All Stars 2019


What gets you excited to head to work each day?

I enjoy the challenge of solving difficult problems and

the satisfaction of finding the solution. I like talking

with our customers. It’s pretty easy to strike up a

conversation while working, and you meet all sorts

of people. I also enjoy the task automation projects I

work on. I started with no PowerShell experience before

Collabrance, took it on as a hobby and then was

able to make it into a part of my career. It’s cool that

I can create something that can be impactful to our

organization and it doesn’t even feel like work to me.

Why did you choose the IT field?

Ever since I was little, I have had a passion for computers.

I took Visual Basic and Java programming classes

in high school and built my own computer, picking

each part individually for my build. I was feeling pretty

knowledgeable about computers at that point and

started fixing them for people in my hometown. After

high school, I enrolled at Kirkwood to study computer


Has there been something in your work that has

surprised you?

I never imagined I would have become a subjectmatter

expert for the image-based backup solution we

offer: Datto. Datto offers two certifications – Technical

Specialist I and Technical Specialist II. I completed

both certifications and became the first person from

Collabrance to earn the Tier II certification, leading the

way for others on my team to earn the certification.

Looking back at where I started, it’s wild to reflect on

how much my technical knowledge has grown.

If someone isn’t sure if IT is the right fit for them,

what should they do to check it out?

If programming classes are an option, take them.

Whether you find programming interesting or not,

understanding programming concepts is extremely

helpful for troubleshooting issues. Also, if you have the

ability to build your own computer, you should give it a

try. I built my first computer after reading some guides

on the internet and used the manuals that came with

the parts to put it together. Not only is it rewarding

to do something that seems so complex, but you are

building something you can use for several years with

occasional upgrades. Overall, the IT sector is a great

career to join at any age. It’s a growing field with endless

opportunities for specialization.


Automation Product Specialist




Everything you need to succeed.

2019 ALL STARS of ICR 29

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