Grove City Messenger - February 12th, 2023

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

<strong>February</strong> 12 - 25, <strong>2023</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XLII, No. 9<br />


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<br />

Reading<br />

with Rosie<br />

<strong>City</strong> to form<br />

bike task force<br />

By Andrea Cordle<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Editor<br />

By Dedra Cordle<br />

Staff Writer<br />

The Southwest Public Libraries staff<br />

members say they are always on the lookout<br />

for innovative ways to engage its<br />

youngest readers.<br />

“We set out to create positive experiences<br />

so they can develop that life-long<br />

passion for reading and learning,” said<br />

Meredith Wickham, director of the<br />

SWPL.<br />

Throughout the year, the youth services<br />

department at the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

Library and the Westland Area Library<br />

host a variety of programs that assist<br />

young children with their reading development<br />

skills. While most of the engagements<br />

for those at the elementary level<br />

involve listening to a librarian read a<br />

book or singing-along with a librarian as<br />

they read a book, some try to venture into<br />

the tricker waters with programs that<br />

encourage children to read out loud. Some<br />

of the staff members often find those programs<br />

to be less successful than others.<br />

The issue that arises with read out<br />

loud programs, said Wickham, is that<br />

children who are learning how to read or<br />

children who may not yet have a high<br />

level of confidence in their skills will clam<br />

up and refuse to participate no matter<br />

how much they are reassured that they<br />

are not being judged.<br />

“It can be a very uncomfortable experience<br />

for young readers or struggling readers<br />

to read out loud amongst their peer<br />

groups, or even with an adult,” said<br />

Wickham. “They see that other people<br />

their age might be verbalizing the words<br />

on the page more proficiently than they<br />

are and then they shut down because they<br />

are afraid to hear that correction or a perceived<br />

judgment of their skills.”<br />

Knowing how important reading fluency<br />

is to the development of a child, the<br />

youth services department at both<br />

libraries put their heads together to<br />

brainstorm ideas that would put shy<br />

readers or struggling readers more at<br />

ease with the prospect of reading out<br />

loud.<br />

Photos courtesy of Rosie the Comfort Dog Facebook page<br />

Rosie the Comfort Dog will make a stop at the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Library this month to help<br />

children with their reading skills.<br />

The solution - animals.<br />

Last year, the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> and<br />

Westland Area Library welcomed an<br />

assortment of furry creatures into their<br />

buildings as a way to allow developing<br />

readers to gain confidence through the<br />

non-judgement of two-legged and fourlegged<br />

creatures. At the Westland Area<br />

Library, children practiced their reading<br />

fluency with young chickens and a rabbit.<br />

At the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Library, children practiced<br />

their reading fluency with a canine<br />

whose sole mission in life is to give comfort<br />

to all who need it.<br />

In March, Rosie, a then 8-year-old<br />

Golden Retriever who was trained<br />

through the Lutheran Church Charities<br />

K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry and who is<br />

based at the Atonement Lutheran Church<br />

in Columbus, made her first appearance<br />

at the local library. Immediately, a star<br />

was born, as was a concerted effort to<br />

ensure that she made repeat visitations<br />

throughout the year.<br />

When Rosie began her pro-bono career<br />

as a registered comfort dog in 2016, the<br />

team that surrounds her did not necessarily<br />

have literacy programs in mind.<br />

“It kind of happened by chance,” said<br />

Mary Ludlum, a secondary caregiver to<br />

Rosie and the “Top Dog” team member at<br />

the church who administers appearances<br />

and assists on most visits.<br />

She explained that a local school<br />

reached out to the ministry with a request<br />

to schedule the canine for a visit so she<br />

could offer comfort to children as they<br />

tried to read out loud — some making the<br />

attempt the very first time publicly.<br />

Ludlum said she will never forget the<br />

experience of watching shy kids and those<br />

who were struggling with verbalization<br />

open up under the adoring gaze of the<br />

See ROSIE page 3<br />

According to council president and avid<br />

bike rider Ted Berry, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> has a connectivity<br />

issue.<br />

He said bicyclists do not have much<br />

trouble traveling around <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, but<br />

things get dicey riding outside of city limits.<br />

“To get to downtown Columbus or to<br />

Ohio State campus, it’s very dangerous,”<br />

See TASK FORCE page 2<br />

Inside<br />

Pets of the Week ................ 13<br />

The Reel Deal ...................... 14<br />

Art Exhibit<br />

The Art Concern features mixed<br />

media and watercolors Page 4<br />

School News<br />

School district reports an increase in<br />

staff for two departments Page 5<br />


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PAGE 2 - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

C.M.T<br />


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Pick-up and Delivery<br />

“We have the lowest price in town!”<br />


Continued from page 1<br />

said Berry.<br />

Berry rides his bicycle up to 100 miles per week, if<br />

the weather permits, and he said when he leaves<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> to get to downtown Columbus, he rides on<br />

the berm of State Route 62 through Central Point until<br />

he can pick up an existing bike path.<br />

“There is no easy or safe route,” he said.<br />

This is why Berry has put forth legislation to form<br />

the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Bicycle Transportation Task Force.<br />

This task force will work to integrate the city’s trail<br />

system into the surrounding regional trails by working<br />

with entities like the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning<br />

Commission (MORPC), Central Ohio Greenways,<br />

Metro Parks, and the city of Columbus to review connections<br />

between <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> and downtown Columbus<br />

and the Camp Chase Trail.<br />

The task force will consist of nine members, including<br />

one representative from the city’s park board and<br />

one from Metro Parks. The <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> mayor, service<br />

director, and each council member will appoint one<br />

task force member. The director of service and the originator<br />

of the legislation (Berry) will serve as ex-officio<br />

liaison members.<br />

According to the legislation, the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Bicycle<br />

Transportation Task Force will identify connection<br />

points to Darby Park/Camp Chase Trail, and to downtown<br />

Columbus. Members will work with the above<br />

mentioned entities, as well as others, to invoke connectivity<br />

through cooperative agreements and will work<br />

with the city engineer to provide cost estimates. The<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

task force will also identify grants as funding sources.<br />

The task force will provide its report to <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

Council by Sept. 7.<br />

The task force falls in line with the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> 2050<br />

community plan, which includes an objective to expand<br />

bikeway networks to provide connectivity within<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> and the region. The city has also hired an<br />

intern whose primary responsibility is to review policies<br />

related to bicycle safety.<br />

Berry said the added bicycle connectivity could also<br />

benefit current businesses and drive economic development.<br />

“We’re very isolated in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> so this becomes a<br />

tourism issue,” said the council president.<br />

Berry said hundreds of people bike on the Camp<br />

Chase and Olentangy Trails each day. He believes<br />

those cyclists would travel to <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> to shop and<br />

eat if it were more accessible.<br />

“It would be a nice destination to bike to in the<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Town Center,” said Berry.<br />

<strong>City</strong> officials also plan to submit accreditation<br />

paperwork to Bicycle Friendly America by <strong>February</strong> of<br />

2024. According to its website, this is a program that<br />

provides advocates with a roadmap and assistance to<br />

build places more welcoming to people who bike. It is a<br />

tool for states, communities, businesses, and universities<br />

to make bicycling a transportation and recreation<br />

option for all people.<br />

Approximately 500 cities across the nation participate<br />

in the program and share best practices.<br />

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news and notes<br />

Blood drives in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

The American Red Cross will host several<br />

blood drives in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, including:<br />

• <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> YMCA, Feb. 14, 11:30 a.m.<br />

to 5:30 p.m.<br />

• Vineyard Christian Church, Feb. 16,<br />

noon to 6 p.m.<br />

• <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Kingston Center, Feb. 17,<br />

noon to 6 p.m.<br />

• OhioHealth Methodist Hospital, Feb.<br />

18, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.<br />

• <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Elks, Feb. 23, noon to 6<br />

p.m.<br />

• Saint John’s Lutheran Church, Feb.<br />

23, noon to 6 p.m.<br />

• Mount Carmel <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, Feb. 24, 10<br />

a.m. to 4 p.m.<br />

To schedule an appointment, call 1-800-<br />

448-3543 or visit www.redcrossblood.org.<br />

Diversity Task Force meeting<br />

The <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Diversity Task Force<br />

will meet at 6 p.m. Feb. 13 in <strong>City</strong> Hall,<br />

4035 Broadway. For more information,<br />

visit grovecityohio.gov.<br />

Steadfast Food Pantry<br />

The Steadfast Helping Hands Food<br />

Pantry is open on Wednesdays from 3 to 6<br />

p.m. by appointment only. The pantry is<br />

located at 4500 Broadway in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>.<br />

To set up an appointment, call 614-871-<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

ROSIE<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

sweet-faced and sweet-natured Golden<br />

Retriever.<br />

“It was just a blessing to be a part of,<br />

and it continues to be to this day,” said<br />

Ludlum.<br />

Shortly thereafter, word started to<br />

spread throughout town about Rosie the<br />

Comfort Dog and her ability to put children<br />

at ease as they develop their reading skills.<br />

She soon became a fixture at preschools,<br />

elementary schools, middle schools, and<br />

even colleges and universities.<br />

Hearing of the positive psychological<br />

impact that reading to canines, especially<br />

those registered as comfort animals, can<br />

provide to young readers and learners,<br />

youth services librarian Lore Lehr and<br />

past-president of the Friends of the SWPL<br />

board, Suzanne Norris, contacted the LCC<br />

K-9 Comfort Dogs to request that Rosie<br />

make her first appearance at the <strong>Grove</strong><br />

<strong>City</strong> Library in the spring of 2022.<br />

The reception from the children and the<br />

feedback from the parents was so positive<br />

they asked if she could “come around all<br />

the time.”<br />

“While we would love to have her here<br />

on a regular basis, we don’t want to stretch<br />

her too thin,” said Wickham. “I know she<br />

has a very busy schedule.”<br />

Rosie did make another appearance<br />

later that year, and she will make her third<br />

appearance at the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Library on<br />

Feb. 25. As of press time, the reservations<br />

to schedule a time to read with Rosie have<br />

been filled, but interested parties can call<br />

the youth services department to inquire<br />

about cancelations. Officials with the<br />

library said they are trying to schedule<br />

future visits with Rosie in the fall or winter,<br />

and possibly bring a similar program<br />

to the Westland Area Library as well.<br />

Wickham and Ludlum, who is a retired<br />

librarian and the former director at the<br />

Grandview Heights Public Library, both<br />

said they believe reading with animal programs<br />

are, and will continue to be, an<br />

invaluable tool to assist children toward a<br />

life-long path of reading and learning.<br />

“I have seen children just blossom<br />

under the care of Rosie,” said Ludlum.<br />

“They come in to the reading room with<br />

Rosie, some who are very hesitant or<br />

uncomfortable by the thought of reading<br />

out loud, but she just watches, waits for<br />

Here, a child reads to Rosie at a previous<br />

event held at the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Library.<br />

pets, and allows them to read at their own<br />

pace without judgement.”<br />

She said it is immensely rewarding to<br />

see children become comfortable with reading<br />

out loud, with gaining confidence in<br />

their developing skills, and expressing joy<br />

at reading with Rosie.<br />

“She is such a gentle girl who just wants<br />

to give comfort, receive affection, and be<br />

read to.”<br />

Although it is rumored she prefers<br />

books with dogs, she will accept tales of<br />

cats and other animals too.<br />

The Lutheran Church Charities K-9<br />

Ministries has over 130 dogs in more than<br />

26 states who are registered as Kare-9<br />

Military Animals or K-9 Comfort Dogs.<br />

Rosie has certification in both and often<br />

greets veterans as they prepare for Honor<br />

Flights. In addition to providing comfort to<br />

early learners, Rosie has also provided<br />

comfort at nursing facilities, funerals, and<br />

communities that have experienced mass<br />

casualty events or other traumatic situations.<br />

To learn more about Rosie and other K-<br />

9 Comfort Dogs in the state, visit the<br />

Lutheran Church Charities website at<br />

www.lutheranchurchcharities.org/k-9-<br />

comfort-dogs-about.html or visit Rosie’s<br />

Facebook Page at Rosie Comfort Dog.<br />

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Art exhibit in <strong>City</strong> Hall<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Council’s Art Concern presents<br />

the “Art Collection,” by Diana Linik,<br />

on display and for purchase through<br />

Friday, Feb. 24 at <strong>City</strong> Hall, 4035<br />

Broadway, in the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Town Center.<br />

The exhibit features a collection of<br />

mixed media, watercolor, and oil paintings.<br />

Linik, an internationally known fine<br />

artist, was born and raised in Buenos<br />

Aires, Argentina and attended the<br />

Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Her<br />

own spiritual development, coupled with<br />

an influence and encouragement of a broad<br />

diversity of artists, led her to explore digital<br />

media and human expression with a<br />

realistic style and a loose paint stroke.<br />

The exhibit is open to the public 8:30<br />

a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays, or by appointment<br />

by calling Clerk of Council Tami<br />

Kelly at 614-277-3065.<br />

Service Above Self<br />

nominations sought<br />

Do you know a <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> resident who<br />

has contributed greatly to the community<br />

and region? The <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Rotary Club is<br />

seeking nominations for its Service Above<br />

Self award.<br />

Each Year, a <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> retired or<br />

deceased resident who brought honor and<br />

recognition to the community, is selected<br />

for the Service Above Self Award, with a<br />

plaque installed in the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Town<br />

Center. Its purpose is to honor the work of<br />

a <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> resident who has contributed<br />

greatly to the city, state, or nation through<br />

service.<br />

Applications are made each year on the<br />

news and notes<br />

Photo courtesy of the city of <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

“Still Life” is a watercolor piece of art that<br />

will be in display at <strong>City</strong> Hall as part of the<br />

Art Concern exhibit.<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Rotary website, social media,<br />

and the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> library. The nominee<br />

must have lived in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, retired from<br />

their primary career, over the age of 65,<br />

not holding a political or elected office, or<br />

deceased (a terminal illness late in a person’s<br />

career would gain special consideration).<br />

The nominee must meet one or more<br />

of the following requirements: Be outstanding<br />

in “Service Above Self” in: education,<br />

fighting disease, local community,<br />

saving mothers and children, environmental,<br />

or promoting peace.<br />

If you know of a candidate for inclusion<br />

of the award, visit gcrotaryoh.com/serviceabove-self<br />

to download a nomination form.<br />

The nomination deadline is April 3.<br />

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January 30, <strong>2023</strong>, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police<br />

were dispatched to the 4000 block of<br />

McDowell Rd. on a report of Endangering<br />

Children. Officers found a car<br />

not running with two small children in<br />

the front. The outdoor temperature<br />

was 34 degrees and no adults in the<br />

vicinity. Eleven minutes later an<br />

adult came out of a store and approached<br />

the officers. The age of the<br />

children was verified to be 1 and 3<br />

years old. The adult was charged with<br />

Endangering Children.<br />

January 26, <strong>2023</strong>, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police<br />

were contacted by a resident of the<br />

4400 block of Windrow Dr. The victim<br />

told the officer that during a 4-day period<br />

in November 2022 the victim’s<br />

firearm was stolen from his/her unlocked<br />

vehicle’s center console.<br />

January 25, <strong>2023</strong>, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police<br />

were dispatched to the 5600 block of<br />

Coneflower Dr on a report of a scam.<br />

The victim stated she/he received an<br />

electronic notification that her/his<br />

bank account had fraudulent activity<br />

and to call with a phone number provided<br />

by the sender. The victim called<br />

<strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />

In Education<br />

Staffing levels increase for food and transportation departments<br />

By Dedra Cordle<br />

Staff Writer<br />

The supervisors at two of the most vital<br />

departments within the South-Western<br />

<strong>City</strong> Schools District presented the board of<br />

education with its annual report last<br />

month. The officials said that while their<br />

departments continue to experience pandemic-related<br />

shortages in some key areas<br />

of operation, they believe they are starting<br />

to turn a corner in regard to their overall<br />

staffing levels.<br />

At the Jan. 23 board meeting, transportation<br />

supervisor Tim Cox reported that<br />

there are 180 bus drivers currently on staff<br />

and that there is a potential that number<br />

could increase by seven should drivers-intraining<br />

receive their licensure. With more<br />

than four dozen bus aides on hand, Cox<br />

said he takes some comfort in those numbers<br />

but his concern continues to lay at the<br />

substitute level.<br />

According to Cox, the district currently<br />

has 11 substitute drivers and 16 substitute<br />

bus aides. He said those numbers, in particular<br />

the former, are not adequate<br />

enough in comparison to the size of the district.<br />

“We need to have about 20 substitutes<br />

per day,” he said.<br />

Cox said some of the issue with the substitutes<br />

they currently have is that these<br />

are not individuals who can commit to taking<br />

on regular routes for the district.<br />

“Out of those 11 substitutes that we<br />

have, we probably have four or five that<br />

would be able to come in Monday through<br />

Friday and help,” he said.<br />

He added that most have full-time jobs<br />

elsewhere and can only do field trips afterschool.<br />

While helpful, Cox said they need to<br />

find more individuals who can commit to<br />

coming in when their regular bus drivers<br />

are ill or on leave.<br />

Although the substitute shortage is not<br />

quite as dire as it has been in the past two<br />

years, Cox said the district continues to<br />

recruit and feels their efforts to shore up<br />

those numbers have made an impact.<br />

“My belief is, with the economy and getting<br />

clientele to come in, it has been a little<br />

bit easier to recruit and get individuals<br />

interested in the job,” he said. “So it definitely<br />

does seem like it is getting a little bit<br />

better.”<br />

The district currently pays bus drivers<br />

$20.82 per hour and substitute bus drivers<br />

$18.80 per hour. The district also covers<br />

most of the expenses incurred as recruits<br />

go through the process to obtain their<br />

Commercial Drivers License. For instance,<br />

Cox said the district pays for the drug test,<br />

Student art to be shown nationally<br />

This is the Gold Key distinction and award winning art submission from Central<br />

Crossing High School student Anna Sinyuk. Her submission was a part of the <strong>2023</strong><br />

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards contest held annually by Columbus College of<br />

Art and Design. Her artwork, entitled “Cultivation of Heritage” will move on to the<br />

next level of judging nationally in New York <strong>City</strong>.<br />

the physical, the required state courses,<br />

and the CDL training while the recruit<br />

pays for the temporary license and their<br />

CDL Class B School Bus Passenger<br />

Endorsement.<br />

He encouraged those who have an interest<br />

in driving a school bus — or even those<br />

with a flexible work schedule who are trying<br />

to make some extra money — to reach<br />

out to the district through their website for<br />

potential job opportunities.<br />

In other transportation news, Cox said<br />

the department’s fleet of buses are in good<br />

condition. There are currently 213 buses<br />

and vans in service and a majority of them<br />

are newer models. He added that the district<br />

ordered 15 new buses last year but are<br />

still waiting to receive three of the buses.<br />

He said the arrival was delayed due to a<br />

back-order of parts for the handicap accessible<br />

buses.<br />

Lisa Hamrick, the supervisor of the food<br />

services department, also presented an<br />

annual report where she discussed staffing<br />

levels.<br />

According to Hamrick, the staffing situation<br />

at the food services department has<br />

rebounded from the previous year, especially<br />

at the substitute level. She attributed<br />

that bounce to a pay increase that now sees<br />

substitute cooks earning $13 per hour and<br />

the removal of a state requirement which<br />

mandated cooks at all levels take a civil<br />

service test.<br />

“When that went away, it seemed like<br />

the flood gates opened and we were ecstatic,”<br />

said Hamrick.<br />

Around this time last year, the food service<br />

department had 30 open positions — or<br />

a 16 percent shortage in their staffing levels.<br />

This year, however, the food service<br />

department has roughly 10 open positions<br />

— or a 5 percent shortage in their staffing<br />

levels.<br />

Hamrick said she was comfortable with<br />

those numbers but stated they will continue<br />

to recruit at the substitute level. Like<br />

Cox, Hamrick encouraged those with an<br />

interest in food service to reach out to the<br />

district through its website for employment<br />

opportunities.<br />

In related food service news, Hamrick<br />

said the district is currently serving 6,500<br />

daily breakfasts and 12,700 daily lunches.<br />

She said there was only a slight decrease in<br />

participation from last year’s numbers<br />

when the federal government provided free<br />

meals for school districts nationwide due to<br />

the pandemic. The measure to continue to<br />

provide free meals for school districts<br />

nationwide for the 2022-23 school year was<br />

not extended by the federal government.<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police News<br />

the number and was told to take<br />

$10,000 and deposit it in a Bitcoin<br />

ATM to prevent further fraudulent<br />

charges. The notification proved to be<br />

fraudulent.<br />

January 27, <strong>2023</strong>, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police<br />

were dispatched to the 1700 block of<br />

Stringtown Rd. on a report of a theft<br />

from a motor vehicle. The victim<br />

stated he/she discovered the front passenger<br />

vehicle window was broken<br />

out. A backpack with a computer and<br />

other contents were stolen from the<br />

front seat.<br />

January 26, <strong>2023</strong>, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police<br />

were dispatched to the 4200 block of<br />

Maplegrove Dr. on a report of a package<br />

theft. The victim stated they saw<br />

the mailman delivery a package to<br />

their front porch. When the victim<br />

went to retrieve the package 10 minutes<br />

later, he/she discovered it had<br />

been stolen.

PAGE 6 - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Dave Dobos<br />


Committee<br />

Assignments<br />

Announced<br />

The Ohio House of Representatives legislative<br />

committees for the 135th General Assembly<br />

were named this past week. I am excited to<br />

share that I have been named Vice Chair of the<br />

Higher Education Committee. Additionally, I will<br />

serve on the following committees: Finance<br />

Subcommittee for Primary & Secondary Education,<br />

Economic & Workforce Development, Technology<br />

& Innovation, and Insurance. Eagerly<br />

stepping into these roles, these committees will<br />

enable me to both contribute in areas I have<br />

experience and some expertise and position me<br />

well to advocate for our district’s communities<br />

as we work to bring more and better jobs to the<br />

area. As Vice Chair of the Higher Education<br />

Committee and member of the Finance Subcommittee<br />

for Primary and Secondary Education,<br />

I am determined to improve access to<br />

quality education at all levels for our young<br />

people here in District 10, as well as throughout<br />

Ohio.<br />

Beyond committee appointments, I also have<br />

been busy meeting with constituents from<br />

District 10 as well as recognizing some of them<br />

for their accomplishments. In late January, I had<br />

the opportunity to attend Congressman Mike<br />

Carey’s official Military Academy Nomination<br />

Reception at the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> <strong>City</strong> Hall, where five<br />

of our finest students from Ohio’s 10th District<br />

received nominations to prestigious military<br />

academies. The students, their nominations,<br />

and current high schools are as follows: Isaac<br />

Carter, Naval Academy, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> High School;<br />

Brian Fitzsimmons, Naval Academy, Bishop<br />

Ready High School; Luke McCoy, Air Force Academy<br />

and Naval Academy, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Christian<br />

School; Samantha Paduchik, Air Force Academy,<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> High School; Zachary Swierz, West<br />

Point, Bishop Ready High School.<br />

Pictured below is a photo of West Point<br />

appointee Zachary Swierz. To the left is <strong>Grove</strong><br />

<strong>City</strong> Mayor Ike Stage; I am on the right. Mr.<br />

Swierz is a senior at Bishop Ready High School<br />

and will head to West Point in late June to begin<br />

summer orientation and preparation for his<br />

plebe (freshman) year.<br />

(Dave Dobos represents the 10th District in the<br />

Ohio House of Representatives, which consists<br />

of parts of West, Southwest, and South Columbus,<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, and Urbancrest. He reports regularly<br />

on his activities in this position and his<br />

campaign has paid for this communication with<br />

you.)<br />

Paid Advertisement<br />

Opinion Page<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Demolition news brings back memories of mall<br />

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recently<br />

announced that the state would demolish<br />

599 blighted and vacant structures<br />

throughout Ohio.<br />

One of the properties that will be torn<br />

down is the former Westland Mall shopping<br />

center on the westside of Columbus.<br />

“By ridding our state of eyesores that<br />

are hindering development and impacting<br />

property values, we can revitalize our communities<br />

and attract new investments,<br />

businesses, jobs, and housing opportunities,”<br />

said DeWine. “Many of our communities<br />

have truly transformative ideas for<br />

these properties, and I’m pleased that<br />

we’re able to help remove these barriers to<br />

development.”<br />

Westland Mall opened in the late 1960s<br />

as an open-aired shopping center. It was<br />

enclosed in the early 1980s and featured<br />

anchor stores like Lazarus (which later<br />

became Macy’s), Sears, and JC Penney.<br />

Eventually, JC Penney left to relocate at<br />

Tuttle Mall, and many retail outlets followed.<br />

Sears was the last anchor store<br />

remaining and most businesses were gone<br />

by 2012.<br />

Although I see the need for it, the news<br />

of the demolition brought back many memories<br />

of my time spent at Westland Mall.<br />

When I was a kid, my mom would take<br />

my sister and I out to eat at the restaurant<br />

that was located on the upper floor of<br />

Lazarus. After dinner, my mom would<br />

shop, my sister would hide in the clothes<br />

racks in the store, and I would have to find<br />

her. I remember my mom taking my sister<br />

and I to get our pictures taken with Santa<br />

It arose in former farm fields along South<br />

Hamilton Road like a crop of bricks, concrete,<br />

and asphalt that bloomed into a shopping<br />

destination.<br />

Eastland Mall opened in 1968 and<br />

brought large retailers like Lazarus, Sears,<br />

and J.C. Penney’s to the southeastern corner<br />

of Franklin County. Prior to that, one had to<br />

drive to downtown Columbus to shop at<br />

Lazarus, or, before I-270 was built, motor<br />

down Williams Road to the Great Southern<br />

Shopping Center strip mall on South High<br />

Street to visit the Woolco there among other<br />

stores.<br />

But, in 1968 with Eastland Mall’s arrival,<br />

it was bright lights, big city minutes away<br />

from your front door. Within its enclosed confines<br />

one could find big anchor stores like J.C.<br />

Penney, Sears, and Lazarus as well as other<br />

stores such as Woolworth’s, Radio Shack, and<br />

Spencer’s. There was even a movie theater in<br />

the mall. My first high school date was at<br />

that movie theater. I remember how beautiful<br />

and fun the girl was who accompanied me<br />

on the date, but I don’t remember what the<br />

movie was, probably because I was so mesmerized<br />

by her!<br />

I do remember many other things about<br />

Eastland Mall from those days of the late<br />

1960s into the 1970s. There was an eye catching<br />

art work in the center of the mall that<br />

consisted of strings extending from the ceiling<br />

to the floor. The odd part about it was<br />

there was some kind of goop that slowly<br />

dripped along the strings to the base of the<br />

art work. Never really understood if it meant<br />

anything, but it was interesting to look at.<br />

In my youth I used to mow about a dozen<br />

lawns to earn my spending money. Often that<br />

money went to purchases of rock and roll<br />

records from J.C. Penney’s. In those days I<br />

did not know about the cool record stores that<br />

existed near the Ohio State University campus,<br />

but I did realize someone in the JC<br />

Penney purchasing department was in the<br />

know about stocking records because that<br />

store always had a good supply of what was<br />

then cutting edge music 50 years ago. I<br />

bought Bob Dylan’s “Highway 61 Revisited”<br />

there along with The Who’s “Who’s Next” and<br />

“Live at Leeds,” as well as a Ramones album<br />

among many others.<br />

Eastland Mall’s J.C. Penney’s was where<br />

as a kid I made what at the time I felt was my<br />

Cordle’s Corner<br />

Andrea Cordle<br />

or with the Easter bunny. When I was<br />

maybe 7 or 8, I got my ears pierced at<br />

Claire’s.<br />

When I was a teenager, Westland Mall<br />

became the place to hang out with my<br />

friends. (I’m sure the other shoppers and<br />

retail workers loved to have teens loitering<br />

around all day!) My mom would drop me off<br />

at the mall then give me a few hours to just<br />

run around. I would get those soft pretzel<br />

sticks from Hot Sam’s and dip them in the<br />

cheese sauce, then I would get a chocolate<br />

chip or M&M cookie from Original Cookie.<br />

(Not healthy — I know!)<br />

I remember going into Wilson’s Leather<br />

and always wanting those cool leather jackets.<br />

I finally persuaded my parents to buy<br />

me one. I got a green suede jacket that I<br />

ruined almost immediately because I was<br />

not aware at the time that the material<br />

was not waterproof.<br />

Once, I went shopping with my dad.<br />

This was something monumental as my<br />

dad never went shopping. He was going to<br />

the mall to buy my mom a birthday gift and<br />

he let me tag along. We were in the<br />

Limited, which was a big deal for me. At<br />

that age, I thought the Limited was a very<br />

high-end outlet, way out of my price range.<br />

(Of course, everything was out of my price<br />

range as I did not make any money at the<br />

age of 14.) As my dad was looking for a gift<br />

for my mom, he told me I could pick out one<br />

item for myself. I was so excited! I was<br />

going to get something to wear from the<br />

Limited! I picked out this pea soup green,<br />

angora haired sweater. When I wore the<br />

sweater the following day, I quickly realized<br />

that I did not<br />

like angora and<br />

green was a terrible<br />

color on me. I felt<br />

like it was such a<br />

wasted opportunity.<br />

I tried to wear the<br />

sweater a few more<br />

times, with an<br />

undershirt that would help the itching, but<br />

parts inevitably would touch my skin, causing<br />

irritation.<br />

I had my first police experience at<br />

Westland Mall. I was just hanging out with<br />

a group of friends when a police officer<br />

walked by. Trying to show off, I said, “I<br />

smell bacon. Does anyone else smell<br />

bacon?” (This was when the movie<br />

“Wayne’s World” was popular and I loved<br />

that film.) I thought the interaction would<br />

be similar to the one in the movie. I was<br />

wrong. The officer did not appreciate the<br />

comment and he promptly put me in my<br />

place.<br />

I’m sure most people from the westside<br />

and southwest part of the city have many<br />

memories of Westland Mall as I do. I hope<br />

the property will be redeveloped so generations<br />

to come can make new memories.<br />

Westland Mall is scheduled to be demolished<br />

this year.<br />

Andrea Cordle is editor of the Westside<br />

and <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong>.<br />

Shopping centers come and go but the memories remain<br />

Editor’s Notebook<br />

Rick Palsgrove<br />

first “grown up” purchase - a pair of nice<br />

binoculars for $30. I still have those binoculars.<br />

During my high school years I bought several<br />

books at the book store at Eastland Mall<br />

(I think it was a Borders store) that were<br />

required reading in some of my English classes.<br />

Books like Hemingway’s “Farewell to<br />

Arms” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The<br />

House of the Seven Gables.” I admit I was<br />

tempted to buy the “Cliff’s Notes” version of<br />

what I perceived to be a dreadful Hawthorne<br />

book, but I withstood the desire for a short<br />

cut and plowed through “The House of the<br />

Seven Gables” and was a better person for<br />

the experience.<br />

Eastland Mall, like many other businesses,<br />

suffered through some tough economic<br />

times. Retail goes in cycles, stores and shopping<br />

centers come and go, but memories of<br />

places remain.<br />

Rick Palsgrove is the managing editor of the<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers.

www.columbusmessenger.com <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY LIVING - PAGE 7<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Area Chamber of Commerce<br />

To create a positive environment for the development and success of business<br />

GCACC annual meeting award winners<br />

SUE ROSS<br />

Ambassador of the Year:<br />

Sue Ross<br />

Franklin County Banking Center<br />

A true representative of the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce, and the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

community as a whole, Sue Ross’s dedication<br />

to the community and the Chamber<br />

Ambassador program is evident to all who<br />

meet her. The current Senior Business<br />

Banker of Franklin County Banking Center,<br />

Sue has been an active member and a familiar<br />

face to the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Area Chamber of<br />

Commerce for more than three decades.<br />

As an ambassador, her specific role to the<br />

Chamber is to be an extension of the Chamber<br />

by visiting current members, listening<br />

to what’s happening in their business, and<br />

sharing Chamber opportunities they may<br />

not be aware of. These visits spread awareness<br />

of Chamber programming and foster<br />

unity among members and their various<br />

businesses.<br />

“Every interaction with a local business<br />

is an opportunity to talk about our Chamber<br />

activities, benefits of membership and our<br />

Foundation scholarships,” Sue said of her<br />

ambassador duties. “Being an Ambassador<br />

is consistently talking to business owners<br />

about ways they can better their business<br />

for themselves, their employees and their<br />

families.”<br />

And while ambassadors have ‘official’ visits<br />

they make to the members on their rosters,<br />

Sue is still an ambassador ‘off the<br />

clock’, or when not making her official stops.<br />

“She makes it a point to be an Ambassador<br />

wherever she goes and to whoever she<br />

is talking to,” said Shawn Conrad, GCACC<br />

Executive Director. “Her passion for <strong>Grove</strong><br />

<strong>City</strong> and for the Chamber are evident all<br />

day every day.”<br />

At the heart of Sue’s love of her involvement<br />

with the Chamber and the ambassador<br />

program is her enjoyment in meeting<br />

new people. Shawn mentioned how quickly<br />

Sue meets new people and makes new<br />

friends, but Sue also sums it up for herself,<br />

too: “I love meeting new people, forming<br />

business relationships and having those develop<br />

into friendships.”<br />


Volunteer of the Year:<br />

Barb Mogren<br />

Barb was left speechless when told she<br />

would be recognized as the Volunteer of the<br />

Year at the <strong>2023</strong> GCACC Annual Meeting.<br />

However, she’s hardly speechless when it<br />

comes to the Farmers’ Market, interacting<br />

with attendees both new and regular.<br />

Barb was once a newcomer to the <strong>Grove</strong><br />

<strong>City</strong> community herself and that’s when she<br />

and her husband first discovered the Market<br />

and became ‘regulars.’ She shared that<br />

some Saturday mornings she and her husband<br />

would enjoy breakfast in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>’s<br />

Town Center and then walk over to explore<br />

and enjoy the Market.<br />

Her love of the Market spans the full<br />

spectrum of what the Market offers, from<br />

enjoying the local products, meeting new<br />

people, and the many additional aspects the<br />

Chamber includes in the Market, such as<br />

the Chief’s Challenge cook-off.<br />

“The market has lots of great produce<br />

and other goodies and the market can be a<br />

social event,” Barb said.<br />

For as much as Barb interacts with the<br />

‘real’ world, the realization to volunteer at<br />

the Farmers’ Market actually started in the<br />

digital world. She saw a Facebook post seeking<br />

volunteers for the season and has continued<br />

every market Saturday beginning at<br />

6:30 a.m.<br />

“I thought, I can do that!” she said. “I always<br />

shop at the Market and this is a way<br />

to help sustain the market and help my<br />

community.”<br />

In addition to a friendly face, the Chamber<br />

team said Barb also brings a strong<br />

work ethic and can-do attitude. Every Saturday<br />

morning of the Market season you<br />

can find her marking spaces, placing signs,<br />

assisting vendors with their tents and finding<br />

their spaces. It’s reassuring to the team<br />

to know that Barb is on hand to make sure<br />

things get done.<br />

Like many who are regular volunteers of<br />

an organization, or return year after year to<br />

a seasonal opportunity, it comes back to the<br />

people and the social interaction. Barb is always<br />

amazed by the people one can ‘bump<br />

into’ at the Market.<br />

“I return year after year because it is important<br />

to give back, it is a simple gig, and<br />

most importantly, I have met some incredibly<br />

nice people.”<br />

Spirit of the Chamber Award:<br />

Wayne Coakley<br />

Grenade Marketing<br />

It takes a certain spirit to navigate and<br />

prevail in the face of challenges, which<br />

Wayne Coakley carried through his 2020<br />

GCACC Board President term and continues<br />

to carry with him as any new challenge<br />

arises.<br />

“Our board pushed through the challenging<br />

2020 Covid year with a relentless desire<br />

to help the community businesses keep<br />

their doors open and remain profitable,” he<br />

said.<br />

2020 made for hard times, but Wayne’s<br />

positive attitude as noted by the Chamber<br />

team kept everyone moving forward and<br />

looking ahead.<br />

“He brings joy to any job that he does as<br />

well as to all those around him,” said Shawn<br />

Conrad, Chamber Executive Director.<br />

Wayne first became a member of the<br />


Chamber about 15 years ago and shortly<br />

after felt the need and desire to become involved<br />

beyond holding membership, which<br />

he has now done for over eight years.<br />

Wayne has served for many years on the<br />

Chamber board and also spent a few years<br />

with the Chamber Ambassador program.<br />

As Wayne sees it, “being involved is what<br />

really makes a local Chamber thrive.” And<br />

as he is involved, he is also witness to the<br />

involvement of others and what they bring<br />

to the table.<br />

“I have seen countless people volunteer<br />

their time and talent to help us make our<br />

events come to life.”<br />

He was also certain to mention the involvement<br />

of the Chamber staff themselves<br />

and making note of the passion Shawn,<br />

Marilyn, and Heather have brought over the<br />

years and continue to bring.<br />

Just as he felt called to and was encouraged<br />

to become involved with the Chamber,<br />

Wayne also encourages others to find their<br />

place within the GCACC community and<br />

show support for fellow business owners.<br />

“Besides having a finger on the pulse of<br />

what is going on with development of our<br />

city and the issues our community faces, you<br />

get to welcome new business owners to our<br />

town and show them the support we all<br />

have needed with our own business.”<br />

See AWARDS, page 8

PAGE 8 - GROVE CITY LIVING - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

HR Essentials: Advice for first-time managers<br />

By Jen Kelley, My Business Resource<br />

HR Essentials is a column produced for the<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Area Chamber of Commerce by My<br />

Business Resource.<br />

It’s finally happened — you put in the<br />

time and effort and you received that long<br />

awaited promotion — to manager.<br />

Once the excitement wears off - for many<br />

first-time managers - is when the panic sets<br />

in. You’ve transitioned from a top-notch independent<br />

contributor, and now find yourself<br />

(especially if you work in a small to<br />

mid-sized business) accountable for not only<br />

your own deliverables, but the deliverables<br />

Pam Brown<br />

614-975-9462<br />

of others, as well. Not to mention the people<br />

you are now responsible for guiding, supervising<br />

and creating an environment where<br />

they feel empowered to do their best work<br />

possible. Perhaps you’ve never managed<br />

others before. Or you’ve never delegated<br />

tasks. Or maybe you’ve never been in a situation<br />

where the work someone else does is<br />

a direct reflection of your abilities. Pretty<br />

scary, right? Fear not — with a little time<br />

and focus on the following three guideposts,<br />

what once seemed a daunting undertaking<br />

will become your new norm.<br />

Ask for — or seek out — a mentor. Many<br />

Thinking about<br />

selling your home?<br />

Call An Experienced Realtor!<br />

42 Years of “Service with a Smile”<br />


3656 Broadway <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, OH 43123<br />

614.871.1000 www.era.com<br />

AWARDS<br />

Continued from page 7<br />

companies will have formal programs for<br />

new supervisors, whereby a seasoned manager<br />

takes you under their wing, and helps<br />

guide you through the nuances of supervising<br />

others and delegating tasks to direct reports.<br />

But often, there are no formal<br />

mentoring programs for newly minted people<br />

or process leaders. If a program doesn’t<br />

exist in your organization, seek out a manager<br />

you admire and respect — and ask for<br />

his or her help as you navigate the ropes.<br />

Remember — a mentor’s role is not to tell you<br />

how they did it — but to offer insight on how<br />

they may have handled a particular situation,<br />

and serve as a trusted advisor to<br />

bounce ideas off of. As you are coming into<br />

your own, you’ll find some of these lessons<br />

are spot on — and some you’ll need to tweak<br />

to fit your unique style. That’s exactly what<br />

these relationships are designed to do.<br />

Solicit feedback. A colleague of mine once<br />

said, “Feedback is a gift — you just don’t get<br />

to choose the package it comes in.” When<br />

starting a new position — and especially a<br />

supervisory one - feedback is going to be a<br />

critical component of really understanding<br />

what works, and what doesn’t.<br />

See ADVICE, page 9<br />

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Mike Sanderson<br />

Auto Service Experts OH –<br />

by Sanderson Automotive LLC<br />

Mike Sanderson has worn his share of<br />

hats lately, and today we’ll add ‘Heart of the<br />

Chamber’ to his list. His support through<br />

sponsorships and desire to increase networking<br />

make for a heartbeat that sounds<br />

throughout the Chamber and community.<br />

The Heartland Bank Heart of the Chamber<br />

award was established to recognize generous<br />

contributions of time, finances or<br />

other resources to the Chamber.<br />

“The award name comes from the first<br />

winner of the award, Heartland Bank, a<br />

founder and continual supporter of the work<br />

of the GCACC,” said Shawn Conrad, Chamber<br />

Executive Director. “Mike’s continued<br />

support of our events, particularly Farmers<br />

Market and A Taste of <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> has just<br />

been above and beyond what we could ask.”<br />

Mike’s involvement with the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce began when he<br />

opened his shop in 2015. His hope was to<br />

network and be seen by the public, which<br />

made the Taste of <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> and Business<br />

Expo a great place to start. His involvement<br />

with the expo-format of Taste of <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

eventually included sponsorship, promotion,<br />

and some behind-the-scenes work to tally up<br />

the favorites at the end of the night.<br />

The Chamber team noted that no matter<br />

the occasion, they can count on Mike to lend<br />

a hand or be present. Many times, he has offered<br />

support before anyone could ask him<br />

to do so, anticipating ways in which he can<br />

serve.<br />

Like so many, for Mike it also comes back<br />

to the people he has met through the Chamber<br />

and the connections he has been able to<br />

make. The Chamber offers many opportunities<br />

to interact in person and Mike makes<br />

the time in his busy schedule to still allow<br />

for quality networking time.<br />

“It pays off to actually be present,” he<br />

said. “You never know when you’re going to<br />

make a connection with someone who can<br />

grow your business.”

www.columbusmessenger.com <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY LIVING - PAGE 9<br />

Chamber membership growth hits new highs<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Area Chamber of Commerce<br />

hit a membership milestone in 2022 by welcoming<br />

Columbus Building Services as the<br />

100th new member for the year. But membership<br />

for 2022 didn’t stop growing there.<br />

At final count, the Chamber welcomed in<br />

114 new members in 2022, a big leap in previous<br />

years’ new member totals. Yearly<br />

membership growth varies but even despite<br />

a pandemic, membership totals have continued<br />

to grow as a grand membership total<br />

currently its in the mid-700s.<br />

“We’ve been trending upward, but last<br />

year was the icing on the cake,” said Shawn<br />

Conrad, GCACC Executive Director.<br />

Conrad shared her excitement that this<br />

growth also reflects engagement by businesses<br />

in the community. Businesses are<br />

looking to be involved, but current member<br />

businesses are also spreading the word of<br />

what the Chamber has done for their business.<br />

Growth<br />

It’s no secret <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> is growing.<br />

Business is growing. The community as<br />

a whole is growing. And Chamber membership<br />

is growing. Conrad said she does believe<br />

all three growths are interwoven as<br />

the <strong>City</strong> grows.<br />

“I tell everyone ‘if you haven’t been to<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> in a while, you haven’t been to<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>’,” she said.<br />

Businesses who may have overlooked<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> years or even a decade (or more!)<br />

ago are now taking a second look as just<br />

about everything needed and wanted is<br />

available. Businesses who previously had<br />

unchecked boxes when scouting <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

are now seeing those boxes checked off.<br />

But it’s not new businesses making up<br />

the membership growth. Conrad shared<br />

that, while in no particular order, the demographics<br />

of new members are in three sections.<br />

One section is made up of brand new<br />

businesses. Another existing businesses<br />

who are now seeing value in Chamber membership.<br />

And a third section are businesses<br />

that have existed but are moving into the<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> market, such as establishing a<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> office, franchise, or other location.<br />

Individual Members<br />

In 2022, there was noticeable growth in<br />

the number of individual members. The secret<br />

of individual membership and its benefits<br />

are out and Conrad hopes the word<br />

continues to spread.<br />

Members who register as an individual<br />

(no association with any business or other<br />

professional firm) are eligible for the educational<br />

benefits of the GCACC, such as scholarships<br />

from the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Chamber<br />

Foundation, and education discounts with<br />

partners Franklin University and Ohio Dominican<br />

University.<br />

Starting this year, individual members<br />

ADVICE<br />

Continued from page 8<br />

And while we all love positive feedback,<br />

constructive feedback is often times far<br />

more important. Be open to what is being<br />

shared with you, ask questions, and commit<br />

to trying things a new way — even if it feels<br />

foreign at first. The best managers I’ve<br />

worked with (even the seasoned ones) have<br />

a deep desire to understand what they can<br />

be doing differently or better — even if it’s<br />

something they’ve done a hundred times before.<br />

Make mistakes! People — and this includes<br />

managers — aren’t perfect. That’s<br />

why pencils have erasers. While new managers<br />

have a deep fear of doing something<br />

wrong, or being incorrect, mistakes and missteps<br />

should be encouraged — as long as we<br />

can absorb the lessons that are ripe for the<br />

taking. We learn so much more when plans<br />

go awry than when things go exactly as designed.<br />

These learning opportunities are<br />

pivotal as you grow into your new role and<br />

have the added benefit of helping you discover<br />

the type of manager you really want<br />

to be. Striving for excellence, as opposed to<br />

seeking perfection, should be your goal — an<br />

exercise that will continue to serve you for<br />

years to come as your career evolves.<br />

have another benefit available to them from<br />

AllyHealth in the Essential Health plan.<br />

This telehealth-oriented benefit option is<br />

available to all members and is featured in<br />

this issue.<br />

Value<br />

New and existing businesses alike are<br />

spotting the value a Chamber membership<br />

can bring to their business, while existing<br />

members continue to see and even discover<br />

new value from their membership.<br />

With such diverse businesses and potential<br />

members, and a variety of values in<br />

Family Owned and Operated Since 1963<br />

For Pizza Perfection<br />

“Old world cooking with<br />

new world service”<br />

membership, potential members aren’t left<br />

in the dark in sorting through opportunities.<br />

Conrad said in the Chamber office they<br />

aim to share the opportunities a member<br />

has to be seen and which benefits align best<br />

with a prospective member, that they can be<br />

as invested and visible as they want to be.<br />

“Businesses are finding value in membership.”<br />

Those interested in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Area<br />

Chamber of Commerce membership are encouraged<br />

to visit www.gcchamber.org or call<br />

the Chamber office: 614-875-9762.<br />

4011 Front Street<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, Ohio 43123<br />

875-2700<br />

www.zamarellispizzapalace.com<br />

Tues.-Wed.-Thurs_______4:00 to 12:00<br />

Fri. -Sat._______________4:00 to 1:00<br />

Sunday_______________4:30 to 10:30<br />



Quick Repsonse Code<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Area Chamber of Commerce<br />

(614) 875-9762<br />

4069 Broadway, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> OH 43123<br />


PAGE 10 - GROVE CITY LIVING - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Are Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year winners<br />

At this year’s <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Area Chamber<br />

of Commerce, the following businesses were<br />

recognized in three categories. Additionally,<br />

representatives from each business provided<br />

their thoughts on community involvement,<br />

2022 successes, and goals for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Business of the Year: Pinnacle Pets Play<br />

& Stay; Best Place to Work, Small: Air<br />

Quality Solutions; and Best Place to Work,<br />

Large: Tosoh.<br />

Business of the Year:<br />

Pinnacle Pets Play and Stay<br />

We caught up with Pinnacle Pets Play<br />

and Stay owner Steve Robinette to chat<br />

about the success of Pinnacle Pets and what<br />

<strong>2023</strong> holds. Coming off of a strong 2022,<br />

they have exciting goals and opportunities<br />

awaiting in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Q: What does it mean to you and your<br />

team to win an award that is based on<br />

community vote?<br />

A: Pinnacle Pets is honored to be nominated<br />

for the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Best Business of<br />

the Year Award. Our success is rooted in<br />

community support for which we are so<br />

grateful. We appreciate all those that took<br />

the time to show their confidence in our<br />

family business. Our sincere thanks to<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> for recognizing our deep commitment<br />

to excellence, transparency, and success.<br />

We are thrilled that the community<br />

sees us as a valuable asset to <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>.<br />

Q: How does your business engage in<br />

the Chamber and the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> community.<br />

A: We are huge supporters of the <strong>Grove</strong><br />

<strong>City</strong> Area Chamber of Commerce and their<br />

programs. Over the years we have participated<br />

in several chamber events including<br />

Boo Off Broadway, Arts in the Ally, and the<br />

Taste of <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> to name a few. We<br />

sponsor employees’ participation in the<br />

Chamber’s Leadership course to further<br />

their development.<br />

Being a small business, we believe in<br />

supporting other small businesses in <strong>Grove</strong><br />

<strong>City</strong>. We hold business meetings at local<br />

restaurants. We order inventory, advertising,<br />

and apparel from local entrepreneurs.<br />

We contract with local businesses for banking,<br />

landscaping, maintenance, and more.<br />

We support many community fundraisers<br />

and events throughout the year. We work<br />

with the school district Project Life Program<br />

to provide job training opportunities for special<br />

needs students.<br />

We support several local fundraising efforts<br />

and groups. We provide support for<br />

local dog rescues like Speak for the Unspoken<br />

and Dash.<br />

Q: What ‘wins’ are you celebrating from<br />

2022—what successes would you like to<br />

share?<br />

A: Our business experienced double-digit<br />

growth in 2022, for which we are grateful to<br />

all our clients.<br />

We launched a new program called<br />

Puppy Play Care in 2022. This program introduces<br />

young dogs to basic obedience and<br />


PUBLICATION DATE: May 21, <strong>2023</strong><br />

DEADLINE DATE: May 15, <strong>2023</strong><br />

Sizes and Rates for <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Chamber Members<br />

at our discounted cost.<br />

AD SIZE<br />

1/8 PAGE<br />

1/4 PAGE<br />

1/2 PAGE<br />



$ 95.00<br />

$160.00<br />

$250.00<br />

$400.00<br />

If you would like to advertise your business in our Newsletter<br />

Please Call or Email Doug Henry<br />

at 614-272-5422 or doughenry@columbusmessenger.com<br />

socialization skills, and other experiences<br />

like grooming.<br />

We developed a new program for interested<br />

staff to pursue grooming as a career<br />

path. We continue to be the only American<br />

Kennel Club Safe Certified Grooming Salon<br />

in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>. We began implementing<br />

quarterly customer appreciation events. We<br />

have such great clients and we wanted to<br />

find a way to say thank you for your support<br />

and we appreciate you.<br />

Q: What are the goals for your business<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

A: We are focused on our business's continued<br />

growth and our personnel's development.<br />

We see opportunities to grow our<br />

grooming and training services in <strong>2023</strong>. We<br />

are currently working with an industryleading<br />

grooming consultant and will be<br />

rolling out several changes to improve the<br />

customer grooming experience. We will be<br />

adding functions to make the boarding experience<br />

much easier with pre-check-in<br />

much as you would do with a hotel or flight.<br />

Best Place to Work, Small:<br />

Air Quality Solutions<br />

After hearing of Air Quality Solution’s<br />

win, we caught up with Larry Titus, owner<br />

of AQS. AQS is a family-owned heating and<br />

cooling company founded by his father Lowell<br />

Titus in 1983, making this year AQS’s<br />

40th anniversary year.<br />

Q: What does it mean to you and your<br />

team to win an award that is based on<br />

community vote?<br />

A: This an incredible honor. We work<br />

hard to take care of our team and provide<br />

opportunities to support their personal and<br />

family goals in life. Having our community<br />

and other local businesses see and acknowledge<br />

these efforts and the culture we have<br />

created is appreciated and humbling.<br />

Q: Tell us how your business engages in<br />

the Chamber and the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> community<br />

as a whole.<br />

A: We joined our Chamber of Commerce<br />

over 30-years ago. Our staff has always<br />

looked at our Chamber involvement as a<br />

great way to give back to this community we<br />

love. I have served several terms on our<br />

Board of Directors and as the 2001 Chamber<br />

President. Dody Myers, our office manager,<br />

currently serves on the WE:LEAD committee<br />

and works on the Southwest Leadership<br />

program. We love supporting the Chamber<br />

Foundation, based on the recognition that a<br />

traditional 4-year college is not for everyone,<br />

that folks working hard to learn other skills<br />

and trades need help too.<br />

AQS also works to support <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

Parks & Recreation, Southwestern <strong>City</strong><br />

Schools, and the MASH Military Food Pantry.<br />

Q: What ‘wins’ are you celebrating from<br />

2022, or in other words what successes<br />

would you like to share?<br />

A: We donated an acre of land to the<br />

MASH Food Pantry. In partnership with<br />

the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Rotary, Home Depot, and<br />

Jones Topsoil, we constructed 48 raised<br />

beds that provides fresh vegetables to Veterans<br />

in need.<br />

Air Quality Solutions was recognized by<br />

the US Department of Labor with the Platinum<br />

Award for the fifth year in a row for<br />

our “Heroes Work Here” Program, where we<br />

hire and train Honorably Discharged Veterans,<br />

Reservists, and National Guardsmen.<br />

We invested in a HVAC Lab with a stateof-the<br />

art simulator that teaches new technicians<br />

how to read schematics and<br />

diagnostic service repairs. AQS once again<br />

earned the status as Lennox Premier Dealership<br />

from our main HVAC supplier.<br />

Q: What are the goals for your business<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

A: We plan to hire and train two new<br />

team members. Continue to develop our<br />

land and new warehouse facility at 5263<br />

Harrisburg Pike. We will upgrade our<br />

phone system and internet infrastructure so<br />

our staff can better work remotely. Continue<br />

to grow our business serving the<br />

Southwest Community and make a difference<br />

giving back to this community we love.<br />

Best Place to Work, Large: TOSOH<br />

To celebrate their recognition as Best<br />

Place to Work, Large, we caught up with<br />

Tosoh employees including Senior Marketing<br />

Specialist Hannah Brown. Tosoh has<br />

been part of the GCACC community for over<br />

20 years, and part of <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> for over 40.<br />

Q: What does it mean to you and your<br />

team to win an award that is based on<br />

community vote?<br />

A: Tosoh has been part of the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

community since 1979. Winning this award<br />

is a validation of our beliefs as a corporation.<br />

Our first guiding principle is respect,<br />

and this confirms that our employees aren’t<br />

just seeing respect, they are also feeling it<br />

and sharing it within the community.<br />

Q: Tell us how your business engages in<br />

the Chamber and the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> community<br />

as a whole.<br />

A: Tosoh is involved in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> events<br />

constantly and consistently, showing what<br />

we represent as a corporation. Tosoh supports<br />

local organizations including the<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Turkey Wattle, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> High<br />

School Baseball, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Parks and<br />

Recreation and many more. As a <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong><br />

Area Chamber of Commerce member since<br />

2001, we have had employees from Human<br />

Resources and Marketing represent Tosoh,<br />

and recently had one of our HR employees<br />

help to form the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Human Resources<br />

Committee.<br />

Q: What ‘wins’ are you celebrating from<br />

2022—what successes would you like to<br />

share?<br />

A: Tosoh celebrated many wins in 2022,<br />

with our biggest success in growth and expansion.<br />

Each Tosoh business line is poised<br />

for future growth. To make sure we capitalize<br />

on that growth, we are investing in our<br />

employees and equipment. People who come<br />

to Tosoh want to grow and develop with us.<br />

Q: What are the goals for your business<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>?<br />

A: Our business has many goals for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

We plan to complete multiple building expansions,<br />

so we are prepared for advancement<br />

in each industry, hire great talent to<br />

support our growth and continue to show<br />

our commitment to our employees and the<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY LIVING - PAGE11<br />

TM<br />

Hello, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>!<br />

Yo<br />

our<br />

brand-n<br />

ew<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Member<br />

Center<br />

will be opening in Spring!<br />


<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Member Center<br />

2404 Stringtown Road<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, OH 43123<br />

W e’re bringing the EXTRAORDINARY R<br />

service you’re used to, now in<br />

your <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> community.<br />

Convenient drive-thru services<br />

D<br />

ialogue-style<br />

le teller stations<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

(800) 762-0<br />

047 | WPCU.coop |<br />

Save Better. Borrow Smarter. Learn A Lot!<br />

© <strong>2023</strong> Wrig<br />

ght-Patt Credit Union. All Rig<br />

ghts Reserve<br />

ed.<br />

Federally insured by NCUA | Equal Housing Opportunity

PAGE 12 - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

community events<br />

S.A.L.T. at Evans Center<br />

The <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Division of Police host Seniors and Law<br />

Enforcement Together (S.A.L.T.) meetings at 1 p.m. the second<br />

Tuesday of each month at the Evans Center, 4330 Dudley Ave.<br />

Adults of all ages are welcome to attend. If you would like additional<br />

information on other crime prevention programs visit<br />

police.grovecityohio.gov or call 614-277-1765.<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Call today and receive a<br />


PLUS $1600 OFF<br />


1-855-417-1306<br />

With purchase of a new Safe Step Walk-In Tub. Not applicable with any previous<br />

walk-in tub purchase. Offer available while supplies last. No cash value. Must present<br />

offer at time of purchase. CSLB 1082165 NSCB 0082999 0083445<br />

Photo courtesy of South-Western <strong>City</strong> Schools<br />

Students recognized for giving back<br />

In recent months, students from Central Crossing High School, as well as from Buckeye Woods<br />

Elementary School, Hayes Intermediate School, and Jackson Middle School were among competition winners<br />

and contributors of canned food drives to benefit the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Food Pantry and Emergency<br />

Services.<br />

Now in <strong>Grove</strong><br />

<strong>City</strong><br />

At Zangmeiste er Cancer Center we coll laborate with our<br />

colleagues in radiation therapy, surgery, genetics, pathology<br />

and<br />

clinical researc ch to ensure each patien nt has a comprehensive<br />

,<br />

multidisciplinar ry plan of care. Support from our pharmacists,<br />

social workers , nurse navigators, dietitians ians and financial<br />

counselors min nimize the impact of can cer on daily life.<br />



We del liver the most adv vanced and innova ative treatments fo ocused on each patient for<br />

the best possible expe erience — becaus e each patient’ ’s cancer journey is unique.<br />

5500 North Meado ows Dr., Suite 230, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, OH 43123 | ZangCenter.<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - PAGE 13<br />

Pets of the week<br />

These furry friends are available<br />

for adoption at local<br />

rescues and shelters<br />

Ariel is 5 years old<br />

and is a beautiful<br />

classic marked torti.<br />

She loves drinking<br />

water from the faucet<br />

that her foster parents<br />

leave dripping<br />

for her. She loves<br />

attention and likes to<br />

explore. Her favorite spot to nap is in the sunroom<br />

up in the cat tree where she can watch<br />

the birds. Ariel loves wet food and treats. She<br />

does well with other cats but she has not been<br />

around dogs. Adopt Ariel through Friends for<br />

Life Animal Haven.<br />

FYI: fflah.org<br />

Belle is a rolly polly<br />

little girl. She’s a bit<br />

plump and about 2<br />

years old. All of her<br />

kittens have been<br />

adopted, so now<br />

Belle is looking for<br />

her furever home.<br />

She is shy but loves<br />

to sit in her foster<br />

dad’s lap. She gets<br />

along with other cats. A family with older kids<br />

might work out best for her. Adopt Belle<br />

through Friends for Life Animal Haven.<br />

FYI: fflah.org<br />

Betsy is a 1-year-old<br />

girl who was rescued<br />

from a high kill shelter<br />

in West Virginia.<br />

She is a sweet and<br />

loyal girl that just<br />

wants to be with her<br />

person. She is great<br />

with other dogs and is respectful of cats. She<br />

loves to be outside no matter the weather.<br />

Betsy is up for adoption through Colony Cats<br />

and Dogs.<br />

FYI: colonycats.org<br />

Hitch (aka Hitchy) is<br />

a big, handsome boy<br />

with a past. He was a<br />

former member of a<br />

very large street<br />

gang in central<br />

Columbus. He has,<br />

over the first few<br />

years of his life, endured homelessness,<br />

street fights, significant food shortages,<br />

severe weather, hostile humans, hostile dogs,<br />

skin and ear infections, and multiple wounds.<br />

One rescued, Hitch received a lot of medical<br />

care, love, and socialization. He learned to<br />

play with humans, toys, and with other cats.<br />

Hitch is now very social. He is good with other<br />

cats but is fearful of dogs after his past experience.<br />

Adopt Hitch from Colony Cats.<br />

FYI: colonycats.org<br />

DestinationOutlets.com<br />

800-213-9083<br />

8000 Factory Shops Blvd.<br />

Jeffersonville, OH 43128<br />



<br />

Medicare Annual Open Enrollment Period (AEP) is over<br />

<br />

- will I have to pay a penalty if I keep working after I turn 65, and decide to keep my<br />

group plan?<br />

- are there any 5 Star Medicare rated plans in my county, that I can enroll into<br />

throughout the year?<br />

-<br />

review more than 2 or 3 plan options.<br />

- I need help in paying my Rx copays, any assistance available?<br />

Terri Curcio Call today 614-460-0601<br />

-$0 fee or $0 Consultation cost<br />

Medicare Agent Ohio Lic. #43449<br />

-Be confident in your plan selection, keep your doctors, and find the lowest<br />

copays for your medications.<br />

<br />

limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov or<br />

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PAGE 14 - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

I do not often experience a conflict of the heart when it<br />

comes to choosing which movie to review for my column,<br />

but making a decision as to whether I wanted to give my<br />

time and my dwindling coffers to “80 for Brady” had me<br />

well and truly torn. On one hand, I did have an interest in<br />

this film because it stars Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita<br />

Moreno, and Lily Tomlin — four of the most legendary<br />

actors to ever grace the silver screen. On the other hand, I<br />


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A Special Section From<br />

columbus<br />

did not have an interest in this film because it also stars<br />

Tom Brady — one of the most legendary NFL quarterbacks<br />

who recently retired for the second time and whose presence<br />

looms over this film as much as his specter will<br />

throughout the sport for now and all of eternity.<br />

Unlike most football fans whose loyalty do not lay with<br />

the New England Patriots (or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers,<br />

or whatever team on the west coast team that may entice<br />

him to come out of retirement later this spring), I<br />

have never been a Brady-hater but man has he been<br />

grating for the past couple years. First there was the<br />

acceptance of the pandemic-relief funds for his<br />

multi-million dollar health and wellness business,<br />

then there was the drawn out first retirement that<br />

had him basking in thousands of puff pieces for<br />

months and then taking it all back, then there were<br />

the bratty sideline antics when things were not<br />

going his way for once, and then there was the nonfungible<br />

token scandal, and now I am just about<br />

tired of seeing him and hearing about him. If you<br />

add all that up, and then throw in the fact that he is<br />

a producer on this film and gets a percentage of the<br />

box office profit, it really makes you not want to be<br />

involved in anything he is involved in, right?<br />

After much internal debate between this film and<br />

M. Night Shyamalan’s dystopian adaptation “Knock<br />

at the Cabin,” I decided to stick with a vow I made<br />

to support novels, movies, and television shows that<br />

are women-led, women-centered, and showcase people<br />

of a certain age living active and full lives. And<br />

yes, that even includes women’s lives that partially<br />

revolve around finding inspiration from a famous<br />

athlete named Tom Brady.<br />

Whether or not you like the man in question, “80<br />

for Brady” is an infectiously joyous film. Sure, it has<br />

moments that will make you cringe or even give you<br />

a headache because of how saccharine it can be, but<br />

it is also an engaging and lighthearted story about<br />

four friends who take comfort in sport and in each<br />

other. Thanks in large part to the chemistry<br />

between the main cast, “80 for Brady” had a charm<br />

that shines through despite being centered around<br />

someone who seems<br />

so devoid of it at<br />

times.<br />





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In Entertainment<br />

Ladies in “80 for Brady” score a touchdown<br />

The Reel Deal<br />

Dedra Cordle<br />

Loosely inspired<br />

by a true story, “80<br />

for Brady” follows longtime best<br />

friends Betty (Field), Trish (Fonda),<br />

Maura (Moreno) and Lou (Lily<br />

Tomlin) whose love for Tom Brady<br />

and the New England Patriots<br />

knowns no bounds. Despite having<br />

lived on the east coast for most of<br />

their lives, the quartet had little interest in football before<br />

Tom Brady came onto the scene. In fact, they really didn’t<br />

want to watch that fateful game between the Pats and the<br />

New York Jets but had to because Lou’s television would<br />

not change the channel. When a young Tom Brady came in<br />

for an injured Drew Bledsoe, the friends were smitten by<br />

his good looks and calm demeanor in the pocket. Instant<br />

fans were made that day, and watching them play<br />

throughout the years helped Lou through her cancer treatments,<br />

took Maura’s mind off the loss of her husband, gave<br />

Betty a release from her demanding husband, and allowed<br />

Trish to find a second career writing Rob Gronkowski erotica.<br />

(Seriously.)<br />

Despite their team making several appearances at the<br />

Super Bowl, the friends have never attended one of the big<br />

games (probably because they cost more than a down payment<br />

on a new home) but decide to enter a contest through<br />

a local radio station that would send them down to<br />

Houston to see the 2017 matchup with the cursed Atlanta<br />

Falcons. Having little confidence that their story of finding<br />

perseverance through watching Tom Brady and the team<br />

would win them the ultimate prize, they try to put it out of<br />

their minds and hearts. But then Lou makes the<br />

announcement that they did snag the ultimate prize and<br />

they would soon be embarking on a journey toward “the<br />

best day of their lives.” Naturally, things do not always do<br />

as planned, especially in a comedy that features Fonda and<br />

Tomlin together with all of their chaotic energy.<br />

See 80 FOR BRADY page 15<br />

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www.columbusmessenger.com <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - PAGE 15<br />

80 FOR BRADY<br />

Continued from page 14<br />

Written by “Booksmart” scribes Emily<br />

Halpern and Sarah Haskins, the script is a<br />

nod to the fact that there is no age limit<br />

when it comes to having fun. Not only do<br />

the characters have a good time as they get<br />

involved in various shenanigans during<br />

their Super Bowl experience, but it seems<br />

as if the primary and secondary actors are<br />

having a good time too. Watching all of this<br />

together makes the action all the more<br />

engaging to the audience too, despite how<br />

outlandish some of the scenes may get.<br />

Even with the more farcical elements<br />

within this story that is loosely based on<br />

real individuals, everything that happens<br />

in this film is well-intentioned and<br />

designed to garner laughs, which they succeed<br />

in doing so. Despite the overall lighthearted<br />

tone of the film, there are<br />

moments in which the story concentrates<br />

of real-life issues related to cancer, death,<br />

and love — all of which we can relate to. As<br />

a credit to the writers and director Kyle<br />

Marvin, all of the transitions between the<br />

silly and the serious feel natural to the<br />

development of the story and, as a result,<br />

makes “80 for Brady” as enjoyable as it is<br />

touching — even with all of the mentions<br />

and cameo appearances of a certain newly<br />

retired quarterback.<br />

Grade: B-<br />

Dedra Cordle is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff<br />

writer and columnist.<br />

news and notes<br />

Project ChildSafe<br />

The <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Division of Police is participating<br />

in a nationwide free gun lock<br />

giveaway program to help protect families<br />

from unnecessary tragedy.<br />

Over the past decade, Project ChildSafe<br />

developed a comprehensive program for<br />

firearm owners to be safe and responsible<br />

– preventing accidents and keeping<br />

firearms out of the wrong hands.<br />

Free, cable-style gun locks and firearm<br />

safety information are available at the<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Safety Complex, 3360 Park St.<br />

The free gun lock giveaway is part of the<br />

national Project ChildSafe Initiative,<br />

ensuring safe and responsible firearm<br />

ownership and storage. Funding for the<br />

locks is provided by a grant from the U.S.<br />

Department of Justice.<br />

For more information, contact the division<br />

of police at 614-277-1710.<br />

Free community meal<br />

Bethel Lutheran Church, 4501 Hoover<br />

Road in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, will host a free community<br />

meal every third Saturday of each<br />

month. The food will be served from noon<br />

to 1 p.m. For more information, call the<br />

church office at 614-875-0510.<br />

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Shell Gas Station - Broadway & I-270<br />

United Dairy Farmers - Broadway & Southwest<br />

CVS Pharmacy - Broadway & Southwest<br />

Speedway Gas Station - Broadway & Southwest<br />

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Planks on Broadway - Broadway & Park St.<br />

Mobile Gas Station - Broadway & Paul St.<br />

Ernies Carry-Out - Broadway & Paul St.<br />

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PAGE 16 - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

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w<br />

Mid-Ohio Food Collective launching educational programs<br />

The National Association of Drug<br />

Diversion Investigators (NADDI) launched<br />

a program to significantly reduce easy<br />

access to outdated or no longer needed prescriptions.<br />

These drugs are the target of theft by<br />

people who have access to the medicine<br />

cabinets of family and friends. America’s<br />

12- to 17-year-olds have made prescription<br />

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective (MOFC)<br />

is launching two new sponsored certification<br />

programs at no cost to the learner<br />

through the ReadySkill platform.<br />

MOFC launched the ReadySkill initiative<br />

in September of 2021 to remove barriers<br />

and provide support to underserved<br />

and low-income neighbors seeking education<br />

and better-paying careers. In early<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, ReadySkill is offering two new, free<br />

career pathways in health care and sustainability<br />

open to residents of central<br />

Ohio.<br />

The ReadySkill platform is another<br />

innovation to address the root causes of<br />

hunger, building on MOFC’s ongoing work<br />

to co-create strategies that leverage technology<br />

and partnerships to build healthier,<br />

hunger-free communities. ReadySkill<br />

brings together educational and wraparound<br />

services to address the unique<br />

needs of each learner so they can be successful.<br />

ReadySkill puts learners at the center<br />

by meeting them where they are.<br />

ReadySkill is an easy-to-use platform<br />

designed to help users overcome barriers to<br />

education or career advancement. Users<br />

can access resources such as food, housing,<br />

health care, childcare and transportation.<br />

Career support, mentorship and job readiness<br />

resources are also provided to give<br />

learners the tools and confidence to pursue<br />

a new job after completing a Pathway program.<br />

“At ReadySkill, we understand there’s a<br />

lot more to making the jump to a new<br />

career than just learning a new skill,” said<br />

Nick Davis, chief platform officer at Mid-<br />

Ohio Food Collective. “With this streamlined<br />

platform and service, we bring<br />

together a team of instructors, coaches,<br />

advocates and social service providers to<br />

support you every step of the way.”<br />

ReadySkill’s first pilot program, sponsored<br />

by Feeding America, concluded in the<br />

fall of last year with 24 learners completing<br />

their certificates in salesforce administration<br />

or tableau data analytics through<br />

Franklin University. Participants in the<br />

program received personalized career<br />

coaching and wraparound services from<br />

Mid-Ohio Food Collective and Jewish<br />

Family Services.<br />

The new medical assistant pathway,<br />

sponsored by Humana, provides an opportunity<br />

for 30 learners to earn a Certified<br />

Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) credential<br />

online through Franklin University<br />

and MedCerts. Learners are supported<br />

with wraparound and career services and<br />

have in-person clinical sessions to develop<br />

hands-on skills. Over the 36-week program<br />

beginning in late <strong>February</strong>, learners will<br />

build clinical skills and confidence to pursue<br />

a high-demand career as a medical<br />

Dispose of unwanted medication at <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> pharmacies<br />

drugs their number one substance of abuse,<br />

and much of the supply is coming from the<br />

medicine cabinets of their parents, grandparents<br />

and friends. More adults recognize<br />

the need to remove these substances from<br />

the home.<br />

The following <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> pharmacies<br />

accept anonymous disposal of medicines.<br />

• Meijer Pharmacy, 2811 London-<br />

<strong>Grove</strong>port Road<br />

• CVS, 2565 London-<strong>Grove</strong>port Road<br />

• Wal-Mart Pharmacy, 1693 Stringtown<br />

Road<br />

Accepted items include prescription, pet<br />

and over-the-counter drugs including capsules,<br />

pills, powders, herbs and vitamins in<br />

the original packaging or a clear, sealed<br />

bag.<br />

assistant.<br />

ReadySkill is also offering a solar installation<br />

pathway sponsored by IGS Energy<br />

for 25 learners to earn a NABCEP<br />

Photovoltaic (PV) Associate Certification<br />

through Solar Energy International. This<br />

18-week program begins in March with<br />

online coursework, wraparound support,<br />

mentorship, and in-person skill-building<br />

opportunities to prepare participants for<br />

careers in the fast-growing sustainability<br />

industry.<br />

ReadySkill is now accepting applications<br />

for these pathways. No previous experience<br />

is required and both programs are<br />

free to learners. Participants must be 18<br />

years or older, possess a high school degree<br />

or equivalent, live in central Ohio and be<br />

authorized to work in the United States.<br />

For more information and to review the<br />

full eligibility requirements, visit<br />

www.readyskill.io.<br />

Unaccepted items include needles,<br />

lancets, syringes and other sharps;<br />

aerosols, liquids, creams, pastes and other<br />

non-solids; inhalers; mercury thermometers;<br />

medications that contain iodine; and<br />

illicit drugs.<br />

To dispose of items not accepted, refer to<br />

the United States Food and Drug<br />

Administration guidelines at fda.gov.<br />


Deadlines: <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, <strong>Grove</strong>port & All editions - Mondays at Noon.<br />

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Pictorial Past<br />

John Hoover enlisted in the Revolutionary Army in 1776, fighting in the battles of<br />

Trenton and Princeton. He was with Washington the night he crossed the Delaware.<br />

After the war, he and his wife eventually made their way to Franklin County, where<br />

they bought 200 acres of land, now known as Hoover Farm. John Hoover died in<br />

1840 and was buried on the family farm. The gravesite, located off Gantz Road in<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, is enclosed by a wrought iron fence and features a gravestone and boulder<br />

marked with a bronze plaque. Hoover Road is named after this early settler.<br />

Leanne Watkins, from the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Welcome Center and Museum, provided the<br />

photo and information.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - PAGE 17<br />


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xAdult Care<br />

xValentine Greeting<br />


The <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police Department has recovered<br />

numerous bicycles, tools, electronic equipment, clothing<br />

and monies over the course of several months.<br />

The bicycles are of various types and models, as are<br />

the tools and electronic equipment. All properties are<br />

held in a secured police facility at all times. If you<br />

believe you have claim to any of the property and have<br />

proof of ownership for the property, you may call the<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police Department Property Room at<br />

614-277-1757. A review and release of any and all<br />

property is by appointment only. All items not claimed<br />

will be sold at public auction, turned over to the Law<br />

Enforcement Fund, or destroyed according to Ohio<br />

Law.<br />


Qualified organizations may be eligible to receive<br />

bicycles as charitable donations from the <strong>City</strong> of<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>. Qualified organizations must have a valid<br />

ruling or determination letter recognizing the taxexempt<br />

status of the organization, pursuant to Internal<br />

Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) or (c)(19).<br />

Representatives may call the <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> Police<br />

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PAGE 18 - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - <strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong><br />

www.colulmbusmessenger.com<br />

xEmployment<br />

Join Team<br />

BIG<br />

Join us as a Power Equipment Operator<br />

Weekly Pay or Daily Pay!<br />

Associate Discount up to 30%!<br />

Open Interviews:<br />

M-W 1P-5P<br />

or text<br />

BIGLOTS to 97211<br />

Up to $21.21 per hour w/incentive<br />

Shift Premiu $1.00 per hour<br />

Referral Program<br />

Multiple Shifts Available<br />


Paid Weekly • Vacation Pay • 401K with Match<br />

• Associate Discount • Paid Life Insurance<br />

• Holiday Pay • Medical, Dental, Vision &<br />

Prescription Benefits (1st of the month after 30 days)<br />

OR APPLY AT: biglots.com/careers<br />

EOE/Drug free workplace employer<br />

Senior Programmer (#SP1130) sought by Super<br />

Deal Auto Group LLC in Columbus, OH:<br />

Job offer subject to background check<br />

Improve the performance of existing h/ware & s/ware. Doc flowcharts & diagrams<br />

w/ Unified Model Language (UML) to illustrate the sequence of steps. Monitor &<br />

develop server-side. Collaborate w/ the internal dvlpg team & outsourcing dvlpg<br />

team to dvlp s/ware using Model-View-Controller (MVC) methodology & SOLID<br />

object-oriented dsgn principles. Dsgn & implmt indexes, triggers, stored<br />

procedures, views & joins for data querying & data manipulation (CRUD) on<br />

MySQL. Provide on-going operational support & dvlpmt in line w/ the growing<br />

& changing needs of the business. Rqmts: Master's Deg in Comp Scior related;<br />

Proficient in java prgmg; Understanding of application, data, & infrastructure<br />

principles i.e. OOP; Familiar w/ data structure i.e., algorithms analysis, sorting,<br />

searching; Familiar w/ database related Techniques i.e. query processing &<br />

optimization, OOD, concurrency control; Supv work of S/ware Dvlprs, Systems<br />

S/ware. Apply, mail CV w/ job# to 3021 N. High St, Columbus, OH 43202.<br />


Metal Roofing &Siding For<br />

Houses, Barns, Sheds etc.<br />

36” Coverage, Painted $2.35<br />

LF, Bare $1.45 to $1.70 LF,<br />

Rainbow $1.35 LF. Sold as<br />

Seconds. Made in Ephrata,<br />

Pa. 717-445-5222<br />


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Housing Assistance, WIC,<br />

Veterans Pension,<br />

Survivor Benefits, Lifeline,<br />

Tribal. 15 GB Internet.<br />

Android tablet free w/onetime<br />

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READER<br />


The National Trade Association<br />

we belong to has<br />

purchased the following<br />

classifieds. Determining<br />

the value of their service<br />

or product is advised by<br />

this publication. In order<br />

to avoid misunderstandings,<br />

some advertisers do<br />

not offer “employment”<br />

but rather supply the<br />

readers with manuals, directories<br />

and other materials<br />

designed to help<br />

their clients establish mail<br />

order selling and other<br />

businesses at home. Under<br />

NO circumstance<br />

should you send any<br />

money in advance or give<br />

the client your checking,<br />

license ID or credit card<br />

numbers. Also beware of<br />

ads that claim to guarantee<br />

loans regardless of<br />

credit and note that if a<br />

credit repair company<br />

does business only over<br />

the phone it’s illegal to request<br />

any money before<br />

delivering its service. All<br />

funds are based in US<br />

dollars. Toll Free numbers<br />

may or may not<br />

reach Canada. Please<br />

check with the Better<br />

Employment<br />


UP TO<br />

$20/HR +<br />

UP TO<br />

$2K SIGN-ON<br />

For Mid & Second Shifts<br />




1568 Georgesville Rd. Columbus, OH 43228<br />


Applicants must sucessfully pass a background check and drug screen.<br />

Equal Opportunity Employer: Minority, female, veteran, individuals with disabilities, sexual orientation/gender identity.<br />


Dsgn, write, & use lesson plans; teach TESOL/ESL classes to middle school<br />

students; prepare students for TESOL/ESL related competitions & standardized<br />

tests; coordinate after school &/or extracurricular activities as assigned;<br />

administer formal & informal testing; establish communication rapport w/<br />

parents, students, principals, & teachers through meetings & conferences; gather,<br />

manage, & maintain all reports, records & other documents reqd. Bach's deg in<br />

Teaching of Foreign Language, English, or TESOL + 24 months of full-time exp in<br />

the job & OH State teaching license (at least 5-yr long term substitute license) in<br />

TESOL reqd. M-F, 40 hrs/wk. Send resume (by mail only) to Abdulkadir Parlar,<br />

Noble Academy -Columbus, 1329 Bethel Rd, Columbus, OH 43220.<br />



DATES in as little as<br />

ONE DAY! Affordable<br />

prices - No payments for<br />

18 months! Lifetime warranty<br />

& professional installs.<br />

Senior & Military<br />

Discounts available. Call<br />

855-761-1725<br />

Hablamos Espanol Business Bureau 614- Prepare for power<br />

486-6336 or the Ohio Attorney<br />

General’s Con-<br />

GENERAC home standby<br />

outages today with a<br />


$10K-$125K+ Get Fresh sumer Protection Section generator. $0 Down + Low<br />

Start or Forgiveness. 614-466-4986 for more Monthly Pmt. Request a<br />

Call 1-877-705-1472 information on the company<br />

you are seeking to next power outage: 1-855-<br />

free Quote. Call before the<br />

Monday through Friday<br />

7am-5pm PST<br />

do business with.<br />

948-6176<br />


SIGN<br />


TO ADVER<br />


Call Kathy at<br />

The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

272-5422<br />

For More Info

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

xCome & Get It!<br />


Need to Get Rid of Something Fast - Advertise It Here For FREE!<br />

Deadlines are Mondays by Noon<br />

Call For Publication Schedule 614-272-5422<br />

FREE Garden Straw for gardens or bedding. Call for appointment for pickup.<br />

Circle S Farms, 9015 London-<strong>Grove</strong>port Road, <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong>, 43123<br />

<strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> - 614-878-7980<br />

FREE - Metal from old camper frame, Need a truck to pickup..<br />

CC - Obetz - 614-632-1013<br />

FREE - Children’s Wooden Play Set - Good Condition w/Sand Box under it, Step Ladder up<br />

Slide to go down & a rope swing. Also separate Swing Set w/4 swings.<br />

190 Inah Ave., Cols, 43228 near the Fire Dept.<br />

West Columbus - 614-878-1930, ask for Linda<br />

FREE - Firewood - All you want! U cut U Haul. Text me if you want it.<br />

Obetz - 614-519-7986<br />

Come and Get It! is a bi-weekly column that offers readers an opportunity to pass<br />

along surplus building materials, furniture, electronic equipment, crafts, supplies,<br />

appliances, plants or household goods to anybody who will come and get them - as<br />

long as they’re FREE. NO PETS! Just send us a brief note describing what you want to<br />

get rid of, along with your name, address and phone number. Nonprofit organizations<br />

are welcome to submit requests for donations of items.<br />

Send information to The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong>, Attention: Come and Get It, 3500<br />

Sullivant Ave., Columbus, OH43204. Deadline is Mondays at NOON for following<br />

Sunday’s publication. <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers is not responsible for any complications<br />

that may occur. Please contact us when items are gone. 272-5422<br />

Come & Get It!<br />

xFocus on Rentals<br />



1, 2 and 3 BR Apts.<br />

Rent Based on Income.<br />

Call 614-272-2800 or visit us<br />

at 777 Wedgewood Dr.<br />

TTY/TDD 711<br />







IT!<br />

Call The <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

For More Info and Rates<br />

614-272-5422<br />

Rentals<br />


The Generac PWRcell, a<br />

solar plus battery storage<br />

system. SAVE money,<br />

reduce your reliance on<br />

the grid, prepare for power<br />

outages and power<br />

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Down Financing Option.<br />

Request a FREE, no obligation,<br />

quote today. Call<br />

1-866-783-0292<br />


NOTICE<br />

The following states: CA,<br />

CT, FL, IA, IL, IN, KY,<br />

LA, MD, ME, MI, MN,<br />

NE, NC, NH, OH, OK,<br />

SC, SD, TX, VT and WA<br />

requires seller of certain<br />

business opportunities to<br />

register with each state<br />

before selling. Call to<br />

verify lawful registration<br />

before you buy.<br />

Thinking about installing<br />

a new shower? American<br />

Standard makes it<br />

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Enjoy your<br />

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Protect your home w/home<br />

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ADT. Starting at $27.99/<br />

mo. Get free equipment<br />

bundle including keypad,<br />

motion sensor, wireless<br />

door & windows sensors.<br />

833-719-1073<br />

Prepare for power outages<br />

today with a GENERAC<br />

home standby generator.<br />

$0 Money Down + Low<br />

Monthly Payment Options.<br />

Request a FREEQuote--<br />

Call now before the next<br />

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7624<br />


See...<br />

You Looked!<br />

Newspaper<br />

Ads Catch<br />

The Eye!<br />

Call<br />

272-5422<br />

For Info. &<br />

Pricing<br />



Depend. Quality Child care<br />

in loving hm. Exp. Mom, n-<br />

smkr, hot meals, sncks,<br />

playroom, fncd yd. Reas.<br />

rates. Laurie at 853-2472<br />


Licensed Barber &<br />

Cosmetologist Needed<br />

Full/Parttime. Booth Rental<br />

or Commission Located in<br />

Great Southern Shopping<br />

Center. Call Cindy for<br />

more info. 614-239-1976<br />


is hiring Caregivers<br />

to provide in home<br />

care for Seniors.<br />

We offer<br />

competitive pay and a<br />

week of paid vacaton.<br />

Shift and hours<br />

can be flexible.<br />

614-849-0200<br />

Kings Kids Daycare<br />

in <strong>Grove</strong> <strong>City</strong> is hiring Fun,<br />

Loving Teachers for PT &<br />

FT shifts. Please email<br />

sarragc@outlook.com or<br />

call 614-539-0349<br />


We Buy Cars & Trucks<br />

$300-$3000.614-308-2626<br />

We Buy Junk Cars &<br />

Trucks. Highest Prices<br />

Paid. 614-395-8775<br />


WANTED<br />

Victrolas, Watches,<br />

Clocks, Bookcases<br />

Antiques, Furn.<br />

Jeff 614-262-0676<br />

or 614-783-2629<br />


Call anytime 614-774-6797<br />


FOR SALE<br />



HP 901 Color Cartridges (3);<br />

HP 901XL and 901 Color<br />

Multi Pack (1);<br />

HP 901XL Black(1).<br />

$15.00 each.<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong>,<br />

3500 Sullivant Ave.<br />

Call Office 614-272-5422<br />



5.02 Acres all wooded, no<br />

restrictions. $40,000. Does<br />

not have utilities. 2 mi. NW<br />

of S. Pittsburg, Tennssee.<br />

15 min. to Nickajack Lake,<br />

half hour to Chattanooga.<br />

Private seller.<br />

yallgit1@yahoo.com<br />

2/19A&M<br />

<strong>February</strong> 12, <strong>2023</strong> - GROVE CITY MESSENGER - PAGE 19<br />

xClassified Services<br />




Specializing in Custom Colors &<br />

Custom Designs of Concrete.<br />

Including Remove & Replace<br />

44 yrs exp & Free Est.<br />

Licensed & Insured<br />

Reputation Built<br />

On Quality<br />

Ronnie<br />

614-875-8364<br />

See Us On Facebook<br />

www.gallioncustom<br />

concrete.com<br />

AJ’s Concrete,<br />

Masonry<br />

Good Work - Fair Prices<br />

Block Foundations<br />

Driveways • Sidewalks<br />

Epoxy/Overlay Floors<br />

Bonded-Ins. • Free Ests.<br />

614-419-9932<br />

www.hastingsnsons.com<br />

Driveways & Extensions<br />

Patio & Walkways,<br />

Porches & Steps,<br />

Garage/Basement Floors<br />

Hot Tub/Shed Pads,<br />

Stamped/colored concrete<br />

Sealing of new &<br />

existing concrete.<br />


Contact Adam<br />

614-756-1754<br />

hastingsandsons.<br />

columbus@gmail.com<br />



Chain Link - Wood<br />

No Job Too Big or Small<br />

All Repairs ~ Free Est.<br />

Insured. 614-670-2292<br />






FOR<br />


INFO. CALL<br />

614-272-5422<br />



3/5 W/SW<br />

2/19 A<br />



614-276-1958<br />



• Junk Removal<br />

• Demolition<br />

• Hoarding<br />

614-352-0442<br />

10% OFF FOR<br />



614-254-1131<br />


HVAC & A/C<br />

Fast Service - Licensed<br />

614-633-9694<br />

HOME<br />




Siding-Windows-<br />

Doors-Roofing-Soffit-<br />

Fascia-Gutters-Trim<br />

Earn FREE Seamless<br />

Gutters with Siding Over<br />

1000 Sq. Ft.<br />

FREE Shutters with<br />

Soffit & Trim<br />

EPA Certified<br />

Member of BBB<br />

Financing Available<br />

Over 20 yrs exp. • Free Est.<br />

Licensed-Bonded-Insured<br />

Owner & Operator<br />

James 614-419-7500<br />

CandC<br />

Handyman Services LLC<br />

“See The Difference”<br />

l<br />

614-378-7469<br />

Int./Ext. Remodels,<br />

Water Heaters,<br />

Plumbing, Fence,<br />

Sidewalks, Decks,<br />

Int./Ext. Paintng<br />

& Electrical Work<br />

SINCE 1973<br />

Phil Bolon Contr.<br />

Windows & Siding<br />

Decks, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Room Additions,<br />

Flooring, Roofing<br />

Bsmt Waterproofing<br />

Deal With Small Non-Pressure Co.<br />

47 Yrs. Exp. - Refs. Avail.<br />

Lic.-Bond-Ins.<br />

2/19<br />

A/M<br />

Free Est. - Financing Avail.<br />

Member BBB Of Cent. OH<br />

O.C.I.E.B. ID #24273<br />

614-419-3977<br />

or 614-863-9912<br />

3/5 W<br />

3/5 A<br />

2/19A<br />

HOME<br />


SLAGLE<br />


Baths, Kitchen,<br />

Plumbing and Electrical.<br />

All your Handyman needs<br />

No Job too Big or Small<br />

Over 30 Yrs. Exp. Lic.-Bond-Ins.<br />

Jerry<br />

614-332-3320<br />


ONYX<br />


614-407-5214<br />




FOR YOU<br />

Summer, Spring,<br />

Winter or Fall<br />

WE DO IT ALL!!!!<br />

Lawn Cuts, Edging,<br />

Trees & Shrubs, Garden,<br />

Mulching, Hauling,<br />

Garden Pond &<br />

Home Maint.<br />

Free Ests. Low Rates<br />

$20 & Up<br />

Kevin - 614-905-3117<br />

Classified Services<br />

2/5<br />

SW/W<br />

C&JHandyman<br />

Services LLC<br />

Minor Plumbing & Electric<br />

Install Hot Water Tanks,<br />

Dishwashers & Disposals<br />

All Interior Remodels<br />

Also Fencing &<br />

Interior/Exterior Painting<br />

Free Est. ~ 18 Yrs. Exp.<br />

CDC/EPA Approved Guidelines<br />

614-284-2100<br />

HOME<br />



614-235-1819<br />

HOME<br />


MultiCraft Const.<br />

& Handyman Services<br />

All Types Handyman Services:<br />

Decks, Fences<br />

Kitchen/Baths<br />

Window/doors installed<br />

Interior Painting<br />

Drywall Repairs<br />

All Types of Flooring<br />

Call/Text 614-774-2923<br />

multicraftconstruction@gmail.com<br />

Charlies Handyman<br />

Service<br />

Over 40 yrs. exp.<br />

Hot Water Tanks<br />

Door Locks<br />

Kitchen/Bath Remodels<br />

Roofmg * Siding<br />

Porches & Decks<br />

614-319-6010<br />

blantoncharles894@gmail.com<br />

3/5 A<br />

2/19 A<br />


DRYW<br />

YWALL &<br />


Textured Ceilings<br />

Popcorn Ceiling Removal<br />

Call Randy<br />

614-551-6963<br />

Residential/Commercial - BIA<br />


All About Drains & Plumb.<br />

Will snake any small drain<br />

$145. 614-778-2584<br />

MYERS<br />


Licensed Expert Plumbing<br />

New Const. & Fast Repairs<br />

Water * Sewer * Gas<br />

614-633-9694<br />

CHRIS’<br />


“Plumbing & Drain Professional<br />

That You Can Count On”<br />

24 Hrs., 7 Days/Week<br />

No Overtime Charges<br />

24 Yrs. Exp. in Plumbing &<br />

Drain Cleaning Field<br />

Call For A Free Phone Estimate<br />

$100.00 For Any Small Drain<br />

614-622-4482<br />

30% OFF with AD<br />

POOL/SPA<br />


K&L Spa Cleaning<br />

Hot Tub Cleaning and<br />

Weekly Maintenance<br />

Keith 614-316-9809<br />



ROOFER<br />

BBB “A+” Rating<br />

All Types of Roof Repairs<br />

• New Roof Installation<br />

• Flashing<br />

• Chimneys Rebuilt<br />

• Flat Roof Specialist<br />

• Roof Replacement<br />

avail. upon request<br />

All Work Guaranteed<br />

614-352-7057<br />

Free Estimates<br />


REPAIR<br />

REPAIR all makes 24 hr.<br />

service. Clean, oil, adjust<br />

in your home. $49.95 all<br />

work gtd. 614-890-5296<br />


Warren Brewer Tree Service<br />

• Tree Removal<br />

• Tree Trimming<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

1/8<br />

A&M<br />

• Bucket Truck Services<br />

Best Prices • Same Day Service<br />

614-878-2568<br />

3/5 A&M<br />

3/5 A<br />

3/5 W/SW

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