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Fitting in Fitness

In the first of a new series of columns for Surrey Homes,

personal trainer Sarah Maxwell breaks down the sometimes

daunting prospect of exercise into easily manageable

activities that can be slotted into a busy lifestyle

Spring is turning into summer.

As the days become longer and

warmer, it’s time to enjoy the

great outdoors, peel off the layers

and slip into that little summer dress.

Whilst we are slowly learning that

the images of models and celebrities

we’re fed by the media are unrealistic

(and airbrushed!) some of us might be

wanting to look a little more svelte.

If that sounds like you, then here are

my tips on getting the best results.

Exercise outdoors

The summer months are a great time

to start exercising, taking advantage

of the good weather and moving your

workouts outside. Nature and regular

exercise have a hugely beneficial

impact on our mental health. Many

people are deficient in vitamin D,

especially in our climate, and working

out in the sun helps with this and

has great therapeutic benefits.

Bring the kids

If you have children, encourage them

to join in with you. It’s also great for

them to see that exercise is an essential

part of a well-rounded lifestyle. If

Mummy is doing it and enjoying

it, then it will stick with them.

Best summer activities

Walking, hiking, cycling, swimming,

outdoor exercise classes. Working

out with friends in your garden.

Many people take on a personal

trainer and split the cost as it’s

also a lot of fun and motivating

to be with like-minded people.

Already exercising?

If you already exercise regularly,

now is a great time to shake up your

workout and try some new things.

When your workout becomes routine

and you’re no longer challenging your

muscles, you will stop making gains

and improvements. Variety is key.

Help in changing

your mindset

If you’re not a fan of exercise, then do

something you enjoy; life is too short

to dread a workout and then feel even

worse by not doing it. By thinking of

exercise as ‘me time’ and not something

that you need to do to punish yourself,

you will actually enjoy it. Take each

day at a time and use exercise as a

reward, not a punishment. Remind

yourself that every time you exercise

you are giving yourself a gift of physical

and mental health and moving one

step closer to where you want to be.

Measure your results

Put the scales away! If you’re determined

to lose a few pounds before the holidays,

change the way you measure your

results. I call weighing scales ‘the step

of shame’ as they can make or break

your day just by stepping on them.

Instead, use a measuring tape and

regularly measure your waist, your hips,

your thighs, or – even better – find a

pair of too tight trousers (or dress) and

try them on weekly to measure your

progress. It’s a much more positive way

of getting into shape, particularly as

muscle weighs more than fat, so you can

lose inches without losing pounds.

Sarah Maxwell is a multiple

award-winning Fitness and

Lifestyle coach and mum of

two who juggles a lot of balls.

Find out more about Sarah

and her work at sarahmaxwell.

com Sarah shares her Fitness

and Lifestyle tips on Instagram



safety tips:

Outdoor exercise

Try to exercise in the cooler

part of the day (morning or

early evening). If this isn’t

possible, find some shade.

Drink sips of water every few

minutes to keep hydrated.

Wear breathable clothing.

Be visible to drivers if

out on the road.

Turn down your headphones

so you can hear what’s

going on around you.

If you’re going out on

your own, let someone

know where you are.

Vary your route and schedule.


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