Red Door 33

RED DOOR MAGAZINE #33 www.reddoormagazine.com FEATURED ARTIST JORGE POSADA ................................8-15 SOUTHNORD OPEN CALL.........16-17 SEQUENTIAL CONDITIONS By Martin Andersen ......................18-21 POETRY TERENCE DEGNAN..............................22 SAMUEL PRINCE...................................23 DJ LEE......................................................24 JON WHITBREAD.................................25 A farewell to ANDREW SINGER ..........................26-27 RED DOOR presents.............................................28-29 The Appearance of the Unpredictable by TANYA COSIO............................30-31 The Collages of MARIJA IVETIC................................32-33


JORGE POSADA ................................8-15


By Martin Andersen ......................18-21


TERENCE DEGNAN..............................22
SAMUEL PRINCE...................................23
DJ LEE......................................................24
JON WHITBREAD.................................25

A farewell to
ANDREW SINGER ..........................26-27


The Appearance
of the Unpredictable
by TANYA COSIO............................30-31

The Collages of
MARIJA IVETIC................................32-33


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RED DOOR <strong>33</strong><br />



SUMMER 2023<br />



RED<br />

ANDREW<br />

SINGER<br />

Farewell to poet,<br />

artist, teacher<br />

and cultural<br />

organizer,<br />

founder of Trafika<br />

Europe.<br />

26-27<br />



New series by<br />

Martin Andersen<br />

18-21<br />

02<br />


Open call for<br />

Afro-Nordic<br />

creators!<br />


NATURE &<br />


international<br />

poetry Film<br />

Festival<br />

DATES<br />


7<br />

<strong>33</strong><br />



ARTIST<br />

8-15<br />

PUUT library<br />

and other <strong>Red</strong><br />

<strong>Door</strong> Gallery<br />

events!<br />

28-29<br />


Founder & Director:<br />

Elizabeth Torres<br />

(Madam Neverstop)<br />

Poetry Editor:<br />

Pablo Saborío<br />

Correspondents:<br />

Melaine Knight<br />

The Neon Rebel<br />

Australia<br />

Brandon Davis,<br />

Germany / DK<br />

Mario Z.Puglisi<br />

Tanya Cosio<br />

Mexico<br />

Miller Almario<br />

<strong>Red</strong> Visions<br />

Colombia<br />

Martin Andersen<br />

Denmark<br />

Kultivera<br />

Sweden<br />

Kirjan Talo / Bokens Hus<br />

Finland<br />

Cover & featured art by<br />

Jorge Posada<br />


EDITORIAL ........................................... 6-7<br />


JORGE POSADA ................................8-15<br />

SOUTHNORD OPEN CALL.........16-17<br />



By Martin Andersen ......................18-21<br />

POETRY<br />

TERENCE DEGNAN..............................22<br />

SAMUEL PRINCE...................................23<br />

DJ LEE......................................................24<br />

JON WHITBREAD.................................25<br />

A farewell to<br />

ANDREW SINGER ..........................26-27<br />

RED DOOR<br />

presents.............................................28-29<br />

The Appearance<br />

of the Unpredictable<br />

by TANYA COSIO............................30-31<br />

RED DOOR MAGAZINE #<strong>33</strong><br />

Summer, 2023<br />

<strong>Red</strong> Press, Copenhagen<br />

ISBN: 978-87-94003-19-3<br />

www.reddoormagazine.com<br />

The Collages of<br />

MARIJA IVETIC................................32-<strong>33</strong><br />

All rights reserved by the<br />

corresponding authors.<br />




<strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> Magazine releases digital & printed issues<br />

quarterly with an emphasis on visual art and poetry.<br />

This includes multimedia art, artistic research, essays<br />

on projects, reports on festivals and activism, as well<br />

as relevant media articles and documentation of the<br />

activities by you and your network.<br />

The magazine always features a poetry selection, prose,<br />

and occasional interviews by established and emerging<br />

artists, plus relevant upcoming events. We’re here to give<br />

you a handful of essential pieces you can digest in one<br />

sitting.<br />

We’re currently seeking visual art, music, film reviews,<br />

travel and media articles, poetry, fiction, and creative<br />

nonfiction. Simultaneous submissions are always ok,<br />

but if you have a piece accepted elsewhere, please let<br />

us know by adding a note to your submission; we’re not<br />

aiming for exclusivity - but relevant, quality content.<br />

Please send your questions to reddoorny@gmail.com<br />

________________________________________<br />

File specifications: Your article may be a maximum of<br />

two pages, and we accept a maximum of 3 poems per<br />

submission. All languages are welcome but please include<br />

English translations. Also include a small biography of up<br />

to 5 lines about you. All this must be included as .doc files<br />

or PDF. All images must be attached as .jpeg images in<br />

a resolution of 1080 x 1080 px or its equivalent in format<br />

so it can be used for print and hi-res for web. Please note<br />

we currently accept poetry submissions only via our<br />

submittable platform:<br />

https://redpress.submittable.com/submit<br />


(FALL 2023)<br />





Dear worldthreaders,<br />

This issue of <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> celebrates<br />

the unforeseeable, and how<br />

artists interpret these constant<br />

flux of information and need for<br />

adaptability in their creative work.<br />

Jorge Posada, our featured artist,<br />

is a Colombian-American creator<br />

with extensive international<br />

experience, whose work I have<br />

had the pleasure of celebrating<br />

and growing alongside with, since<br />

I was a child… so you can imagine<br />

how excited I am to introduce<br />

him to you. Due to <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong>’s<br />

14th anniversary coming up this<br />

September, we will be hosting a<br />

celebration and magazine launch,<br />

along with the artist and myself,<br />

in New York, so please email<br />

me at reddoorny@gmail.com if<br />

you would like to receive more<br />

information.<br />

You can meet us at the end<br />

of August in Finland: First in<br />

Helsinki as part of IMMART’s<br />

ARTIVAL event taking place at<br />

Nordic Culture Point’s library<br />

in collaboration with Globe Art<br />

Point… and in Turku, as part of<br />

Kirjan Talo’s cultural agenda.<br />

Additionally, several exciting<br />

opportunities. The Poetic<br />

Phonotheque has partnered<br />

with SouthNord, a Nordic<br />

organization that aims to visibilize<br />

Afro-Nordic voices, based in<br />

Stockholm, Sweden, and we’re<br />

currently hosting an open call for<br />

audiovisual content to screen at<br />

an event in October.<br />

<strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> magazine #35 is<br />

also currently accepting poetry<br />

submissions until Oct 8th via<br />

Submittable at https://redpress.<br />

submittable.com/submit<br />

And <strong>Red</strong> Press will soon be<br />

announcing the selected<br />

poems and visual artists for its<br />

upcoming Nature & Culture<br />

Poetry anthology… as well as an<br />

upcoming anthology of poetry in<br />

translation in collaboration with<br />

Versopolis.<br />

So you see, we’ve been busy.<br />

Submerged in poetry, visual arts,<br />

good ideas. As always, I’ll take<br />

advantage of this moment to<br />

remind you that all of <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong>’s<br />

activities are self-funded, and that<br />

your support is fundamental for our<br />

continued service to the arts. So<br />

please, consider joining Patreon<br />

for a monthly subscription, at an<br />

amount of your choice, to receive<br />

magazines, book, art, and other<br />

benefits:<br />

www.patreon.com/<br />

madamneverstop<br />

Looking forward to reporting<br />

on these and other activities. To<br />

poetry and beyond!<br />

Madam Neverstop.<br />




Jorge Posada is a painter, sculptor, printmaker<br />

and photographer who lives and works in New<br />

York. Posada has earned awards from prominent<br />

institutions including the Museum of Contemporary<br />

Art in Bogota, Colombia and the Atlantic Center for<br />

the Arts in Daytona, Florida. He was awarded a six year<br />

scholarship at the Lower East Side Print Shop and an<br />

Honorable Mention at Expresiones Hispanas Art tour<br />

USA. His artwork was showcased on Channel 13 in the<br />

documentary The New Immigrants. In 2004, Posada<br />

created a 1.500 sq ft mural titled Homage to the Arts as<br />

part of the renovation of the Ritz Theater in Elizabeth,<br />

New Jersey.<br />

His art has evolved into a less realistic depiction of<br />

the human figure: a cross between figuration and<br />

abstraction. He masters a mixed-media of charcoal,<br />

acrylic and oil on canvas to create his compositions by<br />

building up carefully placed transparencies of color.<br />

Posada works in series which address the human form<br />

in a dynamic and constant flux.<br />

Currently Posada divides his time between USA,<br />

Europe and Colombia to study the masters he admires<br />

and to exhibit his artwork. Posada’s work is in mayor<br />

private and public collections in the USA, Europe,<br />

Japan and Latin America and has been published in<br />

numerous art books.<br />

08<br />












As a visual artist I am not interested in proposing an organized discourse within my artwork. It is<br />

not my intention to establish a narrative to tell stories since I am not a writer. I prefer to establish a<br />

visual dialog that ideally creates a communion of feelings between the public and my work. I think<br />

is important to allow the viewer to find new ways of interpretation, discover new visual angles and<br />

emotional connections that usually escape my own initial intention.<br />

Since the beginning of my career the human figure has had a very important role in my work.<br />

Sometimes I depict the body in a realistic manner others only as a blurry suggestion of a human<br />

form, but always with the same intrinsic intention of exploring its qualities as a vehicle of formal<br />

expression. I intent to establish a relationship of feelings and emotions between the public and<br />

my work. My artwork evolved into a less realistic depiction of the human figure: a cross between<br />

figuration and abstraction which addresses the human spirit in a dynamic and constant flux.<br />




THE RUN<br />


016<br />


Tapestry by Muriel Makhathini called “Morgon sång”<br />






POETRY<br />

Driving home<br />

to a place where my parents still// clung to an American hope// I pull the car over// write<br />

a bad haiku about the little urn// my kid brother gave me// to give to my aunt// so she<br />

can spread my father’s ashes// over their parents’ graves// I don’t check the canister//<br />

to see if there are remnants of him// inside// I call the haiku// Schrödinger’s Dad// laugh<br />

a bit// in the cold spring air// So many of these breaks// from being tethered to a body//<br />

have to do with layered traditions// Your skeleton is at the bottom of a pile// of coats//<br />

in a spare bedroom// in some kin’s queer home// your spirit// is pacing its attic// while<br />

the elders drink whiskey and talk of the newly departed’s// rawest moments in the sun//<br />

Or what you imagine your spirit to be// the cobbled memories clasping the left hand of<br />

intent// like that old church rhyme// about steeples// The last time you were here//the<br />

old man was paying for dinner on the rivers’ edge// and pointing out the bridge where<br />

he and his friends would practice their jackknives// the same brother, then, looking hard<br />

down the banks and squinting// to see those joyful children —dares in their throats;<br />

adrenaline pooling in their reservoirs— How does anyone keep inside the time they are<br />

in// when these stories take crowbars to our presence// birds are everywhere// They are<br />

electrified by instinct// but I like to believe it’s intuition// When I put my portion of dad<br />

in the bird-feed// it was an invitation to follow me to memories he couldn’t be privy to,<br />

otherwise// There are birds the color of prom dresses// white as lake effect// There’s this<br />

one Argentinian theropod I’ve been birding// ever since I stumbled upon its existence//<br />

Who knows if one has ever graced Rochester// which is where I’m from// where boys<br />

become swans// midair// and, gasping for breath, become boys again<br />

Terence Degnan is the author of three books. His most recent, “I Can<br />

Wonder Anything” was published in March (2023). He lives in Brooklyn<br />

with his wife and daughter.<br />


The Next World Jolt: A Predictive Testimony<br />

I’ll think this can’t be happening.<br />

I’ll refuse to believe it’s happening.<br />

It’ll be the randomness of the day.<br />

A date hitherto divested of meaning.<br />

I’ll keep saying ‘but we took precautions.’<br />

I’ll keep saying ‘but we had protections.’<br />

I’ll post-rationalise.<br />

I’ll say, in a way, I detected its imminence.<br />

I’ll claim I felt its nag, heard its hum.<br />

Everything common to us violated.<br />

*<br />

Rumours will start as rustles and build to rumbles:<br />

Purge all microchips consult catastrophe manual<br />

the docile roll of a cow’s eye ozone layer wilting to tea bag fineness<br />

rolling coverage of TV static<br />

electric pylons pole-axed<br />

parchment dermis of riverbeds resources dwindle to a thimble.<br />

All closed: airports tunnels essential stores<br />

All closed: bridges seaports major roads.<br />

*<br />

I’ll be at the movies.<br />

Nationwide newsflash cuts off the trailers.<br />

I’ll be at the office.<br />

Lower the blinds, form a huddle.<br />

I’ll be at school.<br />

Keep away from the windows.<br />

They’ll tell us to run and not look back.<br />

Phone lines will be bombarded.<br />

They’ll tell us to run and don’t look at the sky.<br />

Networks will haemorrhage.<br />

They’ll tell us to run, holding hands in threes.<br />

Halls given over to makeshift morgues.<br />

They’ll tell us to run and pick up the fallers.<br />

Scare tactics and useful alarmists.<br />

They’ll perform a head count as we face the wall.<br />

Majorettes of the apocalypse.<br />

*<br />

Nothing will seem explainable. We’ll lose the surety our parents felt.<br />

You’ll know it’s bad, when every channel switches to coverage.<br />

Except the shopping channels – I’ll always remember that, still flaunting:<br />

mother of pearl, teardrop pendants, smoothie makers,<br />

hibachis, anti-aging masks, figaro chains,<br />

lavender diffusers, chakra beads, multi-function shavers.<br />

Samuel Prince’s debut collection, Ulterior Atmospheres, was published in 2020 by Live Canon.<br />

His work has recently appeared in Acumen, The Broken Spine, Pedestal and Spelt. He lives in<br />

Norfolk (UK).<br />


POETRY<br />

Idaho Lake Fragments<br />

1.<br />

Swallow’s nest wedged in the hawthorn, woven with pine needles—<br />

lodgepole, white, ponderosa—and thickened earth. You are not a cradle<br />

or a bedroom but like a bedroom cradle you shelter, rock. Bring me the<br />

protection of clay.<br />

2.<br />

Eagle, wings ruffling the rain drenched air. Bald head a splash of light<br />

above Spring Lake. You are not a mood, but like a mood you darken and<br />

brighten and fade. There, then gone. There. Gone over the tree-lined hills.<br />

Acquaint me with transience.<br />

3.<br />

Snag. Are those ponderosa limbs twisting from your torso? The deep<br />

green has moved into the crevices of your puzzled bark. Your gray head<br />

snapped and rutted. You are not an aging woman but like some ancient<br />

grandmother you are striking, stricken, snagged. Standing, still. Offer your<br />

branched wisdom.<br />

4.<br />

Campfire: cracked red mudrocks cradle your imperfect head. Charred<br />

logs crisscross old coals. Flames gone days, or maybe weeks. You are not<br />

her body, but like my mother whose limbs I held as she crossed over, your<br />

flame still is in its vanishing. Kindle me.<br />

5.<br />

Cattails—carnival corndogs, fairgoers crowding the shoreline. Swamped<br />

family, springtime pelts warming your oblong heads as you age into summer.<br />

You are not wands or wizards but like a wizard wand you can bend<br />

perception—be gentle with your whispering change.<br />

DJ Lee is a writer, scholar, artist, and regents professor of English at<br />

Washington State University. She has published over forty essays and<br />

prose poems, the memoir Remote: Finding Home in the Bitterroots<br />

(Oregon State 2020), and eight scholarly books, including The Land<br />

Speaks (Oxford 2017).<br />

**Previously published in The Bayan Review, Issue 15, Summer ´23<br />


Hollowman Goes To The Beach<br />

Hollowman fills up with gold again to get<br />

From one side of the day to the other intact<br />

Negotiates its architecture with some bravado<br />

Thwarted as usual during his rickety rickshaws<br />

Doomedfutileoverambitioushalfhearted<br />

Poorlyexecutedovertakingmanoeuvre<br />

By worrying that as soon as he stops worrying<br />

The Bad Thing will come because he does<br />

Sustain all existence after all.<br />

His glass of chai is getting cold, the universe is growing old<br />

And crab and crow will be there at the end<br />

While whirling eagles whinny like tiny Pegasi and<br />

Scuttling crustaceans will always signify<br />

Tsunami to him now. Young yogis at sunset?<br />

Drowning on ketamine. The sea itself?<br />

Death, death. His cruel mind-claws<br />

Pinch him with the thought of his own children<br />

Old on a hot world but luckily the crabs<br />

Scavenge this carrion that he scatters on the sand<br />

And anyway their golden tunnels are inside him<br />

Jon Whitbread is an artist working and living in Brixton, South London.<br />


ANDREW<br />

SINGER<br />

Farewell to a poet and fiction<br />

writer, literary editor and translator,<br />

essayist and reviewer, pen-andink<br />

artist and university instructor...<br />

WORLDTHREADER and founder of<br />

026<br />

We dedicate this issue to the memory of our<br />

friend and collaborator Andrew Singer, poet<br />

and founder of Trafika Europe.<br />

Here is the official statement from Trafika<br />

Europe:<br />

“Andrew graced us all with his writing, art,<br />

and his love of literature. He began Trafika<br />

Europe in 2014 after living and working in<br />

Europe as an educator and cultural journalist.<br />

Since then, he has curated a community<br />

of authors, translators, and likeminded<br />

individuals to share European literature in<br />

English translation. We intend on continuing<br />

the project to continue Andrew’s legacy<br />

and we appreciate any patience as many<br />

of us transition into new roles with new<br />

responsibilities. Andrew graced us all with<br />

his writing, art, and his love of literature. He<br />

began Trafika Europe in 2014 after living<br />

and working in Europe as an educator and<br />

cultural journalist. Since then, he has curated<br />

a community of authors, translators, and<br />

likeminded individuals to share European<br />

literature in English translation. We intend on<br />

continuing the project to continue Andrew’s<br />

legacy and we appreciate any patience as<br />

many of us transition into new roles with new<br />

responsibilities.”<br />

Although we never met in person, I had been<br />

poetically conspiring with Andrew for over 3<br />

years, through the podcast, which aired on<br />

Trafika Europe Radio, and through the Poetic<br />

Phonotheque, which now contains his voice<br />

as part of its collection, as well as a selection of<br />

poetry films by Trafika Europe of other poets,<br />

and lastly, of course, through experimental<br />

poetry, with an unaccomplished dream of<br />

collaborating with my music and his works.<br />

Something in the heart slowly shatters every<br />

time one of our worldthreaders goes, but I am<br />

comforted in knowing that his hard work, his<br />

efforts to connect our communities, and his<br />

love for poetry and audiovisual experiences<br />

will keep on shining in the hearts of all of us<br />

who crossed paths with him.<br />

Andrew, it has been a pleasure weaving<br />

projects and ideas with you.<br />

Listen to Andrew’s full <strong>Red</strong> Transmissions<br />

episode here:<br />

https://redtransmissions.libsyn.com/trafikaeurope-research<br />

-Madam Neverstop.<br />

Right: Cat at a window by Andrew Singer.



A combination of photography exhibition and<br />

installation, Karl Larsson is our current guest artist,<br />

visiting us from Gothenburg, and bringing along his<br />

fantastic project PUUT. An artist’ books library, where<br />

he collaborates with various artists and poets, as well<br />

as includes his own photography work, to create<br />

limited edition art books... all available in his library.<br />

How does it work? Well, once you arrive to the gallery<br />

you can sign up for your very own library card, and<br />

take advantage of PUUT’s take over by borrowing<br />

books as often as you choose.<br />

The typewriter? It’s our way of pushing this project<br />

forward, ensuring that those “late return notices” look<br />

as beautiful as all his other creations.<br />

August 7 - 12 at <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> Copenhagen.<br />



The PUUT library and <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong><br />

invite you to a small festival! Enjoy<br />

the Saturday with readings from<br />

poets and experimental music.<br />

Participating artists:<br />

Lalo Barrubia, Kim Elfving, Jonas<br />

Svensson, Johan Holmlund,<br />

Christer Boberg, Aleisa Ribalta<br />

Guzmán, Två män i en dambob,<br />

Joakim Becker, Pablo Saborío,<br />

Magnus Grehn (more TBA)<br />

August 12 at <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong><br />

Copenhagen.<br />


These works look into the process<br />

of (dis)identification through which<br />

the body distances itself from<br />

the language and categorization<br />

that has been assigned to it. Zara<br />

Asgher and Laura Hasanen are<br />

visual artists and art educators<br />

based in Helsinki, Finland.<br />

August 18 - 25 at <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong><br />

Copenhagen.<br />

Dreamy images, evocative stories,<br />

memories, inner journeys.<br />

<strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> opens the doors to<br />

the pop-up exhibit and book<br />

presentation by Italian artist<br />

Ughetta Dalimonti.<br />

Sept 1 - 2 at <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong><br />

Copenhagen.<br />

VIEW POINT presents paintings<br />

that play with the divergent<br />

positions of the observer and<br />

the observed. Some motifs show<br />

actual places, maybe touristic<br />

spots we might have visited. Others<br />

depict faces and eyes that gaze<br />

into nothingness or look directly at<br />

the viewer.<br />

SEPT 23 - 30 at <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong><br />

Copenhagen.<br />


The Appearance<br />

of the Unpredictable<br />

030<br />

In Mexico there is a phenomenon that<br />

can be summarized in Peso Pluma. The<br />

intellectual world shrieked and society<br />

mobilized. Our ignorance and our<br />

devotion to drugs and money were laid<br />

bare. My first impulse was to condemn...<br />

the second, to listen to the songs and,<br />

little by little, to understand the rivers from<br />

which this boy drew water. He was born<br />

in Jalisco, his maternal family comes from<br />

Culiacán.<br />

Then I remembered the first meetings of<br />

poets and intellectuals in which I saw with<br />

amazement the drugs. This guy openly<br />

promotes narcoculture and consumption...<br />

Is consuming them while reading<br />

Baudelaire or E. M. Cioran different from<br />

doing it while singing a corrido? Maybe<br />

the body does not generate dependence<br />

if they are used while reading philosophy<br />

or poetry, but what kind of deals have<br />

to happen to make the crystal more<br />

affordable or to take a gram to the nose?<br />

You know what the price is and how much<br />

blood has to flow.<br />

The cult to money and frivolity is an old<br />

deal among the societies of capitalist<br />

criminal consumption. What is curious<br />

is that we find it unpredictable. We are<br />

astonished that the majority of the world<br />

chants this music. They refuse to look at<br />

the plants they have painstakingly sown<br />

and cultivated.<br />

Peso Pluma reached the global number<br />

one spot on Spotify. They have tried to<br />

silence it: a boy from Coahuila committed<br />

suicide because his stepfather would not<br />

allow him to listen to corridos belicones<br />

in this country of the disappeared, of<br />

surgeries of buttocks and tits...<br />

The main consumers of these operations<br />

are the so-called buchonas, who are the<br />

companions of the distributors... men<br />

and women who had no choice but to<br />

migrate “to the other side” or starve to<br />

death. And how can the cartel owners not<br />

become heroes if they have been the only<br />

alternative to “get their families or entire<br />

towns out of poverty”?

In a country where the distribution of<br />

wealth is ignominious, where corruption is<br />

the bottle with which the offspring are fed<br />

from birth to death, where opportunities<br />

sound farther away than dying... Of course<br />

they risk living by the skin of their teeth;<br />

let’s say they have no choice in a world<br />

where everyone wants to be accepted,<br />

and dreams of validation.<br />

In Mexico, 40% of the population does<br />

not have the minimum resources to feed<br />

itself. Studying without eating does not<br />

sound attractive. The reading index in<br />

Mexico ranks 107th out of 108, according<br />

to UNESCO. Books or reading devices are<br />

not accessible; on the other hand, high<br />

caliber weapons sound more attractive.<br />

Feminicides, the patriarchal phenomenon<br />

in this country, is redundant: there is no<br />

need to mention the visible. The cult<br />

of drugs, of money, of easy fame, is a<br />

worldwide phenomenon.<br />

A 23 year old boy is convicted for singing<br />

misogynistic lyrics promoting drug<br />

distribution and consumption. Either this<br />

is a very hypocritical world or it is time to<br />

see what we are doing with this world.<br />


Jalisco, México, 2023<br />



“We are a collage of our<br />

interests, our influences,<br />

our inspirations, all the<br />

fragmentary impressions<br />

we’ve collected by being<br />

alive and awake to the<br />

world. Who we “are” is<br />

simply a finely curated<br />

catalog of those.”<br />

-Maria Popova<br />

Collages with American pin-up<br />

girls from the 1950s visiting the<br />

masterpieces of visual artists - some<br />

of the finest works of world art over<br />

the millennia.<br />

I think it’s fun to put these together<br />

as the contrast they are and play with<br />

words/idioms in multiple languages<br />

to support the narrative/message of<br />

each image.<br />

032<br />

With a twist of humor, irony, feelings,<br />

truth, atmosphere, exclamation and<br />

sometimes the bizarre .... - which<br />

ends in an expression that might also<br />

speak to you. Working with collage<br />

offers the opportunity to use different<br />

fragments from a reality that we<br />

know - but put together in new and<br />

surprising ways.<br />

For many years I have been<br />

fascinated by collages and the visual<br />

art technique behind them. For all<br />

these years, I have slowly made it a<br />

habit to collect paper materials and<br />

have a huge collection.<br />

I work as a school pedagogue<br />

and I have worked with many<br />

forms of creative expression. I have<br />

always been interested in recycling<br />

and collage is a great way to put<br />

something familiar together in an<br />

unexpected and strange meeting<br />

that can give a new reality.


The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong><br />

Network:<br />

034<br />

<strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> Magazine is a quarterly Arts &<br />

Culture publication meant to document<br />

the work of creators everywhere, as<br />

well as facilitate new conversations on<br />

important matters for our communities<br />

in a local and international way, through<br />

the linking of themes, collaborations,<br />

interviews and hybrid events that can<br />

expand the reach of independent voices<br />

and remarkable projects. <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong><br />

counts with the help of correspondents<br />

in Australia, Mexico, the US and Denmark.<br />

<strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> also functions as a gallery<br />

and independent space in order to serve<br />

as a platform for the same purposes.<br />

In expanding its reach, <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> also<br />

counts with:<br />

-A podcast called the <strong>Red</strong><br />

Transmissions, where creatives,<br />

activists and cultural organizers share<br />

their process, projects and initiatives.<br />

-A Poetic Phonotheque, which serves<br />

as an online collection of poetry in many<br />

languages in the voice of its authors,<br />

created to break the barriers of distance<br />

and facilitate free access to poetry in<br />

households around the world.<br />

-An independent print project called <strong>Red</strong><br />

Press, which focuses on the publication<br />

of poetry (and illustration) in translation.<br />

Bilingual books, handmade, limited<br />

edition books.<br />

-The <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> Gallery located in<br />

the cultural hub of Copenhagen on<br />

Møllegade, Nørrebro, where talks,<br />

workshops, exhibitions, performances<br />

and other events are often on the<br />

calendar, as well as limited edition<br />

books and prints, original art,<br />

miniature books and other art related<br />

products, often with a focus on poetry.<br />

See them also on the online shop:<br />

www.reddoormagazine.com/shop<br />

The Partners:<br />

Litteraturcentrum KVU:<br />

Litteraturcentrum KVU is an<br />

international literary initiative we often<br />

promote as a league of publishers in<br />

Scandinavia. <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> is published<br />

through this collaboration.<br />

Kultivera operates international cultural<br />

programs that are physical, social and<br />

creative; that stimulates and inspires both<br />

the artists and the local community. It is<br />

the organization in charge of the Tranås<br />

Fringe Festival and their curriculum of<br />

activities can be seen on the issues of<br />

the <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> Magazine.<br />

Write4Word: Is a West Wales community<br />

organization with a focus on language<br />

arts. Its director, Dominic Williams, is a<br />

frequent correspondent of <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong>.<br />

La Libélula Vaga: is a spanish literary<br />

magazine published in Sweden<br />

documenting the work of poets all<br />

over the planet, as well as encouraging<br />

translations, talks and other<br />

collaborations.<br />

Keith FM: is a Berlin-based community<br />

radio. <strong>Red</strong> Transmissions Podcast airs<br />

on the 1st Thursday of each month at<br />

15, the 3rd Sunday of each month at 12,<br />

and the last Thursday of each month at<br />

3am (for the early birds or those in other<br />

timezones).<br />

Trafika Europe Research: seeks to help<br />

renew the role of literature in nudging<br />

along the European conversation<br />

in culture, This is done through a<br />

bookshop, a journal, and a radio, where<br />

<strong>Red</strong> Transmissions Podcast is also on<br />

rotation, as well as a selection of its poets<br />

/ musicians.<br />

IMMART is a DK-based non -profit<br />

organisation that strongly believes in<br />

the power of social and professional<br />

networks.<br />

Southnord seeks to help renew the role<br />

of literature and diversify representation<br />

of minorities in the Nordic Region.

There are beautiful things happening<br />

due to the collaborations, partnerships,<br />

ideas and new projects that arise from the<br />

conversations started in these pages and<br />

through the other <strong>Red</strong> <strong>Door</strong> initiatives,<br />

such as the podcast, which has already<br />

celebrated over 30 interviews, or the<br />

phonotheque, which counts with the<br />

voices of over 100 poets around the world...<br />

all of this, including the digital version of<br />

the magazine, are free to ensure access to<br />

information wherever you are in the planet.<br />

However, these projects are indeed time<br />

consuming and not free, especially since<br />

it is necessary to pay to remove the ads so<br />

that you are not distracted and can have<br />

a fully immersive artistic experience when<br />

enjoying this magazine and the RED DOOR<br />

website.<br />

Eternal gratitude to the current patrons of<br />

this magazine:<br />

Andreas Frostholm, Michael Favala<br />

Goldman, Dominic Williams, Nanda Arias,<br />

Juan Pablo Salas, Sergio Guzman, Malene<br />

Boeck Thorborg, Juana M. Ramos, Melanie<br />

Perry, Ulla Hansen, Crox Pow, Jaider Torres,<br />

Valeria Schapira, Dharma Agustina, Melissa<br />

Albers, Anders Hansen, David S. Miller, and<br />

you, who are reading this.<br />

There’s costs for hosting and printing<br />

and domains and publishing... and<br />

for now, ONE certain way to show<br />

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WIth a membership starting at 3 EU a<br />

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www.patreon.com/madamneverstop<br />

Love and poetry always,<br />

Madam Neverstop<br />




SUMMER 2023<br />

036<br />


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