Blueprint magazine -- AUTUMN 2020

Blueprint magazine -- AUTUMN 2020 issue In this issue: -- Medicare your way -- Arkansas Blue Cross honored as Hunger Hero -- Blue packs 2 million meals for Arkansas! -- Welcome back! Your local ArkansasBlue welcome centers (including two new ones, in Little Rock and Rogers) are ready to serve you safely -- In person and personal; Visit an ArkansasBlue welcome center for a face-to-face visit -- Open Enrollment 2020 (November 1 - December 15) -- Open enrollment for Arkansas State and Public School Employees (OCTOBER 1-31) -- Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7) -- Introducing a new ... and better Arkansas Blue Medicare -- SilverSneakers® -- Vaccine volunteer; Chief Medical Officer’s reasons for participating are personal and professional -- Virtual health: Bringing healthcare to you -- Officer down ... Blue & You Foundation grant saves lawman’s life -- ANNUAL NOTICE: 2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage – available November 15 for individual/family policyholders -- Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act annual notice -- Notice of Privacy Practices Availability annual notice; Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Health Advantage -- Avoid the "twindemic": Get a flu shot!

Blueprint magazine -- AUTUMN 2020 issue

In this issue:
-- Medicare your way
-- Arkansas Blue Cross honored as Hunger Hero
-- Blue packs 2 million meals for Arkansas!
-- Welcome back! Your local ArkansasBlue welcome centers (including two new ones, in Little Rock and Rogers) are ready to serve you safely
-- In person and personal; Visit an ArkansasBlue welcome center for a face-to-face visit
-- Open Enrollment 2020 (November 1 - December 15)
-- Open enrollment for Arkansas State and Public School Employees (OCTOBER 1-31)
-- Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7)
-- Introducing a new ... and better Arkansas Blue Medicare
-- SilverSneakers®
-- Vaccine volunteer; Chief Medical Officer’s reasons for participating are personal and professional
-- Virtual health: Bringing healthcare to you
-- Officer down ... Blue & You Foundation grant saves lawman’s life
-- ANNUAL NOTICE: 2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage – available November 15 for individual/family policyholders
-- Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act annual notice
-- Notice of Privacy Practices Availability annual notice; Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Health Advantage
-- Avoid the "twindemic": Get a flu shot!


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A publication for the policyholders of the Arkansas

Blue Cross and Blue Shield family of companies AUTUMN 2020

New and Blue

and right

for you!



service makes

a comeback



season is here

once again


Blue & You

grant saves

officer’s life




with Curtis Barnett

Our President and

Chief Executive Officer

Medicare Your Way

If there is one thing we can

say about baby boomers, it’s

that one size certainly doesn’t

fit all. This generation (born

1946-1964) started entering

Medicare in 2011, and at a

rate of about 10,000 per day,

Medicare’s rolls are expected to

top the 80 million-beneficiary

mark by 2030.

Since the inception of Medicare

in the 1960s, products that

supplement Medicare coverage

or, more recently, replace

Medicare coverage altogether,

have been an important part of

our benefit portfolio. Boomers

are a diverse group, and they

deserve Medicare plans that

fit their lifestyles and budgets.

With that in mind, we went back

to the drawing board.

In the past year, Arkansas Blue

Cross and Blue Shield has

dedicated more resources than

ever before to our Medicare

coverage options, creating

products with more options to

choose from and features that

promote wellness, condition

management and quality

healthcare … and, yes, help

make our plans more affordable.

(You can read about those

exciting, new plans on page 8).

Not only are our new Medicare

plans consumer-friendly, they

have features that promote

wellness and help you manage

chronic health conditions and

better coordinate all the care

you receive. We believe these

features, while keeping you

healthier, will also help make

healthcare more affordable for

our senior population.

And this is only the beginning.

We have a multi-year plan to

continue to grow and develop

our Medicare offerings to

respond to what senior

Arkansans need and want.

At Arkansas Blue Cross, we

see our Medicare members

for who they are ... real people

with real health needs. One size

doesn’t fit all. Come visit an

ArkansasBlue welcome center

to see what we have to offer.

Not only are our new

Medicare plans consumerfriendly,

they have features

that promote wellness and

help you manage chronic

health conditions and

better coordinate all the

care you receive.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and its family of affiliates comply with applicable

federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national

origin, age, disability or sex. ATENCIÓN: si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios

gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 844-662-2276. CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng

Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành cho bạn. Gọi số 844-662-2276.



Greg Russell



Ryan Kravitz


Chip Bayer

David Lewis


Chip Bayer

Jennifer Bridgeman

Katie Eisenhower

Suzi Parker

Marie Trotter

Kimberly Walker



Alison Melson


Julie and Bill Bridgforth

of Pine Bluff enjoy

the convenience and

excellent service they

experience when

they visit their local


welcome center.




Arkansas Blue Cross

honored as Hunger Hero

Healthy food is an important

part of good health. And

addressing social determinants

such as nutrition is an

important focus of Arkansas

Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s

mission to improve the health

of all Arkansans. In September,

the Arkansas Hunger Relief

Alliance recognized Arkansas

Blue Cross as a Corporate

Hunger Hero and presented

Curtis Barnett, our president

and CEO, the Acting Out

Against Hunger award for


the company’s dedication to

addressing food insecurity in

the state. The Alliance provides

programs, food resources,

education and advocacy to

reduce hunger in Arkansas. To

find out more about the great

work of Arkansas Hunger Relief

Alliance and how you can help,

visit arhungeralliance.org.

Barnett helps out at a meal-packing event.

“Whether packing more than 2

million meals during the past

few years, investing more than

$2.3 million dollars toward food

insecurity since 2005, helping

harvest fields, or funding food

for those made even more

vulnerable during the pandemic,

our employees, our board and

our leadership are committed to

Arkansans,” said Curtis.

Blue packs 2 million meals

for Arkansas!

In 2018, Arkansas Blue Cross

committed to packing 700,000

meals to help fight food insecurity

in Arkansas as part of its 70 th

anniversary celebration. We

partnered with The Pack Shack,

a nonprofit focused on food

insecurity, to hold high-energy

community rallies throughout the

state where scores of volunteers

packed nutritious meals for local

food pantries. We beat our goal

that year, packing more than 1

million meals, then added hundreds

of thousands more meals to the

total in 2019, and during 2020,

exceeded the 2 million meals mark!

When the pandemic hit this spring,

we knew the need for healthy food

would increase exponentially.

Thanks to a donation from our

Blue & You Foundation for a

Healthier Arkansas, The Pack

Shack mobilized small groups

of volunteers at its warehouse,

masked and appropriately

distanced, to pack more than

140,000 meals on behalf of

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue

Shield, bringing the grand total

to 2,145,310 meals, thanks to

funding or hands-on packing.

Community food banks and

local food pantries throughout

Arkansas were able to distribute

these meals to feed the hungry in

their locations. Together, we can

meet and beat food insecurity.

Fearless Food Fights are parties with a purpose.



welcome back!

Your local ArkansasBlue welcome centers are ready to serve you safely

e’re back and ready to help … safely.

After being closed for five months

due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local

ArkansasBlue welcome centers

throughout the state reopened

September 8, 2020, on an

appointment-only basis.

“Sometimes meeting with someone face

to face is the best way to understand

your health insurance situation, and

the ArkansasBlue welcome centers are

the places where you can go to speak

in person to licensed experts who

can help you find practical, affordable

solutions that meet your specific health

insurance needs,” said Dwayne Pierce,

senior lead executive for regional and

sales operations. “We are taking every

precaution we can to protect your

health, so you’ll be comfortable coming

in to speak with us.”

For your safety, here are some guidelines for visiting your local ArkansasBlue welcome center:

Customer visits are by

appointment only.

If you have a cough or fever,

please reschedule. People

who have symptoms like that

won’t be allowed to enter.

Remain in your vehicle until

your appointment time. A

representative will notify you when

it is time to enter the building.

You’ll be asked some health

questions related to COVID-19 risks

and have your temperature checked.

You will be required to wear

a mask. If you don’t have a

mask, we’ll give you one.

You will be required to apply

hand sanitizer when you enter

the building.

If you need to bring us a payment,

just leave it in the mailbox outside

the front door. There’s no need to

come inside. To increase safety,

we are not taking payments in

person. And if you want to save

yourself a trip, just use any of our

other convenient payment options.

You can find them on our website.

No more than 10 customers can be

in the building at any given time.

No more than three people

(including the representative)

can be in a representative’s

office at any given time.

Protective shields will be in

place on each desk.

Social-distancing protocols

will be observed at all times.

We will sanitize after every

consultation, and every facility

will be thoroughly cleaned and

sanitized every evening.

4 AUTUMN 2020

nd now we have more places to serve

you. In September, we opened two brandnew

ArkansasBlue welcome centers – one

in Rogers and one in midtown Little Rock –

bringing the statewide number to 10.

“We are an Arkansas company, and we

want to serve Arkansans,” Pierce said.

“By expanding our locations, we can better

serve our customers right where they live.”




ArkansasBlue welcome centers




2. Fort Smith


3. Hot Springs

4. Jonesboro

4602 West Walnut Street

Rogers, AR 72756





416 South University Avenue

Suite 110

Little Rock, AR 72204






Little Rock (West)


Pine Bluff


The Bridgforths describe their positive experiences

at the Pine Bluff ArkansasBlue welcome center.



In person


Visit an ArkansasBlue welcome

center for a face-to-face visit

Maybe you’re not comfortable with technology.

Or maybe you’re just confused or overwhelmed

when making a choice about your health coverage.

These are common sentiments among Medicareage

customers. People with coverage through their

employer may not have to make decisions about

health plans. But at retirement, there are numerous

decisions to make and a wide array of options to

choose from. It can be a daunting process.

Fortunately, our local ArkansasBlue welcome

centers are there to help.

“There is kind of a maze to work through when you

first start trying to decide what you need and what

you don’t need,” said Julie Bridgforth of Pine Bluff,

who went through the process with her husband,

Bill, at their local ArkansasBlue welcome center.

“They could not have been nicer and more helpful,”

Bill recalled. “The minute we walked in, we felt

welcome and more at ease. They helped us find

answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask.”

“Without a local office like this, it would have been

so much harder to get all of that figured out,” Julie

said. “And they don’t treat you like you’re asking a

dumb question. They are very patient.”

Bobbie Kemp of Monticello agrees. “I do some of

my business online, so it’s not that I don’t know

how. But for me, with my health insurance, having

that person sitting across from you makes all the

difference in the world. I live 47 miles away (from

Pine Bluff), but the service I get there makes it

worth the drive. Bambi (Wilson) has gone above

and beyond for me. I had a pharmacy problem,

and she researched it and told me how to fix it.

It was a great experience. We laughed a lot. It’s

great to have that kind of interaction, especially

when you’re stressed.”



Open Enrollment 2020

November 1 - December 15

Choosing a health plan is

an important decision. But

fortunately, Arkansas Blue

Cross and Blue Shield has

friendly experts who are

here to help.

If you need an individual

or family health plan, the

open enrollment period

(OEP) begins November 1

and ends December 15 .

You will be able to review

your information and

decide if you want to keep

your plan the way it is or

make a change.

Watch your mail for your

annual benefit update

letter, which will explain

your options in detail.

If you need to choose

a new health plan, our

knowledgeable customer

service representatives –

or your insurance agent/

broker – can help you pick

a great option. Just call

800-392-2583 during the

OEP period. Or make an

appointment at one of

our ArkansasBlue

welcome centers (see

arkbluecross.com/locations ).

During open enrollment,

some locations will even

be open on Saturdays.

Avoid the December

rush and get your health

plan shopping done in

November. You’ll have

more time – and more

peace of mind – to enjoy

the holidays.

(Pro tip: New enrollees do not need to wait for Arkansas Blue

Cross to send a premium statement. Payment options are

immediately available on our website or via payment kiosks

at any of our Arkansas Blue welcome centers.)

Open enrollment for

Arkansas State


Public School




Arkansas State Employee and Public

School Employee (ASE/PSE) open

enrollment is here (October 1-31).

ASE/PSE members may choose a

health plan or make changes to their

existing coverage for the next plan

year, which starts January 1, 2021.

Rates and benefits have been approved

by the State and Public School Life

and Health Insurance Board. Plan

options and premium information for

ASE/PSE members have been posted

on arbenefits.org. For questions and

additional information, contact the

Employee Benefits Division at


You also can visit the Health Advantage

website, healthadvantage-hmo.com,

for featured plan information, health

resources and our member self-service

portal, My Blueprint (which lets you

access valuable benefits and services

wherever you are). Find a doctor …

access your electronic member ID card

… check claims, coverage and benefit

info … contact customer service …

estimate treatment costs … fill out

a personal health record … all with

just a click or touch.

6 AUTUMN 2020

October 15 – December 7

Got Medicare? Need it? Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is your opportunity to purchase

a Medicare Advantage plan or upgrade your existing plan. And this year, Arkansas Blue Medicare and

Health Advantage have some exciting, new options. (See page 8 for details).

The Annual Enrollment Period is October 15 through December 7. New benefits will be effective January 1, 2021.

Here’s a little more about our


Advantage plans

• HMO and PPO plans with $0 premiums and low copays

• Comprehensive dental, vision, hearing and prescription drug coverage

• A large network of doctors you know and hospitals you trust

Want to learn more about our Medicare Advantage plans?

Call your local licensed agent or 800-392-2583 to learn more

or visit arkbluemedicare.com. We’d love to hear from you. If you

have a friend or family member who is looking for a Medicare

Advantage plan, we hope you’ll recommend Arkansas Blue

Cross and Health Advantage.



Introducing a new ... and better

Ready for something exciting in Medicare Advantage?

In 2021 we are raising the bar on Medicare Advantage plan options. We’ve reimagined

existing plans and designed several new ones to better meet your needs and budget.

Blue is

Our 2021 Medicare Advantage plans offer more

and better choices. And with better choices, you

can get a plan that delivers what you need most

from your healthcare coverage.

Our Medicare Advantage options feature:

• HMO and PPO plans with $0

premiums and low copays


• Comprehensive dental, vision, hearing

and prescription drug coverage

• Quarterly allowances for Medicareapproved

over-the-counter products

• PPO in-network coverage that travels with you

Blue is


Arkansas Blue Medicare Advantage

plans include valuable extras

designed to help you stay your

healthiest. You’ll have $0 copays

on many preventive screenings, a

SilverSneakers ® fitness program

membership and gift card rewards

for simply getting Medicare-approved

screenings and tests. You take care

of your health, and we take care of

you. It’s our promise.

8 AUTUMN 2020

Blue is


Blue is

your plan

We’ve served Arkansans like you for

more than 70 years. When you choose an

Arkansas Blue Medicare Advantage plan,

you get the peace of mind that we’ll be

there when and where you need it. With our

plans, you get a large network of doctors

you know and hospitals you trust.

The Annual Enrollment Period begins October

15 and runs through December 7. If you’re

getting ready to age in to Medicare, or you are

already a Medicare Advantage member, now

is the time to take a look at Arkansas Blue

Medicare. We’ve designed our plans to meet

your changing needs. Our Medicare experts

will help you find the right plan for you.

Want to learn more?

If you have questions or want to know what Medicare Advantage

plans are available in your area:

Call 800-392-2583

Visit arkbluemedicare.com

Make an appointment at your nearby ArkansasBlue

welcome center (see page 4 for details)

Speak to your local licensed agent

SilverSneakers ®

SilverSneakers is one of the nation’s leading

exercise programs for senior adults. It’s a no-cost

gym membership for eligible seniors with access to

more than 13,000 locations. SilverSneakers aims

to keep adults active and healthy. It’s available to all

Arkansas Blue Medicare Advantage members.





One of 30,000

Chief Medical


reasons for


are personal

and professional

On August 14, 2020, Mark Jansen, M.D.,

was given a shot in his left arm.

The injection was either a potential coronavirus

vaccine or a placebo – a harmless starch or

sugar solution.

As Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s

chief medical officer, a veteran primary care

physician and a son who lost his mother to

COVID-19, he’s invested in seeing the outcome.

Whichever it turns out to be, Jansen hopes his

contribution to this clinical trial will help scientists

counter the virus that has cost our society, and

his own family, so dearly.

Dr. Jansen is one of 30,000 American adults

expected to participate in a double-blind, placebocontrolled

coronavirus vaccine study conducted

by Moderna, Inc., a Massachusetts biotechnology

company, in collaboration with the National

Institutes of Health.

This type of study is the “gold standard” of clinical

trials. Neither the people getting the shots nor the

clinicians giving the shots know who gets a placebo

and who gets the real treatment. Only the data

analysts who interpret the results at the study’s

end can tell who was in which group.

“The weird part is, if I get the placebo, yes, they’re

hoping that I get COVID-19,” Jansen said. That

way, Moderna can compare rates of infection

among people who received the vaccine and

those who got the placebo. “If the ones who

get the actual vaccine stay well, it demonstrates

the effectiveness of the vaccine,” he added.

Across the country, Moderna has roughly 89

clinical research sites involved in this third phase

of its vaccine trial. The study is recruiting people

who are at least age 18 years old and have never

tested positive for coronavirus. Participants get

periodic blood tests and are closely monitored

throughout the trial, which could last 25 months.

Clinical trial

phases 1, 2, 3

Vaccine clinical trials like Moderna’s have three primary phases, each

designed to answer different questions about a potential treatment. Phase

1 investigates the safety of a treatment in humans. Phase 2 examines

whether a treatment works. Phase 3 compares a new treatment with

standard treatments to see if it works better, has fewer side effects, etc.


Warp Speed”

The federal government launched “Operation Warp Speed” as a publicprivate

partnership with drugmakers to produce and deliver 300 million

doses of COVID-19 vaccines to Americans by January 2021. On August 11,

Moderna signed an agreement with the White House to produce

100 million doses of its anticipated COVID-19 vaccine.

10 AUTUMN 2020

Jansen on COVID-19 and the flu

The symptoms of the coronavirus and the flu are similar, so we’re going to see an increase in the

push for people to get the flu vaccine this year. We don’t have any extra capacity in the care delivery

system to handle a spike in both. For instance, if people get a bad case of the flu and then contract

pneumonia … there might not be an available hospital bed if we’re also dealing with the coronavirus.

So, we really have to be good this year about getting flu shots.

– Mark Jansen, M.D.

Chasing a vaccine

But if Moderna expects trials to last two years,

how could the country possibly have a safe

vaccine early next year? “If the researchers see

really good results, they can stop the trial early,”

Jansen said. “That’s called ‘un-blinding’ the study.”

If that happens, Moderna would offer everyone

who received the placebo the real vaccine.

Moderna is the front-runner among dozens

of established and “startup” drug developers

currently working on coronavirus treatments.

Other drug companies in the race, which the

United States government calls “Operation Warp

Speed,” include AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline,

Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

COVID-19 hits close to home

Frances Bovick Jansen was the 11 th person in

Arkansas to die from COVID-19 complications. She

was 94 years old and had lived an exciting, full life.

She was a singer who landed a big band recording

contract in Hollywood. However, she left that life

behind when she met and married Gerald Thomas

Jansen, M.D., her husband of 58 years. Together,

they had three sons, two daughters and a host

of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. On

April 1, Mrs. Jansen, who had some dementia,

died at Briarwood Nursing & Rehab in Little Rock.

“You don’t get over your mother’s death, but I’m

dealing with it,” Jansen said. “Now that I have this

chance to be a part of the solution to help eliminate

the virus that ended her life … it’s personal.”

As a physician, Jansen is excited to be part of

medical research for a coronavirus treatment.

“Once you’re a doctor you’re always a doctor,

and if you went into medicine for the right

reason, you realize how remarkable this is.”

The loss of his mother to COVID-19 gives Jansen added

motivation to assist in the search for a vaccine.




Bringing healthcare to you

If you have a computer,

electronic tablet, smartphone

or even a home telephone,

you have access to thousands

of doctors, therapists and

more through virtual health

(also known as telehealth

or telemedicine).

What is virtual health?

Virtual health is a way of

connecting with medical

professionals and behavioral

health professionals from your

home or on the go. It’s as easy

as picking up the phone and

talking or having a video call

with a friend. It’s convenient

and safe to use.

Pandemic benefits

During the COVID-19 pandemic,

we have expanded access to

virtual health services:

• Medical care – Our members

can seek medical virtual

healthcare from in-network

providers (at no cost to the

member). This includes videoconferencing

as well as visits

by telephone.

• Behavioral health – Our

members can get counseling

(again, at no cost to the

member) from almost 2,300

in-network behavioral health

professionals including

psychiatrists, psychologists,

advanced practice

nurse practitioners,

licensed clinical

social workers and

licensed professional


• Therapy specialists –

We also have expanded

virtual health access

to include specific

services from physical

therapists, occupational

therapists, speech and

language therapists,


podiatrists, registered

dieticians and boardcertified


analysts. Deductibles,

copays and coinsurances

apply to these specialists.

An option for the future

Even before the COVID-19

pandemic, Arkansas Blue

Cross was looking to the

connectivity and convenience

of virtual health as a way to

improve access to medical

care in underserved areas and

improve patient engagement.

In April 2020, only a few

weeks into the public health

emergency, more than 97,800

virtual health visits were

made by our members. Those

numbers have dropped in

recent months, but people

are still using virtual health

for follow-up visits and

behavioral health. The big

takeaway? Many members –

and their doctors – seem to like

the option of virtual visits.

Sign up today

Learn about your virtual health

options before you need them.

Ask your doctor’s office about

virtual health and how you can

get connected. You can also go

to MyVirtualHealth.com for

many nonemergency conditions.

State-licensed, board-certified

physicians are ready and waiting

to help you 24/7, 365 days a

year. Register today so you

can easily access medical

help when you need it.*

* Copyright © 2020 MDLIVE Inc. All Rights Reserved. MDLIVE does not replace the primary care physician and is not an insurance product. MDLIVE may not be available in certain states and is

subject to state regulations. MDLIVE does not prescribe DEA controlled substances and may not prescribe non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs, which may be harmful because of their

potential for abuse. MDLIVE does not guarantee patients will receive a prescription. Healthcare professionals using the platform have the right to deny care if based on professional judgment

a case is inappropriate for telehealth or for misuse of services. MDLIVE and the MDLIVE logo are registered trademarks of MDLIVE, Inc. and may not be used without written permission. For

complete terms of use visit https://welcome.mdlive.com/terms-of-use/. MDLIVE is an independent company that provides telehealth services on behalf of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Virtual health is for members with medical coverage but is not available to all health plans at this time. Members whose coverages include virtual health should be able to successfully register

online. A check of your benefit summary will indicate whether virtual health is available to you.

12 AUTUMN 2020

Officer down ...

Blue & You Foundation grant saves lawman’s life

The chase was over. The subject

was cuffed and in custody. But

something wasn’t right.

Officer Darrin Chase of the West

Memphis Police Department made

his way back to his vehicle, but

suddenly, he felt dizzy and

sensed he was in trouble. “I

went to put the car in park,

but I started touching the

radio,” he said. He called Sgt.

Jennifer Jordan for help.

Sgt. Jordan’s patrol car was only about

20 yards away, but before she could

get to him, Officer Chase’s eyes rolled

back, and he went limp. Officer down.

Sgt. Jordan first suspected heat

exhaustion, but when he failed to

respond, she quickly guessed that

Officer Chase may have been exposed

to a drug during the arrest. Fentanyl,

an incredibly potent (even deadly)

opioid, can be absorbed through the

skin. Law enforcement officers and

other first responders risk potentially

fatal fentanyl exposure daily. Later,

they learned that Officer Chase

had unwittingly come in contact

with fentanyl when he reached into

the suspect’s pocket looking for

identification. The suspect, who was

driving a stolen car, had a vial of the

drug in his pocket, and it had broken

during his apprehension.

Fortunately, Sgt. Jordan remembered

the naloxone (Narcan) kit that is in

every patrol car. Naloxone quickly

counteracts the effects of an opioid

overdose. The kits were supplied

to 2,720 Arkansas officers and

deputies through $150,000 in grants

from Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue

Shield’s Blue & You Foundation for a

Healthier Arkansas to the University

of Arkansas System’s Criminal

Justice Institute in Little Rock.

Sgt. Jordan quickly gave Officer Chase

two doses. The drug worked its magic,

and Officer Chase began to awaken.

Within 4 minutes, an ambulance

arrived. But his exposure was so

severe that he lost consciousness

several more times and had to receive

several more doses of naloxone.

He spent three days in the hospital,

including two in the intensive care unit.

Doctors later said he would not have

survived had he not quickly received

the naloxone so quickly.

While naloxone kits have been

used to save the lives of people

experiencing an opioid overdose

(as reported in past issues of

this magazine), this was the first

time a kit was used to save a law

enforcement officer.

“I feel like if we had not gotten that

grant that put the Narcan kits in our

cars, I probably wouldn’t be here today,”

Officer Chase said. “I am grateful Sgt.

Jordan had the Narcan right there and

was able to think on her feet so fast.”

“As a shift supervisor, I feel an

enormous responsibility to keep all

my officers safe,” said Sgt. Jordan.

“So to have the ability to save them

and get them back to their families

is a great feeling. I’ve had plenty

of scary moments in 11 years of

Officer Chase (right) says he owes his life to the Blue & You

Foundation’s naloxone grant and the quick response of

Sgt. Jordan (left and below).

policing, but this one is up there near

the top. And honestly, I probably owe

the rest of my career to that grant.

I really don’t know if I could have

come back from losing one of my

people like that – right in front of my

eyes. I can’t imagine a life in policing

without having these tools available.”

In a fitting twist, just a few weeks

after returning to duty, Officer

Chase used the same tool to

revive an overdose victim.

AUTUMN 2020 13


As required by the Patient

Protection and Affordable Care

Act (PPACA), the Summary

of Benefits and Coverage

(SBC) (OMB Control Numbers

1545- 2229, 1210-0147

and 0938-1146) provides

information regarding coverage

specifications and limitations

that apply to the health insurance

plan you have selected.

Before the end of each year,

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue

Shield provides members who

have individual/family health

insurance policies* (but do

not have Medicare policies)

with an SBC.

This official communication

includes information about

2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage – available

November 15 for individual/family policyholders

the coverage provided by

your health insurance plan

in a summary format for the

upcoming year. Beginning

November 15, 2020, you may

access this information:

Online in the “Benefits”

section of the Arkansas Blue

Cross secure member selfservice

center, My Blueprint,

at arkbluecross.com

By calling Arkansas Blue

Cross customer service

at 800-800-4298 to receive

a printed version

After that date, you also may

go to arkbluecross.com/sbc

and enter your member number

(found on your member ID card)

into the SBC locator tool to review

the document online and print it.

If you make changes to your

Arkansas Blue Cross health

plan benefits that differ from

your current coverage, a new

summary will be created for you

within seven work days of our

receipt of your change request.

It will be available to you in the

same manner described above.

Arkansas Blue Cross, Health

Advantage and BlueAdvantage

Administrators of Arkansas

members who receive health

coverage through an employer

group will get their SBC from their

employer group plan administrator

at the appropriate time.

* These are members who do not have health insurance through an employer, a Medicare health plan

or short-term, limited-duration Blue policies.

14 AUTUMN 2020

Women’s Health and

Cancer Rights Act

The Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 introduced

changes in insurance coverage for a mastectomy.

In accordance with the law, all group and individual health plans

that provide medical and surgical benefits for mastectomy will

cover reconstructive breast surgery, including:


surgery on the

breast on which

the mastectomy

was performed


surgery on the


breast to

“produce a



Prostheses and

treatment of

complications of

any stage of a

mastectomy, including

lymphedema (postsurgical

fluid buildup)

These provisions apply to all policies issued by Arkansas Blue Cross

and Blue Shield, Health Advantage and BlueAdvantage Administrators

of Arkansas and are subject to the applicable copayments,

coinsurance, benefit limitations, exclusions and benefit maximums.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage, contact your

group benefits administrator or a customer service representative.

Notice of




Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Health Advantage

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield and its affiliated company,

HMO Partners, Inc., d/b/a Health Advantage, are required by law to

secure your protected health information (PHI) and to explain how

we may use and release (disclose) your PHI. Our Notice of Privacy

Practices is posted on our websites and includes:

• How we may use your PHI

• Circumstances when your PHI may be released to other entities

• Your rights regarding your PHI

• How to exercise your rights

• How to file a complaint

To view the Notice of Privacy Practices, please go to arkbluecross.com

or healthadvantage-hmo.com. You can obtain a paper copy of

the notice by contacting the customer service number on your member

ID card (see below for a complete list of customer service numbers).

Customer Service


May we help?

For customer service, please call:


Medi-Pak ® members 800-338-2312

Medi-Pak ® Advantage members 877-233-7022

Medi-Pak ® Rx members 866-390-3369

Arkansas Blue Cross members 800-238-8379

Pharmacy questions 800-863-5561

Specialty Rx pharmacy questions 866-295-2779

Arkansas Blue Cross Metallic members

(Gold, Silver, Bronze, Catastrophic) 800-800-4298

Pharmacy questions 800-969-3983

Health Advantage members 800-843-1329

Pharmacy questions 800-863-5567

BlueAdvantage members 888-872-2531

Pharmacy questions 888-293-3748

Federal Employee members 800-482-6655

Arkansas State Employees /

Public School Employees 800-482-8416

Looking for health or dental insurance? We can help!

For individuals, families 800-392-2583

For employer groups* 800-421-1112




To pay by phone * ,

please call


Prefer to speak with someone close to home?

Call or visit one of our offices near you:


516 East Millsap Rd., Suite 103 800-299-4109

Fort Smith

3501 Old Greenwood Rd., Suite 3 800-299-4060

Hot Springs

1635 Higdon Ferry Rd. – Suite J 800-588-5733


2110 Fair Park Blvd. – Suite I 800-299-4124

Little Rock (MIDTOWN)

416 S. University Ave. – Suite 110 501-396-8675

Little Rock (WEST)

2612 S. Shackleford Rd., Suite J 501-378-2222


507 W. Monroe Ave. – Suite B 888-872-2539

Pine Bluff

509 Mallard Loop Dr. 800-236-0369


4602 W. Walnut St. 479-973-6675


1710 Arkansas Blvd. 800-470-9621

*Arkansas Blue Cross, Health Advantage and BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas

Visit our websites for more information:

• arkbluecross.com

• hub.arkansasbluecross.com

• healthadvantage-hmo.com

• blueadvantagearkansas.com

• blueandyoufoundationarkansas.org

* Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan product

members must call Customer Service to discuss available

payment options. Health Advantage conversion plans are not

eligible for online, mobile or pay-by-phone payment options.

AUTUMN 2020 15

Avoid the

Get a flu shot!

This year, more than ever, it is critical that

you and your loved ones get the flu vaccine.

Why? Because the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is still not

under control in the United States. With flu season starting,

many doctors are concerned the “twindemic” of two serious

viruses circulating at once will be extremely dangerous.

There currently isn’t an approved vaccine for COVID-19, but

there is for the flu.

And, we’re making it easy for many members. You and

your family members who are older than age 7 may be

able to get a flu shot at your pharmacy without even

paying a copay. Some pharmacists who have been

specially trained can even give flu shots to kids as young

as age 3. Check with your pharmacy to see if you and

your family are eligible for the flu shot at no cost to you.

* A small percentage of people should not get a flu shot because

of underlying health conditions. You can learn more at the

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (cdc.gov/flu).

9687 9/20

It's that easy. Those are some pretty good

reasons to get a flu shot. But in case you need

more motivation, consider that:

Hospitals and healthcare professionals will

have their plates full with COVID-19-related

illness this fall and winter, and an influx of flu patients

could put even more strain on our overburdened

healthcare system.

It is possible to have COVID-19 and the flu at the same

time, and having both of these illnesses simultaneously

dramatically increases the likelihood that you might

experience potentially life-threatening complications.

You cannot get the flu from the vaccine. And while the

vaccine is not a 100% guarantee that you will not get sick,

if you do get the flu, having the vaccine could turn a bad

case into a mild one.

Make a plan for everyone in your family * to get a flu shot this

year. And continue to wash your hands frequently, maintain

proper distance in public and wear face coverings. Do it for

yourself and those you love!

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