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RUDE Magazine - Winter Issue

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english version issue9W I N T E R 2 0 1 2 · L E S O R T D ‘ H I V E R the new What is Kitsch? Besides being one of the most difficult words to understand, is a term that has always been associated with this kind of definitions: «art consider as an inferior copy of an existing style», «pretentious, old-fashioned, easily marketable and tawdry art» or «desire to pretend». As you can see, the Kitsch style has being synonym of cheap, ugly or tawdry for years. How many times we have finished a cutting remark with an extremely worn-out «is so Kitsch», thinking that we were the twentieth century Denis Diderot. Let me tell you that those times ended; nowadays, describe something as Kitsch it doesn’t have to be associated with the waving golden Chinese cat or with Paz Padilla’s home in the series “Mis adorables vecinos”. The design takes many twist and turns at high speed. Those of us who devote ourselves to the fashion world we learn, over time, to never ever say that something is ugly, because we all know that one day we will probably regret. The Kitsch, after living in the deepest stylistics misery, has re-surfaced from its ashes becoming one of the most innovative and wanted styles on today’s scene. There are so many clubs, hotels and brands that have used this particular aesthetics to create a unique, funny and fresh personality. If we surf on the Internet we will find the very pure Kitsch, exposed on a striking Madonna Inn Spa and a bucolic remix with naïve elements as for example in La Casita de Wendi. by Ana López Puertas From all the possible aspects of this controversial style, it is the last one that I will talk about in this coverage. The Kisch-naïve has been one of the strongest decorative factors of the last years. By mixing two styles that are so different has made the style softer and with more personality. Therefore, I will give you all the keys to achieve that hereafter: where to inspire ourselves, who has it, how to combine it and above all, where to buy it. Inspire yourself! To get some ideas here in Rude Magazine we are going to teach you our favorite selection. The blogger Elsie Larson’s house, famous for her blog a beautiful Mess, and a benchmark for the followers of the Kitsch-naïve style. The team of La Casita de Wendy has transformed its studio in a special place, which characterizes this beautiful brand. Furthermore, if you want to become craft maniacs, you can join some wonderful courses they do. To mix a Kitsch style, you have to know its most pure and extreme version. There is nothing more extreme than the Madonna Inn Spa. The Madonna Inn Spa is a hotel in which the most impossible Kitsch style is found in every corner. It is too

Pages 92 - 95 much for a house but is perfect to make a crazy short brake and particularly original. Where? The key of this style lies on the decorative elements, wall coverings, colors and tapestries. The more you mix it, the better. Nothing further from the words of Mies Van Der Rohe, «less is more». So if you want to know the keys to achieve a true space, please note down. ® Magazine ® Magazine 157

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