Writing on the Wall: Spring 2022

The quarterly newsletter of Wall Residences: a Virginia agency who provides services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Services include sponsored residential, group homes, community engagement & community coaching, nursing, therapeutic consultation, and behavioral support. This issue highlights recent achievements of residents, providers, staff, and the agency as a whole during the first quarter of 2022.

The quarterly newsletter of Wall Residences: a Virginia agency who provides services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Services include sponsored residential, group homes, community engagement & community coaching, nursing, therapeutic consultation, and behavioral support. This issue highlights recent achievements of residents, providers, staff, and the agency as a whole during the first quarter of 2022.


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<str<strong>on</strong>g>Writing</str<strong>on</strong>g><br />

<strong>on</strong> <strong>the</strong><br />

<strong>Wall</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Listen with Your Heart:<br />

Life is better with choices. Page 7<br />

4<br />

New! ABA Center Opens<br />

<strong>Wall</strong> Residences expands to offer<br />

ABA Therapy at new Salem Center<br />

5 6<br />

New! My Care Passport & Tip Sheets<br />

The Nursing team and o<strong>the</strong>r advocates work<br />

to improve hospital care & outcomes<br />

New! Trauma-Informed Training<br />

<strong>Wall</strong> Residences debuts new Crisis<br />

Management and Resp<strong>on</strong>se Training (CMRT)

Director’s Corner<br />

John Wea<strong>the</strong>rspo<strong>on</strong><br />

The DD Rescue Plan developed by<br />

<strong>the</strong> ARC of Virginia and vaACCSES,<br />

which we supported, did not make it<br />

through <strong>the</strong> Senate Finance Committee.<br />

I want to thank Senator Hanger<br />

and Delegate Sickles for putting this<br />

forward and <strong>the</strong>ir <strong>on</strong>going support<br />

for our services. In a c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong><br />

with a provider regarding this failure<br />

from our legislature <strong>the</strong>y made <strong>the</strong><br />

statement, “If not now, when?” It is a<br />

valid questi<strong>on</strong>. The State was/is flush<br />

with funding and <strong>the</strong>re appeared to be<br />

support <strong>the</strong> likes of which we had not<br />

seen for something this comprehensive<br />

in support of Waiver Services. It<br />

would have made our services more<br />

competitive in <strong>the</strong> hiring market for<br />

Direct Support Professi<strong>on</strong>als and recognized<br />

<strong>the</strong> importance of those DSPs<br />

in <strong>the</strong> provisi<strong>on</strong> of Waiver Services.<br />

Now we find ourselves in a situati<strong>on</strong><br />

where advocates are attempting to<br />

prevent a large porti<strong>on</strong> of Waiver<br />

Services taking a significant cut, back<br />

to <strong>the</strong> funding rate of June 2021.<br />

At this time Sp<strong>on</strong>sored Residential<br />

Services and Small Group Homes<br />

al<strong>on</strong>g with Community Engagement,<br />

Community Coaching, In-Home,<br />

and a handful of o<strong>the</strong>r services appear<br />

safe and to be in <strong>the</strong> budget with<br />

rates recommended from <strong>the</strong> Rate<br />

Study. Even though <strong>the</strong> rate model<br />

for Sp<strong>on</strong>sored Residential failed<br />

to recognize Direct Support<br />

Professi<strong>on</strong>als correctly within <strong>the</strong><br />

model <strong>the</strong>re was still a small increase<br />

recommended within it. We hope to<br />

be able to share <strong>the</strong> outcome at our<br />

All Provider Meeting scheduled for<br />

April 29 in Roanoke.<br />

We are excited to <strong>on</strong>ce again see<br />

providers in pers<strong>on</strong> <strong>on</strong> April 29! It<br />

has been too l<strong>on</strong>g since we have been<br />

toge<strong>the</strong>r in pers<strong>on</strong>. We have an amazing<br />

agenda planned with time worked<br />

in for rec<strong>on</strong>necting and enjoying <strong>the</strong><br />

snacks from Hotel Roanoke. I look<br />

forward to seeing you <strong>the</strong>re!<br />

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!<br />

BJ proudly waves <strong>the</strong> flag of his favorite<br />

country: Australia!<br />

BJ has a passi<strong>on</strong> for all things<br />

Australian and a dream of moving<br />

<strong>the</strong>re someday. Recently, he met<br />

with Senior Program Manager Becky<br />

Weaver. During <strong>the</strong>ir c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong>,<br />

he clearly stated his rights (and gave<br />

permissi<strong>on</strong> to share here):<br />

(I have <strong>the</strong> right) “To be treated like<br />

a human being, not to be harmed or<br />

abused. I have a right to be safe. I<br />

have a right to go to both colleges<br />

after my delayed graduati<strong>on</strong> is d<strong>on</strong>e<br />

at 2023, and I have a right to date a<br />

curvy African American girl ei<strong>the</strong>r at<br />

Virginia or <strong>the</strong> University of Oreg<strong>on</strong><br />

so I can take her with my Aunt Cookie<br />

and Aunt Paulina and <strong>the</strong> rest of<br />

my groupies to Australia, including<br />

Francesca in <strong>the</strong> capital of New South<br />

Wales in Sydney, Australia. I have<br />

2<br />

<strong>the</strong> right to receive mails, to have my<br />

own luxury apt. c<strong>on</strong>do/complex with<br />

a rooftop terrace that I might need <strong>on</strong><br />

my bucket list. I have a right to have<br />

visitors from Australia and North<br />

America like Ms. Karen so <strong>the</strong>y can<br />

teach me how to cook baked ziti Australia<br />

style... it’s like American baked<br />

ziti but with kangaroo meat. I have a<br />

right to believe in LGBTQ and human<br />

rights and gay rights.”<br />

Empowering for self advocacy is a<br />

key value for our agency. Quotes like<br />

<strong>the</strong>se show <strong>the</strong> excellent work our<br />

program management staff does to<br />

be sure every individual understands<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir rights and has <strong>the</strong> opportunity to<br />

express <strong>the</strong>m fully. BJ is clear about<br />

what he wants and we can’t wait to<br />

try that baked ziti!

Making an Impact in Lexingt<strong>on</strong><br />

A small group in Lexingt<strong>on</strong> is making<br />

a big impact. Recently, Luke and<br />

Phillip discovered <strong>the</strong>y had a mutual<br />

goal. “We were wanting to bring<br />

diverse people toge<strong>the</strong>r… this has<br />

always been a dream of mine because<br />

I put a lot of heart into learning how<br />

to reach out,” said Phillip. The first<br />

step was to name <strong>the</strong>ir new WRAP<br />

team. Phillip suggested, “Let’s call<br />

ourselves <strong>the</strong> Community C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>s<br />

Dream Team (CCDT)!” The<br />

name stuck!<br />

Grace Episcopal Church welcomed<br />

CCDT with open arms when <strong>the</strong>y<br />

needed a place to eat lunch <strong>on</strong>ce it<br />

got cold outside. The team partnered<br />

with <strong>the</strong> church <strong>on</strong> a fundraiser<br />

for Hope House, a residence<br />

for South Sudanese children going<br />

to school in Kenya. They sold<br />

rubberband bracelets in South<br />

Sudanese flag colors. The sale was<br />

a success, raising $73 for Hope<br />

House. The relati<strong>on</strong>ship with Grace<br />

Episcopal grew, and Phillip started<br />

working with <strong>the</strong> chairpers<strong>on</strong> of <strong>the</strong><br />

church’s Sudanese Missi<strong>on</strong> Group, MJ<br />

Mayerchak, to learn new crocheting<br />

techniques. Phillip decided he wanted<br />

to d<strong>on</strong>ate proceeds from sales of his<br />

crocheted koozies to <strong>the</strong> cause. He<br />

was asked to speak about God’s Love<br />

at a church lunche<strong>on</strong> in February. The<br />

WRAP team got permissi<strong>on</strong> from <strong>the</strong><br />

church vestry to sell crafts again to<br />

benefit Hope House. This time, bracelets<br />

and koozies in Valentine’s colors<br />

raised over $134.00!<br />

CCDT wanted to expand relati<strong>on</strong>ships<br />

bey<strong>on</strong>d occasi<strong>on</strong>al special events, so<br />

<strong>the</strong>y created Community C<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong><br />

M<strong>on</strong>days, held weekly in <strong>the</strong> parish<br />

hall. They participate in a Zoom exercise<br />

class with folks from Florida, Virginia,<br />

New Jersey, and Pennsylvania,<br />

have informal discussi<strong>on</strong> and a brown<br />

bag lunch, and share an educati<strong>on</strong>al/<br />

recreati<strong>on</strong>al program time. Activities<br />

have included writing workshops, origami<br />

and puzzles, holiday and history<br />

programs, and individual craft projects.<br />

Luke reflects, “I like it because<br />

I get to hang out with people that<br />

are funny, kind-hearted, and free-<br />

Above: Phillip (back left) and Luke<br />

(fr<strong>on</strong>t right) with friends from Grace.<br />

Right: Luke and Cindy Hughes<br />

spirited.” Phillip adds, “Bringing<br />

people toge<strong>the</strong>r as a community…<br />

for unity… is a very important<br />

thing within our world today.”<br />

Their c<strong>on</strong>necti<strong>on</strong>s grew to include<br />

<strong>the</strong> shops <strong>on</strong> Main Street in<br />

downtown Lexingt<strong>on</strong>. Luke, quite<br />

<strong>the</strong> entrepreneur, often sold his handmade<br />

rubberband bracelets to downtown<br />

acquaintances. One afterno<strong>on</strong>,<br />

we noticed a store had local crafts for<br />

sale, so Luke asked <strong>the</strong> shop owner<br />

if she would sell his bracelets. The<br />

shopkeeper thought <strong>the</strong> fun, colorful<br />

wristbands would have a better market<br />

around <strong>the</strong> corner at Sugar Maple<br />

Trading Company. Luke headed off<br />

immediately and found <strong>the</strong> perfect fit!<br />

3<br />

Owner Cindy Hughes said “Yes!” to<br />

three different holiday color schemes.<br />

She bought <strong>the</strong>m outright and packaged<br />

<strong>the</strong>m beautifully, but that wasn’t<br />

<strong>the</strong> last of it! Luke returned in February<br />

with new colors for <strong>the</strong> spring,<br />

and Cindy purchased more! Recently,<br />

Luke reflected <strong>on</strong> what is meaningful<br />

about this endeavor: “It makes me<br />

proud and expanding my horiz<strong>on</strong>s<br />

helps me to meet new people.”<br />

Phillip was so inspired by Luke’s<br />

success he wanted to find a downtown<br />

home for his crafts, too. He<br />

was drawn to House Mountain Yarn<br />

Company and found <strong>the</strong> perfect<br />

partner in its owner, Ellie Boylan.<br />

Ellie was so enthusiastic about his<br />

work she offered to put Phillip’s<br />

crocheted koozies <strong>on</strong> display, fr<strong>on</strong>t<br />

and center for <strong>the</strong> holidays, through<br />

a c<strong>on</strong>signment agreement. Phillip<br />

recently suggested that Ellie put Starburst<br />

candies in <strong>the</strong> glassware she uses<br />

to display his multi-colored yarn creati<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

Ellie is awaiting Phillip’s new<br />

craft ideas to put <strong>on</strong> c<strong>on</strong>signment this<br />

spring. Phillip expressed his delight,<br />

“I enjoy selling my crocheted items to<br />

raise m<strong>on</strong>ey for charities, meeting o<strong>the</strong>rs’<br />

needs and building relati<strong>on</strong>ships<br />

with people in <strong>the</strong> community.”<br />

~Susan Virginia Mead

ABA Center Opens<br />

This winter, <strong>Wall</strong> Residences<br />

opened it’s doors to a brand<br />

new ABA Center. The center is<br />

part of our Clinical and Therapeutic<br />

Services department,<br />

providing Applied Behavior<br />

Analysis (ABA) to children<br />

and teens with autism and o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

developmental disabilities.<br />

Located in Salem, Virginia,<br />

<strong>the</strong> center includes multiple<br />

treatment rooms, a sensory<br />

room, a group <strong>the</strong>rapy space,<br />

and an observati<strong>on</strong> suite with<br />

two-way window/mirror. The<br />

center currently serves 11<br />

clients and c<strong>on</strong>tinues to grow.<br />

Some of <strong>the</strong>se clients come<br />

to <strong>the</strong> center M<strong>on</strong>day through<br />

Friday from 9:00am until<br />

3:00pm, while o<strong>the</strong>rs come 2-3 times<br />

per week for <strong>the</strong>rapy sessi<strong>on</strong>s and receive<br />

<strong>the</strong> rest of <strong>the</strong>ir services within<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir home.<br />

At <strong>the</strong> center, Licensed Behavior<br />

Analysts assess both <strong>the</strong> client’s and<br />

<strong>the</strong> family’s needs, develop treatment<br />

plans, and oversee implementati<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Behavior Technicians support clients<br />

<strong>on</strong>e-<strong>on</strong>-<strong>on</strong>e to meet <strong>the</strong>ir treatment<br />

goals. The ABA team works <strong>on</strong> a variety<br />

of skills ranging from reducti<strong>on</strong>s<br />

in interfering behaviors and/or repetitive<br />

patterns of behavior to increasing<br />

functi<strong>on</strong>al communicati<strong>on</strong> and<br />

social skills. Parents and caregivers<br />

receive <strong>on</strong>-site training so that <strong>the</strong>y<br />

can actively participate in <strong>the</strong>ir child’s<br />

treatment and planning.<br />

Parents John and Kate shared, “We<br />

cannot say enough good things about<br />

<strong>Wall</strong> Residences ABA program. Our<br />

s<strong>on</strong> began attending <strong>Wall</strong> Residences<br />

ABA program after a terrible experience<br />

with ano<strong>the</strong>r ABA provider.<br />

The ABA Team at <strong>Wall</strong> Residences is<br />

kind, friendly, professi<strong>on</strong>al, and <strong>the</strong>y<br />

genuinely care for <strong>the</strong> children and<br />

families <strong>the</strong>y serve. In <strong>the</strong> short time<br />

that we have been working with <strong>Wall</strong><br />

Residences ABA Therapy Team, we<br />

have seen so much growth in our s<strong>on</strong><br />

and we know it is, in part, because of<br />

<strong>the</strong> amazing team at <strong>Wall</strong> Residences<br />

ABA Therapy.”<br />

~Hea<strong>the</strong>r Cromer<br />

www.wallresidences.com<br />

ABA Therapy can look a lot like play, but Behavior Analysts and Technicians use <strong>the</strong>se<br />

interacti<strong>on</strong>s to work with <strong>the</strong> child and to collect data to help with <strong>the</strong>ir treatment plan.<br />


Better Care Through Communicati<strong>on</strong><br />

Since 2020, our nursing team has<br />

been involved with a project to improve<br />

hospital care for people with<br />

developmental disabilities in partnership<br />

with Augusta Health hospital in<br />

Fishersville, VA. A local coaliti<strong>on</strong> of<br />

six agencies who serve this populati<strong>on</strong><br />

was formed to do a comprehensive<br />

assessment of needs and collaborate<br />

with <strong>the</strong> hospital for better care<br />

and communicati<strong>on</strong>. I had <strong>the</strong> opportunity<br />

to meet <strong>the</strong> MD leader of <strong>the</strong><br />

Vulnerable Populati<strong>on</strong>s Committee of<br />

Augusta Health at a COVID vaccine<br />

clinic and introduced <strong>the</strong> coaliti<strong>on</strong>’s<br />

c<strong>on</strong>cerns. He immediately resp<strong>on</strong>ded<br />

positively and assured he would pave<br />

<strong>the</strong> way for c<strong>on</strong>tacts in <strong>the</strong> hospital.<br />

The collaborati<strong>on</strong> was born!<br />

The DBHDS/Office of<br />

Integrated Health (OIH)<br />

Registered Nurse Care<br />

C<strong>on</strong>sultants team was asked<br />

for <strong>the</strong>ir support with <strong>the</strong><br />

hospital project. We discussed<br />

how <strong>the</strong>ir office<br />

plans to better support providers to<br />

advocate for <strong>the</strong> best care and clinical<br />

outcomes for <strong>the</strong> people we all<br />

serve within <strong>the</strong> current broken health<br />

system. All recognize that regulati<strong>on</strong>s<br />

often do not match <strong>the</strong> reality of <strong>the</strong><br />

difficulties providers face when trying<br />

to get proper care and treatment.<br />

OIH had already begun <strong>the</strong> process of<br />

c<strong>on</strong>sidering supports, so <strong>the</strong> Augusta<br />

Health project fueled <strong>the</strong>ir intenti<strong>on</strong>s!<br />

The OIH team, local coaliti<strong>on</strong>, and<br />

Augusta Health staff began working<br />

toge<strong>the</strong>r to develop meaningful dialog<br />

and determine <strong>the</strong> first best steps to<br />

meet <strong>the</strong> most significant needs.Our<br />

meetings brought to light <strong>the</strong> hospital<br />

staff’s desire to provide <strong>the</strong> best care,<br />

but that many had not been trained in<br />

medical or nursing school curricula to<br />

provide care to this populati<strong>on</strong>. They<br />

were eager to improve <strong>the</strong>ir knowledge<br />

and be more aware of an individual’s<br />

true needs.<br />

The outcome of this group explorati<strong>on</strong><br />

work is a set of advocacy documents,<br />

which also serve as teaching<br />

tools to start <strong>the</strong> journey to improved<br />

care. Deanna Renn<strong>on</strong>, <strong>Wall</strong> Residences<br />

QA Director, and I, Lead RN Care<br />

Manager, had <strong>the</strong> privilege to join<br />

with experts from OIH and <strong>the</strong> hospital<br />

MD to develop:<br />

• My Care Passport<br />

• C<strong>on</strong>sent Tip Sheet<br />

• Medicaid Waiver Tip Sheet<br />

• Discharge Tip Sheet<br />

For more informati<strong>on</strong> about My Care Passport<br />

and <strong>the</strong> Tip Sheets, please c<strong>on</strong>tact Kevyn Burn,<br />

Lead RN Care Manager at 540-250-7832<br />

or kburn@wallresidences.com.<br />

My Care Passport is <strong>the</strong> central document.<br />

Designed to be easy for <strong>the</strong><br />

Provider to fill out, it describes <strong>the</strong><br />

needs of <strong>the</strong> individual for medical<br />

staff in an easy to reference format. It<br />

covers who <strong>the</strong>y need at bedside, who<br />

can speak for <strong>the</strong>m, feeding needs,<br />

how <strong>the</strong>y show pain, what comforts<br />

<strong>the</strong>m, and more. At Augusta Health<br />

it is now posted at bedside and part<br />

of <strong>the</strong> record. It is encouraged that it<br />

be shared widely with all health care<br />

providers caring for <strong>the</strong> individual.<br />

The C<strong>on</strong>sent Tip Sheet was specifically<br />

requested by hospital medical staff<br />

so <strong>the</strong>y could know clearly who could<br />

give c<strong>on</strong>sent, with whom <strong>the</strong>y can<br />

discuss care, and who <strong>the</strong>y need to<br />

listen to... <strong>the</strong> Provider, of course!<br />

The Discharge Tip Sheet clearly tells<br />

hospital medical staff what DBHDS<br />

requires at discharge. It is an attempt<br />

to solve <strong>the</strong> problem of Providers<br />

trying to describe what is needed and<br />

being challenged about <strong>the</strong> validity of<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir requests by equipping <strong>the</strong>m with<br />

a document that shows, “DBHDS<br />

says so!”<br />

The Medicaid Waiver Tip Sheet gives<br />

a short explanati<strong>on</strong> of what <strong>the</strong> waiver<br />

is and how it impacts <strong>the</strong> individuals.<br />

Likely it will mostly be used with<br />

Social Workers or Discharge Planners<br />

and Case Managers to assist understanding<br />

<strong>the</strong> support needs and how<br />

those needs are funded.<br />

The pilot at Augusta Health<br />

began in January <strong>2022</strong> after<br />

training <strong>the</strong> medical and nursing<br />

staff <strong>on</strong> <strong>the</strong> new documents. The<br />

grand plan includes assessing<br />

<strong>the</strong> effectiveness of <strong>the</strong> pilot at<br />

Augusta Health, <strong>the</strong>n utilizing<br />

<strong>the</strong> assistance of our Augusta<br />

Health MD colleague to encourage<br />

o<strong>the</strong>r hospitals to adopt <strong>the</strong>se tools.<br />

The four documents are now being<br />

distributed, talked up, trained <strong>on</strong>, and<br />

utilized throughout <strong>the</strong> State. The<br />

OIH February Health Alert is about<br />

<strong>the</strong> documents. Trainings are available<br />

through our agency, <strong>the</strong> OIH site,<br />

and o<strong>the</strong>r coaliti<strong>on</strong> agencies.<br />

We request you obtain and use <strong>the</strong><br />

documents far and wide to teach our<br />

health care providers about <strong>the</strong> needs<br />

of people with developmental disabilities<br />

and <strong>the</strong> systems that serve <strong>the</strong>m.<br />

Toge<strong>the</strong>r, we can advocate for improved<br />

care outcomes for <strong>the</strong> individuals<br />

we serve.<br />

~Kevyn Burn<br />


First CMRT Instructor Training Held<br />

In February, <strong>Wall</strong> Residences held our<br />

first instructor training for <strong>the</strong> Crisis<br />

Management and Resp<strong>on</strong>se Training<br />

(CMRT) program in Floyd. Developed<br />

by <strong>Wall</strong> Residences experts, CMRT is<br />

a trauma-informed, culturally competent<br />

program that stresses preventi<strong>on</strong><br />

as well as physical skills. It is replacing<br />

Therapeutic Opti<strong>on</strong>s (TOVA). This<br />

instructor training brought people with<br />

a broad variety of experiences toge<strong>the</strong>r<br />

to learn from each o<strong>the</strong>r, including<br />

Providers, staff with experience in<br />

o<strong>the</strong>r training programs, program<br />

managers past and present, group<br />

home leaders, representatives from <strong>the</strong><br />

Therapeutic C<strong>on</strong>sultati<strong>on</strong> and WRAP<br />

teams, and administrators!<br />

We spent <strong>the</strong> first day reviewing<br />

Trauma-Informed Care, Mindfulness,<br />

Self-Care, and a variety of o<strong>the</strong>r topics<br />

to provide a comprehensive<br />

picture of<br />

how self-awareness<br />

and quality of life<br />

(for <strong>the</strong> individuals in<br />

our services and <strong>the</strong><br />

people who support<br />

<strong>the</strong>m) can result in<br />

best practices and outcomes.<br />

On <strong>the</strong> sec<strong>on</strong>d<br />

day, we delved into<br />

“hot topics” such as<br />

human rights, cultural<br />

competency, advocacy,<br />

and navigating<br />

systems in crisis. We<br />

shared real-life experiences<br />

as we practiced preventative<br />

measures and physical interventi<strong>on</strong><br />

skills. The Training Team is excited<br />

to have so many new members and to<br />

have a new curriculum more applica-<br />

Rebecca Ledingham, Danielle Hiatt, Amanda Cox, Laura<br />

Beth Parnell, Kevin Hieatt, Staci Formica, Erin Justis and<br />

Robin Hurst ga<strong>the</strong>red for <strong>the</strong> first CMRT Instructor training.<br />

ble to <strong>the</strong> societal momentum toward<br />

trauma-informed care. We hope it<br />

will be interesting and refreshing for<br />

every<strong>on</strong>e who takes <strong>the</strong> course!<br />

~Rebecca Ledingham<br />

Training Team<br />

Update<br />

I’m excited to introduce myself as <strong>the</strong> new first point of c<strong>on</strong>tact for <strong>the</strong> training<br />

department! I’ve met many of you in my role as recepti<strong>on</strong>ist at <strong>the</strong> Floyd main<br />

office. After helping <strong>the</strong> training team for <strong>the</strong> past two years, I am now moving<br />

to that team full time as part of <strong>the</strong> agency’s work to ensure training systems<br />

and documents flow smoothly. I’m happy to assist you with any training questi<strong>on</strong>s.<br />

You can reach me at training@wallresidences.com or (540) 745-4216.<br />

~Ashlyn McDaniel<br />

Know Some<strong>on</strong>e Who Could Benefit from Our Services?<br />

The <strong>Wall</strong> Residences Admissi<strong>on</strong>s team has staff in all parts of <strong>the</strong> state to resp<strong>on</strong>d to your referral needs and<br />

answer questi<strong>on</strong>s about <strong>the</strong> services we offer. We work quickly to find <strong>the</strong> right match for l<strong>on</strong>gterm success<br />

while striving for <strong>the</strong> quickest placement in services possible. The Admissi<strong>on</strong>s Team is here to serve you.<br />

Alex Jacks<strong>on</strong><br />

Admissi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

Director<br />

(434) 610-7578<br />

Emily Eagle<br />

Central Virginia, Danville,<br />

Charlottesville, Staunt<strong>on</strong>/<br />

Waynesboro/Lexingt<strong>on</strong><br />

(434) 907-5067<br />

Ashea Green<br />

Nor<strong>the</strong>rn<br />

Regi<strong>on</strong><br />

(202) 760-6411<br />

Brooke Keen<br />

Roanoke, NRV,<br />

SWVA<br />

(540) 541-8563<br />

Lisa Schalasny<br />

Eastern<br />

Regi<strong>on</strong><br />

(804) 380-4309<br />


Listen With Your Heart<br />

Communicati<strong>on</strong> is important in any<br />

relati<strong>on</strong>ship. For Mackenzie and Provider<br />

Jeanette Perry, it is <strong>the</strong> center of<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir life toge<strong>the</strong>r and takes multiple<br />

forms. When c<strong>on</strong>versati<strong>on</strong> fails <strong>the</strong>m,<br />

<strong>the</strong>y have found writing down what<br />

<strong>the</strong>y are trying to express for <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

to read helps clarify meaning. Working<br />

to understand each o<strong>the</strong>r goes bey<strong>on</strong>d<br />

words. Jeanette describes when<br />

<strong>the</strong>y met. “I b<strong>on</strong>ded with her immediately.<br />

I told her mom I would not just<br />

listen to her with my ears, but with<br />

my heart.” The two were a match and<br />

have lived toge<strong>the</strong>r for nearly two<br />

years. “Mackenzie is a funny young<br />

lady. Kind. C<strong>on</strong>siderate. Helpful.<br />

Energetic. She keeps me going! She’s<br />

just really fun to be with.”<br />

That heart b<strong>on</strong>d goes both ways. Of<br />

“Ms. J,” Mackenzie says, “She’s<br />

a nice pers<strong>on</strong>. I like her. She’s my<br />

friend.” Mackenzie also notes what<br />

a good cook Jeanette is, with chicken<br />

pot pie and “mac ‘n cheese in <strong>the</strong><br />

oven” particular favorites. Jeanette<br />

believes in providing Mackenzie with<br />

as many opportunities to make her<br />

own choices as possible. This extends<br />

from meals to activities and bey<strong>on</strong>d.<br />

Those choices have created a life that<br />

is full and busy! Mackenzie loves<br />

spending several days a week at<br />

Momentum 180 where she has many<br />

friends. “I love my job!” she enthusiastically<br />

shares, listing people she interacts<br />

with <strong>the</strong>re. They claim Fridays<br />

and weekends as <strong>the</strong>ir days toge<strong>the</strong>r<br />

for chores and to just relax. They purposely<br />

set no schedule <strong>on</strong> <strong>the</strong>se days,<br />

leaving <strong>the</strong>m free to choose. Striving<br />

for balance is key with eating out and<br />

going to <strong>the</strong> gym to swim both named<br />

as potential choices. Often <strong>the</strong>y love<br />

just getting in Jeanette’s red truck and<br />

driving. Sometimes <strong>the</strong>y have a destinati<strong>on</strong><br />

in mind, o<strong>the</strong>r times <strong>the</strong>y decide<br />

as <strong>the</strong>y drive what local spot <strong>the</strong>y’d<br />

like to see that day. Nearby beaches,<br />

local restaurants, and parks offer many<br />

opti<strong>on</strong>s, as does <strong>on</strong>e of Mackenzie’s<br />

favorite outings: shopping! She’s an<br />

avid collector of all types of bags,<br />

backpacks, and purses. Not <strong>on</strong>ly does<br />

she purchase <strong>on</strong>es that catch her eye,<br />

she also makes <strong>the</strong>m! She creatively<br />

combines plastic bags, paper, and o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

materials to fashi<strong>on</strong> each, sometimes<br />

even including a handwritten note as<br />

part of <strong>the</strong> design when making<br />

<strong>on</strong>e as a gift.<br />

The tight twosome becomes a<br />

trio to <strong>the</strong>ir shared delight when<br />

Jeanette’s granddaughter Nyah<br />

visits in <strong>the</strong> summer. Family<br />

is important to both women.<br />

Mackenzie is a proud aunt to<br />

an adorable niece and shows<br />

off pictures. She’s looking forward<br />

to a return trip to Alaska<br />

this summer to visit with her<br />

bro<strong>the</strong>r and his family again. Closer to<br />

home, Mackenzie and Jeanette enjoy<br />

friendships with neighbors, church<br />

7<br />

members, and o<strong>the</strong>rs. “People are<br />

drawn to her,” says Jeanette. She also<br />

lifts up <strong>the</strong> unexpected joy of gaining<br />

a relati<strong>on</strong>ship with Mackenzie’s<br />

family and her own family gaining a<br />

relati<strong>on</strong>ship with Mackenzie as <strong>on</strong>e<br />

of <strong>the</strong> benefits of being a Sp<strong>on</strong>sored<br />

Residential Provider.<br />

Jeanette has spent her career working<br />

with people with intellectual disabilities<br />

and mental health diagnoses, with<br />

over 40 years experience including<br />

working at Eastern State Hospital and<br />

for local community service boards.<br />

About two years ago, she decided to<br />

become a provider because she was<br />

“at a point where I didn’t want to<br />

show up 9-5!” With her <strong>on</strong>ly child<br />

grown, <strong>the</strong> house felt too big for <strong>on</strong>e.<br />

She knew she had room in her home<br />

and heart for some<strong>on</strong>e looking for<br />

support she could provide. “It was<br />

time to just enjoy life with some<strong>on</strong>e<br />

else. Enhance <strong>the</strong>ir life, as well as my<br />

own.” As <strong>the</strong> stories c<strong>on</strong>tinue to flow,<br />

it is clear heart listening has indeed<br />

led to an enhanced life for both Mackenzie<br />

and Jeanette.<br />

~Angie Covingt<strong>on</strong><br />

Center: Mackenzie with just a few of <strong>the</strong><br />

bags in her collecti<strong>on</strong>.<br />

Above: Jeanette Perry & Mackenzie

<strong>Spring</strong> Provider Meeting<br />

Hotel Roanoke | Friday, April 29, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Join us for an exciting day as we revel in <strong>the</strong> chance to be toge<strong>the</strong>r again! This time of networking and<br />

streng<strong>the</strong>ning relati<strong>on</strong>ships within <strong>the</strong> agency will include opportunities for knowledge building, updates<br />

from <strong>the</strong> agency, and a celebrati<strong>on</strong> of provider milest<strong>on</strong>e anniversaries at <strong>the</strong> beautiful Hotel Roanoke.<br />

We’ve missed you... you w<strong>on</strong>’t want to miss this!<br />

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Karyn Harvey, expert and author of Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventi<strong>on</strong>s<br />

State Updates: Karen Tefelski, Executive Director, vaACCSES<br />

Registrati<strong>on</strong> 8:30 - 9:30am | Program 9am - 4pm | Lunch & Paid Parking Provided<br />

Safety Precauti<strong>on</strong>s: Vaccinated Guests Only<br />

If you have a COVID exposure or symptoms as you prepare to travel, please test and/or send your regrets.<br />

We’ve Missed You!<br />

Digital B<strong>on</strong>us: Look Bey<strong>on</strong>d <strong>the</strong> Label<br />

March was Developmental<br />

Disabilities Awareness M<strong>on</strong>th<br />

and we celebrated with a series<br />

of social media features of some<br />

of <strong>the</strong> many talented, unique<br />

individuals receiving support<br />

from <strong>Wall</strong> Residences. Al<strong>on</strong>g<br />

<strong>the</strong> way, we introduced you to<br />

master crochet artists, a soda<br />

fountain expert, a horse lover,<br />

an animator, a cook, an avid<br />

outdoorsman, and many, many<br />

more. The series finale featured<br />

a compilati<strong>on</strong> video celebrating<br />

all <strong>the</strong> featured individuals. In<br />

this special digital b<strong>on</strong>us secti<strong>on</strong><br />

of our spring newsletter,<br />

we invite you to enjoy <strong>the</strong> video<br />

if you missed it <strong>on</strong> our social<br />

media channels. Follow us <strong>on</strong><br />

Facebook and Instagram to see<br />

<strong>the</strong> full series and new c<strong>on</strong>tent<br />


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