Specialist Magazine CONNECTIONS no. 66

Specialist Magazine CONNECTIONS no. 66


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<strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> <strong>66</strong><br />

Specialist magazine Reichle & De-Massari AG | April 2024<br />

050.7408<br />

60 Years of R&M<br />

A Story that Connects<br />

RSI Ticino<br />

Multimedia Data Center<br />

Freenet Superior<br />

One Cabinet for Everything<br />

Connecting the Planet<br />

Sustainability Strategy Further Developed

Editorial<br />

Shaping the World of<br />

Communication –<br />

for 60 Years<br />

050.7409<br />

Dear Business Partners<br />

In 1964, it was impossible to foresee how<br />

profoundly our everyday lives would change<br />

as a result of digitalization and thus also the<br />

world of communications and data networks<br />

in the decades that followed. But the young<br />

R&M company founders and technical experts<br />

Hans Reichle and Renato De-Massari<br />

already knew back then: You need reliable<br />

infrastructures to connect people and companies,<br />

and thus improve communication.<br />

They founded their company in the spring<br />

of 1964 under the simplest conditions,<br />

initially to make life easier for installers with<br />

a revolutionary telephone outlet.<br />

Since then, R&M has developed into a<br />

globally active company with an established<br />

reputation in the industry. We are privileged<br />

to have been able to support some clients<br />

since the very beginning. And at their core,<br />

our vision and corporate values have remained<br />

the same. Every day, our employees<br />

do their best to meet the highest standards of<br />

quality, innovation, customer orientation, and<br />

sustainability – with the aim of breaking down<br />

boundaries and reliably connecting people<br />

and companies around the world. In this<br />

issue’s focus article, CEO Michel Riva takes<br />

you on a journey through time that tells the<br />

story of the transformation from the «Reichle<br />

connectors» to the digital era.<br />

All-in-one solutions as a<br />

success factor<br />

In the Gigabit age, connectivity has become<br />

much more complex. Accordingly, R&M has<br />

evolved from a component manufacturer to<br />

a provider of complete system solutions. The<br />

value-added chain is being systematically expanded,<br />

as was recently the case at the cable<br />

plant in Děčín (more on this on pages 16+17).<br />

Such holistic offers are in demand: A clear<br />

reference example can be found on pages<br />

8+9, where you can read how Bern University<br />

Hospital benefits from an integrated data<br />

center infrastructure solution including services<br />

from R&M. In addition, we once again<br />

report on numerous R&M innovations and<br />

trends from the industry.<br />

Infrastructures for data communication<br />

and thus Internet access are now among<br />

the basic needs of society. However, the<br />

connected world is by no means a foregone<br />

conclusion and can only function with secure<br />

and future-proof connectivity solutions. In<br />

order for people and companies to be able to<br />

communicate without restrictions, sophisticated<br />

residential and business wiring, efficient<br />

data centers, stable and resilient outdoor<br />

networks, well-connected mobile communication<br />

antennas, aerial deployment and<br />

much more are needed. We want to connect<br />

people and companies responsibly with our<br />

solutions along our entire value-added chain.<br />

This attitude has been a key component of our<br />

sustainable business activities for 60 years.<br />

We are proud of 60 years of company history<br />

and we would like to thank everyone who has<br />

contributed to this. Our company is ready to<br />

face the future – we look forward to many<br />

new projects that we can carry out for our<br />

valued business partners around the world.<br />

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us<br />

and for the valuable collaboration.<br />

«We provide network infrastructure<br />

for unlimited communication.»<br />

I hope you enjoy reading our latest specialist<br />

magazine.<br />

Martin Reichle, Co-Owner<br />

2 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

Contents<br />

Focus<br />

60 Years of R&M<br />

A Story that Connects<br />

News<br />

4<br />

When Wind Farms go Online 10<br />

SYNO S-500:<br />

The Space Sensation 13<br />

Fiber Optic Cables<br />

for Harsh Environments 16<br />

400 and 800G:<br />

The Changing Network Landscape 19<br />

SPE Overall Solution 20<br />

Aerial Deployment:<br />

A Sustainable Option 24<br />

inteliPhy net:<br />

Architect of the Data Center 26<br />

UniRack 2 optimized 28<br />

Success<br />

Inselspital Bern, Switzerland<br />

Data Center for the<br />

Digital Future of Medicine 8<br />

RSI, Switzerland<br />

Multimedia Data Center for Ticino 14<br />

Sistema Fecomércio Bahia, Brazil<br />

New LAN Solution 23<br />

Pullman Hotel Sydney<br />

Sleeping Better in Penrith 29<br />

Trends<br />

TCO:<br />

Total Costs Under Control 12<br />

Highspeed Wireless Networks 18<br />

Seamless Connectivity 22<br />

Corporate<br />

Significant Relief:<br />

The Service Program as an Option 32<br />

Connecting the Planet:<br />

Sustainability Strategy<br />

Further Developed 34<br />

Freenet Superior:<br />

One Cabinet for Everything 30<br />

Publication details:<br />

<strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> <strong>66</strong> | April 2024<br />

Cover picture:<br />

An R&M LAN solution was installed at the headquarters<br />

of Sistema Fecomércio Bahia, an important<br />

business organization in Brazil.<br />

Publisher:<br />

Reichle & De-Massari AG, Binzstrasse 32,<br />

CHE-8620 Wetzikon, Switzerland<br />

www.rdm.com<br />

R&M blog portal: https://www.rdm.com/blog/<br />

Editorial team:<br />

Erica Monti (Editor-in-Chief),<br />

erica.monti@rdm.com,<br />

Bernward Damm, Robert Merki,<br />

Andreas Rüsseler, Ines Stotz<br />

Layout: KplusH, CHE-Amden, Markus Kuhn<br />

Printing: Ostschweiz Druck AG, CHE-Wittenbach<br />

Print run: 6, 000 copies<br />

<strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> is printed twice a year and can be<br />

ordered from the publisher. Reproduction allowed<br />

with permission from the editorial team.<br />

SC2021042104<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 3

Focus<br />

A Story<br />

that Connects<br />

R&M has been on the market for 60 years – a good time to take a look at<br />

where the company stands today. Back then, it was all about installing<br />

telephone outlets. But the future belongs to complete network infrastructures<br />

for the digital era.<br />

The past six decades have been shaped by<br />

rapid technological change as hardly ever<br />

before. When Hans Reichle and Renato<br />

De-Massari founded their company in the<br />

spring of 1964, the focus was on analog telephone<br />

outlets with a few copper wires. They<br />

made life easier for installers with a modular,<br />

two-pin terminal clamp and developed the<br />

first connectors with insulation displacement<br />

contacting. The solutions quickly established<br />

themselves and R&M became the leader in<br />

its home market of Switzerland. To this day,<br />

many installers and fitters still talk about<br />

«Reichle connectors».<br />

The market launch of the VS Modular distribution<br />

system a few years later was a further<br />

decisive step. With the solderless connection<br />

module strip system, R&M set standards for<br />

the rapid setup and expansion of high-density<br />

telephone distribution centers in Switzerland<br />

and abroad. This new technology was a significant<br />

intermediate step on the way to today’s<br />

modern fiber optic distribution technology.<br />

R&M continuously helped the telecommunications<br />

industry to supply customers<br />

faster and with more connections, and new<br />

epochs in the world of communication were<br />

constantly emerging.<br />

Revolutions from IT to AI<br />

Computers, the Internet, and cell phones<br />

spread rapidly, and each revolutionized<br />

communication methods – accompanied by<br />

digitalization and, today, by artificial intelligence<br />

(AI). These changes were and are only<br />

possible thanks to ever more, ever faster and<br />

ever better network connections.<br />

Over time, R&M developed into a globally<br />

active company with innovations for plug<br />

connections and communications networks –<br />

all supported by a sustainable business model.<br />

Many highlights demonstrate the technological<br />

strengths and pioneering achievements<br />

of the company. R&M was involved in standardization<br />

processes early on and became<br />

a leading manufacturer of RJ45 connectivity<br />

for structured cabling and computer net-<br />

The R&M company founders Hans Reichle<br />

and Renato De-Massari<br />

050.5863<br />

4 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

«We provide network infrastructure for unlimited communication.»<br />

works. The company made its international<br />

breakthrough in the 1980s as a supplier of<br />

the IBM/ACS cabling system. The RJ range<br />

was completed over decades and is still successfully<br />

marketed around the world today.<br />

Ingenious quick mounting<br />

With the RJ45 module, which can be wired<br />

tool-free, R&M also positioned itself as a<br />

pioneer in installation-friendly connectivity<br />

technology. From then on, two steps were<br />

sufficient to contact eight wires concurrently<br />

in IDC insulation displacement. At the time,<br />

this was a great relief for installers and a leap<br />

forward for LAN cabling.<br />

As early as 1987, R&M started working<br />

with innovative fiber optic technology and<br />

developed a fiber optic cable termination for<br />

the telecommunications market. Making the<br />

use of fiber optics more reliable has always<br />

been a priority.<br />

Technological successes have continued<br />

seamlessly to this day: Over time, a multitude<br />

of modular distributor and high-density<br />

solutions for FTTx fiber optic networks, the<br />

first commercially available Cat. 8.1 and<br />

Single Pair Ethernet systems for the LAN<br />

market and also the HEC optical connector<br />

for weatherproof outdoor applications were<br />

made ready for series production. In R&M,<br />

customers will always find a supplier who<br />

offers sophisticated connectivity for the next<br />

Ethernet generation.<br />

RJ45 connection module (3 rd decade)<br />

050.5869<br />

At the end of the fourth decade, this<br />

was followed by the Mini-MPO, the first<br />

field-mountable fiber optic connector.<br />

Shortly before the turn of the millennium,<br />

R&M achieved a breakthrough in the market<br />

for fiber optic connectors with the innovative<br />

E-2000 connectors manufactured under<br />

license. R&M built a fiber optic ecosystem<br />

around these connector types over 25 years.<br />

Many assembly companies still purchase the<br />

E-2000 from R&M.<br />

The ability to industrialize is another strength<br />

of R&M. It all started with the series production<br />

of copper terminal strips. 1988 saw the<br />

commissioning of the first fully automatic<br />

production plant for the manufacture of<br />

outlet inserts. At the turn of the millennium,<br />

R&M was the first manufacturer to produce<br />

and fully test RJ45 connection modules<br />

of the Cat. 5 and Cat. 6 generations fully<br />

automatically. This was later followed by the<br />

innovative and powerful Cat 6 A<br />

ISO module.<br />

What’s on in the anniversary year<br />

LAN<br />

– Network cabinets will expand the LAN<br />

portfolio<br />

– RJ45 module family to be further<br />

harmonized<br />

– Single Pair Ethernet to be established<br />

globally<br />

Data Centers<br />

– Upgrade of the Netscale platform for VSFF<br />

connectors<br />

– inteliPhy net integrates cabinet planning<br />

– Expansion of the «Integrated Infrastructure»<br />

approach with Freenet and BladeShelter<br />

racks from Tecnosteel and racks from Durack<br />

for the markets Europe, META<br />

and APAC<br />

Analog telephone outlet (1 st decade)<br />

010.3262 010.3244<br />

System integration in R&M VS distributors<br />

(2 nd decade)<br />

Public Networks<br />

– Expanded global cultivation of the FTTx<br />

market<br />

– R&M to become an established partner for<br />

wireless roll-outs<br />

– Entry into the OEM business with 5G<br />

equipment suppliers<br />

– Aerial solutions with innovative plug<br />

connectors<br />

– Cabling solutions for the renewable<br />

energies industry to be expanded<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 5

Focus<br />

From components to solutions<br />

The components business and innovative<br />

individual products shaped the first four<br />

decades of R&M history. The focus at the<br />

time was on copper connectivity for the<br />

telecom and LAN market segments. Since<br />

the beginning of the fifth decade, R&M has<br />

increasingly positioned itself as a global and<br />

future-oriented solution provider for the gigabit<br />

era. Over the past ten years, all products<br />

have also been put to the test, in some cases<br />

radically modernized and brought up to the<br />

latest state of the art.<br />

R&M also continuously built up the international<br />

sales regions. Early on, R&M<br />

followed the concept of local, customer-oriented<br />

centers of excellence with their own<br />

engineering departments. The promising<br />

Data Center market segment really gained<br />

momentum in 2015. With the newly developed<br />

Netscale cabling system, R&M met the<br />

041.0729<br />

60 years of R&M: the most important success factors<br />

Expertise: The R&M employees<br />

have continuously developed their<br />

expertise and understanding of<br />

customers’ infrastructure needs<br />

and applications. With their skills,<br />

they are proficient in network-relevant<br />

topics. This enables R&M to<br />

be a global provider of state-ofthe-art<br />

solutions.<br />

Engineering: Application-specific<br />

and custom-made or local adaptations<br />

of the products and solutions<br />

can be implemented quickly in the<br />

decentralized R&M organization.<br />

Complementary products are<br />

integrated on demand. In all strategic<br />

segments, R&M can implement<br />

holistic solutions for the construction<br />

of network infrastructures.<br />

Customer orientation: A crossgeneration<br />

success factor.<br />

Technically savvy R&M teams are<br />

at home in all sales regions. An<br />

understanding of local systems<br />

coupled with local engineering,<br />

custom-made solutions, pretermination,<br />

training, and delivery<br />

capability underpin customer<br />

confidence.<br />

Investments: R&M invests<br />

continuously and extensively in<br />

the further development of the<br />

company, the further training<br />

of employees and in new<br />

technologies and portfolios for<br />

the three target markets. The<br />

know-how is pooled in competence<br />

centers.<br />

Supply chain: The global approach<br />

is being systematically<br />

expanded in terms of sales regions,<br />

manufacturing capacities<br />

and logistics. The international<br />

manufacturing facilities, supply<br />

chain networks and logistics<br />

hubs form a strong, well-established<br />

network and promote<br />

independence and customer<br />

focus.<br />

Digitalization: Customers<br />

benefit from the online shop,<br />

BIM models, Measurement<br />

Data on Demand services<br />

and DCIM software. Internal<br />

processes are mapped using<br />

state-of-the-art digital tools.<br />

Sustainability: Corporate<br />

responsibility for people, the<br />

environment, climate, resources,<br />

quality, ethics and the<br />

supply chain is anchored in the<br />

sustainability strategy of the<br />

independent family business.<br />

Dedicated, globally applicable<br />

targets define the way forward.<br />

demand for network infrastructures driven by<br />

growing data traffic. Its development focused<br />

on systems for high-speed data transmission<br />

in office buildings, data centers and for<br />

exhaustive fiber optic broadband supply.<br />

A challenge in the Data Center sector:<br />

Networks are becoming more complex.<br />

They need to support more applications and<br />

enable faster migrations to future Ethernet<br />

generations. More complex installations require<br />

smarter network management, together<br />

with extensive documentation, so R&M<br />

began to develop solutions for infrastructure<br />

management. For example, the range for data<br />

center operators has been expanded with the<br />

innovative inteliPhy system.<br />

Global supply chain<br />

From the beginning of the fifth decade,<br />

R&M also used acquisitions to build up a<br />

global production network which today has<br />

a number of international sites. Its own wire<br />

manufacturer in the Czech Republic and rack<br />

production in Italy and China make R&M a<br />

full-range supplier with extended vertical<br />

integration. Today, the largest production<br />

sites are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, and India.<br />

Holistic, competitive offers can be placed and<br />

delivered on all continents.<br />

Future: Infrastructures<br />

The momentum of the digital era is generating<br />

additional needs. New approaches and a<br />

heightened understanding of the design of<br />

network and non-compute infrastructures as<br />

well as the ability to integrate complementary<br />

solutions are now more in demand than<br />

ever before. The days in which the focus<br />

was on the performance and features of<br />

innovative individual products are definitely<br />

over. Providers must be able to comprehend<br />

and serve the complex requirements in the<br />

6 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

030.8<strong>66</strong>7 050.7410<br />

All-in-one solutions for network infrastructures: «We are driven by the creation of infrastructure solutions that bring sustainable added value<br />

and enable unlimited communication.»<br />

infrastructure environment in a holistic way<br />

that goes beyond connectivity. And they<br />

need advanced system expertise, because<br />

customers want effective support when<br />

planning, setting up and expanding their<br />

systems and networks.<br />

Consequently, R&M planned its strategic<br />

step towards becoming a provider of holistic<br />

infrastructure solutions at an early stage.<br />

Up-to-date<br />

To mark its 60 th anniversary, R&M has<br />

brought its products and solutions up to<br />

date to correspond with state-of-the-art<br />

technology and market requirements. Some<br />

highlights:<br />

LAN<br />

– Cat. 6 A<br />

EL module and quick installation<br />

solution for LAN cabling, increasingly<br />

replacing the existing Cat. 5e/Cat. 6<br />

generation<br />

– Standardization of RJ45 platforms<br />

– Cabling systems for Single Pair Ethernet<br />

(SPE) and Cat. 8.1<br />

– New generation of field-mountable FM45<br />

connectors, now with PushPull mechanism<br />

Data Centers<br />

– Development and expansion of the<br />

innovative fiber optic Netscale distribution<br />

platform with varying characteristics and<br />

densities<br />

– Intelligent port detection with sensor bars<br />

for infrastructure management<br />

– Development of its own multifunctional<br />

DCIM software for the documentation<br />

and monitoring of complex network<br />

infrastructures<br />

– Revision and expansion of the popular<br />

Varioline fiber optic cable system family<br />

– Integration of the BladeShelter cabinet<br />

portfolio to complete the range for data<br />

centers, especially green data centers<br />

– Onboarding of miscellaneous international<br />

partners to complete infrastructure<br />

solutions for data centers<br />

Public Networks<br />

– New PRIME ODF for main distributors<br />

with high density of fiber optic connectivity<br />

– Fiber optic connectivity: LC with Push-<br />

Pull plug-in mechanism enables higher<br />

packing density in the patch panel<br />

– Expansion of outside plant cabling<br />

systems for fast FTTx, aerial deployment<br />

and underground cabling: SYNO dome<br />

closures with gel cold sealing, ZOONA<br />

splice closures with mechanical seal<br />

– Polaris, new generation of wall boxes for<br />

customer premises<br />

– HEC, the outdoor connector family for<br />

above-ground network expansion and<br />

5G applications<br />

– Modular system for Fiber to the Antenna<br />

for the 5G/mobile market<br />

– Manufacture of high-end fiber optic<br />

cables, construction of customerspecific<br />

cable types<br />

In all three strategic market segments, the<br />

focus continues to shift to the systems<br />

business. Focal points include:<br />

– FTTx for broadband, 5G and WiFi expansion,<br />

and for smart cities<br />

– Extended LAN and All IP solutions for smart<br />

buildings<br />

– «Integrated data center infrastructure<br />

solutions» for the complete equipment of<br />

computer rooms. R&M has cabling, distribution<br />

platforms, network technology, racks<br />

and enclosures manufactured in-house. The<br />

latest technologies and products, such as<br />

those for high density, power distribution,<br />

sensors, airflow and cooling, are integrated<br />

in the racks. Strategic partnerships integrate<br />

complementary technologies and infrastructure<br />

components.<br />

The R&M Group intends to use this business<br />

model to develop further over the next<br />

decade. The driving force is the vision of<br />

«unlimited communication», which is based<br />

on holistic solutions for connectivity and<br />

network infrastructures. Networks should<br />

be available globally so that people and<br />

companies can connect at all times without<br />

limits and interruption.<br />

Sixty years of R&M: Our valued business partners<br />

are part of this success story. We owe a<br />

big thank you to them and to our employees<br />

in particular. R&M has made a solid start to<br />

the anniversary year and is working on the<br />

stories of tomorrow.<br />

050.7214<br />

Michel Riva | CEO<br />

michel.riva@rdm.com<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 7

Success<br />

050.7411<br />

Data Center for<br />

the Digital Future<br />

of Medicine<br />

Medicine is becoming increasingly digital. Bern University<br />

Hospital is integrating this trend into everyday clinical<br />

practice in a holistic way. The «digital heart» is beating in the<br />

data center of the new main building. Its infrastructure was<br />

also developed using a holistic approach.<br />

The integrated R&M solution<br />

for the hospital data center<br />

– HD copper and FO patch panels<br />

– Ready-to-connect singlemode MPO cabling<br />

– Pre-terminated copper cabling using thincompact<br />

trunk cables<br />

– 88 ready-to-install, assembled 19" server racks<br />

in 48U design<br />

– Two intelligent connector strips (PDUs) per<br />

rack with C14/C20 combination sockets, incl.<br />

network interface<br />

– Rack locking systems with RFID authentication<br />

– Six cold aisles with electric sliding doors<br />

(Wirecenter and five cubes)<br />

– Raceway cable guides<br />

– Modular overhead conductor rail solution<br />

In its 670-year history, Bern University Hospital<br />

has often implemented groundbreaking<br />

infrastructure plans, as is the case with the<br />

Anna Seiler building. The new main building<br />

was opened in September 2023 after six<br />

years of construction. It is part of a long-term<br />

transformation and infrastructure program<br />

of Insel Gruppe AG. The Group wants to<br />

continue to guarantee high-quality services in<br />

medicine, teaching and research in the future.<br />

And digitalization is a key factor.<br />

AI in medicine<br />

The Anna Seiler building is fully geared toward<br />

state-of-the-art patient care and is completely<br />

digitized for this purpose. The clinic<br />

information system plays a central role. It has<br />

to manage the data and diagnostic findings<br />

of several thousand people per day. Around<br />

«That was a very courageous path we took.<br />

But we saw great potential right from the start.»<br />

Reto Vital, Head of Real Estate and Operations at Insel Gruppe,<br />

on the integral application of Building Information Modeling (BIM)<br />

050.7412<br />

8 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

«As a project manager, we can optimally coordinate the various trades<br />

thanks to the fully equipped, ready-to-use racks.»<br />

Peter Hofer and André Nyfeler, electrical planners at Bering AG<br />

every patient bed there are interfaces to the<br />

communications, clinic and data network.<br />

Analysis devices, life-sustaining machines and<br />

surgical robots now only work in a network.<br />

In March 2024, the Insel Group introduced<br />

a new clinic information and control system<br />

that sets new standards and decisively advances<br />

digital medicine. Epic’s fully integrated<br />

all-in-one solution has replaced some fifty<br />

systems and connects the entire Insel Group<br />

across disciplines and professions.<br />

Digitized construction<br />

The heart of digital hospital operations is a<br />

data center in the basement of the new building.<br />

Insel Gruppe AG and the general planner<br />

had looked for an overall, easily integrable,<br />

all-in-one solution in the data center.<br />

Like other modules, it had to be possible to<br />

integrate the data center into the design at<br />

the click of a mouse, as the construction project<br />

was primarily developed and controlled<br />

digitally.<br />

R&M approach convincing<br />

The approach of the integrated data center<br />

solution from R&M was convincing thanks<br />

to the technically sophisticated documentation<br />

down to the last detail. The all-in-one<br />

solution from R&M includes a raised floor<br />

construction, defined pre-assembled server<br />

racks, intelligent connector strips (PDUs),<br />

six cold aisle enclosures, busbars, specified<br />

FO and copper cabling including raceway<br />

channel and top-of-rack cabling.<br />

Bern University Hospital<br />

As a university hospital, the Inselspital plays<br />

an important role in the Swiss healthcare<br />

system. It is a center of medical expertise,<br />

high-tech and knowledge with a good<br />

reputation internationally. As owner and<br />

operator, the Inselspital Foundation dates<br />

back to its founding in 1354.<br />

The University Hospital clinics offer highly<br />

specialized tertiary medical services,<br />

including transplantation medicine, with a<br />

pronounced interdisciplinarity. Each year,<br />

they attend to around 59,000 inpatients and<br />

920,000 outpatients. With around 11,000<br />

employees, the University Hospital is one of<br />

the largest employers in the region.<br />

Together with the electrical planning engineer<br />

Bering AG, R&M was able to incorporate<br />

specific knowledge from numerous previous<br />

data center projects into the design phase.<br />

The R&M service team designed and coordinated<br />

the complex project with a wealth of<br />

experience and know-how.<br />

At the heart of Insel Gruppe AG’s infrastructure<br />

development is the Anna Seiler building, which<br />

opened in September 2023. It is named after the<br />

founder of the hospital.<br />

The new building cost CHF 670 million and has<br />

18 floors, 2,243 rooms, 11 clinics and institutes,<br />

and 532 patient beds. Around 1,200 patients are<br />

attended to and supported every day.<br />

The Anna Seiler building at Bern University Hospital<br />

is completely geared toward the digital world.<br />

050.7413<br />

As an all-in-one solution provider, R&M took<br />

care of the services from rack assembly, delivery,<br />

coordination, construction, laying cables<br />

and labeling to measuring and documenting<br />

the network infrastructure to guarantee the<br />

system warranty.<br />

050.7414 050.7415<br />

050.7416<br />

As an all-in-one solution provider, R&M took care of the services from rack assembly, delivery,<br />

coordination, construction, laying cables and labeling to measuring and documenting the network<br />

infrastructure to guarantee the system warranty.<br />

Partner<br />

– Specialist electrical planning: Bering AG<br />

Bern<br />

– Installation: ARGE Elektro Inselspital<br />

BB12, Scherler AG Elektro Bern, Elektro<br />

Burkhalter AG Bern, Gasser + Bertschy<br />

Elektro AG Bern<br />

– Archipel Generalplanung AG in Bern<br />

Lars Toppler | R&M Switzerland<br />

lars.toppler@rdm.com<br />

050.7417<br />

Jürg Gerber | R&M Switzerland<br />

juerg.gerber@rdm.com<br />

050.7134<br />

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News<br />

When Wind Farms<br />

Go Online<br />

050.7376<br />

Wind farms are digitizing their operations. Internationally, an Internet of the<br />

renewable energy industry is emerging. Data communication in this network<br />

must be available without interruption. R&M is meeting the demand with a<br />

special cabling and service program.<br />

The switch to renewable energy sources has<br />

driven decentralized energy generation forward.<br />

Concurrently, the weather influences<br />

the output of wind turbines and solar plants<br />

and their feed-in to the power grids.<br />

This results in a growing demand for coordination<br />

between energy production, network<br />

operators, electricity exchanges, municipal<br />

utilities and consumers. Operators are already<br />

using 5G radio, virtualization and<br />

artificial intelligence to manage wind farms<br />

efficiently. They are digitizing their operations.<br />

They need fast data connections for the wide<br />

range of applications. These range from sensors,<br />

antennas and controllers in the power<br />

plant nacelles to operation centers and data<br />

centers. These are typically large onshore<br />

and offshore installations that can only be<br />

controlled remotely. This is why the data network<br />

cabling has to be suitable for the long<br />

distances and harsh operating conditions on<br />

the ground and at sea.<br />

Data traffic requires an infrastructure that<br />

can withstand the environmental conditions<br />

in the wind farms. It must also meet special<br />

operational and business requirements.<br />

Avoiding risks<br />

The network cabling must also be as cost-efficient,<br />

installation-friendly, maintenance-free<br />

and durable as possible. Operators plan with<br />

an operational life of more than 20 years.<br />

Time-consuming installation work, declining<br />

quality or data transmission failures, unexpected<br />

repairs and subsequent adjustments to the<br />

network infrastructure should be avoided as<br />

far as possible. Such risks would place too<br />

great a burden on efficiency and total cost<br />

of ownership.<br />

R&M understands these needs and provides<br />

the renewable energies market with a complete<br />

range of cabling solutions. The focus is<br />

on all-purpose, pre-terminated platforms and<br />

robust plug-and-play solutions. This reduces<br />

the material required and the installation<br />

process. Even in harsh weather conditions,<br />

the cabling systems can be installed by a<br />

team of technicians who do not need to be<br />

specially trained.<br />

10 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

Technological know-how<br />

R&M has technological experience in the<br />

development, production and customizing<br />

of cabling products for harsh environments<br />

– whether for industry, telecommunications,<br />

broadband supply or ships. The DNV<br />

certification demonstrates that the R&M<br />

cabling products are permanently resistant<br />

to moisture, salt air and vibrations at sea.<br />

coordinated pre-termination, improvements<br />

and delayed network commissioning can be<br />

avoided.<br />

The units arrive at the construction site on<br />

schedule and can be installed quickly. R&M<br />

also offers measurements prior to commissioning<br />

of the cabling infrastructure as well<br />

as long-term warranties. Local, technically<br />

trained points of contact support wind farm<br />

projects from the very beginning.<br />

One focus is the portfolio for Fiber to the<br />

Antenna (FFTA) and Aerial Cabling, which has<br />

to permanently withstand extreme environmental<br />

conditions. Now R&M is also focusing<br />

on the requirements of wind farms.<br />

Ready-to-install delivery<br />

The service package is also impressive. R&M<br />

offers to pre-assemble cabinets, boxes, distributors<br />

and assemblies on a project-specific<br />

basis. The R&M plants around the world<br />

provide pre-terminated, tested and ready-toinstall<br />

cabling solutions. Thanks to precisely<br />

Data network cabling for smart wind farms<br />

R&M offers complete infrastructure<br />

solutions for data networks in wind farms.<br />

The range includes copper and fiber optic<br />

cabling, connectivity, assemblies, distributors<br />

and casings. The portfolio is suitable<br />

for control cabling in the nacelle (1), the<br />

uplink from the backbone to the nacelle (2<br />

and 3), the outdoor networking of the wind<br />

farm (4), and the connection to the control<br />

center as well as its office and data center<br />

cabling (5). The solutions include, but are<br />

not limited to:<br />

Cabling in the nacelle:<br />

– Top-hat rail adapters and connection<br />

boxes for all types of connectors<br />

– Low-shrink, resistant patch cords<br />

– Secure connectivity<br />

Cabling for the base:<br />

– Shatterproof, temperature-stable<br />

3<br />

distribution and patch boxes Uplink<br />

– Protection class up to IP68<br />

– Vibration-proof outdoor<br />

connectors resistant to UV,<br />

salt water and oil<br />

– Ready-to-install harness and<br />

trunk cables<br />

– DNV-certified cables for offshore use<br />

Cabling for backbone and access to wide<br />

area networks (WAN):<br />

– Waterproof outdoor connectors for fiber<br />

optic cables<br />

– Distribution closures for above-ground<br />

and underground cables<br />

– Underground WAN cable software for<br />

remote management of data network<br />

infrastructures<br />

Software for the remote management of<br />

data network infrastructures.<br />

4<br />

2<br />

Backbone<br />

distributor<br />

1<br />

Nacelle<br />

distribution<br />

5<br />

Energy<br />

management<br />

050.7451<br />

030.8319<br />

Graphic: R&M<br />

050.7310<br />

Intuitive to use and built for harsh conditions:<br />

HEC connectors from R&M for connecting copper<br />

and fiber optic cables outdoors.<br />

Hermann Christen<br />

Market Development Manager<br />

hermann.christen@rdm.com<br />

050.7311<br />

Angelo Auer<br />

Product Manager<br />

angelo.auer@rdm.com<br />

050.7268<br />

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Trends<br />

Total Costs<br />

Under Control<br />

The long-term view of an investment is gaining new importance<br />

with the trend towards gaining power from renewable sources.<br />

It can contribute to the success of many undertakings.<br />

A suitable tool is the TCO model.<br />

050.7418<br />

100 %<br />

90 %<br />

80 %<br />

70 %<br />

60 %<br />

50 %<br />

40 %<br />

30 %<br />

20 %<br />

10 %<br />

050.7454<br />

Some industries, such as the capital-intensive<br />

wind power industry, sell their products<br />

through contracts with a propagation time of<br />

20 to 25 years. In the area of conflict between<br />

high investment and fixed costs on the one<br />

hand and profitable margins on the other, it<br />

is important to minimize cost risks in the long<br />

term. Direct and indirect, known and hidden<br />

cost drivers should be identified before<br />

making a decision on a particular investment.<br />

In this context, it helps to analyze the total<br />

cost of ownership (TCO) reliably, in detail<br />

and over the life cycle. Even small, seemingly<br />

Overview TCO<br />

Maintenance<br />

Installation<br />

Material<br />

Graphic: R&M<br />

TCO encompasses material, installation and<br />

maintenance over the life cycle of a plant. It may<br />

be worthwhile to look at TCO comprehensively.<br />

Graphic: R&M<br />

«Low assembly and operating expenses and<br />

failure safety compensate for any additional costs<br />

for more robust materials. The ratio is 2:1 or better,<br />

according to R&M’s experience.»<br />

insignificant items such as data network<br />

cabling are to be discussed. If a data connection<br />

fails due to inadequate cabling, a system<br />

may no longer be able to be monitored and<br />

controlled. The price of a resilient outdoor<br />

connector is insignificant in comparison to<br />

the consequential costs of downtime or loss<br />

of control.<br />

Maintenance and servicing of wind turbines<br />

typically accounts for around 25% of overall<br />

costs and thus generates a significant proportion<br />

of total costs over the lifetime of an investment.<br />

They are an important component<br />

of cost-benefit analysis. Maintenance-free<br />

or low-maintenance components therefore<br />

save a lot of money, even if they may seem<br />

expensive at first.<br />

Above and beyond the scheduled maintenance<br />

work, malfunctions and breakdowns<br />

reduce the profit on an investment. Unplanned<br />

repairs are costly. Downtimes cannot<br />

be remedied immediately due to the long<br />

distances to the extensive wind farms. However,<br />

the probability of aging and breakdowns<br />

increases due to the long lifespan and the<br />

demands caused by operation and weathering.<br />

In other words, the robustness of the<br />

components is a decisive factor.<br />

Investment planning should consider a number<br />

of other factors that may have a lasting<br />

impact on the TCO, such as:<br />

– Plug-and-play solutions and custommade,<br />

pre-terminated modules shorten and<br />

simplify installation processes<br />

– If the components are easy to handle, the<br />

risk of failure of an installed component is<br />

reduced<br />

– High-end, pre-tested components result<br />

in fewer failures. Components made of a<br />

durable, shatterproof material may never<br />

need to be replaced<br />

– Corrosion-free, vibration-proof, temperaturestable<br />

connectivity enables<br />

permanently stable data<br />

transmission<br />

Hermann Christen<br />

Market Development Manager<br />

hermann.christen@rdm.com<br />

050.7311<br />

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News<br />

Space Sensation<br />

Fiber optic networks must be able to be<br />

expanded efficiently and on a modular basis.<br />

With its SYNO dome closures, R&M supports all<br />

splice applications, topologies and most cable types.<br />

The latest splice closure enables even more capacity,<br />

space saving and modularity, and can combine<br />

ribbons, single splices as well as splitters.<br />

030.8609<br />

«Tailor-made planning from the first mile to the last<br />

is simple thanks to the end-to-end range.»<br />

The exponential growth<br />

of data traffic caused by<br />

streaming, cloud services,<br />

5G, IoT and other digital<br />

applications requires ever-increasing<br />

bandwidths<br />

and improved transmission<br />

performance,<br />

but also greater space<br />

and resource efficiency.<br />

High-density, efficient<br />

and scalable fiber optic<br />

distribution systems<br />

have become indispensable.<br />

R&M offers<br />

Standards<br />

The SYNO S-500 is certified in accordance<br />

with IEC 61300 / IEC 61753-111-9 and<br />

Telcordia GR-771-CORE – thus meeting<br />

the stringent requirements and quality<br />

standards for telecommunications equipment<br />

to ensure reliability and performance<br />

in the networks.<br />

its customers all-in-one solutions and the<br />

corresponding advice. Modularly extendible<br />

systems, realized, for example, by the use of<br />

high-fiber ribbon cables, are decisive. Suitable<br />

components, such as the modular optical<br />

distribution system Prime ODF and the fiber<br />

optic splice closure families, are part of the<br />

range. Thanks to the end-to-end product<br />

range, tailor-made planning from the first mile<br />

to the last is simple.<br />

More fibers in the smallest of spaces<br />

One of the pillars of the R&M Outside Plant<br />

solutions is the SYNO dome closure family<br />

with its robust sealing systems and modular,<br />

easy-to-use cable entry bays. The new SYNO<br />

S-500 splice closure completes the range.<br />

With this product, fiber optic networks can<br />

be dimensioned perfectly at every level. It<br />

sets capacity standards by enabling 3,456<br />

splices in a 250 x 700 mm installation space<br />

using ribbon splicing technology. The efficient<br />

design also makes it a space-saving device,<br />

which is a major advantage– particularly in<br />

space-constrained environments such as<br />

sleeve ducts.<br />

In addition, the splice closure is also modularly<br />

expandable. Up to eight splice trays with up<br />

to three splice holders can be installed. You<br />

can choose between ribbon, single splice or<br />

splitter holders. This is crucial if requirements<br />

change over time or the network grows. Fiber<br />

management is also clever: Ribbons, loose<br />

tubes and splitters can be spliced in the same<br />

ST-500 splice tray. Up to three independent<br />

STH-500 splice holders can be inserted into<br />

the splice tray.<br />

Stephan Näpfer | Product Manager<br />

stephan.naepfer@rdm.com<br />

050.7267<br />

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Success<br />

Multimedia Data Center<br />

for Ticino<br />

Visualization of RSI’s Comano Campus as it will look after its extension.<br />

050.7419<br />

Radiotelevisione Svizzera (RSI) is planning to consolidate all of its Italian-language<br />

television, radio and multimedia activities at a single site in Comano near Lugano. One<br />

core project is the construction of a media data center. Connectivity and distributors from<br />

R&M simplify network management in data centers.<br />

The rapid changes in the era of digitalization<br />

are posing a major challenge for public<br />

radio and television companies. Multimedia,<br />

Internet, podcasts and live streaming complement<br />

traditional studio production. There<br />

is a convergence of television, radio and the<br />

Internet. It goes without saying that today’s<br />

media consumers expect to be able to receive<br />

everything on their mobile phone, tablet,<br />

laptop or smart TV concurrently and use it all<br />

as interactively as possible.<br />

In addition, huge amounts of multimedia data<br />

are created over time, requiring both storage<br />

and administration. As a public service<br />

broadcaster, RSI bears a great responsibility<br />

for regional cultural assets, which must be<br />

digitally archived in terms of sound and image.<br />

Largest data center<br />

This is why RSI wants to merge and optimize<br />

the digital media world with its various<br />

platforms at its Comano premises. A media<br />

data center (MDC) was set up and put into<br />

operation for this purpose.<br />

Digitalization of the media<br />

As a result, media professionals are increasingly<br />

operating in a fully digitized environment. For<br />

them, it is important to be able to incorporate<br />

data, graphics and high-resolution digital<br />

image and video material into posts with just<br />

a few clicks. Modern digital platforms require<br />

significant processing power, and reporting<br />

via live stream requires new mobile solutions<br />

and fast data transmission.<br />

RSI’s new media data center<br />

050.7420<br />

14 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

«We are very satisfied with the cabling solution<br />

for our media data center.»<br />

Luca Mammoletti, Head of Power Supply and Telecommunications,<br />

Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana (RSI)<br />

050.7421<br />

When planning the data center, RSI defined<br />

a series of overarching criteria for the technology<br />

and infrastructure. Everything had<br />

to be practical, space-saving and durable,<br />

according to Stefano Pagani, CTO RSI, and<br />

Luca Mammoletti, Head of Power Supply and<br />

Telecommunications.<br />

Together with a distributor, R&M had the<br />

opportunity to present its portfolio for copper<br />

and fiber optic networks. RSI had set aside<br />

enough time for evaluation and planning. As<br />

a result, R&M was able to clarify a number<br />

of technical details at an early stage and<br />

put together a suitable configuration. R&M<br />

provided distribution products for testing so<br />

that those responsible at RSI could find out<br />

which solution best suited their needs.<br />

Criteria met<br />

The RSI team paid particular attention to<br />

handling during patching. They confirmed the<br />

smooth and convenient operation of the R&M<br />

platforms for copper and fiber optic cabling.<br />

The team also rated the optical distribution<br />

frame ODF PRIME positively. PRIME enables<br />

an above-average density of ports and cabling<br />

so that the space available in the data center<br />

can be used optimally.<br />

Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana (RSI)<br />

Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana (RSI) is a<br />

division of the Swiss public media broadcaster<br />

SRG SSR. Its task is to produce Italianlanguage<br />

programs and make them available<br />

to the Swiss population. RSI uses Internet<br />

streaming, podcasting and Digital Audio<br />

Broadcasting (DAB) for this purpose.<br />

The Comano site will be converted into a<br />

media campus and renovated in order to<br />

concentrate activities in one place, increase<br />

the efficiency of broadcasting, and strengthen<br />

the media presence of public service<br />

in Italian.<br />

R&M also fulfilled the criterion of long product<br />

service life. They are generally configured<br />

for use over several network generations.<br />

Together with the certified installer, R&M<br />

offered a 25-year system warranty and<br />

after-sales services. The data center project<br />

started out from this basis in April 2022. The<br />

installation of the network infrastructure was<br />

completed on schedule.<br />

Luca Mammoletti concludes: «We are very<br />

satisfied with the cabling solution for our<br />

media data center.» The RSI team and the<br />

The R&M solution for RSI<br />

The solution from R&M for the RSI<br />

media data center in Comano:<br />

Fiber optics:<br />

– PRIME ODF 19", 235 pcs.<br />

– Patch panels: UniRack 24 port, 167 pcs.<br />

– Connectivity:<br />

– Singlemode cable OS2 with LC duplex APC<br />

– Panel with E-2000 APC<br />

Copper:<br />

– Connectivity: Cat. 6 A<br />

EL, 3,000 pcs.<br />

– Cable; Cat. 7 A<br />

1,300 MHz, 160 km<br />

For the region, RSI plays a role not only as a<br />

multimedia news medium, entertainment provider,<br />

responsible cultural carrier and employer,<br />

but also as a media archive. There are already<br />

more than 500,000 hours of video and audio<br />

documents, a million articles and 250,000<br />

photographs in the archives. With around<br />

1,000 full-time positions, RSI is the secondlargest<br />

employer in the canton after the cantonal<br />

administration.<br />

f.l.t.r.: Claudio Ciccone, R&M Switzerland;<br />

Flavio Gioia, P&T Services Manager, RSI;<br />

Luca Mammoletti, Head of P&T, RSI<br />

installer also gave valuable feedback from the<br />

field. At R&M, this feedback is incorporated<br />

directly into the further development and<br />

optimization of patch panels.<br />

Further projects are being planned. R&M<br />

will equip other RSI buildings and the offices<br />

above the media data center with network<br />

infrastructures.<br />

050.7425<br />

050.7422<br />

Special 19" rack for data transmission from<br />

mobile studio to data center<br />

050.7423 050.7424<br />

Claudio Ciccone | R&M Switzerland<br />

claudio.ciccone@rdm.com<br />

050.7426<br />

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News<br />

030.8692<br />

Fiber Optic Cables<br />

for Harsh Environments<br />

In recent years, R&M has invested a lot in completing and increasing the capacity<br />

of its fiber optic cable production. Combined with know-how and flexibility, this is how<br />

sophisticated cable constructions are implemented.<br />

Since R&M began manufacturing its own<br />

fiber optic cables in 2018, much has been<br />

done to increase both production capacities<br />

and flexibility. The first major investment was<br />

the purchase of a complete buffer line. It is<br />

the starting point for the manufacture of all<br />

types of patch cords as well as the production<br />

of solid and compact fibers. To increase the<br />

capacity of the plant, a compensator was added<br />

that allows drums to be changed without<br />

having to stop production completely.<br />

The renovation of the oldest sheathing<br />

system resulted in a further increase in capacity:<br />

This not only increased the speed of<br />

production, but also expanded the possibilities<br />

of the plastic materials to be processed.<br />

Based on this, cable constructions are now<br />

being developed and manufactured, which<br />

are characterized by their resilience and<br />

are thus used in mobile applications, such<br />

as broadcasting, in the military or in other<br />

industrial areas.<br />

New materials and designs<br />

The latest boost in innovation is based on<br />

recent investments in the cable plant, which,<br />

on the one hand, support the production of<br />

high-end loose tubes for demanding applications<br />

and, on the other, enable new material<br />

050.7402<br />

16 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

050.7310<br />

The offer is growing: Three cable variants<br />

R&M is currently launching three new<br />

cable constructions that are characterized<br />

by their resilience and are used in<br />

mobile applications such as broadcasting,<br />

the military or in other industrial areas.<br />

Rugged MiniCore multifiber cables:<br />

They are suitable for direct MPO connector<br />

assembly or, by means of a distribution<br />

element, for the termination of<br />

individual connectors, suitable for R&M<br />

HEC connectivity.<br />

Rugged TWIN fiber MiniBreakout cables:<br />

In the case of robust cables, two fibers are<br />

routed in one cable. This means that two<br />

600μm buffered fibers are securely embedded<br />

in aramid yarn and packaged in the<br />

PUR sheath. This cable construction is also<br />

designed for direct connector assembly<br />

on the HEC-QR, or HEC-BR, each for LC<br />

Duplex use.<br />

Rugged Breakout 2f/4f cables:<br />

These cables are available as 1.7 mm<br />

twin or quad cord. They are also suitable<br />

for direct connector mounting on the<br />

SC connector insert from the HEC Connectivity<br />

series.<br />

and cable constructions. For example, the<br />

range of gel free loose tube cables, which<br />

are crosswise and longitudinally watertight<br />

and can therefore be used for all purposes, is<br />

now completed. In addition, these cable constructions<br />

have a Cca CPR classification as a<br />

minimum. As a further example, longitudinal<br />

stripes can be extruded into the casing for<br />

color coding. For instance, longitudinal stripes<br />

in orange are a standard requirement in Switzerland<br />

and identify a fiber optic cable for<br />

use outdoors. Thanks to a range of different<br />

colors for the longitudinal stripes and sheath<br />

materials, the cables can be manufactured<br />

to satisfy customer and application-specific<br />

requirements.<br />

030.8821<br />

030.8215A<br />

R&M continuously invests in the completion and<br />

capacity increase of fiber optic cable production.<br />

Orange-striped cable for the Swiss market<br />

030.8214A<br />

Ideal for outdoor connectivity:<br />

Cable for the HEC connectors from R&M.<br />

030.8851<br />

Lars Züllig | Product Manager<br />

lars.zuellig@rdm.com<br />

050.6544<br />

050.7206<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 17

Trends<br />

Highspeed<br />

Wireless Networks<br />

New technologies, such as WiFi7 or 5G, are increasing the transmission rate<br />

in local wireless networks. Theoretically, 9.6 Gbit/s can be achieved with WiFi 6,<br />

while with WiFi 7 it is already possible to achieve up to 30 Gbit/s. But how<br />

can the access points be connected to local data networks?<br />

The new wireless access point generations<br />

are exceeding the transmission capacities of<br />

conventional structured and copper-based<br />

LAN cabling. The most attractive solution is<br />

therefore to connect the terminal equipment<br />

via fiber optics. Ideally, the terminals should<br />

also be operated concurrently with power<br />

via the data network (PoE). However, optical<br />

fibers cannot transmit electricity.<br />

The next logical step is hybrid cabling. A power<br />

cable is routed parallel to the fiber optic<br />

cabling. Some end device manufacturers are<br />

opting for this solution and are propagating<br />

hybrid point-to-point cabling. But there are<br />

a few pitfalls: If the hybrid patch cords are<br />

drawn in in a pre-assembled state, loss rates<br />

of up to 20% may result during installation. If<br />

a connector is later damaged during patching,<br />

all the cabling installed must be replaced.<br />

Solution with digital ceiling<br />

The classic concept of structured LAN cabling<br />

as a digital ceiling – zone cabling infrastruc-<br />

Fiber<br />

connection<br />

for data<br />

5G antenna<br />

Copper<br />

connection<br />

for power<br />

Hybrid<br />

FO / power<br />

patch cord<br />

Point-to-point solution with significant<br />

drawbacks in use<br />

050.7457<br />

ture in the ceiling – offers a much more<br />

practical solution. The solution proposed by<br />

R&M combines all the advantages of hybrid<br />

approaches:<br />

FO<br />

installation<br />

cable<br />

5G antenna<br />

Service<br />

outlet<br />

Copper<br />

LAN cable<br />

Fiber connection<br />

for data<br />

Patch<br />

cords<br />

Copper connection<br />

for power<br />

050.7460<br />

Digital ceiling solution up to 90 m permanent link<br />

– The network devices are connected with<br />

simple patch cords (1x FO and 1x power)<br />

on both sides of a permanent link.<br />

– The FO and power cabling is connected to<br />

separate ports in the floor distributor as well<br />

as in the service outlet of the digital ceiling<br />

infrastructure.<br />

– FO cabling follows the tried-and-tested<br />

digital ceiling approach: Existing cabling<br />

infrastructures with service outlets and<br />

zone distributors only have to be expanded<br />

by the corresponding number of FO ports.<br />

– The remote powering of the terminal<br />

equipment is typically also supplied via<br />

RJ45 connections, as with PoE. For this<br />

purpose, the existing LAN cabling can<br />

be used for distances of up to 90 m; for<br />

longer transmission distances of up to 200<br />

m, thicker conductors (e.g. AWG 16) must<br />

be used which are laid parallel to the FO<br />

cables.<br />

Products for the cabling of next-generation<br />

wireless network devices, such as hybrid FO/<br />

power installation cables and hybrid-compatible<br />

service outlets, are already available at<br />

R&M.<br />

Patch<br />

cords<br />

5G antenna<br />

050.7067<br />

Service<br />

outlet<br />

Hybrid 2x FO / 2x AWG 18<br />

installation cable with connection<br />

technology (FO Field / RJ45 Power)<br />

Hybrid<br />

FO / power<br />

cable<br />

Fiber<br />

connection<br />

for data<br />

Matthias Gerber<br />

Market Manager LAN Cabling<br />

matthias.gerber@rdm.com<br />

Patch<br />

cords<br />

Copper<br />

connection<br />

for power<br />

050.7463<br />

Digital ceiling solution up to 200 m permanent<br />

link<br />

Patch<br />

cords<br />

18 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

News<br />

The Changing<br />

Network Landscape<br />

The dawn of a new era of optical communication technology: In times<br />

when data transmission requirements are constantly increasing, R&M is<br />

now also offering installation support for the transceiver generation with<br />

400G and 800G transmission rates.<br />

030.8804<br />

Development and switching to higher data<br />

transmission rates of even more than 1600G<br />

in the future is the logical consequence of the<br />

demands arising in an increasingly digitized<br />

world. This is not only about extending bandwidth,<br />

but also about improving performance<br />

and optimizing costs per bit transmitted. New<br />

technologies and technological improvements<br />

play a key role. With fiber optic distribution<br />

platforms, R&M is supporting with Netscale 72<br />

and Netscale 48 with the formats SN, MDC<br />

and CS. Furthermore, the company offers<br />

all-in-one solutions from a single source and<br />

customer-specific programs.<br />

Architecture of speed<br />

In connection with the transceivers, these<br />

platforms enable the transmission of large<br />

amounts of data between servers, switches<br />

and storage systems in data centers. Cable<br />

assemblies offer high-speed connectivity between<br />

various devices, racks and distributors.<br />

The 400G and 800G transceivers rely on 50<br />

and 100 Gbit/s per line respectively. This<br />

allows connections of 200G, 400G or 800G<br />

to be established.<br />

The evolution of switches is focused on<br />

providing more line cards for higher speeds.<br />

This is achieved with a concurrent reduction<br />

in network costs and performance. The integration<br />

of octal modules plays a critical role<br />

as they allow for additional links that create<br />

space for up to 32 ports in 1U switches.<br />

duplex fiber LC, SN, MDC and CS connections<br />

offer numerous possibilities for adapting and<br />

distributing the additional network capacity.<br />

A comprehensive consultation with regard<br />

to the specifications is recommended when<br />

implementing 400G or 800G applications,<br />

as there will be a change in the distribution<br />

structure from Base12 to Base8.<br />

030.8801<br />

Lane breakout from the optical module is<br />

used in order to maintain the higher radix,<br />

i.e. a greater number of concurrent data<br />

paths, within an optical module and to make<br />

effective use of more ports. This makes it<br />

possible to take full advantage of the diversity<br />

of connection options. The miscellaneous<br />

connection types such as parallel 8, 12, 16<br />

and 24-fiber multi-push-on (MPO) as well as<br />

050.7094<br />

Beat Koch | Product Manager<br />

beat.koch@rdm.com<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 19

News<br />

SPE is now a recognized future technology. It<br />

can be used universally as it works with the<br />

Ethernet protocol and overcomes the limits<br />

of conventional structured cabling. The open<br />

approach is further underlined by the fact<br />

that the SPE connectors are included in the<br />

standards framework for premises wiring. The<br />

SPE standard IEC 63171-1 is to be included<br />

in amendments to ISO/IEC 11801-1. In other<br />

words, there is nothing standing in the way of<br />

widespread utilization.<br />

New Dimension<br />

for Premises Networks<br />

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) extends the standard range<br />

of the LAN from one hundred to several hundred<br />

meters – a completely new dimension for premises<br />

networks. This new dimension can be implemented<br />

with the first SPE overall solution from R&M.<br />

030.8205<br />

With the overall solution from R&M, SPE<br />

can now be used in everyday building automation.<br />

To this end, R&M is cooperating<br />

with an innovative company from the Single<br />

Pair Ethernet System Alliance. The company<br />

Zemfyre offers SPE switches, SPE-RJ45 media<br />

converters and even an industry-compatible<br />

SPE camera. Their connectivity is based on<br />

the IEC 63171-1 cabling produced by R&M.<br />

The global innovation will be commercially<br />

available in the second quarter.<br />

The focus of the SPE overall solution is on extensive<br />

network applications with a completely<br />

new range. The SPE extended LAN system<br />

from R&M and Zemfyre can transmit data at<br />

10 Mbit/s over distances of up to 600 meters.<br />

It is based on an AWG-22 cable. A power<br />

supply should be available at the far end.<br />

030.8<strong>66</strong>3 030.8743 030.8745<br />

SPE Switch in 19'' panel<br />

Legacy PoE camera with SPE Media Converter<br />

IP camera with SPE connection<br />

20 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

«In building automation, the combination of LAN, SPE and Ethernet/IP is long-term,<br />

application-neutral, cost-effective, and energy-saving.»<br />

SPE switch<br />

Power<br />

control<br />

device<br />

SPE switch<br />

SPE no SPoE<br />

63171-1<br />

terminal<br />

63171-1<br />

terminal<br />

SPE<br />

device<br />

63171-1<br />

terminal<br />

SPE<br />

device<br />

SPE w. SPoE<br />

SPE media<br />

converter<br />

SPE media<br />

converter<br />

RJ45<br />

terminal<br />

050.74<strong>66</strong><br />

Power supply<br />

RJ45<br />

SPE<br />

Legacy<br />

RJ45 device<br />

The concept of the all-in-one SPE solution from R&M and Zemfyre<br />

Legacy<br />

RJ45 device<br />

Legacy<br />

RJ45 device<br />

100 m zone 200-500 m zone 600 m zone<br />

SPE solution for buildings<br />

The R&M and Zemfyre SPE extended LAN<br />

system is suitable for connecting IP devices<br />

with a low data rate over large distances in<br />

buildings and industrial plants. Application<br />

examples:<br />

– Surveillance cameras in remote locations<br />

– Remote access control and gates<br />

– Intercom systems<br />

– Sensors and displays in large buildings,<br />

e.g. parking garages, warehouses<br />

The active equipment for the R&M and Zemfyre SPE extended LAN system:<br />

But this is not a must, as the R&M system<br />

can provide the power supply from the<br />

switch. The technology for remote power<br />

supply via SPE cabling is called Power over<br />

Data Line (PoDL). In PoDL applications, the<br />

transmission range is reduced to 200 to 500<br />

meters depending on the required infeed<br />

power. Until SPE devices become available,<br />

conventional PoE-compatible devices can<br />

also be used by means of an SPE-RJ45 media<br />

converter.<br />

030.8734<br />

SPE Media Converter<br />

ZEM111LP<br />

– 2-port media converter from SPE to<br />

RJ45 for connecting PoE devices<br />

– Power input either by local power supply<br />

or by PoDL from ZEM601L<br />

030.8735<br />

SPE Switch<br />

ZEM601L<br />

– Secure unmanaged SPE switch<br />

– Input 2x 10/100Base-Tx, output<br />

4x 10Base-T1L, PoDL connectable<br />

– External power supply or via PoDL<br />

controller<br />

With this overall system, the SPE technology<br />

can be used without delay. You can find<br />

everything you need to know about SPE here:<br />

Camera<br />

030.8737<br />

ZVD511LP<br />

– Industrial 5MP surveillance camera with<br />

10Base-T1L SPE connectivity<br />

– Powered by PoDL (Class 14),<br />

1x IEC 63171-1 connector<br />

030.8740<br />

SPE PoDL Controller<br />

ZPC400<br />

– 4-channel PoDL controller for ZEM601L<br />

– Allows PoDL power to be supplied to the<br />

4 SPE ports in the ZEM 601L<br />

050.7067<br />

Matthias Gerber<br />

Market Manager LAN Cabling<br />

matthias.gerber@rdm.com<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 21

Trends<br />

Seamless Connectivity<br />

050.7427<br />

What goes on behind the smartphone? Users rarely ask themselves how and where<br />

the fast connection to the Internet is established. It is accepted as given. But in fact, huge<br />

efforts are made behind the scenes to ensure seamless connectivity.<br />

Consumers are increasingly using mobile data<br />

transmission. This is not only made possible<br />

by mobile communication antennas: There<br />

are powerful fiber optic networks working in<br />

the background. These connect the antenna<br />

sites with each other and with data centers.<br />

This enables fast, seamless communication.<br />

The connection between antenna equipment<br />

and fiber optic cabling must be exceptionally<br />

stable. This is the only way to ensure fail-safe<br />

mobile data traffic in the long term. Cabling<br />

and connectors on the antennas have to<br />

withstand UV radiation, temperature fluctuations,<br />

storms, dust, ice and, on coasts, salt<br />

water mist for decades.<br />

High demands<br />

The requirements of the mobile communications<br />

industry go beyond that in order to be<br />

able to efficiently implement investments in<br />

network infrastructure. Some aspects:<br />

– The industry wants to quickly bring new<br />

services, such as 5G, to market everywhere.<br />

Pre-terminated cable systems can speed up<br />

roll-outs.<br />

– In addition to separate antenna lines for<br />

data and power, hybrid cabling solutions<br />

are also required.<br />

– The multiple use of the masts by various operators<br />

and antenna systems leads to a lack<br />

of space. Cabling with minimal dimensions<br />

is required.<br />

– Connectivity must be durable and application-neutral.<br />

After migration to the next<br />

generation of antennas (e.g. 6G), the optical<br />

interface should still be usable.<br />

– Non-specialists should also be able to install<br />

fiber optic cabling. Specially trained staff are<br />

often not on site.<br />

To meet these requirements, R&M has<br />

developed innovative outdoor fiber optic<br />

connectors and a kit for antenna cabling.<br />

Worldwide pre-termination is also offered.<br />

Trend: Mobile communication<br />

– Mobile communication is increasing<br />

and with it the demand for bandwidth<br />

that can only be met with more optical<br />

fibers.<br />

– Mobile infrastructure is becoming a<br />

success factor for business, government,<br />

and local authorities.<br />

– Expansion is having an impact on<br />

society. Cellular phone networks<br />

provide access to education, information,<br />

healthcare, banks and digitized<br />

services.<br />

This is how R&M is working on the vision<br />

of seamless, global networking. This also<br />

includes the connection of cellular phone<br />

networks to fiber optic networks.<br />

050.7428 030.8696<br />

Andreas Rüsseler | CMO<br />

andreas.ruesseler@rdm.com<br />

050.7086<br />

22 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

Success<br />

050.7446<br />

The solution for<br />

Sistema Fecomércio Bahia<br />

Local Area Network with copper cabling<br />

for the use of 10 Gigabit Ethernet.<br />

– Connectivity: R&M Cat. 6 A<br />

UTP EL<br />

– R&M patch panels, patch cords<br />

– Cat. 6 A<br />

U installation cable, 130 km<br />

Advantages of the R&M solution<br />

– Bandwidth and performance<br />

– Support for new digital services<br />

– Better connectivity for IT<br />

– Efficient, agile LAN operation<br />

– Protection against EMI interference<br />

– PoE-ready<br />

cy and performance as well as compatibility<br />

with the customer’s technical resources.<br />

050.7429<br />

New Network<br />

for Sistema Fecomércio Bahia<br />

Modern architecture, modern social services, modern<br />

vocational training and a modern network. That is what<br />

Sistema Fecomércio Bahia in Salvador de Bahia is all about.<br />

The business organization Sistema Fecomércio<br />

Bahia in Salvador de Bahia supports many<br />

workers and employers in the state of Bahia.<br />

It represents the interests of companies and<br />

trade unions in the retail, service, catering and<br />

tourism market sectors, and is responsible for<br />

the autonomous welfare organization and<br />

modern commercial vocational training in<br />

these sectors. At the same time, it promotes<br />

health, culture, theater, leisure, families as well<br />

as community activities among the population.<br />

Sistema Fecomércio Bahia operates from an<br />

unparalleled building in keeping with its great<br />

significance for the economy and society in<br />

the state of Bahia. Its headquarters, the Casa<br />

do Comércio Deraldo Motta opened in 1988,<br />

is considered an icon of modern architecture.<br />

The 54-meter-high structure, consisting<br />

of metal cubes and glass facades around a<br />

reinforced concrete tower, was renovated<br />

some time ago. Sistema Fecomércio Bahia<br />

wanted to install suitable infrastructures for<br />

digital services and IT over the next 30 years.<br />

Comdados stresses: «A Cat. 6 A<br />

solution<br />

supports all future digital applications in this<br />

specific social and educational sector. These<br />

include HD video streaming, video conferences,<br />

virtual and artificial reality, and other agile<br />

applications that require high bandwidths and<br />

trouble-free data transmission.»<br />

The successful completion of the project is<br />

further confirmation of the good cooperation<br />

between Comdados and R&M. The partnership<br />

has been in place since 2016 and ensures<br />

that needs-based solutions are implemented<br />

for customers. Project coordination and<br />

product deliveries can be coordinated on<br />

time, even over the vast distances in Brazil.<br />

050.7430<br />

f.l.t.r.: Rodrigo Maschi, R&M Brazil; Kelsor<br />

Gonçalves Fernandes, President Fecomércio;<br />

Adriano Girão, Account Manager Comdados<br />

Only feasible with Cat. 6 A<br />

Comdados, R&M’s certified Brazilian integration<br />

partner, carried out a situation analysis<br />

which concluded that only a completely new<br />

and uniform Cat. 6 A<br />

infrastructure could<br />

provide what they were looking for. Those<br />

responsible at Sistema Fecomércio Bahia were<br />

shown the advantages of the modern solution:<br />

future-proof connectivity, bandwidth, efficien-<br />

090.6099<br />

Rodrigo Maschi | R&M Brazil<br />

rodrigo.maschi@rdm.com<br />

050.6814 050.7153<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 23

News<br />

Aerial Deployment:<br />

A Sustainable Option<br />

070.0353<br />

In the age of rapidly increasing networking, R&M is presenting groundbreaking<br />

fiber optic solutions for overhead line connections with its integrated FTTH aerial<br />

portfolio. Modern broadband data transmission to every home is becoming more<br />

and more realistic.<br />

Society is making intensive use of smart<br />

terminals at work and in everyday life. The<br />

demand for data is growing and requires digital<br />

infrastructures to be expanded in a way<br />

that is both efficient and future-proof. The<br />

demand for efficient network infrastructures<br />

is rising and fiber optic cabling in particular<br />

is increasingly becoming the universal backbone.<br />

But because the expansion of fiber-optic-based<br />

FTTH outside metropolitan areas is<br />

often not worthwhile for telecommunications<br />

operators, there are still many underserved<br />

areas, even in industrialized countries. Alternative<br />

installation methods such as aerial<br />

deployment as an option to the buried fiber<br />

optic network are in demand. This form of<br />

network expansion is fast and economical,<br />

the effort for planning and personnel is<br />

limited, and existing infrastructures such<br />

as overhead cables, telephone and power<br />

pylons can be used.<br />

Fast implementation in existing<br />

networks<br />

This is where R&M’s fiber optic solutions<br />

for aerial network expansion come into<br />

play. The flexible, scalable and reliable R&M<br />

Precon solutions can be installed quickly via<br />

plug & play. The overall solution approach<br />

makes the offer particularly attractive: It not<br />

only includes individual components, but also<br />

complete system solutions with products,<br />

services and the necessary aerial deployment<br />

– a sustainable A-Z support option so<br />

that customers can obtain their solutions<br />

quickly and efficiently. The fast, needs-based<br />

integration of the components into existing<br />

networks is an important part of the offer.<br />

The resilient aerial fiber solutions also<br />

minimize downtime and enable high bandwidths<br />

and low latencies. They are used in<br />

demanding environments such as wind and<br />

solar parks, road, tunnel and rail infrastructure,<br />

in data-intensive events, as well as in<br />

mining, oil fields, industrial facilities and other<br />

demanding environments.<br />

24 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

Robust and modular system solution<br />

A wide range of solution modules is available<br />

for the above-ground expansion of fiber optic<br />

links: Robust power cables pre-terminated<br />

on one or both sides, including IP-protected<br />

optical plugs, connectors and adapters as<br />

well as distribution cabinets and ZOONA<br />

splices for pole mounting, each optimized<br />

for the various network levels. They are<br />

complemented by the Polaris box family<br />

for fiber optic terminations and outlets for<br />

connecting the last meters.<br />

Rugged connectors<br />

The outdoor connectors HEC-BR and HEC-<br />

QR in protection class IP68 are unique. They<br />

are designed for extreme environmental<br />

conditions and can withstand operating temperatures<br />

ranging from -40 to 85°C. They are<br />

also UV-resistant and offer push locking and<br />

twist-pull release. The HEC connectors are<br />

available as SC, LC duplex and MPO versions.<br />

A new addition is the TAP box with IP67 protection<br />

rating, which not only offers IP-protected<br />

adapters and pre-terminated cables,<br />

but is also certified for one incoming and up<br />

to six outgoing fiber optic connections. Ideal<br />

for cabling between mast and terminal/box/<br />

building are drop cables – fiber optic cables<br />

with a low to medium number of fibers, a dry<br />

construction and a UV-stable outer sheath.<br />

030.6502<br />

050.7231<br />

ZOONA: flexible for the last mile<br />

From spring 2024, the ZOONA STP12<br />

with 144 splices will be added to the<br />

range. The tried-and-tested R&M ZOONA<br />

splices are mechanically sealed in IP68 for<br />

typical access network applications with<br />

compact dimensions that are designed for<br />

little space in smaller handholes or already<br />

very full shafts. They enable cost-effective<br />

and time-saving installation without special<br />

tools. The preparation of individual cable or<br />

loop entries takes place outside the splice<br />

closure. The functions for overlength and<br />

fiber management, splicing and splitting are<br />

available inside.<br />

030.8549<br />

030.8694<br />

The keys to expanding<br />

aerial grids<br />

– Speed and efficiency: Quick and<br />

easy network expansion thanks to<br />

pre-terminated cables, innovative<br />

distribution cabinets and modern distribution<br />

splice closures<br />

– Resilience: The HEC-BR/QR connectors<br />

withstand extreme conditions<br />

– Sustainability: Aerial deployment not<br />

only saves time, but also costs by<br />

using existing infrastructures<br />

Stephan Näpfer | Product Manager<br />

stephan.naepfer@rdm.com<br />

050.7267<br />

030.7772<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 25

News<br />

Architect<br />

of the Data Center<br />

050.7431<br />

DCIM software plays a critical role in efficiently designing, monitoring, and managing<br />

data centers. R&M’s inteliPhy net is particularly user-friendly and an indispensable aid<br />

when planning and managing the entire life cycle infrastructure.<br />

It’s not without reason that people say: Good<br />

planning is half the battle. This also applies to<br />

data center planning because this has a direct<br />

impact on efficiency, reliability, and scalability.<br />

This is precisely what R&M has designed the<br />

easy-to-operate Data Center Infrastructure<br />

Management (DCIM) solution inteliPhy net<br />

for. Based on the respective requirements,<br />

each data center can be individually designed<br />

using a single floor plan. The software makes it<br />

easy to add racks, structure rows, and define<br />

enclosures. It offers a variety of prefabricated<br />

models for patch panels, active devices,<br />

power supply and PDUs as well as the option<br />

of creating a channel system over the racks<br />

and/or in raised floors. Patch panels can be<br />

easily installed in racks and connected with<br />

pre-terminated trunk cables. The software<br />

helps to find optimal routes through ducts<br />

and generates a complete inventory, including<br />

all cables with correct lengths.<br />

Drag-and-drop to a digital twin<br />

Handling is simple and intuitive using dragand-drop<br />

actions. Realistic visualizations<br />

in 2D and 3D are available at any time to<br />

discuss designs with customers and make<br />

any necessary adjustments directly on the<br />

screen. As soon as the draft is approved, an<br />

inventory list automatically generated from<br />

the design serves as a basis for calculation.<br />

The inteliPhy net database created in this way<br />

is then installed at the end user’s as a digital<br />

twin and is immediately ready to use for the<br />

day-to-day operation of the data center.<br />

Operational phase with asset tracking<br />

and smart auditing<br />

Thanks to the inteliPhy net database created<br />

in the planning phase, current, precise documentation<br />

is available at the beginning of data<br />

center operation. The powerful asset tracking<br />

functions of inteliPhy net enable the identification<br />

of all active and passive devices using<br />

Why inteliPhy net?<br />

– Assists in planning and operating a<br />

data center<br />

– User-friendly<br />

– Single source of supply<br />

– Individually adjustable<br />

– Open for all data sources with standard<br />

interfaces (SNMP, REST API)<br />

26 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

self-printed QR codes. If specific information<br />

about a device is required, it is sufficient<br />

to scan the QR code with the inteliPhy net<br />

mobile app to call up all the necessary details<br />

immediately. The app also plays a key role in<br />

the smart auditing function of inteliPhy net<br />

because with smart auditing the time spent<br />

auditing devices in a data center can be<br />

drastically reduced – from hours to minutes.<br />

Tailor-made<br />

The versatility of inteliPhy net makes<br />

it possible to implement tailor-made<br />

solutions for the respective applications.<br />

Let’s look at one example: R&M’s Customized<br />

Assembled Packaging Service<br />

(CAPaaS) offers factory-side configuration<br />

of R&M patch panels and thus fast<br />

installation, low packaging volume and<br />

a reduced carbon footprint. CAPaaS<br />

enables patch panels to be precisely<br />

tailored to the specific needs of each<br />

data center. A dedicated online version<br />

of inteliPhy net is available to use the<br />

service.<br />

During operation, preconfigured Key Performance<br />

Indicator (KPI) reports allow accurate<br />

monitoring of data center efficiency and<br />

resource utilization. All devices and systems<br />

are automatically included in reports thanks<br />

to zero-touch configuration, making implementation<br />

and management efficient and<br />

error-free.<br />

Going further, these KPI reports could serve<br />

as the basis for the next steps towards an<br />

AI-based solution to manage the increasing<br />

complexity in the data center.<br />

Changing and monitoring<br />

during operation<br />

The workflow module of inteliPhy net, which<br />

allows controlled changes to the data center<br />

infrastructure, has a special role to play.<br />

Resources can be reserved, work orders can<br />

be automatically distributed, and the progress<br />

of changes monitored – concurrently, documentation<br />

is always up to date.<br />

030.71<strong>66</strong><br />

KPI reports give a live view on key resources in the data center. (Graphic: R&M)<br />

050.7432<br />

An important component of inteliPhy net<br />

is the integrated monitoring system, which<br />

allows real-time monitoring of power<br />

consumption and ambient conditions in the<br />

data center. The system automatically issues<br />

a warning in the event of problems such<br />

as power overload, dangerously high temperatures,<br />

water leaks or the unauthorized<br />

opening of doors.<br />

Bill of materials automatically generated from the design (Graphic: R&M)<br />

050.7433<br />

050.5558<br />

Reinhard Burkert | Product Manager<br />

reinhard.burkert@rdm.com<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 27

News<br />

UniRack 2 Optimized:<br />

Sophistication Inside<br />

The tried-and-tested UniRack 2 already offers everything you need for pragmatic<br />

splice cabling in a 19" rack. With a makeover, R&M has now further optimized its<br />

tried-and-tested cable termination for optical fiber connections.<br />

030.8517<br />

Since the successful market launch of Uni-<br />

Rack 2, the specialists at R&M have gathered<br />

a wealth of experience from users and further<br />

optimized their proven concept for fiber optic<br />

installation. Externally, the redesigned patch<br />

box has only been changed by the striking<br />

red locking elements. However, the real<br />

innovation lies inside, and greatly simplifies<br />

installation and servicing.<br />

Space for storage and preparation<br />

Now the cable termination can be unlocked<br />

without tools, and the complete splice unit<br />

can be conveniently removed from the housing<br />

at the front. It has a sophisticated double<br />

base so that the loose tubes are securely<br />

stored separately from the pigtail fibers and<br />

splice trays. This not only leads to improved<br />

organization, but also to safer connections.<br />

Up to four loose tubes, each measuring two<br />

meters, can be stored in the lower level. All it<br />

takes is a flick of the wrist to turn the drawer<br />

into a work surface. This enables convenient<br />

preparation of the 19" patch panel for splicing<br />

work, regardless of the subsequent installation<br />

location in the rack.<br />

efficient handling during ongoing operations.<br />

The unit snaps into place at 45 mm<br />

for maintenance work on the coupling or<br />

the male connector. The unit stops again<br />

at 200 mm, whereby the entire splice unit<br />

including pigtails and splice trays is released<br />

for additional service work. The splice unit<br />

can be completely removed by pressing the<br />

integrated unlocking mechanism. This allows<br />

the splice unit to be removed easily and safely<br />

from the housing.<br />

The integrated splice trays offer a minimum<br />

radius of 40 mm. If after-splicing is necessary,<br />

sufficient space is available for a fiber reserve<br />

of 1.5 m per pigtail. Once the optical fibers<br />

in the splice trays have been successfully<br />

connected, the splice unit effortlessly returns<br />

to the base housing, where pigtail fibers and<br />

loose tubes are stored securely and separately.<br />

030.8506<br />

Stoppers ensure efficient handling<br />

The built-in stopper positions in the pull-out<br />

mechanism are also useful. These ensure<br />

Patrick Schilter | Product Manager<br />

patrick.schilter@rdm.com<br />

050.6759 050.6970<br />

28 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

Success<br />

Sleeping Better<br />

in Penrith<br />

The new 5-star Pullman Sydney Penrith promises wonderful dreams.<br />

Guests can organize their stay completely digitally – including their sleep.<br />

Tablets in the room and seamless WiFi coverage help.<br />

Cat. 6 A<br />

EL adapters from R&M ensure stable data transmission.<br />

«The service from R&M was the best<br />

we have seen from a provider in a long time.»<br />

Ross Robertson, QVR Operations Manager<br />

050.7434<br />

The Pullman Sydney Penrith, part of the Accor<br />

Pacific Group, is a new icon of top Australian<br />

hospitality. Digital surprises await guests<br />

at the hotel and in the integrated Western<br />

Sydney Conference Centre. The 153 rooms<br />

feature a smart suite system with tablets as<br />

a service, information and communication<br />

interface. For example, you can even call up<br />

a sleep therapy menu on the tablets.<br />

Installed in the blink of an eye<br />

The reasons for the decision: The R&M product<br />

is quick to assemble and terminate. Marc<br />

Clews, QVR Senior Project Manager, says:<br />

«The ease of use is great. The installation was<br />

completed in no time at all.» In addition, R&M<br />

meets quality, security and ESG requirements<br />

and fits in with the «love for detail» for which<br />

QVR is known.<br />

QVR Communications was responsible for<br />

the setup of the network infrastructure that<br />

makes this exceptional convenience possible.<br />

QVR used the shielded Cat. 6 A<br />

EL connection<br />

solution from R&M for 1,200 Class EA<br />

connections. The outlets for active devices in<br />

the rooms are also equipped with Cat. 6 A<br />

EL<br />

connectivity from R&M.<br />

The high-quality LAN infrastructure guarantees<br />

high-speed data transmission in the<br />

hotel and conference center according to the<br />

client’s wishes. The LAN supports a seamless<br />

dedicated WiFi network for hotel rooms,<br />

conference rooms and public areas.<br />

A fiber optic backbone consisting of twelvecore<br />

OM4 riser cables integrates two client<br />

networks. They connect seven specialized<br />

communication rooms. This infrastructure<br />

benefits from a custom-made R&M solution<br />

that QVR implemented professionally.<br />

A new icon of the Australian hotel industry:<br />

The Pullman Sydney Penrith.<br />

Rooms at the Pullman Sydney Penrith have a<br />

smart suite system with tablets. This can also be<br />

used to call up a sleep therapy menu.<br />

Images: Accor Pacific<br />

050.7435<br />

090.7198<br />

The certainty of reaching milestones on time<br />

and providing materials reliably played an<br />

important role in project management. QVR<br />

was always able to count on the support of<br />

the Australian R&M team. «The service from<br />

R&M was the best we have seen from a<br />

provider in a long time,» says Ross Robertson,<br />

QVR Operations Manager.<br />

050.6958<br />

Ian Russell<br />

Managing Director, R&M Australia<br />

ian.russell@rdm.com<br />

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News<br />

One Cabinet<br />

for Everything<br />

Server, network or both – buy<br />

your own cabinet type for<br />

every situation? That doesn’t<br />

have to be. R&M offers a<br />

complete cabinet system that<br />

is suitable for all applications<br />

in the server room and data<br />

center – especially with high<br />

cabling density.<br />

070.5176<br />

The only thing standard here is the basic<br />

measurement: The new 19-inch Freenet<br />

cabinet generation for all data network and<br />

server applications offers outstanding modularity<br />

and flexibility. The creative modular<br />

system makes installation very easy. Available<br />

in a range of sizes, the 19-inch cabinets are<br />

designed to be quick and easy to assemble<br />

and equip. They are available in dimensions<br />

from 42 to 48U, widths of 600 and 800 mm<br />

and depths of 800/1000/1200 mm.<br />

A network cabinet can also be upgraded to<br />

a server cabinet with a load capacity from<br />

between 800 kg and a remarkable 1,500<br />

kg. This makes it possible for network<br />

infrastructures to be continuously expanded<br />

and adapted to fit a customer’s purpose. The<br />

construction of a Freenet cabinet is modular<br />

down to the last detail thus enabling numerous,<br />

flexible options in the network area, in<br />

server applications and in data centers. The<br />

integration of additional hardware, such as<br />

servers or other powerful devices, is also<br />

possible. Access is also well thought out:<br />

An ingenious hinge system with an opening<br />

range of 270° ensures unrestricted access to<br />

equipment and cables.<br />

Three product lines<br />

The Freenet Classic Line (CL) is designed<br />

to take a payload of 800 kg. A predefined<br />

cabling rack is also available. It consists of the<br />

complete base frame and is delivered with a<br />

rear wall, two side panels and a glass door for<br />

the front – assembled or as a flat pack, as you<br />

desire. All cladding elements can be locked<br />

with the supplied keys.<br />

070.5197<br />

Freenet Superior frame with cold/warm separation<br />

30 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

070.5094<br />

Modular cabinet structure<br />

The Freenet Expert Line (EL) for server rooms<br />

consists of the base frame, supplemented by<br />

a multifunctional strut, which connects the<br />

outer profile with the 19" profiles halfway up.<br />

Thanks to this expansion, a payload weight of<br />

up to 1,200 kg is possible.<br />

Complete cabinet family<br />

The developers at R&M have come up<br />

with a lot more for the third Freenet Line<br />

Superior for data center applications, thus<br />

completing the range. A robust construction<br />

forms the foundation. Additional cross rails<br />

increase the load capacity from 800 kg to<br />

up to 1,500 kg, ensuring stability and safety<br />

even for heavier devices and as the number<br />

of network components increases. Cold/hot<br />

separation, or efficient heat dissipation, is another<br />

important aspect. Fans and perforated<br />

doors ensure optimum cooling. Pre-installed<br />

thermostats regulate the fans according to<br />

the cabinet temperature, which improves<br />

power consumption.<br />

All-in-one solution as a concept<br />

In addition to conventional LAN and server<br />

applications, the cabinet concept also<br />

raises enclosure solutions for data center<br />

applications to a new level. Thanks to its<br />

simplified installation and handling, the new<br />

cabinet generation is enjoying a high level<br />

of acceptance among end users, in projects<br />

and among distributors. A key aspect of the<br />

all-in-one solution is the fact that it can be<br />

easily retrofitted for different applications,<br />

whether for simple data networks or complex<br />

enclosures in the data center.<br />

Patch cord management<br />

and accessories<br />

The R&M developers were also highly<br />

committed to integrated vertical patch cord<br />

management, which enables orderly routing<br />

of patch cords and thus combines cabinet<br />

and cable expertise in a single system for the<br />

first time. This clever solution offers a number<br />

of advantages, such as faster fault detection,<br />

clear routing and storage of the patch cords<br />

as well as the definitive end of chaos in the<br />

network rack.<br />

070.5127<br />

Customers have the choice: On request, the<br />

Freenet cabinet can be delivered as a flat pack<br />

or pre-assembled.<br />

The appropriate Freenet accessories<br />

Last but not least, the comprehensive range<br />

of accessories provides you with everything<br />

you need to equip a Freenet cabinet system<br />

in the best possible way. From cable runs for<br />

safe cable routing through cross rails, fans,<br />

storage compartments and shelves, to jumpering<br />

brackets and patch cord management<br />

systems – with the right accessories, every<br />

rack can be individually designed.<br />

Why R&M?<br />

– Single source of supply<br />

– Outstanding quality and robustness<br />

– Modularity and adaptability<br />

– Optimized air circulation and cooling<br />

– Cable management and order<br />

– Security and access control<br />

– Support and service<br />

– Five-year product warranty<br />

Andreas Klauser | Product Manager<br />

andreas.klauser@rdm.com<br />

050.7244<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 31

Corporate<br />

Significant Relief:<br />

The Service Program as an Option<br />

050.7436<br />

Work efficiently – a requirement that is often slowed down by difficult situations<br />

and tasks on the construction site. On request, R&M project managers and installation<br />

professionals can provide support with services that will help engineers and<br />

construction workers concentrate fully on their projects.<br />

On request, R&M relieves planners, general<br />

contractors, project managers and installation<br />

companies of time-consuming tasks that<br />

tie up staff. Specialists and resources in all<br />

segments are available for this purpose.<br />

Even after 60 years, the home market of<br />

Switzerland remains one of R&M’s most important<br />

markets. Even though 79% of sales<br />

are now generated abroad, Swiss expansion<br />

has always been pioneering. In recent years,<br />

a very well-functioning, in-house service<br />

organization has been established to meet<br />

the growing demands and needs of the<br />

entire Swiss market. However, the project<br />

always starts with the 12 technical sales<br />

consultants from R&M Switzerland, who<br />

provide intensive support for connectivity<br />

infrastructure projects from the initial idea<br />

to the running operation of the network.<br />

Together, the teams manage specific services<br />

that go far beyond the cabling solution. They<br />

provide the support project partners need<br />

most urgently.<br />

Splicing experts<br />

Optical fiber splicing is one of the most<br />

sought-after services. It often happens that<br />

thousands of fibers have to be connected<br />

on a construction site fast. Splicing requires<br />

manual dexterity, patience, time and expertise.<br />

There is often a lack of skilled workers<br />

and equipment on site. And this is where<br />

the R&M pros come in. They terminate the<br />

fibers and use precision devices for splicing.<br />

This means that installation companies do<br />

not have to have their own devices and can<br />

concentrate on other project steps.<br />

Pre-terminated and tested<br />

Precon services reduce the pressure considerably.<br />

R&M can deliver racks, modules and distribution<br />

cabinets completely pre-terminated.<br />

This has several advantages for installation companies:<br />

The goods are delivered to the construction<br />

site on time ready-wired, work preparation<br />

and warehousing are no longer required,<br />

the installation process is shortened and there<br />

is no residual wastage or packaging waste.<br />

The assembly service is based on the<br />

specifications of the project partners. Cable<br />

material, lengths, batch sizes and connection<br />

solutions can be individually specified.<br />

The goods are delivered just in time. This allows<br />

the partners to efficiently drive forward<br />

their installation projects.<br />

32 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

050.7437 050.7438 050.7439 050.7440<br />

050.7441 050.7442 050.7443<br />

R&M is offering customers close-meshed consulting as well as extensive services at more and<br />

more premises.<br />

Meticulous measurements<br />

The fiber optic measurements after installation<br />

require extremely concentrated and<br />

conscientious work. Hundreds or thousands<br />

of ports and links need to be checked.<br />

Experienced specialists from R&M will take<br />

over the tasks or support measurements and<br />

documentation. This allows the partners to<br />

complete their installation projects quickly.<br />

With the documentation created by R&M,<br />

they fulfill their duties to inform customers.<br />

This also serves as the basis for warranties.<br />

Project consulting<br />

Each network stands for itself. Customers<br />

usually expect an individual solution. This<br />

is why the technical sales consultants from<br />

R&M support their projects from the initial<br />

planning stage through the construction process<br />

and up to the actual commissioning of<br />

the network. They have practical professional<br />

experience and additional qualifications. The<br />

international experience of the R&M Group<br />

from numerous projects is also incorporated<br />

into the advisory procedure.<br />

The modular principle of the R&M<br />

connectivity solutions makes it easier to<br />

design and plan infrastructures individually.<br />

Nevertheless, some construction projects<br />

require product modifications or tailor-made<br />

designs. R&M offers engineering services for<br />

such cases. In a short time, custom-made<br />

products can be provided individually or in<br />

the desired batch sizes.<br />

Globally networked<br />

The Swiss sales region is well advanced with<br />

its range of services. The global networking<br />

within the R&M locations ensures that this<br />

knowledge and the wealth of experience<br />

are passed on to other regions accordingly.<br />

Coordination is carried out by the «Technical<br />

Support & Training» department, which, in<br />

addition to the long-established international<br />

QPP program, also ensures that the R&M<br />

experts network with each other and learn<br />

from each other on an ongoing basis.<br />

R&M Switzerland services<br />

Optional services:<br />

– Splicing, measuring<br />

– Assembling of cables, distributors, enclosures,<br />

racks incl. labeling and factory testing (customer/project-specific)<br />

– Check-up, appraisal, maintenance, cleaning<br />

– Project management when installing R&M<br />

system solutions<br />

Standard services:<br />

– Support with planning, evaluating, and system<br />

integration<br />

– Measurement data on demand with QR code,<br />

product database<br />

– Engineering, customizing, one-of-a-kind<br />

production<br />

– Packaging as a Service, order picking, logistics<br />

– Overnight delivery of fiber optic goods by<br />

the meter<br />

– On-site project support through to commissioning<br />

of the network<br />

– Online shop<br />

In addition:<br />

– Training, certification in the R&M Academy<br />

– Product, system, application warranty<br />

– Product data, 3D/BIM models for CAD planning<br />

– Power over Ethernet configurator<br />

– Documentation, manuals, public tender texts<br />

– Visio files with graphic templates, dimensions<br />

for drawings, product data for material and<br />

inventory lists, templates for labels<br />

050.7444<br />

Beat Kindlimann | Head of Marketing<br />

& Technology, R&M Switzerland<br />

beat.kindlimann@rdm.com<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 33

Corporate<br />

Connecting<br />

the Planet<br />

Sustainability in the spirit<br />

of the 17 UN Sustainable<br />

Development Goals, or SDGs<br />

for short, is increasingly<br />

permeating the entire R&M<br />

Group. This is documented<br />

in the R&M Sustainability<br />

Report 2023. For the first<br />

time, the expanded and<br />

restructured report is based<br />

on a double materiality<br />

analysis.<br />

What does sustainability mean for R&M? In<br />

recent months, the people in charge at the<br />

company have been dealing with that question<br />

more intensively than ever before. The<br />

aim was to further develop the sustainability<br />

strategy defined in 2021 and anchor it more<br />

deeply in the R&M Group. The «Connecting<br />

the Planet» program brings together all the<br />

answers. It links the sustainability strategy<br />

even more closely with the corporate mission<br />

«Connectivity that matters».<br />

«Connecting the Planet» describes how R&M<br />

wants to network people and organizations<br />

responsibly while conserving resources. At<br />

its core, it is about the service portfolio and<br />

offering: infrastructure solutions for data<br />

and communications networks. But from a<br />

holistic perspective, it’s about much more.<br />

The four defined spheres of activity relate to<br />

people and social commitment, environment<br />

and climate, ethics and compliance, and<br />

circularity in the value-added chain.<br />

With its business activities, R&M actively<br />

contributes to ensuring that, among others,<br />

the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals<br />

have a greater impact.<br />

Network of ambassadors<br />

Sustainability ambassadors have formed a<br />

global network within the R&M Group since<br />

the end of 2023. They support local CSER<br />

measures and discuss successes. At the same<br />

time, they act as multipliers in order to anchor<br />

R&M’s sustainability strategy more deeply<br />

in the teams and to establish it more firmly<br />

outside the company.<br />

One major task was to draw up what is called<br />

a dual materiality analysis for the first time.<br />

This analysis identifies opportunities and risks<br />

for companies, people and the environment,<br />

weighting them more precisely. Up until that<br />

point, CSER-relevant opportunities and risks<br />

had been assessed by a panel of experts. But<br />

now, numerous relevant internal and external<br />

stakeholder groups were involved in a survey.<br />

Sustainability topics categorized in advance<br />

were considered from two perspectives:<br />

Both the perspective of how great an impact<br />

people see R&M having on the environment,<br />

society and governance, as well as the opposite<br />

perspective of how great an impact<br />

people see the environment, society and<br />

governance having on R&M. With the results<br />

of the materiality analysis, R&M is hoping for<br />

more effective planning of sustainability goals<br />

and measures as well as a stronger focus on<br />

the most relevant topics.<br />

R&M reports continuously on the topic of<br />

sustainability. A lot of more detailed information<br />

can be found on the website.<br />

Connecting the Planet<br />

With its service portfolio, R&M wants<br />

to network people and organizations<br />

responsibly while conserving resources.<br />

The sustainability focus is on the following<br />

four main spheres of activity:<br />

Connecting People encompasses all topics<br />

relating to R&M’s social commitment<br />

Connecting Nature covers all environmental<br />

and climate protection issues<br />

Connecting Ethics addresses the ethical<br />

and compliance principles according to<br />

which R&M acts<br />

Connecting Circularity encompasses all<br />

aspects of the R&M value-added chain<br />

050.7445<br />

Isabel Stark<br />

Senior Manager Corporate Communications<br />

isabel.stark@rdm.com<br />

090.6300<br />

34 | <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> 04|2024–<strong>66</strong>

60 years<br />

connectivity that matters<br />

04|2024–<strong>66</strong> <strong>CONNECTIONS</strong> | 35

Join us on<br />

social media!<br />

Further information on our blog portal:<br />

www.rdm.com/blog/<br />

Headquarters<br />

Switzerland<br />

Reichle & De-Massari AG<br />

Binzstrasse 32<br />

CHE-8620 Wetzikon<br />

Phone +41 (0)44 933 81 11<br />

www.rdm.com<br />

Contact<br />

R&M Corporate Communications Team<br />


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