MTA July 2023 SA

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Official Magazine of the Motor Trade Association <strong>SA</strong>/NT<br />

<strong>July</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>MTA</strong> LAUNCHES <strong>SA</strong>’S FIRST DEDICATED ELECTRIC<br />


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MOTOR TRADE MAGAZINE: <strong>SA</strong><br />

3<br />


<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Electric Vehicle Training Centre<br />

<br />

National Electric<br />

Vehicle Strategy<br />

<br />

04 Chair’s Report<br />

06 CEO’s Message<br />

08 Used Car Safety Ratings Help<br />

Motorists Make Safer Choices<br />

09 Q&A with <strong>MTA</strong> Member:<br />

Auto One Port Augusta<br />

10 Preparing to Sell, Service and<br />

Repair the Growing Number of<br />

EVs on our Local Roads<br />

12 Industrial Manslaughter<br />

Amendments<br />

13 Supporting Members Right<br />

Across South Australia<br />

14 <strong>MTA</strong>’s <strong>2023</strong> Automotive Awards<br />

and Graduation Ceremony<br />

16 Congratulations to the Exceptional<br />

Graduates and All the Deserving<br />

Award Winners<br />

19 Step-By-Step Guide to Preparing a<br />

Social Media Calendar & Content<br />

21 Attracting Future Apprentices<br />

22 Have You Seen? <strong>MTA</strong> Acquires<br />

New Electric Vehicles<br />

23 Modifications In Motion:<br />

Thomas’ Personal Touches<br />

to His Mitsubishi Lancer<br />

24 Revving Towards a Fulfilling<br />

Future in the Automotive Industry<br />

25 Passionate Brothers Pursue<br />

Automotive Dreams at the <strong>MTA</strong><br />

26 Automotive Stalwart Looks Back<br />

on His Career<br />

28 <strong>MTA</strong> Plays Leading Role at<br />

Climate Change Conference<br />

29 National EV Strategy an<br />

Opportunity Not to Be Wasted<br />

30 Emissions Standard<br />

30 Members Set Policies at Industry<br />

Advisory Council Meeting<br />

32 New Disclosure Requirements<br />

for Vehicle Repairs<br />

33 Major Donation Helping to<br />

End Hunger<br />

34 Offset Clauses in Employment<br />

Contracts<br />

35 Championing Electric Vehicle<br />

Training and Inspiring Future<br />

Automotive Enthusiasts<br />

36 Vehicle Salespeople<br />

37 Business Partners Index<br />

38 Member Classifieds<br />

38 Publishing Details<br />

The Federal Government’s inaugural<br />

National Electric Vehicle Strategy<br />

will help South Australians reduce<br />

their emissions.<br />

Graduation Awards<br />

<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s <strong>2023</strong> Automotive<br />

Graduation and Awards Ceremony<br />

was a celebration of the automotive<br />

industry’s bright future.<br />

Auto One Port Augusta<br />

<br />

Q&A with <strong>MTA</strong> member, Auto One<br />

Port Augusta.<br />


4<br />


<strong>MTA</strong> CHAIR<br />


Chair’s<br />

Report<br />

Following consecutive interest rate<br />

increases, combined with ongoing<br />

inflationary pressures, consumer<br />

sentiment is currently lower now<br />

than during the height of the COVID<br />

pandemic. Households are tightening<br />

their budgets and reassessing<br />

disposable income. As a point of<br />

reflection, it means our industry<br />

must sharpen our focus on the<br />

products and services we offer<br />

against evolving consumer demand<br />

and expectations.<br />

This reinforces how important it<br />

is for the Motor Trade Association<br />

to be available to support you. It<br />

remains a priority of the organisation<br />

to continue delivering high-quality<br />

services, skills and employment<br />

solutions to help automotive<br />

businesses navigate economic,<br />

workplace and labour headwinds.<br />

In both the short and long-term, skill<br />

shortages are persisting and often<br />

top of mind. No business is immune<br />

to the tight labour market. To assist<br />

overcome this challenge the <strong>MTA</strong> is<br />

deploying a range of strategies – a<br />

one size fits all approach does not<br />

cut it in <strong>2023</strong>. The <strong>MTA</strong>’s Royal Park<br />

Training and Employment Centre<br />

boasts the latest technology in our<br />

state-of-the-art workshops where<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> staff regularly host schools,<br />

teachers and students, with the<br />

ultimate goal of growing our pipeline<br />

of skilled technicians through our<br />

exciting and dynamic apprenticeship<br />

opportunities. The <strong>MTA</strong> has also<br />

renewed its presence at local events,<br />

such as the Adelaide Motorsport<br />

Festival and a range of career expos,<br />

to highlight the diverse and rewarding<br />

career pathways across our industry.<br />

And as you know – once apprentices<br />

embark on their trade it is also<br />

important we provide the right<br />

support for them to complete it.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s Automotive Industry<br />

Mentoring Program is making<br />

great strides by boosting apprentice<br />

retention rates. More than 200<br />

apprentices will be supported to<br />

finish their qualifications where they<br />

will have access to external support<br />

to discuss both work and personal<br />

matters in depth with our careers<br />

mentor who can assist them. I look<br />

forward to sharing the first-year<br />

outcomes of this initiative with<br />

you later this year.<br />

On the fiscal front, it appears we<br />

are now well and truly in a post-<br />

COVID economy. Recent Federal<br />

and State Budgets have affirmed<br />

that governments are prudently<br />

managing their finances. To this<br />

end, the <strong>MTA</strong> was disappointed that<br />

the Federal Government’s Instant<br />

Asset Write Off Scheme decreased<br />

to $20,000 from 30 June <strong>2023</strong>. Small<br />

business could previously claim for<br />

a piece of new equipment, including<br />

a vehicle or machinery, worth up to<br />

$150,000. In coordination with other<br />

state and territory counterparts, the<br />

Motor Trade Association of Australia<br />

formally requested the government<br />

to allow the current $150,000 Instant<br />

Asset Write Off to be claimable<br />

for vehicles ordered over the past<br />

12 months but not yet delivered<br />

due to supply chain constraints.<br />

The Budget measure will render<br />

these investments ineligible under<br />

the new Instant Asset Write Off<br />

arrangements.<br />

On an operational level, I have been<br />

impressed with CEO Darrell Jacobs,<br />

his executive staff and the wider <strong>MTA</strong><br />

team. The <strong>MTA</strong> exists to serve its<br />

members. Please continue to call on<br />

their expertise where no job should be<br />

too large or too small to assist with.<br />

I would also like to recognise the<br />

significant contribution of outgoing<br />

Motor Trade Association of Australia<br />

(<strong>MTA</strong>A) Chair Neville Gibb. Having<br />

been an <strong>MTA</strong> Member for more<br />

than five decades, he has been a<br />

longstanding contributor to the<br />

automotive industry culminating<br />

in board appointments, including<br />

most recently as Chair of the <strong>MTA</strong>A.<br />

I would like to thank him for his<br />

dedication and achievements on<br />

behalf of our industry. On a personal<br />

level he has been somebody I could<br />

always rely on and this is why I am<br />

humbled to succeed him as <strong>MTA</strong>A<br />

Chair. Having two South Australians<br />

consecutively serve this national<br />

position further underpins our<br />

own efforts locally to stand up for<br />

members and your businesses.<br />

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the award winning system<br />

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6<br />

CEO’S MES<strong>SA</strong>GE<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO<br />


CEO’s<br />

Message<br />

In my first report to you in the<br />

previous <strong>MTA</strong> Trade Journal<br />

Magazine, I shared my vision for<br />

our industry organisation to be the<br />

best automotive skills, careers and<br />

service provider. After seven months<br />

into my role as CEO, this pursuit is<br />

underway.<br />

I am fortunate to work with such a<br />

passionate and committed team,<br />

and I have been impressed on a<br />

daily basis with the expertise and<br />

dedication of our staff. No two days<br />

are the same. On one day I could<br />

be sharing a conversation with a<br />

first-year apprentice and the next on<br />

the paddock inspecting the latest<br />

in agricultural machinery. It is my<br />

job as CEO to ensure our outcomes<br />

across these range of interests are<br />

achieving the high standards which<br />

members have come to expect.<br />

Central to this includes being at the<br />

forefront of developments to the<br />

automotive industry. We are currently<br />

experiencing a revolutionary turning<br />

point representing some of the most<br />

significant innovations to mobility<br />

and transport seen in living memory.<br />

This is why I was so pleased that<br />

last month the <strong>MTA</strong> launched its<br />

Electric Vehicle Training Centre, the<br />

first of its kind in South Australia.<br />

Representatives from all sides of<br />

political persuasions, including<br />

Premier Peter Malinauskas, and<br />

industry leaders joined us to mark<br />

the occasion.<br />

More and more South Australians<br />

are choosing to purchase an Electric<br />

Vehicle and the new centre will<br />

help facilitate this ongoing and<br />

future demand. The state-of-theart<br />

workshop, and the innovative<br />

courses which the <strong>MTA</strong>’s offers,<br />

further cements our position as<br />

the automotive industry’s skills<br />

provider of choice and a leader in<br />

the transition to zero and low<br />

emission vehicles.<br />

This expertise is underpinned by our<br />

commitment to protect and grow the<br />

automotive retail, service and repair<br />

industry for South Australia. It means<br />

that the best interests of the sector<br />

are considered in all our training and<br />

upskilling programs.<br />

We know the transition to EVs will<br />

not happen overnight but we are<br />

seeing sales significantly increase<br />

as new models and manufacturers<br />

continue to enter the Australian<br />

market. It is the <strong>MTA</strong>’s role to<br />

prepare automotive businesses for<br />

this and ensure we have the right<br />

settings and frameworks in place.<br />

This includes providing input on<br />

the Federal Government’s National<br />

Electric Vehicle Strategy where<br />

we will continue to consult with<br />

members about proposed policies<br />

such as landmark fuel efficiency<br />

standards.<br />

This future of the automotive<br />

industry would not be possible<br />

though without securing the next<br />

generation of skilled technicians. I<br />

am delighted to announce that for<br />

the first time ever we officially have<br />

more than 1,000 students in training.<br />

Through listening to our members<br />

and industry in general we have<br />

designed a new training approach<br />

that suits your business and to date<br />

the results show that.<br />

At the end of May more than 400<br />

guests joined us to celebrate the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> <strong>MTA</strong> Automotive Graduation<br />

and Awards.<br />

One of the most rewarding parts<br />

of my role as CEO of the <strong>MTA</strong> is<br />

spending time with apprentices, be<br />

that in the workshops at Royal Park<br />

or Cleve, in customer workshops<br />

with apprentices or just having a<br />

donut and ice coffee in the car park<br />

during the lunch break. No two<br />

apprenticeship pathways are the<br />

same and a credit to the graduates<br />

for finishing their qualifications.<br />

This made it all the more special<br />

to recognise the young men and<br />

women alongside their family,<br />

friends, and partners and employers.<br />

Looking ahead, there is still a lot<br />

of important work to do. We cannot<br />

rest on our laurels. This includes<br />

working through proposed<br />

industrial manslaughter legislation,<br />

the recently mandated Motor<br />

Vehicle Insurance and Repair<br />

Industry Code of Conduct, making<br />

it easier for automotive businesses<br />

to deal with abandoned vehicles<br />

and assisting organisations<br />

transition to a world of Electric<br />

and Hybrid vehicles.<br />

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8<br />


Used Car Safety Ratings<br />

Help Motorists Make<br />

Safer Choices<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO, Darrell Jacobs.<br />

segment and their safety rating,<br />

based on police-reported crash<br />

analysis of more than 9 million<br />

vehicles across Australia and<br />

New Zealand.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> recently helped the State<br />

Government to promote new safety<br />

ratings for almost 400 vehicles<br />

manufactured from the year 2000<br />

onwards to help motorists make<br />

safer car choices.<br />

“Road safety is not only about driver<br />

fatigue or speed – it’s also about<br />

making sure you are driving a safe<br />

vehicle,” <strong>MTA</strong> CEO Darrell Jacobs said.<br />

“This is a great initiative and is<br />

another step you can take in<br />

addition to either purchasing<br />

from a licensed dealer or having a<br />

qualified mechanical inspection.<br />

“It will help motorists make<br />

informed decisions because<br />

there can otherwise be pitfalls<br />

from purchasing used cars privately.”<br />

The Department for Infrastructure<br />

and Transport, together with<br />

the Monash University Accident<br />

Research Centre (MUARC), has<br />

released the latest used car safety<br />

information to help people choose<br />

the safest vehicle for their budget.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO Darrell Jacobs made the<br />

announcement with <strong>MTA</strong> Member<br />

Maughan Thiem alongside Minister<br />

for Police, Emergency Services and<br />

Correctional Services Joe Szakacs<br />

and Minister for Small and Family<br />

Business and Minister for Consumer<br />

and Business Affairs Andrea<br />

Michaels.<br />

As a guide to help used car buyers<br />

prioritise safety, the Used Car Safety<br />

Ratings lists 389 models by market<br />

The ratings cover:<br />

• Crashworthiness: the relative<br />

safety of vehicles in preventing<br />

death or serious injury to their<br />

own drivers in crashes<br />

• Aggressivity: the serious injury<br />

risk vehicles pose to other road<br />

users with whom they collide. This<br />

includes unprotected road users<br />

such as pedestrians, bicyclists<br />

and motorcyclists and drivers of<br />

other vehicles involved in a crash.<br />

• Total Secondary Safety Index:<br />

integrates into one measure<br />

the combined Crashworthiness<br />

and Aggressivity performance of<br />

a vehicle.<br />

There were 151,000 private<br />

purchases of used cars compared<br />

to 55,000 dealer used sales last year<br />

in <strong>SA</strong>. These privately sold used cars<br />

have no warranties and do not need<br />

to be legally roadworthy.<br />

In addition to practical steps like the<br />

Used Car Safety Ratings, the <strong>MTA</strong> will<br />

continue working with stakeholders<br />

to develop a vehicle inspections<br />

scheme at the change of ownership<br />

to improve road safety and ensure<br />

motorists are not being ripped off by<br />

dodgy private sellers.<br />

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<strong>MTA</strong> MEMBER PROFILE<br />

9<br />

We are a third generation, family<br />

owned and operated business.<br />

Our business started as a backyard<br />

car repair business in the early<br />

1980s. We soon took on the lease<br />

of a Mobil Service Station at our<br />

current location, quickly adding a<br />

dedicated workshop.<br />

We purchased the site when Mobil<br />

began closing outlets during the<br />

fuel crisis of the late 1980s.<br />

Q&A with <strong>MTA</strong> Member:<br />

Auto One Port Augusta<br />

Name of Business:<br />

Auto One Port Augusta and<br />

Drop Bear 4x4 & Leisure<br />

Why are you a member<br />

of the <strong>MTA</strong>?<br />

To be kept in the loop of our rapidly<br />

changing industry. To utilise the<br />

expertise on offer for everything<br />

from payroll and employment,<br />

staff recruitment and training to<br />

legal advice and support.<br />

Can you tell us about the<br />

upgrade of your premises?<br />

We became an ARB stockist in mid<br />

2017. We had previously dabbled<br />

in the ever growing 4x4 market but<br />

when the ARB stockist position<br />

became available we jumped at<br />

the chance to be associated with<br />

one of the industry leaders.<br />

Our Auto One showroom was around<br />

600m2 and we were struggling for<br />

room even before our 4x4 expansion.<br />

When did this occur, and did<br />

it all go according to plan?<br />

Planning started in late 2017,<br />

with construction starting around<br />

Christmas 2021.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO, Darrell Jacobs, visiting<br />

Auto One Port Augusta .<br />

We unsuccessfully applied for a<br />

number of government grants which<br />

held up the process a few years. We<br />

also had numerous issues through<br />

the building approval process. Being<br />

situated on the highway we required<br />

State Government approval along<br />

with local council.<br />

We were finally ready to begin<br />

when the chaos of COVID turned<br />

the construction world upside down.<br />

Material shortages and cost blow<br />

outs continually pushed out our<br />

timeframe.<br />

How has the move made a<br />

difference?<br />

Our renovations are 99% completed.<br />

We now have a modern, spacious<br />

facility. Our showroom is now<br />

around 1000m2 with a dedicated<br />

ARB showroom. We have now dualbranded<br />

our facility with Drop Bear<br />

4x4 & Leisure being our 4x4 offering<br />

and Auto One Port Augusta being<br />

our general automotive parts and<br />

accessories business.<br />

We now have dedicated warehousing<br />

space and three fitting bays to bring<br />

all fitting onsite.<br />

Can you tell us the history<br />

of your business?<br />

The premises was transformed<br />

into an Automotive Spare Parts<br />

shop, initially to service our own<br />

workshop’s needs but quickly<br />

servicing other workshops in town.<br />

We completed our first major<br />

expansion in the early 1990s and<br />

diversified into retail parts and<br />

accessories sales with a dedicated<br />

showroom. We quickly outgrew<br />

our facilities and did another major<br />

expansion in 1998, pushing our<br />

showroom out to around 350m 2 .<br />

Numerous renovations and<br />

expansions continued over the next<br />

20 years until our current project.<br />

Our current project involved<br />

incorporating our previous four<br />

builds into one cohesive site,<br />

finally removing the last remnants<br />

of the original service station.<br />

What services/products<br />

do you offer?<br />

Sales and fitment of automotive<br />

parts and accessories offered under<br />

the Auto One and ARB banners.<br />

Number of staff?<br />

Around 13 when fully staffed,<br />

currently 12.<br />

Plans for the future?<br />

To consolidate both sides of our<br />

business and fully utilise our new<br />

modern facilities.<br />

What are your main markets?<br />

Retail automotive parts consumers,<br />

with the fast growing 4x4 segment<br />

in particular.<br />

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10<br />


Minister for Education Training and Skills Blair Boyer,<br />

Premier Peter Malinauskas, <strong>MTA</strong> Apprentice Charley Dix,<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO Darrell Jacobs, <strong>MTA</strong> <strong>SA</strong>/NT and <strong>MTA</strong>A Chair<br />

Frank Agostino and Treasurer Stephen Mullighan.<br />

Preparing to Sell, Service and Repair the Growing<br />

Number of EVs on our Local Roads<br />

‘Computers on Wheels’ – Motor Trade Association apprentices and the automotive<br />

industry to receive the latest training and upskilling after major launch of new facility.<br />

In June the <strong>MTA</strong> launched South<br />

Australia’s first dedicated Electric<br />

Vehicle Training Centre, marking a<br />

new and significant chapter for the<br />

industry association.<br />

Representatives from all sides of<br />

politics including Premier Peter<br />

Malinauskas and Leader of the<br />

Opposition David Speirs, automotive<br />

insiders, government officials and<br />

special guests joined the <strong>MTA</strong> for<br />

the unveiling of the state-of-the-art<br />

workshop.<br />

“More and more South Australians<br />

are choosing to purchase an EV and<br />

this new centre will help facilitate this<br />

ongoing and future demand,” <strong>MTA</strong><br />

CEO Darrell Jacobs said. “Students<br />

will be undertaking their training<br />

on the latest vehicles with the<br />

latest tools, technology and safety<br />

requirements.”<br />

“The centre will also allow the <strong>MTA</strong><br />

to upskill existing technicians who<br />

are beginning to see EVs in their<br />

workshops and businesses for the<br />

first time.”<br />

According to the latest figures, 5 per<br />

cent of all new cars this year in South<br />

Australia have been electric vehicles.<br />

This has increased from just 0.45 per<br />

cent in 2021.<br />

More than 140 guests joined the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> for the launch where a range of<br />

impressive battery electric and hybrid<br />

cars, trucks and even a bus were<br />

on display. It also included electric<br />

construction equipment and displays<br />

from local mining company Normet.<br />

Darrell said the first of its kind<br />

training centre in South Australia<br />

would also be used to combat<br />

persistent automotive skills<br />

shortages.<br />

“The automotive industry has an<br />

opportunity to attract a whole new<br />

range of young people to work on<br />

really exciting vehicles with cutting<br />

edge technology and advanced<br />

electronics,” he explained.<br />

“As part of the <strong>MTA</strong>’s integrated<br />

model of training, new apprentices<br />

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11<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Chair Frank Agostino, myenergi Asia Pacific<br />

Managing Director Russell Shepherd and Premier<br />

Malinauskas.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Electric Vehicle Training Centre.<br />

now receive accredited EV training.”<br />

The Electric Vehicle Training Centre<br />

has a range of the latest vehicles<br />

including the Hyundai Ionic 6, Kia<br />

Nero and BYD Atto 3, Genesis GV 60,<br />

insulated workshop tools, hoists and<br />

safety equipment. The <strong>MTA</strong> has also<br />

partnered with myenergi for five EV<br />

chargers which will allow the training<br />

provider to use its renewable energy,<br />

charge EVs outside of peak times<br />

and reduce energy bills.<br />

Automotive is experiencing a<br />

revolutionary turning point and the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> stands at the forefront of this<br />

to prepare our industry and the wider<br />

public for the rise of zero and low<br />

emission vehicles.<br />

Premier Malinauskas echoed the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong>’s remarks. “Automotive is part<br />

of our cultural and economic identity<br />

and it’s important we invest in this,”<br />

the Premier said during his speech.<br />

“Decarbonisation is now happening<br />

and it is real. The <strong>MTA</strong> has always<br />

been at the forefront of taking up<br />

new technologies and is helping lead<br />

the way.”<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> currently trains more<br />

than 1,000 automotive apprentices<br />

through its Registered Training<br />

Organisation, the most in its<br />

history. All of its training is<br />

designed to match the needs of<br />

industry and member businesses.<br />

Apprenticeships are available now.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> believes<br />

South Australia can<br />

play its part supporting<br />

the decarbonisation<br />

of transport, whether<br />

through:<br />

• Electric vehicles<br />

• Plug in hybrids<br />

• Traditional hybrids<br />

• Or in the future - hydrogen<br />

powered vehicles and<br />

biofuel powered vehicles<br />

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12<br />


Industrial<br />

Manslaughter<br />

Amendments<br />

In the February <strong>2023</strong> edition of Motor Trade Magazine, we discussed the<br />

Work Health and Safety (Industrial Manslaughter) Bill which had been released<br />

by the South Australian Government for comment in November 2022. Since<br />

that time, the Government has considered comments provided by various<br />

organisations, including the <strong>MTA</strong>, and released a further draft Bill in April<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. The main changes to the Bill are outlined below:<br />

ORIGINAL BILL (NOV 2022) AMENDED BILL (APRIL <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

Gross Negligence<br />

For the purposes of this section, a person is grossly<br />

negligent as to the risk to an individual of death if the<br />

person’s conduct involves —<br />

(a) such a great falling short of the standard of<br />

care that a reasonable person would exercise in the<br />

circumstances; and<br />

(b) such a high risk of causing the death of an individual,<br />

that the conduct merits criminal punishment for the<br />

offence.<br />

Recklessness<br />

No definition of recklessness<br />

Category 1 Offence<br />

A person commits a Category 1 offence if —<br />

(a) the person has a health and safety duty; and<br />

(b) the person, without reasonable excuse, engages in<br />

conduct that exposes an individual to whom that duty<br />

is owed to a risk of death or serious injury or illness;<br />

and<br />

(c) the person is reckless as to the risk to an individual<br />

of death or serious injury or illness.<br />

Alternative Verdicts<br />

If at the trial of a person for an offence against this<br />

section the trier of fact is not satisfied that the accused<br />

is guilty of the offence charged but is satisfied that the<br />

accused is guilty of a Category 1 offence, a Category<br />

2 offence or a Category 3 offence, the trier of fact may<br />

bring a verdict that the accused is guilty of that offence.<br />

Maximum Penalties<br />

Individual – 20 years imprisonment<br />

Body Corporate - $15 million<br />

A person engages in conduct with gross negligence<br />

if the conduct involves –<br />

(a) such a great falling short of the standard of<br />

care that a reasonable person would exercise in the<br />

circumstances; and<br />

(b) such a high risk of causing the death or serious<br />

injury or illness of an individual, that the conduct<br />

merits criminal punishment for the offence.<br />

A person is reckless as to the risk to an individual of<br />

death or serious injury or illness if –<br />

(a) the person is aware of a substantial risk that death<br />

or serious injury or illness will happen; and<br />

(b) having regard to the circumstances known to the<br />

person, it is unjustifiable to take the risk.<br />

A person commits a Category 1 offence if —<br />

(a) the person has a health and safety duty; and<br />

(b) the person, without reasonable excuse, engages in<br />

conduct that exposes an individual to whom that duty<br />

is owed to a risk of death or serious injury or illness;<br />

and<br />

(c) the person –<br />

(i) engages in the conduct with gross negligence; or<br />

(ii) is reckless as to the risk to an individual of death or<br />

serious injury or illness.<br />

If at the trial of a person for an offence against this<br />

section the trier of fact is not satisfied that the accused<br />

is guilty of the offence charged but is satisfied that the<br />

accused is guilty of a Category 1 offence, a Category<br />

2 offence or a Category 3 offence, the trier of fact may<br />

bring a verdict that the accused is guilty of that offence<br />

if the proceedings for the offence charged commenced<br />

within the applicable limitation period for the lesser<br />

offence.<br />

Individual – 20 years imprisonment<br />

Body Corporate - $18 million<br />

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13<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> remains concerned with a number of measures<br />

within this Amended Bill.<br />

We have consistently maintained that any offence of<br />

industrial manslaughter should be clearly above and<br />

beyond the offences that are currently available in<br />

the Work Health and Safety Act 2012. In that regard,<br />

the view of <strong>MTA</strong> is that the offence of industrial<br />

manslaughter should be restricted to the higher<br />

standard, being ‘recklessness’.<br />

Instead, the Amended Bill allows an offence of industrial<br />

manslaughter to be proven through either ‘recklessness’<br />

or ‘gross negligence’. Further, the Amended Bill, rather<br />

than focusing on conduct involving a high risk of causing<br />

death, now includes the possibility of an employer of<br />

being charged for conduct involving a high risk of serious<br />

injury or illness.<br />

The proposed maximum penalties have been increased<br />

in the Amended Bill. Whilst at some point in the future,<br />

all States and Territories in Australian may align their<br />

penalty structure to create uniformity in WHS laws,<br />

if South Australia elects to increase our penalties in<br />

isolation, we will have the second highest penalty in<br />

Australia, after Victoria.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> will continue to monitor the progression of this<br />

legislation and relay the concerns of our members to<br />

the Government. As always, we remind our members to<br />

ensure their compliance with their WHS obligations and<br />

continue to identify any hazards in their workplace, and<br />

rectify any deficiencies urgently.<br />

If you require any assistance with work health and safety,<br />

or wish to attend any training sessions, please contact<br />

the <strong>MTA</strong> Workplace Relations Team on (08) 8291 2000<br />

or email wr@mtasant.com.au .<br />

With Jodi Ryan at the <strong>MTA</strong>’s Cleve<br />

Automotive Skills Centre.<br />

Visiting<br />

Ramsey<br />

Bros <br />

in Cleve.<br />

Supporting<br />

Members Right<br />

Across South<br />

Australia<br />

Regional South Australia is a<br />

powerhouse of our economy and<br />

the <strong>MTA</strong> is committed to providing<br />

the highest level of support to<br />

businesses right across the state.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO Darrell Jacobs and General<br />

Manager of Apprenticeships Jodi<br />

Ryan recently visited local Eyre<br />

Peninsula businesses, the District<br />

Council of Cleve and the <strong>MTA</strong>’s Cleve<br />

Automotive Skills Centre. During the<br />

visit they met with Members Pringles<br />

Crouch and Ramsey Bros which<br />

hosted the <strong>MTA</strong> and highlighted their<br />

impressive operations.<br />

With a proportion of <strong>MTA</strong> Members<br />

based in rural and regional <strong>SA</strong>, it<br />

Inspecting the<br />

impressive facilities<br />

at Pringles Crouch .<br />

is important that every business<br />

receives the support it deserves,<br />

regardless of its location.<br />

On the training side, the <strong>MTA</strong> is<br />

hoping to grow the number of Eyre<br />

Peninsula apprentices as a result<br />

of its recent upgrades to the Cleve<br />

Automotive Skills Centre. The<br />

association is always looking at<br />

ways to deliver more courses and<br />

ultimately help business fill labour<br />

shortages.<br />

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14<br />



<strong>MTA</strong>'s <strong>2023</strong> Automotive Awards<br />

and Graduation Ceremony<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s <strong>2023</strong> Automotive<br />

Graduation and Awards Ceremony<br />

was a celebration of the automotive<br />

industry's bright future, with a<br />

remarkable turnout of more than<br />

400 attendees, marking the largest<br />

gathering in its history.<br />

Among the evening's highlights was<br />

the well-deserved recognition of<br />

Samuel White as the recipient of the<br />

prestigious <strong>2023</strong> Apprentice of the<br />

Year award, marking an outstanding<br />

achievement in his career to date.<br />

“One of the most rewarding parts<br />

of my role at the <strong>MTA</strong> is spending<br />

time with apprentices and talking<br />

about what’s important to them,”<br />

CEO Darrell Jacobs said.<br />

“We are continually improving<br />

and updating our courses to best<br />

suit the needs of industry and the<br />

apprentices they employ.<br />

“Apprentices have the benefit of<br />

earning whilst they are learning and<br />

receive ongoing support to fuel their<br />

professional growth, including across<br />

a range of cutting-edge technology.”<br />

South Australian Minister for<br />

Education, Training and Skills Blair<br />

Boyer was on deck at the Ceremony<br />

to also help make a major milestone<br />

announcement.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> revealed that for the first<br />

time ever it now has more than<br />

1,000 apprentices in training.<br />

Upon his commencement as CEO<br />

in January <strong>2023</strong>, Darrell Jacobs<br />

and <strong>MTA</strong> <strong>SA</strong>/NT General Manager<br />

of Apprenticeships Jodi Ryan have<br />

rolled out a new integrated model<br />

of training.<br />

The new initiative combines<br />

focused and intensive classroom<br />

learning with real world workshop<br />

assessment in a business,<br />

connecting apprentices with the<br />

latest technology and techniques<br />

used by industry.<br />

It has the added benefit of assisting<br />

South Australian businesses whilst<br />

they are dealing with acute labour<br />

shortages by giving back more<br />

apprentice time and increasing<br />

productivity.<br />

New apprentices also now<br />

receive accredited electric vehicle<br />

qualifications to prepare for the<br />

EV transition the automotive<br />

industry faces.<br />

“With an increase of more than<br />

120 apprentices in just its first four<br />

months, the <strong>MTA</strong>’s new integrated<br />

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15<br />

Minister Blair Boyer with a graduating<br />

apprentice and their son.<br />

Participants take centre stage at the <strong>MTA</strong>’s <strong>2023</strong><br />

Automotive Awards and Graduation Ceremony.<br />

“Apprentices have the benefit of<br />

earning whilst they are learning and<br />

receive ongoing support to fuel their<br />

professional growth...”<br />

training model has proved to be a<br />

game changer,” Darrell Jacobs said.<br />

The automotive industry's future<br />

holds great promise, evident from<br />

the wide range of <strong>MTA</strong> award<br />

categories and the accomplished<br />

graduates that were celebrated.<br />

The evening concluded with a<br />

profound sense of pride and<br />

accomplishment as graduates,<br />

award winners, their families,<br />

loved ones, and employers gathered<br />

together to commemorate their<br />

achievements.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> Automotive Graduation<br />

and Awards <strong>2023</strong> will undoubtedly be<br />

remembered as a pivotal moment in<br />

the lives of these talented individuals<br />

as they embark on promising careers<br />

in the automotive industry.<br />

Minister Boyer helped present<br />

the graduating parchments and<br />

reinforced the importance of<br />

vocational learning.<br />

“Our young people need to know<br />

there are a range of options<br />

available to them after school, not<br />

just university as a pathway,” the<br />

Minister said during his remarks.<br />

The success of the <strong>2023</strong> Automotive<br />

Graduation and Awards Ceremony<br />

would not have been possible without<br />

the generous support of our sponsors.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> would like to express its<br />

deepest appreciation to Spirit<br />

Super, Mas National, Capricorn<br />

Society, RAA, MEGT Australia,<br />

myenergi APAC, ADAS Solutions<br />

Australia, Axalta - Australia and New<br />

Zealand, Department for Education,<br />

South Australia, Rayton Electrical,<br />

Tatiara Truck & Trailers, Cleve<br />

Hotel Motel, PPG, and St Patrick's<br />

Technical College.<br />

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16<br />


<strong>2023</strong> <strong>MTA</strong> Apprentice of the Year, Samuel White.<br />

Congratulations to the Exceptional Graduates<br />

and all the Deserving Award Winners<br />

Apprentice of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Spirit Super<br />

Samuel White, hosted at Detrac Diesel<br />

Royal Park Training Centre Student of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Capricorn Society<br />

Steven Iosefellis, employed at JVS Bodyworks<br />

Bordertown Training Centre Student of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Tatiara Truck & Trailers<br />

Tom Fulcher, employed at Brandt Tractor<br />

Cleve Training Centre Student of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Cleve Hotel Motel<br />

Jake Cunningham, employed at Pringles Crouch Ag Plus<br />

Most Outstanding First Year Apprentice Award<br />

Sponsored by Axalta Coating Systems (Australia)<br />

Jaxon Webb, hosted at Fulton Hogan<br />

Most Outstanding Second Year Apprentice Award<br />

Sponsored by RAA Group<br />

Amelia Larsen, employed at Evolution Crash Repairs<br />

Most Outstanding Third Year Apprentice Award<br />

Sponsored by MAS National<br />

Lewis Sinnott, employed at Solid Mechanical and<br />

Engineering<br />

Bob Goldsworthy Award<br />

Sponsored by PPG Industries<br />

James Tucker, employed at JVS Bodyworks<br />

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17<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO, Darrell Jacobs.<br />

Automotive Awards and Graduation<br />

Ceremony guests.<br />

School-based Apprentice of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by St Patrick’s Technical College<br />

Jakob Lawrance, hosted at Hull Mechanical<br />

VET Student of the Year<br />

Sponsored by MEGT (Australia)<br />

Alexander Brice, from Findon High School<br />

VET Coordinator of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Government of South Australia,<br />

Department for Education<br />

Matthew McDonald, VET Coordinator at Waikerie High<br />

School<br />

Commitment to Safety Award<br />

Sponsored by ADAS Solutions<br />

Mark Harding, employed at Tatiara Truck & Trailers<br />

Innovative Excellence Award<br />

Sponsored by Myenergi<br />

Joshua Will, employed at Tatiara Truck & Trailers<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> <strong>SA</strong>/NT Trainer of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Rayton Electrical<br />

Jeff Evers, <strong>MTA</strong> <strong>SA</strong>/NT Regional Trainer and Assessor<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> <strong>SA</strong>/NT Emerging Trainer of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Motor Trade Association of <strong>SA</strong>/NT<br />

Tynam Dean, <strong>MTA</strong> <strong>SA</strong>/NT Light Vehicle Trainer &<br />

Assessor<br />

Apprentice Employer of the Year Award<br />

Sponsored by Motor Trade Association of <strong>SA</strong>/NT<br />

North East Isuzu<br />

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Motor Trade Association of <strong>SA</strong>/NT<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Apprenticeships<br />



Step-By-Step Guide to<br />

Preparing a Social Media<br />

Calendar and Content<br />

A social media calendar is a simple<br />

plan that outlines your social media<br />

content, including:<br />

• what to post<br />

• when to post<br />

• where to post.<br />

When you combine it with a<br />

scheduling tool, you can prepare<br />

your content in advance and then<br />

use automation to “go live” at the<br />

desired time. The following steps<br />

can be adapted to suit your needs.<br />

Identifying Your Social Media Goals<br />

Writing down your social media goals<br />

gives you a focus for your content.<br />

For instance:<br />

1. If your aim is to increase brand<br />

awareness, you should focus<br />

on creating content that<br />

showcases your brand's<br />

personality and values<br />

2. Want to generate leads?<br />

You should create content<br />

that educates your audience<br />

about your products or services.<br />

Calls to action are critical.<br />

3. If you want to drive website<br />

traffic, you should create<br />

content that includes links<br />

to your website.<br />

Choosing the Right Social<br />

Media Platforms<br />

Choose one or a handful social<br />

media platforms that suit your<br />

business goals, and is aligned with<br />

your target audience. Don’t try and<br />

do too much; setting unreasonable<br />

targets often leads to abandonment<br />

of the plan.<br />

Conducting a Social Media Audit<br />

Before you start creating your<br />

social media calendar, it's<br />

important to conduct an audit.<br />

Review your existing social media<br />

presence to determine what's<br />

working, what's not working, and<br />

what can be improved.<br />

Assess the following:<br />

19<br />

• Your social media profiles: Are<br />

they complete and up-to-date?<br />

• Your content strategy: Has your<br />

previous content been relevant,<br />

engaging, and aligned with your<br />

social media goals?<br />

• Your competitors: What are<br />

your competitors doing on<br />

social media? What can you<br />

learn from their activity?<br />

The social media audit will help<br />

you identify areas that need<br />

improvement and provide insights<br />

for creating a calendar that adds<br />

value to your business.<br />

Frequency<br />

Choosing a content frequency is<br />

like Goldilocks – too much bland<br />

information will turn people away<br />

but too little is unlikely to give you<br />

the traction you require.<br />

If you haven’t been posting regularly,<br />

then start with lowered targets. It’s<br />

important to achieve your activity<br />

goals and generate a culture of<br />

success around this project.<br />

Scheduling Your Posts<br />

You can set up your posts in advance<br />

and select a date and time for them<br />

to go live. It saves you time because<br />

you are more efficient when you do<br />

multiple posts. It also ensures you<br />

post even if other business needs<br />

are more urgent at the moment you<br />

planned to go live. A few tips:<br />

• Engagement: Post when your<br />

followers are most active on<br />

social media.<br />

• Time zones: If your target<br />

audience is spread across<br />

different time zones, you should<br />

schedule your posts accordingly.<br />

Watch the Data<br />

Don’t expect to be an overnight<br />

success. It normally takes time<br />

to build a following.<br />

Therefore, track your social media<br />

metrics and adjust your content<br />

plan to improve your performance.<br />

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1300 627 628<br />

masnational.com.au<br />

Find us on<br />

Your workforce<br />

development<br />

and employment<br />

specialists<br />

“<br />

A national approach,<br />

delivered locally<br />

Whether you’re a job seeker<br />

needing support to secure an<br />

Apprenticeship, a small business<br />

owner looking to grow your network,<br />

an employer or individual that<br />

would benefit from mentoring, or a<br />

community member that needs a<br />

helping hand, Mas has you covered.


Attracting<br />

Future<br />

Apprentices<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> is committed to opening<br />

doors to the automotive industry and<br />

the peak body regularly hosts guests to<br />

demonstrate the wide range of career<br />

opportunities across automotive.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s Royal Park Training and<br />

Employment Centre boasts the latest<br />

technology in a modern workshop, with<br />

an interactive and hands-on experience no<br />

ordinary classroom could ever replicate.<br />

50 Vocational Education Training (VET)<br />

coordinators from Catholic Education<br />

South Australia and the Association of<br />

Independent Schools of South Australia<br />

recently visited the Centre.<br />

The coordinators had the chance to see<br />

first-hand the facilities that the <strong>MTA</strong> has<br />

to offer, including its state-of-the-art<br />

training workshops. Charley, an <strong>MTA</strong><br />

first-year school-based apprentice, shared<br />

her positive apprentice experience to the<br />

excited stakeholders.<br />

More than 25 prospective apprentices<br />

and their families also recently joined the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> to learn about the diverse range of<br />

automotive jobs at the Careers<br />

in Auto Open Night.<br />

It provided students with the chance to<br />

explore career pathways and learn more<br />

about positions which might not typically<br />

feature on their school curriculums.<br />

In particular, the guests were impressed<br />

to learn about the organisation’s direct<br />

employment pathways which other<br />

training providers cannot facilitate.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> has apprenticeships available<br />

in the industry for anybody with a desire<br />

and willingness to learn.<br />

Today’s apprenticeships are at<br />

the cutting edge of an innovative career,<br />

where pioneering technologies are<br />

developing new opportunities, including<br />

for electric vehicles, but also right across<br />

the spectrum of trades and qualifications<br />

like never before.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s Mario Calleja speaking to a prospective apprentice at the Careers in<br />

Auto Open Night.<br />

Guests experiencing the <strong>MTA</strong>’s facilities first-hand.<br />

First-year school-based apprentice Charley and the <strong>MTA</strong>’s Franco Albuino at the<br />

VET Coordinator Day.<br />

21<br />

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22<br />


Have You Seen?<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Acquires<br />

New Electric<br />

Vehicles<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> has purchased two new<br />

BYD Atto 3s to train apprentices on<br />

the latest electric car technology<br />

and help members prepare for the<br />

transition to zero and low emission<br />

vehicles.<br />

The <strong>2023</strong> Drive Car of the Year has<br />

a Permanent Magnet Synchronous<br />

Motor, a 60.5kWh lithium-ion battery<br />

and comes with bidirectional<br />

charging capabilities.<br />

The best interests of the automotive<br />

industry are considered in all of<br />

the <strong>MTA</strong>’s training and upskilling<br />

programs, and the BYD Atto 3s will<br />

help meet these goals.<br />

As part of this, the industry<br />

organisation is harnessing renewable<br />

energy through its 100-Kilowatt<br />

Solar Systems to charge outside of<br />

peak times, reduce energy bills and<br />

contribute to an even greener South<br />

Australia.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO Darrell with the new BYD Atto 3.<br />

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23<br />

Modifications in Motion:<br />

Thomas' Personal Touches<br />

to His Mitsubishi Lancer<br />

Thomas, a first-year apprentice<br />

currently pursuing a Certificate III in<br />

Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology,<br />

has been working on his own project<br />

car for over a year. His love for cars<br />

dates back to his childhood, where<br />

he developed an interest in cars by<br />

playing Gran Turismo and F1 on his<br />

Xbox.<br />

When Thomas got his first car<br />

(a blue Mitsubishi Lancer), he was<br />

determined to make it stand out by<br />

customising it to his liking.<br />

Since then, he has been adding his<br />

own personal touches to his car,<br />

including modifying the air intake,<br />

adding a valve cover breather, and<br />

installing a new shifter assembly.<br />

He's also painted various parts of<br />

the interior, including the rocker<br />

cover, trim pieces and engine bay.<br />

Thomas even made his own custom<br />

door cards, replaced the speakers<br />

in the back with aftermarket ones<br />

and added a subwoofer under his<br />

racer seat.<br />

“I’m always working on something,”<br />

he said. “A recent project of mine<br />

has involved adding a Varis widebody<br />

kit to my car.”<br />

Thomas does all this work in his<br />

garage. “One of my mates who works<br />

at Volkswagen has helped a lot with<br />

my project car. If I have any questions,<br />

he’s always willing to assist.”<br />

The first-year apprentice was also<br />

pleasantly surprised to learn that<br />

one of the mechanics at his host<br />

employer, Mazda Edwardstown,<br />

lives across the street from him.<br />

“I didn’t know he worked at Mazda<br />

Edwardstown until I started there<br />

too! I also knock on his door if I<br />

need a hand with anything.”<br />

Thomas is determined to make<br />

his car truly unique and has no<br />

intention of ever selling it. He has<br />

already installed 25 per cent of the<br />

modifications he has planned and<br />

is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the<br />

Varis front fenders so that he can<br />

paint the front bar and add them<br />

to the vehicle. Although the Varis<br />

wide body kit is not designed for<br />

his car model, he plans to custom<br />

fabricate it onto his car and get<br />

fiberglass moulded onto it.<br />

“It feels like Christmas when<br />

something new arrives in the<br />

mail for my car.”<br />

Thomas has a long list of<br />

modifications planned for his<br />

Mitsubishi Lancer, including Varis<br />

front fenders, a full Varis wide body<br />

kit, LED side indicators, and fibre<br />

side mirrors. Even though his car<br />

already came equipped with features<br />

like roof racks and an exhaust, he<br />

plans to replace the exhaust and<br />

make other changes to further<br />

personalise his car.<br />

Thomas finds the learning process<br />

to be the most rewarding aspect<br />

of his training at the <strong>MTA</strong>. He<br />

is passionate about acquiring<br />

knowledge related to his interests,<br />

which he can apply not only to his<br />

job and personal car projects but<br />

also to everyday life, including<br />

working on his parents' cars. In<br />

his opinion, learning a trade offers<br />

benefits beyond just a career path.<br />

We're amazed at Thomas’s<br />

dedication and passion for his car.<br />

It's clear that he loves what he does<br />

and enjoys learning new things<br />

about vehicles. His enthusiasm for<br />

his project car is infectious, and we<br />

can't wait to see what he does next.<br />

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24<br />


Revving<br />

Towards a<br />

Fulfilling<br />

Future in the<br />

Automotive<br />

Industry<br />

Eden, an enthusiastic first-year<br />

apprentice, is currently immersed<br />

in the journey of pursuing a<br />

Certificate III in Light Vehicle<br />

Mechanical Technology. Her<br />

passion for the field shines through<br />

as she wholeheartedly embraces<br />

the learning experience and finds<br />

immense satisfaction in her<br />

chosen path.<br />

“Ever since I was a kid, I've had a<br />

deep passion for cars that's hard<br />

to put into words. They've always<br />

excited me. Growing up, I never<br />

actually sat down and thought<br />

hey, you can do that as a career!”<br />

"When I landed my apprenticeship<br />

at the <strong>MTA</strong>, it was euphoric and<br />

emotional because I finally found<br />

what I want to do with the rest of<br />

my life. I didn’t like school, but my<br />

apprenticeship brings me genuine<br />

joy which is a fantastic feeling.<br />

I feel happy at the <strong>MTA</strong> and I’m<br />

keen to learn."<br />

"Right now, I own my own vehicle<br />

detailing business. However, I have<br />

a vision of one day opening my<br />

very own garage. That's where I<br />

see myself heading in the future."<br />

After discovering the <strong>MTA</strong> through<br />

Seek, Eden conducted her own<br />

research and spoke about it in<br />

detail with her dad. He expressed<br />

his enthusiasm and highlighted<br />

the benefits and security provided<br />

by the <strong>MTA</strong>.<br />

“The <strong>MTA</strong> acts as a safety net,<br />

ensuring that I won't be left stranded<br />

if something goes wrong. You have<br />

a group of people to support you<br />

throughout the entire process so you<br />

always have help when you need it.<br />

“I’m training and learning at the same<br />

time. It was honestly the best option<br />

and one of the most amazing things<br />

I’ve seen. I think it’s how education<br />

should be.”<br />

Driven by a thirst for learning and<br />

personal growth, Eden aspires to<br />

become an exceptional mechanic<br />

and light vehicle technician. She<br />

envisions herself as the best version<br />

of herself within the workplace,<br />

constantly striving for excellence<br />

and pushing the boundaries of her<br />

capabilities.<br />

In addition to her personal<br />

accomplishments, Eden recognises<br />

the significance of her industry's<br />

impact on society. With her expertise,<br />

she not only has the capacity to<br />

improve and repair vehicles but<br />

also to provide valuable assistance<br />

to others.<br />

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25<br />

Passionate<br />

Brothers<br />

Pursue<br />

Automotive<br />

Dreams at<br />

the <strong>MTA</strong><br />

Cooper and Bailey, twin brothers<br />

with a lifelong passion for cars, have<br />

embarked on their journey as firstyear<br />

light vehicle apprentices at the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong>. From a young age, they found<br />

joy in tinkering with cars at home and<br />

were driven to translate their love for<br />

cars into a rewarding profession.<br />

Cooper expressed, “Our dad<br />

introduced us to cars from the start,<br />

so they have been a part of our lives<br />

for as long as we can remember.”<br />

The brothers came across the <strong>MTA</strong><br />

while exploring job opportunities on<br />

the employment search platform,<br />

Seek, where they immediately<br />

recognised the perfect chance to<br />

pursue their aspirations of becoming<br />

apprentices.<br />

Cooper and Bailey swiftly enrolled<br />

and succeeded in their interviews.<br />

Bailey emphasised the invaluable<br />

support provided by the <strong>MTA</strong> through<br />

its training initiatives.<br />

“The <strong>MTA</strong> offers a comprehensive<br />

training program that provides<br />

apprentices with a well-rounded<br />

experience in different aspects of<br />

light vehicles, which is exactly what<br />

we were looking for,” he explained.<br />

The duo aspire to become skilled<br />

and knowledgeable mechanics.<br />

Bailey expressed the desire to gain<br />

experience in multiple areas of light<br />

vehicles, highlighting the importance<br />

of diverse knowledge. Cooper echoed<br />

the sentiment, looking forward to the<br />

opportunity to continuously learn and<br />

deepen their understanding as they<br />

advance in their career.<br />

Cooper and Bailey expressed<br />

their enthusiasm for the emerging<br />

technologies in the automotive<br />

industry. They are particularly<br />

excited about the advancements in<br />

electric and hydrogen-powered cars,<br />

and they look forward to staying upto-date<br />

with the latest developments<br />

in these areas.<br />

Training at the <strong>MTA</strong> has proven to<br />

be a thrilling experience for both<br />

Cooper and Bailey, as it grants them<br />

the opportunity to work on a range of<br />

different vehicles and learn<br />

from experienced professionals.<br />

“Training at the <strong>MTA</strong> is great,” said<br />

Cooper. “The variety of tasks keeps<br />

things engaging, and you never<br />

find yourself stuck doing the same<br />

thing.” Bailey chimed in in agreeing,<br />

“absolutely, there’s always something<br />

new and exciting to tackle. The<br />

variety in our apprenticeships makes<br />

the learning process exciting.”<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s apprenticeship program<br />

offers a fantastic opportunity for<br />

those looking to enter the automotive<br />

industry. With a comprehensive<br />

training schedule and experienced<br />

professionals to guide them, Cooper<br />

and Bailey are well on their way to<br />

achieving their dream of becoming<br />

qualified mechanics.<br />

Their enthusiasm for the industry’s<br />

future is evident, as they eagerly<br />

seek knowledge about the cuttingedge<br />

technologies that are reshaping<br />

the automotive landscape.<br />

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26<br />

Neville with brothers<br />

Ian and Daryl.<br />

Automotive Stalwart<br />

Looks Back on His Career<br />

For Neville Gibb, the automotive<br />

industry was something he was born<br />

into. Embracing it with open arms,<br />

the Jamestown born and bred local<br />

ultimately helped shape its future<br />

direction at the national level.<br />

His meteoric rise yet politely spoken<br />

nature reflect the <strong>MTA</strong> Life Member’s<br />

career which has spanned more than<br />

five decades and seen him appointed<br />

to some of the industry’s highest<br />

positions. This was all achieved<br />

with one eye firmly remaining on his<br />

local community where his passion<br />

for automotive and his hobbies all<br />

started and still continues to do this.<br />

“It was just a given that if you<br />

were in the automotive industry<br />

you joined the South Australian<br />

Automobile Chamber of Commerce<br />

(the precursor to the Motor Trade<br />

Association)” Neville explains.<br />

“I joined my father’s business in<br />

1977 and started attending the<br />

Upper North <strong>MTA</strong> zone meetings<br />

in the early 1980’s.”<br />

From 1982 onwards Neville became<br />

a Dealer Principal and helped oversee<br />

its growth in a country town. After<br />

attending more and more zone<br />

meetings, he decided to put his<br />

hand up for the <strong>MTA</strong> Board and<br />

was elected in 1997.<br />

From there the Jamestown local<br />

was elected <strong>MTA</strong> Vice President in<br />

2008 before serving as President<br />

from 2011 to 2014 and Past<br />

President from 2014 through to<br />

2020. He was concurrently a Motor<br />

Trades of Australia (<strong>MTA</strong>A) Board<br />

Director from 2010 and was the<br />

national peak body’s Chairman<br />

from 2013 to <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

In the latter role, Neville brought<br />

industry leaders, government and<br />

decision makers together in Canberra<br />

for the inaugural <strong>MTA</strong>A Automotive<br />

Summit in 2015. With the impending<br />

demise of vehicle manufacturing in<br />

Australia, he assured officials that<br />

automotive would continue to be a<br />

robust and viable industry.<br />

“Contrary to popular belief the<br />

Australia automotive industry does<br />

not end with the final closure of<br />

vehicle manufacturing,” he remarked<br />

during his Summit opening address.<br />

“More than 340,000 Australians will<br />

remain employed in businesses<br />

keeping a fleet of more than 20<br />

million vehicles moving, contributing<br />

more than $38 billion to the national<br />

economy.”<br />

Throughout the Summit<br />

business owners<br />

and <strong>MTA</strong><br />

members from<br />

across Australia<br />

along with<br />

Federal politicians<br />

discussed and<br />

planned the<br />

future needs<br />

of the industry<br />

which continue<br />

to be felt today.<br />

State Opposition<br />

Leader, Isobel<br />

Redmond, with<br />

Neville.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> MEMBER PROFILE<br />

Looking back, his highlights locally<br />

include the <strong>MTA</strong> receiving a South<br />

Australian Training Award, hosting<br />

the 2012 President’s Luncheon, the<br />

development of the new workshop at<br />

the <strong>MTA</strong>’s Training and Employment<br />

Centre, purchasing the Cleve Training<br />

Centre, presenting Life Memberships<br />

to long-term board members Peter<br />

Roberts and Frank Agostino and the<br />

integration of the Northern Territory<br />

into the <strong>MTA</strong>.<br />

After a long and successful career,<br />

his attention is never far away from<br />

the trends and requirements of<br />

tomorrow.<br />

“Much of the <strong>MTA</strong>’s work is not<br />

visible to members. This is the<br />

lobbying of both Government,<br />

Opposition and cross benches on<br />

legislation that has impacts on their<br />

business members,” Neville said.<br />

“The auto industry has been forced<br />

into rapid change due to worldwide<br />

pressure for zero and low emission<br />

vehicles. Electric vehicles might not<br />

necessarily be the long-term solution<br />

to this, with alternative fuels only still<br />

to come especial in the heavy vehicle<br />

sector. The <strong>MTA</strong> needs to have a<br />

strong presence advocating a true<br />

national unified stance on behalf of<br />

the industry,” he concluded.<br />

Neville’s extraordinary leadership,<br />

counsel and guidance as well as his<br />

business acumen and determined<br />

manner have greatly assisted the<br />

state and national organisations. On<br />

behalf of the <strong>MTA</strong>, congratulations<br />

on a successful career and thank<br />

you for your dedication in helping<br />

strengthen our industry.<br />

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Australian owned and operated, ADAS Solutions Australia is now<br />

servicing <strong>SA</strong>, QLD, NSW & VIC offering almost 100% vehicle<br />

coverage in both the light vehicle sector & heavy vehicle sector.<br />

Following the grand opening of the newest repair facility in<br />

Thebarton South Australia in January <strong>2023</strong>, ADAS Solutions<br />

Australia are thrilled to be partnering with <strong>MTA</strong> <strong>SA</strong> to offer ADAS<br />

Awareness & Technician training.<br />

Our systems enable us to calibrate Camera, RADAR, LIDAR,<br />

multifunction LED Matrix and Laser Spot Headlights as well as<br />

coding and programming of most new components.<br />

In addition to equipment and software used within the business,<br />

ADAS Solutions Australia also uses an extensive range of<br />

OE software from manufacturers such as Toyota, Mercedes Benz,<br />

VAG, Mitsubishi and Ford (to name only a few) alongside<br />

recognised brands such as Autel, Hella, TEXA and MAHA.<br />

1. Pre Scan<br />

All vehicles undergo a complete diagnostic scan prior<br />

to any calibrations. This scan identifies any existing or<br />

nonrelated fault codes<br />

2. Alignment<br />

If required, the vehicle then has a full 4-wheel<br />

alignment check. The equipment used can also identify<br />

any chassis misalignment.<br />

3. Calibrate<br />

Once satisfied the vehicle is aligned, the calibration<br />

process can be undertaken. Multiple radars, lidars and<br />

cameras may require calibration.<br />

4. Post Scan<br />

An initial post calibration scan is conducted.<br />

5. Road Test<br />

The vehicle is road tested to check for nonconformity<br />

and to ensure ADAS systems are operational.<br />

6. Final Scan<br />

Upon return to site the vehicle then has a final<br />

diagnostic check to ensure no fault codes have<br />

activated during road test.<br />

7. Report<br />

A comprehensive report is supplied for each vehicle<br />

along with a certificate of calibration.<br />

ADAS Solutions Australia is the only all-encompassing ADAS<br />

Solution supporting the Australian Automotive industry at all<br />

levels. Offering service such as;.<br />

ADAS diagnostics – using a multitude of aftermarket and OE<br />

software, we can diagnose all aspects of ADAS across all vehicle<br />

brands, however, our diagnostic services don’t stop there, we<br />

also diagnose and repair other systems such as SRS, ABS and<br />

Body Electrics.<br />

ADAS repairs – we offer a full repair service including physical<br />

diagnosis and repair/replacement of ADAS components – radar,<br />

LiDAR, camera etc<br />

ADAS Calibration – where possible, we can calibrate at your<br />

location or at one of our locations.<br />

ADAS Training – ADAS Solutions is the only provider of ADAS<br />

training in Australia and offers a suite of training courses either<br />

independently or in collaboration with a number of <strong>MTA</strong>’s<br />

around Australia.<br />

ADAS equipment consultation and supply – in order to avoid<br />

costly buying mistakes, ADAS Solutions uses a consultative<br />

approach to equipment supply. Only this way can you be sure<br />

that you’re getting the right equipment for your needs to cover<br />

the vehicles you require.<br />

ADAS technical support – our dedicated team of technical<br />

specialists is always on hand to offer the legendary technical<br />

support that we’re famous for.<br />

Remote services – ADAS Solutions offers remote diagnosis and,<br />

where possible, remote calibration, coding and programming of<br />

numerous systems.<br />

EV Solutions – did you know that we also offer safe disconnect,<br />

isolation and reconnect of HV systems in Hybrid and EV’s?<br />

Our technical team are fully qualified and skilled in all aspects of<br />

high voltage vehicles and can even remove and refit HV batteries<br />

pre and post collision repair.<br />

For all ADAS enquiries, please contact our friendly team at Thebarton on<br />

08 8260 1985<br />

servicesa@adassolutions.com.au<br />

44 George Street, Thebarton <strong>SA</strong> 5032

28<br />

<strong>MTA</strong>’s Darrell Jacobs, Premier Climate Council Member<br />

Daniel Conley and RAA’s Nick Reade.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> General<br />

Manager of Media,<br />

Marketing and Policy<br />

Kaes Cillessen with<br />

CEO Darrell Jacobs.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Plays Leading Role at<br />

Climate Change Conference<br />

In April the South Australian<br />

Government held its inaugural <strong>SA</strong><br />

Industry Climate Change Conference<br />

and the <strong>MTA</strong> contributed to the event<br />

by providing its expert insights as<br />

Australia makes strides to reduce its<br />

emissions.<br />

Automotive is amidst a revolutionary<br />

turning point representing some of<br />

the most significant innovations to<br />

mobility and transport seen in living<br />

memory.<br />

CEO Darrell Jacobs presented the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong>’s vision as South Australia<br />

decarbonises its vehicle fleet and<br />

becomes more energy efficient. He<br />

was joined by RAA CEO Nick Reade<br />

for a panel titled ‘The Future of<br />

Transport’ at the Adelaide Convention<br />

Centre.<br />

The event was held a number of<br />

days after the Federal Government<br />

released its anticipated National<br />

Electric Vehicle Strategy. The<br />

central pillar of the strategy is a<br />

fuel efficiency standard.<br />

“Without a fuel efficiency standard<br />

manufacturers have been prioritising<br />

other markets which penalise car<br />

brands for not meeting emissions<br />

benchmarks,” Darrell commented<br />

at the conference.<br />

“We are also pleased that the<br />

government has listened to our<br />

calls and not banned the sale of<br />

petrol and diesel vehicles.<br />

“There is a recognition – whether it’s<br />

hydrogen, plug-in hybrid and hybrid or<br />

even more efficient fuels – everything<br />

has a role to play in the transition.”<br />

Darrell also provided context about<br />

the timeline of electric vehicle uptake.<br />

“I’ve got three numbers I want to<br />

share with you,” he told the audience.<br />

“There are 20 million cars on the<br />

road today, there are one million new<br />

cars sold every year in Australia and<br />

electric vehicles are six per cent of<br />

these new sales.<br />

“So if even if we hypothetically sold<br />

100 per cent electric vehicles each<br />

year and we have 20 million cars on<br />

the road it is still going to take a little<br />

bit of time for EV penetration.”<br />

Amid the discussion, Darrell said<br />

automotive had the ability to develop<br />

the pipeline of future technicians.<br />

“One of the challenges we all have<br />

in our business is skills and there<br />

is a huge skills shortage through<br />

automotive,” he said.<br />

“We need to work with schools where<br />

you can change the paradigm from<br />

grease and spanners to technology,<br />

scanning tools and computers.<br />

“I think the automotive industry has<br />

a real opportunity to change that<br />

thinking and attract a whole new<br />

range of people in our industry to<br />

work on really exciting cars.”<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s contribution in front of<br />

industry leaders, businesses and<br />

decision-makers was well received<br />

and helped cap off the conference’s<br />

first day of proceedings. More than<br />

800 guests attended the inaugural<br />

event over its two days.<br />

Darrell Jacobs<br />

presenting at<br />

the Climate<br />

Conference.<br />

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29<br />

National EV Strategy<br />

an Opportunity Not<br />

to Be Wasted<br />

The Federal Government’s inaugural<br />

National Electric Vehicle Strategy<br />

will help South Australians reduce<br />

their emissions and will increase<br />

the affordability of electric and<br />

hybrid vehicles.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> had previously called on<br />

the <strong>SA</strong> Government to work with its<br />

federal counterparts to develop a<br />

nationally consistent transition plan<br />

to zero and low-emission vehicles.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> CEO Darrell Jacobs welcomed<br />

the development of a fuel efficiency<br />

standard as a key pillar of the<br />

strategy.<br />

“Without a fuel efficiency standard<br />

manufacturers have been prioritising<br />

other markets which penalise car<br />

brands for not meeting emissions<br />

benchmarks,” Darrell said in<br />

response to the strategy’s release.<br />

“Fuel efficiency standards were<br />

the missing piece and it will<br />

ultimately increase the range of<br />

more affordable vehicles that<br />

South Australians can purchase.<br />

This is the green light towards<br />

cheaper electric vehicles.<br />

“We know the transition will<br />

not happen overnight but the<br />

government’s strategy provides<br />

greater clarity to the automotive<br />

industry and motorists about the<br />

path forward.<br />

“We are also pleased that the<br />

government has listened to our calls<br />

and not banned the sale of petrol<br />

and diesel vehicles. Government<br />

funding support will also be required<br />

to equip the existing automotive<br />

workforce to know how to safely<br />

sell, service and repair EVs.”<br />

Darrell said four out of five<br />

Australians want to charge<br />

their EV at home.<br />

“South Australia requires a<br />

comprehensive and fit-for-purpose<br />

charging network and access to<br />

affordable and reliable power to<br />

meet future demand,” he said.<br />

“We know the strength of local<br />

energy supply has been central<br />

to the take up of electric vehicles<br />

internationally.”<br />

The strategy will also plan for the<br />

recycling and reuse of EV batteries.<br />

“EVs will bring new environmental<br />

waste challenges and so the time<br />

is right to introduce a comprehensive<br />

end of life vehicle policy,” explained<br />

Darrell.<br />

“We should also be identifying how<br />

we can repurpose batteries and<br />

make them custom-fit for use<br />

within and beyond transportation.”<br />

The Federal Government will now<br />

consult on the design of its fuel<br />

efficiency standards, including with<br />

the <strong>MTA</strong>, before they are announced<br />

shortly this year.<br />

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30<br />


Emissions Standard<br />

The Federal Government announced<br />

it will develop fuel efficiency<br />

standards as the pillar of its<br />

National Electric Vehicle Strategy.<br />

Fuel efficiency standards are<br />

frameworks that set a limit on the<br />

average emissions from new cars<br />

sold by each manufacturer, with the<br />

aim to gradually reduce this limit<br />

over time to achieve emission<br />

reduction targets.<br />

Without a fuel efficiency standard in<br />

Australia global manufacturers have<br />

been prioritising other markets which<br />

penalise car brands for not meeting<br />

these emissions benchmarks.<br />

Members<br />

Set Policies<br />

at Industry<br />

Advisory<br />

Council Meeting<br />

While incentives and rebates are<br />

broadly established for electric<br />

vehicles, fuel efficiency standards<br />

will ultimately increase the range<br />

and further lower the cost of zero<br />

and low emission vehicles that<br />

Australians can purchase.<br />

The Federal Government will<br />

now consult on the design of its<br />

fuel efficiency standards, including<br />

with the <strong>MTA</strong>, before it is announced<br />

later this year.<br />

The development and legislated<br />

introduction of the standards<br />

cannot however be expected to be<br />

a standalone solution to emissions<br />

reduction.<br />

Complementary policies that<br />

incentivise consumer demand and<br />

ensure we have adequate charging<br />

infrastructure will be critical to<br />

support electric vehicles into the<br />

Australian market.<br />

Darrell Jacobs, Frank Agostino and Minister<br />

Tom Koutsantonis.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong>’s peak policy making body,<br />

the Industry Advisory Council, met<br />

last month where it was joined by<br />

the Minister for Infrastructure and<br />

Transport, and Minister for Energy<br />

and Mining, Tom Koutsantonis.<br />

The Minister shared information<br />

on how automotive businesses<br />

can manage rising power costs<br />

and energy uses, plus with rapid<br />

developments in mobility he<br />

discussed future automotive<br />

technologies.<br />

Electric vehicle charging provider<br />

myenergi similarly provided an<br />

update on emerging EV trends<br />

and the associated required<br />

infrastructure.<br />

As an association, the <strong>MTA</strong> is only<br />

as strong as its members. The<br />

Industrial Advisory Council<br />

helps set both the <strong>MTA</strong>’s short<br />

and long-term goals and members<br />

shared rigorous discussions about<br />

future policy proposals. By joining the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong>, members help shape the future<br />

of the automotive industry.<br />

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Hire an automotive<br />

apprentice through the<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> so you can get on with<br />

running your workshop<br />

Your hosting fees cover: apprentice superannuation,<br />

annual & sick leave, personal development, safety gear,<br />

tools, counselling services, payroll tax, and more...<br />

We offer flexible on-demand placements, with no upfront<br />

fees or lock-in contracts.<br />

Flexibility<br />

Value<br />

Peace of Mind<br />

Scan the QR code above to contact us or visit qrco.de/be5t01<br />

8241 0522 grouptrainingadmin@mtasant.com.au<br />


32<br />


Commissioner for<br />

Consumer Affairs,<br />

Dini Soulio.<br />

New Disclosure Requirements<br />

for Vehicle Repairs<br />

On 1 June <strong>2023</strong>, new laws<br />

spearheaded by the <strong>MTA</strong> commenced<br />

to help consumers be better informed<br />

about relationships between motor<br />

vehicle insurers and repairers.<br />

Under amendments to the Fair<br />

Trading Act 1987, motor vehicle<br />

insurers must now tell policy holders<br />

about any relevant interest they<br />

have in a repairer and whether policy<br />

holders have a choice of repairer.<br />

Below, the Commissioner for<br />

Consumer Affairs, Dini Soulio,<br />

answers some key questions about<br />

what the changes mean for industry<br />

and consumers.<br />

What will motor vehicle<br />

insurers need to do?<br />

Motor vehicle insurers need to tell<br />

policy holders about any relevant<br />

interest the insurer has in relation to<br />

a particular repairer, such as if they<br />

have a financial interest or a contract<br />

with the repairer. Ad-hoc or one-off<br />

arrangements do not need to be<br />

disclosed.<br />

Disclosure must occur before an<br />

insurer engages or authorises a<br />

particular repairer to undertake<br />

repairs under an insurance policy.<br />

How do they need to disclose<br />

this information?<br />

Insurers must publish a list of<br />

repairers they have an interest in<br />

(a statement of relevant interest)<br />

on their websites.<br />

They should also provide these<br />

statements directly to policy holders,<br />

and let them know they are available<br />

on their website.<br />

What else do insurers need<br />

to let policy holders know?<br />

Insurers now need to let policy<br />

holders know whether or not they<br />

have a choice of repairer.<br />

They must do this whenever a person<br />

enters into an insurance contract,<br />

renews a policy or makes a claim.<br />

Why have these changes<br />

been introduced?<br />

The changes are about increasing<br />

the transparency of relationships<br />

between insurers and repairers.<br />

By enhancing consumer awareness<br />

regarding choice of repairer, informed<br />

decisions can be made. Often,<br />

this information is only included<br />

in Product Disclosure Statements<br />

and may be missed by consumers.<br />

This will benefit consumers and<br />

support transparent, informed,<br />

effective and cooperative<br />

relationships between motor<br />

vehicle insurers and repairers.<br />

What is the role of Consumer<br />

and Business Services (CBS)<br />

in this change?<br />

CBS is responsible for administering<br />

the Fair Trading Act and we will be<br />

monitoring the industry to make<br />

sure they are complying with the<br />

requirements and acting if insurers<br />

are not doing what is required.<br />

A six month grace period will apply<br />

until 1 December <strong>2023</strong> to allow the<br />

industry to become fully compliant<br />

with the new provisions.<br />

Other changes have been made<br />

to the motor vehicle insurance<br />

and repair industry, including the<br />

introduction of a Code of Conduct<br />

for motor vehicle insurers and<br />

repairers. The Code of Conduct is<br />

administered by the South Australian<br />

Small Business Commissioner<br />

(<strong>SA</strong>SBC). For more information<br />

visit the <strong>SA</strong>SBC website .<br />

“The changes are<br />

about increasing<br />

the transparency<br />

of relationships<br />

between insurers<br />

and repairers.”<br />

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33<br />

Handover featuring AEA President Murray<br />

Forbes and Foodbank <strong>SA</strong> CEO Greg Pattinson.<br />

Major<br />

Donation<br />

Helping<br />

to End<br />

Hunger<br />

The Automotive Exhibitors<br />

Association (AEA) has made a<br />

significant donation to one of South<br />

Australia’s most important charities,<br />

Foodbank <strong>SA</strong> .<br />

As the State’s largest provider of<br />

food relief, Foodbank has historically<br />

maintained a fleet of 12 vehicles to<br />

support the ever-increasing demand<br />

for its services.<br />

However, its fleet was ageing and<br />

in urgent need of upgrading to<br />

support both its expansion in rural<br />

areas – including a recent move to<br />

open in Alice Springs - and an overall<br />

increase in demand.<br />

Foodbank <strong>SA</strong> has the largest<br />

geographical reach of any food<br />

relief charity in South Australia.<br />

The AEA learned that Foodbank had<br />

an immediate need to increase its<br />

fleet to include an additional five<br />

4 x 2 refrigerated vehicles, primarily<br />

for food collection and distribution.<br />

“Now working with more than 694<br />

charities and 550 school programs<br />

we need to ensure we are committed<br />

to mission to get the most food, to<br />

the most people in need, the most<br />

efficient way possible,” said Greg<br />

Pattinson, CEO, Foodbank <strong>SA</strong>.<br />

The Motor Dealers of South Australia<br />

came on board to support the<br />

cause, with a financial commitment<br />

underwritten by AEA to fund five new<br />

4×2 refrigerated vehicles, including<br />

branding of the vehicles.<br />

This comprises:<br />

• three of the donated vehicles<br />

located in Mount Gambier,<br />

Whyalla and Murray Bridge to<br />

support its regional operation<br />

• two units stationed in<br />

metropolitan Adelaide.<br />

The funds also enabled the purchase<br />

of a SUV to replace the current<br />

vehicle for the Operations Manager,<br />

who is responsible for maintaining<br />

food donor and procurement<br />

relationships. The old vehicle had<br />

passed the 400,000kms!<br />

The vehicles all carry the branding<br />

“Donated by The Motor Dealers of<br />

South Australia.”<br />

“The support provided by the Motor<br />

Dealers of <strong>SA</strong> will ensure that<br />

Foodbank <strong>SA</strong> can get more food<br />

to more people in need across the<br />

state,” said Greg.<br />

“This is more than a mere donation –<br />

it is a great example of the business<br />

community demonstrating their<br />

commitment to <strong>SA</strong>, having a true<br />

impact where it is needed the most.<br />

“These vehicles will have a positive<br />

long-term impact on the food<br />

security in this state. Helping us<br />

toward our vision of ending hunger.”<br />

AEA was formed by a group of<br />

leading South Australian dealers<br />

and distributors in 1969 to provide<br />

South Australia with an international<br />

standard motor show.<br />

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34<br />

Offset Clauses<br />

in Employment<br />

Contracts<br />

Employment contracts are essential<br />

agreements that outline the terms<br />

and conditions of the relationship<br />

between employers and employees.<br />

One of the most critical aspects<br />

of any employment contract is the<br />

inclusion of an offset clause. An<br />

offset clause is a provision that allows<br />

an employer to pay an employee<br />

above the minimum standards set<br />

by any relevant Awards or industrial<br />

laws to cover their obligation to pay<br />

for certain entitlements such as<br />

overtime, penalty rates, and annual<br />

leave loading.<br />

Having an offset clause in an<br />

employment contract provides<br />

employers with greater flexibility in<br />

how they manage paying their staff. It<br />

enables the employer to decide which<br />

entitlements they want to offset and<br />

can make the process for payroll<br />

simpler by not having to identify<br />

payments for entitlements such as<br />

allowances and leave loading. By<br />

paying above Award rates, employers<br />

can attract and retain talented<br />

employees while also remaining<br />

competitive within their industry.<br />

In addition, the inclusion of an offset<br />

clause can also benefit employees.<br />

It provides them with greater<br />

transparency about their entitlements<br />

and allows them to negotiate a fair<br />

and reasonable salary that takes<br />

into account the benefits they will<br />

receive. It also provides them with<br />

a predictable and stable wage. This<br />

can lead to a more positive and<br />

productive working relationship<br />

between the employer and employee.<br />

However, it's important to note that<br />

employers must ensure that their<br />

hourly rate or salary they offer their<br />

employee is sufficiently high enough<br />

above the Award that it covers all<br />

possible entitlements. For example,<br />

if an employee on a salary works<br />

a large number of overtime hours,<br />

their wage must be high enough that<br />

they are compensated for the extra<br />

overtime worked. We recommend<br />

conducting a reconciliation of your<br />

employees’ wages every few months<br />

to ensure you are meeting your<br />

obligations.<br />

It is crucial that the inclusion of an<br />

offset clause must comply with<br />

the relevant Awards, employment<br />

laws and regulations. If an employer<br />

pays above Award rates but does<br />

not have an offset clause in their<br />

contracts and fails to outline the<br />

payment of specific entitlements on<br />

their payslips such as allowances,<br />

they are under significant risk of<br />

breaching the Award and receiving<br />

an underpayment claim and facing<br />

potential fines.<br />

A key example of this in the motor<br />

industry is vehicle salespeople. A<br />

salesperson’s base retainer must<br />

be high enough that it covers all<br />

their basic entitlements, allowances<br />

and penalty rates. The payment of<br />

commission can only offset the<br />

payment for hours worked beyond 38<br />

hours and nothing else. For example,<br />

an employer cannot state that their<br />

employee’s commission covers the<br />

need to pay them for annual leave<br />

loading when they take leave. An<br />

employer also cannot claim their<br />

employee’s base retainer is high<br />

enough to cover this entitlement,<br />

unless they have an offset clause<br />

in their contract that states their<br />

salary takes annual leave loading<br />

into account.<br />

A recent case example from the<br />

banking industry in Arundell & Ors<br />

v Macquarie Bank Ltd [2020] FCCA<br />

2720 (2 October 2020) provides a<br />

clear warning to employers of the<br />

importance of an offset clause,<br />

particularly where commission is<br />

involved.<br />

Macquarie Bank was found to have<br />

underpaid 16 of its employees and<br />

was ordered to repay each employee<br />

the amounts owed from the breach<br />

amounting to over $500,000. The<br />

bank’s wealth advisors received a<br />


base salary but earned significant<br />

commissions, some earning up to<br />

$1 million annually. The Respondent<br />

argued their contracts made it clear<br />

that the fixed salary was intended to<br />

set off the Award salary. However, the<br />

court found they failed to prove that<br />

the payment of other entitlements<br />

had been met in relation to leave<br />

loading, public holidays, annual leave,<br />

personal leave and compassionate<br />

leave. It was not accepted that<br />

their commission payments could<br />

offset these entitlements and they<br />

had no clear terms in the contract<br />

that demonstrated the base salary<br />

intended to offset these entitlements.<br />

The Respondent also failed to<br />

demonstrate on their payslips that<br />

these specific types of leave had<br />

been paid. The court distinguished<br />

the difference between the payment<br />

of a salary for an ordinary day versus<br />

payment for leave. Thus despite<br />

still receiving payment when the<br />

employees took leave, it was held<br />

the payment for leave was still owing<br />

because their payslips did not state<br />

that a particular type of leave had<br />

been paid, rather just their normal<br />

wage was paid.<br />

This case highlights the importance<br />

of having clear, explicit terms in your<br />

employment contracts about which<br />

entitlements you intend to offset,<br />

but also to ensure your payslips<br />

clearly identify when you are making<br />

payments for a certain type of leave.<br />

In conclusion, having an offset clause<br />

in an employment contract can be<br />

beneficial for both employers and<br />

employees. However, it is essential<br />

to use this clause responsibly and in<br />

compliance with the relevant Awards<br />

and legislation. It is particularly<br />

crucial in our industry where most<br />

workers are paid above the Award<br />

and many workers earn commission.<br />

Employers should always seek<br />

professional advice to ensure that<br />

their employment contracts are fair,<br />

reasonable, and legally compliant.<br />

If you need assistance, please<br />

contact the <strong>MTA</strong> on 8291 2000,<br />

or at wr@mtasant.com.au .<br />

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EVENTS<br />

35<br />

Championing<br />

Electric Vehicle<br />

Training and<br />

Inspiring Future<br />

Automotive<br />

Enthusiasts<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> recently had the<br />

privilege of sponsoring the<br />

Adelaide Motorsport Festival,<br />

where we proudly showcased<br />

our leadership in electric vehicle<br />

training and our efforts toward<br />

ensuring a skilled workforce to<br />

support the growing number of<br />

EV motorists in the future.<br />

The <strong>MTA</strong> exhibit featured the<br />

renowned <strong>MTA</strong> Monaro and a<br />

damaged Tesla Model 3, attracting<br />

a diverse range of motoring<br />

enthusiasts who were eager to<br />

engage in conversations about<br />

the various career opportunities<br />

available at the <strong>MTA</strong>, our<br />

commitment to the industry, and<br />

the training and support we offer.<br />

Attendees also had the opportunity<br />

to engage in interactive displays<br />

and hands-on activities including<br />

our exciting pit stop challenge.<br />

These engaging activities created<br />

an energetic learning atmosphere<br />

and ignited the interest of the<br />

attendees.<br />

The festival saw an impressive<br />

turnout of families and young<br />

car enthusiasts, and we were<br />

delighted to have captured details<br />

from a significant number of<br />

attendees who expressed interest<br />

in automotive apprenticeships.<br />

This is a testament to the <strong>MTA</strong>'s<br />

efforts to inspire and educate the<br />

next generation of automotive<br />

enthusiasts.<br />

The event offered excellent<br />

networking opportunities, enabling<br />

participants to connect with <strong>MTA</strong><br />

staff. This facilitated conversations<br />

and allowed attendees to explore<br />

potential employment or training<br />

opportunities. The event also<br />

served as an inspiration for<br />

individuals to pursue their<br />

passion in the automotive<br />

industry through hearing success<br />

stories, discussions with industry<br />

experts, and engaging experiences<br />

provided by the <strong>MTA</strong>.<br />

We remain committed to our<br />

efforts in ensuring a skilled<br />

workforce is available to<br />

automotive into the future.<br />

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36<br />


Did you know?<br />

Vehicle Salespeople<br />

There are a number of laws employers must consider<br />

throughout all stages of employing Vehicle Salespeople.<br />

It is important that businesses are aware of their<br />

obligations due to the potential fines they can face<br />

for breaching these laws and the risk of underpayment<br />

claims.<br />

Criminal History<br />

Firstly, it is important before you hire a salesperson that<br />

you conduct a criminal history check. Under section 13A<br />

of the Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Act 1995 (<strong>SA</strong>), a<br />

dealer must not employ someone as a salesperson if:<br />

• they have been convicted of an indictable offence<br />

of dishonesty; or<br />

• during the 10 years preceding their employment,<br />

they have been convicted of a summary offence<br />

of dishonesty; or<br />

• they are suspended or disqualified from practising<br />

or carrying on an occupation, trade or business<br />

under a law of South Australia, the Commonwealth,<br />

or another State or Territory.<br />

There is a maximum penalty of $100,000 for a breach<br />

of these laws. We recommend screening any new<br />

employees and implementing workplace policies that<br />

require employees to disclose if they become charged<br />

or convicted of any criminal offence.<br />

Classification<br />

Once you have hired a vehicle salesperson, you must<br />

ensure you are complying with the special provisions<br />

outlined under the Vehicle Repair, Services and Retail<br />

Award 2020. Firstly, your employee must be correctly<br />

classified. It is our interpretation that “persons employed<br />

principally to sell vehicles” includes anyone whose<br />

role is to assist in the vehicle sale process, including<br />

aftermarket sales and insurance and finance relating<br />

to the purchase of a new or second-hand vehicle.<br />

Commission<br />

Employers must make sure that vehicle salespeople<br />

are paid correctly. Commission is not a requirement<br />

but an option that businesses can offer to incentivise<br />

their employees. Therefore, you must ensure that your<br />

salespeople’s base retainer is high enough to cover their<br />

minimum entitlements. Full-time employees get penalty<br />

rates for working on days off, working on public holidays<br />

and working on Sundays. Full-time employees must get<br />

paid for a minimum of 38 hours, but the Award allows<br />

for an employee’s commission payments to offset hours<br />

worked in excess of 38 hours. This means that the<br />

commission an employee earns can be used to cover<br />

the extra hours they work beyond 38 hours in a week.<br />

The employer must review their wages every 3 months<br />

to ensure their commission payments are high enough<br />

to cover wages due from the extra hours worked.<br />

If you want to offer your employees commission, the<br />

Award requires the commission structure agreement<br />

to be in writing and a copy given to the employee. The<br />

agreement cannot be changed except by mutual consent<br />

or a week’s notice from the employer. We recommend<br />

including a clause in your commission agreement to<br />

state that the business reserves the right to amend or<br />

terminate the policy with a week’s notice.<br />

When a salesperson’s employment has ended, there are<br />

rules around the payment of their commission. In the<br />

event that their employment ends prior to the delivery of a<br />

vehicle for which they were entitled to commission, if the<br />

vehicle is delivered within 3 months of the termination,<br />

they will be paid two thirds of the commission they<br />

would have received. For vehicles already delivered, they<br />

must receive their commission payment within 14 days<br />

after the end of their employment. If multiple employees<br />

are involved in the sale or delivery of a vehicle, the<br />

commission due should be divided between them in a<br />

proportion they mutually agree to.<br />

Please note that these laws are subject to change and<br />

this information should not be relied upon for legal<br />

advice. For assistance and the most updated information,<br />

please contact the <strong>MTA</strong> Workplace Relations Team on<br />

8291 2000, or at wr@mtasant.com.au .<br />

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37<br />


The <strong>MTA</strong> offers ultra-competitive EFTPOS transaction rates for members through our partnership with<br />

Commonwealth Bank. Please email mta@mtasant.com.au and we will put you in touch with a CBA<br />

business banking representative.<br />

Commonwealth Bank<br />

13 22 21<br />


Services to <strong>MTA</strong> members at the sessional rate of $145 plus GST (discounted rate) plus a small retainer<br />

to cover promotional materials etc. Convenient locations include: Adelaide, Bedford Park, Christies Beach,<br />

Salisbury, Mount Barker and Murray Bridge. Phone, Zoom and face-to-face appointments available.<br />

Access Programs Employee<br />

Assistance Program<br />

8215 6799<br />

accesssa.com.au <br />


<strong>MTA</strong> members can benefit from environmental compliance advice, briefings, training and on-site<br />

assessments. GreenStamp is an accreditation program that recognises and promotes businesses<br />

which have implemented sound environmental practices.<br />

GreenStamp<br />

8291 2000<br />

wr@mtasant.com.au <br />


The Officeworks partnership gives business pricing only available to <strong>MTA</strong> members on a wide range of<br />

office essentials. By signing up to a 30 Day Business Account you will receive free delivery across South<br />

Australia including regional areas (excluding large or bulky items).<br />

Officeworks<br />

officeworks.com.au/campaigns/<br />

mtasa <br />


Capricorn Society Limited is the largest independent automotive parts buying co-operative in Australia,<br />

providing the majority of parts and services to mechanical workshops, service stations and crash repairers<br />

throughout the country. Call toll free to find out how you can save your business both time and money.<br />

Pay your membership through Capricorn!<br />

Capricorn<br />

1800 EASIER (1800 327 437)<br />


<strong>MTA</strong> Print is your one stop shop when it comes to your printing needs – we are more than just business<br />

cards! We are small run digital & offset specialists, with services including motor trades stock stationery,<br />

forms & products, printing, digital advertising and social media, special product sourcing (you ask, we<br />

find), books, pads, sequential numbering and perforation for invoice books, job cards, flyers, stickers<br />

(service & lube as well), booklets and training manuals. <strong>MTA</strong> members get a 20% discount on all products.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Print<br />

8179 9907<br />

orders.mta@laneprint.com.au <br />


Spirit Super is the national industry-based super fund that has proudly served the motor trades and allied<br />

industries for over 25 years. We make administering super simple and efficient. It’s what makes us the<br />

preferred choice of over 40,000 employers. Call 1800 005 166 or visit spiritsuper.com.au/Employers/<br />

support-for-your-business You should consider the PDS in making a decision.<br />

Spirit Super<br />

1800 005 166<br />

spiritsuper.com.au <br />


When you host an apprentice through the <strong>MTA</strong>, you don’t have to worry about advertising, interviewing,<br />

medical checks or being the legal employer for the Contract of Training. We shortlist based on the criteria<br />

you set, meaning we’ll find you an apprentice that is right for your business. Forget WorkCover, payroll tax,<br />

annual leave, sick leave, training fees, wages and super - we’ll take care of that. And there’s more - <strong>MTA</strong> Field<br />

Officers also conduct regular workplace visits and contacts to ensure you and your apprentice have the<br />

support you need.<br />


The <strong>MTA</strong> can provide WHS & HR workplace inspections and provide recommendations and support to<br />

fill the gaps required.<br />


<strong>MTA</strong> offers Upskilling courses to upgrade the skills of qualified automotive technicians. Courses include<br />

Air Conditioning, Forklift, Hybrid & Battery Electric Vehicles, Recognition of Prior Learning, SRS Airbags,<br />

and Wheel Alignment. Members receive a discounted price on courses.<br />


<strong>MTA</strong> offers courses designed to help manage staff, ensure compliance, navigate the complex regulatory<br />

environment and tackle difficult workplace issues. Courses include: WHS and Safe Work Compliance |<br />

Performance Management | Misconduct Investigations and Discipline | Paying Staff Correctly | Debt Recovery<br />

| Consumer Law | Emergency Fire Warden Training | Members receive a discounted price on courses.<br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Group Training Organisation<br />

8241 0522<br />

adminroyalpark@mtasant.com.au <br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Audits<br />

8291 2000<br />

wr@mtasant.com.au <br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Registered Training<br />

Organisation<br />

8241 0522<br />

adminroyalpark@mtasant.com.au <br />

<strong>MTA</strong> Training<br />

8291 2000<br />

wr@mtasant.com.au <br />

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38<br />



October <strong>2023</strong> Motor Trade magazine: Email your listing of no more than 50 words to<br />

Madelaine at mraschella@boylen by Friday 8 September <strong>2023</strong>.<br />




join our team to work in our recently built<br />

workshop in Jamestown, a large service town<br />

for the mid and upper north of <strong>SA</strong>. This is a<br />

full-time position with overtime available.<br />

Please call Chris on 0447 641115 or forward<br />

your resume to chris@kellytoyota.com.au .<br />

POSITIONS VACANT - Heavy Diesel Mechanic:<br />

Experience on Volvo, Isuzu, Cummins,<br />

Iveco, Hino and more. Auto Electrician:<br />

Experience on heavy commercial units.<br />

Ability to test, read and use wiring diagrams<br />

and schematics, understand commonly used<br />

electronic symbols. Experience with cable<br />

crimping and termination, wiring, soldering,<br />

looms and harness, sensors and<br />

air conditioning. Both positions: drivers<br />

licence essential, willing to travel remote to<br />

carry out repairs, ability to carry out trouble<br />

shooting diagnostics, list parts require to<br />

repair, carry out fitment and repairs. Resumes<br />

to contact@kenscottservices.com.au .<br />

HIGH QUALITY CAR <strong>SA</strong>LES are looking<br />

for an experienced Service Advisor for our<br />

family-owned business. We offer full time<br />

employment, paid above award rate and paid<br />

day off on birthday. If you think you have what<br />

it takes, please email admin@hqcarsales.<br />

com.au . Full ad on www.seek.com.au .<br />

AUTO ELECTRICIAN – Full-time position<br />

available. Monday to Friday. Needed for<br />

immediate start in Hampstead Gardens area.<br />

Excellent wage and conditions for the right<br />

candidate. Email resume to hampsteadae@<br />

optusnet.com.au or call (08) 8261 8455.<br />

PRINGLES CROUCH - We’re searching for<br />

adult apprentice Service Technicians. Re-skill<br />

from another area - mechanics, engineers,<br />

auto electricians. Above award wage and<br />

fantastic career progression opportunities.<br />

Great branches across EP and Mid-North.<br />

On-the-job training and support. Immediate<br />

start available. Visit contact us for more<br />

information today www.pringlescrouch.com.<br />

au/careers .<br />


WHEEL ALIGNER MACHINE FOR <strong>SA</strong>LE -<br />

Mondolfo Ferro Trigon 725. In good working<br />

order. Just updated. Comes with all cables,<br />

calibration station and all arms. $3500 ono.<br />

Contact Tyreplus McLaren Vale for more<br />

information on (08) 8323 8166.<br />

ITEMS FOR <strong>SA</strong>LE - John Bean electronic<br />

wheel aligner system, $1500. Beissbarth<br />

wheel balancer 240volt with wheel lifter<br />

and tooling, can do up to light truck wheels,<br />

$2700. 22 ton air/hydraulic jack, $500.<br />

Call Adelaide Brake Mechanical for more<br />

information on (08) 8349 9934.<br />

BUSINESS FOR <strong>SA</strong>LE - Bridgeland Motorcycles<br />

is a long-established motorcycle dealership<br />

located in Murray Bridge. Hosting 3 premium<br />

Japanese brands - Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.<br />

We trade from modern and prominently<br />

positioned commercial premises. Bridgeland<br />

has been established for 37 years with the<br />

current owner trading since 2001. Enquiries<br />

to the Vendor Jacquelyn Short at jacque@<br />

bridgeland.com.au or 08 8532 5722.<br />

ITEMS FOR <strong>SA</strong>LE - Portacool industrial<br />

evaporative cooler jetstream 250, in very<br />

good condition, $1500 negotiable. A/C<br />

charging station and recover unit in very<br />

good condition, $800 negotiable. Pick up<br />

or can send at buyer’s expense. Phone<br />

08 8645 5522.<br />

ITEMS FOR <strong>SA</strong>LE - Tyre Changer $3500:<br />

Beissbarth Servomat MS67 tyre changer,<br />

good condition, for passenger, light,<br />

commercial and motorcycle tyres. Up to<br />

30” rim diameter and 22” width. Brake lathe<br />

$6000: Ammco 4100 brake lathe. Brand<br />

new disc and drum chuck, never used. New<br />

anti-vibration straps, refurbished unit. Scan<br />

tool $650: G-Scan 1. Still in original case,<br />

all cables and adapters. Very good condition.<br />

Contact smithfieldmechanics@bigpond.com <br />

or 0409 396 007 for more details.<br />



cars in any condition: crashed, damaged,<br />

scrapped, running or not running. FREE<br />

REMOVAL - Call Justin on 0408 782 480 for<br />

an instant cash price and same day collection,<br />

visit www.upullit.com.au/sell-your-car/ .<br />

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