Inspiring Women February 2023

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profile<br />

Bloom and Blossom<br />

Where You’re Planted!<br />

Georgia Regnault, a member of AWC The Hague, came to The Netherlands<br />

for “one year.” Fifty+ years on, her life and career have been full of caring,<br />

compassion and FAWCO.<br />

I<br />

lived for 21 years in the same house in<br />

a suburb of Providence, Rhode Island and<br />

went 12 years to Lincoln School, a Quaker<br />

girls school. I was the youngest of four<br />

siblings, two brothers and a sister. We<br />

made yearly a road trip as this family of six,<br />

including two cross-country summer trips in<br />

1953 and 1954. That instilled in me a love of<br />

travel. I studied at Mount Holyoke College –<br />

a women’s college in western Massachusetts.<br />

Almost all my life, I have played tennis and<br />

field hockey. I never attended a camp (although<br />

probably would have loved it, as I love being<br />

around people).<br />

I came to the Netherlands in 1965 for one year,<br />

but after meeting my (future) husband in June<br />

1966, it seemed I was destined to live abroad.<br />

Besides meeting Peter Regnault, the wedding of<br />

Princess Beatrix to Claus van Amsberg in March<br />

1966 was a highlight for a young lady from<br />

Rhode Island.<br />

Georgia Regnault on New Year's day 2020.<br />

Keys to the future begin with education<br />

One cannot live almost 80 years without having<br />

several defining moments, but I guess the<br />

overriding one has been my education,<br />

especially my elementary and high school. I<br />

learned at a relatively young age that I could do<br />

anything and had the right to do anything: never<br />

to be put down because I was female! This sort<br />

of education really allows a girl to realize her<br />

potential. My parents believed in<br />

the importance of education and<br />

that their two daughters were just<br />

as important to educate as their<br />

two sons. They sent my sister and<br />

Georgia with<br />

the badge of her<br />

knighthood in<br />

2016.<br />


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