Giants of Exhibition 2020

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associated territories—brought in $11.4 billion in

The 2020

G›› IIt might not have been a record year,


but few will complain that 2019 finished as the

second-highest-grossing year on record at the

domestic box office.

The North American market—constituting

all screens in the United States, Canada, and

a dramatic year marked by M&A across the distribution

and exhibition landscapes.

Marcus Theatres crossed the 1,000-screen

benchmark with its acquisition of Movie Tavern

from Southern Theatres, extending its influence

from the Midwest to 17 states nationwide.

Cinépolis’s U.S. presence increased with its own

acquisition of a dine-in chain, adding six locations



stand. The most high-profile acquisition of the year, however,

didn’t come until December. The announcement of Cineworld’s

intent to acquire Cineplex, Canada’s leading circuit, will have

a major impact on next year’s edition of this list. The deal is

expected to close in Q1 2020, so those results aren’t reflected

of Texas-based Moviehouse & Eatery to its growing

fleet of cinemas in the United States. European

giant Kinepolis, only a couple of years after domestic screen-count totals up to December 31, 2019.

in this year’s version of our Giants of Exhibition, which tallies

first entering North America with its acquisition

As the fevered M&A activity redefines the playing field for

of Landmark Cinemas of Canada, made headlines global distribution and exhibition, our research into this year’s

with its acquisition of MJR Digital Cinemas—its

Giants revealed another crucial portent of success for the coming

decade. The digital cinema revolution that ushered in the

first foray into the United States.

Meanwhile, Regal’s transformation under

2010s has given way to new viewing formats and amenities,

Cineworld introduced several changes to everything

from branding to subscription plans, and

up with the expectations of a demanding audience.

with circuits large and small investing time and money to keep

even extending to vendors at the concession

Circuit profiles begin on page 30

Our annual ranking of the largest exhibition circuits in the domestic market

presented by

our Signature sponsors

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systems for over five decades

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28 / FEBRUARY 2020

FEBRUARY 2020 / 29




Leawood, Kan.

Founded ...........1920

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,043

Locations ........... 634


Congratulations to the Giants

of Exhibition! You continue to

deliver new technology, amenities,

and services that make the moviegoing

experience second to none. We

are proud to be your partner for 20

years and counting!

Driving movie fans into your

theaters is our top priority. We

have built an ecosystem of digital

brands including



com, Flixster,

and Rotten Tomatoes

to help

fans discover


movies and buy

tickets anywhere,

any time, and on any device.

We have created ticketing experiences

for the largest online, mobile, and

social platforms, as well as emerging

technologies including A.I. and voice.

We’ve introduced multiple digital

wallets for fast and easy checkout,

including the recent introduction of

split payments through Venmo.

This year, we continue our mission

to inspire moviegoing and drive

advance ticketing for your theaters.

You continue to be amazing partners,

and we look forward to another

exciting year at the movies.

Kevin Shepela, EVP,

Chief Commercial Officer

›› Celebrating its centennial in 2020, AMC enters its second

century as the largest exhibition circuit in the United States. The last

five years have seen significant growth, both at home and abroad. Its

domestic acquisition of Carmike Cinemas in 2016 solidified its place

atop our Giants of Exhibition list, while foreign additions like Odeon

(2016) and Nordic Cinema Group (2017) pushed its reach to over

1,000 locations and 11, 000 screens worldwide. In 2019 the circuit

crossed the 900,000-subscriber mark for its Stubs A-List loyalty program,

which includes a popular subscription plan for frequent users.

The result has been an overwhelming success for AMC, which originally

envisioned hitting the 500,000 mark by the same point last year.

The Stubs loyalty program is also at the center of the circuit’s biggest

innovation of 2019, the launch of its very own home entertainment

streaming platform: AMC Theatres On Demand, the first of its kind

among U.S. exhibitors. Moviegoers now have the option of renting a

movie at home through AMC’s streaming channel, provided they are

members of its loyalty program. While the news of an exhibitor entering

the streaming space caught some of the industry’s trade press by surprise,

it is a strategy already adopted by the largest circuits in Canada

(Cineplex) and Mexico (Cinépolis). The extension into home entertainment

is a perfect example of how AMC has spread its points of contact

with U.S. consumers, an effort that includes programming initiatives

like AMC Artisan Films, meant to promote and highlight original and

non-franchise films.

30 / FEBRUARY 2020




On behalf of

Tivoli, we

would like to


all the honored


on this year’s


Giants of Exhibition

list! Your ability to elevate the

moviegoing experience while ensuring

patron safety is second to none.

As the trusted brand for theater

safety lighting, Tivoli will continue to

innovate and focus on the customer

experience while providing peace of

mind for both patrons and exhibitors

across the board. Our TivoBAR with

dual circuit capabilities and Eclipse

Wall’s glare-reduction baffle system

have managed to resolve long-standing

challenges without compromising

performance or design. We have no

doubt that both Tivoli and the honored

exhibitors on this year’s Giants

of Exhibition list will continue to

shape the landscape of the theater

experience for years to come.

Larry Lin, Vice President


Knoxville, Tenn.

Founded ...........1989

Screens: .......... 7,178

Locations: ..........546

›› Acquired by the U.K.’s Cineworld circuit in 2018, Regal Cinemas

continued to pursue initiatives adopted by its giant parent company.

In July 2019, Regal embraced the in-house subscription trend with the debut

of its “Unlimited” offering. Sharing a name with Cineworld’s subscription

plan, Regal’s offer was customized for the U.S. market. The plan is available

in three tiers: Unlimited, priced at $18/month and available at 200 locations;

Unlimited Plus at $21/month and available at 400 locations; and Unlimited

All Access at $23.50/month, which is honored at over 550 locations nationwide.

Additional surcharges apply to premium auditoriums like RPX (Regal’s

private-label PLF), Imax, 4DX motion and effects seating, and ScreenX

panoramic screens. There is no cap on the number of standard-format movies

customers can attend each month, nor blackout dates for new releases. The

plan also includes a 10 percent discount on all concessions and nonalcoholic

beverages. Regal previously had a partnership with Atom Tickets.

This past year, Regal also opened eight new 4DX screens and six new

ScreenX screens from technology provider CJ 4DPLEX. “The feedback we are

receiving from moviegoers has been enormously positive, and as the only major

exhibition partner where movie fans can enjoy these immersive experiences, we

look forward to rapidly growing the number of 4DX and ScreenX locations at

Regal in the years to come,” said Regal chief marketing officer Ken Thewes.

32 / FEBRUARY 2020


›› 2019 was a year of continued

growth for Cinemark, as the Texasbased

chain continued to benefit from

its investment in premium large-format

luxury recliners, food and beverage,

and the subscription model.

The chain entered 2018 with its

Cinemark Movie Club subscription

program, then several weeks old,

boasting more than 500,000 active

members; as of the end of Q3 2019,

that number had expanded to 850,000,

with Cinemark Movie Club subscribers

accounting for approximately 15

percent of that quarter’s box office.

Movie Club members visit a Cinemark

theater three times more often than

nonmembers, per data provided by

the circuit, and are twice as likely

as nonmembers to upgrade to the

exhibitor’s premium large-format

Cinemark XD offering.

Globally, Cinemark boasts 15

Imax screens, an increase from last

year; in March of 2019, Cinemark

renewed its 20-year partnership with

the PLF provider. In December,

Cinemark inked an exclusive 10-year

agreement with Cinonic, under which

Barco Series 4 laser projectors will

be installed at more than 6,000 of its

screens worldwide.

In-theater premium amenities

remain a priority for Cinemark; as

of the end of Q3 2019, 58 percent of

Cinemark’s U.S. theaters boasted its

proprietary Luxury Loungers recliner

seats. In an investor earnings call, CEO

Mark Zoradi noted that he expected

that number to increase to 60 percent

by the end of the year, representing

“the highest recliner penetration

among major players.”

The third quarter of 2019 also

represented the 51st consecutive

quarter of growth in per-patron F&B

spend. Also, on the F&B front, 2019

saw Cinemark launch its CUT! by

Cinemark brand of dine-in theaters.

The first CUT! by Cinemark location

is currently in operation in Frisco,

Texas, with another planned for

summer 2020.




Plano, Tex.

Founded ........... 1984

Screens: .......... 4,630

Locations: ..........344

In Cinema, when we come together, we are giants.

Congratulations to the industry for a strong

year and to the companies recognized for their

contribution from all of us at Cinionic. Looking

back, 2019 was a year of milestones for us all: at

the box office, in the moviegoer experience, and

with the accelerated adoption of differentiating


technology solutions. We saw the beginning of the

renewal wave and a clear preference for laser as the de facto standard

for a new generation of exhibition.

Cinema is growing, and companies like those listed here evidence

it. It is our privilege to support, collaborate with, and work alongside

other companies equally committed and devoted to the movies.

Through our shared passion, we deliver experiences that illuminate

and excite around the world.

Looking forward, 2020 is the year of laser experiences, delivered.

In a continually changing market, we are proud to help the industry

to innovate through solutions and services designed for cinema today,

and tomorrow. Here’s to another giant year, together.

Wim Buyens, CEO




find your ideal laser solution

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34 / FEBRUARY 2020



Congratulations to all of this

year’s Giants of Exhibition!

There’s a common thread

among all of you on this list—you

strive to differentiate your properties

and add exciting features to

attract patrons to your theaters.

Investing in new technologies like

immersive sound, luxury recliner

seating, and technologies that enable


use of the

cinema helps

to grow the

bottom line

that fuels


which is,


after all, why

you’re among the “Giants.”

Visionary exhibitors like you

know that it’s not just about the

movies. With so many entertainment

options and ways to

consume content, it’s important

to expand the possibilities of the

cinema complex to successfully

compel people out of their homes.

You recognize that today’s cinema

complex is an entertainment

complex and also a venue for

business meetings, parties, and

other events.

For over 50 years, QSC has

taken pride in this same legacy of

innovation and quality. We’re also

proud to be among your technology

partners. We stand on your

shoulders to envision and deliver

your technology needs for sound,

image, and control, and thank you

for letting us play a role in your

achievement of this honor to be

among the Giants of Exhibition.

Joe Pham, President & CEO




Toronto, Ont.

Founded ........... 2003

Screens: ...........1,695

Locations: ........... 165

›› In what might be remembered as the biggest exhibition story

of 2019, Cineplex became the third domestic top 5 circuit to be acquired

by another major since 2016. U.K.-based Cineworld had already

made major headlines in December 2017 with its acquisition of Regal.

It doubled down on that strategy two years later with the announcement

of its intent to acquire Cineplex, Canada’s leading circuit and

the fourth-largest in the domestic market. Once the acquisition closes

(expected in Q1 2020), Cineworld will become the largest circuit in

the North American market through its stewardship of the Cineplex

and Regal brands.

Cineplex had already established itself as the dominant player in

Canadian exhibition by the time Cineworld came into the picture.

According to the company’s Q3 investor presentation, Cineplex

claimed 75 percent of the market share in Canada’s box office through

September 2019. Over 40 percent of the circuit’s revenue in the same

period came from premium experiences such as premium large format

(Imax, ScreenX, and its in-house UltraAVX), immersive seating (4DX

and D-Box), and VIP auditoriums.

At the concession stand, Cineplex has seen continued growth in

food and beverage revenues since 2011, reaching a peak of $441 million

(Canadian) in 2018. Its concessions per patron rate nearly doubled in the

10-year span between 2008 and 2018, going from $3.96 per patron to

$6.36. An expanded concessions menu has been a key part of that growth,

with fare such as pizza, poutine, and wraps available at select locations.



customers happy

your business

©2020 QSC, LLC all rights reserved. QSC, Q-SYS and the QSC logo are registered trademarks in the U.S. Patent and

Trademark Office and other countries. All other trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

36 / FEBRUARY 2020



Milwaukee, Wis.

Founded ........... 1935

Screens: ...........1,106

Locations: ............ 91


The Boxoffice Company

congratulates the Giants of

Exhibition! Your brilliant minds

›› In February 2019, The Marcus

Corporation closed its acquisition of

dine-in cinema circuit Movie Tavern

from VSS-Southern Theatres. The deal

grew the Marcus Theatres division by

23 percent, adding 208 screens across

22 locations in Arkansas, Colorado,

Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York,

Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Movie

Tavern was rebranded “Movie Tavern

by Marcus.” The deal saw Marcus finish

the decade above the 1,000-screen mark,

growing its presence beyond the Midwest

to the broader national market.

Following the acquisition, Marcus

earmarked 15 of the 22 Movie Tavern

sites for new amenities or plans for

further upgrades. Eleven Movie Tavern

auditoriums were converted into the

circuit’s SuperScreen DLX private-label

PLF offering, which includes Marcus’s

branded DreamLounger recliners and

Dolby Atmos immersive audio. The

company also added 10 more Super-

Screen auditoriums. The Movie Tavern

locations also adopted Marcus’s Magical

Movie Rewards customer loyalty

program, which already hosts over 3.8

million members. Loyalty members have

access to a series of different discounts,

including the company’s famous $5

Movie Tuesday promotion, $6 matinees,

and $6 student tickets on Thursdays.

Theater upgrades have occurred circuit-wide.

Marcus counts recliner seating

in three-quarters of all its screens

and hosts a PLF auditorium at 69 percent

of its theaters. On the digital side,

Marcus made upgrades to its pointof-sale

system, mobile app, and online

ticketing engine in 2019. The circuit

has at least one new opening planned

for 2020, scheduled for the latter half of

the year in Tacoma, Washington.


On behalf of our team at The Boxoffice

Company, we would like

to congratulate the circuits featured

on this year’s Giants of Exhibition

list. Another amazing year at the box

office is a reflection of the hard work and investment

from these exhibitors, who have helped

modernize the moviegoing experience for today’s STAN RUSZKOWSKI

audiences. That’s also a key part of our core mission

at The Boxoffice Company: helping cinemas better reach and engage

with audiences through our showtimes data, websites, mobile apps,

and marketing services. As our industry continues to excel, The Boxoffice

Company is proud to be a partner of many of the exhibitors on this

list and the many more who contribute to the diversity of the global

cinema business. In conjunction with our colleagues at Boxoffice Pro,

we look forward to another exciting and successful year in 2020.

Stan Ruszkowski, President

and efforts are breaking

boundaries and propelling

the box office forward.

Cheers to 2020!



38 / FEBRUARY 2020



›› 2018 was a year of growth for Harkins Theatres, the

largest privately owned circuit in the United States, and

2019 has proven no different. The company announced a

new $32 million headquarters and retail campus, which will

nearly triple the size of the chain’s current space. The new

development is planned to open later this year.

As the company moves into new digs in its home state

of Arizona, it will also open a new multiplex in Northglenn,

Colorado, and in Laveen, Arizona. Both theaters will feature

a CINÉ1 PLF auditorium with Dolby Atmos sound and

Ultimate Lounger recliners.

On the personnel side, in 2019 Harkins Theatres named

executive vice president Tyler Cooper, who has worked for

Harkins for two decades, its new CFO. Greta Newell, who

has been with Harkins for 26 years, assumed the role of

treasurer and vice president.



Scottsdale, Ariz.

Founded ........... 1933

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 515

Locations: ........... 34



Miami, Fla.

Founded ........... 2016

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 410

Locations ............ 40

›› A subsidiary of Mexican circuit Cinemex, CMX Cinemas became one of

the 10 biggest circuits in the North American market shortly after opening its

first U.S. cinema in April 2017. The December 2017 acquisition of Cobb Theatres

propelled CMX into the top 10 of our Giants of Exhibition list in 2018—and the

company isn’t done growing. CMX has plans to open several new locations in

2020, including new sites in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New

Jersey, and North Carolina. CMX has introduced several concepts throughout

its U.S. circuit, including luxury dine-in cinemas, expanded menu grab-and-go

concessions concepts, and lobby sports bars.


›› An exciting year for B&B Theatres, 2019 saw the

opening of additional locations and the expansion of innovative

concepts throughout the circuit. Tech deals with

panoramic screen provider ScreenX and immersive seating

technology MX4D will bring more upgraded theaters

to patrons nationwide, while expanded menus and alcohol

service continues to spread across select locations.

B&B Theatres has also begun expanding its screenPLAY!

concept, which fuses design elements of a family play

area with a premium cinema auditorium. The investment

in new cinemas and renovated locations reflects the circuit’s

ambitions of becoming a state-of-the-art circuit for

audiences across the seven U.S. states it serves. Locations

in Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Mississippi, South Carolina,

and Texas suggest that B&B could easily go from a

regional circuit to a national one in the coming decade.



Kansas City, Mo.

Founded ........... 1924

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 418

Locations ............ 48

›› 2020 marks the 105th year in

operation for Malco Theatres, and the

Memphis-based chain is still growing. Over

the last year the chain introduced its own

premium large-format brand, called MXT “Extreme”

Cinema. A new theater in Memphis,

the Powerhouse Cinema Grill, was the first

theater to host an MXT screen. Some months

later, the newly renovated Collierville Cinema

Grill in Tennessee and Kentucky’s Owensboro

Cinema Grill—which opened in the

summer—got their own MXT auditoriums.

Malco locations in Jonesboro, Arkansas,

and Madison, Mississippi, were also upgraded;

renovations at the latter theater, the

Grandview Cinema, gave Mississippi its first

Imax screen.

A chain with a long history, Malco has

been a family business since its founding;

that tradition was maintained this year when

David Tashie, great-grandson of original

founder M.A. Lightman Sr., was promoted to

the position of president and COO.



Memphis, Tenn.

Founded ........... 1915

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 363

Locations ............ 35

FEBRUARY 2020 / 41



Norwood, Mass.

Founded . .......... 1936

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 362

Locations ............ 27



Dallas, Tex.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 353

Locations ............ 34



›› National Amusements’ U.S. presence with Showcase Cinemas underwent

a series of transformations in 2019. Theater upgrades included

the expansion of recliner seating to additional locations, while communal

spaces like lobbies and concession stands were similarly revitalized with

modern and sleek finishes. At the same time, the circuit’s focus on expanded

food and beverage menus has contributed to a new moviegoing experience

for its patrons. A free-to-join loyalty program, Starpass, offers easily

accessible rewards tiers and significant savings for members. Showcase

was one of the first U.S. circuits to adopt an in-house subscription program;

Showcase Subscribe starts at $11.95 per month for up to two films

each month. 2020 should bring additional updates throughout its circuit—

both at individual locations and to its digital presence on the web.

›› Studio Movie Grill (SMG) announced an ambitious plan to expand its circuit

in 2019, expanding the dine-in-cinema concept it helped pioneer to audiences nationwide.

Known across the industry for its focus on charitable efforts and giving

back to its local communities, SMG proudly features programs such as Special

Needs Screenings, a Chefs for Children program, and a Movies+Meals initiative

that helps underserved children and adults in need in its local communities. An

early supporter of cinema subscription plans, the circuit also expanded its SMG

Access plan in 2019. SMG’s approach to subscription is closely tied to its corporate

identity; members not only benefit from rewards and discount pricing, but also

help contribute to charity efforts with every cinema visit.



Calgary, Alb.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 322

Locations ............ 45


›› Landmark Cinemas is the second-largest theater chain in

Canada, covering western Canada, Ontario, and the Yukon Territory.

Acquired by Belgium’s Kinepolis circuit in December 2017,

Landmark offers an array of special deals including Kids’ Sundays,

Senior Mondays, and Wednesday bargain “Movie Twosomes.” The

chain is also a national sponsor of The Walk So Kids Can Talk, which

supports the mental health and well-being of youth. Landmark has

begun expanding premium experiences across its circuit. The Marketplace,

a grab-and-go concessions concept, has helped diversify

its food and beverage offerings, while traditional upgrades like

PLF auditoriums and recliner seating have become more prevalent

throughout its theaters. The circuit’s newest location, in Southeast

Edmonton, is expected to open in summer 2020.

›› After opening in Brooklyn in 2016,

the Alamo Drafthouse crossed another

major urban hub off its bucket list in

2019. The Texas-based chain, known for

pairing first-run films with fan-friendly

retrospective screenings and a full food

and beverage menu, opened its first L.A.

location in July. The milestone cinema for

the company wasn’t its only new build to

debut in 2019; another location opened in

Westminster, Colorado, and Drafthouse

already has its second New York theater

in the works. In 2019, the chain also expanded

the beta release of its subscription

program, Season Pass, to loyalty

card members in a handful of key markets.

Alamo Drafthouse enters the new

decade as one of the best established

brands in exhibition.



Austin, Tex.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 316

Locations ............ 41

FEBRUARY 2020 / 43



›› Staying true to its roots as an entertainment

destination, Premiere Cinema Corp. is

tackling competition from home entertainment

by providing patrons with unique experiences

at its locations. The circuit opened its first

Premiere Lux Cine, Bowl & Pizza Pub in Pell City,

Alabama, in January 2019. The complex features

800 power-recliner seats, a bowling alley, a

ropes course, an arcade, and a gourmet kitchen.

New Lux Cine & Pizza Pub locations followed

this past fall in Birmingham, Alabama, and

Plant City, Florida. The circuit is one of several

major circuits at the forefront of the cinema

entertainment center trend. These complexes

are known for incorporating different out-ofhome

concepts and expanded food and beverage

menus into the moviegoing experience,

creating an ultimate entertainment destination

for patrons. Premiere has theaters in Texas,

Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico, and

South Carolina.



San Juan, P.R.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 295

Locations ............ 34




Big Spring, Tex.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 301

Locations ............ 28

›› Puerto Rico’s leading cinema chain,

Caribbean Cinemas operates throughout

the Caribbean region, with additional

locations in the Dominican Republic, St.

Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, St. Lucia,

Antigua, Aruba, and Trinidad. In 2017, the

circuit’s management was undeterred by

the challenges presented in the aftermath

of Hurricane Maria, working tirelessly with

local staff to keep cinemas open as much

as possible as Puerto Rico recovered

from the storm. Caribbean’s

role in supporting local

communities during the

recovery will hardly

be forgotten in the

coming years.

›› Founded in 1930 with a single

screen in downtown Grand Rapids,

Michigan, Goodrich Quality Theaters

has expanded to Indiana, Illinois,

Florida, and Missouri. The all-digital

circuit includes five Imax theaters

and five GDX premium locations

with Dolby Atmos sound. Goodrich

also offers Screen Taps bars in 13

of its locations, serving mozzarella


sticks, chicken tenders, fried mac and cheese bites, beer, wine,

daiquiris, and margaritas.

›› The U.S. division of the

giant Mexican circuit Cinépolis,

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

opened its first location in Del

Mar, California, in 2011 and now

also operates in Florida, New

York, New Jersey, Connecticut,

Texas, Ohio, and Maryland. Select

locations include kid-friendly

Cinépolis Jr. auditoriums and 4DX

#18 (TIE)



Grand Rapids, Mich.

Screens: ............ 281

Locations ............ 30

motion and effects theaters. Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

acquired Moviehouse & Eatery’s six theaters in July 2019.

›› Operated by private equity

firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson

(VSS), Southern Theatres

encompasses the Grand Theatres

and AmStar Cinemas brands; Movie



New Orleans, La.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 266

Location ............. 18

Tavern, previously a part of Southern Theatres, was officially

acquired by The Marcus Corporation in February 2019. A former

Grand Theatres location was reopened in December 2019 as the

Amstar Cinemas 18 Four Seasons Station; the newly renovated

location features a Grand Premium Experience premium largeformat




Dallas, Tex.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 263

Locations ............ 28


44 / FEBRUARY 2020

FEBRUARY 2020 / 45


#18 (TIE)



›› The fourth-generation, family-owned

circuit Georgia Theatre Compa-

St. Simons Island, Ga.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 263

ny (GTC) launched a new mobile app in

Locations ............ 25

2019. The app is part of a digital strategy

looking to maximize ticketing sales on

its own platform, which includes a new ticketing capability on its

website. Recent GTC innovations include a loyalty program (Reel

Rewards), its own premium large-format auditoriums (GTX), and an

expanded food and beverage menu (Outtakes Kitchen & Bar).


Los Angeles, Calif.

›› Just before the ball

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 251

dropped on 2019, the industry

Locations ............ 51

learned that Landmark Theatres would

be acquired by independent film producer

and distributor Cohen Media Group. Over the subsequent

year, Landmark found a new president and COO in exhibition

veteran Paul Serwitz, who for 17 years served as the vice president

of film at Regal.


#18 (TIE)



Owosso, Mich.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 263

Locations ............ 27

›› Neighborhood Cinema

Group (NCG)—which was

founded in Michigan and has

since expanded to Illinois,

Indiana, and states throughout

the Southeast—opened its first theater in New York

state in 2019, renovating and reopening what used to

be a Regal location in the town of Kingston. 2019 also

saw NCG partner with Atom Tickets to sell digital tickets

on the Atom platform.

›› Michigan-based Emagine Entertainment continued to

bring luxury theatrical amenities to Midwest audiences throughout

2019. In December, the chain opened the region’s largest CinemaScope

screen—branded as Super Emax—in its Canton Township location in time for the

release of Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. Recent investments in upgrading the

theatrical experience have also included recliner seating, expanded concessions menus,

reserved seating, dine-in service, and even valet parking at select locations.




Troy, Mich.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 254

Locations ............ 21

›› Reading Cinemas International

operates in the U.S., Australia,

and New Zealand; in the U.S.,

its brands include Reading Cinemas,

Consolidated Theatres, Angelika Film

Centers, and City Cinemas. Reading

expanded its premium screen, luxury

recliner seating, and food and beverage

options in 2019 and plans to continue

doing so over the coming years.


# 23

›› Pacific/Arclight continued

to service California— ARCLIGHT CINEMAS


as well as Chicago, Boston,

Los Angeles, Calif.

and the D.C. area—in 2019. In February,

Arclight’s Cinerama Dome Locations ............ 17

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 234

was updated with dual-head

Christie 6P laser projectors and

Dolby 3-D, pairing cutting-edge

technology with one of America’s most historic theaters.

›› In 2019

Bow Tie Cinemas

embarked on major

renovations of its two

locations in Stamford, Connecticut. The

Connecticut-based chain also announced




Culver City, Calif.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 238

Locations ............ 24


Ridgefield, Conn.

Screens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 220

Locations ............ 32

its development with The Ashforth Company of the Bow Tie Cinemas

Ultimate complex, set to include a full bar and restaurant menu and

luxury recliner seating in all auditoriums.

46 / FEBRUARY 2020

FEBRUARY 2020 / 47




Stratford, Conn.

Screens: 205

Locations: 19


Agoura Hills, Calif.

Screens: 196

Locations: 28



Maple Grove, Minn.

Screens: 191

Locations: 22



Sandy, Utah

Screens: 182

Locations: 16


Beckley, W.Va.

Screens: 175

Location: 17


Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Screens: 171

Locations: 15


Petaluma, Calif.

Screens: 168

Locations: 17


Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Screens: 164

Locations: 10



Grand Rapids, Mich.

Screens: 163

Locations: 12



Waite Park, Minn.

Screens: 160

Locations: 20



Cambridge, Mass.

Screens: 160

Locations: 20



Ashland, Ore.

Screens: 153

Locations: 18


Deltona, Fla.

Screens: 144

Locations: 12


Terrebonne, Que.

Screens: 133

Locations: 9


Downers Grove, Ill.

Screens: 121

Locations: 15


Reisterstown, Md.

Screens: 119

Locations: 13


Boca Raton, Fla.

Screens: 117

Locations: 15


Las Cruces, N.M.

Screens: 116

Locations: 17


Knoxville, Tenn.

Screens: 116

Locations: 13


San Antonio, Tex.

Screens: 115

Locations: 9


New Albany, Ind.

Screens: 108

Locations: 8


Elkhart, Kan.

Screens: 107

Locations: 15



Charlotte, N.C.

Screens: 104

Locations: 9


Dallas, Tex.

Screens: 99

Locations: 10


Des Moines, Iowa

Screens: 98

Locations: 19



Memorable Moviegoing Moments of 2019

My favorite movie moment of the year was unveiling the new

name of our flagship theater in Austin to forevermore be known as

the Bong Joon Ho Cinema. Parasite is my favorite film of the year,

an extraordinary modern masterpiece. And to watch director Bong

receive so much praise and have a real shot at the Academy Award

for Best Picture is unbelievable

for a foreign-language film. This

film inspires me with optimism

for the future of cinema. My

second-favorite experience was

simply letting Uncut Gems wash

over me at the Toronto Film

Festival premiere. That screening

was the most tense, most intense white-knuckle cinematic

experience I’ve ever had. I adore that film! We also got the opportunity

to open Uncut Gems on the break in New York this year

and ended up with the number one gross, a major milestone for

Alamo. And for what it is worth, here are my top 10 movies of the

year: Parasite, Uncut Gems, Jojo Rabbit, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,

The Farewell, The Art of Self-Defense, Midsommar, Portrait of

a Lady on Fire, Marriage Story, and Dolemite Is My Name.

Tim League

Founder & CEO

Alamo Drafthouse

My favorite moviegoing moment of 2019 was Avengers:

Endgame. I watched it on our massive 70X40 B&B Grand

Screen with immersive DTS-X sound. On my right was my

lovely wife, Jennifer, and on

my left was my dad. Eleven

years of watching these

movies all had come down to

this one epic moment. It was

especially neat as this was at

our Liberty Flagship theater

that had just opened the

year before. My dad and I had been dreaming of the day we

could watch a movie of this magnitude on our own giant PLF

screen, and it was really neat to have it happen with Avengers:

Endgame. We spent years planning our flagship facility, and

Marvel spent years building to this epic conclusion. It was sort

of a culmination moment, one I won’t forget.

Brock Bagby

Executive Vice President

B&B Theatres

The incredible array of feelings and emotions that were

rolling through me like a freight train after watching Joker for the

first time at the Toronto Film Festival.

Joe Masher

Chief Operating Officer

Bow Tie Cinemas

Knives Out was the most

intelligent movie of 2019 and

offered the greatest social experience.

I won’t soon forget the

scene with Marta standing on

the balcony of Harlan’s “ancestral”

home, looking down at the

disinherited heirs in a reversal

of social standing. I was immediately reminded that those who

are successful should retain humility and the good guy (or gal

in this case) should win. This was the most cleverly put together

masterpiece I’ve seen in a long time. To top it all off, the movie

ended with the familiar sound of retracting reclining seats and an

applauding audience—two of the best reasons to go to a movie

theater and enjoy the experience.

Dave Corkill, CEO

Cinema West

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood:

heartwarming, kind

and a reminder to everyone we

are human. The film was both

funny and sad; it reminded me

why I love seeing a film on the

big screen in a packed audito-

48 / FEBRUARY 2020

FEBRUARY 2020 / 49


rium. We laughed and cried together, we shared an experience

with this film as a group of strangers, and we all walked out better

people. The film highlights how Mr. Rogers was a kind man

who changed the lives of people he touched. The film reminds

us that we are all human; we have pain but we can also choose to

be kind no matter what is going on in our lives.

Melissa Boudreau

Chief Marketing Officer

Emagine Entertainment

Unequivocally, the most breathtaking movie moment I

experienced in 2019 was the opening scene the first night of

Avengers: Endgame at my own local Flagship Cinemas. It was

a packed audience of diehard Marvel fans, and the moment

the dust first scattered on the screen, the gasps could be heard

skittering throughout the crowd. The tension and energy

bound us all together in the moment, and it was the beginning

of a shared experience that was absolutely amazing. It’s

a rare feeling to have created such solidarity in a community

of strangers, but that’s the strength and power of a great film

played in a movie theater. Nothing like it.

Janet Oprendek

VP Operations & Administration

Flagship Cinemas

Disney’s Aladdin and Lion

King provided wonderful

opportunities this year for

parents to bring their families

to movies they experienced on

the big screen when they were

young. Watching parents in

our theaters share that special experience with their children today,

creating memories that will last both generations a lifetime,

is what makes this industry so special.

A.J. Witherspoon

VP of Operations

Galaxy Theatres

My favorite 2019 moviegoing

memory was taking

my 6-year-old daughter to

see Jumanji: The Next Level

in a sold-out theater at GQT

Holland 7 during Christmas

break. Jumanji is a favorite at

our house, so naturally we were

super-excited for this sequel.

Reclined and relaxed with our buttered popcorn and peanut

M&Ms, we laughed out loud countless times! We love the shared

movie experience with tons of other families watching on the big

screen. You can’t beat Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart together.

My daughter is already asking to go again, and we look forward

to the next Jumanji.

Kelly Nash

Director of Marketing

Goodrich Quality Theatres

2019 was a great year for moviegoing, and it’s difficult to

choose just one favorite moment. For me, Knives Out was an

outstanding movie. Daniel Craig was a standout in an all-star

cast. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and look forward to many

more in the series. If I have to narrow the year down to one

outstanding moviegoing moment, it’s definitely Joaquin Phoenix

2019 was an incredible year for

fantastic films. The biggest standout

moment for me was the release of

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time

in Hollywood. To be able to provide

marketing support for one of my

favorite directors on their movie that

plays on a classic, horrifying event we all

know with an unexpected plot twist was

an amazing experience. Getting to see it

on the big screen was nothing short of


Amanda Jo Sharp

Marketing Director

Allen Theatres

My favorite moviegoing moment of

2019 was watching the last 20 minutes

of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Since the beginning of the film, I was

expecting to see Tarantino’s interpretation

of the Sharon Tate assassination.

Therefore, suspense kept on building

for me for over two hours, and I could

see the same feeling with all the other

patrons in the theater when I looked

around. The end of the movie was

superb, but at the same time, it didn’t

deliver on my original expectation. I

was really troubled. Although I truly

loved the story, it wasn’t what I had

gone to see. It felt like Tarantino fooled

me while telling me a great story at the

same time. After the movie, I couldn’t

stop talking about it with my wife and

engaged in conversations with complete

strangers about it. Certainly a memorable

experience that can only happen in

a theater, where you share experiences

and feelings with total strangers who

are going through the same emotions

you are.

Eduardo Acuña


Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

I’m watching Once Upon a Time in

Hollywood and loving the rich visuals,

witty dialogue, and throwback vibe—

truly masterful filmmaking. However,

as the end approaches, I’m getting

nervous: I know the history so I’m

tense and can feel the audience bracing

for the Manson Family massacre.

Then Tarantino flips the script, I am

caught up in the moment, just letting

it unfold. It was a true emotional roller

coaster ride that thankfully nobody

spoiled for me in advance. I walked out

of the theater amazed!

Chris Johnson, CEO

Classic Cinemas

My favorite movie of the year

was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Tarantino has done it again with

another exceptional film. His adaptation

of history and the way he intertwines

real people into a fictional story

reminds me of another one of his great

films, Inglourious Basterds, in the most

positive way. Not only was the casting

and the acting phenomenal, the movie

had a nostalgic feel that brought back

personal memories from the 1960s and

1970s, when I would go to the movies

in Westwood. Bravo!

Dan Harkins, Owner

Harkins Theatres

There were a lot of good movies

in 2019, but my favorite movie quote

this year comes from Once Upon a

Time in Hollywood: “When you come

to the end of the line with a buddy

who is more than a brother and a little

less than a wife, getting blind drunk

together is really the only way to say

farewell.” The movie reminded me

of old-school Hollywood and how

things used to be. I, like many of our

customers, enjoy going back in time

with Flashback Cinema. We did really

well this year with The Big Lebowski

because it is so relevant to Showbiz

Cinemas Bowling, Movies and More

locations. Getting to relax in our oversized

leather recliners, with a White

Russian in hand, and take in the stateof-the-art

presentation in our packed

SDX auditorium was not only a ton of

fun but a true testament to the power

of the in-theater experience. We have

made so many amazing developments

in creating a more comfortable and

immersive experience for our customers

since I first saw the film in theaters

over 20 years ago. Wrapping up the

evening by bowling a few frames on

our boutique bowling lanes with family

and friends took this experience to

the next level.

Kevin Mitchell

President & CEO

ShowBiz Cinemas

50 / FEBRUARY 2020 FEBRUARY 2020 / 51


dancing down the stairs in Joker. His performance and the entire

movie was completely unexpected and amazing. I was thrilled

that audiences agreed. On-screen moments like this are what the

moviegoing experience is all about.

Mike Bowers

President & CEO, Harkins Theatres

If someone told me in the early 1960s, when I went to the

Casa Linda theater in Dallas every Saturday for a double feature,

that someone would pay me to watch movies when I grew up,

I would not have believed them. But it happened. The problem

is, I typically watch many movies twice. Once at the trade

screening and again with my

movie-fan wife. Even Cats.

This year my favorite movie

moment was getting to watch

the trade screening of Renée

Zellweger’s performance in

Judy with my wife, Judy. As

we experienced this wonderful

film together, we kept leaning into each other with, “Boy,

Renée is really good” and, “Are we watching an Oscar-nom

performance here?” That is the joy of moviegoing. I would be

remiss not to mention the ending of two seminal series this year:

Avengers: Endgame brought to a close the 21-film, 11-year Avengers

saga, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ended the core

group of nine films, which began in 1977. Both of these films

were markers in the nation’s social consciousness and brought

the geek out in my son and myself, giving us hours of fodder for


Jeffrey Kaufman

SVP Film & Marketing, Malco Theatres

Last year was packed with top-notch action movies from the

beginning of the year to the end. With titles like Alita: Battle

Angel, Fast and Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw, John Wick:

Chapter 3—Parabellum, and

Gemini Man, there was never

a dull moment. I can’t help

but think that the slate of

2019 action films was the

perfect prequel to a movie I’m

eagerly anticipating in 2020,

Top Gun: Maverick. After all,

the original Top Gun is one of my favorite movies of all time—a

combination of action, entertainment, friendship, and more,

coupled with incredible music. I feel the need … the need to see

the new Top Gun!

Rolando Rodriguez

Chairman, President & CEO, Marcus Theatres

The thing that made 2019 stand out for me is that it brought

together generations of movie fans, including my own family, to

52 / FEBRUARY 2020

celebrate story lines that, in some cases, are a decade or—in the

case of Star Wars—more than four decades in the making. Since

Megaplex Theatres was among a handful of locations to host the

Star Wars marathon, we had guests who had never seen some of

the earlier films on the big screen. I think 2019 will be remembered

as the year that epic stories like Star Wars and the Avengers

saga came to a much anticipated resolution.

Blake Andersen

President, Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres

Watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. It was a

breath of fresh air.

Bud Mayo

Co-Founder and Chairman, New Vision Theatres

Though Disney dominated

the market with excellent box

office grossers including Avengers,

Lion King, Toy Story 4,

Frozen II, and Star Wars, they

were all sequels or reimagined

versions of past films. There

were several other films that

really stood out in 2019 based on originality and audience

acceptance. I particularly enjoyed Rocketman, Knives Out, Ford v

Ferrari, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. These quality films

resonated with audiences and were not only successful grossing

titles but very entertaining and creative. Though more than one

moviegoing moment, this shows that originality can still entertain

and sell tickets.

Phil Zacheretti

President & CEO, Phoenix Theatres

One of my favorite movie

memories from 2019 was

leaving the auditorium at the

end of Joker and hearing the

woman in front of me say,

“Boy ... I just feel like I need

to be a little nicer to people!”

Movies have the ability to

build empathy in a way no other medium really can, particularly

when experienced in a crowded theater full of strangers.

J.D. Loeks

President, Studio C by Celebration Cinemas

Alita: Battle Angel—the story helps us remember that even

if society may throw us away, with the help of others we can

find our purpose and achieve great heights! Alita reminds me

that we all yearn to belong and restore the social order while

maintaining our humanity.

Brian Schultz

Founder & CEO, Studio Movie Grill

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seat in show business.

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