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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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THE LIVING ROOM | DECK 1 KJELL NUPEN 1955–2014 • NORWAY • CERAMICS Kjell Nupen was a famous and popular Norwegian artist, known for his versatile artistic practice, ranging from painting, graphics, sculpture and glass to ceramics. During his career, he developed a special, intense blue color that would come to be called “Nupen-blue,” and became one of his trademarks. Nupen’s work is both poetic and expressive. He used abstract-derived symbols and ritual objects, giving his images a meditative character. Recurring themes are a pyramid, a temple, boats, animal skulls and hieroglyphs. These are inserted into an aesthetic context of rich texture, expressive use of color and heavy black frames that are part of the artwork. Throughout his career, Nupen was a frequent exhibitor and his work was purchased by a number of collectors and public institutions. VASE | 1990 28