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021<br />

EDITION #06<br />

MONTANA-CANS <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />



photography by edward nightingale

photography by edward nightingale


photography by edward nightingale


photography by Musa


CANS<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong><br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

Without even having a moment to realize it,<br />

2020 had ended as fast as it came. And<br />

<strong>2021</strong> started with as much confusion as<br />

2020 ended. It is easy to turn on the television<br />

and be constantly reminded about<br />

how negative everything is or was. But the<br />

real challenge, and the reward, lie in wiping<br />

off the dust, removing our masks, and<br />

taking a deep breath, reflecting on all the<br />

good things that happened. All those amazing<br />

things that happened before, during,<br />

or after all the restrictions. The projects and<br />

ideas that wouldn’t have happened if we<br />

were still running up and down our old paths.<br />

So, what did happen in 2020? Well,<br />

actually a lot! In the Montana-Cans LOOK-<br />

BOOK <strong>2021</strong>, which is the sixth edition of<br />

the <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> series, we start the celebration<br />

with the freshly cooked cover illustration<br />

by one of our favorite Italian artists,<br />

LUGOSIS and STRATO200’s. Not only<br />

are their quirky characterizations known to<br />

the graffiti community the world over, but<br />

you may also recognize their style on every<br />

box of Montana BLACK cans.<br />

The start of <strong>2021</strong> marks the release<br />

of the 20th edition Montana BLACK Artist<br />

Edition cans by ATOM ONE. Not only special<br />

release as it is the 20th can in the series,<br />

but also as it pays extra respect to an<br />

artist that has well and truly earned it. The<br />

gray areas of copyright infringement and<br />

artists’ legal rights were also given a shakeup<br />

in 2020. So much so that the SEVENTH<br />

LETTER lawyer Jeff Gluck, CHINA TOWN<br />

MARKET, and Montana-Cans collabora ted<br />

in creating the “Call my Lawyer” can. Collaborating<br />

and staying socially connected<br />

in times of isolation and restricted social<br />

contact proved to be more important than<br />

ever in 2020. Making the release of the<br />

Montana-Cans x NITRO Backpack collaboration<br />

even more poignant. The icing<br />

on the cake being the SPRAYCATION patch<br />

series that told a story about travel and<br />

adventure that sits harmoniously on the<br />

NITRO bag. It wasn’t all about products<br />

and gadgets however, 2020 also saw the<br />

artistic development of many prolific<br />

artists who reached new levels. Artists like<br />

BOND TRULUV, blowing us away with<br />

his unique world of augmented reality that<br />

is based on one of the most solid outdoor<br />

and studio practices in the game. We<br />

reconnected to the streets with the gritty<br />

French bomber, KENO. Taking us on a<br />

visual adventure filled with the mark-making<br />

of a dedicated individual. The Israeli<br />

photographer MUSA FRAMES rose to our<br />

attention with his photographic documentation<br />

so close to the action, you can<br />

almost smell the sweat.<br />

Not to mention the amazing innovations<br />

of German artist, NOMAD. Pushing<br />

graffiti letter style writing to places it has<br />

never been before. And that’s just some of it.<br />

No one knows what will lie ahead,<br />

nor how the future of Graffiti, Urban art, and<br />

Visual art, in general, will look. One thing<br />

is for sure, it has never been more important<br />

to be creative than it is now. From all the<br />

team at Montana-Cans to all our loyal sup -<br />

porters, partners, and collaborators, we<br />

thank you for keeping the creative fire burning<br />

and making the world a colorful place.<br />

Onward, and upward.<br />

Montana-Cans <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Editorial<br />


5 Editorial<br />

10 Montana BLACK<br />

Artist Edition: ATOM<br />

14 LOCKDOWN<br />

ON LOCK<br />

Or how to make it<br />

through 2020<br />

30 POW WOW<br />

Hawai‘i 2020<br />

10th anniversary<br />

40 Montana-Cans<br />

Collabo Series:<br />


MARKET<br />

44 GOLDZILLA by<br />


46 BOND TRULUV<br />

Entering the<br />

world of graffiti<br />

augmentation<br />

56 PICHIAVO<br />

for Metropolink<br />

62 Montana-Cans X<br />


70 The 2020 JBCB<br />

Summer Tour<br />

80 Corona Dampf 2020<br />

84 MUSA.FRAMES<br />

96 CLOAKWORK<br />

Graffiti on a tourist<br />

cruise ship<br />

104 The world according<br />

to N.O.MADSKI<br />

114 KENO was here<br />

120 AKUT<br />

studio insights<br />

124 SISTERHOOD<br />

in graffiti culture<br />

130 Montana-Cans<br />

Latest Products<br />

138 Blackbook<br />

148 Imprint<br />

8 <strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> <strong>2021</strong> content

10<br />


Celebrating the 20th edition of the<br />

Montana BLACK Artist Series cans.<br />

30<br />

14<br />


The graffiti guide to surviving 2020.<br />

POW WOW Hawai‘i 2020<br />

Celebrating 10 years of POW! WOW!<br />

46<br />


Taking us beyond our<br />

comfort zones into graffiti<br />

augmented reality.<br />

62<br />

Montana-Cans X NITRO BAGS<br />

Time to go anywhere with the ultimate<br />

travel companion.<br />

84<br />


So close to the action you can<br />

smell the sweat.<br />

120<br />

AKUT<br />

Forcing us to look beyond the mask.<br />

<strong>LOOKBOOK</strong> <strong>2021</strong> Content<br />


ATOM's<br />

MEGA<br />

BLAST<br />

Location<br />

Dortmund, Germany<br />

Photography<br />

ATOM<br />

Profile<br />

@atomoneski<br />

ATOM ONE, a name that is synonymous<br />

with both German, and international graffiti<br />

history. A writer that has been active<br />

for well over three decades. Originating<br />

from the industrious city of Dortmund, this<br />

prolific graffiti artist has been paving<br />

his way through all disciplines of the graffiti<br />

spectrum since the beginning of his writing<br />

career. All the while doing what he loves<br />

most, letters. With artwork all over the<br />

world and a penchant for the color orange,<br />

we celebrate the release of the 20th<br />

Montana BLACK Artists Series can, ATOM's<br />

MEGABLAST- BLK 2120.<br />

↑ "Big, beautiful,<br />

colorful wholecars".<br />

From the very first<br />

time, Atom describes<br />

what still drives him<br />

today.<br />

→ With a new direction<br />

in the Artist<br />

Series can designs,<br />

ATOM opts for a<br />

photographic touch<br />

for the limited<br />


can.<br />

10 Artist Edition Atom'S MEgablast

Atom One is a name that stands for over 30<br />

years of quality graffiti innovation. His<br />

roots stemming from the German city of<br />

Dortmund, he is now one of the most<br />

respected graffiti writers on the globe. With an unstoppable<br />

work ethic, his continual commitment to graf -<br />

fiti style writing has made him a reference point for multiple<br />

generations of graffiti writers. To celebrate the<br />

legendary status of the 20th Montana-Cans Artist Series<br />

can, it seemed only fitting to feature a legendary<br />

writer that is active both behind the scenes and in the<br />

scene. With his choice of the Montana BLACK<br />

ATOM's MEGABLAST color, ATOM has paid homage<br />

to his favorite variation of his favorite color, orange.<br />

MC<br />

You have had many periods in your work where particular<br />

styles came to the fore. Do you have a favorite or<br />

any favorite phases in your style that you can reflect on?<br />

ATOM<br />

One poignant period for me was when the Berlin writers<br />

regularly came to visit Dortmund, and I saw that<br />

you can make your style a lot more attractive and with a<br />

lot more power with very few visual resources.<br />

For me when I saw this, I sat down and set myself<br />

the goal of taking the typical Dortmund blockbuster<br />

style that I was doing to a new level and dealing a little<br />

more with letter combinations or to put it more<br />

I do not judge when people progress<br />

and develop their ideas<br />

and expressive forms further, to<br />

reflect the art they make and<br />

the mediums they use.<br />

← ATOM proving<br />

again who is the<br />

winner between man<br />

and machine, with<br />

this colorful wholecar.<br />


Your graffiti name is known all over the world, your style<br />

of graffiti is a reference point for writers of all ages,<br />

and you have been heavily active for over 3 generations.<br />

Does the fire still burn in you as strongly as when<br />

you began?<br />

ATOM<br />

Yes, of course, the fire is still burning as it did at the beginning.<br />

MC<br />

Graffiti has splintered into many diverse sub-disciplines.<br />

What are your feelings toward writers who have<br />

turned to focus on fine art and gallery work, and do you<br />

still relate to the older writers who focus purely on<br />

graffiti style writing?<br />

ATOM<br />

Things are different now compared to 30 years ago.<br />

Some of us have different needs. Now there are<br />

obligations, children, you have to earn money, and the<br />

time is no longer there to go completely nuts as it<br />

was 30 years ago. Or better yet, at the beginning of your<br />

career. Time management is the keyword, and<br />

everything depends on that. Time management is not<br />

my strength otherwise I would be doing more.<br />

accurately, the combination of the letters. I no loger went<br />

out to just paint 5–6 pieces every day and that was<br />

that, rather, I wanted to do achieve one impressive piece<br />

and invest a little more effort to get a better result.<br />

This was such a milestone for me between 1994 and<br />

1998.<br />

MC<br />

You have been an active graffiti writer for the greater part<br />

of your life and have seen many changes in graffiti<br />

culture. (E.G., the internet and social media, the commercialization<br />

of graffiti, the many publications made,<br />

etc.) Are there any specific topics within graffiti writing<br />

culture now that you feel strongly about?<br />

ATOM<br />

Yes of course. I belong to the old guard and have certain<br />

ideas and values that I have come to appreciate and<br />

love over the years. Nevertheless, I do not judge when<br />

people progress and develop their ideas and expressive<br />

forms further, to reflect the art they make and the<br />

mediums they use. I have no problem with that, the<br />

one belongs to the other, and is also justified and should<br />

be continued in my opinion. The only thing I pass<br />

judgment on a little is the time people spend on social<br />

media. This is time that is not being used to be creative<br />

or to reflect on the art you bring to the outside world.<br />

Artist Edition Atom'S MEgablast<br />


That's why you don't see posts from me every day or<br />

every week, but only when I feel like it.<br />

MC<br />

Were there any turning points in your life or graffiti writing<br />

career that have affected you more than others?<br />

ATOM<br />

My turning point was when I was 16 years old. This is<br />

when my father said to me: "you have to take care<br />

of yourself now". He no longer felt like being held accountable<br />

all the time for the trouble I was getting<br />

myself into. I left home and stood on my own two feet<br />

for the first time. From that point on, graffiti was<br />

what I was best at and the only thing I had to earn money.<br />

I am grateful to my father for those words to this day.<br />

MC<br />

As a lot of writers see style writing as a never-ending<br />

quest for perfection, are you happy with the work<br />

you are creating right now?<br />

it my pictures or my work developing spray cans that<br />

are fun to use.<br />

I am still looking for perfection in my style which<br />

I will probably never find in my lifetime as there is no<br />

such thing. Or as the beat producers would say, "looking<br />

for the perfect beat". There isn´t one, everything is<br />

a learning process that everyone should go through, not<br />

giving up after going backward while learning the<br />

style process. It always gets better and so style is not<br />

timeless, but always variable, ever-changing, sometimes<br />

more complicated, other times less complicated<br />

or reduced. Sometimes even completely exaggerated.<br />

And that is what style lives from, ever dependent<br />

on the mood you are in.<br />

MC<br />

Your elaborate and prolific wholecar works often pop up<br />

on social media and mystify the audience. Are you that<br />

guy that needs an extra 10 minutes when everyone else<br />

is finished? Or are you the one who is emptying scraps<br />

on another panel while you wait for the others to finish?<br />

I just try to stay true to myself and<br />

not lose sight of the goal I set<br />

myself at the beginning of my career,<br />

which was to paint graffiti for as<br />

long as I could and to become as famous<br />

with it as possible.<br />

← Any model, any size.<br />

What ATOM does<br />

in 2 hours, many don't<br />

manage in a day.<br />

ATOM<br />

I just try to stay true to myself and not lose sight of the<br />

goal I set myself at the beginning of my career, which<br />

was to paint graffiti for as long as I could and to become<br />

as famous with it as possible.<br />

Graffiti has taken on an uncontrollable dynamic<br />

of its own over the years and it goes in all directions.<br />

These directions are all associated, be it street art, graffiti<br />

on canvas for the gallery exhibitions, straight style<br />

writing, tagging, the throw-up movement, etc... All these<br />

things fall under the heading GRAFFITI.<br />

It used to be a handful of people in a city, or in a<br />

country, on a continent. Today it is a complete movement<br />

that I helped spread to all areas of social life including<br />

fashion, music events packaging, advertising,<br />

or social media. Graffiti is simply a formative art form,<br />

or rather the formative form of art of the last 50 years<br />

that simply must be recognized. I am happy and grateful<br />

to be a part of it and to give something back, be<br />

ATOM<br />

Haha, no, I'm definitely not the guy you need to wait an<br />

extra 10 minutes for. Usually, I am the one who<br />

finishes first when there is a time limit of 1.5 to 2 hours.<br />

Particularly if this is discussed beforehand, you<br />

need to stick to it.<br />

I am probably more experienced and can reach<br />

my potential in exactly 2 hours, so it may look more<br />

complicated than others. But it is just that I know what I<br />

can do in 2 hours, keeping it safe, and not over exaggerating<br />

it.<br />

MC<br />

You have successfully managed to consistently paint in<br />

all disciplines of graffiti all over the globe. Whether<br />

it be the streets, walls, or trains. What was the most rewarding<br />

action/project that you have managed to<br />

paint until now?<br />

12 Artist Edition Atom'S MEgablast

→ ATOME ONE mixing<br />

it up with a style<br />

for every occasion.<br />

ATOM<br />

I think the first wholecar I ever painted was the most significant<br />

event or the most outstanding action I did.<br />

From that day on, it was like I was obsessed. All I wanted<br />

to do thereafter was to paint big, beautiful, colorful<br />

wholecars. I hope that I just have enough opportunity and<br />

time on this planet to be able to do that a little more.<br />

MC<br />

What is it that inspired the color MEGABLAST when it<br />

was being developed?<br />

ATOM<br />

Orange has always been my favorite color and that's why<br />

it was clear to me when I got the opportunity to<br />

make my own color, it would be some form of orange.<br />

Montana gave me the opportunity to make<br />

ATOM´s Napalm orange back in the days, but for strategic<br />

reasons, the Writer Team line was then discontinued.<br />

This resulted in ATOM´s MEGABLAST Orange.<br />

MEGABLAST because this orange covers<br />

extremely well.<br />

MC<br />

Imagine that for whatever reason, you have concluded<br />

that you must stop writing graffiti forever. If you<br />

can have one last painting session that is guaranteed to<br />

work out. Where would it be and on what?<br />

ATOM<br />

Yes, I've been contemplating this topic for quite a while,<br />

and at some point, I won't be able to paint graffiti<br />

anymore. You never know if you will stay healthy, your<br />

bones will get tired, or you just don't feel like it anymore,<br />

which I can't imagine at this point and I'm almost<br />

50. But the last action will definitely be a beautiful<br />

colorful Wholecar and I would be most happy about it if it<br />

was on an old steel train wagon. That was the first<br />

train I painted, so it would be a fitting ending.<br />

MC<br />

What's your favorite Montana BLACK can and cap combination?<br />

ATOM<br />

The best Montana cans cap combo for me is Montana<br />

BLACK black with a NYC fat cap for the outlines, or<br />

any Montana BLACK line can with Gold/Black fat cap to<br />

fill in. Absolutely the best!<br />

MC<br />

When in Italy, how many cups of coffee do you drink per<br />

day?<br />

ATOM<br />

Good question, when I'm in Italy, my Italian colleagues<br />

always laugh because I drink too much coffee.<br />

I only drink cappuccino and Italians only drink cappuccino<br />

in the morning with breakfast. But that's not enough<br />

for me, I drink cappuccino all day. There is always one or<br />

the other shake of the head from the Italian boys.<br />

Or as they say, "Latze, is not possible cappuccino now,<br />

only in the morning".<br />

Artist Edition Atom'S MEgablast<br />


LOCK<br />

DOWN<br />

ON<br />

LOck<br />

Or how to make it through 2020<br />

Text<br />

@team_flightmode<br />

Special thanks to<br />

all contributing artists<br />

& partners<br />

Photography<br />

@iamlaia<br />

@koolfunc88<br />

@waneonecod<br />

@cloakwork<br />

@kae_67<br />

@__lafranz__<br />

@clicks05<br />

@pshines_aow<br />

RIBES<br />

ALONE<br />

1<br />

Last year was a bizarre period, certainly one<br />

for the books. At the beginning of January<br />

2020, reports of an unknown syndrome<br />

started to appear on the news sporadically.<br />

There had been an outbreak in a Chinese<br />

metropolis. That city was Wuhan and, the<br />

mysterious illness became one of the most<br />

frequently used words all over the world<br />

in that year: Corona. A new kind of virus,<br />

SARS COV-2, to be exact, causing a disease<br />

called Covid-19. Apparently, it was very<br />

contagious and possibly dangerous. Precautions<br />

were taken to prevent further<br />

prevalence, but it had been too late. A pandemic<br />

had started. Corona has been<br />

spreading relentlessly around the world<br />

ever since.<br />

2<br />

14 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

“I remember watching the entire beginning of the<br />

pandemic in China on television. I thought this would<br />

never spread to the rest of the world”, Laia recognizes<br />

with a sense of disbelief when asked about how she<br />

remembers the beginning of 2020. “I thought it would<br />

be one more catastrophe, like all those that are experienced<br />

in many countries but end quickly.”<br />

Country after country was affected. Skeptical<br />

and hesitant reactions soon turned into pure paranoia,<br />

which seemed to morph into a kind of fatigue or negligence<br />

over time. Both individuals and governments acted<br />

upon the new circumstances. All of a sudden, our<br />

globalized world showed direct downsides of connectivity.<br />

Amongst others, traveling was identified as a<br />

catalyst of the pandemic.<br />

It comes as no surprise also Graffiti culture would<br />

become affected eventually, as societies struggled<br />

to tackle the new situation on all levels. Fist bumps, hand<br />

sanitizer, social distancing, contact restrictions,<br />

remote work, superspreaders. Video calls, home workouts,<br />

homeschooling, home office, systematically<br />

relevant professions, curfews, travel restrictions, lockdowns.<br />

Some buzzwords gained momentum quickly.<br />

They manifest how language both mimics and shapes<br />

our way of thinking. What’s more, these concepts<br />

reveal a whole new set of rules and external factors that<br />

changed our behavior and modified our reality to a<br />

new normal. The world was changing fast, and we tried<br />

to adjust. But was it all just bad?<br />

3<br />

Country after country was affected.<br />

Skeptical and hesitant reactions<br />

soon turned into pure paranoia,<br />

which seemed to morph into a kind<br />

of fatigue or negligence over time.<br />

4<br />

Dissecting this pandemic’s symptoms and semantics<br />

could make one think writers should have<br />

been the first ones to adjust. Writers are used to disguising<br />

their faces, often wearing gloves and respirators<br />

for protection. Habits that were widespread already prepandemic<br />

in our niche became the norm. But writers<br />

also usually love to travel, and they are rather free-spirited<br />

beings that do not respond well to restrictions.<br />

The world never felt more at stake in recent years<br />

than in 2020. Not to mention other challenging issues:<br />

open racism, institutional violence, fake news, presidential<br />

elections in the United States, Brexit, Moria, and<br />

sadly, this list could go on. The bushfires in Australia<br />

were no metaphor; the world was, in fact, burning.<br />

1 ALONE, taking<br />

a moment to observe,<br />

seeing if the air is<br />

clear.<br />

2 Is this steel still<br />

safe to hold weight?<br />

RIBES putting the<br />

iconic bolt cutters to<br />

good use, ensuring<br />

they don't gather rust<br />

in Lockdown.<br />

3 Just because there<br />

is a pandemic, doesn't<br />

mean it doesn't get<br />

hot. WANE bringing<br />

the heat regardless of<br />

the conditions.<br />

4 LAIA keeping it<br />

smiley while sporting<br />

her own design<br />

Montana Cans TAKE<br />

AWAY cotton bag.<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />


5<br />

We didn’t take it seriously because<br />

it started on the other side of the<br />

planet, and we always think when<br />

it is far away, it wouldn’t impact us.<br />

Laia<br />

6<br />

But let us rewind to a time before masked faces were a<br />

common sight in the broad public.<br />

We asked ten Graffiti artists with diverse backgrounds<br />

about their personal journeys throughout the<br />

year 2020. From Asia to Northern and Southern Europe,<br />

from East Coast to West Coast in the United States,<br />

we spoke to enthusiasts from all over the planet. Enjoy insights<br />

by Alone (Italy), Cloak (Malaysia), Func (France),<br />

Kae (USA), LaFranz (Italy), Laia (Spain), Pheo (Denmark),<br />

Post (USA), Ribes (Italy), and Wane (USA).<br />


“We didn’t take it seriously because it started on the other<br />

side of the planet, and we always think when it is far<br />

away, it wouldn’t impact us,” Func says. The Paris resident<br />

quickly changed his mind, though. “I wasn’t<br />

scared at first... But I quickly started to remember all the<br />

dystopian movies I’m watching all the time and thinking<br />

it could be the end of days,” he continues with a smirk,<br />

seemingly trying to take the critical situation with humor.<br />

Laia and Func address what probably a majority<br />

can relate to. Disbelief, refusal, derealization, or feeling<br />

like being in a bad movie. With the omnipresence of<br />

technological devices, an abundance of information<br />

is guaranteed. Whether on news broadcasts or social<br />

media, updates on recent developments are available<br />

at all times. While this might accelerate global developments<br />

and business, there is also a downside. More<br />

information does not create more order. The universal<br />

law of thermodynamics describes this as entropy.<br />

Thus, more than ever, one needs to be media savvy to<br />

process the plethora. “It seemed like the world turned<br />

16 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

upside down overnight, and the future became so uncertain.<br />

In the early days of the pandemic, there was<br />

so much misinformation floating around out there, so it<br />

was really hard to know what was true or false or even<br />

know what to expect next,” Wane says.<br />

7<br />


“When the pandemic was starting, it seemed all normal;<br />

I kept on as usual. However, as time passed, much<br />

negative news came. ...I started to demoralize myself. I<br />

had so much free time but at the same time very few<br />

opportunities,” Ribes admits. The native of northern Italy<br />

faced a struggle of many. With increasing precautions<br />

and restrictions, individual freedom got limited.<br />

Social interactions had to be reduced; people were<br />

forced to stay close to their homes to stop distributing<br />

the virus. As a result, many perceived themselves to<br />

be deprived. “I felt trapped as a lot of things couldn’t be<br />

achieved,” as Cloak from Malaysia puts it. “Most of<br />

my Graffiti tours and spraycations were put to a halt, and<br />

there was a lot of uncertainty,” he continues. “To be<br />

honest, I wasn’t mentally prepared for the pandemic as<br />

well as the lockdown as I’m someone who is outgoing<br />

and always loves to create new pieces outdoors.” Almost<br />

everybody was confronted with similar problems like<br />

isolation and constraint. Over time, not simultaneously,<br />

with regional variations, as waves of infections created<br />

constant ups and downs. A rising number of cases was<br />

usually followed by amplified measures and vice<br />

versa, creating a limbo.<br />

I had so much free time but at the<br />

same time very few opportunities.<br />

Ribes<br />

5 Cloakwork taking<br />

it back to basics<br />

in the black book. The<br />

beauty of drawing<br />

is you can do it at<br />

home and refer to it<br />

later. Anywhere,<br />

at any time.<br />

6 LAIA dropping<br />

a different take on a<br />

classic character.<br />

This time E.T.<br />

with some attitude.<br />

7 RIBES showing that<br />

the show must go<br />

on. Locked down or<br />

not, if you earned a<br />

spot in the game you<br />

have to maintain it.<br />

8 With less happening<br />

on the street,<br />

POST using all<br />

chances offered to<br />

him to get over.<br />

Apart from physical wellbeing, also mental health<br />

gained importance. A lot of people dealt with fear,<br />

uncertainty, and a decline in motivation. “...When I try to<br />

remember those two and a half months [referring to<br />

the first lockdown], the memories are hazy in my head.<br />

Every day was exactly the same, and obviously, I<br />

couldn’t paint,” Laia states. “The last wall was kinda<br />

weird, saying goodbye to your friends for a while, entering<br />

a very dystopic future,” Func adds.<br />

“The city [was] in fear. So people were locked in.<br />

The streets were kind of deserted. I went about life<br />

as I usually do, but with a mask on. Graffiti wise the pandemic<br />

brought a lot of people out. People that were<br />

already doing their thing started going harder. And people<br />

I’ve never seen up in my life started doing bad<br />

Graffiti all over the streets. A lot of businesses had to<br />

close, so they let the Graffiti run on everything for the<br />

most part, so it was like 10 new writers a day were born.<br />

Shit kind of took the essence out of it for me,” Post<br />

reveals about his experiences as a resident of New York.<br />

8<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />


9<br />

9 KAER giving the<br />

color treatment<br />

to a different moving<br />

target.<br />

10<br />

10 It isn't always<br />

about how many colors<br />

you can throw<br />

at a piece. LA FRANZ<br />

showing that tonal<br />

can be just as impressive<br />

with the new<br />

Montana GOLD gray<br />

tones.<br />

11 Three colors on<br />

virgin concrete.<br />

LAIA keeping it simple<br />

and effective.<br />

18 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

11<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />


The changes had me wondering<br />

about things I never had to stress<br />

too much about, like how I was<br />

going to get food from the supermarket,<br />

pay bills, stay safe during<br />

the madness.<br />

Kaer<br />

20 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

12<br />

“Los Angeles had its waves of lockdowns and<br />

curfews that were implemented. Painting has been a sort<br />

of push and pull situation. Mostly due to the fact that<br />

I have a family of my own and am the head of household<br />

who is responsible for holding shit down for five people.<br />

So, in the beginning, we were being super careful<br />

about everything we did. As time went on, the confusion<br />

progressed. And being sort of a street person, so<br />

to speak, being home for long periods of time, really<br />

took a toll,” Kae continues. “The uncertainty of what was<br />

coming was very confusing.”<br />

All of a sudden, Wane wondered how to organize<br />

everyday basics, “the biggest struggle was not necessarily<br />

having to stay home, but the uncertainty around<br />

some of the most basic things we were all so used to.<br />

The changes had me wondering about things I never had<br />

to stress too much about, like how I was going to get<br />

food from the supermarket, pay bills, stay safe during<br />

the madness. But perhaps most importantly, it had<br />

me wondering when I would see my friends and family<br />

again.” What once was normal apparently changed into<br />

something challenging. LaFranz continues to emphasize<br />

the lack of external stimulus: “Without being able<br />

to travel and to paint with your friends, and without all<br />

the events and Graffiti jams, it’s hard to feel always inspired.<br />

I do not live in a big city, so it was not so easy.”<br />

In lockdown periods, new routines had to be<br />

established. Former variety exchanged for monotony.<br />

On the contrary, time, which is usually scarce, was not a<br />

limiting factor anymore. So, how to turn all of this<br />

around and regain confidence?<br />

Without being able to travel and to<br />

paint with your friends, and without<br />

all the events and Graffiti jams, it’s<br />

hard to feel always inspired.<br />

LaFranz<br />

13<br />

12 “Say their names.”<br />

WANE faces the<br />

issues in his homeland<br />

through color<br />

and communication.<br />

13 KAER making light<br />

work of this van with<br />

his selected Montana<br />

BLACK can colors.<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />




“Back then, frustration was the main feeling overall: deleting<br />

all traveling plans and suffering those crazy restrictions<br />

of freedom like ‘curfew’ or being ‘forced to stay at<br />

home’. I’m personally a loner in a sense I enjoy the time<br />

with myself, I like to paint with no-one and, always take<br />

solitude as an opportunity,” Alone from Milan reveals.<br />

“As a graphic designer, lockdown didn’t change a thing<br />

for me; I’m still glued to the computer. Whatever...<br />

the nerd life,” laughs Func, admitting at least his profession<br />

was unaltered. Pheo tried to take the good with<br />

the bad: “My job, although required that I worked as usual,<br />

but for a short period, I worked from home. This gave<br />

me opportunities to make a piece or two during lunch<br />

break. I tried to do this as often as possible, most of<br />

the time alone, but sometimes it was possible to meet<br />

up with a couple of others. The advantage of Graffiti<br />

is that you can join up outside and keep the required<br />

distance. This opportunity meant a lot to me. Being<br />

able to keep up with my painting gave a lot of new energy<br />

and let a bit of positivity into a time where things<br />

looked bad.”<br />

So, after a time of frustration and grief came an<br />

acceptance. The circumstances were undeniable. The<br />

best one could do to cope with the situation was to seek<br />

possibilities rather than focusing on problems. Thus,<br />

some started to practice their craft to step their game up.<br />

I’m personally a loner in a sense I<br />

enjoy the time with myself, I like to<br />

paint with no-one and, always take<br />

solitude as an opportunity.<br />

Alone<br />

14<br />

15<br />

22 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

“I concentrated on sketching, to find out new<br />

pieces, that I could do as soon as all this situation would<br />

end,” says Ribes. “Sketching for hours daily became<br />

the highlight of the day,” Wane replies. “I don’t really<br />

sketch, just doodle thousands of throw-ups, straight<br />

letters, and hand styles just like any other day. Everything<br />

I’ve done before the pandemic... got the same focus<br />

throughout the pandemic.” Post highlights his already<br />

established routines and shows resilience.<br />

“I drew a lot, but my mind was a little blocked, so<br />

I changed my online store. I thought of new products<br />

to produce and ways to improve my projects. I also designed<br />

new tote bags,” Laia adds. “In the first lockdown,<br />

I sketched a lot on paper but also in digital. I did<br />

some collaboration with my CTA’s crewmates, and I<br />

had fun customizing some home stuff, like restyling old<br />

chairs and painting my alphabet on glass,” LaFranz<br />

continues. “I’m just doing my best to remain productive,<br />

thoughtful, and pushing myself to learn some new<br />

tricks when I have nothing but time. For example, I spent<br />

more time on digital illustrations and more sketches<br />

for future graffiti works (you never know when a sketch<br />

might come in handy!),” Cloak concludes. “I’ve just<br />

noticed how the lockdown has sort of slowed me down,<br />

in a good way, though.”<br />

Pheo also took the time to lay the groundwork for<br />

future projects, “I have spent a lot of time planning for<br />

color combinations, letters, productions, etc. I have enjoyed<br />

being able to spend a lot of time to immerse<br />

and develop my letters. I have been productive and created<br />

a lot more sketches than usual, so I am well prepared<br />

for the upcoming walls and productions this year.”<br />

14 The self-confessed<br />

loner. ALONE sees<br />

solitude as an opportunity.<br />

Including the<br />

opportunity to paint.<br />

15 Lunchtime burners.<br />

Working from home<br />

on a reduced timeline<br />

meant PHEO had<br />

more chances to<br />

dash out at lunchtime<br />

for a quick paint.<br />

16 Polishing up the<br />

drawing skills. WANE<br />

indulges in a little<br />

style experimentation.<br />

17 Meanwhile, on<br />

the other side of the<br />

globe, great minds<br />

were thinking alike.<br />

PHEO also trying<br />

out some new moves<br />

on paper.<br />

18 (following page)<br />

Stopping all stations<br />

to nowhere. ALONE<br />

keeping it locked<br />

down on steel while<br />

the world is locked<br />

down.<br />

16<br />

17<br />

I have enjoyed being able to spend<br />

a lot of time to immerse and develop<br />

my letters. I have been productive<br />

and created a lot more sketches than<br />

usual, so I am well prepared for<br />

the upcoming walls and productions<br />

this year.<br />

Pheo<br />

“I can probably count on both hands the times I<br />

actually sat down and sketched something in the last<br />

10 years. Until now of course. I decided to get an iPad<br />

where I was able to sketch up pieces directly on the<br />

surfaces I planned to paint in order to analyze color and<br />

structure,” Kae goes on. He did not just think of himself<br />

though, “aside from that, I took some time to send<br />

friends of mine sketches I drew up of their names. I<br />

also hadn’t owned a set of fancy blackbook markers in<br />

over 10 years.”<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />


24 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

18<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />


18 “Can I kick it, yes<br />

you can”. FUNC and<br />

his friends throwing<br />

themselves into the<br />

@ciki3000 sketch<br />

battles.<br />

19–21 POSTR taking<br />

it back to the New<br />

York underground<br />

one tag and throw-up<br />

at a time.<br />

22 Creeping on spots<br />

that are usually hard.<br />

With heavy lockdown<br />

restrictions being in<br />

place, some Milan<br />

yards were left understaffed,<br />

and ′open′ to<br />

negotiation.<br />

23 When opportunity<br />

knocked, ALONE rose<br />

to the occasion.<br />

18<br />

Func and his friends took sketching to a new<br />

level and added a social aspect since physical contacts<br />

were reduced. “During the first lockdown we created<br />

a private Instagram account moderated by Crazé and<br />

Fred1 called ‘ciki3000 aka Can I kick it 3000’. A bunch<br />

of selected stylewriting addicts joined the group, and we<br />

battled some names days after days. As much as the<br />

rhythm started to be insane, we counted more than 2500<br />

posts at the end of the lockdown with mad styles and<br />

creative tries. That was fun and a good way to get to know<br />

each other a little bit more. It was basically a French-<br />

German initiative project.”<br />

Their initiative creatively utilized technology and<br />

pushed their individual style developments through<br />

interactive feedback. Cloak could benefit from technology<br />

as well, but he had a different approach. “I was<br />

physically and mentally prepared to go to Taiwan to paint<br />

a cruise ship, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it,<br />

and I had to ask my best pals in Taiwan to execute the plan<br />

on my behalf. The project was a success at the end,<br />

as we had constant communication with each member<br />

of the team.”<br />

The less people on the streets...<br />

the more you stand out. Otherwise,<br />

it’s almost like hiding in plain sight.<br />

19<br />

Post<br />

20<br />

21<br />

Writers are usually an adaptive crowd. Overcoming<br />

obstacles is constantly part of the game; thus,<br />

writers are masters of finding creative solutions.<br />

“There was a lockdown. But I was out and about<br />

as usual. On my ‘essential worker’ shit. As for bombing<br />

I could carry on if I wanted to. I would paint in public<br />

in broad day when there was no pandemic. And did<br />

the same thing during the pandemic and actually got<br />

caught. The less people on the streets... the more<br />

you stand out. Otherwise, it’s almost like hiding in plain<br />

sight. And at night, everyone had to be indoors. All<br />

public transportation was stopped: trains, busses, taxis,<br />

Ubers, Lyfts, everything. If you had your own car and<br />

were outside, you stood out because any cars were out.<br />

So you had to have a reason to be out if you got pulled<br />

over, which was something that would most likely happen.<br />

That made it difficult to do Graffiti in the streets for a<br />

while,” Post explains what kind of problems he faced on<br />

the streets of New York. However, he came up with<br />

a solution: “If I can’t or don’t want to do Graffiti in the<br />

streets, I take it underground. The thing about doing<br />

Graffiti underground, is that none of it last past a 48 hours.<br />

So most of it, if not 99%, doesn’t get seen or pics taken<br />

other than my own pics or pics I allow certain graffiti<br />

photographers to go get before the Graff gets cleaned.<br />

And in the world of social media, if people don’t see<br />

pics of what you are doing nonstop, they will think you<br />

are inactive. I like it that way, though. There’s so much<br />

shit I’ve done in 2020 that didn’t touch social media.”<br />

26 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

22<br />

Instead of painting, I concentrated<br />

more on some other passions related<br />

to the mountains, finding back the<br />

freedom I lost twice.<br />

Alone<br />

23<br />

“Milan early 2020 was completely fucked up until<br />

May. This was the first lockdown, then summer arrived,<br />

and more loose rules together with it. I had super<br />

much fun painting spots that were super hard before<br />

lockdown, security was pretty much understaffed, and<br />

we caught the opportunity,” says Alone. Milan, the<br />

biggest city in the northern Italian region of Lombardy,<br />

was hit the hardest by Corona early on in the pandemic<br />

in Europe. A skyrocketing number of infections<br />

meant strict restrictions from the beginning.<br />

“I did some quick road trips with good friends,<br />

and everything was nice again. Then a second lockdown<br />

arrived in autumn. I was more organized, and the<br />

cops were more chill, but my personal motivation<br />

was beaten down by these stupid rules again. Instead<br />

of painting, I concentrated more on some other passions<br />

related to the mountains, finding back the freedom<br />

I lost twice,” he continues. To him, escapism is a<br />

means to deal with the stress city life can entail. “So the<br />

big issue for me was meeting too much police and<br />

army everywhere, always checking even when just walking.<br />

This pressure sucks so much; I thought, ‘fuck,<br />

Orwell is getting closer and closer’...Train writers deal<br />

with adapting to different environments every day.<br />

We don’t need open bars or restaurants to do what we<br />

like: a bush, a construction area, or a parking lot can<br />

be cozier than anything else sometimes, but all this control<br />

was way too much in the first, super hard, lockdown<br />

in Milan. I respect people who were struggling at<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />


24<br />

the hospital or dying – but paying the consequences<br />

of stupid people out there who have no clue about surviving<br />

alone (or with your relatives), it was too much<br />

as well.” Alone addresses a dilemma: a double bind situation<br />

of being caught up in between responsibility<br />

for others yet feeling the need for individual freedom.<br />

Kae admits having mixed feelings, too: “somehow I<br />

managed to pull off some interesting things that I now<br />

reflect on and have some sort of bitter-sweet guilt<br />

attached to. This is after really seeing the effects this<br />

whole shit had on everybody, including family members<br />

outside of my household.”<br />

25<br />

The main thing the pandemic has<br />

taught me is that we really took even<br />

our most basic freedoms for granted,<br />

whether it is the freedom to travel,<br />

the freedom to paint outside, and<br />

even the freedom to spend time with<br />

the ones we love.<br />

Wane<br />

I would love to reunite with people,<br />

...party, and have the freedom to<br />

explore places without fear.<br />

Cloak<br />

26<br />



“I would love to reunite with people, ...party, and have the<br />

freedom to explore places without fear,” Cloak bursts<br />

out in response to what he looks forward to. Post simply<br />

emphasizes continuity: “No lockouts, the game<br />

don’t stop.”<br />

“Travel. Travel again. I’m pretty sure my first destination<br />

will be Germany,” LaFranz states. The answer<br />

is unisono – Laia, Ribes, Pheo, Alone, Wane, and Func<br />

want to see the world and, even more, embrace their<br />

friends. Humans are social beings, after all.<br />

“I want to take my kids and wife out to a really<br />

nice dinner. I used to spoil them when it came to going<br />

out to eat. It’s something I hold really close, as I never<br />

really had that structure as a kid where we sat down to<br />

enjoy a meal as a family. So watching my family enjoy<br />

themselves together is something I value,” Kae shares.<br />

Drawing a conclusion as of now seems hard<br />

since the pandemic is still not over. The virus or its mutations<br />

might become endemic. Yet, some things are<br />

certain. For better or worse, Corona will be a catalyst in<br />

some aspects. Digitalization took a big step forward.<br />

While tourism and imports slowed down, at least nature<br />

could catch a short break. Global repercussions are<br />

undeniable and inevitable. Thus, the best thing to do is to<br />

concentrate on positive aspects. Try to benefit from<br />

the extra time. Invest energy into your passion; maybe<br />

go painting more. Take a moment to rethink, focus on<br />

what can be done now – like sketching, for instance.<br />

28 Montana Cans Lockdown on lock

24 Caught in traffic,<br />

RIBES manages to<br />

spread some color in<br />

an otherwise gray situation.<br />

25 No hidden message<br />

here as LAIA<br />

brings another smile<br />

with some style.<br />

26 Tuning the the<br />

canvas skills, one of<br />

many pieces created<br />

by WANE during<br />

the lockdown period.<br />

27 Making the important<br />

decisions,<br />

WANE looks over his<br />

Montana BLACK<br />

and GOLD cans to see<br />

which comes next.<br />

28 WANE reminding<br />

us to “Just Skate”<br />

when the chips are<br />

down.<br />

27<br />

We encourage you to be creative! This applies to<br />

both professional and purely passionate contexts of<br />

your artistic output. Quite a few writers managed to invest<br />

their surplus of time wisely. Graffiti media flourished<br />

in 2020. There was time for creation, curation, and<br />

consumption, whether magazines, blogs, books,<br />

videos, and podcasts. “I took the opportunity to put together<br />

a fanzine-book called Graffiti Minded. For a<br />

long time, I wanted to do something on paper, and thanks<br />

to the lockdown, I did it together with all my beautiful<br />

friends around the globe, more or less locked, like me,”<br />

Alone says.<br />

“...Better times will come,” Laia is certain. “For<br />

sure, I painted way less compared to the previous<br />

year, and every action now considers new elements. But<br />

those new things are not always unpleasant! Like,<br />

wearing a mask everywhere is not that bad,” Alone concludes<br />

with a smile. Wane has humble reasoning, “the<br />

main thing the pandemic has taught me is that we really<br />

took even our most basic freedoms for granted,<br />

whether it is the freedom to travel, the freedom to paint<br />

outside, and even the freedom to spend time with the<br />

ones we love.”<br />

Like, wearing a mask everywhere is<br />

not that bad.<br />

Alone<br />

28<br />

Montana Cans Lockdown on lock<br />


Pow!<br />

wow!<br />

10th anniversary HAWAI‘I 2020<br />

Location<br />

Hawai‘i<br />

Profile<br />

@powwowworldwide<br />

Photography<br />

Ian Lundie &<br />

Lannycatcheswalls<br />

For the last 10 years the POW! WOW! organization<br />

has been creating a world-renowned<br />

street art festival. But if you look<br />

at their achievements during this time,<br />

this is but a mear portion of what the team<br />

and all the participants have created.<br />

← The now-iconic, limited<br />

edition Montana<br />

Cans x POW! WOW!<br />

10th Anniversary collaboration<br />

can.<br />

↑ The POW! WOW!<br />

team in the flesh at<br />

Lana Lane Studios,<br />

the home of POW!<br />

WOW!<br />

Let’s start by looking at the participating artists<br />

in 2020. The strong line up came from all over the<br />

globe. Internationally, the visiting artists were;<br />

123Klan, Aaron de la Cruz, Aaron Kai, Alex Pardee,<br />

Andrew Schoultz, Baghead, Bier and Brood, Brian<br />

Butler, Cryptik, Czolk, Defer, Denpa, Dragon76, Drew<br />

Merritt, Edwin Ushiro, Frida Stiil Vium, Jay Howell,<br />

Jose Mertz, Joshua Vides, Jurne, Kevin Lyons, Lauren<br />

YS, Madsteez, Matt Eaton, Mayonaize, Nathan Smith,<br />

OG Slick, Persue, Rabi, Saturno, Simone Legno of Tokidoki,<br />

Tatiana Suarez, Tristan Eaton, Will Barras, Woes, Yoheyy.<br />

30 Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I

Locally the talent participating was just as strong;<br />

7Sketches, Asalt, Bethany Georges, Cheyne Gallarde,<br />

Ckaweeks, CME, Cory Taum, Dak1ne, Devour, East3, Flip,<br />

Gary Draws Fish, Gavin Murai, Grace, Mr. Hahn, Jack<br />

Soren, Jana Lam, Jesico Serrano, Kahiau Beamer, Kai<br />

Kaulukukui, Kaplan Bunce, Katch, Kate Wadsworth,<br />

Kealakukui, Kim Sielbeck, Kris Goto, Kween, Lauren Hana<br />

Chai, Lucky Olelo, Luke DeKneef, Maek, Mark Milligan,<br />

Marko Livingston, Matthew Tapia, Mauka, Melon James,<br />

Nanea Lum, Oera, Pero, Puff, Ralph De La Cruz, Ran<br />

Noveck, Retsy, Sergio Garzon, Shar Tuiasoa, Shingo,<br />

Solomon Enos, Ware, Wooden Wave.<br />

↑ Bier En Broot (NL).<br />

Enter the vortex, this<br />

mind boggling mural<br />

draws the viewer in<br />

to an imaginary void.<br />

↖ German artist<br />

CZOLK takes the<br />

stage to show what<br />

he can do for the<br />

POW! WOW! audience.<br />

← Baghead and<br />

Upperhand, taking<br />

it from Miami to<br />

Hawai‘i. With just<br />

the right amount<br />

of everything.<br />

→ Josh Hall aka Baghead<br />

and Brian Butler<br />

aka Upperhand pause<br />

to smile for the cameras<br />

they had been trying<br />

to ignore for the<br />

duration of painting.<br />

Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I<br />


In 2020 to help celebrate the 10th anniversary, a<br />

select group of our own MONTANA CANS team went<br />

beachside in Hawaii to see, hear, and experience it all in<br />

the flesh themselves. With the welcomed special<br />

Collabo Montana Cans Shock Black 10th anniversary<br />

can at the event, design by POW! WOW! co-founder<br />

Kamea, it seemed a fitting occasion for everyone to meet<br />

and greet. The natural landscape of Hawaii, which<br />

plays such a large roll in the home of the POW! WOW!<br />

festival was a welcoming host as the colors off, and<br />

on the walls were as inspiring as those being sprayed<br />

with Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK on them.<br />

↗ 123 Klan featuring<br />

Scien and Klor. Bringing<br />

tradition of graffiti<br />

style writing to the<br />

island.<br />

→→ The Michelle<br />

Hoogveld mural in all<br />

its geometric, yet organic<br />

glory.<br />

→ Michelle Hoogveld<br />

(CA). Posing in front<br />

of her finished work.<br />

↓ Haunting and enchanting.<br />

It is not<br />

always about lots<br />

of colors.<br />

32 Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I

↑ Flora and fauna,<br />

play a large role in<br />

POW! WOW! murals<br />

thanks to the inspiring<br />

landscape.<br />

→ All shapes and sizes.<br />

The POW! WOW!<br />

festival has it all.<br />

All visiting artists who sometimes become<br />

international POW! WOW! collaborators<br />

are amazed by the positive response and<br />

support by residents of the Kaka’ako<br />

district of Honolulu.<br />

→ Rule number one<br />

at any POW! WOW!<br />

event; „Don’t take<br />

yourself too seriously.“<br />

↓ Murals of all sizes<br />

and shapes. The artists<br />

at POW! WOW!<br />

know how to do it all.<br />

← Kevin Lyons keeping<br />

it fruity, and<br />

aesthetic.<br />

Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I<br />


34 Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I

↖ Art. The place where<br />

life, death, and nature<br />

merge, thanks to<br />

the hand of the artist.<br />

← Wildlife, a great<br />

source of inspiration<br />

for murals on this<br />

idyllic island.<br />

↑ With a flavor of<br />

tattoo art, figures<br />

and form harmonize<br />

on a large scale.<br />

Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I<br />


The local community also plays a large role in<br />

the success of POW! WOW! both nationally and<br />

internationally. All visiting artists who sometimes become<br />

international POW! WOW! collaborators are<br />

amazed by the positive response and support by residents<br />

of the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu. Their positive<br />

energy transports a spirit that is welcomed and in<br />

demand, all over the world.<br />

There are also many teams behind the team. Copartners<br />

like Thinkspace help create exhibitions, happenings<br />

and artist talks that take being a POW! WOW!<br />

participant to a whole other level. A place where graffiti<br />

meets street art, urban art, music, and dance, the POW!<br />

WOW! umbrella is a creative force to be reckoned with.<br />

We look forward to the future years of collaboration<br />

and partnership with POW! WOW! team, and reflect<br />

fondly on the ten years of achievements thus far.<br />

↖ All styles and colors.<br />

The POW! WOW!<br />

reach is not only felt<br />

by its audience, but<br />

also its wide spectrum<br />

of artists.<br />

← The power to create<br />

and come together.<br />

The true essence of<br />

every POW! WOW!<br />

gathering.<br />

↙ Let’s not forget a<br />

touch of humor. Art<br />

for the inner child,<br />

both young and old.<br />

↓ Abstract, figurative,<br />

and everything in between.<br />

There is something<br />

for everyone.<br />

↓ It’s not all men,<br />

↓ spray cans, and<br />

graffiti. POW! WOW!<br />

is a truly unique<br />

creative happening.<br />

36 Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I

↑ Final wall by Jose<br />

Mertz & SaturnoArt in<br />

Kakaako, Oahu<br />

← Final wall by<br />

Woes & Dragon76 in<br />

Kakaako, Oahu.<br />

↙ Dragon76, Jose<br />

Mertz, SaturnoArt &<br />

Woes. Not afraid to<br />

take on big projects.<br />

A place where graffiti meets<br />

street art, urban art, music,<br />

and dance, the POW! WOW!<br />

umbrella is a creative force<br />

to be reckoned with.<br />

↓ Size doesn’t always<br />

matter. A small wall<br />

with a lot to offer at<br />

ground level.<br />

Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I<br />




Tristan and Matt Eaton @ POW! WOW!<br />

HAWAII – A homage to “Rabindra”<br />

Location<br />

Hawai‘i<br />

Profile<br />

@ matteatonasnobody<br />

@tristaneaton<br />

Photography<br />

Ian Lundie &<br />

Lannycatcheswalls<br />

Make sure to check out the LEGACY EPISODE on:<br />

www.tristaneaton.com<br />

↓ The finished mural,<br />

„Rabindra“. By Matt<br />

and Tristan Eaton.<br />

↓ Starting, with a long<br />

↓ road ahead. Painting<br />

offers time to reflect<br />

and connect.<br />

It’s hard to look past the sorrow when losing someone<br />

you love. But for American artists, Tristan and<br />

Matt Eaton, being invited to POW! WOW! HAWAII was<br />

the perfect opportunity to create a mural inspired<br />

by their much-loved uncle Ralph “Rabindra” Danks aka<br />

“Binda”. The name Rabindra is related to the sun Indra<br />

and was given to their uncle by an Indian Guru. The Eaton<br />

brothers credit their uncle for a lot of their outlook<br />

on life, humor, music and above all art. With a fascination<br />

for animals, Binda’s life included being born in Glasgow,<br />

being a musician in a band playing alongside the<br />

likes of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and the Rolling<br />

Stones, to eventually settling down in Japan to focus<br />

on a successful career in art and creativity.<br />

38 Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I

This rich tapestry of inspiration and stories was<br />

easily drawn from by Matt and Tristan Eaton who<br />

have created monumental artwork combining their two<br />

styles with their uncles love of the natural world.<br />

The artwork also titled ‘Rabindra’, truly celebrates their<br />

uncle’s life and gives the brothers a chance to share<br />

visual homage with the POW! WOW! HAWAII audience<br />

and beyond.<br />

The name Rabindra is related to the sun<br />

Indra and was given to their uncle by<br />

an Indian Guru.<br />

With the vibrant Montana GOLD colors expanding<br />

in and around what appears to be the shape of<br />

a tiger, the white of the walls base coat plays host to a<br />

neutral background for the tiger’s internal details to<br />

come to the gelding. Take a moment here to ponder the<br />

beauty that is ‘Rabindra’.<br />

The Eaton brothers credit their uncle for a<br />

lot of their outlook on life, humor, music<br />

and above all art. With a fascination for animals,<br />

Binda’s life included being born in<br />

Glasgow, being a musician in a band...<br />

↑ The hot Hawaiian<br />

sun can be hard at the<br />

best of times. Being<br />

on a scissor lift with a<br />

wall reflecting light<br />

onto you is just another<br />

challenge for the<br />

Eaton brothers.<br />

→ Traditions and rituals,<br />

a bonding experience<br />

for all POW!<br />

WOW! participants.<br />

↙ Being brothers doesn’t<br />

make painting<br />

large murals any easier.<br />

But it does help<br />

communication.<br />

Recap Pow! Wow! Hawai‘I<br />


CALL MY<br />

LAWYER<br />

Location<br />

Los Angeles, USA<br />

Profile<br />

@chinatownmarket<br />

Photography<br />

Chinatown Market<br />

In case of an emergency, call the number on<br />

the can. This might sound like a health<br />

and safety warning for aerosol can use, but<br />

it is not. It could be, however, a practical<br />

instruction for artists to pick up the phone<br />

when their rights have been infringed or<br />

work used without authorization.<br />

↑ A new take on a<br />

American classic.<br />

Chinatown Market<br />

re-invents the basketball<br />

with a new look.<br />

→ The message is<br />

clear, the tides have<br />

turned for artists that<br />

have their work used<br />

for the financial gain<br />

of others.<br />

40 Collabo Series Jeff Gluck X Chinatown Market

Big business knows who’s<br />

hot in the art world.<br />

The artists are seldom included<br />

in this financial<br />

chain, and theirs is the artwork<br />

that functions as<br />

the backbone of many campaigns<br />

without any remuneration.<br />

↓ Yellow and black,<br />

the new CI to remind<br />

you when it’s time<br />

to call your lawyer.<br />

CALL MY LAWYER is a limited edition collabo<br />

can that tackles this topic head-on. And<br />

actually provides a number for artists to call<br />

when they think have been ripped off.<br />

The idea was born out of a recent trend by big businesses<br />

that use original artworks for their own purposes<br />

to generate revenue and drive their sales.<br />

All without the consent of the artist or payment<br />

for their creative contribution. The Seventh Letter,<br />

lawyer Jeff Gluck, China Town Market and Montana Cans<br />

have come together to create a can that spreads<br />

awareness of the issue and provide a possible solution<br />

to this problem for those affected. Gluck, Seventh<br />

Letter and China Town Market are all at the coal face of<br />

the issue. In cases of copyright infringement or<br />

unauthorized use, Jeff Gluck is a New York-based lawyer<br />

who specializes in protecting the work and rights<br />

of artists. Recent cases with Seventh Letter artists such<br />

as Jason REVOK Williams’s work being used by<br />

H&M and Cavalli, RIME’s work being used by Jeremy Scott<br />

or DASH SNOW’s work being used by Mc Donalds<br />

highlights that big business know who’s hot in the art<br />

world. Using their ideas and artwork to reach their target<br />

demographic without the normal associated costs.<br />

Collabo Series Jeff Gluck X Chinatown Market<br />


But the artists are seldom included in this financial chain,<br />

and theirs is the artwork that functions as the backbone<br />

of many campaigns without any remuneration.<br />

Gluck has been a lone ranger representing the often<br />

non financial artists against deep-pocketed big business.<br />

For him, it all started in the initial phases of him<br />

opening his own practice. His work with Curtis Kulig<br />

who became his first client, began a process of referrals<br />

and testimonials, showing artists that Gluck had<br />

their backs. In his words, he is trying to “level the<br />

playing field” which can assist artists in protecting their<br />

rights and their financial interests.<br />

↓ In case of emergency,<br />

call the number on<br />

the donut and speak<br />

to your lawyer.<br />

He is trying to “level the<br />

playing field” which<br />

can assist artists in protecting<br />

their rights and<br />

their financial interests.<br />

42 Collabo Series Jeff Gluck X Chinatown Market

A can that has positioned<br />

itself as the ultimate<br />

tool to fight the system<br />

since day one.<br />

↑ Clever and real. Jeff<br />

Gluck puts his money<br />

where his mouth is<br />

and helps artists fight<br />

the big fight.<br />

After a successful sell-through of a CALL MY<br />

LAWYER t-shirts by China Town Market, the obvious<br />

next step was to transform the design on the tools of<br />

which the artists use to create the work. The black<br />

lithography of the CALL MY LAWYER can boast a similar<br />

aesthetic of the Montana BLACK can. A can that has<br />

positioned itself as the ultimate tool to fight the system<br />

since day one. Filled with benchmark black 9001<br />

color, this can will find it’s way into the hands of the artists<br />

via, The Seventh Letter, China Town Market and Jeff<br />

Gluck himself. An instant collectors item with an important<br />

message.<br />

Collabo Series Jeff Gluck X Chinatown Market<br />


Goldzilla<br />

Limited edition print:<br />


The King of Cans<br />

FRA MED<br />

Location<br />

Hamburg, Germany<br />

Photography<br />

@nokiss.print<br />

Profile<br />

@flyingfortress243<br />

44 Art Print GOLDZILLA – A Flying Förtress Design

FLYING FÖRTRESS, the German artist, graffiti<br />

writer, and fan of all things mullet, is well known<br />

across the globe for his signature teddy bear<br />

helmet characters, and his humorous illustrative<br />

graffiti styles. No stranger to the Montana Cans family,<br />

he has often participated in various Montana Cans projects<br />

including the highly collectible, Limited Edition,<br />

BLACKBRÄU – OKTOBER FEST can. Since 2015,<br />

Although he is an avid Montana<br />

BLACK user when doing graffiti,<br />

FÖRTRESS shows some love for<br />

his favorite artmaking can, the<br />

Montana GOLD.<br />

FÖRTRESS has been toying with the idea of a characterized<br />

Montana GOLD x GODZILLA design, but until now<br />

just hasn’t had the right moment or format to develop it.<br />

That was until COVID came to town and gave everyone<br />

a reason to stay home and have a lot more time. Fast<br />

forward a little, and we celebrate the launch of the<br />

Limited Edition FLYING FÖRTRESS print, GOLDZILLA!<br />

And the second love incorporated<br />

in the design is the iconic character<br />

from his childhood, GODZILLA.<br />

The GOLDZILLA art print is a homage to two of<br />

FÖRTRESS’s favorite things. Although he is an avid<br />

Montana BLACK user when doing graffiti, FÖRTRESS<br />

shows some love for his favorite artmaking can, the<br />

Montana GOLD. And the second love incorporated in the<br />

design is the iconic character from his childhood,<br />


↑ At a close look it is<br />

clear to see that every<br />

print features color<br />

cut edges by the<br />

personal hand touch<br />


and Montana GOLD.<br />

↗ More than just a<br />

multiple, the FLYING<br />


ZILLA print is the<br />

perfect addition to<br />

any art collection.<br />

← The inner child of<br />

Flying Förtress,<br />

GOLDZILLA in all its<br />

graffiti glory.<br />

The 3-color hand-printed screen<br />

print is in A4 format and color cut with<br />

Montana GOLD along the edges.<br />

The print was released in a numbered limited<br />

series of 100 at Nokiss Letterpress Studio. The 3-color<br />

hand-printed screen print is in A4 format and color<br />

cut with Montana GOLD along the edges. Maybe you too<br />

can still get lucky and grab one of these exclusiv<br />

prints for yourself from the FLYING FÖRTRESS webshop<br />

or at the Montana Cans Store Vienna or Frankfurt!<br />

Art Print GOLDZILLA – A Flying Förtress Design<br />


Bond<br />

truluv<br />

Location<br />

Leipzig, Germany<br />

Photography<br />

Jordan Katz<br />

Profile<br />

@bondtruluv<br />

Montana Cans visits BOND TRULUV<br />

Entering the world of graffiti augmentation<br />

BOND TRULUV uses travel as one of his<br />

greatest sources of inspiration. Walking<br />

paths he has never gone before translates<br />

to his creative goal of creating artwork<br />

that has never been seen or done<br />

before. In this article, we explore the world<br />

of BOND TRULUV from the comfort of<br />

his studio and watch as this dynamic artist<br />

creates his augmented reality artwork,<br />

with his trademark graffiti touch.<br />

46 Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv

There have been many references to the Germanborn<br />

artist BOND TRULUV throughout the<br />

Montana media platforms. Without a doubt, his<br />

unique artworks have caught not only our eye<br />

but also that of an international audience. Going beyond<br />

your classic graffiti style writing, BOND’s commitment<br />

to finding new ways to express his artwork and letters has<br />

taken him down a unique path. Born in 1981, since the<br />

2000s BOND’s roots in graffiti have guided him in a direction<br />

where graffiti meets fine art, stopping in the digital<br />

world and graphic design along the way. With a neverending<br />

thirst for travel, BOND’s adventures have not<br />

only taken him around the world for education and experience,<br />

but they have also enabled him to leave behind<br />

an international trail of artworks. He has exhibited and<br />

created murals all over Europe, Africa and Asia, including<br />

countries like India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia,<br />

and Myanmar.<br />

His constant experimentation<br />

of the digital world,<br />

long exposure photography,<br />

installations, and video<br />

mapping has resulted in him<br />

being the first graffiti artist<br />

to embed augmented reality<br />

into his artworks.<br />

↑ Layer upon layer,<br />

there is no easy way<br />

to get to perfection<br />

except with patience<br />

and passion.<br />

↓ From the outside<br />

looking in. The space<br />

where BOND’s studio<br />

work comes to life.<br />

To get a closer look at how BOND creates artworks<br />

on small scale, we were lucky enough to have<br />

a studio visit with this multi-media creator. Not only was<br />

his informed ease of use with Montana spray products<br />

such as Montana GOLD, BLACK, MARBLE, and<br />

VARNISH impressive, his instinctive incorporation<br />

of drawing by way of the ACRYLIC refills and Montana<br />

EMPTY markers, was equally as natural. Where<br />

BOND takes his art to a new level is his multi-media initiatives.<br />

His constant experimentation of the digital<br />

world, long exposure photography, installations, and<br />

video mapping has resulted in him being the first graffiti<br />

artist to embed augmented reality into his artworks.<br />

This extends both the visual content but also builds on<br />

digital transformations that are also site-specific.<br />

Constantly pushing the boundaries of contemporary<br />

urban art has made him a leader in his respective<br />

fields. On one hand, he has earned and maintained<br />

the respect of his peers in the hands-on analog world<br />

of graffiti writing, while on the other, creating a whole new<br />

way of making contemporary art that is compelling<br />

even for the ‘outsider’. Given that there are few innovators<br />

in this field such as BOND, while at his studio, we took<br />

the opportunity to ask him a few questions to hear his own<br />

perspectives on his work. This is what he had to say…<br />

Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv<br />



Before you started exploring the augmented reality<br />

aspect of your work, what was your focus when creating<br />

graffiti or murals?<br />


Well, I guess it’s safe to say that my focus changed every<br />

so often, finding so much inspiration from so many<br />

different sources. Looking back now, there are really a<br />

lot of different styles and approaches in my work.<br />

You have already mentioned a few in your intro. There<br />

were and still are times when I felt really confused<br />

about which path, or style, to follow. Waging economic,<br />

practical, personal, and even political aspects against<br />

each other. When you look at the popular and in other<br />

ways successful artists that emerged from the sea<br />

of writers, it seems that they all have this one signature<br />

style that they are known for and according to which<br />

parameters they work. Like a brand or consumer product,<br />

it almost seemed to me that most them have a<br />

certain type of “corporate identity”. Naturally, I thought<br />

that’s the recipe for success and was constantly<br />

confused about myself not being able to build up this<br />

solid body of coherent work. Nowadays I think that<br />

this ability to change and play with new influences is a<br />

strength and I try to embrace and welcome new and<br />

unusual ideas. The world we live in is too diverse for singular<br />

inspiration. Of course, the longer you work in a<br />

certain set of restraints, certain routines come with it.<br />

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it sure can<br />

be limiting at times.<br />

↑ Start at the beginning,<br />

no matter how<br />

far you delve into<br />

making art digitally,<br />

nothing substitutes<br />

a strong foundation<br />

in drawing by hand.<br />

I’m a self-taught person, not<br />

working in the industry or<br />

anything and I pretty much<br />

do everything myself.<br />

MC<br />

At what point in your career did the AR work start to enter<br />

your painting work? Was there any specific moment<br />

to this starting?<br />

BT<br />

One night about three years ago I had a couple of beers<br />

with some nerd friends of mine and we were deep in<br />

a discussion about technology stuff when the AR topic<br />

popped up. Pretty much the very next day I built my first<br />

AR app with Unity3D, and the help of a YouTube tutorial.<br />

MC<br />

Your affiliation to traveling must deeply inform your artwork,<br />

how do you practically manage this combination<br />

of analog and digital work? Is it as simple as bringing<br />

along a laptop with your cans, or do you need other<br />

special requirements?<br />

BT<br />

Unfortunately, the technical aspect of the more complex<br />

AR pieces is super time consuming and challenging.<br />

I’m a self-taught person, not working in the industry or<br />

anything and I pretty much do everything myself. So,<br />

most of the time, putting together the AR animations and<br />

whole infrastructure as well as conceiving and editing<br />

the whole show is more work than the actual painting of<br />

it. Also, the troubleshooting and researching for the<br />

best techniques takes its time. There is rarely a case when<br />

technology or software just work like that. Usually<br />

there are random errors and a blue screen that come<br />

with the piece.<br />

MC<br />

Has the development of digital work become more<br />

important to you than painting with cans?<br />

BT<br />

For me, the interesting and important part is the combination.<br />

There are way better digital artists out there<br />

and there are better graffiti writers and spray paint artists<br />

out there. But blending the different approaches to<br />

create something new and unique is what’s raising my<br />

curiosity.<br />

48 Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv

↑ From the hi-fi digital<br />

world to cardboard<br />

and wood lo-fi. BOND<br />

knows how to use<br />

any material to help<br />

him create.<br />

↑ Everything is there<br />

to inspire, for BOND,<br />

the real world is an<br />

invitation to conceive<br />

ideas.<br />

↓ Anything is possible,<br />

even Bart Simpson<br />

finds his way into<br />

a BOND TRULUV concept<br />

in epic proportions.<br />

The development of the digital aspects of my<br />

pieces surely take more time, though. But I enjoy<br />

the painting part a bit more. So, they always compliment<br />

and balance each other.<br />

MC<br />

Seeing you create in the studio is as if it is as natural to<br />

you as painting a wall. Do you prefer small studio<br />

work over working large scale?<br />

BT<br />

Honestly, I don’t like studio work too much. I like to move<br />

and climb and explore. Also working inside the studio<br />

with solvents, ventilation is always an issue, especially<br />

when it’s cold outside. And I love spray paint for its<br />

handling, even for very small pieces. It dries faster and<br />

covers so much better than any water-based acrylic.<br />

I am constantly astonished how far spray paint technology<br />

has evolved.<br />

MC<br />

Do you prefer incorporating the AR element into smaller<br />

or larger scale works?<br />

BT<br />

For me it’s the same.<br />

Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv<br />


MC<br />

Do you still have the classic graffiti urges to just “go and<br />

drop a piece”, or would you rather develop a larger scale<br />

work that takes longer and includes the AR integration?<br />

BT<br />

I try to keep the balance between fast and elaborate work.<br />

I really can’t work on a piece too long. Even on large<br />

scale murals I get bored after 3 days max. I have a couple<br />

of walls and abandoned spots around my house<br />

where I go regularly and do 1-3 hour freestyle pieces<br />

without much planning to blow off steam. Without<br />

those regular sessions I really get in a bad mood and I<br />

found out that I need those, just like a type of meditation.<br />

I have this abandoned complex a few miles away<br />

from me where I can paint in solitude and sometimes,<br />

I go there for a couple of days just sleeping in the<br />

ruins, painting 12 hours straight. Sometimes I paint<br />

10-15 pieces a day like that. It’s like a challenge for me<br />

to see how much I can do and to tick ideas off my<br />

list. I keep a long list with random ideas for pieces that I<br />

work from top to bottom. But it’s never over.<br />

BT<br />

Montana Black and the cap it comes with (black/pink<br />

fatcap). I rarely use anything else.<br />

MC<br />

What is the worst food experience you have had while<br />

traveling?<br />

BT<br />

Interesting last question! There are a few actually. New<br />

Year’s eve in Mumbai 2010, I ate some bad chicken<br />

that knocked me out for 10 days straight. Lost 8 kg and<br />

took me about three weeks to fully recover. In Indonesia<br />

I had some very spicy sauce that I rubbed in my<br />

eye by accident. I was sure that I’d go blind that<br />

evening. In Taipei, somebody served us cluttered duck<br />

blood in a very spicy sauce for breakfast after a<br />

drinking night…bahhh. And the goat brain curry in Delhi<br />

was tough as well…<br />

That place was so inspiring,<br />

and I have kept on painting<br />

according to my “Japan list”<br />

for almost two years now<br />

to get rid of all the ideas.<br />

↓ Art is BOND’s place<br />

where anything goes.<br />

His ability to translate<br />

ideas into artworks<br />

leads to a vast array<br />

of mark-making and<br />

compositional decisions.<br />

→ The studio perspective.<br />

Amazing<br />

art works complimented<br />

by amazing<br />

art making tools.<br />

Just one of the places<br />

where BOND pushes<br />

things forward.<br />

MC<br />

If you had to choose only one medium to work in, what<br />

would it be?<br />

BT<br />

Tough one. But spray paint wins. Sitting in front of a<br />

screen all day is not cool.<br />

MC<br />

Do you have a favorite country you like to visit, or would<br />

you prefer to keep visiting the ones you’ve never been<br />

to?<br />

BT<br />

I’d really like to go back to Japan. That place was so<br />

inspiring, and I have kept on painting according to my<br />

“Japan list” for almost two years now to get rid of all<br />

the ideas. Also, southeast Asia always has been a good<br />

place and I definitely always enjoy the US. But there<br />

is a bunch of interesting places and every country has<br />

its perks. I’m not picky about that. These days it’s<br />

hard to plan trips and think about traveling though!<br />

MC<br />

What’s your favorite Montana can and cap combination?<br />

50 Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv

Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv<br />


Stairway<br />

to Heaven<br />

by BOND TRULUV<br />

Location<br />

Mannheim, Germany<br />

Photography<br />

Alexander Krziwanie<br />

Profile<br />

@bondtruluv<br />

↑ Time to get down to<br />

business. The concentration<br />

is plain to<br />

see as BOND TRULUV<br />

prepares to lift off for<br />

higher levels.<br />

The SWK organization has been bringing<br />

amazing artists from all over the world<br />

to paint at its open-air art museum in Mannheim<br />

Germany, since 2013. For one of<br />

the 2020 murals, they called in the skills of<br />

German-born, Leipzig based artist BOND<br />

TRULUV.<br />

52 Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv

KKnown to his parents as Jonas Ihlenfeldt,<br />

there has not been much that is considered<br />

taboo by BOND in the exploration of his<br />

artwork. Although graffiti has remained a<br />

strong basis on which to explore, even elements like<br />

science-fiction and spirituality can be credited as ingredients<br />

to his unique style. All of which is fueled even<br />

more by the experience gained while using his wellstamped<br />

passport.<br />

During what little was the European 2020<br />

summer mural season, BOND also found his way to the<br />

German city Mannheim to participate in the renowned<br />

SWK mural festival. His mission: to create a next-level,<br />

jaw-dropping work, which he titled, “Stairway to<br />

Heaven”. And that is exactly what he did. His tools for the<br />

job were: A select color palette of Montana GOLD<br />

low-pressure cans, backed up by a popping array of<br />

Montana BLACK high-pressure 400ml spray paint.<br />

“Stairway to Heaven”, is a rewarding mural bringing<br />

together many elements from many visual<br />

sources. Graffiti art, typography, 3D illusions, futuristic<br />

realism, and even pixelated arrows that look like<br />

they have been lifted straight out of the 90s’, all come<br />

together in a beautiful four-story mural. Seamlessly,<br />

as no sign of error or hesitation can be seen as BOND<br />

proves his comfort in using many of the Montana<br />

GOLD and BLACK color ranges. The normally boring<br />

apartment block was transformed into an electrifying<br />

artwork, that will without a doubt will brighten<br />

many days of the residence within it.<br />

↑ Precision is paramount.<br />

Even when<br />

using the high pressure<br />

Montana BLACK<br />

with its original fat<br />

cap.<br />

↓ Piece by piece, step<br />

by step. The plotting of<br />

an image that is both<br />

analog and digital is<br />

no easy feat. That is<br />

unless your BOND.<br />

Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv<br />


The artwork is a gift that keeps on giving. As a<br />

finished piece, it is something special to look at. Both<br />

technically and aesthetically impressive. However the<br />

mural goes way beyond this. Working with augmented<br />

reality, BOND spends just as much, if not more time<br />

in the preparation of his murals than in the painting<br />

of them. In the case of “Stairway to Heaven”, if viewers<br />

scan the artwork with the Artivive app, or scan a<br />

photo of it, an animation created for the mural is activated.<br />

Taking the concept beyond just a painting on the<br />

streets – just try it!<br />

BOND has a rich history of combining art and<br />

travel. Apart from his homeland Germany and the<br />

surrounding countries of Europe, countries like Egypt,<br />

India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and<br />

Japan all belong to his list of countries he has painted<br />

in. And it shows in his diverse artwork. Take a moment<br />

for yourself to lose yourself in “The stairway to<br />

Heaven”. Using the app artivive while holding on the<br />

mural or even the photo of it will allow you to experience<br />

also the digital layers behind!<br />

↓ Due to being 4 stories<br />

up, few viewers<br />

will be able to appreciate<br />

the intricacy<br />

of the 8 spheres that<br />

make up the chrome<br />

arrow in “Stairway to<br />

Heaven”.<br />

Montana Cans<br />


get to know:<br />

Bond<br />

Truluv<br />

The name conjures up many possibilities as<br />

to what the work of such a named artist<br />

could be like. But one thing it does capture<br />

is BOND’s love of what he does. Whether<br />

it be the love of detail, love of illusion, or even<br />

just the love of color. It is all there in a unique<br />

package that goes way beyond the norm.<br />

54 Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv

↓ Nothing short of<br />

captivating. BOND<br />

poses in front of this<br />

eye catching masterpiece<br />

which was<br />

warmly welcomed by<br />

the local Mannheim<br />

community.<br />

↖ Scan with the<br />

Artivive-App!<br />

Artist in focus / Interview bond truluv<br />




At Heidelberg Central Station<br />

Location<br />

Heidelberg, Germany<br />

Photography<br />

Schreiber & Pötter<br />

Profile<br />

@ pichiavo, @metropolinkurbanartfestival<br />

The chances of residents, tourists, and commuters missing<br />

their trains at Heidelberg’s Central Station in Germany<br />

has just increased. Not because of trackwork, strikes, or<br />

god forbid it…vandalism! The reason is the amazing new<br />

head-turning mural by Spanish street art duo, PichiAvo.<br />

→ It doesn’t get any<br />

better. A café right<br />

under your piece for<br />

those hard earned<br />

coffee breaks.<br />

56 Production Pichiavo for Metropolink

↖ The weapons of<br />

choice, Montana<br />

BLACK, and GOLD<br />

cans lay at the ready<br />

as the artists prepare<br />

their materials.<br />

← The calm, before<br />

the storm, before the<br />

calm again. One of<br />

the many layers of<br />

what becomes a<br />

tapestry of graffiti<br />

iconography.<br />

↑ A very large, blank,<br />

white, indoor space<br />

ready to go. Right<br />

in the middle of<br />

Heidelberg’s main<br />

station.<br />

→ Up-close and personal.<br />

Not possible<br />

for most viewers considering<br />

the elevated<br />

nature of the work.<br />

As part of the METROPOLINK festival that<br />

takes part in the region of Heidelberg, the<br />

mural has found its new home on a large<br />

scale in the main terminal building of the<br />

station. A meeting point, food stop, and transport<br />

hub all in one, the station has now become home to a<br />

contemporary mix of graffiti, classical sculpture and<br />

street art. Starting with layers of graffiti fodder, their<br />

image forms as a transparent eagle, and a Romanesque<br />

statue figure emerge over the backdrop of vibrant,<br />

Montana BLACK and GOLD fueled graffiti mark-making.<br />

A meeting point, food stop, and transport<br />

hub all in one, the station has<br />

now become home to a contemporary<br />

mix of graffiti, classical sculpture<br />

and street art.<br />

The duo from Valencia Spain, formed in 2007<br />

after meeting in the graffiti scene and later studying<br />

Fine Art and Design together. Pichi born in 1977 and Avo<br />

born in 1985 abandoned the idea of individualism<br />

for a path of art-making that works best in pairs or more.<br />

Production Pichiavo for Metropolink<br />


58 Production Pichiavo for Metropolink

They abandoned the idea of individualism<br />

for a path of art-making<br />

that works best in pairs or more.<br />

Once all was said and done, the plastic dust covers<br />

removed, and the shops beneath the mural returned<br />

to business as usual, the mural leaves behind<br />

not only the traces of some other local graffiti greats,<br />

who stopped by as the scissor lift was in full extension<br />

but also a cultural story that connects many elements<br />

of historical and contemporary art, that will stay<br />

behind for years to come, filling in the gaps for all<br />

those who can spare a moment to look up and contemplate<br />

what they are seeing.<br />

The mural leaves behind not only the<br />

traces of some other local graffiti<br />

greats, who stopped by as the scissor<br />

lift was in full extension.<br />

← Just like the organic<br />

nature of any surface,<br />

the various elements<br />

of graffiti disciplines<br />

embellished the wall<br />

before the grand<br />

finale.<br />

↙ The contrast of red<br />

and yellow, one of<br />

many that will fill the<br />

space before the<br />

figurative elements<br />

are chiseled away.<br />

↗ A moment of contemplation<br />

amongst<br />

the hustle and bustle<br />

of commuters rushing<br />

to their destinations.<br />

↓ And then the magic<br />

starts to happen.<br />

Even spectators now<br />

see there is more<br />

than just graffiti<br />

going on.<br />

Production Pichiavo for Metropolink<br />


60 Production Pichiavo for Metropolink

Production Pichiavo for Metropolink<br />


MONTAna<br />

CaNs<br />

X<br />

NITRO<br />

Location<br />

Worldwide<br />

Photography<br />

Edward Nightingale<br />

Profile<br />

@nitrobags<br />

@montanacans<br />

Backpack<br />

Collabo<br />

The SPRAYCATION, a unique graffiti concept<br />

that combines the graffiti writer’s<br />

instinct for creation and travel. What once<br />

was “writing my name” while on holidays,<br />

has now become “going on holidays to write<br />

my name”.<br />

62 Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack

One thing is for sure, regardless of your motivation<br />

when you travel, you need a good<br />

backpack. In all its simple beauty, the backpack<br />

combines the strength of the human<br />

form, with the necessity for it to be able to carry things.<br />

For quite a while, Montana Cans has been exploring<br />

carrying solutions in the form of the Montana Bag range.<br />

We have created practical bags, cool bags, and environmentally<br />

friendly ones. All with the idea that if you have<br />

to part with it, it’s not the end of the world. But now<br />

and then, the need arises for something more. Something<br />

you will keep that will accompany you on your adventures,<br />

that could also see you through your daily routine.<br />

For the team at Montana Cans, this<br />

is a path that runs parallel to our<br />

quest to create the greatest urban<br />

art-making tools, that are durable,<br />

high performance, and with Made in<br />

Germany reliability.<br />

↓ Stylish, timeless,<br />

and in good taste. The<br />

NITRO backpack is<br />

the ideal companion<br />

for travel of any sort.<br />

→ Creativity on the run.<br />

Whether your planning<br />

your next piece or<br />

jotting down an idea,<br />

the NITRO SCRAMB-<br />

LER covers all bases.<br />

Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack<br />


The German NITRO Bag company has been<br />

combining function and style into their products since<br />

1990. As a company founded in the origin of lifestyle<br />

sports, its quest to combine urban elements with stateof-the-art<br />

technology plots their path to the pursuit of<br />

durability and reliability. For the team at Montana Cans,<br />

this is a path that runs parallel to our quest to create<br />

the greatest urban art-making tools, that are durable, high<br />

performance, and with Made in Germany reliability.<br />

The NITRO SCRAMBLER backpack could be considered<br />

a symbol of where these two innovative brands meet,<br />

which is where the Montana Cans x Nitro Backpack collabo,<br />

is now a reality.<br />

The hard-wearing outer material<br />

enables the removal of unwanted paint<br />

marks or accidental overspray.<br />

→ The contemporary<br />

citizen knows no<br />

boundaries between<br />

work and play.<br />

↓ Last call to board.<br />

Even if you are<br />

running late, it won’t<br />

be because of<br />

baggage issues.<br />

↘ Practical and<br />

functional. When it<br />

comes to cabin<br />

baggage, check it in,<br />

or carry it on.<br />

As a company founded in the origin<br />

of lifestyle sports, its quest to<br />

combine urban elements with stateof-the-art<br />

technology plots their<br />

path to the pursuit of durability and<br />

reliability.<br />

64 Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack

Ergonomic fitted straps result in secure<br />

comfortable wear regardless<br />

of how rigorous your daily routine is.<br />

Stylish, urban, and professional,<br />

this go-anywhere bag fits your 15″ laptop<br />

in a separate compartment for<br />

easy access even when the bag is full.<br />

The Montana x Nitro Scrambler backpack is the<br />

ultimate companion for creative adventures into<br />

unchartered terrains. This stunning black, 960g bag is<br />

47×30×12cm, for a perfect fit on any back. Whether<br />

you have planned your work meeting to precision or need<br />

to fill it in the last minute on the way to a spontaneous<br />

spraycation, the Montana x Nitro Scrambler allows you<br />

to carry 12 x 400ml cans in the main compartment.<br />

The hard-wearing outer material enables the removal<br />

of unwanted paint marks or accidental overspray.<br />

Ergonomic fitted straps result in secure comfortable<br />

wear regardless of how rigorous your daily routine<br />

is. Stylish, urban, and professional, this go-anywhere<br />

bag fits your 15″ laptop in a separate compartment<br />

for easy access even when the bag is full. And when required,<br />

the roll-top closure offers more space in the<br />

main compartment.<br />

www.nitrobags.com<br />

↑ Any color as long as<br />

it is black. This<br />

timeless backpack is<br />

as discrete as it is<br />

eye-catching.<br />

→ Sturdy and reliable,<br />

the NITRO backpack<br />

can be adjusted to<br />

your needs.<br />

→→ The Velcro strip<br />

along the front of the<br />

bag allows for easy<br />

attachment of all your<br />

favorite Spraycation<br />

patches.<br />

↘ Take a second look.<br />

Only upon a second<br />

glance is it clear that<br />

the MTA patch is the<br />

Montana Cans MTA<br />

patch.<br />

Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack<br />


SPRAY<br />

CATION<br />

More than just a vacation<br />

→ Collect them all. The<br />

Montana Cans Spraycation<br />

patches are the<br />

boy scout patches for<br />

graffiti writers.<br />

Location<br />

Worldwide<br />

Photography<br />

Edward Nightingale<br />

ProfileS<br />

@montanacans<br />

@matterof.online<br />

@sprayvacation<br />

In the early days of graffiti writing history,<br />

‘KINGing’ your city was the name of the<br />

game. Your checklist before every mission<br />

was simple and clear; cans, caps, bag,<br />

appropriate clothing... Check. What started<br />

out as a neighborhood-by-neighborhood<br />

conquest, soon spread to other boroughs,<br />

cities, and eventually the globe. With the<br />

world of the graffiti writer opening, traveling<br />

to make their art became a greater part<br />

of their everyday reality.<br />

66 Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack


Leaving the safety and security of their homes,<br />

the STRAY CAT would rather explore its<br />

neighborhood to extend its turf and mark its<br />

new territory.<br />

GISELA<br />

The Berlin G series subway trains have lovingly<br />

acquired the nickname GISELA. With its<br />

corrugations, it is considered reminiscent of the<br />

Mother of all subway models, the New York<br />

Metro. Whether you are a train spotting nerd or<br />

a roughneck graffiti writer, getting one in<br />

front of your camera’s lens can make a visit to<br />

Berlin, unforgettable.<br />


It doesn’t matter which subway tunnel you find<br />

yourself deep within, anywhere around the<br />

world. They always smell like home.<br />


With no fixed address, but at home in every city,<br />

the freight train has not only been a means<br />

of movement for hobo’s and writers, but they<br />

have also become a much-loved surface<br />

for colors and burners. And it doesn’t matter if<br />

they have a little rust.<br />


The most loved quote, happily seen on any product<br />

the world over. Made in Germany is a<br />

symbol of reliability and quality that can see<br />

you through any of your adventures, regardless<br />

of the conditions.<br />

Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack<br />



No matter how safe you think you are, it never<br />

hurts to remind yourself; “Don’t die today!”<br />

Don’t lose your concentration and keep away<br />

from the third rail.<br />


A situation nobody wishes upon anybody, not<br />

even your greatest enemies. Better peak<br />

around the corner one more time to ensure your<br />

sleeping position on your host’s warm couch,<br />

then to spend the night(s) on a cold cell floor.<br />


Subway-Hunters will immediately catch the eyes<br />

of fellow colleagues on the hunt with this logo.<br />

An ode to the golden age and the origin of subway<br />

graffiti as we know it today.<br />


In the BIG APPLE, there is always something to<br />

eat for a little worm. The same rules apply to<br />

traveling writers, on a pilgrimage to where it all<br />

began.<br />


What is valid for hiking in the wild, also applies<br />

to the sustainable and responsible handling<br />

of your yard. Care for it, leave it (almost) as you<br />

found it, and above all, do not leave any traces<br />

in it that could lead back to you.<br />

68 Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack

Times have changed since those humble<br />

beginnings of this beautiful culture we call graffiti. But<br />

the urge to travel hasn’t. On the contrary, as the surfaces<br />

and motivations of graffiti writing have developed<br />

and increased, so have the places and contexts to do<br />

it. The new checklist looks like this; cans, gloves, mask,<br />

caps, backpack, appropriate clothing, camera and/or<br />

smartphone, PASSPORT, money... Check. And as a bonus<br />

(and if space permits), a change of socks and underwear<br />

are also welcomed.<br />

Like an unspoken code known only<br />

to graffiti artists, the SPRAYCATION<br />

patches capture the spirit of the<br />

graffiti brotherhood.<br />

To celebrate the condition of graffiti writing today<br />

as we know it, we have created the new Montana Cans,<br />

SPRAYCATION patches. Like an unspoken code known<br />

only to graffiti artists, the SPRAYCATION patches capture<br />

the spirit of the graffiti brotherhood. With a spotlight<br />

on some of the common elements of the SPRAY-<br />

CATION experience, each patch has a unique message<br />

connecting all those who are ‘in the know’.<br />

Collaboration Montana Cans x NITRO Backpack<br />


The 2020<br />

JBCB<br />

summer<br />

tour<br />

70 Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour

Tour de France<br />

Location<br />

France<br />

Photography<br />

Jukebox Cowboys<br />

Profile<br />

@graffitigruppe<br />

It’s springtime. Usually, the first signs of<br />

spring ensure that I think about where the<br />

upcoming summer will take me. The first<br />

e-mail to Rize and Skoe doesn’t need long<br />

for a reply and our thoughts start to turn<br />

into concrete ideas.<br />

Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour<br />


This is how almost every spraycation begins for<br />

me, with my now permanent travel comrades.<br />

The first ideas of possible travel destinations are<br />

exchanged. Fueled by photos found during<br />

internet research, which most show old train models<br />

chugging through picturesque landscapes. The goldrush<br />

mood begins to rise within us! Now the task is to<br />

find out where these old rail companions are still<br />

running.<br />

But this year everything is a little different. A pandemic<br />

is on its way. Like most, I first must figure out<br />

what the difference is to an epidemic, a term that has<br />

been heard quite often. But as almost always, everything<br />

extraordinary and terrible lies in the distance for<br />

my generation. War, emergency, and disaster. We<br />

are the children happily kissed by an affluent society,<br />

thanks to our economic miracle! In my case, my<br />

hobby is the result of luxury. Spraying paint onto trains.<br />

Money that ends up in the buffers bucket. Except for<br />

your own scene, nobody really cares, and it is completely<br />

irrelevant in the real world. It’s still fun though,<br />

and there is a little bit of adventure in it too.<br />

Things are beginning to return to<br />

normal, and hardly anyone is afraid<br />

of the situation anymore. We return<br />

to the thoughts of our annual trip.<br />

72 Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour

So, a trip is out of the question for now. Which is<br />

completely OK and necessary in this situation. Spring<br />

presents us with the best possible weather, even in northern<br />

Germany, and the German lockdown feels like<br />

most people are enjoying relaxed outdoor activities. Once<br />

again, we are lucky if you compare our situation with<br />

that in Lombardy.<br />

Then comes summer. The infection numbers<br />

are falling. Things are beginning to return to normal,<br />

and hardly anyone is afraid of the situation anymore. We<br />

return to the thoughts of our annual trip. With our own<br />

car, we are self-sufficient anyway and hardly exposed to<br />

other people. The first idea for the destination is Bilbao.<br />

Old Eusko is long gone and the situation of painting<br />

trains in Spain has become modest. But on the way there<br />

we would like to bag a few models in France. And on<br />

the way back, drive along the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean.<br />

The mountain panorama is already building<br />

up in my mind’s eye, but shortly before we depart, the<br />

beautiful picture disappears again into thin air. Northern<br />

Spain reports a rapidly increasing number of infections<br />

and most regions are declared high-risk areas.<br />

A new goal is urgently needed!<br />

← Idyllic landscapes,<br />

with blue skies,<br />

chirping birds, and<br />

plastic trains.<br />

↙ It’s the balance of<br />

action and tranquility<br />

that makes spraycations<br />

more special<br />

than standard tourism.<br />

↓ The trophies, color<br />

on steel regardless of<br />

if it’s old or new.<br />

Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour<br />


The images you show<br />

your mother, graffiti<br />

takes you to places<br />

that other people never<br />

reach.<br />

74 Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour

The alternative plan is France. From Freiburg, via<br />

Burgundy to Provence. If things go well, back up to<br />

the coast of the Mediterranean. As is so often the case<br />

on the way south, we make one of the first stops at<br />

Bay in Freiburg and spend a few nice days with him in<br />

Basel. It is now midsummer. We are on the banks of<br />

the Rhine. In order to not melt, we cool down in the stream<br />

on the hour. Bay shows us some interesting places on<br />

our route on a large map. As the founder of the Down By<br />

The River Crew, he is very familiar with the rivers in<br />

France. His tactic: always look for crossings of tracks<br />

and waterways! So, we shimmy along the rivers to<br />

the south according to his plan. In the depots, we almost<br />

only find plastic train models with rainbow decals,<br />

but the out of service trains from the last decades gather<br />

in many places. This year’s tour acquires the working<br />

title; “Tour de Trash” for a short time but is later named<br />

the Tour de France. Since we discover so many beautiful<br />

places and regions on the way, the Mediterranean<br />

Sea remains a long way off, and we say goodbye to<br />

the dream of again being able to bathe in saltwater.<br />

← Cooling off in regular<br />

intervals. The<br />

French summer in full<br />

swing, pool included.<br />

↓ Under a moonlit sky,<br />

night time is the right<br />

time.<br />

Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour<br />


Despite the circumstances that 2020 brought<br />

with it, we went on a wonderful tour together. With<br />

the usual ups, and downs. Tension, relaxation, exhaustion,<br />

euphoria, and so on. As always, a little bit of<br />

everything. Finding the right balancing act is a life skill.<br />

Once again, I return happy. Happy to have balanced<br />

the scales with my friends yet another time.<br />

Tension, relaxation, exhaustion,<br />

euphoria, and so on. As always, a<br />

little bit of everything. Finding<br />

the right balancing act is a life skill.<br />

↑ “Tour de Trash<br />

France”. Thankfully<br />

not all trains were<br />

trash and even some<br />

of the plastic models<br />

got a new lick of paint.<br />

→ Every splash of color<br />

counts. On a spraycation,<br />

there is no such<br />

thing as no space.<br />

76 Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour

A final glance at<br />

nature’s treasures<br />

before returning<br />

back to normal life.<br />

Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour<br />


Another magical moment<br />

in the middle<br />

of nowhere. Life is a<br />

whole lot more than<br />

just going to work.<br />

78 Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour

Travel Report The 2020 JBCB summer tour<br />


Corona<br />

Dampf 2020<br />

Location<br />

Essen, Germany<br />

Profile<br />

@hafendampf_essen<br />

Photography<br />

@topnotch<br />

The (masked)<br />

show must<br />

go on<br />

→ The new location,<br />

not even a virus can<br />

stop the Dampf.<br />

80 Recap Corona Dampf 2020

For 8 consecutive years, the Hafen Dampf jam under the highway<br />

pillars of the A42 in Essen in Germany has been steaming<br />

away. Literally translated (Port Steam), the name and the<br />

location for the 2020 edition of the event needed a slight<br />

change, due to environmental conditions. This year for obvious<br />

reasons, Hafen Dampf made way for “Corona Dampf”<br />

← Nomad making<br />

light work of black<br />

and color.<br />

↙ Putting things into<br />

perspective, a passing<br />

shows how big the<br />

pieces really are.<br />

↓ From large to small,<br />

FNACK knows how to<br />

handle the wall.<br />

Recap corona Dampf 2020<br />


With yet another line-up of European graffiti<br />

stars, names like Rookie the Weird, Zay,<br />

Pout, Birne, Most, Mynt, Nomad, and Semor,<br />

could be seen painting the new underpass<br />

location, rocking in graffiti writing harmony. On this<br />

day, the term “LOCKDOWN” gained new meaning as<br />

each writer locked down their pieces in unprecedented<br />

graffiti stylewriting.<br />

↑ ZAY doing his part<br />

his part on the right<br />

with the Montana<br />

BLACK colors<br />

popping off the black<br />

background.<br />

↖ MOST taking the<br />

left in a concept<br />

piece with JBCB team<br />

member Zay.<br />

← Over, under,<br />

wherever. All space is<br />

used and filled with<br />

glorious color.<br />

↓ Pout shows that<br />

innovation is a must.<br />

82 Recap Corona Dampf 2020

Recap corona Dampf 2020<br />


MUSA.<br />

Frames<br />

Berlin from a different perspective<br />

Location<br />

Berlin, Germany<br />

Photography<br />

Musa<br />

Profile<br />


When one thinks of cutting-edge contemporary graffiti<br />

documentation, the first place that comes to mind is not<br />

Israel. All the more reason why the images of Israeli born<br />

photographer Musa Agron aka @MUSA.FRAMES, offer a<br />

unique perspective on a past time that often goes unseen.<br />

84 Street Report Musa

Street Report MUSA<br />


For two years, the Tel Aviv native has changed residence<br />

to Berlin, not only the capital of Germany but also one<br />

of the epicenters of German and European graffiti culture.<br />

With an accompanying team member like MUSA, the<br />

underground graffiti scene of Berlin has not only won another<br />

pair of eyes to keep them safe but also a different<br />

creative perspective that helps solidify Berlin’s graffiti in<br />

the vaults of world graffiti history.<br />

86 Street Report Musa

Street Report MUSA<br />


88 Street Report Musa

Street Report MUSA<br />


90 Street Report Musa

Rolling with heavy-hitting crews like Berlin’s infamous 1UP<br />

crew, his breathtaking pictures can be found online<br />

on platforms like Instagram, as well as in print in graffiti<br />

publications like Stylefile. With a bright future ahead<br />

of him, we look forward to seeing the developments of<br />

MUSA.FRAMES’ documentation of his version of graffiti<br />

photographic history.<br />

Street Report MUSA<br />


92 Street Report Musa

Street Report MUSA<br />


94 Street Report Musa

Street Report MUSA<br />


Cloakwork<br />

Graffiti on a tourist cruise ship<br />

Making fast work for the sea<br />

The Malaysian graffiti artist Cloakwork was not exempt<br />

from the obligations and restrictions of Covid-19. As<br />

with many artists, during this time, many projects were<br />

either postponed or canceled altogether.<br />

Location<br />

Taiwan<br />

↓ Negotiating the curves<br />

of the bow of a<br />

ship, a different experience<br />

from painting<br />

walls on terra firma.<br />

ProfileS<br />

@cloakwork<br />

@bambooyang<br />

@jrt.artwork<br />

@montanacans_taiwan<br />

Photography<br />

@bambooyang<br />

96 Production Cloakwork

In 2020, for Cloakwork, there was one important project<br />

that almost slipped through his fingers. The<br />

painting of a large cruise ship in Taiwan. With a travel<br />

ban and lockdown in place, he assumed there<br />

was no way to get the project done on time. Even if he was<br />

soon able to travel to Taiwan and start his work. But<br />

where there is a will, there is a way.<br />

↓ Scaffolding in dry<br />

dock, just one of the<br />

hurdles that were<br />

faced and conquered<br />

by Cloakwork and<br />

his team.<br />

↑ A moment to think.<br />

Working on a job<br />

as big as a cruise ship<br />

with a closing deadline<br />

is no easy feat.<br />

Memories are the best souvenirs,<br />

we must not get<br />

so busy making a living that<br />

we forget to make a life.<br />

Production Cloakwork<br />


With the assistance of fellow artists @bambooyang,<br />

@jrt.artwork and @montanacans_taiwan the<br />

project was not only finished on time, but also with<br />

an amazing result. Scaffolding in epic proportions was<br />

built to give the artists safe passage many stories<br />

above the ground in dry dock, and an endless supply of<br />

Montana BLACK and GOLD cans assisted as well in<br />

making it all come true. And to the positive surprise of<br />

all involved, the boat made its ocean deadline.<br />

↑ There is no “I” in the<br />

word team. With the<br />

assistance of his team,<br />

Cloakwork takes his<br />

project to fruition within<br />

the deadline.<br />

↓ A look from above,<br />

there is little chance<br />

to stand back and gain<br />

perspective making<br />

the placement of every<br />

color crucial.<br />

With a travel ban and lockdown<br />

in place, he assumed<br />

there was no way to get<br />

the project done on time.<br />

98 Production Cloakwork

↑ Unmasked and in<br />

all its glory, the final<br />

product birthed at<br />

the dock with water<br />

under its feet.<br />

↓ Let the adventure<br />

begin. In traffic and<br />

ready to depart, sailing<br />

the seas of Asia.<br />

And traveling by boat certainly<br />

is a life experience<br />

that turns every adventure<br />

into a story!<br />

The work is not just aesthetic. There is also some<br />

deep thought behind its design. Cloakwork states,<br />

“Memories are the best souvenirs, we must not get so<br />

busy making a living that we forget to make a life”.<br />

His image a reminder to live, travel and keep having adventures<br />

to experience life to its fullest. And traveling<br />

by boat certainly is a life experience that turns every<br />

adventure into a story!<br />

Production Cloakwork<br />


A CloakWork<br />

Orange<br />

and blue, black, green, yellow,<br />

pink, red, white, gray, purple…<br />

When you think of the Malaysian capital city Kuala Lumpur,<br />

you don't exactly think of its world-renowned graffiti<br />

and thriving street culture. That is for now. But thanks to<br />

the Malaysian writer CLOAKWORK, a new reputation<br />

for the city as a creative hub is being created, and all with<br />

a healthy dosage of humor and skills.<br />

Location<br />

Kuala Lumpur,<br />

Malaysia<br />

ProfileS<br />

@cloakwork<br />

Photography<br />

Cloakwork<br />

↓ With the hairdressers<br />

closed in Lock -<br />

down, sometimes you<br />

must take matters<br />

into your own hands.<br />

100 Artists in Focus Cloakwork

The graffiti artist who also works prolifically as an<br />

illustrator, has been spreading his imagination<br />

on the through color since 2012, is no stranger to<br />

the benefits of his favorite Montana GOLD<br />

and BLACK can colors. The duality of the name CLOAK-<br />

WORK stands for CLOAK (representing being hidden,<br />

or stealth), and WORK (representing his ethic, motion, and<br />

action), is only the beginning of his invitation to explore<br />

his creativity. A prospect that is not easy to do growing<br />

up in a country like Malaysia, where the penalties or<br />

punishment for activities such as illegal graffiti are well<br />

beyond that of countries where it is taken relatively lightly.<br />

↑ Graffiti in progress.<br />

Only one love will<br />

get us through this<br />

difficult period.<br />

↓ Size doesn't matter.<br />

Even the smallest<br />

vans can support the<br />

biggest ideas.<br />

A prospect that is not<br />

easy to do growing up in a<br />

country like Malaysia,<br />

where the penalties or<br />

punishment for activities<br />

such as illegal graffiti<br />

are well beyond that of<br />

countries where it is taken<br />

relatively lightly.<br />

Artists in Focus Cloakwork<br />


↑ All dressed up and<br />

no place to dance.<br />

Regardless of the<br />

difficulties the local culture<br />

re presents for a keen<br />

graffiti artist, CLOAKWORK<br />

has managed to overcome<br />

diversities and remain<br />

positive.<br />

↑ "Awesome", like<br />

reading a CLOAK-<br />

WORK comic book,<br />

only it's on a wall.<br />

↓ Influenced by the<br />

iconic film "A<br />

Clockwork Orange",<br />


explores his own<br />

take on the concept.<br />

Regardless of the difficulties the local culture<br />

represents for a keen graffiti artist, CLOAKWORK has<br />

managed to overcome diversities and remain positive.<br />

A mindset that shows through in his work, which is<br />

nothing less than colorful, vibrant, inspiring, and of<br />

course, very aesthetic. Possibly this is the key to his success<br />

as he manages to bring a smile to viewers of all<br />

orientations. Whether they are young, old, open-minded,<br />

or other.<br />

102 Artists in Focus Cloakwork

With the skill of capturing a particular character<br />

in his artworks, CLOAKWORK takes his letters and<br />

figures to a varied assortment of surfaces, including<br />

walls, boats, cars, food trucks, or the digital realm. If he<br />

hasn't been on your radar until now, don't worry, on his<br />

side of the world he is well and truly on the radar having<br />

worked with clients such as Adidas, Volkswagen, BMW,<br />

Converse, Warner Music, Hypebeast, and Tiger Beer,<br />

just to name a few. Keep your eye out for more CLOAK-<br />

WORK pieces from now on.<br />

If he hasn't been on your<br />

radar until now, don't<br />

worry, on his side of the<br />

world he is well and truly<br />

on the radar.<br />

↑ CLOAK the masked<br />

writer, doing his bit<br />

for the pandemic.<br />

↓ Surfing the roof the<br />

relaxed way. CLOAK-<br />

WORK posing on<br />

his freshly finished<br />

van artwork.<br />

Artists in Focus Cloakwork<br />


N.O.<br />

MAD SKI<br />

Location<br />

Hamburg, Germany<br />

Profile<br />

@ n_o_madski<br />

Photography<br />

Nomad<br />

Balancing<br />

between the<br />

extremes<br />

The world<br />

according<br />

to<br />

The German city of Hamburg<br />

can lay claims on having<br />

some of the most innovative<br />

graffiti style writers from<br />

Germany as residents of the<br />

port city. But not all of them<br />

are born and bred there.<br />

N.O.MADSKI aka NOMAD is<br />

an example of one of these<br />

talented writers who now call<br />

the Hanseatic City home.<br />

104 Interview Nomad

Born in 1978, NOMAD’s graffiti journey started<br />

in the city of Bremerhaven where experienced<br />

his formative years. Although starting<br />

his graffiti path in 1993, it wasn’t till 1998–<br />

1999 till he took ownership of the name NOMAD while<br />

living in Nürnberg.<br />

Without his awareness, these 5 letters became<br />

the key to his pursuit for continual progression in<br />

the graffiti discipline of letter styles. NOMAD’s path took<br />

him on a style map that not even Google would be able<br />

to plot. With the vigor of the Berlin style writing movement,<br />

NOMAD took his skills, not to the nation’s capital,<br />

but rather, the port city of Hamburg. Which incidentally<br />

due to its strong graffiti community, plays a key<br />

role in the history and future of not only German graffiti<br />

but also, Europe and all over the globe.<br />

← A knowing nod to<br />

the history of graffiti,<br />

and a progressive<br />

need to keep pushing<br />

things forward.<br />

↓ Going from positive<br />

to negative, or negative<br />

to positive, NOMAD<br />

makes it look easy either<br />

way.<br />

↑ The hand and ductus<br />

of NOMAD are<br />

ever-present in his<br />

continually evolving<br />

practice. There is<br />

always a little more<br />

than mear perfection.<br />

Paying homage to those that came<br />

before him, many traditional graffiti<br />

elements such as arrows, clouds,<br />

3D, highlights, or horizontal (train<br />

panel) placement are present in<br />

many phases of his development.<br />

With rebellion at its core, NOMAD’s style is at<br />

times indescribable, and at other times the epidemy<br />

of graphic typography. An arena where graffiti abstraction<br />

meets head-on with some classic typographic<br />

heavyweights. Always heavily loaded with the key color<br />

ingredients of black and white, NOMAD can do with<br />

two cans which few can even conceive. What is for some<br />

a restriction, is to him a challenge. A challenge, that<br />

just like his style experiments, lead him down a road that<br />

can go in any direction. Paying homage to those that<br />

came before him, many traditional graffiti elements such<br />

as arrows, clouds, 3D, highlights, or horizontal (train<br />

panel) placement are present in many phases of his development.<br />

However even if you think you’ve seen it<br />

before, he manages to make it look like no other.<br />

Without his awareness, these 5<br />

letters became the key to his pursuit<br />

for continual progression in the<br />

graffiti discipline of letter styles.<br />

Interview Nomad<br />


↓ Another “why didn’t<br />

I think of that” moment<br />

as NOMAD pushes<br />

the envelope<br />

and keeps his peers<br />

on their toes.<br />

NOMAD’s path took him on a style<br />

map that not even Google would<br />

be able to plot.<br />

106 Interview Nomad

More recently, the re-addition of colors, and in<br />

some cases, mega amounts of color into his work<br />

have led to a luminosity that is reminiscent of retro computer<br />

and television graphics. The impeccable composition<br />

and placement of his letters with just the right<br />

amount of handmade spray paint grittiness makefor a<br />

mandatory second, third, and fourth look at every piece.<br />

“How does he do that”, the viewer asks themselves as<br />

the artist’s own ductus, an ever-present key characteristic<br />

of the work, which at a distance appears seamless.<br />

In some of his latest works, NOMAD has taken<br />

his visual language even further, bringing in the visually<br />

deceptive element of plastic film into his work. At a first<br />

glance from close range, a melting pot of lines and color<br />

create an abstract field that is not yet recognizable. As<br />

the viewer’s eye zoom’s out, slowly but surely the image<br />

starts to make more sense. With distance, the visual<br />

illusion happening within the fill-in of the letters exposes<br />

the clever crinkled plastic film effect. With shimmering<br />

light being represented by spray strokes and color<br />

shifts, the heavy use of black and white helps to stamp<br />

the graffiti authority back onto the piece in its entirety.<br />

Always with that unique and personal NOMAD touch.<br />

This is what still inspires me to this<br />

day. To take as much freedom as<br />

you want and to express yourself<br />

creatively.<br />

↙ A poignant statement<br />

that should<br />

never be forgotten;<br />

“Don’t forget the feeling”.<br />

↑ Never short of<br />

ideas, NOMAD doesn’t<br />

just paint graffiti,<br />

he creates new<br />

concepts.<br />

The intrigue was too much to hypothesize<br />

about how or why the works have become<br />

what they are. Instead, we chose to speak<br />

to the artist directly to see if he could unravel<br />

the code a little for us.<br />


In a post about your work on the Montana Blog, it was<br />

stated you thought that if graffiti and graffiti artists<br />

when you started were like they are today, you would<br />

have never started writing. With a little distance<br />

from that viewpoint, what things do you like about graffiti<br />

now? What are some inspirational aspects that inspire<br />

or motivate to keep innovating?<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

Sometimes Graffiti seems to be more conservative and<br />

boring nowadays than in the early days as I remember.<br />

But if you take a close look, it only appears that way.<br />

There is still the opportunity to express yourself<br />

freely. This is what still inspires me to this day. To take<br />

as much freedom as you want and to express yourself<br />

creatively. And there is still the opportunity to take<br />

my inspirations, which sometimes come from totally<br />

different worlds, and to implement these in my way of<br />

expression: Graffiti Writing. I think Graffiti only gets<br />

boring if you don’t set yourself new challenges. Unfortunately,<br />

I always get bored quickly when I do the same<br />

things for too long, so I’m forced to innovate the way I<br />

do Graffiti.<br />

“How does he do that”, the viewer<br />

asks themselves as the artist’s<br />

own ductus, an ever-present key<br />

characteristic of the work, which<br />

at a distance appears seamless.<br />

Interview Nomad<br />


Ultimately, in the last few years, I<br />

have increasingly enjoyed painting<br />

quickly and freely. If everything is<br />

planned concretely, and it is all about<br />

the technical implementation, I<br />

also get bored with that after a while.<br />

← The start of a new<br />

era. Holographic plastic<br />

film fill-ins, inspired<br />

by holographic<br />

stickers. There is a<br />

first for everything.<br />

↓ Color, color, color.<br />

But there is never too<br />

much black and white<br />

to go with that.<br />

MC<br />

In what kind of frequency do you paint your graffiti, and<br />

about how long do you like to invest in each piece?<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

There are times in which I paint or sketch daily. But there<br />

is sometimes a week or two in which nothing happens.<br />

It all depends on what else is going on in my life. The time<br />

I spend painting a piece depends on what I want to<br />

achieve. Sometimes I’m more into quick actions of 2–3<br />

hours. When it comes to more laborious projects, a<br />

painting could last a couple of days. Ultimately, in the<br />

last few years, I have increasingly enjoyed painting<br />

quickly and freely. If everything is planned concretely,<br />

and it is all about the technical implementation, I also<br />

get bored with that after a while.<br />

MC<br />

Other than Hamburg, are there any other cities or different<br />

countries you could imaging moving to, to continue<br />

your creative path?<br />

MC<br />

Do you feel a sense of competition in Hamburg within<br />

graffiti writing circles? Or does the graffiti/art community<br />

help you to get to where you want to be?<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

Competition is more of a topic for younger writers, and I<br />

don’t think Hamburg really stands out in that respect.<br />

There is competition in every scene. Often when there<br />

are several different generations of writers, or when it<br />

is of a certain size. As for the older, longer active writers,<br />

we know each other, more closely networked, and are<br />

not opposed to exchanging ideas. There is instead no<br />

competition, especially because our demands on<br />

ourselves are usually very different. And when it comes<br />

to the inner circle, there is a lot of support for new<br />

projects.<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

I’ve been traveling a lot and I’ve met a lot of great people<br />

to paint with everywhere. Every country or city has<br />

got a special history and development when it comes to<br />

Graffiti. Discovering and experiencing the differences<br />

is practically a science within itself. From this perspective,<br />

I could think of a lot of countries and cities to live<br />

and work in. But what I really love in this regard are the<br />

countries in which graffiti started completely from<br />

scratch. Like for example some of the countries in Eastern<br />

Europe after the collapse of the USSR. It seems to me<br />

that the residents of these countries are often as openminded<br />

as the artists when it comes to graffiti. I have<br />

spent a lot of time traveling in Greece. This is due to both<br />

the interesting graffiti history they have, and the lively<br />

scene that produces great artists. Who knows, perhaps<br />

one day I’ll stay there for a longer period.<br />

108 Interview Nomad

↑ You can’t get to where<br />

you need to be if<br />

you don’t leave behind<br />

where you were. When<br />

it comes to style writing,<br />

there is no idea<br />

too confronting for<br />

NOMAD.<br />

↓ Next stop... Who<br />

knows? As long as<br />

there are innovative<br />

and quality materials,<br />

NOMAD will not stay<br />

standing still.<br />

I have always lived by the claim: Not<br />

just to paint for fun, but also to<br />

stand out and show everyone what<br />

ideas and skills you have.<br />

MC<br />

Does having such talented peers in your city function as a<br />

motivating aspect, or can it sometimes just be draining?<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

The competition today is more international, especially<br />

since Graffiti nowadays predominantly takes place<br />

in social media where you want to attract attention. Personally,<br />

I have always lived by the claim: Not just to<br />

paint for fun, but also to stand out and show everyone<br />

what ideas and skills you have. Maybe, I am still a<br />

little bit influenced by the Hip Hop history of German<br />

graffiti, but this claim still motivates me until this day.<br />

The total digitization of graffiti publications that have<br />

taken place in recent years, unfortunately, from my<br />

perspective, also shifts the consideration and evaluation<br />

of Graffiti. Thus, changing the notion of competition,<br />

a lot. For example, a writer in his hometown could be “all<br />

city” with bombings in the streets, have the most<br />

trains running, or have an extremely good style. If pictures<br />

of his work do not appear on social media, he<br />

hardly exists. Conversely, the artist who is most conspicuously<br />

and staged on social media becomes<br />

known quickly. The result is that some of the best and<br />

most influential graffiti artists from Germany in my<br />

eyes are increasingly being forgotten just because they<br />

do not take place on social media. This competition,<br />

which is about likes or clicks, hardly interests me, and<br />

sometimes demotivates me. Especially since artistic<br />

aspirations hardly play a role there, but often only the<br />

attitude of pleasing the anonymous audience.<br />

Interview Nomad<br />


MC<br />

There was a while there where your pieces were predominantly<br />

black and white, or at least monochrome (e.g.,<br />

black & silver). Were you also doing color pieces at the<br />

time, or was it a conscious act to return to basics?<br />

And when you did do color pieces, was there a greater<br />

sense of satisfaction with those as opposed to the<br />

monochrome works?<br />

← Context can be<br />

everything. In NO-<br />

MAD’s case, there<br />

never seems to be<br />

a wrong context<br />

for his work.<br />

↑ Less is more. Finding<br />

the balance between<br />

curved shapes<br />

and geometry is hard<br />

to do when you mainly<br />

use black and white<br />

and have nowhere<br />

to hide your errors.<br />

↓ A great quality of<br />

NOMAD’s work is<br />

knowing how to exploit<br />

context. Something<br />

abandoned<br />

spaces offer plentifully.<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

For a long time, I had always painted very large and<br />

elaborate concept walls. But it always bothered me that<br />

both writers and ordinary viewers only praised the<br />

colors or the figures. The styles were usually not looked<br />

at properly at all. That made me very frustrated because<br />

painting styles and evolving my writing has been<br />

my focus for over 25 years. This situation was so<br />

unsatisfactory, that I decided to totally rely on my roots.<br />

If the style of writing is so important to me, I must<br />

put it in the foreground. And above all, I wanted to show<br />

the ordinary viewer that you can also transport things<br />

through the style of writing alone. That was where the<br />

idea that I call KRYPTOGRAFF got started. Colors<br />

are secondary here; this is all about the style of writing<br />

as a means of artistic expression. This step was<br />

really liberating. I am sure that graffiti can also convince<br />

without requiring any illustrative accessories, or<br />

elements of graphic design. In my own opinion, the core<br />

of graffiti remains to be the writing, even if you can<br />

get more attention nowadays (apparently), with illustrative<br />

decoration. In the end, I understand this path as<br />

one series of my work. In between this series I have also<br />

painted other pieces naturally. As a rule, I always act<br />

according to the motto of doing what I feel like doing.<br />

MC<br />

How did your interest in your new “plastic film” series<br />

arise? Did it come from experiments you made within<br />

other paintings, or did you see something that made you<br />

want to try and create that effect?<br />

Colors are secondary here; this is all<br />

about the style of writing as a<br />

means of artistic expression. This<br />

step was really liberating.<br />

110 Interview Nomad

→ Just as progressive<br />

in the studio,<br />

NOMAD’s work<br />

takes us to graffiti<br />

and beyond.<br />

Interview Nomad<br />


N.O.MADSKI<br />

For a long time, I had the vision that the lettering should<br />

come to life. More should happen than just good<br />

design. I was certainly inspired by digital animation as<br />

in movies or 3D animation. I tried a lot with various<br />

effect colors to achieve something like a metal effect,<br />

or flip-flop paint that appears to change depending<br />

where you look at it from. But the effect was barely visible.<br />

The idea of ​gluing plastic foil sheets was ultimately<br />

inspired by holographic stickers. Why not do<br />

something like that as a piece? As there are many<br />

different plastic effect foil sheets to stick around, I then<br />

tried different things. Such as mirror foil. Unfortunately,<br />

the pieces are always short-lived. Walls at Halls<br />

of Fame are destroyed if they are pasted and painted<br />

over.Therefore, I needed to remove the foil after documentation.<br />

From my point of view, it takes an<br />

artist a lifetime to put their rationality<br />

aside and put their emotions<br />

first when creating artwork. When<br />

it comes to Graffiti writing, I think<br />

it is the same situation.<br />

MC<br />

Do you approach your graffiti writing pragmatically<br />

and rationally, or does your emotional state feed your<br />

creative process and affect the artworks you make?<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

From my point of view, it takes an artist a lifetime to put<br />

their rationality aside and put their emotions first<br />

when creating artwork. When it comes to Graffiti writing,<br />

I think it is the same situation. In the beginning, most<br />

writers start with a completely rational attitude. Only after<br />

they have understood the letters and the aesthetics,<br />

can they develop their personality freely. When it comes<br />

to me: I’m somewhere in the middle of that!<br />

MC<br />

Which way do you prefer to go, Montana GOLD or<br />

Montana BLACK?<br />

Montana Cans<br />


get to know:<br />

↑ It’s easy to pack<br />

your bag when your<br />

pieces are in black<br />

and white. Resulting<br />

in more time for actual<br />

painting.<br />

→ It only needs a<br />

soundtrack. This colorful<br />

burner takes<br />

us back to the glorious<br />

days of arcade<br />

games, joysticks, and<br />

buttons to press.<br />

N.O.<br />

MADSKI<br />

N.O.MADSKI<br />

Both – depends on what task I need to use them for. I have<br />

come to appreciate the Montana Black can as one of<br />

the best cans for filling in and I use Montana Gold for the<br />

detailed works, for example, my outlines.<br />

We look forward to seeing where the<br />

creative path of NOMAD leads. As one of<br />

the world’s great innovative writers, we<br />

are left with no other option than to say,<br />

“watch this space”.<br />

Where there is destruction, you will find cre -<br />

ation. For NOMAD, destroying classic<br />

graffiti confines is as rewarding as re-creating<br />

his own perception of what graffiti<br />

can be. Equally as at home in a delapitated<br />

building, or the clean white cube of the<br />

gallery, NOMAD can create or destroy at will.<br />


Interview Nomad<br />


Keno<br />

wAs<br />

Here<br />

Paris is a tough city if you<br />

are a graffiti artist that<br />

wants to stand out amongst<br />

the crowd. Why? Because<br />

the crowd is big, the quality<br />

is high, and the physical<br />

height of which the streets<br />

are already bombed is<br />

even higher.<br />

Location<br />

Paris, France<br />

Photography<br />

Keno<br />

Profile<br />

@kenowashere<br />

GRAFFTI from Paris –<br />

Redefining the streets<br />

114 Street Report Keno

One prolific artist that doesn’t seem to have<br />

a problem rising to the top of the melting<br />

pot is KENO. We are not saying he can<br />

leap over tall buildings in a single bound,<br />

but his hard work proves that he can<br />

find the right spots on those tall buildings and cover them<br />

with stylish tags, pieces, throw-ups, and stickers.<br />

With a style that oozes with flow, you can only<br />

come to the conclusion that he writes his name a lot.<br />

Dripping Montana BOLD tags, strategically placed in the<br />

streets like arrows on bullseyes, flared fat cap Montana<br />

BLACK tags that appear to have a history of thousands<br />

before them. Or awkward, yet very cool pieces, vibrating<br />

with Montana BLACK and GOLD colors with letters<br />

that embrace his inner child while flexing his knowledge<br />

of all the graffiti that came before him.<br />

Taking a walk down the streets of Paris a much<br />

more colorful experience as KENO has all angles<br />

covered. Reminding those “who know” to look up, and<br />

down, as they walk through his world. If you can’t<br />

make it to his world, take a moment here to check some<br />

of it out yourself.<br />

Street Report Keno<br />


116 Street Report Keno

Street Report Keno<br />


118 Street Report Keno

Street Report Keno<br />


AKUT<br />

Studio Insights –<br />

“Masquerade”<br />

Location<br />

Berlin, Germany<br />

Photography<br />

@akut_herakut<br />

Profile<br />

@akut_herakut<br />

The pace of today’s society is often hard to<br />

keep up with. In a world filled with wannabes<br />

and ladder climbers, everyone is doing<br />

their bit to save face and play the role<br />

that is expected of them to get to where<br />

they want to go.<br />

120 Studio Insight Akut

But is it where they need to be, or even who they<br />

really are? Even for kids, the value of a perfect<br />

selfie on social media now has more value<br />

than the actual content of their true personality.<br />

And what personalities do they even have, at least<br />

outside of their digital ones? The German artist Falk<br />

Lehmann aka AKUT has been observing this social condition<br />

with concern for the destination it is taking our<br />

society. For the exhibition “Réalités” at Galerie Mathgoth<br />

focussing on the work of hyper realistic artists, in<br />

January 2020, AKUT created the painting “MASQUERADE“.<br />

↓ As if from another<br />

time still to come,<br />

AKUT’s rendition of<br />

the chrome face<br />

reminds us of science<br />

fiction films and<br />

robotic technologies.<br />

→ Within every<br />

element of the human<br />

skin is a broad spectrum<br />

of color and<br />

tones. Making AKUT’s<br />

ability to convey<br />

them all in his art even<br />

more impressive.<br />

The 80 × 100cm work started<br />

its journey as a soft<br />

charcoal sketch on the canvas.<br />

The image of a girl,<br />

removing her face as a mask<br />

which doubles as that<br />

which society sees as her<br />

‘real’ face.<br />

Studio Insight Akut<br />


The process of the painting’s creation was a magical<br />

one, that took us right to the pulse of what makes<br />

AKUT’s work so impressive. The 80cm x 100cm work<br />

started its journey as a soft charcoal sketch on the<br />

canvas. The image of a girl, removing her face as a mask<br />

which doubles as that which society sees as her ‘real’<br />

face. Under it, a chrome face, lifeless, smooth, and void<br />

of personality. Only her eyes (a trademark talent<br />

showcasing AKUT’s abilities), seem to be real, however<br />

void of any emotions other than shame and regret.<br />

↑ Intricate details, the<br />

tip of the Montana<br />

FINE ACRYLIC marker<br />

gives AKUT a broad<br />

range of marks and<br />

precision for greater<br />

depth and intimacy.<br />

→ Despite its relatively<br />

small size, MAS-<br />

QUERADE is a haunting<br />

yet enchanting<br />

depiction of life for a<br />

modern-day young<br />

person.<br />

Although the message a hard<br />

pill to swallow, the image<br />

itself a mystical interpretation<br />

of the modern lay<br />

life of our youth and young<br />

people.<br />

The background, a connection to AKUT’s<br />

graffiti roots, is a dirty, earthy texture of tags and dark<br />

color, straight from his Montana GOLD cans and<br />

Montana ACRYLIC markers. Layers of acrylic paint are<br />

then converted into three-dimensional form by<br />

fine coats of paint mist from an array of colors from the<br />

Montana GOLD range. AKUT then adds the final<br />

touches to the hyper-real image by way of precision line<br />

work from his Montana ACRYLIC FINE and EXTRA<br />

FINE markers. Even elements of the chrome face are<br />

brought to life by perfectly placed colors applied in<br />

distinct marker generated lines. Although the message<br />

a hard pill to swallow, the image itself a mystical<br />

interpretation of the modern lay life of our youth and<br />

young people. No wonder the image sold at the exhibition.<br />

Take off your own mask in the privacy of your<br />

own home and be amazed by MASQUERADE.<br />

122 Studio Insight Akut

Studio Insight Akut<br />


Sister<br />

hood<br />

A ‘SISTERHOOD’ in graffiti culture<br />

Location<br />

worldwide<br />

Photography<br />

Sisterhood<br />

Profile<br />

@sisterhood.graffiti<br />

Even if graffiti is the thread that connects<br />

all writers, we can all agree that it makes<br />

things even easier if whoever you are painting<br />

with speaks the same language as<br />

you do. This is not a concept that needs<br />

more explanation for the SISTERHOOD.<br />

Brought together by their common passion<br />

for graffiti, being all-female is yet another<br />

thread that takes the group further and<br />

makes their experience even more fulfilling.<br />

Since the beginning of Hip Hop culture<br />

as we know it, girls have been an integral<br />

part of graffiti writing culture. Not on the peripheral,<br />

not on the side-lines, and definitely<br />

not as understudies to the male-dominated<br />

head figures that later rose to<br />

prominence as the ‘originators’ of the culture.<br />

→ On the lines at night,<br />

a previously maledominated<br />

world. However,<br />

making art<br />

and emptying cans is<br />

not a gender dependent<br />

topic.<br />

124 Street Report / Interview Sisterhood

Street Report / Interview Sisterhood<br />


Possibly, the biggest mistake one can make is<br />

to start justifying, comparing, creating a<br />

mental list of names, or trying to compensate<br />

against their male counterparts. But let’s<br />

make a short roll call just to put it into perspective that<br />

women are and were there in Hip Hop culture from<br />

the beginning. Lady Pink, Roxanne Shante, Queen Latifa,<br />

Monie Love, Martha Cooper, Cora E, Musa, Utah,<br />

Merlot, Mad C, just to name a very few. It is important to<br />

acknowledge that in every town, city, country and<br />

continent, there is a massive unwritten list of female talent<br />

just waiting to have a light shone upon them.<br />

And therein lies the concept for the German allfemale<br />

group, “SISTERHOOD” (Girls Go Graffiti). To<br />

shine the light on their fellow creators of female orientation<br />

who are equally as talented and productive as<br />

any other male creators in the media spotlight.<br />

In their own words, “Graffiti is rebellion, perfection,<br />

thrill seeking, expression and much more: for<br />

example, male-dominated. Still, women are part of this<br />

subculture”. Which is exactly what their mission is<br />

in their self-funded, self-created, and self-organized<br />

exhibition concept of the same name; “SISTERHOOD<br />

Girls Go Graffiti”. To put the spotlight on their fellow female<br />

creative achievers and bridge the gender gaps<br />

in a male-dominated culture that they too are an important<br />

part of.<br />

Active on bricks, streets, and steel,<br />

the girls make art that not only<br />

catches the eye but engages the<br />

brain as well.<br />

↓ No different from<br />

their male colleagues,<br />

the girls in the SIS-<br />

TERHOOD are active<br />

in all disciplines of<br />

graffiti.<br />

↑ Creeping, watching,<br />

and waiting. The SIS-<br />

TERHOOD knows how<br />

the game works, and<br />

above all they know<br />

how to play it.<br />

To be more exact, the names behind the masks<br />

are Antje, Amrei, Alva and Katje. With a network spanning<br />

over the whole globe, with just a small reach out to<br />

the next sister, the endless pool of available skill<br />

sets enables them to achieve a multi-facet of creative<br />

activities. Some of them including film making, sound<br />

production, product creation and sales, musical event<br />

organization, graphic design, artwork, and of course,<br />

all disciplines of graffiti.<br />

But let’s get back to the important part that connects<br />

us all, GRAFFITI. No strangers to a Montana<br />

BLACK or GOLD can, SISTERHOOD has all the bases<br />

covered in the disciplines of graffiti. Active on bricks,<br />

streets, and steel, the girls make art that not only catches<br />

the eye but engages the brain as well. And if the<br />

viewer is female, then the value is heightened as selfconfidence,<br />

self-reflection, and positive messages<br />

of self-acceptance are always on offer.<br />

With the number or size of the female writing<br />

community uncertain, we took the opportunity to speak<br />

to the SISTERHOOD to try and see if they could school<br />

us some more. Here is what they had to say:<br />

126 Street Report / Interview Sisterhood


Most, if not all of you have been active writers so long that<br />

you would be judged by your peers on the quality of<br />

your work, and not your gender (we hope). Were there any<br />

specific moments or turning points that made your<br />

creative focus have a feminist tendency, or do you feel<br />

like it was a topic from the beginning you have been<br />

tackling all the way?<br />


The backgrounds and creative careers of the women in<br />

our group vary. Some of us have already dealt with<br />

feminism before we even started painting and sometimes<br />

started from concrete political contexts. Others were<br />

involved with graffiti first. Over time, we have all understood<br />

the importance of networking with other women<br />

to approach the societal phenomenon of sexism in<br />

solidarity.<br />

Graffiti and the accompanying play<br />

with letters is always a guideline<br />

for us. Which we accept and is inevitable<br />

if we want to paint graffiti.<br />

MC<br />

Do you all cross over into the other disciplines of graffiti,<br />

or do the members of your collective all have certain<br />

avenues they specialize in? (e.g. street bombing, pieces,<br />

trains, freights etc.)<br />

SH<br />

We all have different paths and all of us have our disciplines<br />

within graffiti where it is the most fun. We live out<br />

most of our creativity on the rails and in the streets.<br />

But graffiti is more than just that as it is so diverse. Therefore,<br />

we also networked with women from different<br />

disciplines for the exhibition.<br />

MC<br />

Is classic style writing and street graffiti as we see<br />

it online (dominated by the exposure of male artists) inspirational<br />

for you? Or do you go to other sources for<br />

your own inspiration? Is it even relavent if a male did or<br />

did not create something you like?<br />

SH<br />

For us, it is irrelevant who created the picture. People’s<br />

pictures, regardless of female or male, who we know<br />

or like due to their attitude, we celebrate the most. In the<br />

beginning, we had mostly male role models when it<br />

came to style, but also because in the beginning you<br />

never knew for sure whether an artist was male or<br />

female. Today we are even more inspired by women<br />

who have managed to push their way through.<br />

↑ More than just a<br />

graffiti crew, the<br />

SISTERHOOD is also<br />

involved with the<br />

development of varying<br />

forms of art and<br />

creativity and the<br />

making of their own<br />

products.<br />

MC<br />

Is the topic of feminism, or developing the female status<br />

within creative culture the most important aspect<br />

in the creation of your artworks, or does ‘graffiti’ and its<br />

unwritten agenda (style, letters, innovation, competition<br />

etc.) come first however offering you an outlet to<br />

convey other messages?<br />

SH<br />

Graffiti and the accompanying play with letters is always<br />

a guideline for us. Which we accept and is inevitable<br />

if we want to paint graffiti. After some of us had only<br />

painted our alter ego names for several years, the<br />

combination of political and feminist messages as a<br />

group, brought us important new input and energy.<br />

This is how we want to reach other people and try to<br />

make them think.<br />

MC<br />

Does your group reach out to other female artists<br />

who are not yet involved to broaden the network? Or do<br />

the other female artists come to you to be part of it?<br />

Street Report / Interview Sisterhood<br />


SH<br />

We ask female writers if they would like to be interviewed.<br />

Sometimes we also get tips or suggestions that we<br />

followed and included. Some collectives or individuals<br />

also approached us and want to connect or paint together.<br />

But due to our time restrictions and for security<br />

reasons, we normally don’t do that though. Nevertheless,<br />

we network automatically in all directions.<br />

MC<br />

How do female artists who are not active femists<br />

respond to your work or your cause?<br />

SH<br />

Since we do not have feminism as an explicit topic and<br />

just want to celebrate women in graffiti, the resistance<br />

is limited. Feminism should not be the sole focus for us,<br />

it’s primarily about graffiti. Every now and then some<br />

people find it senseless that it is about women in graffiti<br />

because they want to get away from the stereotype.<br />

The worst is when guys think that something is being<br />

taken away from them, or who are afraid that they<br />

will all be branded as fools. However, the street bombers<br />

don’t complain when a film like “Unlike U” is released,<br />

and it only focuses on train painters.<br />

MC<br />

To broaden the greater public’s awareness of female<br />

writers, who are your heroes, and was there anyone that<br />

inspired you to follow your paths?<br />

SH<br />

There are many writers, female crews, and supporters who<br />

have been part of graffiti from the start. If you don’t<br />

know the synonyms of women, of course, you won’t notice<br />

them in public either. But women like Lady Pink, Sany<br />

from the “Girl Power” movie, or Martha Cooper, who have<br />

been documenting the graffiti scene since the beginning,<br />

are of course icons. But there are also many others<br />

who are not in the public eye that have not come out<br />

publicly as “woman” to be judged differently or torn down.<br />

With the support of some male<br />

friends, we started our project in the<br />

first place and many thought it was<br />

very cool that there are women who<br />

paint.<br />

MC<br />

When you are out in the ‘field’, do you think fellow male<br />

artists treat you any differently to their male counterparts?<br />

SH<br />

Yes and no. We have all had different experiences, and<br />

definitely not only negative ones. With the support<br />

of some male friends, we started our project in the first<br />

128 Street Report / Interview Sisterhood

Additionally, that as many people as possible hear about<br />

the exhibition and see it. Just so that people understand<br />

the message, celebrate, and respect women in<br />

graffiti. Not forgetting that we manage to give girls a<br />

stage and encourage them to do their thing.<br />

MC<br />

If your whole crew had only one Montana Cans cap and<br />

can combination to use, which one would it be?<br />

SH<br />

Black-orange dot! Lavender, Royal Purple, Nappies,<br />

True Yellow, Black, and White!<br />

The worst is when guys think that<br />

something is being taken awayfrom<br />

them, or who are afraid that they<br />

will all be branded as fools.<br />

↑ In the end, it’s all about<br />

graffiti. And the<br />

playing rules for girls<br />

are no different to that<br />

of the boys. So in the<br />

end, graffiti wins.<br />

Montana Cans<br />


get to know:<br />

Sister<br />

hood<br />

place and many thought it was very cool that there are<br />

women who paint. But also, something like being<br />

treated very nicely, or that people want to take care of<br />

you was part of it, which was kind of patronizing.<br />

We also know what it is like to be not taken seriously or<br />

reduced to how we look. Unfortunately, often our<br />

gender is automatically their first point of attack when<br />

they are aware that we are female. And for many, it<br />

becomes an issue as they start to find you somehow<br />

attractive, or interesting. This sometimes makes<br />

things complicated. We can understand that women are<br />

celebrated by men who do atypical things, and with<br />

whom they share their own passion. But there have also<br />

been some very unpleasant interactions where personal<br />

boundaries have been crossed. These are the types<br />

of guys that are unlikely to be respectful to women<br />

outside of graffiti. It’s a societal problem.<br />

MC<br />

If you could achieve one major achievement as a collective,<br />

what would that be?<br />

SH<br />

The first thing would be to encourage other women to<br />

continue doing what they love and not to be belittled!<br />

Pooling skills, strengths, and resources are<br />

no secret for success in whatever endeavors<br />

you choose to do. So why should it<br />

be any different for female writers? The<br />

SISTERHOOD is here to stay, so stayed tuned<br />

for the artworks, events, and colors that<br />

this group is destined to spread across the<br />

globe.<br />

Street Report / Interview Sisterhood<br />


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„CANPIRE“ (The Montana Store Frankfurt).<br />

With a litho image that pays homage to the tradi -<br />

tional „Geripptes“ glass, a lozenge cut glass<br />

used for drinking the region‘s favorite beverage<br />

Apfelwein, this Montana BLACK black, took<br />

on yet another personality as the store‘s own<br />

birthday icon.<br />

Products montana-cans.com<br />


→ The new Montana<br />

Ultra Wide Power<br />

Green. The new generation<br />

of vibrant colors<br />

for the artists that<br />

love spontaneity.<br />

Gamechanger<br />

Text<br />

Team Flight Mode<br />

Photography<br />

Edward Nightingale<br />

Emanuel Batali<br />

Usually, circumstances dictate possibilities in our game.<br />

Surface, timeframe, visibility, light, third-party work<br />

routines, and weather are just some of the crucial external<br />

factors that influence outcomes. Of course, some<br />

of these elements can be modified to even play in one’s<br />

favor. Especially when things do not look promising,<br />

creativity is vital, and one must not underestimate the<br />

factor of motivation. Writers are a flexible crowd. The<br />

history of Graffiti constantly shows signs of adaptation.<br />

New approaches, new techniques - and new materials.<br />

134 Products Montana-cans.com

After all, Graffiti means competition.<br />

The inner pressure to achieve adequate<br />

results, the external pressure<br />

to perform yet get away with it.<br />

→ Second to none<br />

coverage at an application<br />

rate that is at<br />

the top of its game.<br />

We have come a long way from repurposing<br />

hardware supplies. In the 1980s, enamel paints and ovencleaner<br />

nozzles were our most advanced tools. Fast<br />

forward twenty years later: a broad range of colors and<br />

numerous caps can be ordered online – designer<br />

paints with shorter drying times, better coverage, new<br />

valves, and more pressure. Pressure surrounds us.<br />

After all, Graffiti means competition. The inner pressure<br />

to achieve adequate results, the external pressure<br />

to perform yet get away with it. Translating these underlying<br />

patterns of culture into a product is a reasonable<br />

conclusion.<br />

↓ The sky is the limit<br />

both literally and<br />

symbolically with the<br />

new Montana Ultra<br />

Wide Light Blue.<br />

In 2012, a new player entered the<br />

game: the Montana Ultra Wide.<br />

A high-pressure can with a unique<br />

valve enables it to cover bigger<br />

spaces in significantly less time.<br />

In 2012, a new player entered the game: the<br />

Montana Ultra Wide. A high-pressure can with a<br />

unique valve enables it to cover bigger spaces in significantly<br />

less time. There is no need to imagine a<br />

boost through a double-handed use. For a real-time de -<br />

monstration, watch any recent video. Numerous<br />

clips showcase how boundaries can be pushed. Since<br />

the launch, the game has been changed. Backjump<br />

windows of three minutes all of a sudden offered valid<br />

options. Palanca gained a new catalyst to race the clock.<br />

Products montana-cans.com<br />


↑ A David von Bahr<br />

work, in the still<br />

of winter. Is it aggressive,<br />

or is it spontaneous?<br />

With the<br />

Ultra Wide cans, the<br />

lack of friction during<br />

application leaves<br />

the viewer guessing.<br />

Go big or go home, right?<br />

Not exactly. Any new medium is<br />

essentially no more than a tool.<br />

Go big or go home, right? Not exactly. Any<br />

new medium is essentially no more than a tool. However,<br />

a particular use case may be intended during the<br />

development. Artists, on the other hand, like to play with<br />

ideas. Thus, there has been an extreme countertrend.<br />

Instead of strict outdoor use, Ultra Wide has been<br />

introduced to the studios, too. Think of works by<br />

David von Bahr, for instance. Stark contrasts dominate<br />

his paintings which exude impulsivity, spontaneity,<br />

and even hints of aggression. All facilitated by the<br />

frictionless paint application. Ultra Wide is an instrument<br />

that can create a distinct look. The outcome,<br />

nonetheless, depends on the specific context. Whether<br />

these aesthetics are consciously highlighted or just<br />

a by product is up to the artist. No loose ends!<br />

← A ductus that is<br />

as chaotic as it is<br />

beautiful. The marks<br />

of the Ultra Wide<br />

cans bring the streets<br />

to the studio and<br />

beyond.<br />

→ Abstract markmaking<br />

or palm trees<br />

in black? With the<br />

Ultra Wide can, the<br />

viewer's interpretation<br />

is as open as the<br />

tool that created it.<br />

136 Products Montana-cans.com

Products montana-cans.com<br />


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3<br />

4<br />

6<br />

1 ATOM ONE<br />

2 LA FRANZ<br />

3 HORST<br />

4 NOID<br />

5 HOT DOG<br />

6 TWIGS<br />

7 FRESH<br />

7<br />

Blackbook<br />


8<br />

11<br />

8 AMUSE126<br />

9 CAN2<br />

10 SMASH137<br />

11 SWEET<br />

12 CAN2<br />

13 MOST<br />


9<br />

10<br />

12<br />

13<br />

Blackbook<br />


photography by edward nightingale

Montana-Cans Ultrawide #GAMECHANGER

Montana-Cans Ultrawide #GAMECHANGER

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René Van Kan<br />

Flightmode<br />

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Montana Cans<br />

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Lugosis & Strato200´s<br />

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