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The striking

bottle is

tied at the

neck with


raffia. Wear

with… your

favourite scruffy

gardening gear, or any

summer frock. It’s equally

at home in a herbaceous

border as on a terrace

enjoying lunch outside.

(Put a visit to their Covent Garden

boutique on your perfume pilgrimage

‘map’, after reading this!) Effervescent

bubbliness abounds here in in a sunfilled

creation from rising star perfumer

Jérome Epinette (who has created all

Floral Street’s collection), with sparkling

rhubarb popping the cork on a frothy

gush of gardenia, exotic frangipani and

radiant jasmine Sambac. Wear with…

a sleeveless summer party frock. It’ll

have you wanting to kick off your shoes

and dance barefoot on the lawn.


Street Electric

Rhubarb £58

for 50ml eau de


Coach Floral Blush

(£49 for

50ml eau de parfum). Don’t we

all need cheerfulness and optimism,

right now…? That’s precisely what

Coach Floral Blush sets out to deliver,

in a spirit-lifting blend powered by

goji berries. What do they smell like,

in a scent? Juicily tart, sitting alongside

grapefruit, mellowing to an armful

of tea roses in the heart, before a

white woods finale. A playful floral

that celebrates ‘the carefree energy of

summer.’ Wear with… that vintage crêpe

de chine tea dress you most treasure.

BYREDO Sundazed (£110 for 50ml

eau de parfum). This is probably my

favourite yet from cult perfumers

BYREDO. Paying tribute to the era

of free love, Sundazed comes wrapped

in all things sunshine; bright, dazzling

mandarin and Californian lemon. Neroli

shimmers like the twinkle of light on

water while Arabian jasmine cloaks your

skin with its soft, yet opulent, touch.

A dry-down of cotton candy and skin

musks evokes distant memories of

summers spent at beachside funfairs.

Definitely a scent in which to bask

in a state of summer-induced bliss.

Wear with… a sarong, beside a pool or

lounging around on the back terrace.

Perfumer H Petit Grain (£220 for 100ml

eau de parfum). Right at the other end

of the price spectrum from Floral Street

are the fragrances created by perfumer

Lyn Harris, best known as founder

and for many years creator at Miller

Harris, who has a new scent boutique

on Marylebone’s Crawford Street where

she releases seasonal collections. I’ve been

saving pennies to build a mini-wardrobe

of these stunning scents, and for spring/

summer 2019 have my eye (or maybe

nose?) on this gust of citrusy greenness,

zestily powered by Italian bergamot,

Florida orange, and Paraguayan

petitgrain. Aromatic herbs, woods and

musks endow this with a much longer

skin life than most Colognes. If you can

afford to, splash with abandon. (And if

money’s really no object, splash out on

the hand-blown Michael Ruh bottle of

this, which is priced at a cool £450).

But whatever you spend – and

whether you’re matching your

fragrance to a tennis frock, a

Glyndebourne gown, a linen kaftan

or a snuggly pashmina – may you

enjoy a beautifully fragrant summer.

See for more of

Jo Fairley’s fragrance reviews

Chanel Les

Eaux de Chanel

Paris-Riviera £99

for 125ml eau

de toilette



Voyage £120 for

100ml eau de


Floral Street Electric Rhubarb (£58 for

50ml eau de parfum). Floral Street is a

disruptive new fragrance house making

a splash for all sorts of reasons. First off,

they scooped ‘Retailer of the Year’ in the

prestigious Fragrance Foundation Awards

2019 (against very tough

competition). Secondly,

they’re offering

wearable ‘niche’-style

fragrances at very

mainstream prices.


Herbae Par

L’Occitane £59

for 50ml eau

de parfum

Perfumer H

Petit Grain £220

for 100ml eau

de parfum

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