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The history behind Mother’s Day


of the


Women’s Club




writes about

how Mother’s

Day began

History tells us celebrations

related to mothers have existed

throughout the world for

thousands of years, though

the Christian celebration of

Mothering Sunday was more

about the mother church than a

celebration of women.

What is probably unknown is

the woman who campaigned for

our modern version of Mother’s

Day would later denounce the

commercialisation of this event.

It took Anna Jarvis six years

of campaigning in the United

States to have a day set aside to

honour mothers or as she put it,

“the person who has done more

for you than anyone else in the


Her own mother, Ann Reeves

Jarvis, had been a peace activist

caring for the wounded in the

Civil War no matter their politics

or which side they fought for.

Then after the war, she began

clubs to address public health

HONOUR: It took Anna Jarvis six years of campaigning in the United States to have a day set aside

to honour mothers.

issues and helping women to

knowledgeably care for their


When her mother passed

away Anna realised, in spite of

the positive impact women have

on society, their work for their

children and the community was

often overlooked.

Anna’s Mother’s Day was not a

commercial event, but was about

celebrating the achievements of

women and further reminding

them of their power and what can

be accomplished when women

and mothers come together for a

good cause.

Time has not diminished the

value of Anna’s message.

Mother’s Day has become

a date for launching political

causes. The wife of Martin Luther

King, Coretta used Mother’s

Day in 1968 to host a march

in support of underprivileged

women and children.

Then in the 1970s women’s

groups gathered on this day to

highlight the need for equal

rights for women and access to

child care.

On Friday at 12.30pm,

Christchurch Women’s Club

Toastmasters is holding an open

day at the Village Church on the

corner of Frank St and Papanui

Rd to celebrate the influence

of mothers and women in our


CWC Toastmasters supports

women to succeed in any

venture giving them the skills to

communicate their vision clearly

and with confidence.

Everyone is welcome to come

to this meeting.

•More information

can be found at www.


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