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DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 1<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

WINTER<br />

DINING<br />


2 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Healthier habits on a budget this new year<br />

Statepoint<br />

This new year, creating healthier habits<br />

can be easy and affordable with proper<br />

planning. Whether you’re resolving to<br />

improve your diet, relax your mind or<br />

give back to your community, you can use<br />

these tips from the team at Dollar General<br />

to help you meet your goals.<br />

Food and Fitness<br />

If you are looking to improve your<br />

physical health in the new year, begin<br />

by making slight changes to your eating<br />

and fitness habits to aid long-term<br />

consistency. For example, use healthier<br />

alternatives in your favorite meals. Dollar<br />

General’s Better For You recipes provide<br />

healthier and affordable options for<br />

breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert.<br />

Additionally, consider setting daily<br />

exercise goals, such as taking a morning<br />

walk or squeezing in a 30-minute strength<br />

training session during lunch. Workouts<br />

don’t have to take a long time to increase<br />

your energy and stamina.<br />

Nourishing the Mind<br />

Taking steps to care for your mental<br />

health can help decrease stress and<br />

improve your mood. Proper rest each<br />

night is fundamental. Work toward<br />

maintaining a consistent sleep schedule<br />

that includes waking up and going to bed<br />

at the same time. Next, find an outlet to<br />

express daily thoughts, such as updating<br />

a journal each night before bed. Finally,<br />

create time to practice enjoyable hobbies<br />

such as a playing in a sports league,<br />

crafting or reading.<br />

Community Care<br />

Getting involved in your community<br />

can be a healthy habit that benefits your<br />

and others’ well-being. To get started,<br />

research local nonprofit organizations and<br />

choose one that connect to your values.<br />

Consider donating time, funds or products<br />

to help build strong relationships with<br />

neighbors and make a positive difference.<br />

Through implementing these smart and<br />

affordable resolution ideas and strategies,<br />

you can help maintain a healthier lifestyle<br />

and improve your wellbeing.<br />


2B Wilson Road, Nahant, 01908<br />

www.tidesnahant.com<br />

781-593-7500,<br />

Ext. 1 for Takeout & Gift Card<br />

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Ext. 2 for Reservations<br />

Open Wednesday - Sunday.<br />

While we always welcome walk-ins,<br />

we strongly recommend calling for<br />

reservations.<br />

Reservations start at 11:30 AM.<br />

Last reservation is at 8PM.<br />



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DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 3<br />

Statepoint<br />

The holidays, a time for gratitude<br />

and celebration, can be particularly<br />

challenging for those living with dietary<br />

restrictions.<br />

A recent national survey<br />

commissioned by Amy’s Kitchen and<br />

conducted by Atomik Research showed<br />

that more than 32% of households live<br />

with someone with a dietary restriction.<br />

Whether you’re following a gluten-free,<br />

dairy-free or plant-based diet, or feeding<br />

someone who does, there’s no need to<br />

miss out on the joy of a flavorful holiday<br />

feast. With a little guidance, you can<br />

not only survive the holiday season but<br />

truly savor it without sacrificing holiday<br />

classics.<br />

Explore these holiday-inspired recipes<br />

that cater to various dietary preferences<br />

from the culinary team at Amy’s Kitchen,<br />

a brand known for its dedication to<br />

inclusivity and accommodating a variety<br />

of dietary lifestyles.<br />

Embracing dietary diversity at your<br />

holiday table: A flavorful feast for all<br />

Lentil Shepard’s Pie with<br />

an Amy’s Kitchen Twist<br />

Shepherd’s pie is a classic holiday<br />

favorite, and this redesigned modern<br />

version is vegan and gluten free.<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 1 can Amy’s Organic Lentil<br />

Vegetable Soup<br />

• 2 cups sprouted lentils, cooked<br />

• 3 medium Yukon gold potatoes,<br />

cooked with skin on<br />

• 1/2 cup almond milk<br />

• 2 teaspoons vegan butter<br />

• 1/2 cup leeks, shaved<br />

• 1/2 cup Brussels sprouts, shaved<br />

• 2 tablespoons olive oil<br />

• Salt and pepper, to taste<br />

Directions:<br />

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.<br />

Warm one can of Amy’s Organic Lentil<br />

Vegetable Soup with sprouted lentils<br />

in a saucepan over medium heat for<br />

8-10 minutes. In a separate pan, mash<br />

potatoes with almond milk and vegan<br />

butter, seasoning with salt and pepper.<br />

Sauté leeks and Brussels sprouts in olive<br />

oil until slightly crispy, seasoning with<br />

salt and pepper. Layer soup mixture at<br />

the bottom of a baking dish, top with<br />

mashed potatoes, and finish with sautéed<br />

leeks and Brussels sprouts. Bake for 5-7<br />

minutes and serve immediately.<br />

Amy’s Kitchen offers a wide array<br />

of holiday recipes to help you create<br />

a delicious, inclusive and memorable<br />

celebration. Find more holiday-inspired<br />

dishes and ideas at: amys.com/eatingwell/recipes.<br />

While accommodating dietary<br />

restrictions and lifestyles can seem<br />

tricky, easy tweaks on classic recipes<br />

means you can host your holiday feast<br />

without sacrificing taste and tradition.<br />


4 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />


Hand-Crafted Fruit Platters and Snack Bundles<br />

Enjoyable treats and gifts for<br />

the holidays and every celebration<br />


On all future orders<br />

Same day delivery $9.99<br />

gifts and treats<br />

edible.com<br />

OPEN<br />


EVE TILL 5PM<br />

Peabody, MA | 637 Lowell St. (Big Y Plaza) | 978-536-7010<br />

Lynn, MA | 919 Lynnfield St. (Goodwin Circle) | 781-593-1888<br />

*Cannot be combined with any other offer. Restrictions may apply. See store for details. Edible ® ,<br />

Edible Arrangements, the Fruit Basket Logo, and other marks mentioned herein are registered<br />

trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. © All rights reserved.<br />

How to host the<br />

holidays affordably<br />

Statepoint<br />

From getting your home ready for<br />

guests and finding the perfect gifts to<br />

preparing a delicious meal, the holidays<br />

can seem overwhelming and expensive<br />

– but they don’t have to be. Take the<br />

following steps to save time and money<br />

on seasonal essentials.<br />

Prepping Your Home<br />

To get your home ready for holiday<br />

hosting, begin by decluttering surface<br />

areas such as tables and kitchen counters.<br />

Next, take an inventory and purchase any<br />

additional cleaning supplies you’ll need<br />

for a deep clean. Remember, air care<br />

products like festive candles or sprays can<br />

freshen cleaned spaces. Next, decorate by<br />

sprinkling different holiday décor pieces<br />

in the rooms’ focal points. For example,<br />

add themed table settings in the dining<br />

room and wrap holiday garland around<br />

fixtures such as the fireplace mantle or<br />

staircase.<br />

Making the Menu<br />

Food is a unifying component of<br />

any holiday celebration. To get started,<br />

set a menu that consists of a variety of<br />

appetizers, light snacks, side dishes,<br />

entrees and desserts to accommodate<br />


guests’ cravings and preferences.<br />

Consider using healthier variations of the<br />

season’s comforting and tasty dishes with<br />

DG Better For You recipes, which include<br />

Potato Crusted Chicken and Green Bean<br />

Casserole. Before heading to the store,<br />

write your grocery list in advance and<br />

make a plan to purchase private brand<br />

products to stretch your budget further.<br />

Gift <strong>Guide</strong><br />

Shopping for the perfect gift for<br />

everyone on your list can be easy when<br />

using DG’s holiday gift guide found at<br />

dollargeneral.com. Consider placing three<br />

self-care products such as soap, a face<br />

mask and a bath bomb into a decorative<br />

basket with tissue paper to shine on<br />

presentation. To have children of all ages<br />

jumping for joy, save on national toy<br />

brands at your local Dollar General such<br />

as Melissa & Doug, LEGO, Fisher-Price,<br />

Play Doh, Barbie, Pokémon, L.O.L.<br />

Surprise!, ZURU 5 Surprise and more.<br />

For additional savings, use DG’s app<br />

for digital coupons and weekly ads with<br />

new sales and promotions.<br />

By planning ahead, you can celebrate<br />

this season in style and within budget,<br />

giving you more time to create lasting<br />

memories with friends and family!

DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 5<br />

31 Lynnfield Street, Peabody<br />

978-531-9730<br />

Sun. - Thurs. 11 - 9 p.m.<br />

Fri. - Sat. 11 - 10 p.m.<br />

thewardhurst.com<br />

A North Shore tradition<br />

for over 50 years!<br />

Gift Certificates<br />

Always a Great Gift Idea<br />

House Cut<br />

• Prime Rib<br />

• Steak • Steak Tips<br />

Fresh Seafood and of course<br />

our famous Fried Chicken<br />

Private function room<br />

for groups of up to 55 people<br />

Perfect for your next event<br />


6 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Give your holiday guests ‘pumpkin’ to talk about<br />

Statepoint<br />

Nothing evokes the spirit of<br />

the holidays more powerfully<br />

than the hearty aroma of seasonal<br />

dishes and treats.<br />

To help you share in the<br />

joy, nostalgia and tastes of the<br />

season, while making meaningful<br />

new memories, the McCormick<br />

brand is putting twists on<br />

classic favorites with its recent<br />

release of a limited-edition<br />

collection of holiday-themed<br />

doughnut bites in partnership<br />

with Dough Doughnuts. As<br />

part of this reinvention of<br />

classic holiday dishes, they’re<br />

sharing their Pumpkin Pie<br />

Spice Doughnut recipe inspired<br />

by the collection, so you<br />

can give guests “pumpkin”<br />

to talk about. Incorporating<br />

McCormick Pumpkin Pie Spice<br />

into the dough and filling,<br />

these homemade doughnuts are<br />

topped with a pumpkin glaze and<br />

mouthwatering cinnamon pecan<br />

streusel for an extra-sweet finish.<br />

Prep Time: 20 minutes<br />

Cook Time: 25 minutes<br />

Servings: 24<br />

Ingredients:<br />

Dough:<br />

• 3 cups all-purpose flour<br />

• 1/3 cup sugar<br />

• 1/2 teaspoon salt<br />

• 2 teaspoons instant yeast<br />

• 1 tablespoon McCormick<br />

Pumpkin Pie Spice<br />

• 1 egg<br />

• 3/4 cup milk<br />

• 4 tablespoons butter, melted<br />

• 1 teaspoon McCormick All<br />

Natural Pure Vanilla Extract<br />

• 6 cups peanut oil or vegetable<br />

shortening, for frying<br />

Filling:<br />

• 1 cup pumpkin puree<br />

• 1/2 cup canned vanilla frosting<br />

• 1 teaspoon McCormick<br />

Pumpkin Pie Spice<br />

• 1/8 teaspoon salt<br />

Glaze:<br />

• 3 tablespoons pumpkin puree<br />

• 2 cups confectioners’ sugar<br />

• 1 tablespoon water<br />

Topping:<br />

• 1 cup finely chopped pecans<br />

• 2 tablespoons light brown sugar<br />

• 1 teaspoon McCormick Ground<br />

Cinnamon<br />

Instructions:<br />

1. For the dough, whisk flour,<br />

sugar, salt, yeast and pumpkin<br />

pie spice in a large bowl. In a<br />

separate bowl, whisk egg, milk,<br />

melted butter and vanilla. Add<br />

wet ingredients to flour mixture,<br />

mixing until dough comes<br />

together. Mix until well blended<br />

and dough begins to pull away<br />

from bowl. Cover with plastic<br />

wrap and let rest 5 minutes. Turn<br />

dough out onto lightly-floured<br />

surface. Knead 6 to 8 minutes<br />

until dough forms a smooth, soft<br />

ball. (Or use stand mixer on low<br />

speed 6-8 minutes.)<br />

2. Spray large bowl with<br />

no-stick cooking spray. Place<br />

dough ball in bowl. Spray lightly<br />

with no-stick cooking spray.<br />

Cover with plastic wrap. Store<br />

in warm, draft-free place to rise<br />

until doubled in size, about 1.5-2<br />

hours.<br />

3. Meanwhile, whisk all<br />

filling ingredients in medium<br />

bowl until well blended. Transfer<br />

to piping bag fitted with small<br />

tip. Refrigerate until ready to fill<br />

doughnuts.<br />

4. Whisk all glaze ingredients<br />

in small bowl until smooth; set<br />

aside. Mix all topping ingredients<br />

in separate small bowl; set aside.<br />

5. Once dough has doubled in<br />

size, transfer to lightly-floured<br />

surface. Knead 2 minutes to<br />

work out large air bubbles,<br />

sprinkling with additional flour<br />

as needed if dough is sticky.<br />

Roll out dough into large circle,<br />

about 1/2-inch thick. Cut out<br />

doughnut shapes using a 2-inch<br />

round cutter, re-rolling scraps<br />

as needed. Place doughnuts on<br />

lightly-floured rimmed baking<br />

sheet. Spray plastic wrap with<br />

no-stick cooking spray and cover<br />

doughnuts. Return doughnuts to a<br />

warm, draft-free place to rise 30<br />

minutes to 1 hour, or until dough<br />

is proofed and puffy.<br />

6. Meanwhile, fill large, deep<br />

skillet with 2 inches of oil. Heat<br />

to 350 degrees F. Working in<br />

batches of four to six, carefully<br />

place doughnuts in hot oil. Fry<br />


2 minutes per side, until golden<br />

brown and puffed. Remove with<br />

tongs or slotted spoon; place<br />

on wire rack lined with paper<br />

towels. Cool completely.<br />

7. Poke a hole in the side of<br />

each doughnut, using a wooden<br />

skewer or small paring knife,<br />

being careful not to poke all<br />

the way through. Pipe filling<br />

into opening, dividing evenly<br />

among doughnuts. Dip top<br />

of each doughnut in glaze,<br />

allowing excess to drip off,<br />

then immediately dip in pecan<br />

topping. Turn right side up and<br />

place on wire rack to set. Serve<br />

immediately.<br />

This holiday season, let<br />

flavor and spice bring family and<br />

friends together, and transform<br />

your ordinary moments into<br />

extraordinary memories.

DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 7<br />

Marco’s Italian Pizzeria<br />

For the lovers of Authentic Italian Pizza!!<br />

Take out or Delivery<br />

marcositalianpizzeria.com<br />

978-304-0652<br />

119 South Main St.<br />


8 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Capone’s reaches three decades in Peabody<br />

By Benjamin Pierce<br />

Essex Media Group Staff<br />

When it comes to his family business, Chris Pescione<br />

emphasizes the former over the latter.<br />

Friday, Nov. 24 marked the 30th anniversary of<br />

Capone’s Restaurant and Lounge on Summit Street. The<br />

eatery was founded by Pat and Judy Pescione in 1993.<br />

Chris Pescione’s father and stepmother each had their<br />

own restaurant experience prior to launching Capone’s,<br />

including operating both Portofino’s and Pescione’s<br />

Kitchen in Malden. They quickly made Capone’s their<br />

priority in creating what they felt was a concept rare to<br />

the area: Italian food and live music.<br />

“We’re one of the few places — and the only place<br />

that has been doing it this long — where you can come<br />

out on a weekend night, see a band, eat some good food.<br />

We’ve got all these generations of restaurant experience<br />

behind us. To combine those two things is unique,” Chris<br />

Pescione said.<br />

He added that the building itself also adds to the<br />

venue’s unique features, as it already had a history of live<br />

music and entertainment before Capone’s was established.<br />

“It’s been a few different things,” Pescione explained.<br />

“It was the Summit Club, Lady Bug, and the OK Corral.”<br />

The restaurant’s name originates from Pat Pescione’s<br />

sister, who married someone with the last name Capone.<br />

“Obviously it was more to go with the theme,” Chris<br />

Pescione said.<br />

Chris Pescione is grateful that his restaurant survived<br />

during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and credits<br />

his loyal staff and customer base for keeping the business<br />

afloat during a time when hundreds of thousands of<br />

restaurants closed their doors for good.<br />

“We have had the same crew for so many years,” Chris<br />

Pescione said. “The cooks have all been here… It’s like<br />

a family here, it really is. From ownership right to the<br />

staff.”<br />

He added that ownership and employee tenure are not<br />

the only things that extend across generations.<br />

“People who came here with their kids, those kids are<br />

now coming here with their kids,” Chris Pescione said.<br />

Andrea Caggiano and Lisa Levy are two of the<br />

“family” members who have worked at Capone’s since<br />

the beginning, and echoed that the close relationships are<br />

what has kept them from wanting to work anywhere else.<br />

“This place is very special, we’re like a work family,”<br />

Levy said. “It’s just good people that work here. The<br />

owner, Chris, is so great to work for and that’s why I’ve<br />

been here for so long.”<br />

Mary Ann Berube has been a regular at Capone’s since<br />

day one, and loves coming whether she is with her family<br />

or on her own.<br />

“I don’t know why she keeps coming back, we treat<br />

her terrible,” Chris Pescione joked.<br />

Berube responded by saying she would be insulted if<br />

Chris Pescione did not “bust her chops.”<br />

Chris Pescione plans on having an official anniversary<br />

celebration after the holiday season, as well as various<br />

giveaways, specials, and promotions throughout 2024 in<br />

honor of the occasion.<br />

Capone’s is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.<br />


General manager of Capone’s in Peabody Christopher Pescione sits at the bar before opening the restaurant.

DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 9<br />

Welcome to Capone’s<br />

the North Shore's ONLY destination for dining and dancing<br />

that combines over 30 years of restaurant and entertainment experience.<br />



$18.95 p.p.<br />

LIVE<br />





AT $11.95<br />

We also have live entertainment every weekend. Please join us for your dining and dancing pleasure.<br />

Stop by today for a great meal, a drink, or dance the night away to live music in our Speakeasy.<br />

ONLINE<br />


147 SUMMIT ST., PEABODY • 978-977-0520 • CAPONESDINING.COM<br />


10 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Upgrade their kitchen with these holiday gift ideas<br />

Statepoint<br />

The holiday season is the<br />

perfect time of year to upgrade<br />

the kitchens of home chefs with<br />

the latest tech and tools. Here are<br />

three cool holiday gift ideas that<br />

will elevate the way your loved<br />

ones cook, host and clean up.<br />

Smarter Composting<br />

According to a recent report,<br />

the United States discards more<br />

food than any other country<br />

in the world, equating to 325<br />

pounds of waste per person<br />

annually, with nearly half<br />

this waste generated in home<br />

kitchens. Whether you’re<br />

shopping for someone living<br />

in a region with mandatory<br />

composting or simply someone<br />

striving to be more sustainable<br />

at home, you can now gift them<br />

an effective solution to this<br />

issue.<br />

While many people are<br />

aware of the environmental<br />

benefits of composting, such<br />

as reducing food waste,<br />

diverting trash from landfills<br />

and enriching garden soil,<br />

composting has also garnered<br />

a reputation for being timeconsuming,<br />

messy and emitting<br />

unpleasant odors. Fortunately,<br />

new technology is addressing<br />

these challenges, making<br />

composting a convenient, clean<br />

and odor-free process for any<br />

household kitchen.<br />

The Thinkware Bluevent<br />

Mumu is the world’s first AIpowered<br />

smart food composter<br />

to use a new cutting-edge<br />

Metal Organic Framework<br />

(MOF) to block and inhibit<br />

the propagation of fungi to<br />

ensure clean and harmless use.<br />

Smart technology automatically<br />

measures food waste by<br />

weight then automates the<br />

disposal process accordingly.<br />

Additionally, AI storage<br />

automatically monitors food<br />

temperature and humidity to<br />

prevent spoilage. In summary,<br />

it eliminates the need for<br />

guesswork, leading to more<br />

successful composting. With<br />

a powerful, triple-activated<br />

carbon eco filter, this 4-liter<br />

capacity composter is odorless<br />

and whisper-quiet at just 20<br />

decibels. It is now available at<br />

Amazon.com, Walmart.com,<br />

eBay.com, Newegg.com and<br />

Thinkwarestore.com.<br />

Sparkling Water on Demand<br />

One million plastic bottles<br />

are purchased every minute,<br />

according to Giving Compass.<br />

Unfortunately, the majority of<br />

them never get recycled. Help<br />

your loved one reduce their own<br />

contribution to this growing<br />

problem and bestow upon them<br />

an endless supply of carbonated<br />

beverages with a sparkling<br />

water maker. With a slim<br />

countertop profile, they’ll be<br />

able to transform tap water into<br />

seltzer in just few easy steps.<br />

This gift is great for mixologists<br />

who love to make and batch<br />

fizzy mocktails and cocktails for<br />

parties, as well as anyone with a<br />

thirst for reducing plastic waste.<br />

Precision Cooking<br />

Today’s kitchen scales don’t<br />

just simply weigh ingredients<br />

for precision cooking and<br />

baking, they also connect to<br />

smartphone apps for real-time<br />

nutritional analysis, recipe<br />

inspiration and instruction, and<br />

more. The best models ping<br />

the user’s device when they’ve<br />

added the correct amount of a<br />

given ingredient, easily toggle<br />

between different units of<br />

measurement, and allow users<br />

to save and share recipes via the<br />

app. This makes for a great gift<br />

for beginner cooks who want<br />

to get a feel for measurements,<br />

expert bakers looking for better<br />

results, those focused on portion<br />

control in the New Year, and<br />

anyone looking to optimize<br />

food prep.<br />

By putting game-changing<br />

smart kitchen appliances at the<br />

top of your holiday shopping<br />

list, you can brighten the season<br />

for home chefs.<br />


DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 11<br />

Route 114 • Peabody • 978-531-1410<br />


Never Expires • Any Denomination • No Hidden Charges<br />

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner<br />

Take-Out • Off Premise Catering • Epicurean Shop<br />

Unexcelled Food & Spirits at Affordable Prices<br />

Order online at www.centuryhousepeabody.com<br />

PHONE ORDERS Mon-Fri 8am-4pm | 978-531-1410<br />


978-531-1410<br />

A great solution for busy people<br />

who love great food!<br />

Holiday Favorites ~ Hors D’ Ocuvres<br />

Cheddar Cheese Spread ~ Pecan Rolls<br />

Kidney Bean Relish<br />

EPICUREAN SHOPPE • Route 114, Peabody • 978-531-1638<br />

Online ordering now available for Take-Out and<br />

Epicurean Shoppe at www.centuryhousepeabody.com

12 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Give the gift of better mornings this holiday season<br />

Statepoint<br />

The holiday season is the perfect time<br />

to show your friends and family you care<br />

about their well-being. And what better<br />

way to do that than with the gift of better<br />

mornings? From stay-at-home parents to<br />

nine-to-fivers, here are three gift ideas that<br />

will improve the early hours of their day.<br />

1. Rise and shine: A morning is only as<br />

good as the night of sleep that preceded<br />

it. With a Restore device from Hatch,<br />

included wind down routines, soothing<br />

music, guided sleep exercises and sleep<br />

stories and sounds, can make falling<br />

and staying asleep easier at night. In the<br />

morning, an alarm light with 22 different<br />

colors makes for a gentler, individualized<br />

wake-up call, setting the tone for a<br />

peaceful and productive day.<br />

2. The perfect cup of coffee: Those<br />

who like to linger over their morning cup<br />

of joe, or those who easily get distracted<br />

mid-cup by work tasks, meetings or<br />

parenting duties, know all too well that a<br />

great cup of coffee can lose its steam by<br />

the time it’s able to be enjoyed. Now, there<br />

is a solution for keeping one’s favorite<br />

hot beverage the perfect temperature --<br />

from first sip to last. Nextmug, a ceramic,<br />

temperature-controlled, self-heating mug,<br />

maintains an individual’s beverage at<br />

their ideal temperature for hours. This<br />

eliminates trips to the microwave to reheat<br />

cold coffee, and means that whether one<br />

is stuck in an in-person meeting or a video<br />

call, their beverage will stay the right<br />

temperature the entire time. With three<br />

settings, Warm (130 degrees), Hot (140<br />

degrees) and Piping (150 degrees), there is<br />

room to customize one’s drink and enjoy it<br />

for hours. Ideal for home, the office or the<br />

home office, you can brighten and improve<br />

mornings, wherever they take place. To<br />

learn more, visit nextmug.com.<br />

3. Jazz up the shower: Take shower<br />

time to new heights by letting your<br />

loved one bring their favorite audio<br />


entertainment in there with them, be it<br />

an intellectually stimulating podcast that<br />

broadens their horizons or their favorite<br />

pop tunes. For students, this gift could<br />

even improve their academic success.<br />

With so many textbooks now available as<br />

audio recordings, shower time can become<br />

an opportunity to creatively squeeze in a<br />

study session and brush up on the latest<br />

material. Just make sure the speaker is<br />

listed as safe for the shower and that it can<br />

be hung or mounted easily.<br />

This holiday season, brighten your<br />

loved ones’ year ahead with gifts that<br />

make mornings easier, and more joyful<br />

and productive.

DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 13<br />

3 Ways to take the stress out of holiday hosting<br />

Statepoint<br />

The holiday season is one of the best<br />

times of the year! Between cooking,<br />

cleaning and keeping guests entertained,<br />

it can also be pretty demanding on your<br />

time and energy.<br />

In fact, during the holiday season,<br />

adults are five times more likely to say the<br />

level of stress in their life increases rather<br />

than decreases, according to the American<br />

Psychiatric Institute.<br />

This year, make life easier for yourself<br />

with these stress-reducing holiday<br />

entertaining tips:<br />

Meal Prep<br />

Getting ahead on meal prep can<br />

mean more time spent with friends and<br />

family. If you’re tasked with serving a<br />

big holiday meal, prep the main dishes a<br />

day or two ahead of time so you can just<br />

pop them into the oven the day of your<br />

holiday feast. You can also brine and<br />

season turkey, prepare your glaze and<br />

score the ham, chop veggies and pre-mix<br />

salad dressings the night before. Festive<br />

beverages can be batched in advance<br />

so guests can easily serve themselves,<br />

helping you stay calm and collected<br />

during your party. And of course, don’t<br />

feel shy about asking friends and family<br />

to contribute a dish.<br />

Have Dessert Ready<br />

Whether you’re throwing a holiday<br />

bash or expecting overnight guests, you’ll<br />

be the host with the most if you have<br />

delicious desserts on hand. Fortunately,<br />

serving baked goods made with care<br />

and quality ingredients is easier than<br />

you think! Stick with the classics like<br />

Entenmann’s – a 125-year-old brand with<br />

many delicious options to choose from.<br />

Powdered Pop’ettes will satisfy your<br />

guests’ sweet cravings, Pop’ems Glazed<br />

Donut Holes are great for bite-sized<br />

snacking, and Baker’s Delights Mini<br />

Crumb Cake has a rich and delicious<br />

homemade taste. Convenient choices such<br />

as these can keep you prepared for the<br />

night ahead should the doorbell surprise<br />

you with carolers or other visitors. They<br />

can also round out a buffet spread, help<br />

you end a multi-course feast on a sweet<br />

note or simplify breakfast for overnight<br />

guests. All you’ll need to do is put the<br />

coffee on!<br />

Plan a Game Night<br />

If your overnight guests will be<br />

spending more than a night or two at<br />

your home, you can keep them happy<br />

and entertained with some activities that<br />

require very little planning but are a lot<br />

of fun. For example, you can organize<br />

a game night, which is a nice way to<br />

maximize your time together. Pick a few<br />

games that are well-suited for the size<br />

of the crowd and the age of the players.<br />

Remember, the best choices for a party<br />

are games that inspire conversations,<br />

teamwork and creativity. Or plan a movie<br />

marathon, picking some holiday themed<br />

crowd favorites in advance. You can<br />

simplify feeding your guests during these<br />

low-key activities by putting out some<br />

finger foods like crudité, popcorn, pretzels<br />

and donut holes.<br />

With a few tips and strategies, you<br />

can ensure holiday entertaining goes as<br />

smoothly as possible.<br />


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14 ESSEX MEDIA GROUP DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong><br />

Statepoint<br />

Putting together a holiday feast is no<br />

easy feat. Anyone who has prepared a<br />

multi-course meal knows just how difficult<br />

it can be to time everything properly, and<br />

to find storage and cooking space for each<br />

component of the meal. However, with<br />

the following kitchen update ideas, your<br />

preparations can be seamless and stressfree.<br />

A Two-Zone Air Fryer<br />

Elevate holiday hosting: Kitchen<br />

upgrades for effortless entertaining<br />

Love your air fryer? There’s good<br />

news. New innovative two-zone air fryer<br />

models offer twice the functionality,<br />

versatility and convenience of traditional<br />

air fryers within a small footprint.<br />

Using the Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air<br />

Fryer Oven, you can prepare two fully<br />

independent meals, or a meal and side<br />

dish, simultaneously. The top portion has<br />

a 6-quart air frying basket that is large<br />

enough to cook a whole 6-pound chicken,<br />

while the bottom 5-quart traditional<br />

toaster oven is large enough to cook a<br />

9-inch pizza. Use its Sync Finish feature<br />

to automatically align cooking times so<br />

that all your dishes are ready to serve at<br />

precisely the same time. No more cold<br />

mashed potatoes!<br />

Occupying only about two-thirds<br />

the counter space of both a traditional<br />

single-basket air fryer and toaster oven,<br />

you can air fry, bake, grill, roast, and<br />

keep items warm with one appliance, and<br />

still have room for all your other kitchen<br />

activities. Also, Wi-Fi capabilities through<br />

the SmartHome app allow for voiceactivated<br />

control and the execution of<br />

pre-programmed smart recipes for flawless<br />

meal prep.<br />

A Versatile Faucet<br />

Still working with a standard faucet?<br />

Think about upgrading to a more versatile<br />

model that includes such special features<br />

as a pull-down sprayer for targeted rinsing<br />

of large pots and pans, and touchless<br />

operation for the elimination of messes,<br />

smudges, cross-contamination and other<br />

hazards and irritations that come with<br />

cooking and baking. Whether you’re<br />

prepping the holiday bird or kneading the<br />

pie dough, there are times when it’s best<br />

not to touch anything, including the handle<br />

of the faucet. Some of today’s models<br />

even offer LED color changes to indicate<br />

the water temperature, so you don’t get<br />

burned by the wrong faucet choice.<br />

A Better Fridge<br />

If organizing your fridge during<br />

holiday hosting feels like a game of Tetris,<br />

it may be time to upgrade. Boasting 29.3<br />

cubic feet of storage space, the Midea<br />

MRF29D6AST Standard Depth French<br />

Door Refrigerator with Dual Ice Maker<br />

could become your ultimate holiday helper<br />

this year, making room for all the festive<br />

favorites, from turkey to pie.<br />

Its Click & Glide door bin effortlessly<br />

accommodates beverage bottles without<br />

any shelf reshuffling, and the dual ice<br />

maker in the refrigerator and freezer<br />

ensures up to 8 pounds of ice daily,<br />

keeping drinks chilled and guests<br />

refreshed. Drink fresher water with the<br />

instant water filtration technology, which<br />

filters drinking water as it dispenses it,<br />

as opposed to allowing filtered water to<br />


stagnate in a tank.<br />

Finally, Wi-Fi and Voice Control mean<br />

you can receive real-time alerts, and adjust<br />

temperature settings remotely, without<br />

needing to open the refrigerator doors,<br />

keeping ingredients as fresh as possible.<br />

Holidays spent with loved ones<br />

should be a reprieve from day-to-day<br />

responsibilities, not another item on your<br />

to-do list. Fortunately, there are many<br />

solutions and upgrades to make the season<br />

the most wonderful time of the year for<br />

holiday hosts and home cooks, too.

DINING GUIDE WINTER <strong>2023</strong> ESSEX MEDIA GROUP 15<br />

Reduce stress and promote happiness with this holiday gift guide<br />

Statepoint<br />

Mental health is a critical part of<br />

overall wellness. And this holiday season,<br />

you can support the well-being of your<br />

loved ones with thoughtful gift-giving.<br />

From stocking stuffers to big reveal items,<br />

use this gift guide below to put a smile on<br />

the face of loved ones:<br />

• Bath bombs: Bath bombs can be<br />

used to create a spa-like environment at<br />

home and are a great choice for anyone<br />

who needs a gentle reminder to unwind.<br />

Be sure to select bath bombs made from<br />

such calming ingredients as lavender,<br />

bergamot and ylang-ylang for an added<br />

aromatherapy boost.<br />

• A weighted blanket: Over 40 million<br />

people in the United States have longterm,<br />

chronic sleep disorders. Sleep<br />

deprivation is not only often caused by<br />

poor mental health, it can also exacerbate<br />

issues like anxiety and depression. Help<br />

your gift recipient get higher quality<br />

sleep with a weighted blanket. Cozy and<br />

comfortable on cool nights, they use<br />

pressure therapy to mimic the feeling<br />

of being hugged or held, and can help<br />

alleviate symptoms of anxiety, sleep<br />

disorders, ADHD and autism in children<br />

and adults.<br />

• A new ride: More than just a toy or<br />

gadget, a bicycle represents the freedom<br />

to explore the outdoors, spend time with<br />

friends and family, make memories and<br />

establish routines that promote physical<br />

and mental wellbeing. And of course, it<br />

can also provide that stress-relieving,<br />

mood-boosting release of endorphins.<br />

From traditional mountain bikes and<br />

cruisers to battery ride-ons and e-bikes,<br />

Huffy offers bikes for both kids and adults<br />

alike have more functions and features<br />

than ever before, and promise to bring the<br />

wow factor during gift-giving. For kids<br />

and teens age 8-15, consider something<br />

extra special, like the newly redesigned<br />

Green Machine from Huffy, which is<br />

engineered to allow for adrenalinepumping<br />

180-degree drifts and turns, and<br />

offers dual-lever pivot steering. Riding,<br />

drifting and spinning this trike activates<br />

LED light effects and patterns, and<br />

adjustable seating supports a wide range<br />

of rider heights so that it can grow with a<br />

younger gift recipient, and help dial in the<br />

fit for a comfortable ride.<br />

• Culinary inspiration: For those who<br />

love to bake, the “Mind over Batter”<br />

cookbook by licensed psychotherapist<br />

and baker, Jack Hazan, will combine their<br />

passion with a little self-care. Great for<br />

bakers of all abilities and anyone looking<br />

for new ways to approach mental health,<br />

the cookbook features practical self-care<br />

advice alongside 75 approachable recipes<br />

for savory and sweet baked goods.<br />

• A massage: Stress affects not only the<br />

mind but the body as well. Help alleviate<br />

the muscle tension associated with stress<br />

with a gift certificate for a massage. Be<br />

sure you send your gift recipient to a<br />

licensed massage therapist. There are<br />

many forms of massage therapy, so if you<br />

happen to know your loved one’s personal<br />

preference, try to find that out in advance,<br />

or send them to a facility that practices<br />


many forms of massage so they can make<br />

a choice that best suits their needs.<br />

From gifts that exercise the body<br />

during the day to those that relax the mind<br />

at night, you can add holiday cheer to the<br />

season with thoughtfully selected presents<br />

that support mental health and overall<br />


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