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Some start with a vision for a company and others start with a vision for their professional careers. A few manage to merge the two and those individuals are the most successful leaders as their path to professional success is one of authenticity and genuine fulfillment.

2019 | Volume 09 | Issue 8

The 10


Business Leaders

t o W a t c h i n 2 0 1 9


Industry Outlook

How Artificial Intelligence

(AI) Shall Impact Business

and Lives in the

years to come

Rahul Kumar Jain

Founder & MD

Arihant Global Services

Editor’s Pick

A Leader: Hiring


Anil Raikundlia

Founder | MD



A Man with the Midas Touch


Leadership Shaping the Business Growth

hen it comes to achieving success in business, strategy can be one part of the whole success, and not the only

Wreason for success. There are a lot of things that sum up success in a business; and without a doubt, leaders are

one of the primary reasons. A leaders’ role revolves around forming values, visions, and employee’s motivation.

They are the key to shape the company’s culture and repute, within and even beyond the company’s wall.

Leadership play a very essential role in shaping the behavior and attitude of subordinates. Leadership is focused on the role

of leader as a motivator with great innovation and amazing creative habits which ultimately lead to business success, and also

increase the productivity. Today, not only new-age leaders but many of the seasoned leaders out there are adopting and

applying new tactics leadership and increasing the business success ratio.

Thus, there is need of a great skilled professional leader to lead the subordinates in their daily activities to achieve the goal of

any organization. Any organization with good leadership strength and ability will further achieve great success not only on

the business but also in the personal extent.

Well, in today’s modern age, it is important to get the right leader with great competences to stay afloat in a competitive

business environment. Insights Success has come up with the special issue “The 10 Influential Business Leaders to Watch

in 2019to applaud such influential business leaders who exhibit their commitment to responsible growth and progress.

Here, we have tried to focus on leaders who are setting examples and working for the betterment of society.

Some of the below-mentioned personalities have grabbed our attention most to become the influential business leader in this

edition. They have shown what it means to think out of the box, to take the risk, to trust in the process and commit to the

journey no matter how wild the ride is!

On the Cover of the magazine, we have featured a special story of Anil Raikundlia, MD at Maple Consulting & Services.

Passionate business leader, Anil is aiming to see Maple Consulting & Services become a global brand and hopes to operate

Leadership is all about pushing yourself beyond the limits,

so, others can feel motivated and driven

Shruti P. Jambhale

all over the globe in the near future. The company helps start-ups grow, revitalizes family-owned businesses and partners

with private companies to re-engage their workforce and MNCs to reorganize business units.

We have enrolled a passionate entrepreneurial figure, who has come up with the most unique solutions, Rahul Kumar Jain,

the Founder & MD at Arihant Global as a ‘Passionate Business Leader’. Rahul assures full integrity in every small effort,

while his company, Arihant Global Services provides quality and reliable services for mobile advertising and IT solutions.

Apart from this, we have also listed the following personas who are building the unique path. Ashish Kumar Saxena,

Founder at AKS Information Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. A tycoon with deep technical knowledge carrying out

innovative ideas and providing world-class security through AKS Group which helps clients to enhance their security

posture. Ram Sharma, CEO & Founder at Bank-Genie. A big dreamer, Ram is re-imagining banking and presenting

tomorrow’s technology in today’s world through Bank-Genie which develops a fin-tech platform that enables banks and

financial institutions to transform digitally. Anand Sahay, CEO at Xebia Group. Anand is a technophile business leader

leading Xebia Pvt Ltd. which provides innovative solutions and services to help your/an organization become a digital


Along with this, we have an exclusive ‘Interview with Insights Success’. Here, nemophilist Amit Jain, Director at Rising

Star Tours & Travels; the Results-oriented Ajay Lulia, Director & CTO at Synergy Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.; and

Permanent Learner Ravi Ganesh Venkataraman, Chief Executive Officer at Cloudnine; talk about their overall journey

and the influences made by their firm, service offerings, winning honors, current and future perceptions.

This magazine includes leader’s thoughts as well. Pradeep Valsangkar, the driving force behind GCS Consulting Services

discusses the topic “How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Shall Impact Business and Lives in the years to come”.

So, flip the pages of our magazine and explore interesting insights into the world of business!

C o n t e n t s

Cover Story

Passionate Business







Rahul Kumar Jain


Professed Leadership



Industry Outlook

How Articial

Intelligence (AI) Shall

Impact Business and

Lives in the years

to come





Ajay Lulia

Transforming IT

World by

Fostering Creativity

Amit Jain

Catalyzing Best



Ravi G.


Talking about his

Journey across the

Healthcare Segment



Editor’s Pick

A Leader: Hiring Transformation


28 34

Anand Sahay

A Technophile

Business Leader

Ashish Kumar Saxena

A Technocrat

Shaping his Path

Ram Sharma

Dreamer | Believer

| Creator

Editor-in-Chief Pooja M. Bansal

Managing Editor

Contributing Writers

Shruti P. Jambhale

Rahul, Devasish & Sneha

Art & Design Head Amol Kamble

Associate Designer Poonam Mahajan

Art & Picture Editor


Business Development Manager

Business Development Lead

Shweta Ambilwade

Savita Pandav

Megha Mishra

Joan Ranbhise

Business Development Executive Rutuja Shendre

Technical Specialist Amar, Pratiksha

Digital Marketing Manager Prashant Chevale

SME-SMO Executives Manoj, Ketki

Circulation Manager


September, 2019

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Anil Raikundlia

Founder | MD

The 10


Business Leaders

t o W a t c h i n 2 0 1 9




Cover Story

Some start with a vision for a

company and others start with a

vision for their professional

careers. A few manage to merge the

two and those individuals are the most

successful leaders as their path to

professional success is one of

authenticity and genuine fulfillment.

“Skills are cheap, passion is

priceless.” - Gary Vaynurchuck,

American-Belarusian entrepreneur












Factors according to you that Influence

Business Relationships?

Factors that can help nurture your business

relationships are:

• Genuine appreciation and concern for peers

• Time allotted for trust and relationship building

• High Emotional Intelligence

• Active Listening

“Passion is core to who I am.” -Anil

Raikundlia, Founder at Maple

Consulting & Services

The one who strongly believes that

passion is more than just feeling deeply

about a purpose. It’s about vision. It’s

about energy, excitement, and

enthusiasm. It is passion that helped

Anil to inspire others and identify with

his vision. “I truly feel that

Commitment & Consistency while

chasing your passion will always keep

you high in energy and full of bliss to

enjoy your life.” feels Anil.

Success Saga

When Anil was managing a role as

Head of Operations and Human

Resources in a traditional

manufacturing company in 1994, he

knew that somehow he wanted to find

a path that focused on more efficient

planning and execution. And, thus he

started experimenting in different ways

with varied people to find better, faster,








rapidly based on the adoption of

powerful and disruptive technologies.

Years ago, it was Internet searches and

job boards. After that came the

enterprise technologies and

accompanying service-level

requirements. The newest phase of this

technological revolution involves

social media, artificial intelligence,

robotics, and other algorithms that

further dis-intermediate the role of

traditional talent acquisition.

Many CEOs feel that adopting AI is

the need of the hour. There’s this fear

factor that if one is not on the AI

bandwagon, then that company is

going to lose out to competitors that

are going to be eating the market,

because they’re using technologies to

make decisions faster and better than


“I believe machine learning, data

science, and statistics are great for

finding patterns in data.” states Anil.

Further, he added “But the most

important thing is making decisions

that leverage the patterns found in

data. This requires a completely

different set of skills: discrete

mathematics, operations research, and

optimization. These skills, I find are

massively underrepresented in the


As with most industries, margins get

tighter over time, so every company

constantly needs to be able to provide


more for less and

handle larger business

volumes, all while

making few mistakes.

That’s taken a lot of

players out of the

game, leading to some

consolidation in this


Future Roadway

The market

is slowly


towards a

third party consulting model

with a marked dependence

on technology. The objective

will remain same for many

more coming years - to help

organizations make better

people decisions,

methodically increase the

risk-taking capability of

leaders and ensure that

leadership teams have

diverse strengths essential

for sharpening the

competitive edge.

The company is developing

its own customized line of

tech products to help its

clients move forward. Also,

it is aiming to go global in

the near future and is already

making inroads in

South–east Asian markets.

Anil’s Success Mantra

“Self-awareness and

authenticity is key to career

success. Don’t try to be

something you can’t be -

don’t try to be me. Be you.

The hallmark of a good

leader is to exercise strategic

clarity. As the driver of your

business, it is important to

get everyone on board with

where we see the

organization going. Every

employee must understand and apply

that sense of purpose to every

operational detail.

You also have to be flexible about how

global teams work. There are

differences in how global markets

operate. Thus you need to adapt to

global markets and communicate your

requirements correctly.”


• One word that describes

you and why:

Determination as I never

give up till I succeed in all

my endeavors.

• Current Book you are

reading and why:

Steve Jobs: Life, lessons

and rules for success for

his sheer tenacity and

enthusiasm for his life and

products. An inspirational


• A Movie you watch again

and again and why:

The Rocky series or Jo

Jeeta Wohi Sikander for

their never say die


• One Social Media Platform

you use the most and


A private person, I don’t

‘check in’ on social media

but LinkedIn is a good

platform for work and



JAINExemplifying Professed Leadership

Rahul Kumar Jain

Passionate Business


Mobile communications are

vastly spreading in India as

well as in the whole world.

The various messaging tool, surveys

and daily routines of one’s life clearly

show that mobility (a component of

digital marketing) has become an

inevitable need of the world in the fastmoving

life. The main thing which

helps the business grow is customer

connectivity and satisfaction without

disturbing their personal lives.

Mobility is exactly doing the same, it is

connecting the businesses and

customers swiftly and smoothly. Hence

the scenario is a very bright and

rapidly growing future for the mobility

industry; Part of Digital

communication or life.

Websites and mobile apps are the

digital forefronts of a business, which

would rather be at the fingertips of

customers when they need it. Digital

marketing and mobility within

businesses are about empowering your

brand providing measurable and

tangible results that help you stand out

in today’s marketplace. To achieve this

goal there are some unique Digital

marketing service providers as required

and just-in-time when one needs it.


September 2019

एक कदम हम बढाये, ु न साथ इसे मंिजल बनाये !

Knowing the Man Who Made It Happen





September 2019

Entrepreneurship has no age limit and providing the best

customer services has no bar. He believes, simple and plain truth

can lead anyone to the top. Meet Rahul Kumar Jain having an

undying learning attitude and innate innovation which has made

him an impregnable competitor in numerous business segments.

Rahul, the Founder, carries more than 10 years of experience in

Sales & Marketing. He has dealt with many business identities

such as Telecom, VAS, FMCG, Marble industry. He skilled in

B2B companies in India. Initiating his career at the age of 11,

Rahul believes, there is no age for work and innovations. He

takes pride to be awarded as “Entrepreneur of the year”, “The

BIZZ award”, “Winner of Best MSME Awards” and many more

accolades. His areas of interest include Business Association,

Entrepreneurship, and consistent learning. His expertise also

includes a huge experience in Sales, Marketing and relationship


Rahul, rowing through imprecise vision, facing several ups and

downs, ultimately found the way towards a glorious life. He is

amongst the millions who struggled, failed and surged towards

victory, happiness, and pleasure. Self-motivation and exemplary

confidence have led his business to the current state. He is

accompanied by his better half Sunita Jain. Her seamless

contribution, strong, never-ending support have made Rahul set

up Arihant Global Service India Private Limited (India’s

fastest solutions Provider Company in Mobility Domain and

outsourcing module)


The solutions are awesomely designed to make them useful

for retaining user contentedness. Their products produce the

best ROI for the SME’s and SMB’s with easy availability.

The services are exclusively made available on the cloud to

utilize as per user convenience and affordability. Arihant

Global’s In-house Sales and Marketing teams have multiple

years of experience in selling SMS broadcast services,

voice, missed call or other mobility solutions all over the

country through its partnered business module. Thus the

company continues to lead businesses on all fronts with

customer-centric strategies.

Advising the Juvenile Enterprisers

Rahul believes that every entrepreneur should have a clear

goal and then step for a business start-up. He thinks,

building a team of self-motivated players and caring for

them is imperative for a business to develop progressively.

According to him being ready for the worst results and

compromises at certain stages will take a person at the best

level. Never losing hope in any situation and assuring full

integrity in every small effort is the key Mantra for any


The company and its Unique services/products

Going back to history, the struggle to earn bread and butter

started by selling Papad’s door-to-door facing rigorous

challenges but gradually improving the ability and

ultimately becoming an award-winning organization.

Arihant Global Services India Private Limited (called as

Arihant Global) is structured and designed to give its

customers a first-class experience, no matter what the

company or deal size is. It is purely into the outsourcing

module, which means the company is doing business

exclusively for the wellness of others, just adding their

skills to bridge the gap between customer and company.

The firm places its customer experience management at the

core of the business strategy. It majorly focuses on mobility

and digital marketing segments. The domain has expertise

in online business promotion, Text SMS, mobile survey,

lead generation tool, client engagement, contractual

callings, and next-level business promotion and mobile

advertising solutions. The company deals in online

solutions and services which connected to each size of

businesses as of now. Company takes pride to call itself as

an online Business consultant.

Businesses in India are making better progress and things

are going digital rapidly. However, now businesses are

taking a proactive approach to training their workforce for

the future and have clearly defined decision-making process

of all executives and interactions. Planned strategy,

employee coordination, transparency will lead to work

strength and customer feedback/ survey will bring external


16 September 2019

The 10


Business Leaders

t o W a t c h i n 2 0 1 9


A Technophile Business Leader

The world of business is

changing rapidly as ever.

Today’s global and

competitive business environment asks

for constant innovation, and innovative

technologies are reshaping the world.

One has to be on the learning curve

and need to keep continuously move

up the levels. All the smart and genius

persons have to leverage intellectual

capital for growth, creative destruction,

and keep on innovating.

One such passionate business leader,

Anand Sahay is currently leading a

niche technology company Xebia. with

authority in Agile & Lean startup

methodologies and strong expertise in

cutting edge concepts such as DevOps,

Big Data, and Data Science.

Meet the Techie

Anand has completed an MBA from

Duke University -The Fuqua School of

Business and did Electrical,

Electronics and Communication

Engineering from Birla Institute of

Technology. A senior IT leader, Anand,

carries more than two decades of

experience in building and leading

global high-performance teams for

driving sustained business growth and

creating shareholder value. He has

been a software programmer, client

engagement manager, business

development professional, head global

IT operations, and currently holding

the position of CEO at Xebia.

Having worked with prestigious

companies like Interglobe, HCL,

Polaris, and Samsung, he has always

loved technology and its applications

to create value for customers as well as

stakeholders. Now, for Xebia India,

Anand is responsible for its P&L and

manages the technical, commercial and

operational aspects of its business.

Key Performance Indicator

When one thinks about the world’s

most innovative companies, then

names like Tesla, Emirates, DHL, GE,

Hyundai, Barclays, Xerox, Delta are

obvious to get reflected in mind. But,

as a blockbuster movie is possible only

after the collaborative efforts of the

entire team or crew, the success of

these inspiring businesses is impossible

without their technology partners, and

Xebia is one of their inseparable


The Dutch-born technology firm is

globally serving to companies in

diverse industries from its offices in the

Netherlands (HQ), US, France, UAE,

and India, since 2001. Xebia’s tech

solutions related to new and emerging

technologies are providing impetus to

the world’s leading airlines, banks,

strategy consulting firms, government

organizations, retailers, media firms,

and many more.

Always one step ahead of the

businesses need, Xebia explores and

creates new frontiers for its valued

clients with the latest technologies and

customized solutions. As a mainstream

frontrunner, backed by an international

team of more than 1000 passionate

technologists and pioneering

craftsmen, Xebia provides the cuttingedge

tools, training and consulting

services that help businesses work

better, smarter, and faster.

Agile transformations; DevOps and

continuous delivery; big data and data

science; cloud infrastructures; agile

software development; quality and test

automation; and agile software

security are Xebia’s signature offerings

in the global market. In reward to

benefiting industries with cutting-edge

technologies and innovations, Xebia is

regularly nominated by Gartner and

Forrester for excellence in new

technologies. Besides, the organization

18 September 2019

Anand Sahay


“ It’s my






is rewarded by Deloitte, PwC, and

other agencies of repute for creating

new frontiers in IT training services.

The Crew of Xebia

Under the indomitable leadership of

Anand Sahay, CEO at Xebia, Xebia

Group of companies is thriving on

three distinct principles: Authority,

Focus, and Values.

A strong leader, Anand, who has led

turnarounds for companies by handling

failures head-on and implementing

heavy change management to turn

companies into a global enterprise with

strong financial. In the last fiscal year,

Xebia Group’s turnover was USD 100

Million, and it is expected to rise by 50

to 55 percent in the year 2019-20.

Anand has a strong ability on the

market repositioning of service

offerings and adept in keeping the right

balance between cost, risk, and growth.

He quickly builds a high-performance

culture and takes bold steps to put

companies in the path of recovery and


The Upcoming Future

As a business leader of a global

corporation, Anand is planning to

implement innovation under difficult

circumstances, manage crisis

communication, changing

management, market repositioning,

managing and restructuring, building

and managing culture and its conflicts.

By using his astute understanding of

the market and the structural

weaknesses/ fault lines in the company

to lay down the right foundation for

companies to deliver the value it

aspires to and create shareholder value.

With his acumen for identifying new

upcoming technologies, Anand is

creating unique service offerings and

continues to do so; to create innovative

service lines, products, and potential


September 2019



Transforming IT World by Fostering Creativity

n an exclusive interview with

IInsights Success magazine, Ajay

Lulia, the Director & CTO at

Synergy Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.

talks about his overall journey and the

current industry scenario.

IS: Kindly brief us about you and

your journey since the beginning of

your career.

With 22+ years of experience in the

information technology industry, Ajay

thrives in challenging, fast-paced IT

organizations delivering advanced

technological systems, solutions,

architectures, and applications.

Ajay Lulia dropout from a collage did

his diploma and post that discovered

interest into computers and started

coding in Foxpro while doing

computer education. His journey start

from there where he worked on various

technologies in various companies

across India and overseas while

mastering into web technologies. He

co-founded STS in 2006 post working

for 10 years in IT industry and is

currently working as Director & CTO.

IS: How do you describe yourself in

one-word or one-sentence?


IS: What is your source of


My source of motivation is growth of

my company in terms of resources and


IS: Kindly tell us about the

challenges you faced to withstand

the complexities of the industry.

We always used to follow technology

and work on new technologies as and

when needed, this was limiting our

group and we used to miss being

leaders into new areas. We at STS then

created a research and development

department called Synergy Accelerate


here we have formed a team that works

in new technologies and then

inculcates the same into the teams

across offices.

IS: Kindly describe in detail about

your company and its unique


STS was established in year 2006 with

a moto to provide better solutions to

industry by following best industry

practices and creating open culture for

all the members of company. I brought

all the ideas which I saw missing while

working for various companies in India

and overseas and I believe that has

paid us well.

IS: Brief us about the current

industry scenario from your


IT industry in India always had

tremendous future since we have been

and are creating top IT professionals

since many years. When it comes to

current industry scenario then I believe

in Disruptive Innovation is the key and

this can be easily defined by Enabling

Technology using Innovative business

model to create coherent value


IS: State us your major

achievements and your company’s

achievements under your leadership.

We started with team size of 6 people

in services and we currently stand at

175 resources. One things that was

missing was to train them into new

technologies and I had two options,

either get some training company and

train my workforce or create small

team do research and then deliver the

same to teams. I created small team

and names it Synergy Accelerate


Synergy Accelerate team

used to research various things like

Mobile development, Big Data, Alexa

etc. Currently team is working on

Machine Learning and RPA.

IS: State your passions, aims, and


My passion is to work on new

technologies and be leader in cutting

edge technologies, my aim is the have

team of 1000 in next two years and my

goal is envision ourselves as leaders in

providing IT services and solutions, by

20 September 2019

Interview with Insights Success

delivering high quality services and ensuring client


IS: How do you see yourself and your company in

the near future? Tell us about your future goals.

We being IT services company we are always

evaluated either by the size of company or

verticals we work on. We have plans to grow

exponentially into multi cities. We are exploring

option to open office tier II cities as to get fresh

talent and also keeping cost low by passing the

benefits back to our clients.

IS: What would you advise to the budding


I believe one thing hard work pays off and if you

complement with a lean startup than one will grow

easily without looking for external source of funds.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Factors according to you that Influence Business


“Capability to deliver things and Level of

communication like being open, honest and

regular communication with relationships

will definitely influence businesses.”

Fast Facts

• One word that describes you and why:

Passion, this helps me feel a deep

sense of being led in a worthy

direction towards my goal.

• Current Book you are reading and why:

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can

Matter More Than IQ by Daniel

Goleman, I believe EQ is required for

any work is as much IQ is required.

• A Movie you watch again and again and

why: Lakshya, depicts everyones life

before objective for life is realized.

• One Social Media Platform you use the

most and why: Twitter, best way to

communicate by limiting the text.

• You are proud of: my work and my team

Ajay Lulia

Director & CTO

September 2019


24 September 2019

Editor’s Pick

You might be seeing varying definitions of

Yleadership for the past century and still everchanging.

Initially, leadership meant to control

and power, but today, a leadership that develops shared

goals and effectiveness which influences people to

achieve a common goal became more prominent. Now it

meant to accomplish the goals together. Leadership is at

par when groups aim to achieve certain goals both

independently as well as in a group. Leadership is not an

September 2019


act alone, but a process that transforms leaders and people

into a team that mutually works in favor of the whole lot to

reach motivational and moral goals. Working through a pain

point can turn things around and leaders excel in it.

A Personage Motivating the Team

People have the full potential to learn things but might get

spasmodic when someone is instructing. They, however,

need consolation and encouragement with something to

look forward to for them to show it in better performance.

It's hard to change old habits, but the faster a leader adapts

to a new model of humankind and nabs it, the faster they

learn to emphasize additional performance percentage.

A leader is capable of explaining the importance of a task.

Communication is the key to motivation for employees that

inspires them to be more productive and make them

understand how it fits into the bigger picture. Leaders try

not to blame employees but still make them aware of their

responsibility and accountability for what they do. This

makes the employees more engaged and optimal in their

productivity with negligible errors. Furthermore, their tasks

and success may become a motivation factor, which can

build their self-esteem and confidence in their work.

Democratic leadership also termed as participative, is one

of the styles of leading where the leader includes employees

in decision making even if someone else has the final say.

Due to this employees feel appreciated and also understand

that if it is a big organization, decisions cannot be made

considering a single person’s opinion.

Putting It All Together

A leader is born with certain qualities that fits them in the

role. Leaders adorn themselves with committed and focused

practice which makes them an eminent leader. An emergent

leader interacts well with the others gains authority through

the others in the organization who has more acceptance,

support, and trust from the employees. Leaders act more

dominantly, intelligently and confidently while executing

their responsibilities. Leaders that are especially based on

interactions with people make themselves much prepared in

communication skills which calls attention to their acumen.

They highly focus on customer satisfaction since a happy

customer will come back and praise the company. Who

wants their company at the top, always keep the employeefirst


As a result, the employee may be engaged to do well with

both internal and external customers. A good leader knows

how to delegate tasks right, based on not only skills and

experience but also in a way that gives employees space to

grow, learn and challenge themselves who may show the

ability to outrank certification with innovation.

Successful leaders always remain confident and mentally

balanced which helps them to have an optimistic view that

allows them to overcome anger and negative emotions

faster. They identify their limits and it’s also their metaemotion

which helps them acknowledging how they feel

and deal with it accordingly. A leader has a positive external

force hence self-control and empathy with a strategic

leadership become some of their core skills.

Abstaining Overconfidence and Challenging Risks

The ethos of a company are set from the top, so senior

figures should set the tone for risk management culture.

You cannot control people through policies, procedure and

policing but leaders do it through a strong risk management

culture and absolute integrity in all.

Leaders prioritize the foundational level of capability in the

most important areas, be aware of development gaps and

ensure the measures in place to compensate for the risks.

They try to keep the process simple because working on

multiple development goals while attending a demanding

job may lead to a quick loss of focus, motivation and also

lead to financial loss. Experience and relationships are the

primary way leaders inculcate to avoid risks.

They try to enlist the support of human resources,

managers, mentors or coaches. Appointing an

accountability partner whom they trust and the one who

checks in and challenges them on their progress or provides

with ongoing, uncensored feedback becomes an imperative

decision. By taking these steps in risk leadership

development leaders to enhance their profile within both

company and risk professionals as a whole.

So Are you missing the opportunity in Risk? But the leaders

aren’t, following the above secrets.

- Rajkunwar Bhosle


26 September 2019

Ashish Kumar


A Technocrat Shaping his Path

The 10


Business Leaders

t o W a t c h i n 2 0 1 9

The science of today is the

technology of tomorrow. There

have been a number of techies

in the world, that have created a

change in this world. Every now and

then we see new start-ups and fresh

ideas in this innovative businesses era.

One such veteran Ashish Kumar

Saxena has come with his

entrepreneurial spirit and formed AKS

Group of companies. He is tycoon

with a deep technical knowledge

carrying out innovative ideas and a

managerial ability.

Know Him Better

An alumnus of IIT Delhi (M.Tech),

Ashish did his B.Sc (Engineering) in

Electrical from HBTI, Kanpur. He

started his career as an Instrument

Engineer in Tata Chemicals Ltd. in

1976 and thereafter joined Indian Air

Force (IAF) as an Aeronautical

Engineer (Electronics) in 1977.

Continued in IAF for more than twoand-half

decades and took premature

retirement in 2003.

During his service, he was awarded

‘Vishisht Seva Medal’ by the President

of India for his distinguished service.

In IAF, he held the appointment of

Chief Engineering Offices as Wing

Commander and during his last tenure

he was looking after Information &

Electronic Warfare (IEW) Trained in

US, France and Sweden on IEW. Later,

worked as Vice President (Technology)

in Network Security Solutions and

managed the creation of Computer

Emergency Response Team-India


In the year 2006, he founded AKS IT

Services Pvt Ltd. After a few years, in

the year 2012, he founded AKS

Institute of Cyber Technology. And,

then in the year 2015 cofounded Pvt Ltd. along with his

son, Anshul Saxena.

Exclusive Solutions

AKS Group deals in Cyber Security.

AKS IT Services provides auditing

(Network & Applications), consulting,

compliance and computer Forensics

services. AKS Institute provides Cyber

Security Training and HaltDos, product

Development Company, develops

Cyber Security Products. We have

developed a Distributed Denial of

Service (DDoS) attack mitigation

solution, Web Application Firewall

(WAF). These products are certified by

Govt of India, STQC (International

Common Criteria Test Lab). First time

in India, such a complex DDoS

mitigation solution has been developed

successfully which is Artificial

Intelligence based and EAL2+

certified. It is only one-of-its-kind in

the world, which provides Integrated

DDoS mitigation and WAF in a single


Overcoming Challenges

There are numerous challenges in

doing business in India. Here are few

them shared by Ashish.

• First, Slavery mindset of our people

that Foreign products are better than

Indian Products and foreigner can

provide better services.

• Secondly, delay in payments.

• Thirdly, corruption. GST has helped

a lot in simplifying taxation system.

Samadhan yojna has also improved

the payment system.

Even though he is a self-motivated

person, he derives motivation from his

son, Akash Saxena. He said, “My son

Akash has inspired me to become an

entrepreneur and trying to fulfill my

commitments towards Akash who is no

more with us.”

28 September 2019

“ Innovation is my


Ashish Kumar Saxena


Key Achievements

Successfully carried out 8400+

Application security audit, AKS Group

is now carrying out SCADA systems

audits in Power Sector. Also, it has

indigenously developed AKS Forensics

workstation, DDoS mitigation solution,

Web Application Firewall under Make

in India.

AKS Group has received various

awards like Express IT innovation

Award 2015, DSCI Innovation Award

2016, IIT Delhi Innovation award

2017, SIDBI, Economic Times most

Innovative MSE award 2018, 50

Innovative leader award 2018, etc.

Current Industry Scenario

Cyber Security is the need of the hour

by all countries. Indigenous

cybersecurity products are a must for

critical information infrastructure.

Cybersecurity industry will continue to

grow even in faster pace times to

come. “We are in Cyber Security

domain which is growing at a faster

pace.” –Asish added further.

Future Lifestyle

The foundations of the company are

strong and it is keeping them abreast

with the latest technology, which will

continue to grow with a much faster

pace. Also, now preparing to launch

Cloud-based WAF, CDN, DNS &

DDOS in the next month named as

EDGEO. “We are planning to spread

our business globally.” –stated


A Million Dollar Advice

“Hard work and passion are must for


Downfall does occur and that’s the

part of life, what matters is


Lage Raho success will be yours!”

–said Ashish.

September 2019


Interview with Insights Success

Amit Jain


In an exclusive discussion with

Insights Success Magazine, Amit

Jain, Director at Rising Star

Tours & Travels talks about his

company and gives his insight on the

current industry trends.

IS: Kindly brief us about you and

your journey since the beginning of

your career.

I completed diploma in travel trade in

1990 and eight years later, I started

Rising Star Tours & Travels. Being

an avid traveler filled with perpetual

fernweh, I identified the existing gaps

in the tour and travel industry in India

and the challenges that travelers face

on a regular basis. This

acknowledgment led to the foundation

of Rising Star Tours and Travels—a

one-stop destination for all the

traveling needs. Rising Star Tour &

Travels is aimed to make travelling

easier and simpler that almost every

individual in the society can travel

across the world and enjoy the

boundless beauty of the nature. I

started this entrepreneurial journey

alone, but was supported by family.

With sheer dedication and relentless

efforts in making this startup a success,

I established a wide network of tour

operators first in India and later, in the

overseas market. Meanwhile, company

achieved affiliations from the reputed

organizations in the tour & travel

industry such as TAAI, TAFI, IATA,

ADITOI, and OTOAI. and approved

by Ministry Of Tourism, &

Government of India.

Delivering the best of services at the

prices that customer is ready-to-pay is

always the focus of Rising Star Tour &

Travels. The company never

compromised on services part and this

reflects in its growth over the years.

Rising Star Tour & Travels won the

Best Outbound Tour Operator Award in

2016 and Golden Star Award in 2018.

IS: How do you describe yourself in

one-word or one-sentence?

Amit Jain is a catalyst for change and a

strategist for success.

IS: What is your source of


Nature and its beautiful landscapes.

IS: Kindly tell us about the

challenges you faced to withstand

the complexities of the industry.

One of the biggest challenges I faced

was the money-centric mindset of

customers. The primary focus of the

customers was money, and then the

travel experience. We, however, were

clear from the start that we have to

deliver the best of services and travel

experience, even at the lowest budget

that the customer asks for. Since

inception, we neither compromised on

services part nor on customer

satisfaction. And, this reflects the rapid

growth of our company over the years.

IS: Kindly describe in detail about

your company and its unique


It’s our customer-centric approach that

sets us apart from the rest. As we are

committed to providing an

unparalleled level of customer service

30 September 2019


• One word that describes you: Passionate -

because it keeps me on my toes to do

something and achieve something

• Current Book you are reading: Secrets Of

Millionare Mind - wanted to change my

blueprint of money management

• A Movie you watch again and again: Chak

De India - it proves nothing is impossible

• One Social Media Platform you use the

most: Whats aap - most handy most

assesed most accepted

• You are proud of: My Family

and value, we have a dedicated team that remains available

24*7 to assist the customers and address their queries at the

earliest. The proactive communication, short

turnaround time, affordable and customized tour

packages, and an extensive professional network

are our USPs. To deliver impeccable travel

experience and service par excellence is our

commitment. And therefore, strategic quality

control processes are in place to ensure that

no aspect of the travel is left to


IS: Brief us about the current industry

scenario from your perspective.

Technologies have taken almost every

industry by storm, fuelling its growth

and digitizing its operations.

Banking and finance and

Automotive are always the

early adopters of the latest

technological advancements,

and now, the tour and travel

industry is also making way

to join the club. With

Artificial Intelligence (AI),

Internet of Things (IoT),

Augmented Reality, and

Virtual Reality, the travel

companies can deliver a worldclass

experience to the customers

and tap on the unreachable but

potential customers. Intelligent chatbots that

handle uncountable bulk customer queries in

Amit Jain


Rising Star Tours & Travels

September 2019



“Factors according to you that Influence Business Relationships:”

• Communication: A stabilized and thoughtful way of sharing meaningful and


information between you, employees and the customer, both formally and


• Friendliness: Approachability; easy to reach and share feeling a customer builds

with you.

• Value System: Ethical and moral policies that you imbibe in the organization.

a human-like way, VR Hardware or 360-Degree video creation using VR to entertain travelers or guide them on cruise

interior, and real-time tracking of the luggage are some of the examples how technology is being used in the sector.

Clearly, the future of travel industry looks promising enough from technology’s point of view where automation and

agility will invade the traditional landscape.

IS: State us your major achievements and your company’s achievements under your leadership.

We are honored to receive Golden Star Award of ‘The Leading Tours & Travel Agency of the Year’ (Delhi). The credit

goes our team, their endless dedication, unbeatable love and strong support that kept us motivated and work hard to

achieve this award.

Apart from offering various bespoke travel packages for domestic and international destinations, we organize frequent

trips for visually impaired (VI) people to various tourist destinations in India and we are the first one to offer this unique

itinerary. Since the first trip, we have received many queries for such trips; people all over the country want us to continue

conducting such tours. We took a pledge to change the life of at least 1000 VI people a year through travel. If all things

fall into place, we will create a platform for people with disabilities to travel to even the farthest corner of the world with

ease. It’s the vision of RSTT to create a platform where one disabled community becomes the support system of another

community of differently disabled. Till date, we have organized 4 successful domestic trips for visually impaired people

and of late we have organized the first foreign tour. 25 VI persons and volunteers of Rising Star Khilte Chehre have

enjoyed the 5-day tour to Bangkok, Thailand.

IS: State your passions, aims, and goals.

Exploring nature’s beauty all over the world is not only my passion but the aim of my life. And, as far as our future goals

are concerned, we are determined to achieve a turnover of INR 100 crores in the next two years. As Indian tour & travel

industry is still fragmented and relatively small, opening a franchise model to become a helping hand to small travel

agencies is also one of our top priorities.

IS: How do you see yourself and your company in the near future?

For the next couple of years, Rising Star Tours & Travels will aim to go digital and start a franchise model. As responsible

corporate citizen, the plan is to strengthen the digital presence of the firm and introduce a franchise model in order to

uplift the small travel agencies. Moreover, it’s the principal objective of Rising Star Tours & Travels to make the brand a

common household name.

IS: What would you advise to the budding entrepreneurs?

My advice to the budding entrepreneurs would be that this is the one industry which have a huge scope of growth with

minimum investment as compared to other industries and till 2025 it will grow 3 times which is it now contributing 10% of

the world total gdp.

32 September 2019

Ram Sharma

Dreamer | Believer | Creator

The 10


Business Leaders

t o W a t c h i n 2 0 1 9

“Don’ t waste time in thinking... Just take the leap.”

Abig dreamer, Ram Sharma is

the Founder & CEO at Bank-

Genie, re-imagining banking

and presenting tomorrow’s technology

in today’s world. An innovative and

creative entrepreneur by nature, Ram

has worked in both the banking and

technology environments. With over

two decades of experience he is

bringing together a thorough

understanding of banking procedures

and processes, software design and

implementation, a pioneering spirit and

a never-say-die attitude in all his


The Beginning

Ram Sharma began his career as a

banker in the year 1993 with an Indian

private bank then moved on to a

banking technology company

‘Temenos’. Bitten by the

entrepreneurship bug,-he started his

own banking consulting company from

Mysore, India. He then called the

banking consulting company to a

NASDAQ listed company, started his

second startup sold that too, to a Swiss

based company.

After a few years of non compete with

the previous buyer, he started off again

and this time he was very clear that he

wanted to start a banking product

company to help the unbanked people

of the world. So, he with his key

members, came up with the idea of

branchless banking where banks can

establish branches in the remotest

corner of any country to serve the

unbanked. That’s how BANK-GENIE

was born!

The Flagship Product

Bank-Genie’s flagship product is a

mobile native software running on a

tablet, POS device or smartphone.This

enables banks and financial institutions

to create virtual, integrated, secured

and seamless retail branches freeing

‘the teller’ from brick and mortar

branch. The state-of-the-art solution

enables banks to set up branches where

customers can access complete set of

banking services at a fraction of the

cost of a full traditional branch.“What

we have done with Bank-Genie is to

take out all the dependencies and

connectivity of a bank teller to branch

facilities.” -said Ram. Further, he

added, “We have modeled the company

on large industry leaders like Temenos

and large value companies like Apple.”

Overcoming Challenges

Selling to Banks is a difficult

proposition as banks tend to buy

software from established and proven

vendors. It was initially difficult for the

team to break this wall and earn the

trust of the banks. Once, it had

successfully implemented at UniBank,

Ghana it was smooth sailing as banks

had started to see value in company’s

offering. Further Ram said, “Today,

one of the key challenges faced by

banks and financial institutions is their

inability to set up multiple branches or

access points due to capital and

operational constraints.”

Major Achievements

Secured Series A funding from SBI

(Softbank investments) and FMO

(Dutch development Bank)

Reached 7th position globally on the

IBS SALES LEAGUE table in terms

of sales.

Expanded the product portfolio from

one product to a suite of 7 products.

Ranked as one of the TOP 50 products

in digital banking products.

Received the Red herring award for

one of the TOP 100 companies in Asia.

Ranked as one of the 50 global leaders

in digital transformation by BIG


Industry Outlook: Banking Sector

The growing influence of fin-techs and

non-banks seems an accepted fact now.

Investment in online lending platforms

by both startups and incumbents is still

significant. While it is unclear how

many fin-techs will become successful,

this seems a sign of maturity in the

industry as fin-techs become part of the

mainstream banking system. In

Europe, PSD2 (Revised Payment

34 September 2019

Ram Sharma

CEO & Founder

Bank-Genie always

believed in the goal of

creating a banking

technology product that

can help Banks create

virtual branches


Service Directive) and the open

banking standard are having the

intended effects—spurring innovation

and creating a more level playing field.

But incumbents have not been caught

flat-footed—they have responded well

to the challenge.

Encouragingly, open banking is

catching on in other parts of the world,

despite the lack of a regulatory

mandate. And, in the United States,

banks are expected to test the waters in

2019. But, across the globe, the retail

banking industry is fast embracing a

mobile-centric customer experience.

Investments in mobile technologies

have increased meaningfully with Asia

Pacific leading the world in the rapid

adoption of digital banking due to

consumers’ constantly evolving


Meanwhile, consumers’ experiences in

other industries are upping the ante for

most banks. Deloitte’s recent global

digital banking survey across 17

countries showed that banking

consumers have a stronger emotional

connection to technology brands like

Apple, Amazon, and Google than to

their banks. Some of these companies’

ability to blend experiences from the

physical and digital worlds is

considered a good model for banks. In

response, banks are deploying a mix of

strategies to stay ahead in the game,

including higher technology spending

on channel improvement—branches,

ATMs, call centers, and digital

banking. JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) has

adopted “mobile first, digital

everything,” while Santander has four

investments in the online lending space


Driving Forward

Banking solutions company Bank-

Genie with corporate headquarters in

Singapore has announced it will

establish its presence in Manila to

service a growing clientele that

includes Universal Banks, Saving and

Lending Banks, Rural Banks and

Multi-Finance Institutions across the

globe. Also, the company aims to

accomplish the number one position on

IBS Sales League and achieve their

goal of transacting one billion

transactions on their Genie Platform on

a daily basis.

September 2019






Talking about his Journey across the Healthcare Segment till date

IS: Kindly brief us about you and your journey since the

beginning of your career.

RV: Prior to joining the healthcare industry, I had the

privilege of been associated with multiple industries and had

the opportunity to traverse through the entire value chain of

functions – right from manufacturing, supply chain,

distribution, sales and marketing, strategy and M&A and

have been running P&Ls for over the last decade. My first

job was as a young engineer working in Godrej & Boyce on a

project for ISRO for manufacturing components for the

PSLV – so truly Rocket science! Post my MBA I was

associated with Titan Industries as a part of the team that set

up the Jewellery manufacturing set up which now is famous

as Tanishq. I joined Coca-Cola when they commenced

bottling operations in India and held various roles with them

– right from buying through sales and distribution to running

bottling operations. Subsequently I had a stint with Airtel

wherein I led their DTH business in the South India. Prior to

joining Cloudnine Group of Hospitals as the CEO, I was with

Metro cash & Carry wherein I held multiple roles in India

and Asia in the areas of Strategy, M&A and Commercial

operations and Merchandising. I have always been attracted

to new and unchartered zones and even in established

organisations have chosen jobs that are more entrepreneurial

and like start-ups.

Ravi Ganesh Venkataraman

Chief Executive Ofcer

Cloudnine Group of Hospitals

IS: How do you describe yourself in one-word or onesentence?

RV: I see myself as a “permanent learner” at every stage

IS: What is your source of motivation?

RV: I get my highs by trying out new things and exploring

unchartered territory. I believe that the human mind is

36 September 2019

Interview with Insights Success

capable of way much more than what

we give it credit. Hence learning new

skills is something that’s my biggest


IS: Kindly tell us about the

challenges you faced to withstand

the complexities of the industry?

RV: Most of the roles that I have

performed required me to learn skills

which I had never expected to learn.

The biggest challenge is to be able to

learn from everyone and everything

around you while at the same time

leading your teams and the business


IS: Kindly describe in detail about

your company and its unique


RV: Cloudnine Group of Hospitals

began its journey in 2007, and now

stands as one of India’s most advanced,

technologically equipped maternal,

childcare and fertility care group of

hospitals in India. Technology is at the

core of this organization that has

revolutionised childbirth in India’s

urban centres, and hopes to drive this

change in rural India as well. The

founding group of promoters with their

experience and global awareness,

coupled with research through

customers, providers, payor networks

found a gap in service as against the

demand available for maternal and

childcare services in India. Our entire

ethos is based on our Chairman, Dr

Kishore Kumar’s Philosophy that

“Pregnancy is a wellness and not an

illness”, till we started our services. It

was found through our research that

choice for couples were either nursing

homes or corporate hospitals both of

which had their own merits and

demerits and our objective was to

provide personalised experiences with

the highest technical expertise and the

best of clinical talent, all along

cherishing the journey of pregnancy

within an infrastructure catered to

“Celebration, Comprehensive Care

and Clinical Excellence”. After the

milestone of marriage, childbirth is one

of the most cherished moments in

one’s life and our services in

handholding the couple through this

life stage and being their trusted

companion for everything that they

need during this time have been a core


The entire thought at Cloudnine is that

maternity and birthing are perhaps the

most precious moments in a mother’s

life. That is something we would like

to celebrate and we do that with all the

the vigour and enthusiasm. This has

been the core purpose of our journey

over the last 12 years, and has kind of

propelled us to the heights that we

have reached today, where we give

every customer a pure Cloudnine


IS: Brief us about the current

industry scenario from your


RV: The space that we operate in is an

interesting one with the macro on

account of rapid urbanization and

increase in women in the workforce

being important drivers for growth.

There is a clear emergence of the

woman as the central decision maker in

matters related to pregnancy and

childbirth – as opposed to the past

when there would be others taking

critical decisions on behalf of the

woman. This in turn has fueled the

demand for a superior and fulfilling

experience through the pregnancy

journey while of course expecting

clinical excellence. Today, Cloudnine

Group of Hospitals is the market leader

in this space and has led the

transformation in the industry, by

making the experience of childbirth a

joyous and memorable one. Besides

providing top class clinical care and

superior facilities Cloudnine has also

ushered in a host of novel concepts

such as Lamaze & Yoga classes, Baby

showers, involvement of the father and

other family members in the journey.

Obviously the success of Cloudnine

has spurred up several competitors to

enter this market. But being the

pioneer Cloudnine is committed to

leading the field with its relentless

focus on the Customer and excellence

in operations.

As in any growing company especially

in a sector like maternal and child

healthcare where there is a stiff

competition, the key challenges have

been to ensure we put in enough means

and mechanisms to ensure we stay on

top of our customer promise and

maintain our clinical quality

excellence. We invest a lot of time and

resources in training and motivating

our teams to perform at their best

levels. A key focus area for us has been

to keep the company culture evolving

and engrained whilst allowing for

regional independence in creating new

balanced environments. We have been

able to attract top clinicians across the

cities we operate in and we

continuously learn from their

experience and value addition to enrich

our growing story.

IS: State us your major

achievements and your company’s

achievements under your leadership

RV: As the first mover and pioneer in

this sector, our ability to innovate has

constantly helped us succeed.

Innovation across customer experience,

clinician engagement, staff training,

technology intervention through both

medical and digital means to further

enhance outcomes have always helped

us set a high benchmark of excellence.

September 2019


One of our key distinction has also

been the fact that we are extremely

transparent in our service offering and

that has helped us cut through the

otherwise hard to traverse industry

mechanics on pricing. We have

provided over 70000 mothers a truly

Cloudnine experience as they gave

birth their bundle of joy! There is

frankly no greater accomplishment

than seeing the smiles on faces and joy

in the eyes of these families.

IS: How do you see yourself and

your company in the near future?

Tell us about your future goals.

RV: This is an important question. We

are looking at all our customers getting

a pure Cloudnine experience here. And

when we say Cloudnine, it basically

means Uberization of Healthcare. And

this is what we actually look at – that

there is easy choice. It’s all available at

the click of a button. Information is

present, there is data access, one can

make payments, write reviews and take

feedback from us.

We are looking at all our customers

coming together as a large ecosystem.

We are bringing in a set of partners

who will support this ecosystem with

their products. So the mother and child,

which is the core of this ecosystem, is

supported by not only Cloudnine but

all of Cloudnine cohorts in having a

great journey, superb celebration for

this absolute grand moment in their

life, which is the birth of their baby.

The world around us is now digital and

our customers expect the same from

us. We have therefore intensified our

digital efforts – both for our customers

as well as our doctors. We created a

very friendly app for customers which

enables them to do most of the

transactions with us digitally – eg.

doctor selection, appointment booking,

payments. Similarly, we have enabled

our doctors with digital technology

wherein using a digital pen their

prescriptions are fully digitised and

stored and shared seamlessly with the

customer. We see ourselves as pioneers

in using digital technology in

healthcare and one can expect many

innovations in this space from us in the

years to come.

The entire medical industry has been

largely a doctor driven industry. It’s

where digital transformation has been

limited or slow, and is also one place

that perhaps requires the maximum

amount of digitalization because the

fundamental need for the customer to

have all access to information, data and

to know that she’s been treated in the

right way and she has access to past

records – are core to this particular

business. But unfortunately this has not

been something which has been driven

as hard in the medical industry as it

should have been. What we are trying

to do in Cloudnine is to actually start

the journey right from day one

completely digitally. So for example,

when a customer walks into a

Cloudnine hospital, she’s given a tab

and enters all her registration data

through the tab. There is no paper. All

critical information, which is in the

past was captured on a piece of paper,

could lead to errors, the same errors

gets captured as a data entry – this is

completely eliminated. The power

shifting from the hospital or provider

to customer is the big shift. And this

shift can only happen when we use

digital means. This is a big

transformation happening in

healthcare. It may not come across as

big but when you actually start seeing

the impact of this, it shifts so many

things. For example, more than 40

percent of our appointments today are

being made through the app. The

customer is actually not calling up new

hospital or a call center but clicks on

the app, chooses her doctor and makes

her appointment. That’s a very, very,

very big shift. We would like to see

this virtually become 100 percent in

the near term.

We will continue to strive to reach new

heights in delivering on our objective

of Healthy Mothers and Happy Babies.

We have recently accelerated our

initiatives at helping mothers who are

unable to conceive through Fertility

programs and centres. We are setting

up best in class fertility centres across

the country with the highest standards

in clinical and ethical practices.

IS: What would you advise to the

budding entrepreneurs?

RV: My advice would be as follows:

• In your early years be a sponge –

soak up everything that you can

learn from especially your


• Have a clear business model with

the customer at the core and follow

the philosophy “customer is the

King” for your success.

The goal of every business is to be

profitable so have a clear path to


IS: What are the factors according

to you that influence Business


RV: All Business relationships are

based on value propositions. A

customer pays you for the value that

you provide. Similarly you pay your

suppliers for the value that they

provide. Even your investors invest in

you because of your capability to

create value for them. The stronger

your value proposition the higher your

share of the customer’s wallet and

hence higher the competitive

advantage for your vs other


38 September 2019

How Arti cial Intelligence (AI)

Shall Impact Business and Lives

in the years to come

In the year 1986, when I was pursuing my master’s

degree from IIT Mumbai, we had a full course in AI. It

had a very interesting computer game called “Predict

the Animal”. The game allowed you to think of an animal

and after asking you some questions, to which you only

had to reply in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, the machine accurately

predicted the animal you had thought of. The game started

by asking a simple question like, is it herbivorous or

carnivorous? So, if say, you had thought of a ‘cow’, and

replied herbivorous, the game may respond that it is a goat.

Because at that stage of the game the only animal listed as

herbivore in its animal database was a goat. When the

game realized that it has made a wrong prediction, it would

give up and ask you, what question could it ask to

distinguish between a cow and a goat? You will probably

say, “Is it huge and bulky”? to which the answer for goat

will be ‘No’ and for cow will ‘Yes’. The game shall start all

over again and the computer, while playing the game shall

also learn to distinguish between different animals and ask

right questions for the purpose. After playing the game for

a few rounds, the computer always predicted the right

animal after asking a few questions. The earliest versions

of Artificial Intelligence algorithms were taking shape at

that time.

Since then AI has come a long way over the last 33 years.

Today Artificial Intelligence is making its presence felt

across all domains of businesses. Whether it is Retail or

health or education or finance sectors, AI based

applications are making a ubiquitous presence across all

sectors. So, what is AI? How does it differ from Human

Intelligence? Earliest computer programs were linear in

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40 September 2019

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Wg. Cdr. Pradeep Valsangkar

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nature and had a fixed logical flow. The computer executed

this algorithm on the available data and produced the same

result every time it executed the program. However,

humans realized that the natural intelligence did not behave

in such a static manner always. It applied the contextual

information to processing of the data and came out with

different results depending upon the context in which it

operated. Thus, for example, a given number was big or

small in context with which it was referred to. Thus 35

degrees Celsius was high for humans to bear but low for

water to boil. This ability of the humans to learn from their

environment and adapt to the changing conditions needed

to be replicated in the computers. This meant writing

computer algorithms that adapted and changed every time

it encountered contextual data. More data it crunched, more

the algorithm learnt and more it adapted itself to the

changing conditions. These adaptive computing algorithms

lead to many different sub fields with in Artificial

Intelligence. These fields included Natural Language

Understanding, Machine Learning, Robotics, Deep

Learning &, Neural Networks.

Today AI based applications are driving several sectors of

the economy. Industrial Robots have automated the

production of several industries. Auto Manufacturing is one

major example. Robotics based production is much faster

and is also more accurate leading to much lesser wastage in

terms of material and faulty manufacturing. Retail sector is

now able to accurately predict the buying behaviour of its

customers on the basis of the deep learning algorithms

crunching the customer data on a real time basis. This

enables the retail stores to adjust their inventory just in

time to satiate the customer demand.

A prominent home application of AI is Voice activated

intelligent bots like Alexa. These devices are making it

much easier to operate general home appliances and

demand music and entertainment and news on demand

through voice actuated AI applications run on a small

device plugged in to a home socket.

Machine learning algorithms are helping major social

media giants like Facebook to fine tune their

September 2019


advertisements to specific log ins on the basis of their

browsing history. Data pertaining to billions of searches on

Google is helping to provide the browsing history and

buying behaviour of people and helping the retails industry

to finetune its products and Advertisement spend.

AI is also finding major use in the field of medicine. IBMs

‘Watson’ is an early example of an online doctor capable of

diagnosing a given disease on the basis of the symptoms

and providing medication for the same. The field of surgery

is replete with many surgical instruments with AI and

robotics capability helping human surgeons undertake

complicated surgeries. Recently an operation done in

Indiana Police in USA, a surgeon using a Google Glass

was automatically supplied with imaging and diagnostic

data pertaining to the organ S/he was operating on

seamlessly. This meant that the surgeon did not need to

take his/her eyes off the organ to refer to the imaging or

diagnostic data while performing the surgery.

Driverless cars are fast becoming a reality. The driverless

car developed by Google has already clocked a million

mile. The city of Singapore has already launched the first

driverless Taxi service in the city. It is expected that in a

decade or so, driving as a profession shall vanish and most

of the cars on the streets will be driverless cars.

The speed at which Artificial Intelligence based

applications are proliferating across all domains of the

economy, it is very difficult to predict its complete impact

over the coming decade. Almost all sectors of the economy

shall be impacted by AI based applications and devices.

Driverless cars shall certainly become a reality. That shall

mean many less cars on the road and nearly zero accident

rates. (Since automated driverless cars shall always avoid

collision using AI and proximity devices.)

The communication as we know shall undergo a complete

change. Holograms (Virtual and Mixed reality devices)

shall change the communication experience across the

entire spectrum. Someone sitting in India shall be able to

deliver a lecture in the USA as if the person was present

there. Online real time translation shall also mean that the

lecture given in one language will be translated online and

delivered in any other language of choice using Natural

Language algorithms.

Enormous proliferation of IOT (Internet of Things) devices

across all sectors of an economy shall mean that these

devices shall generate voluminous data. Such data (in Tera

and Peta Bytes) will only be possible to be crunched and

made sense of using AI and machine learning techniques.

Thus, IoT controlled Devices driven by AI based

applications, continuously fine tuning their actions on the

basis of analysing big data produced by IOT devices shall

govern our life in the year 2030. We will not drive to office,

we will interact with virtual people using holograms rather

than real people, machines shall do most of the mundane

routine work, social media is likely to impact the way

people shall interact with each other and socializing as we

understand today may undergo a complete change.

Will such an influx of AI in our lives impact the jobs. Will it

mean that a number of jobs in the economy shall be lost to

smart Robots, who shall do the same job better, at a lesser

cost and more accurately? The verdict on job losses is

mixed. If we go by the history of automation, we find that

automation has always created more jobs rather than taken

away jobs. Advent of computers and automation has

always helped expand the economic activities faster and

has helped grow the economies across the globe. However,

there is a possibility that the types of jobs may undergo a

change. People may have to re-skill themselves in to using

newer technologies and some professions may be lost for

good. Blue collar jobs are likely to give way to white collar

jobs. People at the bottom of the pyramid may find it very

difficult to find jobs because of robots and IoTbased

devices undertaking all mundane repetitive jobs done by

humans. This may turn out to be a blessing in disguise and

the quality of human effort will undergo a change for the


42 September 2019

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