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Babbs in




why it’s important to

know the real Ken Babbs



Oh My...Goddess



Hi, I’m Kenzie!! I’m from Tampa, Florida. I’m really passionate about


Hi, I’m and

Kenzie!! fitness and

I’m from my favorite

Tampa, thing

Florida. to do

I’m with

really my free

passionate time is




health out

and with

fitness my friends

and my at

favorite the beach

thing and

to swim

do with in the

my ocean

free time for hours!

is to


hang grew up

out listening

with my to

friends all of

at the

the ‘80s

beach music

and and

swim it holds

in the a special

ocean for place




I grew heart,

up but

listening I also love

to all listening

of the ‘80s to pop,

music R&B

and and

it holds country.

a special place in

my heart, but I also love listening to pop, R&B and country.

In the future, I plan to go to college while also sticking with my modeling


In the and,

future, hopefully

I plan to one

go day,

to college own my

while own

also business.

sticking My

with dream

my in


life is


ing travel

career the

and, world

hopefully and see as

one many

day, own countries

my own as possible.

business. My dream in

life is to travel the world and see as many countries as possible.

The old song says “shine a light on me”, but what

kind of light should you have shine on you? I

remember running up and down the road with no

less than 50 par cans and 8-16 pin spots for many

of the bands I played with. We traveled the circuit

a few years ago in big box trucks that would hold

our large PAs and light shows. It would take all day

just to set up the show; we would hang lights from

large trusses or, when we were lucky, there were

some bars that already had them installed in the

ceiling. Most of the time, we would just hang the

truss from the bar because it was a lot easier; but

if a club did not have bars we would have to find a

beam in the ceiling to hang a chain from to hold the

truss. Things have changed a lot since those days.

Bands are no longer required to bring a light show

at all. In fact, a light show in many clubs now is 3-4

spotlights shining on the stage.


The good news is, lights are more affordable and better

looking than ever. For less than $1000 a band can have a

small but effective show. You can get a Chauvet GigBAR

2 4-in-1 lighting system with stand for $499.99 which

has pars, lasers and strobes all on one bar and comes

with the mounting bar, foot switch, bag and remote. If

you just want an easy color wash show, Chauvet 4BAR

Quad RGBA LED Wash System has a transceiver that

lets your 4BAR Quad receive wireless DMX from your D-Fi

hub, or even your smartphone, for $549. If you’d rather

set up your own show with a bunch of pars they offer

an ADJ Mega Flat Pak Plus RGB+UV Par Package (8-

pack) for $799, or one at a time for $100 each. You can

also add some effect lights like the Chauvet’s Kinta FX

($149) which does strobes, derby and laser effects. To

make a show look great, smoke machines add a lot but

they can make club owners mad if you use too much.

You can pick up cheap Halloween machines for as low as

$40 but a nice one will set you back at least $150.

I hope these tips give you a head start on putting a light

on you at your next show.

Randy Pepper is a guitarist for hire

and the owner of the Guitar Attic in

Holly Hill.

“Music has healing power. It has the

ability to take people out of

themselves for a few hours.”

~ Elton John

















Oh My Goddess

A Day in the Life of a Gigging Musician

Cover Story - Halsey

Wake up Dead Man -

Rock’s Most Memorable Jesus Moments

Musical Innuendoes - Boudoir Beats

Babbs in Toyland

Quarantine 2020

On the Block - More Goin’ on Than Stacy’s


Art Feature - Gary Kroman

Shine a Light on Me

Behind the Mic

Surf’s Up

The Greatest Guitarist?

Appetite for the Blues


Metal Compost

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By The Reluctant Genius

It seems that some people just have the total

package; great looks, a killer voice and the big

machine to help sell records. Madonna, Brit

tney, Taylor - they all had it and the list

can go on and on.

Sure, there are guys that have it too

but women seem to really take it to

another level when it comes to breaking

out and becoming famous.

Recently another star had made

some waves in putting out good

music. While maybe a little under

the radar compared to the others,

there’s no doubt that this month’s

featured artist has all the tools to

be a superstar. With several hits

already under her, belt it’s just a

matter of time before she becomes a

little more of a household name.

American singer and songwriter Halsey was born

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane on September 29,

1994. She gained attention from self-released mu

sic on social media platforms and was signed by

Astralwerks in 2014. She released her debut EP, Room

93, later that year.

Halsey has since earned one number-one album on the

Billboard 200 with Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017),

as well as two, number-two albums with Badlands (2015) and

Manic (2020). She has earned two number-one singles on the

Billboard Hot 100, including “Closer”, a collaboration with The

Chainsmokers, and “Without Me”. She has also attained a top-five

single with “Bad at Love”. In total, Halsey has sold over one million

albums and has been streamed over six billion times in the United States.

All three of her studio albums have been supported by a headlining tour.

Halsey is noted for her distinctive singing voice.Her awards and nominations include

four Billboard Music Awards, one American Music Award, one GLAAD Media Award,

three Guinness World Records, an MTV Video Music Award and two Grammy Award

nominations. Outside of her career, she has been involved in suicide prevention awareness

and sexual assault victim advocacy.





Boudoir Beats

Boudoir is my absolute favorite genre of photography. It’s

empowering, liberating, and just downright fun. The sexual

female form has been photographed as early as the 1840’s and,

thankfully, continues to be photographed to this day. Ladies (

and men!) your sexuality is primal and the most natural form of

expression you have. OWN IT!

When photographing Boudoir I like to set the mood with a playlist

inspired by my Boudoir Babe’s personal tastes. Before they

even set foot in our private studio we ask them to answer a

brief questionnaire where they get to let me know their preferences.

I’m always pleasantly surprised by the answers I receive.

Some women love country as it sets them at ease. When this

is the case I throw on Pandora’s Taylor Swift station or their

Country Built station. Songs like “What Happens in a Small

Town” by Brantly Gilbert and Lindsay Ell can be incredibly fitting

considering you have every right for what happens in the studio

to stay in the studio (heck ya model releases!).

But if you’re looking for some girl power really any song by

Taylor Swift will do. One of my favorite Boudoir Babes, the lovely

M., responded to “What is your favorite genre of music?” with

“girrrrrl, i love gucci, 6lack, kendrick, drake, da baby, HIP HOP”.

I had yet to meet this client but knew immediately she was going

to be an absolute blast! When this happens, you’ll find me playing

Pandora’s Cardi B, 90’s Hip Hop, and Trap Radio stations. 504

Boyz and Booty Wurk stations sometimes finds its way into the


Music has this crazy way of sparking emotion and setting a

mood. Music can either make my clients incredibly uncomfortable

or let their wild side fly. It’s one of the most important

parts of a session with Boudoir by Lunar Studio.

Excellent music selection isn’t the only perk of a Boudoir session.

My Boudoir babes all receive an aromatherapy neck wrap

while sipping champagne and receiving a full make-over from

my professional hair & make-up team.

While you’re being pampered I go through your lingerie, chunky

sweaters, and sexy stilettos and pick the right scene for each.

Once you’re glammed up we spend an hour & a half shooting

where I coach and pose you. Two weeks later you come to the

studio for your reveal where we celebrate YOU and pick your

products. My clients describe this experience as empowering,

liberating, and something every woman needs to experience.

My favorite Boudoir jam suggestion: Slow Jamz by Twista. Not

only is it a sexy song it gives some great artist suggestions to

add to your Boudoir playlist.

What music makes you feel sexy, uninhibited, and care-free?

Join our private, women’s only VIP group on Facebook and let

me know the songs you feel drip sexuality.

Search for Boudoir by Lunar Studio, answer a few questions,

and connect with my former and future Boudoir Babes.

By Samantha Tribble


Photography by Samantha Tribble of Lunar Studio, Boudoir by Lunar Studio

Boudoir Photography: Intimate, sensual, & romantic style of photography in a studio or bedroom setting

typically meant for a partner.



Quarantine 2020

In January I dubbed 2020 the year

of the visionary. Although it may

not look this way, I wasn’t far off.

I just had no idea we would be

given such a surreal opportunity to

open our eyes in this manner. If you

know me, you know I’m a treasure

hunter of the gems of the journey.

For those of you on lockdown with

me, let’s take a moment together to

sift and probe through the chaos and

see what treasures we can behold from it.

Let’s ask ourselves what jewels of

wisdom and insight we can personally

form from under the pressure of this

rare and precious time in our strange


Without denying the insurmountable

uncertainty, grief and pain of those on

the front lines of this virus who are experiencing loss,

actively fighting for survival or putting their lives at risk

daily, I want to start by saying not all of us are having the

same experiences and it may be difficult for some to see any

blessings at this time. Even if we aren’t on the front lines or

suffering with symptoms, we are all deep in it my friends

and it is our job as the isolated and the quarantined to count

our blessings and make those blessings count! We are the

ones who must hold fast to a vision of health and peace of

mind so we can hold up those who are carrying the heavy

load and not add to it ourselves.

Like me, you may be bubbling over with appreciation so

let’s take a collective moment to acknowledge our everyday

heroes: the first responders, respiratory specialists, nurses,

doctors, janitors and sanitation workers who are all on

active duty in hospitals and buildings across the globe. Let’s

send our appreciation to those essential workers who have

made our comfort in quarantine possible and our time at

home more bearable. They are the ones assisting our economy

in functioning during a time when we desperately need

them most: the farmers, grocery store, mega store and

gas station attendants, warehouse workers, truck

drivers, garbage men, restaurant employees, the print,

postal, utility and delivery services, the health care

angels caring for our elderly, the teachers who are creating

lesson plans and remote teaching our

children…we see you! Let us acknowledge the

unseen heroes too: the stay at home parents


By Candice


How amazing is that?! What a beautiful exchange to be

part of as fellow human beings! If you haven’t yet, take part

in some of these events or create an event yourself! They

will change your day for the better. When this is all over, I

think everyone deserves a standing ovation, big hugs and a


Although we may not always agree, can’t we still send

prayers and gratitude towards our politicians and scientists,

our journalists and analysts who are under pressure to

provide up to date data and create solutions to uncommon

problems? We may not have all the information but what we

do have is each other and hopefully our sensibilities. Stay

heart centered and remember to take breaths and breaks

from the intensity. Don’t allow fear of the unknown to warp

your sense of reality or good judgement. Keep in mind we

are all human. Give our representatives a break and pray for

their health and wisdom during this stressful time. There

will always be those who choose to take advantage, hurt

others and be negative and nasty online and in public spac -

es, but we don’t have to fall into that pattern ourselves.

We can choose to do better. What we are actually

seeing, when you actively look for it, is that

there are far more positive forces out

weighing the negative out there,

and that’s an incredible vision to

witness being brought to light

this year. Even if we aren’t experiencing

this time in the same

exact ways, it is clear that

we have been given a massive

opportunity to relate more

compassionately to one

another in ways we

hadn’t before. Perhaps

now we can more

easily grasp the

fact that what

we do and

how we

do it truly

does affects

others and our

world at large.

Perhaps we may learn

to appreciate and treat

each other a little bit better

each day. It hasbecome quite

apparent that there is no end

date in sight and we are all in this

together. We each play an important

role to how this

all unfolds. The fact that we are able to

see how much we rely on each other to a

We can clearly look at our global footprint right now, our

impact on nature and the impact nature has on us and that

realization is priceless. This Pandemic is a great equalizer

among the consciousness of the people of our planet. Unlike

when a natural disaster (like a Hurricane) occurs, it’s not

just our town or our state that is affected, but it’s our entire

country and every country around the world feeling the

effects. All humanity (regardless of race, religion, or politics)

is experiencing similar monumental shifts in their day

to day reality at this time. This unprecedented moment in

our history is presenting itself in some of the darkest waves

of fear and some of the highest peaks of love and light like

no other time in our lives. Let us surf these tides with eyes

wide open.

To reiterate my January article: h

I am still claiming 2020 as the year of the Visionary. For those

who want to make a difference in your quarantine, in your little

corner of the world, I encourage you to dive right into the eye of

this storm we face together. Seek first your peace, then seek your

active duty, and your visual acuity therein. Don’t waste this time

of potential emotional, relational, spiritual and artistic transcendence.

Do something great with it! Again, if you will, please

declare with me my visionary intentions for 2020:

1. To segment our time and hone in with clarity on new ways to

achieve our daily visionary goals.

2. To be an exceptional, inspiring and unforgettable experience for

our fellow humans...from our living room stages, online pages, in

our homes and out in the world.

3. To see the ordinary become extraordinary through our own

personal lenses.

4. To become artists whose medium is life itself.

5. To remember that what is inside and outside of us are inseparable.

May we witness the effects our actions and behaviors have on

others and make changes wherever necessary.

6. To express our highest, most loving potential in our days and

what is most worth expressing in our creations, the inexpressible.

7. To harmoniously balance our raw humanity with our spiritual

and creative natures.

8. To be thankful, kind, loving, vulnerable and limitless in our

capacity for generosity, compassion, and forgiveness while still

maintaining our personal boundaries (6 ft apart!)

9. To be brave enough to see and be seen with new eyes during

this rare time of life.

10. To listen better and make more room for silence in our day. To

be more aware of how we choose to communicate and connect to

ourselves, our earth and all our relationships.

In very practical ways we can grow as a collective right now while

finding the healthy balance within. Start by being the change you

want to see come out of all of this and remember the “blessons”

of what we are learning from this time of crisis. Let us empower,

envision and propel ourselves into a more loving, creative, compassionate

and equal society in the days to come. I encourage you

to be smart, stay home, stay safe and stay connected! Keep shining

your light, keep singing your song, keep sharing the laughs, keep

opening your hearts, keep spreading the love and keep

creating your life’s work and music. As a dearly departed

friend of mine used to say “keep keeping on”.

ones and teens, doing

massive loads of laundry,

shopping, cooking and

cleaning as well as providing

emotional comfort…and those

working and single parents who

are juggling it all while still managing

to provide during lean times, either from

home or out in the workplace… We see

you too. We appreciate you all.

I’d also like to personally thank those providing our content

streaming services, giving us equal parts entertainment and

the much needed escapism we crave right now.To those

active on social media connecting us to comedy, to our

spiritual and creative outlets, to our exercise, dance, mediation

and yoga teachers, to our entertainers and musician

friends (who are individually and voluntarily pouring out

live events from their homes into ours daily), I love you for

it! You bring us just a little bit closer together and that is so

kind and generous of you. All these wonderful, selfless people

are working overtime with no raise in pay, to bring us

smiles and keep us afloat mentally, to help balance our sense

of normalcy and peaceful reality. Please show them your

monetary appreciation if and when you can. They often

provide links for tipping and support. Folks everywhere are

who have been taking on quadruple duty in in

stepping up to their highest creative potential in brotherly

greater degree than we could ever admit

love to help their neighbors stabilize and survive this time.

house holds, entertaining and teaching little before is something special.

I love you all.




More Going on than Stacy’s Mom

By Jenny McLain

One of the musicians who has been taken from

us recently was Adam Schlesinger of Fountains

of Wayne. He died on April 1, 2020 at the age of

52 from complications related to the Coronavirus.

He and Fountains of Wayne are well known

for “Stacy’s Mom” but there is so much more to

the story of this eclectic musician and songwriter.

He wrote the one-hit wonder song by “The

Wonders” in the Tom Hanks movie “That Thing

You Do!”, which led to nominations for a Golden

Globe and an Academy Award. He also won

three Emmys for his work in television on shows

like “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.

His IMDb profile outlines 74 soundtrack credits,

14 composer credits and 25 music department

credits. He wrote for Crank Yankers, A Colbert

Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!, Saturday

Night Live, The Howard Stern Show, Kathy Griffin,

Sarah Silverman’s Perfect Night, the Emmy

Awards, Ice Age: Continental Drift, The Jay Leno

Show . . . the list goes on and on.

His talent goes so much further. It makes me

ANGRY that he’s most known for that.”

To me, Adam Schlesinger is a classic example

of the age-old story of an artist being known

for something commercially, which is probably

not even their favorite or best effort. Warrant’s

Janie Lane had five albums reaching over $10

million in international sales, yet he regretted

“Cherry Pie”; Harrison Ford is reportedly not a

fan of “Bladerunner”; Billy Joel didn’t like “We

Didn’t Start the Fire”, going so far as to call it

the worst melody he had ever written. Yet, the

commercial success of these not-so-favorite

works brings fans and attention to other, more

favorite projects.

In honor of Adam, Fountains of Wayne performed

at a benefit called “Jersey 4 Jersey”,

which is raising funds for Covid-19 relief. It is

available for one month at fountainsofwayne.

My friend who suggested I write about him put it

this way, “He’s the only reason I was ever interested

in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’.





Behind the Mic: Riggs

95.7 the Hog, Daytona Beach

Hello, friends!

Well, things are weird, right?! In the midst of this

altered world I have found myself digging deep for

ways to pass the minutes. If you too have found

yourself striving to find fun to fill the social interaction

void, I may have something for you. Try any or

all of these options and perhaps you’ll find an easier

path to ride out the eventual return to normalcy.


•Alphabetize the items in your refrigerator

•With just some blank cardboard, a Sharpie and

some candle wax, you can make your own scratchoff

lottery tickets. You’ll be a winner every time!

•Tease a bird with a worm farm on your window sill

•Make a list of your favorite body sounds

•Read all the labels you’ve overlooked

•Stand in your yard and try to control your neighbor

with your mind

•Start a VLOG about your passion for velcro

•Pickle something

•Blast a Rage Against The Machine album while

blowing soap bubbles

•Plan a vacation for a stranger then mail them the

itinerary and just laugh at their confusion

•Build a palace for your cat out of wine bottles,

packing tape and old bed pillows.


•Go on a drinking binge… with Faygo Red


•Google the Laws of Physics then challenge several

of them in your kitchen

•Start writing a musical about your life. Potential

titles could be “You’ve Got To Be Kidding” or “Too

Many Buttons”

•Change your Facebook photo every 4 hours

•Select a movie from Netflix and write a scathing review

of it prior to watching it. Then write a retraction

and mail a copy to a local zoo

•Start your own zoo in your garage with just insects.

Don’t forget, signage and names are important

•Wash and dry your socks one at a time

•Binge-cook pancakes. When you think you have

made enough, keep going. Don’t be a quitter

•Glue googly eyes on your stapler and engage it in a

heated argument

•Try new combinations of deli meats and cake icing

•Delete your phone contacts then try to rebuild it

with cell numbers you remember

•Try to wash your hands in the dark and use your

sense of smell to find the soap

•Stitch your initials into ALL of your shirts

•Put 10 Marshmallow Peeps on each blade of your

ceiling fan, lay flat on your back on your bed and

have a friend turn it on. Bonus points for catching

one on your tongue!

•Sing the National Anthem into an empty shampoo


•Write a poem about static electricity then read it to

your dog

•Shout lines from your favorite movies at passing


•Practice different levels of shrugging

•Label your cutlery

•Spray adhesive on a tennis ball and show off your

“magic” skills to the neighborhood children

•Yell obscenities at fish

•Inventory your pens

•Put a wet sponge in a food dehydrator and see what

the hell happens. Then craft a song about it

•Swap your light bulbs with ones you drew faces on

•Cut your ex out of old photos and replace with

headshots from the cast of CSI: Las Vegas

•“Stone Cold” 8 beers then run around your car

chanting the lyrics to AC/DC’s “Have A Drink On


•Count all of your electrical outlets then give them

hilarious nicknames

•Rank your favorite nuts

•Learn how to snap a dish towel then create a You-

Tube channel to display your skills

•Invent a new use for styrofoam blocks

•Take an online non-credit short course then brag

to your friends that you have detention after an “altercation

with your proctor”

•Play wiffle ball in your shower

•Flex in front of a mirror and refer to your biceps as


•Learn to crochet and then make a blanket with the

message “Don’t Backsass Me” woven in. Give it to a

grandparent as a holiday gift

•Tape a gallon ziplock bag to your abdomen, fill it

with old bananas then skip around wondering what it

would be like to be a marsupial

•Play Monopoly alone and cheat on the hotels

•Piss away hours watching videos online then write a

pamphlet on how to Purell your eyes

•Waste your breath. It’s yours, you’re the boss

•Insist on being called “Captain” but wear an Admiral’s

hat. It will drive your boating friends loco

I got hundreds more but we’ll start there and see how

you navigate that bunch. If you have some of your

own to add, send them to me via Static Live. Or just

write them in the margin here with a crayon. Until we

can party in the streets again, I hope you stay safe and

stay responsibly socially distant.





95.7 The HOG, Daytona Beach


1. The members of the pop group 3T are all relatives of this legendary

pop icon.

2. Which band recorded an album in a California house where a mass

murder occurred?

3. President George W. Bush once called this artist “the biggest threat

to American youth since polio”.

4. Keanu Reeves was a founding member and bassist for this group.

5. Who is the first artist known for using Auto-Tune vocal distortion?

6. In 2014, music producer initiated legal action against which singer?

7. Where is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located?

8. Which pop superstar grew up on a Christmas tree farm?

9. What is Fergie’s real first name?

10. What is the name of the rapper who hosted MTVs “Pimp my Ride”?

11. Legendary rock band AC/DC originates from this country.

12. What hard-core rocker is known for taking ballet lessons?

13. Lady Gaga got her name from a song performed by this band.


14. Michael Stipe was the lead singer for which group?


Neighborhood Confidential

Part I Growing Sideways With The Florida Blues

When you’re a kid, the secret life you live in the

neighborhood away from your parents tends to

mold you in ways that isn’t about growing up so

much as it is about growing “sideways”. Your parents

knew what you needed, but your secret life in the

neighborhood provided you with what you wanted.

“There’s a dude plays harmonica over in the project

called Willie ‘Fat Lips’ Smith you need to check

out.” My friend Craig Bradley told me about him

one day at Babe Ruth baseball practice. “Says he

played with B.B. King on the streets up in Memphis.

I’ll introduce him to you.”

So, one Saturday morning I met Craig at his dad’s

place and “Fat Lips” was already there hangin’ with

Mr. Bradley in the kitchen. Craig made introductions

and “Fat Lips” pulled out his harp and started

blowing the train time riff. He made that thing

sound good! When he was finished he asked if I

could bend the notes. I said I don’t think so. He

said, “Well, draw down on that second hole and

make it sound lower”. I tried but I couldn’t do it.

He said, “Can’t play no blues if you can’t bend them

notes.” I tried again but couldn’t get it to go “low”.

He said, “Listen at me again.” He did it again and

it sounded so cool but I couldn’t get it. He told me

to practice with a piano by playing a white note

then the adjacent black note. “Them black notes is

the blues”. “Ok, I have a friend who has a piano”.

We said our goodbyes and all the way home I kept

thinking about the black notes being the blues. I had

never thought about it like that before but it was

like the blues was sideways to all the other music. It

was like sliding over to get a better look. I practiced

till my lips bled and finally got the idea by listening

over and over to certain harmonica riffs by Sonny

Boy Williamson at half speed on my turntable with

headphones on.

The Bittersweet Blues Band was a trio of native

Daytona Beach musicians. With Pete Carr on guitar,

Lenny Leblanc on bass and lead vocals and the

late Tommy Ruger on drums they were to be the

first Blues outfit I would see perform in a teen club


The year was 1968. The location was the Daytona

Main Street Pier.

The “Pier” was a unique “teen” venue for all the

great local groups. For a one dollar cover charge

and at twenty-five cents a soda you could hear two

bands on two different stages! The night I heard the

Bittersweet Blues Band, I also heard a revamped

version of the Nightcrawlers. My late friend, Floyd

Miles played the Pier on a regular basis with “The

Houserockers”. Floyd literally taught Greg Allman

to sing R&B and the Blues, and would later become

a Kingsnake Records (based in Sanford, Florida)

recording artist and tour with Allman before Floyd

passed away on January 25, 2018.

The most important Blues venue in Volusia County

during the 70’s and 80’s was Mac’s Famous Bar located

on A1A in Daytona Beach Shores. Talk about

a who’s who: Canned Heat, Elvin Bishop, The Nighthawks,

Papa John Creach, Iron Butterfly, Vassar

Clements, The Ventures, Erwin Helfer, Odie Payne

Jr., Angela Brown, Noble “Thin Man” Watts, Bob

Margolin, Cowboy, Jimmy Thackery, Jules Verne

Auto Supply, The Curtis Willis Band (with Daytona

legends Billy Bowers and the late Bruce Parker

on guitars) The Midnight Creepers (Bob Greenlee

on bass, Ernie Lancaster and Steve Shanholtzer on

guitars, Scott Corwin on drums, yours truly on harmonica

and vocals) and of course, Greg Allman all

performed in concert there.

Mac’s would also book local and touring acts on a

seven night a week basis. Largely because of their

entertainment policy you could make a living as a

professional blues musician in Daytona Beach. It

was time I set out on my own and take advantage

of what my local heroes had shown me as a path to

success as a Blues Professional.

Part II A Room with a View

© by Mark “MuddyHarp” Hodgson -Appetite For the Blues

My old man brought home a record album after a

night of drinking that would alter my perception of

what adults did when they went out for a night on

the town.

If my dad was around when I tried to play the record

on the family Hi-Fi he would stop me, “that record

isn’t for you”. Well, that’s all the encouragement

I needed to secretly put it on the turntable whenever

my parents weren’t around. By today’s standards it

was pretty tame but to a 13 year old it was racy stuff.

The real impact was realizing Houston and Dorsey

performed on the beachside in Daytona at the Kings

Cellar in the Americana Hotel.

The next experience that would shape my early life

as a future musician was driving on A1A in the back

seat of our 1967 Plymouth Fury and passing the

Castaways Motel seeing the billboard advertising

“Tommy Brown and the Nashville Mustangs Nitely”.

“We started there in the Castaway’s Torchlight

Room, then they built The Barn for us — we made

’em a lot of money” [From 1967-89, Brown lived

in an upstairs efficiency at the Castaway and took

the elevator down to work, six night a week at first,

then five] according to Ken Willis in a 2013 article

for the Daytona News Journal. Tommy lived at the

Castaways during that time....Light Bulb!! I bet he

had a room with a view.

I became obsessed with performing someday on the

beachside in Daytona and living at the motel. Any


Neither one of aforementioned performers played

the blues. As a matter of fact I wasn’t aware of any

group on the beachside that was exclusively a blues

act. The Allman Brothers influenced a ton of my

contemporaries but the scope of how much blues

was being played by local acts was usually limited to

covers of Stormy Monday or Statesboro Blues. I saw

an opening and my path was set was set.

Being a vocalist and harmonica player gave me the

edge I needed to reach my lofty goal of achieving

the elusive “room with a view”.

One of the greatest perks a musician can bargain

for in a performance contract is having rooms

included in the deal. When you are on the road it is

essential. Traveling to a strange town is hard enough

and having a place to park your van or truck makes

your road life much more enjoyable... even if the

rooms provided are dumps, (which is more times

than not the case). I would play for less money if

a venue would provide at least two rooms in the

deal. The beauty of working at a hotel or motel was

it was all in house and usually not deducted from

the final paycheck. It was a win win for all parties:

the venue knew how to keep an eye on you and you

could relax. You could take the elevator down to the

lounge and rehearse the band during the day or just

hang out at the pool. The only downside was keeping

track of your “tab”. This could be dangerous for

some band members. I knew guys that would end

up with 200 or 300 dollar room charge or bar bills

at the end of the week. When you’re only making

that much to begin with there isn’t much to send


With a little discipline you could do pretty well. I

guess that’s why the blues has always been a joyous

music to me. B.B. King played big hotels all the time

when he was alive....I bet he always had “a room

with a view”. Hell, he liked the view so much he

owned a home in Las Vegas.

Trivia Answers

1. The members of the pop group 3T are all relatives of this legendary pop icon.

A: Michael Jackson

2. Which band recorded an album in a California house where a mass murder occurred?

A: Nine Inch Nails

3. President George W. Bush once called this artist “the biggest threat to American youth since


A: Eminem

4. Keanu Reeves was a founding member and bassist for this group.

A: Dogstar

5. Who is the first artist known for using Auto-Tune vocal distortion?

A: Cher

6. In 2014, music producer initiated legal action against which singer?

A: Kesha

7. Where is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located?

A: Cleveland, Ohio

8. Which pop superstar grew up on a Christmas tree farm?

A: Taylor Swift

9. What is Fergie’s real first name?

A: Stacie

10. What is the name of the rapper who hosted MTVs “Pimp my Ride”?

A: Xzibit

11. Legendary rock band AC/DC originates from this country.

A: Australia

12. What hard-core rocker is known for taking ballet lessons?

A: Mick Jagger

13. Lady Gaga got her name from a song performed by this band.

A: Queen


14. Michael Stipe was the lead singer for which group?





Jan, 23 2020…. tir Na nOg Irish pub in Daytona held an EP release party

for the “Combo Metal” band Infiltrate. Rat Stick aggressively opened the

show and got the crowd moving quick. Freeze, from PA, showcased their

slamming hardcore skills. Madtown mixed some thrash with hardcore

style. Infiltrate shred their set with a mix of death metal, hardcore and

punk. Rhythm of Fear capped off the show with some blasting drums

and killer bass. Hope to see a lot more local Metal Shows this year …


Body Count - Formed 1990 in LA

Seven Albums:

“Body Count” - 1992

“Born Dead” - 1994

“Violent Demise: The Last Dayz” -1997

“Murder For Hire” - 2006

“Manslaughter” - 2014

“Blood Lust” - 2017

“Carnivore” - 2020 - 30 Years (Released 3-6-20)

Crossover Thrash, Hardcore Punk, Speed Metal

March 6, 2020 marks the release of Body Count’s seventh studio album

“Carnivore”. Ice-T and Ernie C have done it once again in true Body

Count fashion. Slamming, chunky guitar riffs, violent lyrics and some

gut pounding percussions, tracks like “No Remorse” and “The Hate Is

Real” are a couple of heavy examples. “Carnivore” also has a few collaborations

with artists Riley Gale “Power Trip”, Jamey Jasta “Hatebreed”

and Amy Lee “Evanescence”. Formed in Los Angeles, California in 1990,

Body Count and 62 year-old Ice-T show no signs of slowing down and

are true badasses. The last track on “Carnivore” is an unreleased demo

“6 In The Morning”, a must listen to for sure. 1987 motion picture

“Colors”, which Ice-T did the track for, gets remixed “Body Count” style.

Hell, they even cover the great Motorhead, paying homage to Lemmy

with “Ace of Spades”. Body Count In The House MUTHAF*%#!%…\m/

Released on Century Media Records, I highly recommend picking up

this gem!


Influenced by the theatrics of Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden , Los Angeles

based power/heavy metal band Lizzy Borden’s debut album “ Love

You To Pieces” is what the 80’s traditional metal sound was all about .

Released in 1985 on Metal Blade Records , “Love You To Pieces” dueling

guitar attack and singer Lizzy Borden’s (not the early 19th century axe

wielding female murderer of the same name) ear piercing vocals resembled

other L.A. acts at that time such as W.A.S.P . This is an extremely

overlooked album featuring metal massacre classics “ Rod Of Iron “,

“Red Rum” , “ Psychopath “ “ Flesheater “ and the metal anthem “ American

Metal “ . Just like the classic poem “Lizzy Borden took an axe and

gave her mother forty whacks / When she saw what she had done / She

gave her father forty -one “ . Precious lyrics indeed .

FLAUNT is based out of Port Orange, FL.

3401 S. Atlantic Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 386-423-8787


Reopening Monday, May 4 th !

We will be reopening the doors at Chases

on the Beach with 6ft apart seating,

social distancing and following all the

rules to keep our staff and guests safe!

Can’t wait to see everyone!

Join us for a special Mother’s Day music

festival on Sunday, May 10 th .

Drink specials all day

Full bar and menu

Five bands starting at 2pm (lineup TBA)

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