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April 18 - May 1, 2021 Vol. XXXVIII, No. 22

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A name you KNOW,

the name you TRUST

Messenger photos by Rick Palsgrove

Cruisers battle

Groveport Madison Cruiser third baseman

Karli Nirider (above) gets ready to

tag out a Watkins Memorial base runner

during a varsity softball game

played at Groveport Madison High

School on April 9. The Cruisers lost to

the Warriors, 8-0.

Cruiser pitcher Kendyll Cahill (left) firing

in a pitch against Watkins


Cruiser first baseman Hannah Johnson

(below) awaits a throw in an effort to

pick off a Watkins Memorial base runner.

New police chief named

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

There is a change at the top at the

Groveport Police Department

Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier

will retire sooner than was recently

announced. Mayor Lance Westcamp has

named Groveport Police Sgt. Casey Adams

as the department’s new police chief.

Adams will be sworn in as police chief on

April 28.

Saying goodbye to Portier

Portier will now retire, for health reasons,

on April 28. Previously he had

planned to retire in August. Portier began

his service as police chief in Groveport in


April 28 is my last day,” said Portier. “I

need time with my family as my health

See CHIEF, page 2

Cars egged; suspects nabbed

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Groveport Police officers recently did

some “egg-cellent” investigation into solving

a case of vehicles being egged, but this

not so “hard boiled” case was “over easy.”

Egging of vehicles

According to Groveport Police Sgt. Josh

Short, shortly after 7 a.m. on April 8 the

Groveport Police received a few calls about

vehicles being egged in the Newport subdivision

and Westport addition.

“This was a rather easy case to ‘crack’

due to Officer Josh Guiler’s intuitive follow

up work and cooperative relationship he’s

help us establish with our business friends

and always supportive residents,” said



Short said Groveport Police Officers

responded to the calls about the eggings

and, after talking with those residents and

patrolling the area, officers observed a

dozen or so other vehicles had been egged.

“With help from the victims, our active

social media community, and residents

with home cameras, we determined that

this had occurred between 10-11 p.m. and

were given a very detailed description of

the suspect vehicle,” said Short. “Officer

Guiler then went to a local business and

was able to determine a suspect name

based on a large quantity of eggs that had

been purchased just prior to when the

egging began.”

Based on that information, according to

Short, Guiler went to the suspect residence

See EGGED, page 2

Being there

is why I’m here.

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ird ursday

The city of Groveport will host Third Thursday, a summer festival

series featuring music, food trucks, vendors, and more. Third

Thursday will take place on:

•June 17 - “Family Fun Day” with a petting zoo and kids’


•July 15 - “Americana!” with pony rides and a bounce house;

•Aug. 19 - “Dog Days” with a dog show and adoptable pets; and

•Sept. 16 - “Fall Kickoff!” with hay rides, photo backdrop, and

free mini-pumpkins.

Third Thursday hours are 5-7:30 p.m. at Cruiser Park, 4677

Bixby Road.

For information contact

God Bless Everyone

& Stay Safe at Home

Malek &











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and Kip Malek

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1227 S. High St., Columbus, OH 43206

Convenience fees

Groveport City Council is considering legislation to

enact a 4.5 percent credit card convenience fee for

transactions at the Groveport Municipal Golf Course.

In 2020, council approved legislation to pass credit

card convenience fees to customers at other city facilities.

Prior to this, the city had paid these fees.

According to city officials, from 2016 to 2020, the city

has paid $80,628 in credit card convenience fees at the

golf course.


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outside of Groveport where a car matching the description

was observed with an open carton of eggs visible

on the passenger floorboard.

“Guiler made contact with the suspect, and his passenger,

who both immediately confessed to what they

had done when presented with available evidence,”

said Short. “They stated that one of them is leaving for


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issues continue.”

“It’s sad to see him leave,” said Westcamp of

Portier. “It’s a tough job to replace a man like Ralph

Portier. He’s a great communicator and he’s done an

excellent job with community relations. As a result,

the Groveport Police Department has an excellent rapport

with the community. You could not ask for a better

person than Ralph. ”

About the new police chief

In selecting Adams as the new police chief,

Westcamp said he looked for someone with extensive

training in police department operations, command

structure, and organizational policies.

“Sgt. Adams has the background and training to handle

the job,” said Westcamp, who said Adams attended

the FBI Academy and has taken leadership classes. “He

has been the second shift sergeant and the officers on

that shift respect him and work well with him.”

Adams served as acting police chief last fall for several

weeks while Portier was on medical leave.

“He did a good job as acting police chief last fall,”

said Westcamp. “He provided well done reports, handled

the day-to-day duties well, and has a good rapport

with the community. He’s the best person for the job in

this community. Groveport City Council is 100 percent

supportive of this decision.”

Westcamp said it will be a smooth transition from

Portier to Adams.

“Everything will be fine,” said Westcamp, who

added that Adams’ promotion, coupled with the recent

retirement of Sgt. Brian Thompson, has opened up two

sergeant positions in the department. “It gives our officers

an opportunity for advancement.”

Born in 1973, Adams has been a police officer since

1996 when he first served in the Pataskala Police

Department. He served 11 months with the Madison

Township Police Department in 2001 and began work

with the Groveport Police Department in December

2001. He has been a sergeant for the past 13 years

with the Groveport Police. He also holds a bachelor’s

degree in criminal justice from Ohio University.

Adams said he is excited to be named police chief

and he wants the police to continue to be good ambassadors

for the city. He embraces the concept of community

policing, which includes officers interacting with

community members, being visible around town, and

providing educational outreach.

“It helps build trust in the community,” said

Adams. “Plus, a good relationship between community

members and the police helps us solve crimes. We’re

here to help and protect.”

Township Police statistics

Portier says farewell

March crime statistics from the Madison Township

Police: 119 traffic stops, 14 parking, 32 assist/mutual

aid, 2 assaults, 3 burglary, 4 burglary in progress, 19

domestic complaints, 3 missing persons, 4 narcotics, 2

suspicious cars, 17 suspicious persons, 24

larceny/thefts, 1 fight, 2 sex offenses, 4 OVI, 7 threats

or harassment, 3 vandalism, 2 accidents with injuries,

6 shots fired in area, 1 suicide or suicide threat, 5 hit

skip accidents, and 18 property damage accidents.

the Army in a couple of weeks and they just wanted to

have fun and ‘blow off some steam’ prior to his departure.”

Short said the suspects could be subject to criminal

mischief and/or criminal damaging charges, “but at

this time they and their families are cooperating with

victims to remedy any damage done to vehicles.”

I want to say thank you to all of the citizens of the

city of Groveport and the township areas.

You have taught me to clearly understand family

matters first and foremost and believing in God is a

great thing. You allowed me to interact with the community,

which all communities believe in but yet do

not spend the resources to do so.

Your police staff became a committed team, true

leaders within the ranks, I just got to enjoy being a

member of that team.

However, due to serious medical conditions and

changes physically, I needed to say goodbye in order

to spend time with my wife, Peggy and my clan.

I hope for continued success to each person and


Ralph J. Portier

B.S.C.J., N.C.C.M.,A.A.E.T.S.

Chief of Police – City of Groveport

Adams said he wants to promote career growth in

the department.

“I want to start training the next generation of leaders

in our department,” said Adams, who noted some

long-time officers are nearing retirement eligibility.

When asked about what crimes are most prevalent

in Groveport these days, Adams said identity theft,

unemployment fraud, domestic situations, and “typical

thefts,” such as vehicle break-ins.

“These are crimes of opportunity,” said Adams.

“They affect both residential and business areas. One

preventative method of combatting these crimes is

educating the citizens on how to protect themselves,

particularly senior citizens.”

Adams thinks a potential for future crime growth in

the city is work place violence in the large warehouse

industrial parks.

“We can be proactive and work with the warehouse

management to help prevent such issues from arising,”

said Adams.

Adams is only the sixth police chief in the town’s

history as prior to 1966 Groveport was served by a single

town marshal. In 1966 Groveport created its own

police department and its first chief was Al Whipple,

who served until 1981. The other police chiefs were:

Roger Adams from 1981 to 2001; Timothy Carney from

2002-03; Bary Murphy from 2003-06; Gary York from

2006-09; and Portier from 2009-21.


Police helicopter aids in search for suspect

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Township Police Chief Gary York. “On

April 7, the Columbus Police did provide

prior to the officers arriving on the scene,”

said York. “Information developed further

A Columbus Police helicopter flying

this assistance to Madison Township Police to suggest that the individual had a gun

over Madison Township and Groveport is

officers in the 5700 block of Ebright Road.” and was possibly suicidal. Due to the seriousness

of the call and a possible armed

not a common sight, but recently one

According to York, Madison Township

appeared in the sky to help out local police.

Police officers were dispatched to the 5700 suspect attempting to evade officers, the

“Depending on the type of calls officers

block of Ebright Road on a report of a Columbus Police chopper assisted officers

respond to, from time to time the Columbus

domestic complaint on April 7 at 8:33 p.m. on the ground in search of the subject.”

Police Helicopter Unit will provide air

“During the course of the investigation, York said Madison Township police officers,

with assistance from the Groveport

assistance to other law enforcement agencies

in the central Ohio area,” said Madison

it was discovered that a male subject

involved in the incident was under the Police and Franklin County Sheriff

influence of drugs and had taken off on foot Deputies, located the suspect in the rear of

What’s the status of Groveport events?

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

The city of Groveport is proceeding cautiously

regarding holding its popular

events this year in the face of the ongoing

coronavirus pandemic.

“We will hold an Arbor Day event and

Memorial Day event,” said Groveport City

Administrator B.J. King. “Both will be similar

to the 2020 events with limited attendees

and provided virtually on Facebook for

the community to watch. Discussions are

still occurring regarding the Fourth of July

celebration. I anticipate an announcement

in the coming weeks regarding the Fourth

of July. I am hopeful that Apple Butter Day

will be back to normal this year. No events

have been cancelled to date.”

When asked what COVID safety restrictions

will be in place for the city events,

King said standard safety protocols will be

followed including mask wearing, social

distancing, and smaller gatherings.

Last year, due to the COVID pandemic,

the city cancelled its the Fourth of July celebration.

Apple Butter Day last fall consisted

of only drive-by sales of jars of apple


Arbor Day

This year’s Arbor Day event will be held

April 30 at 11 a.m. in the Groveport


According to Groveport Community

Affairs Director Patty Storts, the event will

include the planting of a Crimson Red

Maple tree and the reading of an Arbor

Day proclamation by Mayor Lance


The public is not invited to the Arbor

Day event due to the ongoing COVID pandemic

and officials attending the event will

practiced safe social distancing to offer protection

from the coronavirus.

“It will be a very small gathering consisting

of Groveport City Council, Trees

and Decoration Committee members and

few staff members,” said Storts. “The event

will be streamed online to the public on


SWACO expands drop-off

recycling program with two

additional locations

Did you know that every year, Franklin

County residents and businesses send over a million

tons of material to the Franklin County

Landfill? Even more surprising – nearly 76 percent

of all material in the landfill could have been

recycled or composted.

Forty percent of Franklin County’s waste

stream is generated by residents, families and

other households, yet less than half of the items

these households could recycle are captured. The

most frequently tossed-out items include food,

cardboard, magazines and newspapers, all of

which could be diverted from the landfill.

In order to capture more of these materials,

SWACO offers convenient drop-off recycling

sites around Franklin County and recently added

two additional drop-off locations to better serve


•PAST Foundation located at 1003 Kinnear

Road, Columbus, OH 43212

•Jerry L. Garver YMCA located at 6767

Refugee Road, Canal Winchester, OH 43110

It’s not enough to simply recycle – it’s just as

important to recycle right. The SWACO drop-off

sites only accept plastic bottles, tubs and jugs;

metal cans; carton containers; glass bottles and

jars; paper and cardboard. Remember to break

down and flatten cardboard boxes and keep recyclables

loose (don’t place them in plastic bags!).

And, remember that leaving anything on the

ground outside of these locations is considered

illegal and will be investigated by the

Environmental Crimes Taskforce. SWACO works

diligently with local businesses who graciously

host these sites for the community’s use. As such,

it’s important they’re used correctly and not

abused so that we can continue to offer this program

as a community service.

Help make everyday Earth Day by recycling

right. Find a drop-off location near you, and visit for more information about

recycling in our community.

that day.”

Memorial Day

The city’s Memorial Day observance last

year was much smaller than it had been in

the past. Only a handful of people were

permitted in the Groveport Cemetery as

the public was encouraged not to attend

because of the hovering spector of the coronavirus

pandemic. The ceremony in 2020

included speakers, prayers, the recognition

of veterans, and the playing of, “Taps.” The

traditional Memorial Day parade down

Main and College streets also was not held

last year.

More information on this year’s

Memorial Day ceremony in Groveport will

be provided later once details are finalized.





SWACO makes recycling easy with

drop-off sites that accept: plastic bottles,

tubs and jugs, metal cans, carton

containers, glass bottles and jars,

paper & cardboard.

Find your nearest recycling

site at

the Hickory Grove housing development.

According to the Groveport Police’s

mutual aid report, the incident was a

domestic call involving a man with a gun

running from a residence towards Elmont

Place and Hickory Grove. The mutual aid

reported that the subject turned himself in.

“Due to mental health reasons, the male

subject was transported to a local mental

health facility to be evaluated,” said York.

Lockbourne Spring Hike

Get out your hiking boots for the

Lockbourne Spring Hike on May 1 at 11

a.m. Meet at Locke Meadow Park, 154

Commerce, Lockbourne.



3246 Noe Bixby Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43232




INSTRUCTIONS: This is the Ox xford Capacity Analysis Te est (OCA)


Answer every question as to how you feel RIGHT NOW. Do not

stay too long with any one qu estion, but answer as soon as you

understand and then go on to

the next question. The accuracy

depends on the truthfulness of

your answers. Each question may

be answered one of three ways s, by marking one of the boxes nex xt

to each column:

(+) means definitely yes or mostly yes

(m) means maybe or uncertain. Not a definite yes or no.

(-) means definitely no or mostly no

This is a free public service and there is no obligation. This is done

with the idea that people can know and improve themselves.

NAME: ___ ________________________________________________


ADDRESS: ______________________________________________

CITY: _______________________ STATE: TE: ______ ZIP: ___________ _

EMAIL: ________________________________________________ _

PHONE:_______________________ A GE:____ DATE: ___________

(+) (m) (-)

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m

m m m


1. Do you make thoughtless remarks or accusations which later you


2. When others are getting rattled, do you remain fairly composed?

3. Do you browse through railway timetables, directories, or

dictionaries just for pleasure?

4. When asked to make a decision, would you be swayed by your like

or dislike of the personality involved?

5. Do you intend two or less children in your family even though your

health and income will permit more?

6. Do you get occasional twitches of your muscles, when there is no

logical reason for it?

7. Would you prefer to be in a position where you did not have the

responsibilities of making decisions?

8. Are your actions considered unpredictable by other people?

9. Do you consider more money should be spent on social security?

10. Do other people interest you very much?

11. Is your voice monotonous, rather than varied in pitch?

12. Do you normally let the other person start the conversation?

13. Are you readily interested in other people’s conversations?

14. Would the idea of inflicting pain on game, small animals or fish

prevent you from hunting or fishing?

15. Are you often impulsive in your behavior?

16. Do you speak slowly?

17. Are you usually concerned about the need to protect your health?

18. Does an unexpected action cause your muscles to twitch?

19. Are you normally considerate in your demands on your employees,

relatives or pupils?

20. Do you consider that you could give a valid “snap judgment”?

21. Do your past failures still worry you?

22. Do you find yourself being extra-active for periods lasting several


23. Do you resent the efforts of others to tell you what to do?

24. Is it normally hard for you to “own up and take the blame”?

25. Do you have a small circle of close friends, rather than a large

number of friends, speaking acquaintances?

26. Is your life a constant struggle for survival?

27. Do you often sing or whistle just for the fun of it?

28. Are you considered warm-hearted by your friends?

29. Would you rather give orders than take them?

30. Do you enjoy telling people the latest scandal about your


31. Could you agree to “strict discipline”?

32. Would the idea of making a complete new start cause you much


33. Do you make efforts to get others to laugh and smile?

34. Do you find it easy to express your emotions?

35. Do you refrain from complaining when the other person is late for an


36. Are you sometimes considered by others a “spoilsport”?

37. Do you consider there are other people who are definitely unfriendly

toward you and work against you?

38. Would you admit you were wrong just to “keep the peace”?

39. Do you have only a few people of whom you are really fond?

40. Are you rarely happy, unless you have a special reason?

41. Do you “circulate around” at a social gathering?

42. Do you take reasonable precaution to prevent accidents?

43. Does the idea of talking in front of people make you nervous?

44. If you saw an article in a shop obviously mistakenly marked lower

than its correct price, would you try to get it at that price?

45. Do you often feel that people are looking at you or talking about

you behind your back?

46. Are you “always getting into trouble”?

47. Have you any particular hate or fear?

48. Do you prefer to be an onlooker rather than participate in any active


49. Do you find it easy to be impartial?

50. Have you a definitely set standard of courteous behavior in front of

other members of your family?

51. Can you “start the ball rolling” at a social gathering?

52. Would you “buy on credit” with the hope that you can keep up the


53. Do you get an after-reaction when something unexpected such as

an accident or other disturbing incident takes place?

54. Do you consider the good of all concerned rather than your own

personal advantages?

55. When hearing a lecturer, do you sometimes experience the idea that

the speaker is referring entirely to you?

(+ ) ( m) (-)




56. Does “external noise” rar

rely interfere with your concentration?

(+) (m) (-)




135. Do the “petty foibles” of others make you impatient?

m m m 57. Are you usually “up-to-date” on everyday affairs?

m m m 136. Do children irritate you?

m m m 58. Can you confidently plan and work towards carrying out an event in m m m 137. Are you less talkative tha an your associates?

six months time?

m m m 138. Do you usually carry out assignments promptly and systematically?

m m m 59. Do you consider the modern “prisons without bars” system doomed

m m m 139. Would you assist a fellow

traveler rather than leave it to the

to failure?


m m m 60. Do you tend to be careless?

m m m 140. When voting, do you vote the same party ticket straight rather than

m m m

61. Do you ever get a “dreamlike” feeling toward life when it all seems


studying the candidates

and issues?


m m m 141. Do you frequently dwell on your past illnesses or painful

m m m 62. Do you speedily recover from the effects of bad news?


m m m 63. When you criticize, do yo ou at the same time try to encourage? m m m 142. Do you get very ill at ease e in disordered surroundings?

m m m 64. Are you normally considered “cold”?

m m m 143. Do you usually criticize a film or show that you see or a book that t

m m m 65. Are your opinions insufficiently important to tell other people?

you read?

m m m 66. Are you so self-assured that it sometimes annoys others?

m m m 144. When recounting some amusing incident can you easily imitate the

m m m 67. Do you keep “close contact” on articles of yours which you have

mannerisms or the dialect in the original incident?

loaned to friends?

m m m 145. In subjects about which you are not expert, are your own ideas of

m m m 68. Do you enjoy activities of your own choosing?

sufficient importance as to tell others?

m m m 69. Does emotional music have quite an effect on you?

m m m 146. Do you have a tendency to tidy up a disorder of somebody else’s


m m m 70. Do you completely cond emn a person because he is a rival or

opponent in some aspect of your relations with him?

m m m 147. Can you accept defeat easily without the necessity of “swallowing

your disappointment”?

m m m 71. Do you often “sit and think” about death, sickness, pain and sorrow?

m m m 148. Do you often feel depressed?

m m m 72. Are you perturbed at the idea of loss of dignity?

m m m 149. Are you ever ill at ease in the company of children?

m m m 73. Are you always collecting

things which “might be useful”?

m m m 150. Do you get frustrated at not being able to do something rather than

m m m 74. Would you criticize faults

and point out the bad points on someone

finding a substitute activity or system?

else’s character or handiwork?

m m m 151. Are you sometimes completely unable to enter the spirit of things?

m m m 75. Are you openly appreciative of beautiful things?




152. Do you rarely express your grievances?

m m m 76. Do you sometimes give away articles which strictly speaking do not

belong to you?

m m m 153. Do you work in “spurts,” being relatively inactive and then furiously

active for a day or two?

m m m 77. Do you greet people effusively?

m m m 154. Does the number of uncompleted jobs you have on hand bother

m m m 78. Do you often ponder on previous misfortunes?


m m m 79. Are you sometimes considered forceful in your actions or opinions? m m m 155. Do people enjoy being in your company?

m m m 80. Do you accept criticism easily and without resentment?

m m m 156. Could you allow someone to finish those “final two words” in a

m m m 81. Are you usually undisturb bed by “noises off” when you are trying to

crossword puzzle without interfering?


m m m 157. Do you consider the best points of most people and only rarely

m m m 82. Are you likely to be jealous?

speak slightingly of them?

m m m 83. Do you tend to put off do oing things and then discover it is too late? m m m 158. Do you laugh or smile quite readily?

m m m 84. Do you prefer to abide by the wishes of others rather than seek to m m m 159. Are you definite and emphatic in voice and manner?

have your own way?

m m m 160. Are you effusive only to close friends if at all?

m m m 85. Do you find it easy to ge t yourself started on a project?

m m m 161. Are your interests and fields of knowledge so important as to give

m m m 86. Do you bite your fingerna ails or chew the end of your pencil?

little time for anything else?

m m m 87. Do you “turn up the volu me” of your emotions just to create an m m m 162. Would you like to “start a new activity” in the area in which you live?


m m m 163. Would you take the necessary actions to kill an animal in order to

m m m 88. If we were invading another c

ountry, would you feel sympathetic

put it out of pain?

towards conscientious objectors in this country?

m m m 164. Is it easy for you to relax?

m m m 89. Are there some things about yourself on which you are touchy? m m m 165. Do you have little regret on past misfortunes and failures?

m m m 90. Do you have few interest ts and activities that are your own choice? m m m 166. Does the idea of fear or apprehension give you a physical reaction?

m m m 91. Do you ever get a single thought which hangs around for days? m m m 167. Can you trust the decision of your judgment in an emotional

m m m 92. Are you a slow eater?

situation in which you are involved?

m m m 93. Can you be a stabilizing influence when others get panicky? m m m 168. Could someone else consider that you were really active?

m m m 94. Would you stop and find out whether a person needed help even m m m 169. Do you find it hard to get started on a task that needs to be done?

though they had not dire ectly asked you for it?

m m m 170. Are you opposed to the “probation system” for criminals?

m m m 95. Are you prejudiced in favor of your own school, college, club or m m m 171. Do you spend much time on needless worries?

team, etc.?

m m m 172. In a disagreement do you find it hard to understand how the other

m m m 96. Do you pay your debts a nd keep your promises when it is possible?

person fails to see your side, and thus agree with you?

m m m 97. Do you sleep well?

m m m 173. Do you cope with everyday problems of living quite well?

m m m 98. Would you use corporal punishment on a child aged ten if it refused m m m 174. Are you usually truthful to others?

to obey you?

m m m 175. Would you rather “wait for something to happen” as opposed to

m m m 99. Do you prefer to take a passive role in any club or organization to

you causing it?

which you belong?

m m m 176. Do you spend too freely in relation to your income?

m m m 100.Are you logical and scientific in your thinking?

m m m 177. Can you take a “calculated risk” without too much worry?

m m m 101. Does the youth of today have more opportunity than that of a

generation ago?

m m m 178. If you were involved in a slight car accident, would you really take

the trouble to see that any damage you did was made good?

m m m 102. Do you throw things away only to discover that you need them





179. Do others push you around?

m m m 103. Would you give up easily

on a given course if it were causing you a

m m m 180. Do you make allowances for your friends where with others you

considerable amount of inconvenience?

might judge more severely?

m m m 104. Do you “wax enthusiastic” about only a few subjects?

m m m 181. Do you often ponder over your own inferiority?

m m m 105. Do you rarely suspect the actions of others?

m m m 182. Do people criticize you to others?

m m m 106.Do you sometimes wond der if anyone really cares about you?

m m m 183. Are you embarrassed by a hearty greeting such as a kiss, hug, or pat

on the back, if done in public?

m m m 107. Do you turn down responsibility because you doubt your fitness to


m m m 184. Do you frequently not do something you want to do because of

other people’s desires?

m m m 108. Do you sometimes feel compelled to repeat some interesting item

or tidbit?

m m m 185. Are you sometimes convinced of the correctness of your opinions

about a subject even though you are not an expert?

m m m 109. Do you tend to exaggerate a justifiable grievance?

m m m 186. Do you often find yourself “going off in all directions at once”?

m m m 110. Is your facial expression varied rather than set?

m m m 187. Do your acquaintances seem to think more of your abilities than

m m m 111. Do you usually need to justify or back up an opinion once stated?

you do?

m m m 112. Do you openly and sincerely admire beauty in other people? m m m 188. Is the idea of death or even reminders of death abhorrent to you?

m m m 113. Would it take a definite effort on your part to consider the subject m m m 189. Having settled an argument out do you continue to feel disgruntled

of suicide?

for a while?

m m m 114. Would you consider your rself energetic in your attitude toward life? m m m 190. Are you friendly in voice, attitude and expression?

m m m 115. Would a disagreement afffect your general relationship with another m m m 191. Does life seem rather vague and unreal to you?


m m m 192. Do you often feel upset about the fate of war victims and political l

m m m 116. Does a minor failure on your part rarely trouble you?


m m m 117. Do you sometimes feel that you talk too much?

m m m 193. Do “mere acquaintances” appeal to you for aid or advice in their

m m m 118. Do you smile much?

personal difficulties?

m m m 119. Are you easily pleased?

m m m 194. If you lose an article, do you get the idea that “someone must have

m m m 120. When met with direct opposition would you still seek to have your

stolen or mislaid it”?

own way rather than give


m m m 195. If you thought that someone was suspicious of you and your

m m m 121. Provided the distance were not too great, would you still prefer to

actions, would you tackle them on the subject rather than leaving

ride rather than walk?

them to work it out?

m m m 122. Do you ever get disturbe ed by the noise of the wind or a “house m m m 196. Do you sometimes feel that your age is against you (too young or

settling down”?

too old)?

m m m 123. Is your opinion influenced

by looking at things from the standpoint m m m 197. Do you have spells of being sad and depressed for no apparent

of your experiences, occupation or training?


m m m 124. Do you often make tactless blunders?

m m m 198. Do you do much grumbling about conditions you have to face in

m m m 125. Are you suspicious of people who ask to borrow money from you?


m m m 126. Are your decisions swaye ed by personal interests?

m m m 199. Do you tend to hide your feelings?

m m m 127. Can you get quite enthusiastic over “some simple little thing”? m m m 200. Do you consider you have many warm friends?

m m m 128. Do you frequently take a ction even though you know your own

good judgment would indicate otherwise?




129. Are you in favor of color bar and class distinction?

Bring or mail to the Church of

m m m 130. Are you aware of any habitual physical mannerisms such as pulling

your hair, nose, ears or such like?

Scientology Central Ohio

m m m 131. Can you quickly adapt and make use of new conditions and

situations even though they may be difficult?

1266 Dublin Road

m m m 132. Do some noises “set your teeth on edge”?

m m m 133. Can you see the other fellow’s point of view when you wish to?

Columbus, OH, 43215

m m m 134. Do you go to bed when you want to, rather than “by the clock”?

© 2021 Church of Scientology of Central Ohio. All Rights Reserved. OXFORD CAPA CITY ANALYSIS, SCIENTOLOGY, and THE SCIENTOLOGY SYMBOL are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission.

Commercial development

planned in southern Groveport

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

The city of Groveport is prospecting for

more commercial development, particularly

on land in the southern part of the city.

Groveport City Council is considering

legislation to enter into an economic development

agreement and community reinvestment

area tax incentive agreement

with C.A. Ventures regarding two parcels

totalling 47 acres on the southeast corner

of Hayes and Pontius roads.

According to Groveport City

Administrator B.J. King, C.A. Ventures is

pursuing the purchase of the land and

annexing it into Groveport.

“C.A. Ventures plans to build a 640,000

square foot warehouse on the property,”

said King, who added the company is also

seeking a community reinvestment area

property tax abatement on the property.

Groveport Economic Development

Director Jeff Green said the community

reinvestment area property tax abatement

would be a 100 percent property tax abatement

for 15 years. He said the agreement

would include an income tax revenue sharing

agreement between the city and

Groveport Madison Schools where each

shares 50 percent of the income tax revenue

generated by the site.

“All CRA tax abatements for new construction

are 15 years,” said Green.

King said there are several steps that

need to be done before this warehouse is

built, including combining the two parcels

into one parcel, annexing the property into

the city, rezoning considerations, and a

development plan must be in place.

In related development news regarding

the southern portion of the city, Green said

city officials spoke to Metro Parks officials

about open land the park system has an

option on located along Hayes Road east of

Little Walnut Creek and Braun Road.

“It’s a significant piece of property,”

said King.

Green added, “We met with Metro

Parks to see if we could work out an agreement

with them where the city of

Groveport could get a right-of-way through

this property to connect to the

Schottenstein property, which is located in

the city. They indicated they would be

happy to work with us to give us this


Green said the right-of-way would help

the city promote more commercial development

in that area.

“We are working on developing our historic

downtown, but we cannot let up on

our industrial projects” said Green. “The

market is hot right now and warehouses

and industrial parks pay our (the city’s)

bills. These projects pump money into the


Green said there is 25 million square

feet of commercial/industrial property

under roof in the city.

“I know residents have warehouse

fatigue,” said Green. “That’s why we are

working on developing our downtown. The

more things we have to offer here, such as

the recreation center and restaurants, the

more people will spend their money here.”

Regarding the warehouse/commercial

development at the southern edge of the

city, Councilman Scott Lockett observed,

“Clearly that is the best use for that land.”

Messenger staffers earn awards

The following Messenger Newspapers’

staff members earned 2020 journalism

awards from the Mid-Atlantic Community

Papers Association:

Andrea Cordle, Westside editor - honorable

mention for news story: “A local

response to the coronavirus.”

Dedra Cordle, staff writer - third place

for feature story: “A memorial ride.”

Dedra Cordle, staff writer - second place

for feature story: “She is London’s first

state wrestling champ.”

Dedra Cordle, staff writer - third place

for news story: “A message of unity.”

Dedra Cordle, staff writer - third place

for original photography for the photo,

“Dogs delighted as parks reopen.”

Theresa Hennis, staff writer - first place

for COVID-19 article: “Taking grassroots

approach to helping in crisis.”

Rick Palsgrove, Groveport editor - honorable

mention for COVID-19 article:

“Fourth of July in Groveport was different

this year.”

Rick Palsgrove, Groveport editor -

third place for COVID-19 article:

“Embracing Memorial Day during a pandemic.”

Rick Palsgrove, Groveport editor - first

place for personal columns: “Me and

Dutton Peabody,” “Old pool place to be,”

and “The Bobo always wins.”

Rick Palsgrove, Groveport editor - first

place for news story: “And the walls come

tumbling down.”

Rick Palsgrove, Groveport editor - second

place for news story: “Back the Blue.”

Rick Palsgrove, Groveport editor - second

place for original photography for the

photo, “A narrow escape.”

Kristy Zurbrick, Madison (County) editor

- second place for COVID-19 article:

“Painting a new way to celebrate graduation.”

Kristy Zurbrick, Madison (County) editor

- honorable mention for feature story:

“To the tune of 101 years old.”

Farmers’ Market

The 2021 Groveport Farmers’ Market is

tentatively scheduled to be open on

Tuesdays from June 29 through Sept. 14

from 4-7 p.m., according to city of

Groveport officials.




1000 Noe-Bixby Rd., Columbus, OH 43213

Telephone: 614-866-7755

Traditional Worship Service:

9:00 a.m. Sunday

Visit us on Facebook or visit our website at:




Blues and Ribfest cancelled

The Canal Winchester Blues, scheduled

for the summer of 2021, has been cancelled

due to circumstances surrounding the

ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They plan

for the festival to return on July 29-30,


Please visit the

Groveport Church

of your choice.

List your Worship

Services here.

For info. call 614-272-5422

Be a Part of Our Local Worship Guide

Our Worship Guide is geared toward celebrating faith and helping readers

connect with religious resources in our community. Make sure these readers

know how you can help with a presence in this very special section distributed to

more than 19,000 households in the Groveport area.

Contact us today to secure your spot in our Worship Guide.

614.272.5422 •


Groveport Madison considers social studies materials/resources update

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

The Groveport Madison Board of

Education is reviewing the social studies

curriculum for grades K-12, but district

officials said it is not part of the Culturally

Responsive Education program.

“We’re not adopting a new social studies

curriculum. The current State of Ohio

Social Studies Academic Content

Edwin Myers

1930 - 2021

Edwin L. Myers, 90, of Groveport,

Ohio, passed away on April 11, 2021.

Ed was born on October 11, 1930 in

Lithopolis to the late Elmer E. and Mary Viola

(Leyndecker) Myers.

He graduated from Groveport High School and

attended Ohio State University. He served as

Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps while deployed

to Korea. He was Director of Engineering and

Training for Buckeye Telephone Supply, Alltel

Telephone Supply, and Windstream Supply

companies. Ed was an active member and officer

of Groveport Lions Club (48 years); charter

member of Columbus Metropolitan Daylily

Society since 1985; member of Groveport Lockbourne

Masonic Lodge #801 (40 years); lifetime

member of Motts Military Museum; active

member of Groveport Zion Lutheran Church since

1958; served Groveport Food Pantry (19 years).

Ed was known for his keen intelligence, resourcefulness,

dependability, passion and skill with all

facets of gardening, dedication to community,

and strong love and pride for his family.

Ed is survived by wife, Virginia, of 70 years;

daughter, Susan Myers; son, Gary (Wanda) Myers;

daughter, Sandra (Steve) Cohen; 7 grandchildren;

6 great-grandchildren.

There will be a small service for immediate family

members only. In lieu of flowers, donations may

be sent to Greater Groveport Food Pantry and

Groveport Zion Lutheran Church.

Visit to share memories.

Standards were adopted in 2018, so there’s

no change. We’re proposing to update the

materials and resources being used as part

of our regular cycle of review,” said

Groveport Madison Communications

Director Jeff Warner. “We are proposing to

purchase instructional materials and

resources (textbooks, digital resources,

periodicals, etc.) at the cost of $360,796

spread over three years. In addition, there

are materials and resources we’ll continue

using that we already have in place. We

expect to have new resources and materials

in place for the start of the 2021-22 school


He said the district follows the State of

Ohio’s Academic Content Standards, which

is technically the curriculum Groveport

Madison adopted.

“We’re proposing to purchase updated

materials and resources to assist our teachers

in their work of educating our students,”

said Warner. “The board is responsible

for adopting instructional resources

and materials for all content areas and

courses. The Teaching and Learning

Department uses policy and administrative

guidelines to facilitate the curriculum and

instructional materials procurement


Warner said the Teaching and Learning

instructional resources and materials

review and adoption process relies heavily

on collaboration and expertise with teachers

across all curricular areas.

“It processes data and feedback to

ensure alignment with the content standards

and to create a shared vision of curriculum

design and implementation,” said

Warner. “We follow a research-based

process when reviewing

curriculum/instructional materials.”

This process includes: analysis of student

data and monitoring of student learning;

gap analysis and survey data; review

of key standards and focus area; goal setting;

research and Vett Potential

Resources; vendor presentations; committee

review and Cultural Responsiveness

Scorecard; community review; committee

recommendation; and administrative recommendation

and presentation to the


Not part of Culturally

Responsive Education program

Culturally Responsive Education is a

research-based approach that connects

what students learn in school and their cultures,

languages, and life experiences. This

program requires students to be culturally

competent to learn about the various cultural

aspects of a community.

It is a program that can be politically

controversial and some people believe it

can be divisive.

However, Warner said Groveport

Madison’s social studies curriculum is not

part of the Culturally Responsive

Education program.

“With our 2021 social studies instructional

resources review, we conducted a

gap analysis to determine what material,

supplies, and other resources might be

missing as they relate to meeting the State

of Ohio Social Studies Academic Content

Standards, that were updated in 2018,”

said Warner. “Among the gaps identified

were materials and resources that encompass

and reflect equity and diversity. There

were other gaps as well based on specific

grade-level standards.”

A diverse school district

According to information provided by

Groveport Madison, the district is diverse.

There are nearly 30 different languages

spoken in Groveport

Madison schools.

Students’ ethnic

diversity break down

is: African-American

(44.1 percent), Caucasian (36.8 percent),

Hispanic (8.8 percent), multi-racial (8.2

percent), Asian (1.9 percent), Pacific

Islander (.22 percent), and American

Indian/Alaskan Native (.07 percent).

“Using a culturally relevant scorecard

was an essential aspect of our materials

review process,” said Warner. “We are an

urban school district with significant diversity

among our students. We have an obligation

to be culturally sensitive and

responsible in all aspects of what we teach

and how we understand various cultures

and positively interact with one another.”

Why update social studies program?

“Curricular materials and resources for

are customarily reviewed every four years

to ensure that they remain current and relevant

to today's world and reflect the State

of Ohio’s Academic Content Standards,”

said Warner. “Having a scheduled curricular

materials and resources review process

is a best practice performed by most highperforming

school districts across the


The board will vote on the social studies

curriculum at a future meeting.

Other Groveport Madison news

•The board approved the purchase and

set-up of a used modular classroom unit at

Groveport Elementary at a cost of


•The board approved the purchase of

200 Lenovo Chromebook Tablets for use in

the Li’l Cruiser Campus with pre-k students

at a cost of $76,300.

It also approved the purchase of 320

Dell Chromebooks for K-5 staff members at

a cost of $84,800.

Recreation manager position approved

Groveport City Council approved the creation of the position of

recreation manager and abolished the positions of sports and fitness

manager and recreation coordinator, which are both currently

vacant, in the city’s recreation department.

“Any time someone leaves a position, we re-evaluate that position,”

said Groveport City Administrator B.J. King.

The recreation manager position combines the duties of the two

abolished positions.

“Depending on the pay level, the new employee is hired in,

implementing this approach results in a cost savings of $57,752 to

$75,179 (wages and benefits),” said King.

City’s Westport property to be sold

Groveport City Council is considering legislation to sell the

city-owned property located at 384 Westport Drive. The legislation

states the property, located in a residential area, is “no longer

required by the city for its purposes.”

Groveport City Administrator B.J. King said a house that once

sat on the property was abandoned and blighted a few years ago

when the city took it over. He said the city wants to sell the property

so it will no longer have to tend to it and also so it will no

longer have to pay the property taxes for the site.

Donate blood

Donate blood by downloading the Red Cross Blood Donor App,

visiting, call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-

2767) or enabling the Blood Donor Skill on any Alexa Echo device.

Blood drive at: St Mary’s Church, 5684 Groveport Road, April 26

from 1-7 p.m.

Spring Auto Care

Spring Auto Care


How to drive more efficiently

Many people aspire to drive more efficiently in

an attempt to conserve fuel, save money and

reduce the carbon footprints of their vehicles. But

driving efficiently can also make driving safer for

motorists, their passengers and everyone else,

including pedestrians, sharing the roads.

Drivers who want to drive more efficiently can

implement a variety of strategies to do just that.

•Obey the speed limits. Speed limits are determined

with safety in mind, and drivers should

always adhere to posted speed limits to protect

themselves, their passengers and others on the

road. The U.S. Department of Transportation

notes that, in 2015, 27 percent of motor vehicle

crash deaths were speeding-related. But according

to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,

obeying the speed limit is also cost-effective. The

EPA notes that miles per gallon begins to dip dramatically

when vehicles travel above 55 miles per

hour. While each vehicle is different, the EPA

notes that increasing highway cruising speed

from 55 miles per hour to 75 miles per hour can

raise fuel consumption by as much as 20 percent.

•Do not idle a vehicle. The Environmental

Defense Fund notes that electronic engines do not

need to warm up, even in winter when temperatures

are especially cold. Vehicles that are idling

can produce as much pollution as vehicles that

are in motion, and idling for as little as 10 seconds

wastes more gas than restarting the engine.

Drivers concerned about overtaxing their engines

shortly after starting them can warm their

engines by easing into their drives and avoiding

excessive revving.

•Use cruise control wisely. Drivers concerned

about fuel economy may be accustomed to turning

on their vehicles’ cruise control when driving

long distances on the highway. While that is an

effective and fuel-efficient way to maintain

steady speeds, turn cruise control off when traversing

roads with steep hills. On such roads, fuel

efficiency can be lost because the vehicle engine is

working harder to maintain steady speeds.

•Tighten the gas cap. When gas caps are loose,

fuel evaporates. The Car Care Council notes that

loose, missing or damaged gas caps contribute to

the evaporation of roughly 147 million gallons of

gas per year. That’s both wasteful and costly.

When filling up at the gas station, turn the cap

until your hear it click.

Driving efficiently can make roadways safer,

benefit the environment and save drivers considerable

amounts of money.


Join today for a

better tomorrow

Spring is a great time to do something important for your future…and enjoy all of the

advantages of belonging to First Service Federal Credit Union!

First Service is offering a special “No Auto Payment for 90 Days” when you move

your auto loan from another financial institution. Visit any branch office or give us a call

today at (614) 836-0100 to apply! (See ad in this publication for special offer details.)

Experience the credit union difference by opening an account at First Service. We provide

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First Service VISA credit card.

First Service is your community credit union offering services to anyone that lives,

works, attends school, or worships in Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, Licking, Madison,

Morrow, Pickaway, and Union counties with branch locations serving Groveport, Grove

City, Hilliard, Reynoldsburg, and employees of Nationwide Children’s Hospital, along

with online banking at

Madison Township amends public comment procedures


By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

Madison Township residents will have

two opportunities to provide public input

during trustee meetings, but they will not

be able to post public comments on the

township’s social media pages.

During the April 13 Madison Township

trustees meeting, the trustees amended a

public comments resolution by adopting a

six-month trial period beginning April 13

moving the first public comment section and

adding a second public comment session.

In eliminating the posting of public comments

on social media after getting an

opinion from the county prosecutor’s office,

Administrator Susan Brobst said the original

intent of utilizing social media was for

the township posting of information only.

“I agree with leaving it the way it is,”

said Trustee Chairman John Pritchard.

“This platform was a way to provide information

to residents. I think we need to

leave it as information only.”

Trustee Michele Reynolds said the

trustees want social media to be a reliable

source of information and for people to be

able to visit the page as a trusted source.

Other township news

•Reynolds discussed the implementation

of a voluntary At-Risk Registry for township

residents that was developed in conjunction

with the township’s police department.

A picture, special needs such as autism,

development disabilities, dementia or anyone

prone to wandering or running, and

emergency contact information is stored for

easy access by first responders in the event

of an emergency involving the individual.

The information informs officers of an

individual’s challenges when they are

called to a residence for service and help

first responders to better understand the

situation before arriving on scene.

“Franklin County has a similar program–Project

Lifesaver,” said Police Chief

Gary York. “It (township program) would

help officers quickly identify key things

and have a photo with them in the cruiser.

Think in terms of saving time. If a loved

one goes missing, those precious moments

can be saved. It (the At-Risk Registry) is

voluntary. The site is running on our webpage

under Services in the police department


To register yourself, a family member,

or someone in your care for the At-Risk

Registry, visit the township webpage and

sign-up via the electronic form. After submitting

the form, also email a photo of the

person with a short physical description

(hair color, skin color, height, weight, etc.)

to The

photo will be attached to the registry information

previously submitted.

“When you help families struggling with

situations like this, it takes a huge weight

off their shoulders,” Pritchard said.

•More than 40 wooden picnic tables at

the park were replaced with all-weather

tables purchased through CARES act funding.

A tangle of paperwork in order to donate

the surplus wooden tables to two non-profit

Boy Scout troops, Troop 3101 in Canal

Winchester and Troop 622 in Blacklick

Estates, resulted in the speedier process of

selling the tables to the scouts in two lots at

a cost of $1 per lot. The money to purchase

the tables was donated to the scout troops.

Our Pictorial Past by Rick Palsgrove



APRIL 20TH, 21ST AND 22ND 11 AM - 1 PM

Ezzo Sausage Company, a 100-year old family owned sausage and

pepperoni manufacturer, is looking for production/processing workers

with a drive to get things done to join our growing team.

Ezzo Sausage Company, located at 683 Manor Park Dr. in

Columbus, is taking applications for immediate hire. We offer great

pay, overtime, fully paid medical benefits (after 30 days), a great

dental plan and monthly attendance bonuses!

Join us and find out what Ezzo Sausage Company is all about!

Call 614-445-8841 for more information or stop by at

683 Manor Park Drive and fill out an application.

Photo courtesy of the Groveport Heritage Museum

Triple play’s 10-year anniversary

Ten years ago the Groveport Madison

Cruiser varsity softball team turned a

rare triple play in a game against

Lakewood, which the Cruisers won 4-3.

Pictured here are the Cruiser players

who pulled off the exciting triple play in

2011 (from left to right): Kasey Petty,

Kelcalynne Marburger, and Kelsey

Fridley. Lakewood had runners on first

and second base when a Lancer batter

hit a sinking line drive to right/center

field. “It looked like our centerfielder,

Kelsey Fridley, wouldn’t get to the ball in

time to make the catch,” said then

Cruiser softball coach Steve

Cunningham. “So the baserunners took

off in a dead sprint.” But Fridley made a

dramatic diving catch for the first out.

She then threw the ball to Kasey Petty at

second base for the second out, who in

turn whirled and threw the ball to

Kelcalynne Marburger at first base for

the third out. A triple play. “It was a close

game and they had two runners on and

we had no outs, so plays had to be made

to keep them from scoring,” said Fridley.

“When you are in a situation like that you

don’t have time to think, you just have to

react and my reaction was to dive for it.

After I caught it, I saw Kasey with her

hands up so I jumped up and threw it to

her and she threw it to Kelcalynne at

first.” Fridley credited her teammates for

making the triple play happen. “I just

started the play, they ended it,” said

Fridley. “It was exciting and the team kept

that momentum going and we ended up

with the win.” The Lakewood runner on

second base was half way to home plate.

The other runner was about 10 feet past

second base. They had no chance to get

back. Cunningham said the triple play

happened so quickly that initially it did

not sink in to the Cruiser players what

they achieved. “They were excited once

they realized it,” said Cunningham.

Change is constant. People come and go in

our lives. Things disappear or just wear out.

Places change, too, sometimes drastically,

sometimes subtly. The big changes - such as

buildings being demolished - can remain

ingrained in our memories, but what about

the smaller changes? Small things that we

saw every day and that we took for granted

would always be there, but one day were just

gone. Some are things from our youth while

others were things whose presence followed

us through life.

I recently thought about some of these

small things that were once in Groveport

and wanted share them with you to see if you

might remember them, too. Here they are:

•The wooden Cruiser football schedule sign

board that once stood on the northwest corner

of the Groveport Elementary school front lawn.

The schedule sign board faced the intersection

of Main Street and Wirt Road. It was

painted white with black lettering. It listed

the nine varsity football games the Cruisers

would play for the next season. If I remember

correctly, the sign had movable slats with the

names of the opponents so they could be repositioned

in the proper order from year-to-year

as the schedule changed.

•The concrete street signs. These were

kind of cool, but they did not seem to last




Remembering some small changes around town

Editor’s Notebook

long. They were wedge shaped and sat on the

ground at intersections. They were painted

white, but I cannot remember if the lettering

of the street names was in red or black paint.

I recall that the signs included a small black

silhouette of the head of Groveport’s famous

stallion and school mascot, Cruiser. I liked

these signs. But, the paint peeled away from

these signs requiring a lot of maintenance, so

I suppose that’s why they eventually disappeared

in favor of traditional metal street

name signs.

•The enclosed telephone booth at the corner

of Crooked Alley and Main Street. This was

the traditional style phone booth like the

ones “Clark Kent” was depicted in changing

into his “Superman” outfit in the comic books.

I remember this phone booth had a thick

phone book in it that was secured to the

booth with a cable. People would write notes

and phone numbers on the interior walls of

the phone booth.

•The huge tree on the Groveport Elementary

playground. This tree stood by the fence near

where the asphalt ramp leads down from the

school to the playground. This was a massive

tree that I believed was felled by a storm.

There’s still a depression in the ground from

the stump where this tree once stood.

•The lights and light poles on the big baseball

field at Groveport

Elementary. These were

taken down a few years

ago. These lights

always looked a bit

beat up, but they did

light up the field when

they were occasionally

illuminated for night

games. Someone told

me that they believed

these lights were

moved to the baseball

diamond from the old

football field at

Groveport Elementary



(this football field was located where the two

small baseball/softball diamonds are now.) I

have a memory from the early 1960s of eating

a suggary Pixie stick and watching the

Groveport Little League baseball coaches

play a team of WBNS-TV All Stars under

these lights on that baseball diamond.

•The simple strings of Christmas lights that

were strung across Main Street. My memory is

that these lights were spaced out across the

street from College Street to Front Street.

They were big, colorful bulbs and I remember

they looked wonderful during a snowfall.

•The black and white directional sign posts

on the southwest corner of Main and College

streets. These signs pointed the way and indicated

the mileage to travel to Canal

Winchester, Ashville, and Lockbourne Air

Force Base.

Do you remember all these things? Can

you remember others like them?

Rick Palsgrove is editor of the Groveport


Groveport history

•Two documentary films on the history

of Groveport, produced by the

Groveport Heritage Society and Midnet

Media, are available for viewing online

on YouTube. The films are: “Groveport:

A Town and Its People” and “The Story

of John S. Rarey and Cruiser.”

•The Groveport Heritage Museum is

located in Groveport Town Hall, 648

Main St., and is open during Groveport

Town Hall’s operating hours. However,

currently Town Hall is closed to the public

due to the ongoing pandemic. Call



Deadlines: Groveport and West editions, Wednesdays at 5 p.m., • South/Canal Winchester, Grove City, Madison editions, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.

All editions by phone, Tuesdays at 5 p.m. • Service Directory, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.



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PAGE 10 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - April 18, 2021


Deadlines: Groveport and West editions, Wednesdays at 5 p.m., • South/Canal Winchester, Grove City, Madison editions, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.

All editions by phone, Tuesdays at 5 p.m. • Service Directory, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.




Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

provides paid training and job-search help

Program Eligibility Requirements:

• Must be age 55 or above

• Must meet Income Limit Guidelines and show proof of income

• Must be willing to seek permanent full-time or part-time employment

• Must be currently unemployed

For further information,

AARP Foundation Senior Employment

Stephen Albright 614-322-0600 (Franklin Co. East)

Debra Shinoskie 614-258-7295 (Franklin Co. West)


$$$ $$$


The Advertising Department at the

Columbus Messenger Newspapers

is seeking a Salesperson.

No Experience Necessary.

Base salary plus commissions, auto allowance.

Seniors welcome to apply.

Please send your resume or call:

Doug Henry, Advertising Manager

Columbus Messenger Newspapers

3500 Sullivant Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43204



e-mail to




The South-Western City School

District is currently hiring drivers

for the 2020-2021 school year


Available positions are for substitute drivers

that can develop into “Regular” positions with

benefits. Interested individuals should submit

an application on our website at

Follow the employment link. Applicants should

have an excellent driving record and must

submit to drug, alcohol, and background

screening. A high school diploma or equivalent

is required.



Little Lamb



Child Care


Hours: 1:30pm to 5:30pm Monday thru Friday

working with 4 year olds.

Must be 18 years old and

have a high school diploma.







If you have a reliable

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xCome & Get It!

April 18, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 11

xClassified Services


Deadlines are Tuesdays by 5 pm.

Call For Publication Schedule 614-272-5422

Need to Get Rid of Something Fast - Advertise It Here For FREE!

FREE Garden Straw for gardens or bedding. Call for appointment for pickup.

Circle S Farms, 9015 London-Groveport Road, Grove City, 43123

Grove City - 614-878-7980

. Come and Get It! is a bi-weekly column that offers readers an opportunity to pass

along surplus building materials, furniture, electronic equipment, crafts, supplies,

appliances, plants or household goods to anybody who will come and get them - as

long as they’re FREE. NO PETS! Just send us a brief note describing what you want to

get rid of, along with your name, address and phone number. Nonprofit organizations

are welcome to submit requests for donations of items.

Send information to The Columbus Messenger, Attention: Come and Get It, 3500

Sullivant Ave., Columbus, OH43204. Deadline is Tuesdays by 5 pm for following

Mondays publication. Messenger Newspapers is not responsible for any

complications that may occur. Please contact us when items are gone. 272-5422


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or product is advised by

this publication. In order

to avoid misunderstandings,

some advertisers do

not offer “employment”

but rather supply the

readers with manuals, directories

and other materials

designed to help

their clients establish mail

order selling and other

businesses at home. Under

NO circumstance

should you send any

money in advance or give

the client your checking,

license ID or credit card

numbers. Also beware of

ads that claim to guarantee

loans regardless of

credit and note that if a

credit repair company

does business only over

the phone it’s illegal to request

any money before

delivering its service. All

funds are based in US

dollars. Toll Free numbers

may or may not

reach Canada. Please

check with the Better

Business Bureau 614-

486-6336 or the Ohio Attorney

General’s Consumer

Protection Section

614-466-4986 for more

information on the company

you are seeking to

do business with.

Come & Get It!


Wants to purchase minerals

and other oil and gas

interests. Send details to

P.O. Box 13557, Denver,

CO. 80201

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Gender Road

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5336 Gender Rd

Canal Winchester


Friday, April 23, 9am-6pm

Sat., April 24, 9am-3pm

Sun., April 25, 9am-2pm


9-3 Sat., April 24

594 Elm St., Groveport

(near intersection of

Walnut and Elm)

Furniture, home goods,

music, movies, books.


Garage Sale


When You Stop By

Our Office At:

3500 Sullivant Ave.

And Place Your



Carpet Installer has Entry

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Victrolas, Watches,

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Antiques, Furn.

Jeff 614-262-0676

or 614-783-2629


Professional couple

seeking 2-3 bedroom,

1 1/2-2 baths, family room

preferably with fireplace,

1-2 car garage and yard in

Frankllin County for lease

with option to buy. 304-



Englewood, Florida

Palm Manor Resort

Within minutes of white

sand Gulf beaches,

world famous Tarpon

fishing, golf courses, restaurants/shopping,


Gardens. 2 BR 2 BA

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Charge Up

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Washer, Dryer, Stove &

Refrig. Repair 875-7588



Walker’s Basement

Waterproofing. LLC






Free Estimates

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Sealcoating & Services LLC

Quality Materials Used


Driveway Seal & Repair!

Top Seal Cracks!

Residential & Commercial

Mulching, Edging & Clean-ups

“Ask for whatever you need.”

BBB Accredited-Fully Insured

5/9 A/M

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Specializing in Pet Odors


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Buckeye City

Concrete & Excavating

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* Waterlines * Drains

*Catch Basins





Quality Concrete Work

Lt. Hauling & Room Add.,

Block Work & Excavation

Stamp Patios,

Bsmt. Wall Restoration

35 Yrs Exp - Lic & Ins.

Free Ests. 614-871-3834

AJ’s Concrete,


Good Work - Fair Prices

Block Foundations

Driveways • Sidewalks

Epoxy/Overlay Floors

Bonded-Ins. • Free Ests.


Driveways & Extensions

Patio & Walkways,

Porches & Steps,

Garage/Basement Floors

Hot Tub/Shed Pads,

Stamped/colored concrete

Sealing of new &

existing concrete.

Contact Adam





Bates & Sons


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“Welcome Home”

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Financing Available

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Owner & Operator

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5/9 A/M

5/9 A

5/9 A

4/25 A




3093 W. Broad St., Cols.




$100 OFF New Termite Services!

With This Ad

Monthly & Quarterly Pest Services

Great Prices!!

Licensed & Insured

Free Termite Inspection



SINCE 1973

Phil Bolon Contr.

Windows & Siding

Decks, Kitchens, Baths

Room Additions,

Flooring, Roofing

Bsmt Waterproofing

Deal With Small Non-Pressure Co.

47 Yrs. Exp. - Refs. Avail.


Free Est. - Financing Avail.

Member BBB Of Cent. OH

O.C.I.E.B. ID #24273


or 614-863-9912




Home Repairs, Roofing,

Siding, Gutters, Soffits,

Misc. Int. Repairs

Int. Painting

Call Joe 614-778-1460

37 Years Exp.



Handyman Remodeling

Over 35 yrs exp.

Larry 614-376-7006





Summer, Spring,

Winter or Fall


Lawn Cuts, Edging,

Trees & Shrubs, Garden,

Mulching, Hauling,

Garden Pond &

Home Maint.

Free Ests. Low Rates

$20 & Up

Kevin - 614-905-3117


The Lawn Barber

Cut, Trim, Blow away

Hedge Trimming, Edging

Garden Tilling




• Weekly Mowing starting at

$25 for Residential Lot

• Spring Clean-Ups

start at $99

• Gutter Cleaning - $75

for Single Family Home

Res. / Comm.

Lic./Ins. BBB Member



Accepting New Clients

Spring Cleanup,

Lawn service, mulching,

plant & shrub trimming &

planting, fertilization,

Free Estimates. Contact

Patrick 614-301-3575

Lawnmasters and


Give us a call for your

yards that need mowing,

Spring clean-up, weed

control, paver patios, etc.

Free Estimates



Aaron Allen


Local Moving since 1956

Bonded and Insured




over 60 yrs

in business


Painter Over 30 Yrs Exp.

Free Est. Reas Rates

Daniel 614-226-4221

A Job Well Done Again

A lic. General Contractor

Some Skilled Services

Incl: Painting • Stucco,


Drainage & Home Maint.

Call Today! 614-235-1819

Walker’s Interior Painting

Free Est. 614-359-4353

Classified Services




Services LLC

Minor Plumbing

& Electric

Install Hot Water Tanks,

Dishwashers & Disposals

Also Fencing &

Interior/Exterior Painting

Free Est. ~ 18 Yrs. Exp.

CDC/EPA Approved Guidelines


4/25 A



4/11 E/SE

5/9 A&M








Textured Ceilings





All About Drains & Plumb.

Will snake any sm drain

$125 + tax. 614-778-2584



“One Call Does It All”



With This Ad A


All Major Credit Cards Accepted



“Plumbing & Drain Professional

That You Can Count On”

24 Hrs., 7 Days/Week

No Overtime Charges

24 Yrs. Exp. in Plumbing &

Drain Cleaning Field

Call For A Free Phone Estimate

$100.00 For Any Small Drain


30% OFF with AD



Any house wash $149+tax

Single deck $69+tax

2 Tier deck $99+tax

Best Wash in Town

Over 45,000 washes

Ashley 614-771-3892

Bates & Sons

Soft Wash & Powerwash

5 ★ Google Reviews



We Specialize In Decks.

Clean, stain, reseal,

revitalize any deck.

Quality work at fair prices.

Guarantee All Work 3 Yrs.

25 Yrs Exp. Free Est.



Robinson roofing & repairs

30 yrs. exp. Lifetime Cols.

resident. Lic./bonded/Ins.

Reas rates. Member of

BBB. Dennis Robinson

614-330-3087, 732-3100



Trimming, Removal &

Stump Grinding.


Brewer & Sons Tree Service

• Tree Removal

• Tree Trimming 4/25


• Stump Grinding

• Bucket Truck Services

Best Prices • Same Day Service


4/25 A/M

5/9 A&M

5/9 A

PAGE 12 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - April 18, 2021


Apply Online At




and our NEW Location at 6542 Hayden Run Rd.




Lucrative Tips • Commissions Paid Nightly • Flexible Hours

Hiring Seniors • College/High School Students (18 yrs +)

Update on Madison Township

residents’ natural gas bills

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

If you are a Madison Township resident,

you might have received an unwelcome

surprise in a recent natural gas utility bill.

According to the township’s utility advisor,

Trebel, LLC, and its representative

Scott Belcastro, natural gas supplier

Volunteer Energy services took steps to

charge customers for a purported increase

in Volunteer’s costs due to two separate


“Trebel believes Volunteer’s actions to

increase your costs have caused Volunteer

to be unjustly compensated by customers

and requires your community to take

action on behalf of its residents” wrote

Belcastro in a letter to Volunteer Energy

Services on the township’s behalf.

The two events Belcastro said allegedly

allowed Volunteer to pass through additional

costs over and above a contractual

fixed-price adder was a pipeline request by

Columbia Gas Transmission (TCO) to

increase rates for storage and transmission

and the cold winter weather event in


“TCO filed a rate case with the Federal

Energy Regulatory Commission and implemented

new rates, subject to refund, to

suppliers starting Feb. 1, 2021, which

would significantly increase the cost of

storage and transmission on the TCO

pipeline,” wrote Belcastro.

According to Belcastro, while the action

affected suppliers in February, the federal

rate case application and new rates proposed

by Columbia Gas have not yet been

approved by the regulatory commission.

The current Columbia Gas charge is

NYMEX plus $0.107 per cubic foot.

“To compensate Volunteer for TCO’s

increased Volunteer increased your price of

natural gas by adding an additional charge

of $0.0715 per ccf to the previously charged

NYMEX plus fixed-price adder, beginning

Letters policy

The Southeast Messenger welcomes

letters to the editor. Letters cannot be

libelous. Letters that do not have a signature,

address, and telephone number, or

are signed with a pseudonym, will be rejected.


Feb. 1,” wrote Belcastro. “Volunteer

appears to be claiming that a regulatory

event occurred to allow it to take action.”

With the additional charge, the cost to

customers jumps in April to NYMEX plus

$0.170 per ccf.

Trebel alleges Volunteer is violating the

township contract in that no regulatory

event has yet occurred to allow the company

to pass through the rate increases and

the community and that Trebel LLC was

not notified of the increase prior to

Volunteer assessing the charges.

The shutdown of energy services in

Texas due to extreme weather also had a

purported impact on the cost of providing

gas to Madison Township customers.

“Volunteer alleges that due to this cold

weather event and shut down that they

could not have foreseen, they were required

to purchase additional natural gas in the

market at extremely high prices,” said

Belcastro. “As a result, Volunteer

increased your price of natural gas by

adding an additional charge of $0.09 per

ccf…beginning March 1. Volunteer has

stated that it only intends to assess this

additional charge on customers’ March


A special Madison Township trustee

meeting was held on April 6 by Trebel LLC

to discuss the increases.

During his presentation to the township,

Belcastro said, “Volunteer has since

decided to refund back to residents this

summer the one-time charge ($13-$15) that

it collected from residents on March bills.”

Madison Township Administrator

Susan Brobst said the “cold-weather” event

fee refund will be in the form of a check and

that the township is waiting on a timeline

confirmation for the refund.

“The remaining fee charged is still being

discussed,” said Brobst, who previously

said the township believes the rate increases

are unfair and not permitted by the contract.

POINT. The Messenger reserves the right

to edit or refuse publication of any letter for

any reason. Opinions expressed in the letters

are not necessarily the views of the

Messenger. Mail letters to: Southeast

Messenger, 3500 Sullivant Avenue,

Columbus, OH 43204; or by email to



Keep tabs on the latest news in

Groveport & Madison Township

Look for Groveport Messenger on

Become a fan!



(Distribution: 20,634)

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The Columbus Messenger Co.

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(614) 272-5422

The Columbus Messenger Co. reserves the right to edit, reject or cancel

any advertisement or editorial copy at any time. The company is not

responsible for checking accuracy of items submitted for publication.

Errors in advertising copy must be called to the attention of the company

after first insertion and prior to a second insertion of the same advertising


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