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4<br />

Virtual Reality:<br />

Pressure washing enters the<br />

video gaming realm<br />

22<br />

18<br />

Overcoming “Affluenza”:<br />

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made us acutely aware<br />

of the dangers to our health from a virus that can’t be seen with<br />

the naked eye. But business owners face a risk from an equally<br />

contagious and invisible virus.<br />


3 Editor’s Letter:<br />

Story Book Endings: People can choose to work for or do<br />

business with anybody they want. Why should they choose<br />

your business over your competitor?<br />

4 CONQUER Corner:<br />

Prepare your mind and business for your most successful season in <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

12 Industry Dirt:<br />

A look around the exterior cleaning world for news and notes of interest<br />

Auld Lange Syne…<br />

A ‘Lucky 7’ New Year’s Resolutions<br />

for the Pressure Wash Industry<br />

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and is independently owned by Jackson Vahaly.<br />

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Pressure Wash News, 110 Childs Ln. Franklin, TN 37067<br />

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Vol. 3, No. 1, Winter <strong>2021</strong><br />

Publisher: Jackson Vahaly<br />

Editor: Drew Ruble<br />

Design: Katy Barrett-Alley<br />

Copyright © <strong>2021</strong> 2 Dollar Enterprises/Pressure Wash News. All Rights Reserved.<br />

2 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

EDITOR’S<br />

NOTE<br />

Story Book<br />

Endings<br />

It used to be that in business and<br />

sales, the key to it all was ‘meeting the<br />

customer’s needs.’ We obsessed on the<br />

simple question of ‘does our product<br />

or service meet the customer’s needs?’<br />

Well, nowadays, anyone can meet<br />

their needs and anyone can provide the<br />

benefit. The question now is can you<br />

get them to enter in to a personal relationship?<br />

Can you get them to come<br />

in to the fold? Can you get them to be<br />

part of your story?<br />

Entertainment icon Walt Disney<br />

was at a definitive crossroads in his<br />

movie production career in 1934.<br />

Both his brother (who was his<br />

business partner) and his wife were<br />

trying to talk him out of production<br />

of his “Snow White and the Seven<br />

Dwarves” concept. Industry insiders<br />

dubbed the project “Disney’s Folly,”<br />

assuming that audiences couldn’t<br />

stomach a full-length cartoon,<br />

and that adults wouldn’t pay to sit<br />

through a fairy tale. Disney even<br />

mortgaged his home to complete the<br />

then $1.5 million film as production<br />

lasted three years and took around<br />

750 artists, and nearly two million<br />

individual paintings, to complete.<br />

Amidst those obstacles, how did<br />

Disney succeed in bringing his very<br />

different version of the Grimm fairy<br />

tale to life? He gathered his storyboard<br />

artists to tell them his version of the<br />

story that he felt had been inside of<br />

him his whole life (for instance, Disney<br />

added the humor to the story, in part by<br />

naming each of the dwarves). Disney<br />

opened up to these trusted confidants<br />

and said come in to the fold, be a part<br />

of the story.<br />

The result was a huge success. The<br />

Oscar-winning movie, adjusted for<br />

inflation, remains a top-10 all-time<br />

grossing film. At the time of its 50th<br />

anniversary in 1987, the New York<br />

Times reported<br />

that “Snow White”<br />

had grossed some<br />

$330 million worldwide, and<br />

remained one of the most popular<br />

films ever made. It was also the first<br />

American film to have a soundtrack<br />

album released simultaneously with<br />

the film’s release, featuring such<br />

famous songs as “Heigh-Ho,” “Whistle<br />

While You Work,” and “Someday My<br />

Prince Will Come.”<br />

More importantly, it became the<br />

centerpiece of the Disney brand and<br />

drove enormous future change and<br />

opportunity for Disney. Had Snow<br />

White never been made, had Disney<br />

not<br />

let<br />

others in to<br />

the fold and let<br />

them be part of the<br />

story, Disney wouldn’t be the<br />

global, ubiquitous brand it is today.<br />

Here’s the bottom line: People can<br />

choose to work for or do business with<br />

anybody they want. There are lots of<br />

quality companies and providers. Why<br />

should they choose your business over<br />

your competitor? It’s relationships. And<br />

how do you get in to those personal<br />

relationships? It comes through being<br />

transparent and authentic and understanding<br />

what your story is and how<br />

to share it. Those stories in turn reveal<br />

values that connect you to customers.<br />

So what’s your story? And how can<br />

you start telling it to your customers?<br />

At a time of great turmoil stemming<br />

from Covid realities, political and social<br />

unrest, and economic challenges, it<br />

could be the key to your company’s<br />

future success.<br />

Drew Ruble<br />

drewruble@gmail.com<br />

Editor | PW News<br />

VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong> | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | 3


Corner<br />

Want to Grow<br />

your Business?<br />

Spend more time doing the things<br />

you love? Turn the wrench on these<br />

four company systems this winter.<br />


Brandon Vaughn, Chief Strategist at<br />

CONQUER®, built his former company,<br />

Pacific Northwest-based All Clean, from<br />

a very small service company with zero<br />

employees to 70 employees and went<br />

from $8,000 per month in revenue to<br />

almost $500,000 per month in less than<br />

six seasons. Vaughn, who was awarded<br />

the 2017 S.B.A Small Business Person<br />

of the Year for the state of Oregon,<br />

now helps small business owners in<br />

the exterior service industry systemize<br />

their companies. Learn more at<br />

go.conquernow.com/apply.<br />


“Well…it looks like we will need<br />

to reschedule Marla’s roof for another<br />

day. The moss is frozen solid...”<br />

Of course... our second call today<br />

from one of our techs, with yet<br />

another job rescheduled due to<br />

the dropping temperature of the<br />

dreaded winter season.<br />

Some years - winter proved<br />

to be a welcome relief from the<br />

madness of the year. With my season<br />

ski pass to Mt. Hood in hand, I would<br />

spend my weekdays hunting fresh<br />

powder in the backcountry.<br />

But this winter - I needed to work<br />

on something I had been putting off<br />

for quite some time.<br />

It was time to implement some<br />

systems. With our growth of this past year,<br />

a lot of things started slipping through<br />

the cracks. We experienced higher turnover,<br />

more callbacks, more stress.<br />

So, I was determined to fix some<br />

of these issues. Even with focused,<br />

diligent execution, I barely finished<br />

my systems’ projects before the<br />

winter season was over and the spring<br />

rush began.<br />

If you are feeling like I did, and<br />

want to spend some time working<br />

ON the business this winter season –<br />

here are four system-related projects<br />

you can tackle.<br />

CREATE A<br />


Very few projects can have as large<br />

of an impact as building a training<br />

system that can get new hires up to<br />

speed fast in your company.<br />

Use the down season to record<br />

videos introducing new hires to your<br />

company - what your core values are,<br />

where you are going as a business, and<br />

how they can have an impact.<br />

Start by brainstorming in a Word<br />

document, and write out a rough<br />

outline of everything a new hire<br />

needs to know to be a lead tech.<br />

Focus on a few different categories<br />

like: providing a basic understanding<br />

of their tools, their supplies, your<br />

services, your vehicles, and how to<br />

perform their daily tasks.<br />

The list you end up must now<br />

go through a few different stages:<br />

from rough draft to final outline to<br />

recorded video to edited video and<br />

finally, published. Don’t worry too<br />

much about high production quality<br />

- just get it down in a rough form. You<br />

can use several different methods for<br />

storing your videos. You can put them<br />

in a learning management software<br />

program like TalentLMS, or simply<br />

drop them into a Google Drive, with<br />

some Google Forms for creating some<br />

simple tests. Just get it done.<br />

Just imagine sitting a new hire<br />

down and teaching them all the foundational<br />

basics before they even get<br />

out into the field. You will notice the<br />

overall morale of your team improve.<br />

Trainers experience less training burn<br />

out, and new hires feel more confident<br />

more quickly, which boosts retention.<br />

When we implemented a good<br />

training system, we cut down<br />

training times DRASTICALLY and<br />

could get a new lead technician up<br />

to speed working on his own within<br />

about two weeks.<br />

4 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

3<br />

1 9 8 9<br />

.<br />

2 0 1 9<br />









Annovi Reverberi full<br />

range of piston pumps<br />

meet a large variety of<br />

application requirements.<br />

Annovi Reverberi offers<br />

solutions for low to high<br />

pressure spraying needs.<br />

Battioni Pagani superior<br />

line of rotary<br />

vane/pressure vacuum<br />

pumps.<br />

Low to high pressure<br />

accessory parts,<br />

components and<br />

attachments.<br />

One of the finest<br />

offerings in the category;<br />

proven results.<br />

To learn more visit www.arnorthamerica.com<br />

E-Mail: info@arnorthamerica.com<br />

Phone: 1-800-893-4235 · 763-398-2008




What does it feel like to be a client<br />

using your company for the first time?<br />

Is it white-glove and concierge-like,<br />

guiding the client through every step<br />

of the process with precise communication?<br />

Or does it feel like a cruel<br />

game of telephone tag?<br />

Use the winter time to map out<br />

every touch point a client has with<br />

your company.<br />

There are four categories of the<br />

customer journey you can work on:<br />

Lead-to-Estimate, Estimate-to-Sale,<br />

Sale-to-Service, and Post-Service.<br />

Lead to Estimate: How easy is<br />

it for a prospect to reach you?<br />

Do you have a system for never<br />

missing a phone call? Does your<br />

prospect quickly get a quote,<br />

and does your quote have a<br />

beautiful presentation quality<br />

that builds perceived value?<br />

Estimate to Sale: What kind<br />

of automated emails are you<br />

sending out that follow-up and<br />

add value to your prospect,<br />

making sure they don’t get<br />

away? What kind of nurture<br />

sequence do you have that keeps<br />

you top of mind even months<br />

after an estimate is given?<br />

Sale to Service: Are you<br />

diligently providing your client<br />

with over the top communication<br />

of when you will arrive,<br />

even providing automated<br />

reminders and on my way<br />

texts? Are you making sure to<br />

ask for referrals even before you<br />

provide service?<br />

Post-Service: Do you have<br />

an automated way to ask for<br />

reviews and referrals? Are<br />

you thanking your client and<br />

following up after service to<br />

make sure they are happy?<br />

For this project, I suggest getting<br />

out a whiteboard and post-it notes<br />

and thinking through every step of the<br />

experience as a client. This exercise<br />

will pay you back for years to come<br />

with increased revenue, higher tickets<br />

and more referrals than ever before.<br />

CREATE A<br />



Anyone who has built a marketing<br />

calendar understands the simple<br />

saying “Math is the Path.”<br />

Let’s say you want to grow an<br />

extra $500,000 this coming year. You<br />

can easily calculate how much you<br />

need to spend in marketing using<br />

some quick math.<br />

• $500,000 / Average Ticket =<br />

# of new jobs<br />

• # of new jobs / Your Closing<br />

Ratio = # of new leads needed<br />

• All that remains is to figure out<br />

your target Cost Per Lead.<br />

To find that out, take some time to<br />

look over how much you’ve spent in<br />

marketing over the last year and break<br />

it down into total spend per marketing<br />

channel. (For instance, social media<br />

ads, google adwords, SEO, print ads,<br />

postcards, direct mail, etc.)<br />

Take that total spend for each<br />

marketing channel and divide that<br />

into how many leads each of those<br />

channels have brought in. There’s<br />

your Cost Per Lead. Growth literally<br />

becomes a math problem.<br />

When creating a calendar, ask<br />

yourself: ‘What new channels do I<br />

want to test out for this year? What<br />

marketing campaigns can I run for<br />

each month of the year?’<br />

For instance, October is Breast<br />

Cancer Awareness Month. Maybe your<br />

technicians can wear pink shirts and<br />

you can offer matching discounts in<br />

exchange for contributions to charitable<br />

organizations. Think through your<br />

messaging and potential offers for each<br />

of the seasons - Spring Cleaning Offers,<br />

Summer BBQ Cleanup, Fall Cleanup,<br />

Winter Washing, etc.<br />

There is literally an unlimited<br />

amount of clever marketing campaigns<br />

you can run. But remember - the best<br />

marketing campaigns are ones that<br />

are planned out in advance. Take a<br />

couple days, and map out what type<br />

of marketing campaigns you believe<br />

in and can get behind.<br />



Have you ever been frustrated<br />

trying to hunt down that key account<br />

file, re-ordering supplies, or retrieving<br />

those before/after photos?<br />

Get everything moved up to the cloud<br />

this winter season so every company file<br />

you have can easily be accessed by all of<br />

your key team members.<br />

I recommend Google’s G-Suite<br />

over any other cloud based platforms,<br />

for several reasons:<br />

• team members can easily be<br />

added/removed to certain<br />

folders<br />

• everything is saved automatically<br />

and backed up and easily<br />

restored<br />

• you can have multiple team<br />

members viewing and editing<br />

company files at the same time<br />

Make sure you use the Shared<br />

Drives functionality, rather than My<br />

Drive, so that you can take advantage<br />

of all of the sharing features.<br />

I recommend creating four Shared<br />

Drives: Marketing, Admin, Production,<br />

and Sales, then adding in a private and<br />

confidential Executive folder that<br />

contains sensitive HR files and other<br />

confidential company files that you as<br />

an owner will need to have access to<br />

separately. This project definitely takes<br />

some time to sit down and map out<br />

how you want to store files, but it’s<br />

so worth the investment of time. And<br />

here’s a tip: come up with consistent<br />

naming conventions, so that files are<br />

easy to identify before opening them<br />

up. Be careful not to name files something<br />

vague like “Important Client<br />

Info.doc” - but rather, get specific and<br />

consistent like “Princeton Properties -<br />

Property Manager List.doc”<br />



As CEO of your company,<br />

remember that working ON your business,<br />

not IN your business is what will<br />

bring you the greatest return on your<br />

time. These types of system building<br />

projects can literally add six figures to<br />

your company over the next year. I’ve<br />

seen it done. I’ve done it myself!<br />

Delegate menial tasks like cleaning<br />

out the trucks, working on equipment,<br />

and fixing engines to someone<br />

else. This winter - turn the wrench on<br />

your company systems.<br />

And then next year, when your<br />

company is running more automated<br />

and more profitable than ever - come<br />

join me on the slopes!<br />

6 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

THE PUMP<br />

WITH 9 LIVES<br />

10 TH<br />


CAT PUMP<br />

OWNERS,<br />

Is your pump not working<br />

correctly? Have you<br />

experience pitting. Grooving<br />

or wash out in your manifold.<br />

Vilco Supply company, has<br />

solved the wash out problem<br />

for 30 years with a unique<br />

boring and stainless steel<br />

sleeve process.<br />

SAVE BIG!<br />



Vilco Supply stainless steel sleeve’s these Cat Pump models:<br />

310, 340, 350, 5CP2120, 5CP2150, 530, 3535, 3543, 3560, 3841, 6767, 3507, 2521, 1010, 1050, 7CP<br />

Vilco Supply stainless sleeve system has saved customers time and money for over 3 decades. Let Vilco Supply start<br />

saving you time and money, today! An Excellent & Economical Alternative with the Durabiltiy of Stainless Steel.<br />

FOR MORE INFORMATION 888 -255-4181<br />


Virtual<br />

Reality<br />

Pressure washing enters<br />

the video gaming realm<br />


The average pressure wash operator<br />

works hard, beats the streets for sales,<br />

comes home each night tired, and<br />

certainly doesn’t think of their work as<br />

very interesting to the general public.<br />

Newsflash. Think again.<br />

As reported in a previous issue of<br />

PW News, vast sections of the internet<br />

are dedicated to videos of things<br />

being power washed because a broad<br />

swath of the general public finds the<br />

process of transforming grime-covered<br />

surfaces to clean and bright spaces to<br />

be utterly mesmerizing.<br />

In fact, since as far back as 2010,<br />

millions, that’s right, millions of people<br />

have watched clips from YouTube channels<br />

like Power Washing World, where<br />

outdoor furniture, trucks, patios -- even<br />

vegetables—are pressure washed.<br />

BuzzFeed once uploaded a pressure<br />

washing video to YouTube that<br />

garnered more than 1.4 million views<br />

in less than four days.<br />

Many if not most pressure wash<br />

operators are in on the secret and have<br />

been for a long time. A wildly popular<br />

sub-Reddit called r/Powerwashingporn<br />

allows pressure washer enthusiasts to<br />

upload their own pressure wash videos.<br />

The site boasts a community nearly<br />

600,000 people.<br />

What’s the attraction? We reported<br />

it probably has something to do<br />

with Autonomous Sensory Meridian<br />

Response (ASMR), which, defined in<br />

medical terms, describes the experience<br />

of tingling sensations in the crown of<br />

the head, in response to a range of<br />

audio-visual triggers.<br />

No matter the explanation, the<br />

bottom line is that pressure wash videos<br />

have become insanely popular.<br />


Now the human obsession with<br />

pressure washing has entered the multibillion-dollar<br />

video gaming realm.<br />

UK-based FuturLab’s PowerWash<br />

Simulator (screen grabs pictured here)<br />

lets interested gamers blast dirt into<br />

oblivion right from their desktop.<br />

The game puts a power washer<br />

in the gamer’s hands and lets them<br />

blast away on a dirty two-story house.<br />

Gamers try to achieve 100% progress<br />

on the task. Eventually the game maker<br />

says there will be more scenes to clean,<br />

continued ...<br />

8 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

Delivered Price – Quantity Discounts<br />

WaterCannon.com<br />

1.800.333.9274 (WASH)<br />

en Espanol: 1.800.917.9274<br />

Hydraulic Driven<br />

20 GPM up to 5000 PSI<br />

Portable<br />

Electric -<br />

Low<br />

RPM<br />

3.5 GPM<br />

3500 PSI<br />

7.5 HP<br />

Portable<br />

Gas<br />

4000 PSI<br />

Honda<br />

Kohler<br />

Lifan<br />

Car And<br />

Truck<br />

Detailer<br />

Auto-Stop/Start -<br />

Complete<br />

with Reel<br />

100' Hose<br />

Hot Water<br />

Portable<br />

420 cc<br />

Gas<br />

4 GPM<br />

4000 PSI<br />

120 Volt<br />

Hot Water<br />

Portable<br />

440 cc<br />

Gas<br />

4 GPM<br />

4000 PSI<br />

120 Volt<br />

Hot Water<br />

Portable –<br />

Electric<br />

3.5 GPM<br />

3500 PSI<br />

7.5 HP<br />

Portable<br />

Auto/Truck Detailer<br />

Hot Water<br />

Portable<br />

Honda<br />

389 cc<br />

4 GPM<br />

4000 PSI<br />

120 Volt<br />

Hot Water<br />

Electric<br />

Powered –<br />

Oil Fired<br />

Up to 50 HP<br />

Up to<br />

8000 PSI<br />

Diesel<br />

Engine -<br />

Diesel<br />

Burner<br />

Yard duty<br />

Trailer –<br />

100 Gallon Up to<br />

10 GPM<br />

11,500 PSI<br />

Hot Water<br />

Portable<br />

440 cc<br />

4 GPM<br />

4000 PSI<br />

12 Volt<br />

Electric<br />

Heated –<br />

Electric<br />

Motor<br />

High Capacity<br />

10 GPM<br />

Up to<br />

5000 PSI<br />

Hot Water LP<br />

Natural Gas<br />

Oil Fired<br />

Up to<br />

2,000,000<br />

BTU’s<br />

20 GPM<br />

Hot Water<br />

Portable<br />

Honda<br />

389 cc<br />

4 GPM<br />

4000 PSI<br />

12 Volt<br />

7000 PSI<br />

Gas or<br />

Diesel<br />

Powered<br />

Industrial<br />

Package<br />

Hose Reel<br />

Cabinet<br />

Hot Water<br />

Heaters<br />

12 or 120 Volt –<br />

Up to 2,000,000<br />

BTU’s<br />

20 GPM<br />

Indoor Electric<br />

5 to 50 HP<br />

208/<br />

440/<br />

575 Volt<br />

Up to<br />

15000 PSI<br />

Hot<br />

Water<br />

150° F –<br />

6'x6"<br />

225 Gallon<br />

Gas and Diesel<br />

Customizable<br />

Jetter Packages<br />

12 GPM –<br />

3500 PSI<br />

Orlando | Phoenix | Minneapolis | Hattiesburg | Melbourne | Toronto | Bogota Int’l: 1-321-800-5763<br />

Industry Trained Staff available from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. weekdays E.S.T.<br />

Water Cannon is proud to be a MWBE<br />

Send your news,<br />

press releases, and story tips to<br />

drewruble@gmail.com<br />

JOIN US<br />

If you would like to advertise<br />

in the next edition of PW News, , contact<br />



start, starting with stripping the house<br />

clean from years of dirt build-up.<br />

According to PCGamer.com, when<br />

the game player arrived at Suzie’s, “the<br />

situation is pretty bad. The front door,<br />

windows, porch, garage, driveway, and<br />

roof are all filthy, you can barely see<br />

the original paintwork underneath the<br />

thick layer of dirt. It’s super nasty.”<br />

The house is soon sparkling, though,<br />

via the gamer’s efforts.<br />

additional equipment (more than the<br />

three nozzles offered now), and even<br />

a chance to open your own pressure<br />

wash business.<br />

(Editor’s Note #1:<br />

Are you kidding me?<br />

Do they know how hard<br />

this is? Or perhaps wannabe<br />

pressure washers should try<br />

this virtual approach first<br />

before diving in to<br />

the industry!)<br />

Futurlab has been taking requests<br />

for clean-up scenes gamers would<br />

like to attack in future PowerWash<br />

Simulator editions.<br />

(Editor’s Note #2:<br />

No doubt PW News<br />

readers could fill their<br />

inbox with random, odd,<br />

big, or dirty jobs they’ve<br />

done in the past.)<br />


Reviewers from TheVerge.com<br />

write that there’s no winning or losing<br />

in this game. Instead, you “receive feedback<br />

from the client when the job is<br />

done, a before and after picture to show<br />

the impact of your work, and a recap on<br />

how many gallons of water you used.”<br />

According to TheVerge.com, attention<br />

to detail is key to better feedback.<br />

“It does not focus so much on how<br />

quickly you clean, but rather how<br />

successful you are in cleaning each<br />

portion of the house,” the website<br />

review stated. “Even when a spot looks<br />

clean, you will need to keep washing<br />

until you get the on-screen notification<br />

that a particular spot on the house is<br />

cleansed. A hint feature can show you<br />

which portion of the specific area you<br />

may have missed, such as cracks on the<br />

sidewalk.”<br />

One of the challenges gamers face<br />

while indulging their ASMR using the<br />

game is selecting the right nozzle for a<br />

particular part of the job.<br />

“Choosing the right nozzle will<br />

determine how much surface area you<br />

cover, and some are better for certain<br />

situations,” the website explains. “The<br />

yellow nozzle covers a large amount of<br />

dirt, the red one is ideal for removing<br />

dirt from small areas such as the balusters<br />

on porch railings, while the orange<br />

hose provides a balance between the<br />

two in terms of size.”<br />

(Editor’s Note #3:<br />

No, I don’t think soft<br />

wash is an option.<br />

Maybe in version 2.0)<br />


PCGamer.com described in detail<br />

one scenario presented by the game. A<br />

client, Suzie, wanted her home’s exterior<br />

cleaned. In an email, she explained<br />

that she had just divorced her good-fornothing<br />

husband and wanted a fresh<br />

(Editor’s Note #4:<br />

Sounds almost like a<br />

pre-employment tool for<br />

pressure wash company<br />

owners looking not just for<br />

workers interested in the<br />

task at hand, but who can<br />

think through equipment<br />

choices and do work a<br />

customer is satisfied with.<br />

Perhaps this game can<br />

become part of the preemployment<br />

protocols in<br />

the industry!)<br />


FuturLab said it released the early<br />

demo of its game in part due to the<br />

Covid-19 outbreak. “Frankly, we<br />

thought folks could do with a relaxing<br />

stress reliever right now!” the company<br />

stated on its website.<br />

(Editor’s Note #5:<br />

Maybe some of these<br />

people needing a little<br />

relaxation would like to<br />

pick up a wand and work<br />

for your business for free!<br />

Sheesh!)<br />

10 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>





Plunger<br />

Pumps<br />

High Pressure<br />

Pumps<br />

Guns, Hoses<br />

& More<br />


12V Pumps<br />

Diaphragm<br />

Pumps<br />

Manual & Electric<br />

Hose Reels<br />

Toll Free: 1-800-864-1649<br />

Industrial Division: www.cometpump.com<br />

Diaphragm Division: www.cometpumps.com<br />

Distributed by<br />

2019 Pressure Washer News ad.indd 1 1/10/2020 8:12:53 AM


DIRT<br />

A look around the cleaning equipment<br />

world for news and notes of interest<br />

Send your company news and press releases to drewruble@gmail.com<br />

A Fresh Perspective<br />

Photographer Ron Burkett created a beautiful and<br />

unusual piece of art during the lockdown. He used a pressure<br />

washer to draw an epic wildlife mural on his driveway<br />

and captured it from above with a drone. It’s viewable on<br />

YouTube. “During the ‘stay at home’ order of the Coronavirus<br />

pandemic of 2020, I decided to catch up on some projects<br />

around the house,” Burkett wrote on Facebook. One of those<br />

projects was pressure-washing the driveway. But instead of<br />

just washing the concrete, Burkett used the pressure washer<br />

to draw mountains and trees, wolves and elks, and turn them<br />

into a wonderful scene.<br />

Serving Communities<br />

There were numerous national news<br />

stories about pressure wash companies<br />

offering up free services in the wake of both<br />

Covid-19 sanitation needs in their communities,<br />

as well as clean-up help in the aftermath<br />

of tensions over racial injustice and resulting<br />

rioting and graffiti damage on public or<br />

historic structures. Here are just a few examples<br />

of such goodwill that caught our eye.<br />

Centralillinoisproud.com reported on<br />

Pekin, Illinois-based Magshine Pressure<br />

Washing offering free pressure wash in places<br />

across central Illinois affected by recent graffiti<br />

and riots. In a Facebook post, company<br />

owner Brandon Lawson said he would offer a<br />

pressure wash to any local building, company,<br />

or home vandalized by rioters. Lawson said he<br />

just wanted to offer a hand to the community.<br />

“We’re all going through a bad time but there<br />

are a lot more good people out there than<br />

there are bad people let’s just come together<br />

and make it happen,” Lawson said.<br />

Al.com reported that a Confederate<br />

memorial statue in downtown Huntsville,<br />

Alabama got a mysterious pressure-washing<br />

recently to clean red paint dumped on<br />

it by protesters. Local television station<br />

WAFF attributed the overnight cleanup<br />

attempt to a concerned citizen who owns<br />

a local power washing company, but did<br />

not identify the individual. The statue was<br />

defaced with paint in late May 2020 when<br />

protestors were gathering regularly on the<br />

courthouse square in the wake of George<br />

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.<br />

And the Jefferson City News Tribune in<br />

Missouri reported that Wash Authority<br />

owners Karen Loaiza-Wulff and Eric Wulff<br />

cleaned and sanitized the playground<br />

equipment of 10 local elementary school<br />

playgrounds in the aftermath of the<br />

Covid-19 outbreak.<br />

In the Everflo<br />

Paynesville, Minnasota-based<br />

Everflo®, a brand of Valley Industries,<br />

introduced in December 2020 the<br />

new Everflo® 12 Volt On-Demand<br />

Soft Wash (Bleach) Pumps. This<br />

dual-purpose pump was designed and<br />

engineered to handle bleach applications,<br />

while upgrading user systems<br />

with minimal investment.<br />

The company says it is ground<br />

breaking and perfect for cleaning<br />

black mold, algae, lichen and mildew<br />

from surfaces that are not tolerant of<br />

the impact of high-pressure washing.<br />

This bleach pump can also be used for<br />

disinfecting high-traffic indoor surfaces<br />

with antibacterial or antiviral bleach<br />

formulas. Simply spray, let<br />

dwell, and rinse – no scrubbing<br />

or high-impact pressure<br />

washing required.<br />

The pump features an<br />

automatic power switch that<br />

turns the pump off when no<br />

flow is needed, Motor Shield<br />

Technology that shuts the<br />

pump off if an internal leak<br />

is detected, and self-priming<br />

up to 10 feet while having the<br />

ability to run dry. Additional product<br />

features include corrosion-resistant<br />

Viton valves and Santoprene<br />

diaphragm, polypropylene pump<br />

manifold with Quick-Attach ports,<br />

and a standard mounting pattern for<br />

quick installation.<br />

Replacement pump heads are<br />

available to keep the pump running at<br />

a fraction of the cost of replacing the<br />

entire pump. It is available in 2.2, 4.0 &<br />

5.5 gallon per minute offerings.<br />

In only 10 years, Everflo®<br />

has become a leader in innovation<br />

and quality for on-demand,<br />

12-volt diaphragm pumps. It<br />

currently offers several variations<br />

of diaphragm, soft wash, and<br />

potable freshwater RV pumps.<br />

These pumps span a wide range<br />

of applications within the agricultural,<br />

lawn and garden, and fluid<br />

transfer industries. The Everflo®<br />

lineup continues to grow exponentially,<br />

and includes high pressure diaphragm<br />

pumps, adapters, fittings, and other<br />

universal accessories to keep pumps<br />

running smoothly.<br />

12 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>





• MAX FLOW: 10.5 GPM<br />

• MAX PRESSURE: 4000 PSI<br />

• MAX TEMP.: 300º F.<br />

• INLET: 3/8” FPT<br />

• OUTLET: 1/4” FPT<br />

$20.50 GUK600NW Gun<br />

$9.80 GUK600K Repair Kit<br />

Easy<br />

Pull<br />

Trigger<br />

• MAX FLOW: 12.0 GPM<br />

• MAX PRESSURE: 5000 PSI<br />

• MAX TEMP.: 300º F.<br />

• BRASS INLET: 3/8” FNPT<br />

• BRASS OUTLET: 1/4” FNPT<br />

$26.78 SUT2300NW Gun<br />

$8.25 SUT2300KNW Repair Kit<br />


STEEL<br />

• MAX FLOW: 10.0 GPM<br />

• MAX PRESSURE: 5000 PSI<br />

• MAX TEMP.: 300º F.<br />

• INLET:<br />

3/8” FPT<br />

• OUTLET: 1/4” FPT<br />

$25.75 PU21250 Gun<br />

$4.76 PU21227 Repair Kit<br />


• MAX. TEMP: 190°F<br />

• INLET:<br />

1/4" QC Plug<br />

• CHEM PORT: 1/8" MPT x 3/8” Hose Barb<br />


• 15’ X-Jet Suction Hose with hose barb<br />

• Twist-adjust M5 nozzle for spray patterns<br />

between 5°- 60°<br />

• 15-piece color coded proportioner tip set<br />

• Shut off ball valve & mushroom strainer<br />

KR # GPM PSI<br />

XJETM5-07K 2 - 2.5 2000 - 3000<br />

XJETM5-09K 3 - 3.5 2000 - 3000<br />

XJETM5-13K 4 - 4.5 2500 - 4000<br />

KR # GPM PSI<br />

XJETM5-16K 5 - 6.5 2500 - 4000<br />

XJETM5-20K 7 - 8 2500 - 4000<br />

XJETM5-25K 8.5 + 2500 - 4000<br />





$63.50 GPD30001 50’ x 3/8”<br />

$73.25 GPD30002 100’ x 3/8”<br />

$88.99 GPD30004 150’ x 3/8”<br />

$100.85 GPD30006 200’ x 3/8”<br />



HOSE KIT<br />


• 1 - HF0270 (D11008) Quick Disconnect - 3/8” Female Plug<br />

• 1 - HF0372 (D10004) Quick Disconnect - 3/8” Male Socket<br />

$5.40 KRK3106<br />


GET YOUR<br />

ORDER<br />

FAST! 1<br />







& COLUMBIA, PA<br />



Making a Difference<br />

The McDowell News in Marion, North Carolina<br />

profiled a local organization called Freedom Life,<br />

which serves men and women during and after<br />

incarceration to help them transition and transform<br />

their lives by becoming positive contributors in the<br />

community. Even in a strong economy, people with<br />

a criminal record struggle to find employment. For<br />

those who lack job experience and training, it can<br />

be even more difficult to overcome the past and<br />

take their lives in a new and positive direction.<br />

To address this very real need, Freedom Life<br />

launched a new subsidiary business called Freedom<br />

Pressure Washing, which works to provide a professional<br />

work environment, spiritual mentoring,<br />

and job/life skill development. Freedom Pressure<br />

Taking Charge<br />

Newly-installed Cleaning Equipment Trade<br />

Association (CETA) president Jimmy Welch<br />

sent the following letter to his membership in<br />

November 2020.<br />

“The year 2020 has given the worldwide<br />

cleaning industry the opportunity to help combat<br />

the global pandemic by contributing expertise<br />

in cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection. Industry<br />

members strived to protect their own workers<br />

and customers -- and to share the tools for<br />

doing the same with others. The Cybersecurity<br />

and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) list<br />

of essential businesses includes many entities<br />

served by CETA manufacturers, distributors, and<br />

suppliers. The list ranges from chemical and critical<br />

manufacturing sectors, to healthcare, agriculture,<br />

and transportation systems. In response<br />

to needs of essential businesses, our industry<br />

members have in many instances added new<br />

product offerings, such as disinfectants approved<br />

by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)<br />

and the misters/sprayers for their application.<br />

The focus on cleaning and disinfection – from<br />

shopping carts and doors on frozen-food cabinets<br />

in grocery stores to high-contact areas in<br />

restaurants – has made members of CETA more<br />

visible. In turn, the visibility has strengthened<br />

the organization. (The circumstances of the year<br />

have led to some unexpected areas of industry<br />

growth, too, such as the increase in demand for<br />

graffiti removal tools.)<br />

Washing was launched in January of 2018 and<br />

soon gained contracts with a large grocery chain.<br />

As the number of store contacts grew, and thanks<br />

to a People in Need grant through the Community<br />

Foundation of Western North Carolina, a second<br />

pressure washing team was started in January of<br />

2019. In addition to the supermarket contracts,<br />

Freedom Pressure Washing now works with fast<br />

food restaurants and regional businesses to provide<br />

pressure washing and surface cleaning.<br />

Danny Hampton, executive director of<br />

Freedom Life said the entity was seeing a 95%<br />

success rate with the individuals they have the<br />

privilege to work with through Freedom Pressure<br />

Washing.<br />

“Although PowerClean 2020 slated for<br />

Reno, Nevada had to be cancelled, virtual<br />

meetings will carry us through until we can<br />

meet in person at PowerClean <strong>2021</strong> in New<br />

Orleans, Louisiana. Until we convene in the<br />

Pelican State, know that all CETA initiatives –<br />

benchmarking, standards (safety – THC 335H,<br />

performance – CPC 100, technical), distributor<br />

certification, CETA University, CETA<br />

Education Foundation, continue. View and<br />

monitor developments by visiting our website<br />

(https://ceta.org/) frequently. I challenge you to<br />

become involved in CETA – your organization<br />

– any way you can, and to promote the organization<br />

to peers. A strong and active membership<br />

that reflects our industry will ensure a long,<br />

vigorous future for CETA.<br />

“It is a great honor to begin my service as<br />

president of CETA. I look forward to working<br />

with you, as well as with the board of directors<br />

and staff who themselves work tirelessly on<br />

behalf of CETA members and the industry.”<br />

Welch, vice president, engineering, at<br />

American Pressure in Robbinsdale, Minnesota,<br />

has more than four decades of experience in<br />

all aspects of the cleaning equipment industry,<br />

including tenures as head of R&D/engineering<br />

for MiTM, General Pump, Pressure Pro, and FNA<br />

group. He is also credited in numerous industry<br />

patents, and has had a hand in the design of many<br />

of the best pumps on the market today.<br />

A Giant Among Us<br />

Raymond E. “Ray” Simon, 83, of Toledo, Ohio,<br />

died on Sept. 18, 2020. According to The Blade in<br />

Toledo, Simon started the Giant Towel Co., which<br />

sold large towels to car washes, in 1972. He eventually<br />

started to sell pumps used in pressure washers, which<br />

became Giant Industries. Giant Industries now has<br />

about three dozen employees and sales of about $15<br />

million. Simon ran the company until the mid-2000s,<br />

when he sold the business to son, Ed. According to<br />

the paper, the story goes that Simon was heading<br />

to California in 1959 when he ended up in Cedar<br />

Rapids, Iowa, and started selling pumps for a German<br />

manufacturer along the Eastern Seaboard. It was that<br />

work that spawned the ideas for the Giant Towel<br />

Co. and later Giant Industries, as well as his love<br />

of flying. “He became known as the salesman who<br />

would fly a small plane into town to sell pumps, and<br />

the customer would meet him at the airport. It was<br />

faster to fly than to drive,” The Blade wrote. “Simon<br />

came back to Toledo to start Giant Towel. The pump<br />

business took off as they became more important in<br />

the market. The company now sells a whole line of<br />

pumps and accessories, and also still sells towels.<br />

Big Weekend in<br />

the Big Easy<br />

The annual joint conference of the Cleaning Equipment<br />

Trade Association (CETA) and the Power Washers of North<br />

America (<strong>PWN</strong>A) will take place Sept. 8-11, <strong>2021</strong>, at the<br />

Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana. These associations<br />

are coming together again for PowerClean <strong>2021</strong>. See<br />

industry leading exhibitors, experience equipment training,<br />

attend seminars, network, and have fun. While both associations<br />

will remain independent and have events on their<br />

own, CETA and <strong>PWN</strong>A feel that these two associations<br />

can combine efforts to work towards a common goal: “Two<br />

Teams. One Vision. Advancing the industry forward.”<br />

The Hyatt is centered downtown near Champions<br />

Square, Smoothie King Center, and minutes from the<br />

historic French Quarter, Arts District, and Mississippi<br />

Riverfront. If you registered for PowerClean Reno 2020,<br />

your registration will carry over to <strong>2021</strong> New Orleans. If<br />

you have any questions, call (800) 393-7962.<br />

14 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>


Honda Innovation<br />

Alpharetta, Georgia-based Honda Engines, a<br />

business unit of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.,<br />

announced in October 2020 it was launching two,<br />

all-new engines designed specifically to increase the<br />

performance of pressure washers—enhancing the<br />

user experience and making jobs easier. Replacing the<br />

Honda GCV160 and GCV190, the company says<br />

the all-new Honda GCV170 and GCV200 pressure<br />

washer engines delivers more power and more torque<br />

for premium residential applications, along with a<br />

range of technological attributes, innovative features,<br />

and a simple design that make the new models even<br />

more reliable and easier to operate and maintain.<br />

According to the company, both engines offer<br />

best-in-class power and torque that deliver peak<br />

performance in the toughest of operating conditions.<br />

More power and torque from the engines<br />

(GCV170: an increase in torque of 18 percent and<br />

a nine percent horsepower gain over the GCV160;<br />

GCV200: an increase in torque of 13 percent and<br />

10 percent horsepower gain over the GCV190)<br />

allow the pump of a pressure washer to produce<br />

a steady, even amount of high pressure to the hose<br />

and cleaning attachment, the company stated in a<br />

press release, while reducing the need for the operator<br />

to repeat spray.<br />

“The Honda GC Series, part of our legendary<br />

family of premium engines for residential applications,<br />

provides efficient power, superior fuel efficiency,<br />

and quiet operation for customers who rely<br />

on their outdoor power products to get jobs done,”<br />

said William Walton, vice president, Honda Power<br />

Equipment. “When it comes to pressure washing,<br />

the new Honda GCV170 and GCV200 models<br />

enhance our current GC Series, offering a host of<br />

added benefits—delivering more power and torque<br />

than earlier models and innovative design features<br />

that provide for an easy, enjoyable operating experience<br />

for consumers.”<br />

Both all-new Honda GCV170 and GCV200<br />

pressure washer engines meet the SAEJ1349 net<br />

horsepower standard, which rates engine power with<br />

the muffler and air filter in place. This net standard<br />

rating accurately reflects real-world operating conditions.<br />

Because pressure washers often are operated<br />

in tough outdoor conditions—after long periods of<br />

storage, in temperature extremes, with high loads,<br />

and with frequent stopping and starting—the power<br />

and torque of the pressure washer engine are factors<br />

that affect performance.<br />

In addition to higher net power output, both<br />

engines also offer class-leading torque, delivering<br />

more power to the<br />

pump, resulting in more<br />

consistent pressure and<br />

cleaning capability. Further,<br />

the new Honda GCV170<br />

and GCV200 pressure washer<br />

engines offer overhead valve<br />

(OHV) design that increases combustion<br />

efficiency, allowing for lower compression<br />

ratios and greater power output.<br />

Last, the new Honda GCV170 and GCV200<br />

pressure washer engines are designed with a number<br />

of innovative features that make them consistently<br />

reliable, season after season:<br />

• Honda Cycloflow technology enhances the<br />

air-fuel mixture and makes it easier to start the<br />

engine and idle smoothly while making it more<br />

resilient to poor quality fuel. New V-shaped<br />

valves and a pent-roof shape of the combustion<br />

chamber enable air in the cylinder to flow<br />

more smoothly. A longer stroke also enhances<br />

turbulence in the cylinder, which helps the<br />

mixture of air and fuel.<br />

• A Fuel Off position allows the user to stop the<br />

flow of fuel to the engine when the pressure<br />

washing is complete. The Fuel Off position<br />

allows the engine to run until the majority of<br />

fuel in the carburetor is consumed, preventing<br />

sticky carburetor buildup that makes for<br />

cleaner storage and easier future starting.<br />

• The addition of Auto Choke and relocation of<br />

the wax thermostatic element from the top to<br />

the side of the cylinder improves heat transfer<br />

and makes for easier engine starting in all<br />

conditions.<br />

• Honda GCV170 and GCV200 pressure washer<br />

models are configured to make engine operation<br />

more convenient and efficient, enhancing<br />

the overall experience of using a pressure<br />

washer:<br />

• The new engine design reduces the number of<br />

steps required to start the engine by 75 percent<br />

over previous models.<br />

• A simplified engine layout with user friendly<br />

features, including a quick-drain oil tube, a<br />

larger fuel tank opening, easy-access spark<br />

plug, captive carburetor bolts and a finger-operated<br />

filter cover make quick work of disassembly<br />

with fewer tools and quicker repairs.<br />

• A new muffler structure and resin protector<br />

reduce engine noise and improve operator<br />

comfort and safety.<br />

• Enhanced<br />

balance of the crankshaft<br />

reduces engine<br />

vibration.<br />

• The new Honda<br />

GCV170 and GCV200<br />

pressure washer engines<br />

also feature a robust, polygon-square<br />

shape with a sleek, flat top<br />

that leaves room for pressure washer manufacturers<br />

to include their brands and logos. And<br />

the engine shape is designed to fit neatly into<br />

the frames of pressure washers.<br />

Both all-new Honda engines are assembled in the<br />

USA at the Honda Power Equipment Manufacturing,<br />

Inc. facility in Swepsonville, North Carolina using<br />

domestic and globally sourced parts. This Honda<br />

center of excellence is involved in the continuous<br />

development of world-class power equipment<br />

products. While providing product engineering,<br />

prototype development and testing, the associates<br />

work closely with suppliers to further the company<br />

goals of technologically advanced products and local<br />

parts sourcing.<br />

The Honda GCV200 pressure washer engine is<br />

available now, and the Honda GCV170 pressure<br />

washer engine will be available in spring <strong>2021</strong>. Both<br />

models carry a two-year non declining warranty.<br />

Parts and services will be widely available via the<br />

Honda national network of dealers.<br />

Honda Power Equipment, a division of American<br />

Honda Motor Co., Inc., markets a complete range<br />

of outdoor power equipment, including generators,<br />

walk-behind and robotic lawn mowers, pumps,<br />

snow blowers, tillers, string trimmers, outboard<br />

marine engines and small, general-purpose engines<br />

for residential, commercial and rental applications.<br />

Honda is the world's largest manufacturer of<br />

engines for a diverse array of automotive, powersports,<br />

marine, aerospace and power equipment products.<br />

The company offers a complete line of small,<br />

general-purpose engines for industrial, commercial,<br />

rental industry, and consumer applications. Honda<br />

engines supply smooth and dependable power for<br />

thousands of different product applications including<br />

pressure washers, lawn mowers, rescue and construction<br />

equipment. Additionally, Honda engines are<br />

some of the quietest and easiest to start of their kind,<br />

even in harsh commercial and construction environments.<br />

Such attributes have made Honda engines the<br />

popular choice for original equipment manufacturers<br />

looking to add value to their own brands.<br />

16 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>


Lifetime Achievement Award<br />

Patrick G. “Pat” Wingen,<br />

who died last year,<br />

was recently named<br />

2020 CETA Lifetime<br />

Achievement Award<br />

Recipient by the Cleaning<br />

Equipment Trade Association<br />

(CETA).<br />

Wingen made his mark in the<br />

pressure washing industry as CEO<br />

of AaLadin Industries, guiding the<br />

company in growth and innovation, and<br />

in serving as the first president of CETA.<br />

After receiving his bachelor’s degree<br />

at South Dakota State University<br />

in Brookings, SD, and his MBA at<br />

the University of South Dakota in<br />

Vermillion, SD, he joined the industry<br />

working at Alkota. Shortly thereafter,<br />

in 1981, Pat joined with Bill Busker<br />

and Eldean Kjose to create AaLadin<br />

Cleaning Systems. Their goal was to<br />

build the best quality equipment<br />

with a new design<br />

and easy serviceability.<br />

Over the years, Wingen<br />

started and grew several<br />

other companies, including<br />

Steel Eagle Inc., making pressure<br />

washer accessories, such as hose<br />

reels, surface spinners, undercarriage<br />

cleaners,vacuum systems, and more. In<br />

April of 1994 he was named the South<br />

Dakota Small Business Man of the Year.<br />

AaLadin was at the forefront in<br />

many industry advances, including<br />

these features:<br />

• Quick-change coil design—<br />

a vertical heat chamber<br />

with a lift-out coil<br />

• Two-piece coil design with<br />

cold- water wrap and helical coil<br />

• Bucket insulation<br />

• Rotational molded fuel tanks<br />

• Poly float tanks<br />

• Diagnostic control panel for<br />

flow, temperature, and fuel<br />

• Flat-free tires<br />

• Swivel front casters<br />

• High efficiency heat chamber<br />

• Stainless steel wrappers, belt<br />

guards, and control panels<br />

• Self-contained pod assembly<br />

for pickups<br />

• GFCI cord assembly<br />

• Past recipients include of<br />

the Lifetime Achievement<br />

Award include:<br />

• 2013: Roy & Linda Chappell of<br />

Chappell Supply & Equipment<br />

Co. and John<br />

Sr. & Brenda Purswell of Alklean<br />

Industries, Inc.<br />

• 2014: Gary Scott of<br />

Alkota Cleaning Systems<br />

• 2015: Ralph A. Notch<br />

of AR North America, Inc.<br />

• 2016: Charles Tibboles<br />

of R.W. Beckett<br />

• 2017: Tim & Karen Layden<br />

of High PSI<br />

• 2018: Dr. Marlo Dean Karcher<br />

NA and Mr. Roger Walz of<br />

Alkota Cleaning Systems<br />

• 2019: Gregg Brodsky of Alkota<br />

Cleaning Systems<br />

CETA established the Lifetime<br />

Achievement Award in 1995 to recognize<br />

those who have achieved excellence<br />

in the pressure cleaning industry<br />

and to honor those who have made<br />

significant contributions.<br />

Nominees must have made a significant<br />

contribution to the industry and<br />

will continue to distinguish their work<br />

in the improvement of our industry.<br />

Please contact Awards Chair,<br />

CETA, with suggested nominations<br />

and requests for information at info@<br />

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VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong> | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | 17

Overcoming<br />

“Affluenza”<br />

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made us acutely aware of the<br />

dangers to our health from a virus that can’t be seen with the naked eye. But<br />

business owners face a risk from an equally contagious and invisible virus.<br />


Chuck Violand founded Violand<br />

Management Associates in 1987 with<br />

the objective of helping owners of small<br />

businesses build profitable businesses<br />

for their long-term professional and<br />

personal success. As an author and<br />

popular keynote speaker, Violand is a<br />

respected authority on entrepreneurial<br />

small businesses, having spent more<br />

than 30 years as both a business<br />

consultant and an executive coach.<br />

He is a regular contributor to trade<br />

journals and newsletters and is the<br />

author of the popular weekly leadership<br />

series Monday Morning Notes. Violand<br />

Management Associates, LLC is a<br />

consulting firm working internationally<br />

to help entrepreneurial companies<br />

achieve sustained profitable growth.<br />

Look them up at violand.com for details<br />

or contact them at 1-800-360-3513.]<br />


As healthcare professionals around<br />

the world struggle to address a<br />

pandemic brought on by the spread<br />

of COVID-19, another virus has been<br />

running rampant within the ranks of<br />

business owners and their companies<br />

for years; one that continues to go<br />

largely unrecognized. COVID-19<br />

may be dominating the headlines,<br />

but the virus I’m referring to is alive<br />

and well and thriving in far too many<br />

business owners.<br />

This virus can have as debilitating<br />

an effect on the health of a business as<br />

the current pandemic has on our own<br />

health. And, unfortunately, washing<br />

our hands, coughing into our sleeve, or<br />

social distancing is completely ineffective<br />

in controlling its spread.<br />

The virus I’m referring to is<br />

Affluenza. Although I’ve seen the<br />

virus’s destructive effects on businesses<br />

for years, my first exposure to<br />

its name occurred when I came across<br />

the term in an article written by Dr.<br />

Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez in The Family<br />

Business Advisor newsletter.<br />

As a business advisor myself, I’ve<br />

witnessed the terribly harsh effects<br />

Affluenza can have on previously<br />

healthy companies. I’ve worked<br />

for years to restrict its spread<br />

but, regrettably, I have not<br />

always been successful<br />

in my efforts. There are<br />

times when the virus<br />

gets such a strong grip<br />

on an owner that he<br />

becomes blind to the<br />

harmful effects it’s<br />

having on his company,<br />

or he enters a state of<br />

denial about what’s taking<br />

place.<br />

Affluenza doesn’t usually<br />

manifest itself when a business<br />

is young or struggling. Most<br />

companies and their owners seem to<br />

have a built-in immunity that protects<br />

them during times such as these. It’s<br />

when a company starts to succeed that<br />

their owner’s immune system becomes<br />

compromised, and the virus comes<br />

to life and spreads its infection with<br />

alarming speed and devastating, sometimes<br />

even lethal, effects.<br />

Although I have no hard data to<br />

support my claim, I feel the physical<br />

and mental makeup of many entrepreneurs<br />

predisposes them to carry the<br />


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Affluenza virus, although it can go on<br />

undetected for years. Many seem to be<br />

drawn to a “work hard, reward lavishly”<br />

lifestyle which appears to serve as a<br />

catalyst for the virus.<br />

As with many other business<br />

ailments, Affluenza infects a company<br />

when it is flush with cash or when<br />

sales are robust. But the symptoms<br />

go unnoticed. It’s when the company<br />

is put under pressure or when it’s<br />

attacked by outside influences such as<br />

economic turmoil or market changes<br />

that Affluenza raises its head and can<br />

cause irreparable damage.<br />

When symptoms of the virus are<br />

first detected one of the strategies to<br />

combat it that many companies adopt is<br />

to increase sales. While there is nothing<br />

wrong with increasing sales, doing so<br />

doesn’t cure the disease. Instead, it<br />

simply masks the symptoms, bringing<br />

temporary relief to the pain, much like<br />

taking an aspirin to treat COVID-19.<br />

It does nothing to treat the underlying<br />

problem, and it will sometimes backfire<br />

and actually feed the virus.<br />

The troubled email I received from<br />

the Chief Financial Officer of one of my<br />

clients got my attention and serves as a<br />

textbook study of Affluenza at work.<br />

We had developed a close working<br />

relationship over a span of years, so the<br />

CFO felt comfortable approaching me<br />

for advice. In her email she was expressing<br />

alarm at financial decisions the owner of<br />

the company was making. Most troubling<br />

was the owner’s instructions for<br />

her to bury some of his purchases on the<br />

company income statement where they<br />

might not be noticed.<br />

Apparently, he was concerned they<br />

would raise uncomfortable questions<br />

when his numbers were reviewed, both<br />

by the bank he was working with and<br />

by me during our conferences.<br />

This was a company that had<br />

enjoyed several years of rapid growth<br />

and financial success. They were on top<br />

of their game, celebrated as a model<br />

of success in both their local community<br />

and in their industry. It was not<br />

surprising that the owner wanted to<br />

start reaping the rewards of his accomplishments,<br />

as he had worked hard to<br />

get where he was. Unfortunately, he was<br />

choosing to make financial decisions<br />

that would contribute to the company’s<br />

eventual decline. This brings me to<br />

the first underlying cause of Affluenza.<br />

We don’t know how to handle financial<br />

success. As ridiculous as this might<br />

sound, handling finances and financial<br />

success is a learned skill. Our parents<br />

are usually our first teachers and, if they<br />

were successful managing their money,<br />

there’s a good chance they passed on<br />

sound financial lessons to us. If they<br />

weren’t particularly good with<br />

their finances, then we may need<br />

to reprogram some of the money<br />

lessons learned in our youth.<br />

Another critical point in our<br />

lives when we’re especially open<br />

to learning money lessons is early in<br />

our business careers. The people we<br />

associate with in business, the mentors<br />

with whom we surround ourselves,<br />

and the business experiences we have<br />

all leave lasting impressions, sometimes<br />

affecting the financial decisions<br />

we make both professionally and<br />

personally for the rest of our lives. As<br />

with the lessons we learn from our<br />

parents, these early business experiences<br />

can have either positive or negative<br />

consequences on our behavior.<br />

Most small businesses are started<br />

on a financial shoestring. Business<br />

owners learn how to make one dollar<br />

do two dollars’ worth of work, and<br />

they become masters of cash flow in<br />

a cash-strapped environment. When<br />

their company finally enjoys some<br />

measure of financial success after years<br />

of struggle and sacrifice, the owner<br />

sometimes finds themself unprepared<br />

to handle the change. They haven’t<br />

developed the discipline needed to<br />

manage an abundance of money. So<br />

they find ways to move it out of their<br />

life to return to the more familiar world<br />

of being strapped for cash.<br />

As with so many other personal<br />

behaviors, destructive financial behaviors<br />

can be turned around. One of<br />

the ways to accomplish this is with a<br />

concerted effort over a long enough<br />

period of time to allow the new behaviors<br />

to become habits. Although we can<br />

do this on our own, the chances for<br />

success usually increase dramatically<br />

when we have someone to help hold us<br />

accountable. In the case of the owner<br />

mentioned above, listening to the<br />

advice of his CFO would have saved<br />

him a lot of heartburn … and money.<br />

As with many diseases, Affluenza<br />

is harder to detect in the early stages<br />

when it is easiest to cure. Conversely,<br />

it’s easier to detect, but harder to cure,<br />

in its later stages when behaviors have<br />

become habits.<br />

You can usually trace the genesis of<br />

business problems to when a company<br />

is doing well: sales are strong, profits<br />

are deep, and cash flow is healthy. This<br />

is when business leaders lose focus,<br />

become complacent, or adopt attitudes<br />

of entitlement. This brings us to the<br />

second underlying cause of Affluenza.<br />

Our decisions are driven by ego<br />

and a sense of entitlement. Growing a<br />

business demands a lot of sacrifice on<br />

the part of the owner. It can exact a<br />

heavy toll in terms of time spent away<br />

from family, mental exhaustion, and<br />

even getting worn down physically.<br />

When business begins to go well, it<br />

seems logical that some owners would<br />

feel a sense of entitlement to lavishly<br />

reward themselves for their sacrifices:<br />

the luxury car, the vacation home,<br />

the abundant travel. There’s nothing<br />

inherently wrong with any of these<br />

indulgences. It’s when they interfere<br />

with the performance of the company<br />

You can usually trace the<br />

genesis of business problems<br />

to when a company is doing<br />

well: sales are strong, profits are<br />

deep, and cash flow is healthy.<br />

This is when business leaders<br />

lose focus, become complacent,<br />

or adopt attitudes of entitlement.<br />

or when they take value away from<br />

customers that they get in the way.<br />

Sometimes Affluenza is driven by a<br />

swollen ego, similar to the attitude of<br />

entitlement above. The primary difference<br />

is that with a swollen ego we use<br />

Affluenza to draw attention to ourselves<br />

or to maintain an appearance of success.<br />

An ego that is out of control is one of the<br />

most difficult areas to address with any<br />

business owner, as they are usually the<br />

last one to recognize when their ego has<br />

gotten out of control, and they usually<br />

don’t want to be told about it by you.<br />

Sometimes Affluenza doesn’t<br />

20 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

manifest itself with purchases or financial<br />

decisions. Instead, it shows up in<br />

subtle behaviors or in attitudes toward<br />

other people.<br />

We forget what it’s like to have a<br />

boss. Few of us are plopped into our<br />

position of authority overnight. We<br />

usually grow into it over time. As our<br />

company grows or as we rise through<br />

the ranks in our business, it’s easy to<br />

forget what it’s like to be one of the<br />

“workers.” The Queen of Mean, Leona<br />

Helmsley, is famous for her off-handed<br />

comment about “the little people.”<br />

While few of us would be brash enough<br />

to make such a comment, how often<br />

does our behavior unconsciously telegraph<br />

a similar message?<br />

When we’re the boss we can ignore<br />

feedback we don’t want to hear. We<br />

don’t feel the need to ask others for<br />

their opinion, but we can freely give<br />

our own. We don’t need to follow the<br />

chain of command we put in place if we<br />

feel like meddling. And we surely don’t<br />

need to go to the boss to ask for a raise;<br />

we just write ourselves a bigger check.<br />

As we learn lessons throughout our<br />

life, we frequently adopt rules to help<br />

guide our future decisions. One of the<br />

rules I’ve used in my life is the “Alex<br />

Bevan” rule. When I was in my early<br />

20’s I owned a night club, and one of<br />

the entertainers I hired was a popular<br />

Cleveland recording artist named<br />

Alex Bevan. In getting to know Alex,<br />

I learned he lived a very frugal life. I<br />

found this interesting considering his<br />

popularity and success … and the<br />

popular image of recording stars living<br />

lavish lifestyles. Alex told me his father<br />

advised him early on to “always live<br />

like you don’t know when you’ll get<br />

your next gig. That way you’ll never<br />

have to compromise your values to<br />

get it.” That was great advice for a<br />

recording artist. It’s also great advice<br />

for business owners.<br />


A 2018 Harvard Business Review (HBR)<br />

article titled “Ego is the Enemy of Good<br />

Leadership” made some interesting observations<br />

about bosses with swollen egos.<br />

According to its authors, Rasmus<br />

Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter:<br />

• “Our ego is like a target we carry with<br />

us. And like any target, the bigger it<br />

is, the more vulnerable it is to being<br />

hit. In this way, an inflated ego makes<br />

it easier for others to take advantage<br />

of us. Because our ego craves positive<br />

attention, it can make us susceptible to<br />

manipulation. It makes us predictable.<br />

When people know this, they can play<br />

to our ego. When we’re a victim of our<br />

own need to be seen as great, we end<br />

HBR offered the following advice for<br />

up being led into making decisions that<br />

bosses who can actually acknowledge they<br />

may be detrimental to ourselves, our<br />

may have an ego problem:<br />

people, and our organization.<br />

• “Consider the perks and privileges you<br />

are being offered in your role. Some of<br />

• “An inflated ego also corrupts our<br />

them enable you to do your job effectively.<br />

That’s great. But some of them<br />

behavior. When we believe we’re the<br />

sole architects of our success, we<br />

are simply perks to promote your status<br />

tend to be ruder, more selfish, and<br />

and power and ultimately ego. Consider<br />

more likely to interrupt others. This is<br />

which of your privileges you can let go<br />

especially true in the face of setbacks<br />

of. It could be the reserved parking spot<br />

and criticism. In this way, an inflated<br />

or…a special pass for the elevator.<br />

ego prevents us from learning from our<br />

mistakes and creates a defensive wall • “Support, develop, and work with<br />

that makes it difficult to appreciate the people who won’t feed your ego. Hire<br />

rich lessons we glean from failure.<br />

smart people with the confidence to<br />

speak up.<br />

• “Finally, an inflated ego narrows our<br />

vision. The ego always looks for information<br />

that confirms what it wants<br />

stones of selflessness. Make a habit of<br />

• “Humility and gratitude are corner-<br />

to believe. Basically, a big ego makes<br />

taking a moment at the end of each day<br />

us have a strong confirmation bias.<br />

to reflect on all the people that were<br />

Because of this, we lose perspective and part of making you successful on that<br />

end up in a leadership bubble where we day. This helps you develop a natural<br />

only see and hear what we want to. As a sense of humility, by seeing how you are<br />

result, we lose touch with the people we not the only cause of your success. And<br />

lead, the culture we are a part of, and<br />

end the reflection by actively sending a<br />

ultimately our clients and stakeholders. message of gratitude to those people.”<br />

VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong> | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | 21


Auld<br />

Lang<br />

Syne...<br />

‘Lucky A<br />

7’<br />

list of New Year’s Resolutions for the Pressure Wash Industry<br />


According to History.com, the<br />

ancient Babylonians are said to have<br />

been the first people to make New<br />

Year’s resolutions, some 4,000 years ago.<br />

A similar practice occurred in<br />

ancient Rome, after emperor Julius<br />

Caesar established January 1 as the<br />

beginning of the new year circa 46 B.C.<br />

Named for Janus, the two-faced<br />

god who looked backwards into the<br />

previous year and ahead into the<br />

future, the Romans made promises of<br />

good conduct for the coming year.<br />

For early Christians, the first day of<br />

the new year became the traditional<br />

occasion for thinking about one’s past<br />

mistakes and resolving to do and be<br />

better in the future.<br />

New Year’s resolutions today are<br />

a mostly secular practice. Instead<br />

of making promises to the gods,<br />

most people make resolutions only<br />

to themselves, and focus purely on<br />

self-improvement<br />

Why do we make them? Psychology<br />

Today wrote that “there is something<br />

so emotionally resonant about the<br />

possibility of turning over a new leaf,<br />

combined with our awareness that we<br />

should really lead better lives, means<br />

making New Year Resolutions is an<br />

almost universal activity.”<br />

According to the Statistic Brain<br />

Research Institute, while as many as<br />

45 percent of Americans say they<br />

usually make New Year’s resolutions,<br />

only eight percent are successful in<br />

achieving their goals and 80 percent<br />

have failed by the start of February.<br />

So why do we fail?<br />

Jonathan Alpert, author of Be<br />

Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days,<br />

told Business Insider three of the<br />

biggest reasons people fail to complete<br />

their resolutions each year.<br />

First, he said, our resolutions aren’t<br />

specific enough. So, for example,<br />

according to Alpert, resolving to “lose<br />

weight” is an easy way to set yourself up<br />

for failure, as it is nebulous compared<br />

to a more specific resolution like “run<br />

a 5K by summer” or “lose 10 pounds<br />

in 100 days.”<br />

Next, we aren’t framing them<br />

positively. Alpert says don’t frame your<br />

resolutions with negative language.<br />

So instead of ‘Don’t eat junk food,’<br />

we should be saying ‘Eat carrots and<br />

peanut butter as a healthy snack.’”<br />

Last, our resolutions aren’t really<br />

come from our personal core desires,<br />

but rather what we think other people<br />

want us to do. Alpert says set goals<br />

instead for yourself and only yourself.<br />

In the spirit of this 4,000-year<br />

tradition, we talked with several big<br />

hitters in the pressure wash industry to<br />

ascertain their advice about what we as<br />

an industry should be resolving to do<br />

this year in <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

22 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>




$15.52 SUT51N<br />


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Club<br />

Wash Wash Wash Wash<br />




Here then is our list of resolutions for the<br />

Pressure Wash Industry in this New Year.<br />

#1. Resolution<br />

to get past the<br />

politics of the day.<br />

Small business confidence fell to<br />

an all-time low after the election of<br />

former Vice President Joseph Biden,<br />

according to a 4th quarter 2020 CNBC<br />

| SurveyMonkey Small Business Survey.<br />

In the survey, conducted Nov. 10 to<br />

Nov. 17 among more than 2,200 small<br />

business owners nationally, 53% of<br />

small business owners said they expect<br />

tax policy to have a negative impact on<br />

their business in the next 12 months,<br />

while 49% said government regulation<br />

will have a negative impact. By<br />

party affiliation, the divide was stark.<br />

Among Republicans, 75% said tax<br />

policy will be a negative and 72% said<br />

regulations will be a negative. Those<br />

numbers dropped to 15% (taxes) and<br />

11% (regulations) among Democrats.<br />

Overall, the survey found 34% of small<br />

business owners saying Joe Biden will<br />

be good for small business, while 55%<br />

say he will be bad for small business. By<br />

party, 89% of Republican small business<br />

owners say Biden will be bad for<br />

business, while 86% of Democrats say<br />

he will be good for Main Street.<br />

No matter a change in regime in<br />

the nation’s capital, like it or not, our<br />

first New Year’s resolution is to get<br />

past it and focus on being successful no<br />

matter the political landscape.<br />

America is obviously very narrowly<br />

split politically, which means your<br />

customers are going to be a mix of<br />

50/50 and your employees are going to<br />

be a mix of 50/50 as well. A change in<br />

the presidency could no doubt result<br />

in a drastic change economically as the<br />

dominant parties propose two very<br />

different economic systems. With the<br />

transition happening in January <strong>2021</strong>,<br />

the question becomes: how do you<br />

shape your business regardless of your<br />

political affiliations to take advantage<br />

and be successful regardless of who’s<br />

in charge?<br />

Consider the age-old tale of the<br />

optimist and the pessimist. In it, a<br />

university research team is said to have<br />

placed two little boys alone by themselves<br />

in very different environments<br />

to study the power of optimism and<br />

pessimism. Researchers put one boy<br />

in a room with all the latest toys, all<br />

the cool new gadgets, and everything<br />

that a little kid could ever want or<br />

hope for in a play room. Then, in the<br />

other room, they placed another boy,<br />

but in the middle of that room was just<br />

a six-foot-tall by 10-foot-wide pile of<br />

horse manure.<br />

After a while, researchers went to<br />

the room where the boy had all the toys<br />

he could possibly imagine, only to find<br />

him sitting in the middle of the room<br />

crying and upset. “Little boy,” they said,<br />

“why are you so miserable -- you’re in<br />

this room with all the toys, why are<br />

you so sad?” The boy responded “This<br />

is awesome but the more I think about,<br />

and the more things I play with that I<br />

could possibly break, I realize I could<br />

get in trouble with my mom and dad.<br />

So I’m afraid to touch anything and<br />

I’m just bummed because there’s toys<br />

here but there’s too big of a chance of<br />

me getting in trouble.”<br />

The researchers then went to the<br />

other room and found the other little<br />

boy screaming with joy and happily<br />

climbing over the top of the pile of<br />

manure. “Little boy,” they said. “You<br />

are in a room full of horse shit, why<br />

are you so happy?” And the little boy<br />

looked at them with a big smile on his<br />

face and said “Well, gosh, with all this<br />

horse crap in here, there’s bound to be<br />

a pony somewhere!”<br />

As a business owner, that’s how<br />

you have to look at political situations<br />

when they happen. If you’re a good<br />

business owner, you’re going to take<br />

assessment of any political, economic,<br />

or social changes, whatever they may<br />

be, and come up with a game plan<br />

from which you are going to win no<br />

matter what.<br />

Joe Biden’s record of business-related<br />

legislation in his four-plus<br />

decades in political office is minimal.<br />

But as food for thought on what could<br />

be forthcoming – and must be incorporated<br />

in to your game plan moving<br />

forward -- Lendio.com author Ben<br />

Glaser outlined Biden’s stated plans for<br />

small businesses in his administration.<br />

According to Glaser:<br />

Biden has pledged that he will<br />

institute a concerted federal response<br />

to the pandemic, as opposed to the<br />

patchwork of state policies preferred<br />

by the current administration. Sciencebacked<br />

policies like a public mask<br />

mandate are likely.<br />

Biden plans to order the<br />

Occupational Safety and Health<br />

Administration (OSHA) “with setting<br />

and enforcing a rigorous emergency<br />

temporary standard so employers<br />

follow a clear set of rules to keep<br />

workers safe from COVID-19.” A<br />

Biden administration would also<br />

“create a ‘Safer for Shoppers’ program<br />

No matter a change in regime in the nation’s<br />

capital, like it or not, our first New Year’s<br />

resolution is to get past it and focus on being<br />

successful no matter the political landscape.<br />

that gives compliant businesses a sign<br />

for their window so shoppers know<br />

they have done what they can to minimize<br />

the risk of exposure.”<br />

Biden’s coronavirus plan also calls<br />

for financial relief efforts for small<br />

businesses. This includes a “‘restart<br />

package’ that provides small business<br />

owners support for retaining and<br />

rehiring workers and covering other<br />

costs of restarting in this challenging<br />

environment.”<br />

The campaign also supports<br />

“a temporary small business loan<br />

program designed to address unanticipated<br />

shortfalls in revenue by offering<br />

interest-free loans to small- and<br />

medium-sized businesses around the<br />

country through the duration of the<br />

crisis,” as well as federal funds for statelevel<br />

small business relief efforts.<br />

Additionally, the Biden campaign<br />

has emphasized stricter oversight of<br />

existing small business relief efforts<br />

like the Paycheck Protection Program<br />

(PPP) to ensure that money is really<br />

going to small businesses. Biden has<br />

proposed reserving half of all future<br />

PPP funds for extra-small businesses<br />

(those with 50 employees or fewer).<br />

Biden has stated he would work<br />

to ban all but essential non-compete<br />

clauses in employment contracts, as well<br />

as no-poaching policies and mandatory<br />

arbitration clauses. Non-competes<br />

were originally used to keep high-paid<br />

executives from taking industry secrets<br />

to competitors. But in recent years,<br />

non-competes have become common<br />

even for entry-level positions and have<br />

been used to prevent large swaths of<br />

workers from taking better jobs.<br />

Biden also advocates the removal<br />

of burdensome licensing in certain<br />

industries.<br />

Under a Biden presidency, corporate<br />

tax rates would increase. President<br />

Trump lowered the corporate tax<br />

rate from 35% to 21%. Biden would<br />

repeal much, though not all, of this cut,<br />

increasing the rate to 28%.<br />

24 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>




Many of Biden’s policies relate<br />

to workers and organized labor, and<br />

would affect the relationship between<br />

small businesses and their employees.<br />

For example, like most Democrats,<br />

Biden supports raising the federal<br />

minimum wage to $15 an hour.<br />

Speaking of that…<br />

#2. Resolution<br />

to not allow the<br />

minimum wage<br />

increase, or any<br />

other legislation<br />

impacting your<br />

business, to destroy<br />

your performance<br />

or morale. Instead,<br />

think creatively<br />

and prosper!<br />

The state of Florida, home<br />

base to the largest percentage of<br />

pressure wash operators in America,<br />

recently passed a $15 an hour<br />

minimum wage legislation. As a result,<br />

Florida’s minimum wage will gradually<br />

increase. It will not reach $15 per<br />

hour until 2026. As of now, Florida’s<br />

minimum wage is $8.56 an hour. With<br />

the November 2020 vote, that will rise<br />

to $10 per hour on Sept. 30, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

From there, it will increase $1 per year<br />

up to 2026.The federal minimum wage<br />

is currently $7.25 per hour. The change<br />

will put the Sunshine State on a short<br />

list of states that have enacted a $15<br />

per hour minimum wage. Other states<br />

that have approved the same minimum<br />

include California, Connecticut,<br />

Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New<br />

Jersey, and New York.<br />

Obviously, if somebody starts<br />

getting paid $15 an hour to flip a burger<br />

at McDonalds, then your employees<br />

that are cleaning roofs<br />

are going to rightfully<br />

say “well,<br />

I’m worth<br />

a lot more<br />

than that!” So,<br />

essentially, now,<br />

every blue collar<br />

FIGHT worker in Florida<br />

has to get a 43%<br />

FOR $15<br />

raise. And, in reality, this phenomenon<br />

reaches the professional ranks,<br />

as people will say if the roof cleaner<br />

is now making $25 an hour then I as<br />

a professional person with a college<br />

degree making $40,000 a year deserve<br />

a raise. It’s going to cascade across all<br />

levels of the workforce.<br />

The pessimist says “man, that’s<br />

horrible, now we have to spend so<br />

much money on our workers, my business<br />

is screwed.” Instead, as in our first<br />

resolution, we have to learn to go with<br />

the flow -- not just to save our business<br />

but to flourish as a business. How?<br />

As more states and countries raise<br />

minimum wage, CEOs at classic<br />

American brands such as Waffle House<br />

and McDonald’s are among the restaurant<br />

chains to already announce plans<br />

to increase menu prices. Their message<br />

is a dose of reality. This is what the<br />

voters wanted and this is what we as a<br />

business serving that population have<br />

to do to remain solvent.<br />

Some PW News readers will well<br />

remember the late 70s, a time of<br />

tremendous inflation, an economy on<br />

the brink, and gasoline prices going<br />

through the roof. Savvy small business<br />

owners didn’t fret. When people came<br />

in to shop at a mom-and-pop, or<br />

requested a service from a small businessman,<br />

they were simply informed<br />

that prices had been raised to keep<br />

up with inflation. People might for<br />

instance look at a part in a hardware<br />

store and say “gosh, that part is expensive,”<br />

and business owners would say<br />

“I know – inflation,” and everybody<br />

would say “yeah, inflation, it’s killing<br />

us.” Then they would suck up the price<br />

and move on.<br />

The minimum wage is no different.<br />

You have to be ready to look at your<br />

customers in the eye and say “well,<br />

you know that the minimum wage<br />

just moved up to $15 an hour, which<br />

is almost double what it was, it’s a 43%<br />

increase in salary I had to give all of my<br />

employees, and that in turn has put me<br />

up to $300 an hour for my service, not<br />

the $225 that we were last year.”<br />

It’s all how you view it (and how<br />

you present your story).<br />

Another example of rolling with<br />

the punches has to do with the new<br />

realities of operating a small business<br />

in a time of Covid-19. You need to be<br />

prepared to explain to customers that<br />

An Even 10<br />

Here are a three other pieces<br />

of advice we heard from PW News<br />

readers when we asked them what<br />

operators in the industry should<br />

resolve to do this year.<br />


CARE OF YOU:<br />

improve yourself as an owner and<br />

employer to improve your business by<br />

taking better care of yourself, finding<br />

life balance, reading a book, getting a<br />

coach or mentor, and learning something<br />

new.<br />



If you aren’t optimizing<br />

your website for use on mobile<br />

devices, you’re harming your business.<br />

Sixty-one percent of users are<br />

unlikely to return to a mobile site they<br />

had trouble accessing, and 40% will<br />

jump ship and visit a competitor’s<br />

site instead. Google rewards mobilefriendly<br />

sites with better rankings.<br />

66% of online shopping time is<br />

being consumed on smartphones,<br />

and that number seems only to be<br />

increasing with each year. Not only<br />

are consumers using smartphones<br />

to search (more Google searches<br />

take place on mobile devices than on<br />

computers in 10 countries, including<br />

the U.S.) and make purchases (70%<br />

of all mobile searches result in action<br />

within one hour), but they’re not letting<br />

mobile devices out of their sight:<br />

91% of American adults have their<br />

smartphone within arms-reach 24/7.<br />

Taking these numbers into account,<br />

you can see that mobile optimization<br />

affects nearly every aspect of your<br />

business, from brand building to traffic<br />

generating, to customer service, to<br />

establishing relationships.<br />




Meaning in person, physical<br />

contact, not virtual. Yes, this is<br />

extremely tough and maybe impossible<br />

in Covid-19 times; but when<br />

normalcy returns, you just have to get<br />

over your shyness, or your penchant<br />

for keeping your nose to the grindstone,<br />

and you have to get to some<br />

community chamber meetings, start<br />

networking and building relationships.<br />

26 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

Made up of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and<br />

associates who coordinate their efforts to promote public<br />

awareness, professionalism, industry-wide safety standards<br />

and education for the advancement of the power cleaning<br />

equipment industry. JOIN US TODAY!<br />

The POWER of :<br />

• Increased profits and knowledge through free benchmarking for CETA Members.<br />

• CETA Annual Convention with Trade show to socialize, learn and stay informed.<br />

• Certifications for Distributors.<br />

• CPC100 Performance Standard for Manufacturers Equipment.<br />

• Use of CETA Logos, and CPC100 Performance Standards Logo, if certified.<br />

• CETA COVID-19 Committee white-papers online.<br />

• Access to leasing programs with discounted rates.<br />

• Access to discounted shipping rates.<br />

• Networking potential.<br />

• CETA newsletter - Access and ability to contribute.<br />

• Lost & stolen equipment alerts.<br />

• Scholarships available for CETA member’s family and employees.<br />

• Credit card processing discount program.<br />

• - Education for Distributors.<br />

in <strong>2021</strong>!<br />

Help support your<br />

industry by<br />

becoming a<br />

Member<br />

today!<br />

Contact the CETA<br />

Office<br />

at 800-441-0111<br />

or visit ceta.org for a<br />

Member Application!<br />

at <strong>2021</strong>!<br />

In New Orleans, LA, September 8th-11th, <strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>2021</strong> Regional Meeting<br />

May 11<br />

th -14 th , <strong>2021</strong><br />

Crowne Plaza Airport<br />

Bloomington, MN<br />

Visit ceta.org/regional-meeting-<strong>2021</strong>/ for details<br />

CETA and <strong>PWN</strong>A will co-locate their regional events in Minneapolis and trade show in New Orleans in <strong>2021</strong>. The two associations coming<br />

together will bring incredible opportunities for attendees. While both associations will remain independent and have events on their<br />

own, CETA and <strong>PWN</strong>A share one goal:<br />

Two<br />

Teams. One Vision.<br />

Advancing the Industry forward.<br />

www.ceta.org | 800-441-0111 | info@ceta.org


SYNE<br />

if you can’t put two employees in a<br />

truck and it requires two trucks to get<br />

to a work site that there are financial<br />

consequences of that that have to be<br />

passed along to the customer.<br />

#3. Resolution<br />

to innovate, not<br />

bellyache - and stop<br />

trying to sue other<br />

innovators!<br />

Why is Chick-fil-A having its best<br />

year ever in business during Covid-<br />

19? It’s arguably because they hire<br />

clean-cut kids with good manners<br />

who say “it’s my pleasure to serve you”<br />

and who don’t have tattoos and blue<br />

hair and piercings and all that kind<br />

of stuff. It’s because as a corporation,<br />

it has a plan. It sends those selected<br />

kids to college. You can’t even get the<br />

opportunity to own a Chick-fil-A franchise<br />

now unless you’ve been vetted<br />

and selected through the Chick-fil-A<br />

organizational structure.<br />

Chick-Fil-A has been so successful<br />

because it looked at problems as<br />

puzzles to solve before anyone else did.<br />

Who did a double drive-thru before<br />

anyone else did? Chick-Fil-A. Who did<br />

a quadruple drive through? Yep. When<br />

it was too hot for employees to stand<br />

outside taking orders, who put thousand<br />

square-foot awnings out? Um<br />

hmm. The company never just says ‘I<br />

give up.” Instead, it finds solutions, put<br />

itself out there, and makes it happen.<br />

Stop bellyaching about Covid-19 and<br />

politics and new regulations and how<br />

hard it is to find good workers, etc., etc.<br />

Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, and<br />

make some tough calls to make things<br />

happen in your business. Innovate!<br />

Tackle deficiencies and stumble on<br />

opportunities. Be willing to listen to<br />

your customers and customize solutions<br />

to meet the needs of your customers.<br />

Necessity breeds invention. You are<br />

craftsmen. Innovate and fall in love with<br />

your businesses again. Get engaged,<br />

not enraged. Stay on the cutting-edge,<br />

looking forward with hope, not the<br />

ledge, thinking about jumping.<br />

Next, and importantly for the<br />

industry, when someone in the<br />

industry does innovate and finds a<br />

better way, stop trying to quash their<br />

innovation. Take the approach that a<br />

high tide raises all boats. Resolve to<br />

be an industry builder not an industry<br />

destroyer. Remember the saying<br />

“there’s nothing new under the sun?”<br />

Others have said there’s only 88 keys<br />

on the piano, so somebody is eventually<br />

going to write a song that sounds<br />

like yours. Stay loyal to partners with<br />

whom you develop products. To do<br />

otherwise is no different than what<br />

we see going on in politics right now<br />

(about which we rightfully bellyache).<br />

Chances are you are not the only<br />

person coming up with products like<br />

new soaps and valves that can improve<br />

the industry. If you have a valid patent,<br />

great! But if you don’t, don’t stir up<br />

a bunch of discontent in the industry.<br />

Take the high road and focus on selling<br />

the virtues of your product over the<br />

competitor’s. Innovate and compete on<br />

a level playing field. Anything less is<br />

bad for the industry.<br />

#4. Resolution<br />

If you haven’t already,<br />

resolve to join an<br />

industry association<br />

(or a few), and help<br />

lift this industry<br />

up to a higher status.<br />

There are several entities serving<br />

the pressure wash industry. The<br />

Power Washers of North America<br />

(<strong>PWN</strong>A) is a trade organization that<br />

is specific to pressure washers. The<br />

United Association of Mobile Contract<br />

Cleaners (UAMCC) is, as its title<br />

suggests, a “united” organization for not<br />

just pressure washers but also window<br />

cleaners, janitorial services, carpet<br />

cleaners, and other general cleaners.<br />

And the Pressure Washing Resource<br />

Association (PWRA) provides<br />

resources for individual contractors to<br />

grow but does not serve any type of<br />

certificatory or regulatory function.<br />

There are benefits to all. As an<br />

individual contractor, it is not unrealistic<br />

(and, arguably, sensible) to be a<br />

member of all three.<br />

How better to stay on top of<br />

industry trends, new ideas to grow your<br />

business, and networking for support<br />

and education? Annual conventions<br />

and ongoing training offerings and<br />

sessions can be particularly beneficial.<br />

Networking with more experienced<br />

professionals in the field who have<br />

“been there, done that” will enable you<br />

to fast track your way to success and<br />

profitability – all the way ensuring you<br />

take the proper safety measures, walk<br />

the proper ethical line, and serve to<br />

improve the industry as a whole not<br />

weigh it down. Being a member of an<br />

association also means you have access<br />

year round to fellow professionals in<br />

other markets whom you can call and<br />

discuss problems and solutions with<br />

as they arise in your business and your<br />

market.<br />

As the <strong>PWN</strong>A website states,<br />

such advice and guidance can be the<br />

difference between winning and losing<br />

an important contract and making or<br />

losing money on a particular job. You<br />

need the most up to date information<br />

about topics like OSHA, ladder safety,<br />

water fed safety, fall protection, chemical<br />

safety, and more.<br />

Also, importantly, these orgs serve<br />

as the voice of the industry speaking<br />

on your behalf to policy makers and<br />

regulatory agencies. As <strong>PWN</strong>A also<br />

smartly says, a lawmaker, without the<br />

knowledge and understanding of the<br />

importance of the contract cleaner, can<br />

make an uneducated decision that can<br />

put you out of business. That alone is<br />

a reason to support at least one of the<br />

organizations.<br />

#5. Resolution<br />

to follow the rules and<br />

guidelines for safety<br />

and business<br />

operations in the<br />

pressure wash<br />

industry and<br />

stop driving up<br />

costs for the<br />

rest of us.<br />

It has been said (and I think rightfully<br />

so) that the biggest thing that<br />

holds back this industry is the industry<br />

itself.<br />

What people mean by that is that<br />

there are a lot of operators out there<br />

nationwide who would like to “play<br />

professional,” and even who are often<br />

already members of one of these professional<br />

associations, but who still won’t<br />

wear their safety ropes, still do business<br />

under the table, still want to cheat the<br />

government on their taxes, and still<br />

don’t want to obey OSHA laws.<br />

It has to stop.<br />

Most companies out there check all<br />

those boxes successfully. Nevertheless,<br />

there are still far too many marginal<br />

companies in this industry that occasionally<br />

think about checking those<br />

boxes but never do.<br />

continued ...<br />

28 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

THE PUMP<br />

WITH 9 LIVES<br />

10 TH<br />


CAT PUMP<br />

OWNERS,<br />

Is your pump not working<br />

correctly? Have you<br />

experience pitting. Grooving<br />

or wash out in your manifold.<br />

Vilco Supply company, has<br />

solved the wash out problem<br />

for 30 years with a unique<br />

boring and stainless steel<br />

sleeve process.<br />

SAVE BIG!<br />



Vilco Supply stainless steel sleeve’s these Cat Pump models:<br />

310, 340, 350, 5CP2120, 5CP2150, 530, 3535, 3543, 3560, 3841, 6767, 3507, 2521, 1010, 1050, 7CP<br />

Vilco Supply stainless sleeve system has saved customers time and money for over 3 decades. Let Vilco Supply start<br />

saving you time and money, today! An Excellent & Economical Alternative with the Durabiltiy of Stainless Steel.<br />

FOR MORE INFORMATION 888 -255-4181<br />



SYNE<br />

Every time someone in our industry<br />

goes looking for the shortcut, or fails to<br />

deal with safety and OSHA requirements,<br />

or workers comp requirements,<br />

and they do so because they’re more<br />

interested in skirting around them than<br />

acknowledging these are the things<br />

they have to deal with, and that they<br />

need to be compliant with regulations<br />

like the Clean Water Act, we all suffer.<br />

Allowing members in our industry<br />

to persist with the attitude of ‘don’t<br />

tell me what to do, if I want to get<br />

up on roof without my safety ropes<br />

on that’s my decision, it’s not going to<br />

hurt anybody else,’ is simply no longer<br />

feasible. Because in fact it does hurt<br />

other people. The minute that person<br />

falls off the roof and gets injured or<br />

dies, it registers on the entire industry’s<br />

loss modification risk ratio, plummets<br />

our collective reputation, and raises<br />

rates for all of us (not to mention the<br />

unnecessary loss of life).<br />

No wonder when you walk into<br />

your local bank to borrow money to<br />

build a building or something like that<br />

that they too often look at you and say<br />

‘oh, you’re just some stupid little pressure<br />

washing company.’ Why? Because<br />

we’re too often acting like stupid little<br />

pressure washing companies!<br />

There must be accountability.<br />

#6. Resolution<br />

to diversify and expand<br />

your business<br />

this year when<br />

opportunities<br />

arise.<br />

Beyond traditional pressure wash,<br />

new opportunities have always existed<br />

(especially now) for operators to<br />

expand services in to new niche areas<br />

that can be both profitable and these<br />

days even help ease the Covid-19 crisis.<br />

For starters, the consensus seems to<br />

be that America’s obsession with cleanliness<br />

will be a permanent social shift.<br />

Pressure wash operators are certainly<br />

well positioned to promote their<br />

existing services, as well as re-channel<br />

their resources and technical skills to<br />

certain aspects of interior cleaning,<br />

specifically, sanitizing businesses, to<br />

meet that market need.<br />

In addition, and importantly from<br />

a consumer perspective, certifying<br />

businesses as properly sanitized for<br />

customer use could well be a wave of<br />

the future. That’s because consumers<br />

now want peace of mind that a business<br />

is clean and the ability of a business<br />

to prove that cleanliness to customers<br />

could become paramount to remaining<br />

in business.<br />

The Daytona Beach News-Journal<br />

recently pondered just how paranoid<br />

post-coronavirus America will be as it<br />

returns to public places.<br />

The conclusion appears to be very<br />

paranoid and vigilant.<br />

The newspaper also profiled a<br />

Sarasota pressure washer’s savvy<br />

expansion of services aimed at ensuring<br />

that public trust.<br />

John Cloud runs Gorilla Kleen pressure<br />

washing, a good sized operation<br />

with clients ranging from the municipality<br />

he lives in (pressure washing<br />

public exteriors) to the Ringling<br />

College and Ed Smith Stadium, spring<br />

training home of the Baltimore<br />

Orioles.<br />

Cloud told the News-<br />

Journal he’s always offered<br />

sanitization services but that<br />

they were seldom requested<br />

prior to the recent pandemic.<br />

Now, by contrast, he said, he’s essentially<br />

doing as much sanitization as<br />

exterior cleaning for his clients, and<br />

purports that an important psychological<br />

principal is leading that growth in<br />

his niche business.<br />

“I’m printing stickers that go on the<br />

door that say this area was sanitized<br />

with this chemical shown to be effective,<br />

and we show the date,” Cloud<br />

stated. “From an optics standpoint, if<br />

I’m an employee or a customer, I’d be<br />

happy to see that…I think the establishment<br />

or business would be saying<br />

to the public, hey, we care about taking<br />

that extra step for public safety.”<br />

Steam is another obvious area for<br />

expansion and diversification of a pressure<br />

wash business. One alternative to<br />

using herbicides to get rid of weeds in<br />

lawns and other areas is to use steam.<br />

After all, you already have hot water<br />

and nozzle on the job.<br />

As carpet cleaners increasingly<br />

go out of business in day and age of<br />

hardwood floor preferences, bolting on<br />

a carpet cleaning service for the odd<br />

job can also make sense (heck, carpet<br />

cleaners are increasingly switching to<br />

pressure wash to survive!)<br />

These are just a few ideas for a side<br />

hustle that can add to your bottom line.<br />

Keep your eyes and ears open (listen<br />

to your customers!) for opportunities<br />

this year to diversify your business and<br />

make more money on every job site.<br />

#7. Resolution<br />

to fill the role as<br />

a crucial cleaning<br />

service in the<br />

Covid-19 Age; but also<br />

to do so truthfully as<br />

customers express<br />

their renewed desire<br />

for cleanliness to stay.<br />

Essentially, live and prosper as a<br />

result of society’s newfound obsession<br />

with cleanliness, but always tell the<br />

truth in marketing the value of your<br />

products and services in the fight<br />

against about Covid-19.<br />

As Mulberry PR recently advised,<br />

the emergence of the novel coronavirus<br />

has brought the cleaning industry<br />

to the forefront of peoples’ minds.<br />

Commercial facilities, transit systems,<br />

and homeowners are cleaning more<br />

frequently and thoroughly to protect<br />

employees, patrons, and loved ones.<br />

The extremely contagious coronavirus,<br />

which causes COVID-19, has left<br />

people searching for answers and best<br />

practices for cleaning and infection<br />

prevention.<br />

While there are still many<br />

unknowns surrounding the virus, one<br />

thing is certain: cleaning will continue<br />

to be viewed as essential for maintaining<br />

health and safety. In this new<br />

era, it will be increasingly important<br />

for product manufacturers, distributors,<br />

and building service contractors to<br />

nurture relationships with customers<br />

and prospects through truthful and<br />

accurate marketing.<br />

Mulberry PR says the evolution<br />

taking place is that businesses have<br />

moved from a view of cleanliness<br />

from “good enough” to “must have”<br />

and, as such, marketing in the cleaning<br />

industry these days must be done<br />

with a careful approach to messaging<br />

stressing honesty moving forward.<br />

Companies that implement marketing<br />

best practices will be better positioned<br />

to get their products and services<br />

in the hands of frontline cleaning<br />

professionals who are instrumental in<br />

protecting the public.<br />

Good Luck in<br />

<strong>2021</strong>!<br />

Have Your Best<br />

Year Ever!<br />

30 | PRESSURE WASH NEWS | VOL. 3, NO. 1 | WINTER <strong>2021</strong>

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