NJR Digital March 2022

NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. New Journey Radio celebrates 5 years in broadcasting. This month's artist spotlight is /the Bibletones.

NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. New Journey Radio celebrates 5 years in broadcasting. This month's artist spotlight is /the Bibletones.


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P A G E 1 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

EDITOR'S<br />

LETTER<br />

We are so excited about<br />

launching our new digital<br />

magazine "<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>Digital</strong>". We are<br />

building a team here at <strong>NJR</strong><br />

<strong>Digital</strong> of what I like to call<br />

"Visionaries and Doinaries"...people<br />

with ministry in<br />

mind. People who are touchable.<br />

The mission of the New Journey<br />

Radio Network is to Uplift,<br />

Encourage and Motivate our<br />

listeners on their Journey. This<br />

mission will be individually<br />

emphasized in every edition of<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>Digital</strong>.<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>Digital</strong> will look at what's<br />

going on in the Southern Gospel<br />

Industry, but will not be secluded<br />

to only the Southern Gospel<br />

genre. The industry is changing,<br />

and the change is for the good.<br />

Our theme at The New Journey<br />

Radio Network is "The New Sound<br />

of Southern Gospel". We are not<br />

trying to force change and<br />

denounce the "old"...the "mom<br />

and pops" of Southern Gospel,<br />

the ones who laid the foundation of this great ministry (genre)<br />

will not be forgotten, and we will be sure of that at the New Journey Radio<br />

Network. We will continue to play the "Golden Southern Gospel Favorites" as well<br />

as the "New" sound of Southern Gospel. We are not inventing or creating another<br />

genre'. We want this generation, our sons and daughters, to embrace and<br />

continue to carry the torch of this great and historical genre'. Here at the New<br />

Journey Radio Network, we embrace the "new" sound, the "edgy" side of southern<br />

gospel from the Independent artists to the top regional artist. New Journey Radio<br />

Network is the "New Sound of Southern Gospel". The future is bright for Southern<br />

Gospel!<br />

Bobby Richardson

P A G E 2 | N J R D I G I T A L


UPLIFT<br />

Editor's Letter<br />

Behind the Mic<br />

Uplift<br />

Artist Spotlight<br />

with Timothy Carter<br />

01<br />

04<br />

05<br />

06<br />


Motivate Amy Richardson<br />

08<br />

When I Grow Up<br />

Charlie Sexton<br />

10-11<br />

Top Thirty 14<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> Turns 5 15<br />


Encourage by Amy Richardson<br />

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Family 20<br />

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<strong>NJR</strong> DIGITAL<br />


P A G E 4 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

Having grown up in the home church of Wendy<br />

Bagwell & The Sunliters, Charlie Sexton was<br />

exposed to Gospel Music months before he was<br />

even born! He remembers sitting on the bus<br />

with them as just a small child, listening to their<br />

stories before they were shared with the world.<br />

To say that they influenced his formative years<br />

would be an understatement. As Charlie grew up,<br />

he cultivated his God-given musical talents, and<br />

Wendy and the girls were constantly encouraging<br />

him to pursue a career in Gospel Music.<br />

Eventually, Charlie became a pianist at a couple<br />

of local churches and started playing for a local<br />

trio consisting of his cousin; the cousin’s wife;<br />

and a sweet family friend. From those early days<br />

of participating in Revivals, Benefit Singings, and a<br />

few Concert Events, Charlie caught the attention<br />

of The Saxon Family, a regional Holiness singing<br />

family from North Georgia. They eventually<br />

added Charlie to their band, and he was well on<br />

his way to taking his ministry efforts to a larger<br />

audience. He stayed with them for quite a few<br />

years before joining Liberty from Cumming, GA.<br />

Liberty had some early national recognition,<br />

having been booked on some of the largest<br />

concert events including the NQC and The<br />

Inspirations’ legendary Singing in The Smokies.<br />

For over 6 years, Charlie made many friends with<br />

pastors, music buyers, DJs, and fellow artists<br />

during his tenure with Liberty. Big Jim Hamill of.<br />

The Kingsmen Quartet even gave Charlie the<br />

dubious distinction of being ‘Southern Gospel<br />

Music’s Best Friend’. After a broken engagement,<br />

Charlie’s life spiraled out of control for a few<br />

years, and he walked away from traveling for a<br />

while.<br />

One night, his Dad, Neal, suggested that the two<br />

go visit a small, local church where Brenda<br />

Robinson & New Desire were ministering. That<br />

night, Charlie rekindled a friendship with Brenda<br />

& her Husband, Dan. Within a few weeks, they<br />

contacted Charlie, asking him to ‘fill in’ for their<br />

group, as their pianist had left them without a<br />

notice Sexton agreed. For the next 2 years, The<br />

Robinsons poured into his life, and he once again<br />

felt that familiar spark to travel, and<br />

share his newfound testimony as part of this<br />

worldwide ministry.<br />

When he showed signs of complete recovery,<br />

Charlie left the group and accepted the position<br />

of Minister of Music at a local church In the<br />

suburbs of Atlanta. In time, he and some old<br />

friends started a local trio and maintained a very<br />

low-key schedule because of their individual<br />

ministry efforts in their respective churches.<br />

It was during this time that Charlie met his longtime<br />

girlfriend, Linda Foster. Today, you’ll find the<br />

duo, combined with their Pastor, John Turner,<br />

and dear friend Selena King performing as<br />

“Charlie Sexton & Homecoming”. Charlie owns a<br />

successful CD & DVD Duplication Company, as<br />

well as hosting “For The Record”, an internet<br />

radio program that airs on the New Journey<br />

Radio Network based in Mississippi. Each week,<br />

Charlie plays vintage vinyl recordings from his<br />

personal collection of over 2500 LPs and some<br />

obscure recordings that he has acquired over<br />

the years of rare performances by many of the<br />

people that have influenced his life.

P A G E 5 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

I didn’t always use drugs, it started when I was<br />

in my 40’s and going through a terrible time in<br />

my life. I didn’t want to feel what I was being<br />

forced to feel. So I started out with heavy pain<br />

pills and when they quit working, I went to<br />

crack cocaine. I had a million-dollar empire<br />

that I had built from the ground up so coming<br />

up with the money was easy, too easy. Until I<br />

lost that, too. That early morning, I found<br />

myself getting high, and I was listening to New<br />

Journey Radio where I heard someone say,<br />

“Someone out there needs to hear the<br />

message I’m sending out.” That person he was<br />

speaking of was me, unknowingly. I reached<br />

out through a text to Bobby Richardson who<br />

prayed for me with numerous other prayer<br />

warriors when I wanted to give up on life.<br />

Within moments, help arrived to get me to the<br />

hospital. My bottom was when I ended up in<br />

the hospital with tubes all over my body. I<br />

went into a five-day coma; and when I woke<br />

up, I heard the doctor tell the family that I<br />

would never leave the hospital. I cried out,<br />

“God, if you’ll save me, I’ll spend my life serving<br />

You!”.<br />

After coming out of the coma, I began ripping<br />

the tubes from my body. The doctor and my<br />

family were baffled by this next moment.<br />

My blood tested clean. I had been so sick<br />

and now I wasn’t. I knew the answer and<br />

Add a little bit of body text<br />

from that day forward, I have served My<br />

God! I moved to Myrtle Beach and began a<br />

path to recovery. I became a member of<br />

Solid Rock Church and went to All Nations<br />

Bible College. This ministry is my way of<br />

giving back to God what He so mercifully<br />

gave to me, LIFE. I owe my life to New<br />

Journey Radio, Bobby Richardson, Scott<br />

Washam, Dale Gilmer and so many more<br />

that personally reached out to me from that<br />

radio station. I know, had they not<br />

intervened, I wouldn’t be here today.<br />

-Timothy Carter is the founder of Sonshine<br />

Recovery Ministries and now has a degree in<br />

Christian Counseling.

P A G E 6 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

Tenor: Danny Jackson Lead: Jamie May<br />

Baritone: Jack Armstrong Bass: Glen Floyd<br />

<br />

THE<br />

BIBLE<br />

TONES<br />

The Bibletones are Mississippi's<br />

oldest quartet founded by Ward<br />

& Irene Hurt back in 1957 in<br />

Lumberton, MS. Ward moved<br />

from Sand Mountain, AL to open<br />

a furniture factory and later became mayor. God kept having people step up at the right time<br />

where 65 years and over 80 members later, here they are still telling the greatest story that's ever<br />

been told.<br />

One of Jack Armstrong's greatest memories was back in 2015 at the Greenville, SC Grand Old<br />

Gospel Reunion, Sue Dodge was on stage singing the blood will never lose its power. Jack said<br />

they were backstage listening when she said, "Come on out here, boys." "When Sue Dodge got in<br />

the spirit, it would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It was a great moment," said<br />

Jack.<br />

When you go to a Bibletones concert, you can expect to see four guys dressed alike in suits and<br />

ties singing 4 part harmony like back in the 60's when you'd tune into Les Beasley on television<br />

and he would welcome you to the Gospel Music Singing Jubilee.<br />

Radio Release: He Went a Little Further (by Jeff Steele)<br />

Promotions: Hey Y'all Media (Vonda Armstrong)<br />

<br />

Website: Thebibletones.com Facebook: The Bibletones Quartet<br />

Rivergate Talent Agency (Nashville, TN) Bonnie White 615-649-8181 or rivergateta@msn.com<br />

<br />

Jump Drives are available and songs can be downloaded at the Store on TheBibletones.com.<br />


P A G E 7 | N J R D I G I T A L

P A G E 8 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

<br />

-<br />

The Dash Poem (By Linda Ellis)<br />

<br />

<br />

I read of a man who stood to speak<br />

At the funeral of a friend<br />

He referred to the dates on the tombstone<br />

From the beginning...to the end<br />

<br />

He noted that first came the date of birth<br />

And spoke the following date with tears,<br />

But he said what mattered most of all<br />

Was the dash between those years<br />

<br />

For that dash represents all the time<br />

That they spent alive on earth.<br />

And now only those who loved them<br />

Know what that little line is worth<br />

<br />

For it matters not, how much we own,<br />

The cars...the house...the cash.<br />

What matters is how we live and love<br />

And how we spend our dash.<br />

<br />

So, think about this long and hard.<br />

Are there things you'd like to change?<br />

For you never know how much time is left<br />

That can still be rearranged.<br />

<br />

If we could just slow down enough<br />

To consider what's true and real<br />

And always try to understand<br />

The way other people feel.<br />

<br />

And be less quick to anger<br />

And show appreciation more<br />

And love the people in our lives<br />

Like we've never loved before.<br />

<br />

If we treat each other with respect<br />

And more often wear a smile,<br />

Remembering this special dash<br />

Might only last a little while<br />

<br />

So, when your eulogy is being read<br />

With your life's actions to rehash...<br />

Would you be proud of the things they say<br />

About how you spent YOUR dash?<br />

<br />

<br />

I know you've heard the phrase, "He's growing<br />

like a weed". People say this without even<br />

thinking about it. You know that weeds grow<br />

wild, right? That's a phrase we would never<br />

let anyone say about our children. You<br />

shouldn't allow the same type phrases into<br />

your hearing.<br />

The Bible tells us to think on things that are<br />

pure, lovely, and of a good report... that even<br />

means about ourselves. So today, I encourage<br />

you to speak positive and allow yourself to<br />

know what God knows about you.<br />

Amy<br />

I can do all things through Christ who<br />

strengthens me. Philippians 4:13<br />

<br />

The Lord is my Shepherd.<br />

I lack no good thing. Psalm 23:1<br />

<br />

The Lord is right here with me, an ever<br />

present help in time of need. Psalm 46:1<br />

<br />

God has filled my life with good things. I<br />

can trust Him to satisfy me. Psalm 103:1-5<br />

<br />

I am not destined for stumbling or<br />

destruction I have a noble purpose<br />

and a hope. 1 Peter 2:8-9<br />

<br />

The Lord is coming. He will save me so I<br />

need not be anxious or afraid. Isaiah 35:4

P A G E 9 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

www.studio115a.com<br />

McKay Project<br />

662.889.2829<br />


P A G E 1 0 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

A few years ago, I worked for Dr. Brenda Robinson,<br />

founder of New Desire Christian Ministries, based in<br />

Aragon, GA. She is a well-respected teacher and<br />

author and hosts Women’s Conferences all over the<br />

world. Not only that, she, along with her husband<br />

Dan, son Labron, and daughter-in-law Brooke have<br />

one of the finest Southern Gospel singing groups<br />

on the road today, and I was privileged to be their<br />

pianist for several years.<br />

BY: Charlie sexton<br />

She grabbed my face with both of her freshly<br />

scrubbed hands and then – when she had my full<br />

attention – she said to me these words that instantly<br />

brought tears to my eyes, and a precious memory to<br />

my mind: “When I grow up, I wanna be just like you!”<br />

When I was a small child, my family attended the<br />

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church near the mill village<br />

in Clarkdale, Georgia. At the time, it was just a tiny,<br />

clapboard building that might have held 100 folks –<br />

and that was only if everyone was feeling very<br />

friendly! This sanctuary is where my love for<br />



LIKE YOU.<br />

One weekend, we found ourselves working at a<br />

Sweetheart Banquet in rural Alabama. It went really<br />

well, and we met some wonderful people. After the<br />

first evening’s festivities, we retired to our coach<br />

and spent the night in the church’s parking lot. We<br />

were scheduled to sing again the next morning<br />

during their regular Sunday Morning Worship<br />

Service.<br />

As was my custom, I got up early to shower, get<br />

dressed and head out to our product table to greet<br />

the folks as they came in for church. I hadn’t been<br />

out there but a few moments, when I noticed this<br />

sweet, little girl jumping out of one of the cars. She<br />

came running full tilt toward our CD racks. Just<br />

before she made contact with our blue velvet<br />

tablecloth, she swerved to the left, and around the<br />

table she came! With all the energy a four year old<br />

can muster, she jumped up and locked her legs<br />

around one of mine, and wrapped her chubby little<br />

arms around my waist. She then proceeded to give<br />

be one of the biggest bear hugs I’d had in quite<br />

some time. Stunned, I just kinda stood there, not<br />

really knowing exactly what to do! I vaguely<br />

remembered seeing her the night before. As I<br />

sensed her little body sliding down, I instinctively<br />

swept her up in my arms.<br />

Southern Gospel Music was propagated, even at<br />

the tender age of 4 years old. You see, we had<br />

some very special people who were also members<br />

of our congregation: “W.L.”; Geraldine & Geneva. Oh,<br />

I’m sorry -- You’ll know them better as Wendy, Jerri &<br />

Little Jan!! Yes, neighbors, I was raised in Wendy<br />

Bagwell and the Sunliters’ home church. What an<br />

honor to have been brought up in such an<br />

environment. Unless they were out on an extended<br />

world tour, they always made a point to be back<br />

home for church each Sunday. Respecting the fact<br />

that they were usually road-weary, Little Jan’s Dad,<br />

Pastor Charles Head (after whom I was named),<br />

seldom asked them to sing. But I vividly recall one<br />

special night when they did a full concert, and it<br />

changed my life forever.<br />

Wendy had just recorded the famous ‘Snake Story’<br />

for the first time on a little 45 rpm record, and they<br />

had just released a brand new RCA Victor album. It<br />

had a picture of their Blue Bird bus sitting atop a<br />

globe of Planet Earth. It was called The Gospel Music<br />

World of Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. That<br />

night, they tried BOTH out their hometown crowd. It<br />

was wonderful!<br />

Wendy had just recorded the famous ‘Snake Story’<br />

for the first time on a little 45 rpm record, and they<br />

had just released a brand new RCA Victor album. It<br />

had a picture of their Blue Bird bus sitting atop a<br />

globe of Planet Earth. It was called The Gospel Music<br />

World of Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. That<br />

night, they tried BOTH out their hometown crowd. It<br />

was wonderful!

P A G E 1 1 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

globe of Planet Earth. It was called The Gospel<br />

Music World of Wendy Bagwell and the<br />

Sunliters. That night, they tried BOTH out their<br />

hometown crowd. It was wonderful!<br />

I sat attentively during their program, taking in<br />

every bit of it - the comedy routine; their small<br />

Kustom PA set; their matching handmade<br />

Moserite guitars; the heartfelt singing and yes,<br />

there was even some old-time shoutin’! If I<br />

close my eyes, I can still hear Mrs. Trudy<br />

Etheridge’s shrill ‘war whoop’, and my<br />

PawPaw’s “Bless’Em Good, Lord”.<br />

I remember Jerri kneeling down, microphone<br />

stand in hand, crooning her newest feature<br />

song: “Another hill, and sometimes a<br />

mountain. Another road with rocks to hurt my<br />

feet. But, if He walks along beside me, I can<br />

take it. There’ll be no retreat…” Talk about<br />

powerful! I get ‘Holy Ghost Bumps’, just<br />

thinking about that song even now. Folks, I<br />

was in Gospel Music heaven, but in the back<br />

of my mind, I was hoping and praying that my<br />

Mom had enough money to buy me that new<br />

record album. Finally, after the service ended<br />

– and I had conned Mom out of $4.00 – I<br />

timidly approached Little Jan out near the<br />

sales table.<br />

“Well, hey there, Baby Charles!” (She’s still the<br />

ONLY one that can get away with calling me<br />

that.) “Come’er, baby! I’ve got something for<br />

you!” She took me aside, and presented me<br />

with my very own copy of “Here Comes The<br />

Rattlesnakes”. I was speechless. I almost cried.<br />

I looked down at the little disk. I looked up at<br />

her. Instinctively, and without a second<br />

thought, I squeezed her with all my might and<br />

said to her, “When I grow up, I wanna be just<br />

like you!”<br />

I saw her smile broaden, and she gave me<br />

that trademark wink. I’ll never forget it as long<br />

as I live. Ever since that summer night in 1968,<br />

I’ve prayed that God would allow me to play<br />

His music. I’ve always hoped that I could just<br />

be half the inspiration in the life of some little<br />

blonde, toe-headed kid, that she has always<br />

been to me.<br />

Over the past 30 or so years, I’ve shared the<br />

concert stage with Jan several times. We’ve<br />

done live TV together here in Atlanta on<br />

numerous occasions. Way too often, we’ve<br />

wept together, standing along side caskets<br />

that held the lifeless bodies of many, many<br />

precious loved ones. We’ve leaned on one<br />

another as life threw tumultuous events our<br />

way. We’ve rejoiced when she found a new<br />

love in our mutual friend, Dr. Jerry Goff. To<br />

this day, Little Jan is a class act, and will always<br />

be the Princess Of Gospel Music, as far as I<br />

am concerned.<br />

Oh, yeah. There’s one last thing I forgot to tell<br />

you. Somewhere, over in the flatlands of<br />

Alabama, there’s a cute little kid with tossledup<br />

hair, who walked away one cool, February<br />

morning with her very own autographed copy<br />

of one of New Desire’s CDs. I trust that she<br />

will forever cherish it, like I do my little 45 rpm<br />

record.<br />

Postscript: This was first written sometime in<br />

2004. Since then, the little girl mentioned in<br />

the story tragically passed away in a house<br />

fire. Her family contacted me, and I was<br />

honored to read this at her Memorial Service.<br />

What an honor.

P A G E 1 2 | N J R D I G I T A L

P A G E 1 3 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

24 / 7

P A G E 1 4 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

1 The Browns - Take Me Back<br />

2 Southbound - He's Got a Way<br />

3 The Steeles - This Church<br />

4 The Bibletones - He Went a Little Further<br />

5 Sacred Harmony - It Ain't Over Yet<br />

6 The Griffins - Redeeming Blood<br />

7 Triumphant Quartet - Goodness of God<br />

8 Phillips and Banks - The Cross He Carried<br />

9 Collingsworth Family - Not One Word<br />

10 Batchelor Family - This Ship Has Sailed<br />

11 Siler Family - Jesus Can<br />

12 Mylon Hayes - Oh What a Day<br />

13 Isbell Family - Heavenly Resources<br />

14 The Whisnants - Go Tell One<br />

15 The Foresters - The God of Gideon<br />

16 Michael Roberts - Prodigal<br />

17 Hullenders - My Jesus<br />

18 Chronicle - He Has a Way of Turning the Tide<br />

19 Justified Quartet - Jesus Showed Up<br />

20 Sunday Drive - Grace and Goodness<br />

21 Cross Anchored - He Outstretched His Arms for Me<br />

22 The Dixons - I Believe I'll Go Home<br />

23 The Browders - I've Come Too Far<br />

24 Hoppers - Can You See the Clock?<br />

25 Promiseland Quartet - When the Son Arrives<br />

26 Karen Peck and New River - Answer is Jesus<br />

27 Greater Vision - Songs of Grace<br />

28 The Coffmans - Heavy Loads<br />

29 Divine 3 - Sweet Things Out of Dark Places<br />

30 Don Stiles - Just Like That

P A G E 1 5 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

New Journey Radio<br />

TURNS 5!<br />

Thank<br />

you for<br />

your<br />

support<br />

and love!

P A G E 1 6 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

TO<br />

UPLIFT<br />



you on your journey.<br />

New Journey Radio started in an RV back in 2017.<br />

Not knowing a lot about internet radio, we decided<br />

to take the plunge and invest little by little in what<br />

we needed to start a little radio station.<br />

In 2017, it was started as a hobby, but as it has<br />

progressed, it has become a ministry to so many<br />

people. Never in my lifetime of pastoring would<br />

I be able to reach as many people as New Journey<br />

Radio has reached.<br />

We give thanks to God every day for the ability<br />

to come to you day after day and spread the good<br />

news of Jesus Christ.<br />

To all of our DJs who have come on board and<br />

the ministry you share each time you open the<br />

mic, we are forever grateful.<br />

To you, the listeners, who support us day in and<br />

day out, we thank you for taking a chance on us<br />

and we pray that in some way, we are able to<br />

minister to your heart.<br />

From our heart, thank you for supporting<br />

and loving New Journey Radio.

P A G E 1 7 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

1 KINGS 18:40-45<br />

Repent for our Nation<br />

Nothing will<br />

change until<br />

we repent.<br />

Become a people of Faith<br />

FAITH<br />

Not by might<br />

nor by power,<br />

but by my Spirit<br />

saith the Lord!<br />

Send Me<br />

"Send me and I<br />

will go. I will fight<br />

to be a soldier in<br />

the army of the<br />

Lord. Send me<br />

and I will go. Let<br />

the world see<br />

Jesus as His light<br />

shines through<br />

me."<br />

Do you need prayer?<br />

Our prayer team stands<br />

ready to pray for you.<br />

www.newjourneyradio.com/prayer<br />



By Amy Richardson<br />

Several years ago, my Pastor preached on 1 Kings 18:40-45. He<br />

shared with us that nothing will change until we get courage.<br />

We live in a time when we need to become people of unwavering<br />

faith. We need to repent for our nation. Nothing will change until we<br />

repent. When we repent, leadership takes on their role and nothing<br />

can withstand the power of God. We've got to get serious.<br />

Elijah's spirit began to reach out in verse 41. He said "there is the<br />

sound of abundance of rain". He didn't actually hear this with his<br />

physical ear, but he heard it with his spiritual ear. He was walking by<br />

faith and not by sight.<br />

In verse 42, Elijah went up to the top of Carmel and began to pray. In<br />

our prayers, we keep the devil off our blessings. We need to prevail<br />

in prayer. God's presence precedes His power.<br />

There's a song that says, "in the morning when I rise, give me Jesus."<br />

When we go to Him in prayer, no accusation can touch us. We will<br />

have influence with people. When the enemy attacks through people<br />

and circumstances, we will be wise to it. We will be able to stand!<br />

I wrote a song and it simply says, "Send me. I will fight to be a soldier<br />

in the army of the Lord." To fight, we must prevail in prayer.

P A G E 1 8 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />


https://www.sgnscoops.com/2021-diamond-awards/<br />

April<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Where will you<br />

be next month?<br />

Ask us how to have<br />

your Bus Stops listed<br />

in the next issue.

P A G E 1 9 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

Mary<br />

Burke<br />

Ministries<br />

Thanks DJs for<br />

playing my<br />

new release<br />

Something that Grace Will Do<br />

I Talk to God Album<br />

maryburkeonline.com<br />

Promote your event, product, or service.<br />

affordable<br />

P A G E 1 9 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />


P A G E 2 0 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />

Meet Our Family<br />

Bobby & Amy Richardson<br />

Robby Richardson<br />

Austin, Randah, Landyn, Easton, & Maxton Richardson<br />

Taylor & Madison Richardson<br />

Madison Richardson

P A G E 2 1 | N J R D I G I T A L

P A G E 2 2 | N J R D I G I T A L<br />


Exceed Technologies is your full-service information technology<br />

company. We provide unmatched technical expertise alongside<br />

unparalleled technical support. Whether you’re a small retail business<br />

in need of phone systems, a multi-site production facility needing<br />

security systems, or a small business with data backup needs, Exceed<br />

Technologies is here to help.<br />

<br />

Computer/Printer Sales & Service<br />

Remote Data Backup<br />

Phone Systems & Service<br />

Internet<br />

Cloud Hosting<br />

Web Hosting<br />

Web filtering<br />

I.T.<br />

Networking<br />

Email<br />

Alarm Systems<br />

<br />

Locations in<br />

Columbus, MS & Tupelo, MS<br />

<br />

800-845-7748<br />


Monday & Wednesday<br />

8:00pm-10:00pm CST<br />

Monday & Wednesday 6:00pm-8:00pm CST<br />

Mondays @ 4:00pm CST<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Weekend Edition<br />

Mondays @ 5:00pm CST

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