultivators are<br />

scattered over 22 regions throughout the<br />

country. This is a unique opportunity to see<br />

what is happening inside the greenhouses.<br />

The cultivators will proudly present the art<br />

of growing fresh and safe natural products.<br />

www.komindekas.nl<br />

48 GOING DUTCH<br />

National Museum Week<br />

For more than 30 years, over 400 museums<br />

across the country have offered a special<br />

weekend with free or discounted entrance<br />

including free films, slide shows, tours,<br />

demonstrations and workshops. The fun<br />

has been expanded to an entire week from<br />

<strong>April</strong> 8 – 14 with the theme of Our Real<br />

Gold. For more information and to see<br />

which museums are participating, visit<br />

www.nationalemuseumweek.nl.<br />

Sci-Fi Weekend<br />

Take a deep dive into the unknown during<br />

Sci-Fi Weekend at the Kunsthal Rotterdam,<br />

a contemporary art museum. On Saturday,<br />

<strong>April</strong> 13, there will be a lecture on extraterrestrial<br />

life by Vincent Icke, Professor<br />

of Theoretical Astronomy and Cosmology.<br />

The Doelen Ensemble will perform Hans<br />

Zimmer’s Interstellar Suite, and there will<br />

be a focus on the first landing on the moon,<br />

which took place 50 years ago. You can<br />

also join in a comic illustration workshop.<br />

Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 14 is Kunsthal Family Day.<br />

Immortalize yourself as a cyborg and learn<br />

with the HipHopHuis how to dance like a<br />

robot. You can design your own robot in<br />

the Digital Playground Media Lab. On<br />

both days, you can have great fun with the<br />

best science fiction retro and classic video<br />

games in the arcade hall. Admission is free<br />

for Museumkaart holders and youth under<br />

17. www.kunsthal.nl<br />

Toy robots c.1950-1970 Photo by Tristan Fewings, Getty Images<br />

The Arts Society Lecture<br />

William Shakespeare and His Turbulent<br />

Times<br />

More than 400 years after Shakespeare’s<br />

death, his words still have the power to thrill,<br />

move and uplift the soul. This lecture will<br />

explore what is known of his life in the turbulent<br />

and dangerous world of Elizabethan<br />

and Jacobean England and look at the development<br />

of English Renaissance theatre.<br />

Freelance lecturer Elizabeth Merry has over<br />

25 years’ experience lecturing on classical<br />

art and architecture, and the links between<br />

literature and art. Non-member fee is € 13.<br />

Tuesday, <strong>April</strong> 16<br />

8 p.m. (doors open at 7:30 p.m.)<br />

Cultural Centrum Warenar<br />

Kerkstraat 75, Wassenaar<br />

www.theartssocietythehague.org<br />

Scottish Country Dancing<br />

Potluck<br />

The St. Andrew’s Society of the Netherlands<br />

invites the <strong>AWC</strong> to a Potluck Ceilidh<br />

(Scottish country dancing). There is no<br />

previous experience needed. Similar to<br />

American square dancing, there is a “caller”<br />

who walks everyone through each dance before<br />

the music starts and then calls out the<br />

moves throughout. Dress code is smart casual<br />

or kilt. Entrance to the dance with refreshments<br />

is € 10 plus a potluck item for<br />

the buffet.<br />

Friday, <strong>April</strong> 5<br />

7:30 – 10:30 p.m.<br />

British School of the Netherlands<br />

Diamanthorst 16, Den Haag<br />

www.standrews.nl<br />

Bonfire Beach Fest<br />

Celebrate the official opening of beach<br />

season at this festival that will put<br />

Scheveningen on fire. On Friday, <strong>April</strong> 19<br />

and Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 20, the entire beach—<br />

from the Sportstrand to the Zwarte Pad—<br />

transforms into a large open and free festival<br />

area. Young and old will be entertained with<br />

cultural, musical and culinary activities.<br />

www.bonfirebeachfest.com<br />

Flower Parade<br />

On Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 13 at 9:15 a.m., the<br />

72nd edition of the annual Flower Parade<br />

will leave Noordwijk to travel its 25-mile<br />

(40-kilometer) route along the main roads<br />

to arrive in Haarlem around 10 p.m. The<br />

procession will be comprised of 17 large >> 50<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 49

Announcements (cont.)<br />

Continued from page 49<br />

floats with the theme of Changing World<br />

and more than 30 decorated luxury cars,<br />

interspersed with marching bands. There<br />

will be plenty of space on the roadside for<br />

the hundreds of thousands of spectators<br />

who always congregate along the route.<br />

The Flower Parade passes Keukenhof<br />

around 3:30 p.m. If you miss the parade,<br />

you can see the floats on view in Haarlem<br />

on Sunday, <strong>April</strong> 14 until 5 p.m. There<br />

will also be an illuminated parade in<br />

Noordwijkerhout on Friday, <strong>April</strong> 13 at<br />

9:15 p.m. To see the schedule of the route,<br />

go to www.bloemencorso-bollenstreek.nl.<br />

KunstRAI Art Fair<br />

From Wednesday, <strong>April</strong> 17 until Monday,<br />

<strong>April</strong> 22, the longest running art fair in the<br />

Netherlands (now in its 35th year) will offer<br />

contemporary <strong>Dutch</strong> art for sale at RAI<br />

Amsterdam. During the fair, over 80 galleries<br />

will show their paintings, sculptures,<br />

photography, new media, design and jewelry.<br />

www.kunstrai.nl<br />

Outdoor Photo Exposition<br />

The National Geographic Masters of<br />

Photography outdoor photo exposition is being<br />

held on the Lange Voorhout through <strong>April</strong><br />

22. This free exposition displays a selection<br />

of 22 historic images of landscapes, culture<br />

50 GOING DUTCH<br />

and animals as seen through the lenses of top<br />

photographers.<br />

Life I Live Festival<br />

Starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, <strong>April</strong> 26, The<br />

Hague city center will be transformed into<br />

a free open-air music festival to kick off the<br />

celebration of the King’s birthday and continuing<br />

on Saturday, <strong>April</strong> 27 for King’s Day<br />

itself. During these two days, 50 local bands<br />

and DJs will perform next to international<br />

acts on stages scattered around playing a variety<br />

of musical styles: soul, rock, funk, hip<br />

hop, blues, indie pop, jazz and dance tunes.<br />

www.thelifeilive.nl<br />

Tulip Festival<br />

This festival celebrates the famous tulip and<br />

ensures it blooms all over Amsterdam each<br />

spring. In 2015, nearly 550,000 tulip bulbs<br />

were planted in beds and pots around the<br />

city for the first festival. Additional bulbs<br />

have been planted each year, moving towards<br />

the goal of one bulb for every inhabitant of<br />

Amsterdam. All through the month of <strong>April</strong>,<br />

colorful and rare tulips can be seen at 85<br />

Photo by John Lewis Marshall<br />

locations scattered among the gardens of museums,<br />

private homes and other city institutions.<br />

A festival guide and route map showing<br />

the participating locations is available for € 2<br />

at the information points. www.tulpfestival.<br />

com<br />

Broadway Writer/Performer<br />

Coming to The Hague<br />

Join award-winning playwright and performer<br />

Ann Randolph for her two-day workshop:<br />

Speak Your Truth: Writing and Storytelling<br />

for the Page, Stage and Life. Ann teaches<br />

how sharing your strengths and vulnerabilities<br />

builds trust with friends, clients and your<br />

audience. She says that by learning how to<br />

tell your own story, you will not only learn to<br />

craft your experience into a compelling narrative,<br />

but also unleash a sense of purpose in<br />

your own life. Tickets are € 260 and can be<br />

purchased at www.eventbrite.com.<br />

Saturday, May 18 – Sunday, May 19<br />

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.<br />

De Stadhouder<br />

Stadhouderslaan 9, Den Haag<br />

Hockney and Van Gogh Exhibit<br />

Through May 26, the colossal works of<br />

David Hockney will be on display at the<br />

Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Hockney<br />

– Van Gogh: The Joy of Nature offers an<br />

extensive and colorful exploration of the<br />

common ground between the work of these<br />

artists. This exhibit will further demonstrate<br />

the influence of Van Gogh on Hockney’s<br />

work, exploring both artists’ fascination with<br />

nature, their use of bright, contrasting colors<br />

and their experimentation with perspective.<br />

Science Fiction: A Journey Into<br />

the Unknown<br />

Through June 30, you can step into the fascinating<br />

world of more than 100 years of science<br />

fiction at Kunsthal Rotterdam and discover<br />

the ongoing human quest for the unknown on<br />

our own planet and beyond. More than 850<br />

unique objects show the incredible imagination<br />

of the human mind. Travel through time<br />

and space with film clips and video installations,<br />

rare manuscripts, drawings, books,<br />

comics, and art. Admire the many costumes,<br />

masks, models and props from film classics<br />

like Star Wars, Star Trek and Godzilla. See<br />

Darth Vader’s warrior helmet, Spock’s space<br />

suit, an original manuscript from 1865 from<br />

Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty<br />

Days and the dinosaur egg from Jurassic<br />

Park. Immerse yourself in a multiscreen installation<br />

with an episode from the Netflix hit<br />

series Black Mirror specially adapted for this<br />

exhibition. www.kunsthal.nl<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 51<br />

Kilham to Langtoft II by David Hockney Photo by Richard Schmidt Photo by Tristan Fewings, Getty Images

Classifieds<br />

Index of Advertisers<br />

Beginners Website Setup<br />

Basics Course<br />

Learn the basic requirements<br />

for setting up a new Website.<br />

Main topics: Domain names,<br />

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only €15<br />

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WHERE: <strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

Register: www.Juewels.com<br />

Coffee, tea, and cookies<br />

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Taught by: Julie Otten (<strong>AWC</strong><br />

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Private Pilates Lessons in<br />

Your Own Home<br />

I am a Certified Pilates<br />

instructor offering mat<br />

Pilates—tailored to your<br />

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Monday to Friday, office<br />

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in English.<br />

The Hague, Wassenaar area<br />

only.<br />

Please email christina@gikas.<br />

nl for more info.<br />

ACCESS<br />

page 27<br />

American Travel<br />

Center<br />

page 41<br />

Aveda Lifestyle<br />

Salon<br />

Inside Cover<br />


Airport Service<br />

Inside Back Cover<br />

Happy Critters<br />

Marcel<br />

Vermeulen<br />

page 19<br />

Petros Eyewear<br />

Playball Kids<br />

Sligro<br />

page 11<br />

page 19<br />

page 21<br />


WIJK brilmode<br />

page 17<br />

Wassalon<br />

Weissenbruch<br />

page 15<br />

Your Cleaning<br />

Service<br />

Jewelry<br />

page 11<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 53<br />

page 27<br />

WORDPRESS Basics<br />

Workshop<br />

Learn how to install, setup,<br />

create and manage your own<br />

WordPress Website.<br />

COST: €149, <strong>AWC</strong> Members<br />

only €90<br />

DATES: Mar 4, Mar 22, Apr 5,<br />

Apr 12<br />

TIME: 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.<br />

WHERE: <strong>AWC</strong> Clubhouse<br />

Register: www.Juewels.com<br />

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Restaurant Recommendations<br />

by Audrey Goodman<br />

Recommendations by Naya Pessoa & Jo Van Kalveen<br />

Please send your recommendations to goingdutchmag@awcthehague.org.<br />

Somos Peru<br />

Authentic Peruvian cuisine with good service.<br />

Delicious “pisco sour” cocktails, usually<br />

two-for-one on Fridays!<br />

Javastraat 13, 2585 AB, Den Haag<br />

070 778 6184<br />

Somos-Peru.nl<br />

Peruvian, Latin, Seafood<br />

€€ - €€€<br />

Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 10 p.m.<br />

Saturday & Sunday, 1 – 10 p.m.<br />

Closed Monday<br />

MaMa Kelly<br />

Housed in a converted water plant, with<br />

a menu based around chicken or lobster.<br />

Check out the huge terrace during the<br />

warmer summer months!<br />

Saturnusstraat 100, 2516 AH, Den Haag<br />

070 217 0546<br />

MaMa-Kelly.nl<br />

French, Seafood, International<br />

€€ - €€€<br />

Sunday – Friday, 11 a.m. – Midnight<br />

Saturday, 11 a.m. – 1 a.m.<br />

(Lunch is available from Noon – 3 p.m., &<br />

Dinner from 5:30 – 10 p.m.)<br />

Central Park<br />

Beautifully-presented food, with a regularly<br />

changing menu. Look out for their special<br />

ice cream dessert, served in a huge bowl<br />

surrounded by dry ice, with a variety of fun<br />

toppings.<br />

Oosteinde 14, 2271 EH, Voorburg<br />

070 387 2081<br />

CentralParkVoorburg.com<br />

French, <strong>Dutch</strong>, Seafood<br />

€€€€<br />

Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7 – 10 a.m.<br />

& Saturday – Sunday, 9 – 11 a.m.<br />

Lunch: Sunday – Friday, 12 – 3 p.m.<br />

Dinner: Monday – Saturday, 6 – 9 p.m.<br />

& Sunday, 6 – 8 p.m.<br />

54 GOING DUTCH<br />

APRIL <strong>2019</strong> 55

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