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Health & Wellbeing

Horses for Healing

Emma Rourke explains how she has harnessed the

therapeutic power of horses to provide equine assisted

personal development through her company, Hephzibah

What is Hephzibah? Hephzibah, in short, means new name, new

identity. It is a Hebrew word that comes from the Old Testament

Book of Isaiah, who was a prophet. The significance for me is very

personal as it is talking about overcoming life’s heartbreaks and

has been my story of overcoming personal challenges, particularly

growing up with alcoholism and the devastating effects it can

have within families. Horses are amazing animals – offering me

comfort, emotional resilience and helping me to be brave. My

story, I hope, will inspire others to be able to overcome similar

challenges. I am very fortunate to have helped many people who

suffer addiction – your past does not have to define who you are.

What issues do you deal with? I work with people on many

levels, dealing with anxiety, depression, confidence, PTSD, and

leadership in business. It is not always necessary to have

a problem, it can be a great way to de-stress, and leave our fast

paced world behind for a little while, to connect with horses,

nature and yourself. The Hephzibah approach is a gentle,

non-judgemental way to become self-aware and learn the

tools of emotional regulation, as it is based in neuroscience

and psychology. I am not a counsellor, more of a facilitator to

empower people to find their own answers, and I also act as a

bit of a cheerleader, with the help of my partners, the horses.

How does it work? There is no short answer to how it works, but

to give you an idea, horses are flight animals, they sense things

emotionally and are very good at picking up where people may

be hiding something. They mirror people and sense what is really

going on for them, this makes them fantastic co-facilitators, as

they pick up on someone’s body language and energy and will

mirror back to them what they might not be saying. They are

extremely forgiving and are social animals who enjoy interacting

with humans. How you show up on the day is the bio feedback

you get back. They help people to be fully authentic, as you

can’t hide anything from a horse. Winston Churchill once

said, “There is something about the outside of a horse, that

is good for the inside of a man”. I believe this to be true.

What makes horse therapy better than conventional

therapy? For many people, talking about their problems can

be a problem in itself. Equine assisted learning can be a more

natural, experiential way to explore how a person is feeling

without the need to verbalise everything. It works very well

as a stand-alone therapeutic intervention and also alongside

more traditional therapies. It can open the door where maybe

people have found other approaches more difficult.

Can different horses produce a different therapeutic effect?

Do you pair clients with a specific horse? Different horses offer

different experiences. With equine assisted learning, the horses are

at liberty, free to make a choice on who they want to interact with

or not, unlike more traditional riding. It has been my experience

that the horse picks the person. I have had clients who have had

anxiety and one particular horse will come forward, and for others

suffering grief another will choose to come forward. It is an honour

to observe clients, who sometimes have very powerful interactions

with the horses that have helped them, become self-aware and

acknowledge the root of their pain, to allow the healing to take

place. The neuroscience behind becoming more aware of what

we are holding in our bodies helps people to re-frame negative

mindsets and re-set the brain with healthy new neural pathways.

Find out more about Emma and her horses at

Summer Loving

Nourish and protect with natural skincare

Andrea Dinnick founded DESAVERY in

2017 to deliver natural, luxury skincare:

“I knew the products needed to have the

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best places in the world and be harvested

and sourced sustainably,” she says. Her

small-batch products needed to be good

for mood and mind as well as the skin,

so the range includes products such

as ‘Stellar’, a daily serum that lowers

cortisol levels, and ‘Reset Hormone

Therapy’, which includes botanical oils

that are scientifically shown to relieve

the symptoms of hormonal imbalances.

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